A temporary restraining order filed by a school board member in Maryland against the panel’s chairman will stay in place until a hearing next week, a judge decided Monday.

The order, granted by Judge Bryon Bereano in Prince George’s County District Court, forbids Segun C. Eubanks, the county’s school board chairman, from having unlawful contact with board member Edward Burroughs III, but does not mean that Eubanks agrees to the allegations of shoving and threats made in the case. The arrangement is common for the period between when a request for an order is filed and when a judge decides its merits.

The temporary order “basically says not to conduct yourself in an unlawful manner,” said Bruce Marcus, Eubanks’s attorney. “It’s the same standard that applies to the citizens each and every day.”

The unusual case began Thursday night when Burroughs alleged that Eubanks pinned him against a bookcase in a back room at district headquarters after a tense school board meeting. Burroughs said the board chairman poked his finger in his face and yelled, “I will f--- you up” several times. Eubanks was escorted from the building by school system police officers, Burroughs said.

Burroughs sought a restraining order and filed an assault complaint that night.

Burroughs and his attorney, Judith Danso, said they were pleased with the result of the proceeding.

Witnesses are expected to be called at next week’s hearing, set for July 24.

“Hopefully, justice will be served,” Burroughs said.

The incident followed a contentious school board meeting that included a board vote to spend nearly $800,000 to settle the contract of the school system’s outgoing chief executive officer , a move Burroughs opposed. During the board’s discussion, Burroughs supported a call for Eubanks to resign.

Eubanks, who was not at Monday’s hearing, did not comment last week and on Monday referred an inquiry to his attorneys.

School system officials issued a statement Friday saying the circumstances are under review.

Separately, the assault complaint must undergo screening in coming weeks to move forward, said John Erzen of the Prince George’s state’s attorney’s office. Burroughs would have to appear on a set date, and prosecutors would have to find sufficient evidence, he said.