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Fairfax County home sales

Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Alyssum Way, 9203-Richard W. Twilde to David W. Thompson III and Jennifer K. Campany, $589,500.

Americana Dr., 5001-North Star Properties Corp. to Patricia C. Laura and Maria E. Hardesty, $227,500.

Briar Creek Dr., 8151-Norman D. Menegat to Ronald P. Matalavage, $615,000.

Chapel Lake Ct., 8328-W. Burke Allen, trustee, and Glaucia M. Allen, trustee, to James D. Platt, $680,000.

Covent Wood Ct., 7499-Godofreda M. and Carlo M. Fontanilla to Nestor M. Fontanilla Jr., $335,000.

Fountain Head Dr., 7454-Andrew C. Yoo to Thu T. Pham, $355,000.

Island Pl., 4404, No. T3-Aftab Hussain and Nazia Aftab to Giang Thi Nguyen, $208,000.

Kloman St., 4003-Jaime F. Ocampo to Eric G. Ellmyer, $585,000.

Merrimac Trail, 3719-Alfred H. Gollwitzer to Ryan J. Greene, $630,000.

Orange Hunt Lane, 8920-Adam A. and Toni J. Albrich to Michael W. and Michele F. McDermott, $494,000.

Raleigh Ave., 8613-New Spring Corp. to Keith Yuen, $460,000.

Sauquoit Lane, 4934-Alexandra A. Bryzgalina to Azra Masroor and Syed M. Ali, $347,000.

Wayne Dr., 7330-Futuri Real Estate Inc. to Vantrang T. Luong, $362,000.


Barcroft Mews Ct., 3911-Peter L. and Michelle I. Check to Linda F. Botkin, $515,000.

Lakewood Dr., 6336-Dominic J. Sampogna to Nathan C. Smith, $525,000.

Madison View Lane, 3689-Joseph W. Schumer to Rebecca E. McCall, $435,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1509-Giuseppe Cecchi to Micaela Z. Shaughnessy and Christopher Hicks, $209,000.

Marlan Dr., 7112-Curtis L. Lancaster to Michael A. Khouri, $600,000.

Potomac Ave., 6516, No. A2-Claudia Crowder to Cayetano Scafidi, $259,900.

Villamay Blvd., 1204-Myrna L. Garza to Trent D. and Christine M. Duffy, $875,000.


Ashbourn Dr., 9701-Young S. Hong to Angela R. and Richard P. Stevens, $252,000.

Burning Branch Rd., 9523-Earle A. Jenkinson to Amal S. Khalafaghian and Mirna Shoriz, $480,000.

Centaurus Ct., 6212-N.P. Investment Co. to Aaron E. Brodsky, $360,000.

Cloverdale Ct., 9442-Hade Corp. to Mary K. Parker, $340,000.

Dunleigh Dr., 5201-Donna K. Rampey, trustee, to Kenneth W. Stice, $561,000.

Heritage Square Dr., 5951-Miguel A. Delgado to Hade Corp., $255,000.

Ironmaster Dr., 9713-Joseph A. and Karen R. Steele to Michael D. and Joanna L. Bagully, $545,000.

Marshall Pond Rd., 10071-Charles O. and Frances K. McElroy to Jill and Tyler Zagurski, $629,000.

Mount Greenwich Ct., 5414-Chong B. and Keum S. Lee to Brian A. and Stacy Pete, $505,000.

Pond Spice Terr., 10347-Loc N. Nguyen to Michelle R. Noch, $349,899.

Skinner Dr., 6309-Charles G. Fryer to Danh N. Le, $595,000.

Ticonderoga Ct., 6011-Bank of New York Mellon to Farshid Assadzadeh, $250,000.

Wilmette Dr., 6240-Luke A. Haggarty to Thomas L. Murphy, $485,000.


Ampstead Ct., 14946-Diane L. Kellum to Truc Duong, $185,000.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14133-Equity Trustees Corp, trustee, and Carolyn R. Demps to JLG Investments Corp., $258,000.

Buggy Whip Dr., 5424-Frank D. Choe to Samuel H. Abbe, $378,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14314, No. 105-Donald S. Guy to Caitlin A. Hanly, $93,200.

