FILE: Second Grader Diego Rodriguez in a near whisper tells Montgomery County Superintendent Joshua Starr the project he's working on at Wheaton Woods Elementary School. (Katherine Frey/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Frederick M. Hess, director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, will discuss his book “Cage-Busting Leadership” at the next Superintendent’s Book Club in Montgomery County.

Superintendent Joshua P. Starr will lead a panel discussion of Hess’s book, which features how different school system leaders around the country have helped improve teaching and learning by “evading, blasting through, or reshaping unnecessary and counterproductive constraints.”

At the start of his book, Hess writes: “I believe that two things are true. It is true, as would-be reformers often argue, that statutes, policies, rules, regulations, contracts, and case law make it tougher than it should be for school and system leaders to drive improvement and, well, lead. However, it is also the case that leaders have far more freedom to transform, reimagine, and invigorate teaching, learning, and schooling than is widely believed.”

The book club is at 7 p.m. on May 21 and will be streamed lived at Audience members can send questions to or Tweet using the hashtag #mcpsbookclub.