Anne Arundel school officials turned down a request to expunge school records for a second-grade boy disciplined for chewing his Pop-Tart-like pastry into the shape of a gun, according to the family and a lawyer.

The decision Monday came in an emailed letter from Anne Arundel Deputy Superintendent Arlen Liverman, writing as the superintendent’s designee, said lawyer Robin Ficker.

The letter disputed the portrayal of the case as “a singular incident, having to do only with a breakfast pastry,” Ficker said, instead referring to other behavior by the child, who recently turned 8.

The boy’s disciplinary referral described the offense as classroom disruption and said the child “chewed the bar into a gun shape and yelled, ‘Look I made a gun!’ “ Ficker contends it was snack time and the child was “just playing.”

The family plans to pursue the appeal further, taking it to the school board president, as procedure allows. “We are prepared to keep going up the ranks,” said William “B.J.” Welch, the boy’s father.

Schools spokesman Bob Mosier had no comment on the case Monday.