Prince William School officials earned state approval to push back Standards of Learning tests in elementary and middle schools by as much as a week to give students more time to prepare.

The suburban district has canceled school 13 times this year, including Monday, due to snow and ice, one of the highest snow day records in the region.

The new testing window for the district will start May 19 and go through June 13.

The board is also expected to vote Wednesday night on a plan to push back the last day of school to make up for lost time.

Under the plan, the last day would be Friday, June 20, rather than Tuesday June 17.

If approved, the change will be in addition to changes already made. The board voted in February to convert a teacher work day on March 31 into a regular school day; to make June 17 a full day rather than a half day; to add a half-day of instruction for elementary students on June 18; and to reduce elementary school recess times to 10 minutes per day.