The following is the text of a court document that outlines text messages between Symone Greene, a substitute teacher at a D.C. charter school charged with having oral sex with a student football player, and a D.C. police detective purporting to be the victim. The phone was in police custody at the time.

On October 21, 2014, the undersigned Metropolitan Police Department detective called the defendant to ascertain whether the defendant would be willing to meet to discuss an incident that occurred at the school. During the phone call the undersigned did not mention any specifics regarding the incident. Immediately after the call, the defendant began text messaging the victim via his cell phone, which was in the custody of the Metropolitan Police Department. The defendant asked the victim “Why is the police calling me?” and the undersigned detective responded, purportedly as the victim. The defendant asked the victim if he told anyone about the sex act and instructed him not to tell anyone about what happened. The defendant also instructed the victim what to say to police if he is contacted, specifically, that he should tell them that she only helped him with his resume and nothing else happened while they were in the classroom together. The specific relevant messages are as follows:

Defendant to victim: Why is the police calling me?

Victim to defendant: What for real

Victim to defendant: Why they call

Defendant to victim: Yes omg [name] I’m scared

Victim to defendant: U think it about us in classroom

Defendant to victim: Idk they coming to my house now.

Defendant to victim: Yes I’m scared. Did U tell?

Victim to defendant: Dam they came up here today but I came in Late I thought it was about some other stuff tho

Defendant to victim: 0mg I knew I shouldn’t had. I kkk new somebody was gonna run

Victim to defendant: Dam what U going to tell them what shod i say

Defendant to victim: their mouth

Defendant to victim: I’m gonna say u came on [sic] the classroom and talked to me all day and helped with ur resume

Victim to defendant: Ok

Defendant to victim: Please be real with me did u run ur mouth

Victim to defendant: Man na for real

Victim to defendant: I’ll tell them what ur going to tell him

Defendant to victim: Den what is this?

Victim to Defendant: Dam I don’t know

Defendant to victim: U tell who

Defendant to victim: I’m so scared. I swear imma cry

Victim to defendant: Dam

Defendant to victim: I really believe u did this

Victim to defendant: Man my am heard [expletive] i swear I ain’t say [expletive] tho

Defendant to victim: 0mg [name] don’t talk to me ever again. I’m bout to be put in jail

Victim to defendant: Dam I ain’t going to say [expletive]

Defendant to victim: Promise PLZ

Victim to defendant: Yeah u want me to leave school u wanna meet get [expletive] right

Defendant to victim: [expletive] no

Victim to Defendant: 0k

Defendant to victim: Please SAY what I told U too

Victim to defendant: Ok u help with my resume that it right

Defendant to victim: Yes that’s all

Victim to defendant: K I’ll just say dat

Defendant to victim: Please. I called him bac and he wouldn’t tell me what it was about but it is about me. And he said he just gotta

hear my side so dat means somebody in the

Defendant to victim: at school said something and it’s probably somebody u know

Victim to defendant: Dam now I’m scared

Defendant to victim: U I’m da 1 who can go to real jail

Victim to Defendant: Dam

Defendant to victim: This can ruin my whole life. [Name] why couldn’t u just keep it to urself