The Prince George’s County government wants a vacant school near National Harbor to be used by the company that is building a Las Vegas-style casino in the county.

The county has asked the school system to declare Thomas Addison Elementary School as surplus property and to transfer the deed to the county government. The county would then make the property available to MGM Resorts, which plans to open a casino along the banks of the Potomac in 2015. The school property is valued at $2.8 million.

The Board of Education will consider the request at its meeting Thursday night.

Floyd E. Holt, the deputy director of the county’s Office of Central Services, said that the property would remain in the county’s possession and would “be used to the benefit of the county.”

The building would be renovated, and the 7.3-acre property the school sits on would be used for recruiting and training. It would also serve as a staging area for the construction of the resort and casino, according to county officials.

Thomas M. Himler, the county’s deputy chief administrative officer for budget, finance and administration, said it was unclear how the agreement with MGM Resorts would be structured.

“We’ll need to flush out all those details as we move forward,” Himler said. “It will probably be leased to them. All of that has to be negotiated.”

In a Dec. 2 letter to Kevin Maxwell, the schools chief, Holt said his office was asked to find locations that would suitable for a recruitment operation, training facility and staging operation. “We concluded that the former Thomas Addison Elementary School and surrounding property, located at 7100 Oxon Hill Road. . . is the ideal location,” Holt wrote. “Not only will it make the perfect training and staging facility, we propose that the property would be renovated and enhanced for future use by the community.”