Fairfax County

These were among incidents reported by the Animal Control Division of the Fairfax County Police Department. For information, call 703-246-2253.

Dog bites child: Gwynedd Way, 8500 block, 9 a.m. Sept. 20. A girl at a school bus stop was bitten by a pit bull terrier. She was treated for injuries. The dog was turned over to be tested for rabies. The results were negative.

Cat bites girl: Waltonway Rd., 2100 block, 1 p.m. Sept. 22. A girl was bitten while petting a stray cat in her back yard. The cat was quarantined at the animal shelter.

Nearly 80 birds impounded: Fitzroy St., 7900 block, 1:15 p.m. Sept. 23. Animal control officers were called to assist with a parrot, a cockatiel and 76 love birds whose owner recently died. The birds were impounded; five appeared to have health issues.

Cat bites boy: East Hill Dr., 9800 block, 1:45 p.m. Sept. 23. A boy playing in a back yard was bitten by a stray cat. The black tabby was quarantined.

Animal cruelty: Magnolia Lane, 5700 block, 4:15 p.m. Sept. 26. Responding to a call about a mistreated dog, officers seized an extremely underweight pit bull terrier. A Falls Church man was charged with cruelty to animals and with being an unfit owner. The dog was under a veterinarian’s care.

Fairfax City

These were among incidents reported by the animal control section of the Fairfax City Police Department. For information, call 703-385-7924 or go to www.fairfaxva.gov and click on “Animal Control” on the police department’s main page.

Dog plays house with possum: Hill St., 3800 block, Sept. 22. A woman’s dog took a baby opossum into the house and placed it on a couch. The possum was taken to the city’s animal shelter, where a veterinarian treated it for minor injuries. It was then transferred to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Wild retrievers retrieved: Addison Rd., 4100 block, Sept. 22. A black Labrador retriever and a golden retriever running at large were taken to the city’s animal shelter. The Lab’s owner recovered her pet that day. If not claimed, the golden retriever will be placed for adoption.

Rabid fox: Chain Bridge Road and Whitehead Street, Sept. 25. A fox that had been languishing in a driveway at a residence for several hours was taken to the city’s shelter, where it was euthanized. It tested positive for rabies. There were no reports of exposure to people or animals.


These were among incidents reported by the Vienna Police Department. For information, call 703-255-6396.

Stray cat quarantined: Westbriar Ct. NE, 1100 block, 5:21 p.m. Sept. 22. A stray cat that had scratched, and possibly bitten, a child was taken to the Fairfax County animal shelter, where it was quarantined.

Play date ends badly: Casmar St. SE, 100 block, 3 p.m. Sept. 25. One of two dogs taking part in a play date went through a fence into a neighboring yard. The dog broke a bird feeder and destroyed a flower bed.