More than 100 war protesters, including the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, were arrested outside the White House on Saturday during demonstrations marking the eighth anniversary of the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

The protesters were arrested after ignoring orders to move away from the gates of the White House. The demonstrators cheered loudly as Daniel Ellsberg, the former military analyst who in 1971 leaked the Pentagon’s secret history of the Vietnam War that was later published in major newspapers, was arrested and led away by police.

The demonstration merged varied causes, including protesters demanding a U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as those supporting Bradley E. Manning, the jailed Army private suspected of giving classified documents to the Website WikiLeaks. Today, a protest will be held in Quantico, outside the brig where Manning is being held. Ellsberg has publicly defended Manning, calling him a “brother,” and WikiLeaks.

Authorities said 113 protesters were arrested, processed and given violation notices for disobeying an official order.

— Associated Press