A video posted to YouTube Sunday showed a pregnant cow chasing a police car in Fairfax County. Video courtesy Adam Russell. (Adam Russell/YouTube)

A pregnant cow that escaped a Fairfax County pasture while a veterinarian was examining it, ran loose for several days and charged police officers that were trying to corral it has died, its owner said.

The horned, brown and orange Scottish Highland cow escaped from Winfield Farm in Fairfax on Thursday, said Karen Lewis. Fairfax police received numerous reports about the animal in the days that followed and even tried to corral it.

Then, officers spotted it coming out of some woods on Union Mill Road near a shopping center in Centreville before 9:15 p.m. Saturday, police said. The cow charged officers before fleeing into neighboring yards.

Officers eventually caught up with it, and a veterinarian who was brought in to help was cut as the officers tranquilized the animal with a dart gun, police said. The animal was not injured during its capture, but later died when it was returned to Winfield Farm.

Lewis said the animal escaped from the pasture after it broke through a three-rail fence as the veterinarian was performing a procedure to check on the calf.

Police said the investigation into the animal’s escape is continuing and the owners of the cow could face charges.