The Prince William School Board is considering a plan to add three days to the end of the school year, an effort to dig out of a deep, snow-day induced instructional hole.

The suburban district closed schools Monday and Tuesday, bringing the total number of snow days to 12 this school year, twice as many as last year. Schools opened with a two-hour delay Wednesday.

Under the new plan, the last day of school would be Friday, June 20, rather than Tuesday, June 17.

If approved, the extended school year would be in addition to changes the board already made to the calendar before the latest round of flurries.

In February, the board voted to convert a teacher work day on March 31 to a regular school day; to make June 17, the original last day of school, a full day; to add a half-day of school for elementary students on June 18; and to trim five minutes from elementary recess times.

The board plans to vote on this proposal at its next meeting March 19. But parents began responding to the idea as soon as it was posted on the school system Facebook page.

Any days added after SOL’s are a waste!!,” wrote one parent. “We all know after those tests are over no more learning goes on until september. I can let them watch movies and do word searches at the beach.

Another wrote: “I might get crap for this, but take away their spring break. Yes, like most moms, have plans for spring break BUT I’d much rather have less of a spring break for my kids than longer days, no recess, or going into summer break.”

What do you think?

What’s the best — or least bad — way for your school district to make up for lost time?