A child in Fairfax County has come down with measles, and public health officials are warning others that they may have come in contact with the child while he or she was contagious.

The county’s public health department published a list of locations — the JoAnn Blanks Child Development Center in Fort Belvoir, Costco in Alexandria and several medical facilities — that the child visited, along with the times and dates that he or she was there while contagious.

Anyone who believes that he or she might have contracted measles should call a doctor, the health department said. The symptoms include fever, a runny nose, cough and a blotchy rash.

Residents should also contact a doctor if they were in the same place as the child at the same time, to see whether they should get preventive treatment. Fairfax County Health Department spokesman John Silcox said that if the person was exposed recently, a doctor might recommend immunoglobulin treatment to decrease the person’s chance of contracting the illness, especially if the person is in a high-risk group such as infants, pregnant women and people who never got a measles vaccination.

This child was vaccinated on schedule, Silcox said. But he or she had not yet reached the age of the second dose, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at age 4 to 6.

Silcox said the child is no longer contagious and was set to be discharged Thursday from a hospital.