Deer Pond Ct., 14802-May My Wang to Thomas Pieter, $542,000.

Greymont Dr., 14913-Federal National Mortgage Association to Edgar A. Melendez, $340,000.

Hatfield Sq., 14815-Jose E. Mosquera to Lidia I. Ayala and Jose A. Gomez, $210,000.

Kamputa Dr., 14926-David L. Rilko to Daniel T. Clifton, $449,900.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13593-Ji H. and Eun H. Kim to Kyoo Eom, $427,000.

Malcolm Jameson Way, 13937-Barrington L. McFarlane and Stephanie E. Scott to Hang Yong Lee, $480,000.

Middlebourne Lane, 5490-Marian M. Aden to Bridget E. Lovas and Daniel J.W. Schaeffer, $298,000.

Red House Dr., 14417-Michael A. Donovan and estate of Janet W. Donovan to Christopher R. Shrank, $370,000.

Rydell Rd., 14905, No. 202-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Zachary Caito, $126,500.

Shirey Lane, 6338-Victoria E. Walter to Peter Choi, $310,000.

Stillfield Pl., 15111-Robert A. Silva to Sergio P. Roccasecca, $547,000.

Tanners House Way, 14011-Bank of New York Mellon to Mee Rina Kim, $436,000.

Wetherburn Dr., 15180-Ninad V. and Shubhra S. Mhadolkar to Asif Mahmud, $480,000.

Wyndham Rose Cove, 5128, No. 33-Sean D. Whaley to Linda Nguyen, $269,000.


Cub Run Rd., 4515-Daniel L. and Rosemary E. Leahy to Kyle Woodward, $400,000.

Gumwood Ct., 3996-Robert D. Newberry to Zachery James Johnson, $479,900.

Placid Lake Ct., 4117-Juanita R. Frazee to Karla G. Villalta, $170,000.

Silas Hutchinson Dr., 4402-Kook Hwan Yoon to Hung Phi Nguyen and Truc Phuong Thinguyen, $386,000.


Amkin Dr., 11707-James Campione to Darrell B. Rodriguez, $600,000.

Compton Rd., 13155-Bruce C. Deal to Michael R. Davis and Deborah D. Charms, $950,000.

Ivakota Farm Rd., 13308-Robert W. and Janet Wasilawski Wainer to Michael J. Flecker, $1.24 million.

Marleigh Lane, 14011-James E. Edmundson to Shawn C. Cunningham, $590,000.

Quartz Lane, 13028-Mildred E. Carroll to Bich N.T. Nguyen, $390,000.

White Stone Ct., 13625-Nancy L. Hamilton to Thomas C. Carnell, $549,900.


Beacon Grove Cir., 4464, No. 602A-Leon E. and Kelly F. Spencer to Alex Maximov, $260,000.

Five Oaks Rd., 9739-Frederick M. Crabtree Jr. to Q.P. Holdings Corp., $500,000.

Olive Mae Cir., 8884-Andy C. and Sharon H. Liu to Prudential Relocation Inc. and Brookfield Relocation Inc., $850,000.

Wheeled Caisson Sq., 4254-Neil Sims to Fengwei Zhang, $375,000.


Crestridge Rd., 8108-Henry J. Sauer, trustee, and Marilynn Sauer, trustee, to David M. and Wendy H. Schwartz, $635,000.

Homar Pond Dr., 10122-Peter W. Marzluff to Daniel A. Marini, $856,000.

Rolling Ridge Dr., 9743-George M. and Deborah B. Dodd to Mitchell A. and Ariana G. Woods, $820,000.


Barrett Rd., 6641-Francis O. Leach to Graham Vink, $297,460.

Cedar Hill Rd., 3002-Todd J. Egeland to John R. and Jane M. Spann, $742,350.

Douglass Ave., 2828-Laverne H. Holland and Yvette H. Miller to Habitat for Humanity, $81,000.

Jaala Lane, 8106, No. 12-HSBC Bank USA to Jing Liu, $368,000.

Lee Oaks Ct., 2813, No. 203-Blake A. Stadel to Ming Qian, $253,500.

