Students in Prince George’s County each summer are sent home with homework packets to help them retain what they have learned during the school year.

“You have learned so much in math this year!” reads the information for students entering the fifth grade. “This packet is a compilation of important mathematical concepts and skills that you are expected to know prior to moving to the next level. These examples focus on both mathematical skills and problem solving. While you may use calculators and other tools as needed, be prepared to explain the reasoning behind your answers. Grids are included for the last weeks in June, all of July and the first weeks of August. Some problems require answers from previous days, but overall you may do the problems in any order or any day that you choose.”

The following are examples of the lesson plans for the students over the next two months.

Reading/Language Arts

Students entering the second grade:

Students should read at least 30 minutes a day and should get two journals (reader’s and writer’s journal) to complete the summer work.

Students are suggested to participate in an activity each day of the week.

On July 10, students are told to “Make tonight game night with your family. Play Apples to Apples or Pictureka or any other word game you have.”

On July 16, the students learn about opposites.

“Opposites are all around us! As you are enjoying the summer day, think about the things you have done. Write a word or phrase describing what you have done and then the opposite. For ex. Run outside Walk inside.”

On July 26, the students are encouraged to visit the library.

“Check out a fairytale like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Three Little Pigs, or folktale from the library. “


Students entering the seventh grade:

Week 2

Chef Emerald had a recipe that called for 3/4 lb onions and 1 1/3 lbs of pork. He was preparing the recipe for a special event and needed to quadruple it to make enough for all of his guests. How many pounds of onions and pounds of pork would he need for the recipe?

Week 3

Jaden is having a birthday party with 10 friends. When all of her friends arrive, she asked them to introduce themselves and shake everyone’s hand. How many handshakes will there be? How do you know? Show your work below.

Week 8 (understanding ratios)

Here is a recipe for making 8 doughnuts:

4 cups of flour

½ cup of milk

¾ cup of sugar

2 eggs

2 sticks of butter

One tablespoon of yeast

You want to make 28 doughnuts.

a. How much flour do you need? Show your work.

b. How much milk do you need? Show your work.