A power outage — unrelated to storms across the region — at Thomas S. Wootton High School on Thursday morning wasn’t enough to get students off the hook for final exams.

Students walked into dark classes when they arrived on campus around 7 a.m. on final exam day.

Wootton Principal Michael Doran said students were moved to rooms with windows so they could still take the exams. Some students took their tests in the hallways, where there was more light.

“It was kind of like mood lighting,” Doran said. “It was enough to see by, but very calming.”

Pepco spokesman Bob Hainey said the outage had nothing to do with the storms, but was instead related to cable problems in the neighborhood. Power there went out at around 5 a.m. Thursday and was restored at about 9 a.m., he said.

Doran said only about one-third of the school’s 2,300 students were taking their final exams during the power outage.

“The kids were very cooperative,” Doran said. “It’s kind of a bonding experience.”