The emails and voice messages started arriving earlier this week.

“The American public demands that you do your job!”

“You work for us.”

“I don’t understand how you can live with yourself. . . .”

At her home in Northwest Washington, Emily W. Murphy was mostly amused as the stern admonitions began tumbling over the transom. It seems ordinary Americans had identified her as the Emily W. Murphy appointed by President Trump as head of the General Services Administration, who has infuriated many with her refusal to sign documents declaring Joe Biden as the apparent winner of the presidential election. That move would free up millions of dollars in transition funding and other resources that give the president-elect access to government operations.

The writers and phone callers were demanding she sign the paperwork. One even sent her a packet of Bic pens.

But Emily W. Murphy is not that Emily W. Murphy. And she thinks the letter writers could have gathered some readily available information before dashing off their complaints.

“I was like, ‘Can you guys please just do a basic Google search and realize that you’re hassling a middle-aged Chinese lady,’ ” Emily Wang Murphy said in an interview Friday. “The most ironic part is that I could not agree more, but I’m not in charge of this. Please direct your rage to”

It’s the W that seems to have put her in the crosshairs. “I don’t know if they’re spamming all Emily Murphys, because guess what, that’s one of the most common names in the U.S.,” she said, laughing. “My name is just very generic. My friends say I should just go back to Wang.”

One incensed letter began, “Dear Ms. Emily Murphy a/k/a another Karen. You are a tax-funded employee, paid for by my taxes. In case you have not noticed, the voters voted on 11/3 and Mr. Joseph Biden won the election. You may refer to him as President Elect Joseph Biden. I demand that you do your administrative duties and execute the documents you need to provide Mr. Biden with access to transition as the next president of the United States.”

A polite caller left a voice mail saying, “If this is the Emily Murphy that currently works for the GSA, on behalf of the majority of Americans in this country, we really are keen for you to stop holding up the democratic process. Thank you.”

An Amazon envelope arrived with specific instructions for Emily Wang Murphy. It contained the package of pens and a note that read: “Emily! Hi as a Smith alumna, I am surprised you don’t know this, but all you need is a pen to sign the paperwork to get the transition dollars released so that Biden can start preparing for January.”

The GSA’s Emily Webster Murphy did indeed graduate from Smith College, but Emily Wang Murphy graduated from Emory University. They are both lawyers, but in Washington, lawyers aren’t exactly a rare breed. Emily Webster Murphy’s law degree is from the University of Virginia, while Emily Wang Murphy’s is from Georgetown.

In any event, Wang Murphy doesn’t want the pens.

“I could forward them to Emily Murphy at GSA and say, ‘I got some of your mail by mistake,’ ” she said.

As of early Friday afternoon, the GSA’s Murphy had still not signed the transition paperwork. And Emily Wang Murphy was still receiving snarky complaints about it.

Lisa Rein contributed to this report.