New Providence Ct., 2811-David T. and Sue Ellen Russell to Jason and Victoria L. Cox, $344,900.

Sigmona St., 2604-Alma G. Noble to Jeffrey S. and Harper C. Noble, $450,000.

Westcott Rd., 6714-Luis F. Salinas and Jorge A. Cordova to Rojina N. and Ujjwal Shakya, $499,000.

Westmoreland Rd., 6845-Choice Housing Management Corp. to Bilodeau Jackson, $379,900.


Bridgehaven Ct., 8912-Beryl J. Clark to Stephen M. Bache, $475,000.

Conover Pl., 8506-Patrick J. Deneen to Pablo E. Cure, $555,000.

Fairfax Rd., 7910-Carlos M. Lopez to Vicki H. Althaus, $395,000.

Lilac Lane, 8313-Marguerite J. Croy and Susan P. O’Reilly to William Krieg, $450,000.

Waynewood Blvd., 825-Roxie T. Merritt to Christopher J. Olsen, $624,000.


Ashfield Rd., 5616-Diane L. Runnels and Dennis L. Brennan to Allison and Michael Schmidt, $420,000.

Broadmoor St., 5820-Ernest L. Self Jr. to Stephen Tumbarello, $475,000.

China Grove Ct., 6550-Michael R. Blessing to Deniz Baglan, $273,000.

Derth Ct., 7904-Susan A. Morgan to Harl C. Duffey IV, $512,000.

Elati Ct., 6208-Brad M. Freedman to Glendon J. Daigle, $755,000.

Franconia Rd., 4827-NP Investment Co. to Young Kyu and Soon Hee Kim, $350,000.

Gildar St., 6463-Azam M. Khan to Yonas Hunegnaw and Bethlehem Tamere, $329,900.

Haltwhistle Lane, 6619-Steven E. Bachelor to Loy Pinto, $440,000.

Keble Dr., 6005-Deborah Y. Paik to George Appiah, $373,250.

Lavinus Lane, 6601-Lillian T. Jenkins to Andrew S. Richardson, $445,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6953, No. D-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tom Y. Chang, $150,000.

Old Valley Ct., 6203-Sean Stegmaier to Jennifer J. Cressy, $280,000.

Prospect Terr., 6417-Raj Lalvani to Ryan W. King and Sarah K. Shores, $396,000.

Silver Ridge Cir., 6490-Diane Griffith to Lorena Knox, $307,000.

Tassia Dr., 6504-Ahmad S. Ghazi to Ibrahim S. Aljarboa, $439,000.

Virginia Hills Ave., 6222-Theodore Jones III to Lindsey E. Bungenstock, $417,000.

Wilton Crest Ct., 3335-Hans Billger to William S. Peace, $594,000.


Challedon Rd., 1028-Ming Cheng and Yan P. Wang to Qun Yue, $670,000.

Maria Ave., 9121-Jack R. Chocola to Adrian R. Grajdeanu, $900,000.

Seneca Rd., 731-Lawrence M. Hecker and estate of Clare R. Hecker to Robert A. Kondilas, $1.1 million.


Alabama Dr., 708-Federal National Mortgage Association to Chien Min Lee and Katy H. Chen, $306,000.

Bitter Sweet Ct., 3329-Helmand Investment Corp. to Roman Boroday, $560,000.

Cedar Run Lane, 13646-Angela K. Staniszewski to Guravaiah P. Majety, $515,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12929, No. 315-Alexander S. Johnson to Elmer Chao, $138,000.

Cypress Tree Pl., 1104-Marcus Cochran to David P. Dean, $292,000.

Emerald Chase Dr., 3016-Richard D. Lyons to Sean Lyons and Kendra Barnett, $535,000.

Florida Ave., 507, No. 203-HSBC Bank USA to Bo Yang, $79,149.

Glen Taylor Lane, 13302-Glen J. and Jasmine K. Lozier to Vishal and Antara Goyal, $580,000.

Hiddenbrook Dr., 1618-Karen D. Howell Miller and Eugene C. Miller to Paul D. Brabrook, $453,000.

Kinfolk Ct., 3309-Wayne A. Courreges to Christopher T. Gordon, $360,000.

