The following incident was reported by the Animal Control Division of the Fairfax County Police Department. For information, call 703-246-2253.

Dogs quarantined: Cortez Dr., 4400 block, 11:16 a.m. June 4. An animal control officer responded to a report about a raccoon that had contact with two dogs. The officer collected the dead raccoon, which tested positive for rabies. Both dogs were quarantined.


The following incidents were reported by the animal control section of the Fairfax City Police Department. For information, call 703-385-7924 or go to www.fairfaxva.gov and click on “Animal Control” on the department’s main page.

Cat not included in sale: Fairfax Blvd., 9800 block, June 6. A couple took a cat to the shelter after the sellers of a house they had purchased left the cat behind.

In search of a dog: Orchard St., 10800 block, June 6. A Yorkshire terrier went missing from a residence. Anyone with information may contact the City of Fairfax Animal Control Division at 703-385-7919.

Caught in action: Jean St. and University Dr., June 9. An animal control officer issued a dog owner a warning after observing a Papillon running loose before it ran home.

Home under repair: Locust Lane, 4100 block, June 9. Animal control received a report of an injured box turtle on a roadside and found it had a partially crushed shell. The turtle was transported to the shelter and was treated by a rehabilitator.

Parents lose sight of baby bird: Fairfax Blvd., 11000 block, June 10. A mocking bird fledgling hopped into the storage room of a business and a responding animal control officer placed the bird outside but its parents did not return to care for it. The officer picked up the bird and took it to a rehabilitator.

Fare dispute: Draper Dr., 3100 block, June 10. A woman took a cab with her dog and became disorderly after she refused to pay for cab fare. Police arrested the woman and the dog was taken to the shelter where it was claimed by family members.

Dog on the loose: Milburn and Sherwood streets, June 10. An animal control officer on patrol found a beagle mix running loose and returned the dog to its owner with a warning.

Escapee claimed: Charles Dr., 10800 block, June 12. Animal control responding to a call found a Shepherd husky mix running loose and took the dog to the shelter where it was claimed by its owners.


The following incident was reported by the Vienna Police Department. For information, call 703-255-6396.

Dog bites a child: Valeview Ct. NW, 300 block, June 6. A young juvenile was bitten by a dog and received a minor injury after entering a neighbor’s fenced back yard. The dog was placed under quarantine.

Dog bite at a dog park: Courthouse Rd. SW, 700 block, 5:40 p.m. June 8. Responding animal control officers found Fairfax County Fire and Rescue personnel treating a woman who explained that she had been bitten by another dog while protecting her dog from an attack. The biting dog’s owner, who resides in Manassas, provided his information and the case was turned over to Prince William County Animal Control.

— Compiled by Ria Manglapus