Mary Powell Lane, 12551-Michael B. Marks to Joselino L. Morales, $557,000.

Moffett Forge Rd., 871-John D. Nunes to Julio Verme, $384,000.

Oak Shadow Dr., 2901-Paul Purcell and Mary A. Corcoran to Xiaomin Wu and Yameng Bao, $887,500.

Polly Jefferson Way, 2503-Colleen A. Livingstone to Sekarbabu S. Puly and Sunitha Murugavel, $430,000.

Rolling Plains Dr., 2452-Jagtar S. and Alka Sethi to Prashanth M. Devaraj, $457,500.

Star Ct., 11990-U.S. Bank National Association to Jason Long, $520,000.

Westlodge Ct., 12600-Susan R. Oliver and John R. Bark to Prabha S. and Surendra S. Satoskar, $334,000.

Winterborne Ct., 1305-John M. Myrah to Hassan B. Elamin, $362,000.


Farrington Ave., 2237, No. 6-104-Brian S. Leslie to Matthew Patmon, $117,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 725-Jacob Heltzel to Alan F. Sasso, $281,500.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 218-John R. Wolfe III to William P. Frank, $353,000.

Williamsburg Rd., 5929-Ethan and Jennifer Ackerman to Benjamin C. Patrick, $345,000.


Brick Hearth Ct., 6481-Jonathan A. and Rachael Worsley to Michael Tooshi and Sanja Savanovic, $327,000.

Harrison Lane, 7117-Juan C. Guzman to Rene Rios, $311,000.

Oak Dr., 6708-Kellie J. Murray and Stephen B. Padgett to Charles B. and Patricia T. Ferrett, $434,000.

Stover Dr., 7234-Cailin E. Jarecki to Fordham H. Cumming, $319,900.


Bismach Dr., 5616, No. T3-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Douglas J. Dowden, $145,000.

Chase Ct., 5615-Bruce A. Keenan and Joseph S. Keenan to Henry L. Bankester III, $329,600.

Guest Lane, 3900-Viet Van Trinh and Khanh Tu Banh to Samuel P. Chandran, $370,000.

Phyllis Lane, 6340-Jue Wang and Ran Wei to Bernardo Salas, $310,000.


Blanche Dr., 6736-Norbert F. Osborn Jr. to Irene G. Low, $463,000.

Chaucer House Ct., 8403-Kil W. Bang to Azhar Awan, $400,000.

Dove Cottage Ct., 8139-Lynn H. Gulick Trupti to Patel Trupti, $410,000.

Graysons Mill Lane, 7675-Sandesh H. Sharda to Mark F. Morris, $525,000.

Midway Lane, 10512-Shane B. Nelson to Randolph P. Blum, $340,000.

Shepherd Hills Dr., 9507-George C. Bunch to Christian Relief Services, $245,000.

Wiley Dr., 7631-Rose V. Fairfax to Charles D. Howard, $175,000.


Baron Rd., 6805-Alle J. and Jill Schilstra to Saodat Ibragimova and Sodyk Khaitov, $575,000.

Chateau Ct., 1717-Lorraine C. Klonarides to Thurman Treadwell, $630,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 601-Obaid Al Ketbi to Constantine Kazakos, $650,000.

Dead Run Dr., 935-Stacey and Yoon J. Min to Mahmoud and Ahmad Hosseini, $750,000.

Evans Farm Dr., 1484-David P. Lomax to Fernando Ramos, $1.46 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8360, No. 323-Fariborz and Fereshteh Shahrokhi to Cevat K. and Suheyla Biron, $643,500.

International Dr., 1641, No. 408-Dave and Kelly S. Yorck to Avideh R. and Atoosa P. Amini, $425,000.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 116-David P. McGinley to David W. Wong and Regina L. Lau, $210,000.

Macbeth St., 1348-Gerald T. and Cynthia J. Roy to Dezhi Ma, $872,000.

Melbourne Dr., 1810-Jeanette Calland to Nicholas C. Polizzi, $650,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1911-C. Morgan Kinghorn Jr. to Sean C. Powers, $905,000.

Sea Cliff Rd., 7109-Lennart G. Holmberg to Srivatsan Chellam, $690,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1580, No. 4315-DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. to Tamara E. Gifford, $229,000.

Towne Lane Rd., 6725-Robbye J. Quinter to E. Michael Zubey Jr. and Catherine M. Delprete, $590,000.

Windy Hill Rd., 1347-Buchanan Price Corp. to Noah G. and Angella R. Teates, $1.64 million.


Beekman Pl., 8614, No. C-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Sjose Flores to Sherri L. Lee, $93,761.

Eubank St., 4815-Michael L. Young to Donna K. Young and Laurie J. Staker, $265,000.

Kidd St., 8136-Delos H. Cloud to Michele Forton, $330,000.

Northern Spruce Lane, 8808-Dempsey D. Kee to Ronald P. Thompson, $560,000.

San Leandro Pl., 7933, No. 106C-Jorge L.M. Castillo to Mayra C. Molina, $129,000.

Sonora Pl., 3954, No. 89A-Josefina D. Carrillo to Yanfei Li, $115,000.

Wyngate Manor Ct., 8556-Abdirahman M. Hagi to Fred Echoles, $365,900.


Donnelly Ct., 5408-Helly Ahmadyar to Jedd M. Greshock, $342,000.

Heming Ave., 5201-Mary P. Thomas, trustee, and the Thomas Living Trust to Monica Jackson, $330,000.

Leebrad St., 7039-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ujjwal S. Thakuri and Priyanka Nepal, $335,000.

Uxbridge Ct., 8334-Michael C. Fields to Rebecca K. Anderson, $341,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10302, No. 8-102-Summit Condominiums Corp. to Paul H. Kerin, $189,900.

Flemish Mill Ct., 11735-York M. and Laura J. Faulkner to Robert and Sharla Warren, $925,000.

Saddle Crescent Cir., 11737-Patrick M. and Theresa M. Annessa to Paul M. and Jessica M. Gurzo, $1.08 million.

Summit Square Dr., 3176, No. 4-E9-Joubin Daneshpayeh to Tie Xu and Tao Wang, $225,000.

Vale Spring Dr., 11446-Benjamin L. Chronister to Kevin M. Louie, $940,000.

Willow Green Ct., 3515-David K. Howard to Christopher J. Bottomley, $712,500.


Burfoot St., 1934-Deborah M. Manofsky to Joseph A. Eisert, $402,000.

Falls Reach Dr., 6990, No. 303-Keyvan Moussavi Akhavan to Simon G. De Groot and Jean C. De Groot, $283,000.

Greenwich St., 2118-Joseph S. Anderson, co-executor, and Mary Lee R. Payton, co-executor, to Douglas B. Tomb, $499,000.

McConvey Pl., 2128-Constantine and Nancy M. Kazakos to Karin A. Flanagan, $995,000.

Storm Dr., 1943-Benildo Guzman to Jacqueline S. Guzman, $395,000.


Bromley Village Lane, 11613-David J. Kirby to Lloyd Chaisson, $639,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1411-John D. Shaffer to Uzma Salam, $278,000.

Edgemere Cir., 12044-Michael Sanford to Boyet Molina, $495,000.

Freetown Ct., 2312, No. 11-Venus Properties Corp. to Christy Penaflor, $185,000.

Great Owl Cir., 11765-Marjorie Raju to Nabil M. Aitoumeziane, $455,000.

Jonathan Way, 1785, No. 1785D-Pravir Chandra to Juan J. Navarro, $1.78 million.

Market St., 12001, No. 414-James J. O’Leary to Daniel G. Fulton, $505,000.

Newbridge Ct., 11638-Ellis S. Connolly to Nicholas Barber, $399,500.

Pavilion Club Ct., 11207-Marc A. and Michelle Davis to Janine L. Leete and David Nemetz, $770,000.

Regatta Lane, 1557-John D. and Gina D. Bauer to Gregory L. Frank, $975,000.

Shagbark Cir., 1700-Joyce H. Rosenblum to Igor Pototski and Irene Krimer, $605,000.

Stirrup Rd., 12145-Craig Moulton to Robert Folsom, $635,000.

Stratford Park Pl., 1855, No. 310-Kondaur Capital Corp. to George E. McCorkell, $305,000.

Swans Neck Way, 2038-William Thompson to Global Trade Partners Corp., $440,000.

Twisted Oak Dr., 1557-Jean Beres to Michael J. Maier, $400,000.

Weatherstone Ct., 1265-John J. Gander to Angela C. Curry, $512,000.

Windleaf Ct., 11400, No. 42-Katherine Goriup to Lauren C. Johnston and Donald E. Kidwell, $320,000.


Highview Pl., 3514-Robert D. Shorter and David M. Levy to Kenneth Goretta, $860,000.


Bubbling Brook Cir., 7919-Bank of America to Hade Corp., $275,350.

Conservation Dr., 6990-Edythe B. Goldberg to Abdull R. Abu Dayeh and Islam Abu Dayeh, $437,500.

Ellwood Pl., 7404-Josephine Borrello and Hani Saab to Timothy B. Martin, $380,000.

Gambrill Lane, 8409-Richard A. and Lynn F. Semko to Jeffrey and Amy Baker, $569,000.

Grace St., 7418-Zemzem Ibrahim to Realtyquads Inc., $240,000.

Jenna Ct., 9308-Anthony P. Spinosa to Timothy B. Brewer, $660,000.

Middle Valley Dr., 7711-Kausar Hasnain to Lakshmi K. Raut, $373,000.

Paloma Ct., 7601-Jaclyn L.S. Burgess to Timothy Burke, $575,000.

Ruxton Dr., 7604-Gregory J. and Patricia J. Seitz to Richard G. Gonzales II, $520,000.

Tower Woods Dr., 7812-Charles E. Macomber to Daniel Coday, $465,000.

Willshire Hunt Ct., 7413-William H. and Donna R. Shelton to Paul D. and Ayren Pfeifer, $375,000.


Bellforest Ct., 2711, No. 309-Paul S. Loverde and the Catholic Diocese to Pedro G. Colon III, $260,000.

Cedar Lane, 2359-Alan S. Truax to Charles D. Wilson III, $530,000.

Cottage St., 8220-Jose A. Reyes to Stephen P. O’Dowd, $559,900.

Druid Hill Rd. NE, 532-Kabir Amin to Daria Hamrah, $1.48 million.

Fallbrook Lane, 1805-Ovid G. Ukas and Eva Yulina to Paul and Hoda Martorana, $691,000.

George Washington Ct., 8254-Andrew A. White to Shaghil Ahmed, $975,000.

Hunt Country Lane, 10303-David A. Mongillo to Herbert E. Carmen, $730,000.

Locust St. SE, 300C-Patrick R. Balchunas and estate of Marjorie A. Hester to Alvin Z. He, $345,000.

Oak St. SW, 107-Bank of America to David G. Dargatis, $476,000.

Pebble Beach Dr., 1707-Stephen K. Thompson to Nathaniel Bruno, $707,000.

Rosewood Hill Dr., 1411-Jon A. Wadley to Mark Tilmes, $751,000.

Tapawingo Rd. SW, 703-Randall S. Walton to John J. Ryan, $529,000.

Willowmere Woods Dr., 2850-Matthew and Cristina Tallent to Patrick L. and Victoria V. Huckabay, $795,000.


Sagarmal Ct., 2406-Mehrdad Favagehi and Lourdes A. Christopher to Todd B. Ebert, $850,000.


Blarney Stone Ct., 6450-Nelson Moncada to Rao M. Tadavarthy, $290,720.

Dunham Ct., 8360C, No. 631-Luz E. Alvarado to Fardeen and Maryam Bahrami, $145,000.

Grey Fox Dr., 6623-David L. Carmichael to David Carr Benson, $459,888.

Jewelweed Ct., 7747-Timothy A. Jensen to Robert Myers, $399,000.

Painted Daisy Dr., 7836-William L. Zoller to Douglas Arbulu, $375,000.

Shamrock Ct., 8921-Jonathan R. Waldron to Russell G. Wank, $339,900.

Wentworth Pl., 7932-Joanne K. Lee to Andrew J. Rastelli, $325,000.

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