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Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Althea Dr., 5113-Raymond P. Collins and Kathleen A. Collins to Ninh S. La, $425,000.

Americana Dr., 4927E-Steven H. Mosher to David Han, $145,000.

Bruce Lane, 3911-Dung V. Nguyen to Eduardo D. Castilho, $450,000.

Columbia Rd., 4804-Jack E. Psiris to Haregewoin Abay and Aster Abbai, $910,000.

Forest Grove Dr., 3719-Carolyn B. Carson to Andrew M. and Andrea N. Dunn, $425,000.

Island Pl., 4400, No. 104-Jeffrey R. Snook to Jonathan H. Choi, $235,000.

King Richard Dr., 5000-Whitaker Mortgage to Anh H. Nguyen and Vuong Huong D. Nguyen, $401,000.

Lockwood Lane, 3716-Miriam P. Balding to Alexander B. Coppelman, $380,000.

Oak Hill Dr., 4220-Joseph B. Hoeing Jr. to Eman A. Assadzadeh, $502,000.

Pleasant Way, 7507-Douglas L. Harris to Todd A. Borzych, $535,000.

St. Jerome Dr., 4209-Potomac Relocation Services to James and Vivian Jewell, $508,800.


Ardley Ct., 3360-Gunvr S. Baveja to Leslie and Lilian Tabash, $392,500.

Hardwick Pl., 6030-Elaine M. Dodson to Tara L. Zimmer, $414,950.

Leesburg Pike., 6147, No. 502-Carmen Guerrero to Noemi Cisneros, $69,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1411, No. A2-U.S. Bank to Christopher Engnoth, $160,000.

Kenyon Dr., 6826-Carolina Echevarria to Luz E. Canales Benitez, $265,000.

Potomac Ave., 6508-Altaf U. Khan to Vicki P. and Courtney E. Fulmer, $182,500.

University Dr., 6934-Timothy N. Knutson to Laura A. Frey and Tyler J. Gray, $275,000.


Annaberg Pl., 5966, No. 179-Judith B. Lee to Kathleen M. Mcdevitt, $254,900.

Brixham Ct., 5414-Esperanza Arispe to Dilan Investment Corp., $275,500.

Calico Pool Lane, 6141-Dixie H. Maler to Abdellatif Manssouri, $329,000.

Clerkenwell Ct., 6072-Miriam R. Smith to Michael B. and Mary Jane Patterson, $330,000.

Harr Ct., 9700-James H. Bonnes to Gino P. Quintilliani, $559,000.

Humphries Dr., 9317-Bank of America to Mardin J. R. Manzano, $235,000.

Lincolnwood Dr., 9626-Stuart M. and Elizabeth J. Dziura to Dawn M. Rossi, $566,100.

Midship Ct., 5410-Karen G. Cohn to Robert B. Workman III, $350,000.

Park Woods Lane, 10009-Kenneth J. Perkowski to Ryan M. Smith, $430,000.

Sassafras Woods Ct., 10232-Wendy Burlingame to Christopher G. Concepcion and Racehl A. Reinebach, $287,100.

Summer Oak Ct., 10635-Charles Angelos and Phyllis Angelos to Firas N. Ghorab, $279,000.

Westcliff Ct., 5515-Orlando Pineda to Thai Pham, $389,000.

Yardarm Lane, 9514-Stephen G. Ford to Charles C. Mulieri, $587,000.


Belcher Farm Dr., 5802-Kevin J. Petrinjak to Lyndon Stephenson, $310,000.

Braywood Dr., 5206-Charles J. Augone to Dennis L. Mitchell Jr., $510,000.

Crystalford Ct., 13710-Shashi C. Reddy to Phillip C. Thai, $275,000.

Fallscliff Lane, 14466, No. 39-Philip A. Tivel to Jean Oh, $270,500.

Glencrest Cir., 14482, No. 27-Chad A. Crackel to Shadi Moses, $280,000.

Gunners Pl., 13908-Timothy J. Horinko to Barbara Laggini, $264,990.

Jovet Ct., 14603-Sergio P. Roccasecca to Sang H. Kim, $350,000.

Lavender Mist Ct., 5384-Amir Afkhami to Ravi K. Bhaskar, $400,000.

Meherrin Dr., 15466-Mark B. Steen to David J. Giar, $535,000.

Rustling Leaves Lane, 14489-Stanley W. Myers to Roy M. Fales Jr., $155,000.

Shirey Lane, 6327-Joshua A. Raditz to Joshua D. Bordner, $315,000.

Stargazer Terr., 13546-William Kwok and Jie Lin to So Hong, $380,000.

Sweet Woodruff Lane, 13639-Tuan Phung to Annie K. Joseph and Ravikanth R. Molugu, $699,000.

Wycombe St., 14751-HSBC Bank to Dana Baione, $250,000.


Cub Run Rd., 4403-U.S. Bank to Rishi R. Bhatia, $310,111.

Fillingame Dr., 4614-Dave Yadav to Hanny Ayad, $366,000.

Philip Lee Rd., 15220-Daniel Bellingham to Kenneth H. Coelho, $405,500.

Quiet Stream Ct., 13507-Ann Kanamine to James E. Dunning, $632,000.


Amkin Dr., 11705-Jolanda N. Janczewski to Colin D. Hoyseth, $690,000.

Clifton Creek Dr., 12975-Wells Fargo Bank to Brandon Fenninger and Lawrence O. Vicars, $300,000.

Green Mallard Ct., 13308-Floyd L. Carpenter to Taher S. Lashkeri, $640,000.

Marleigh Lane, 14006-Peter J. Rabideau to Nidia I. Z. Galdamez, $557,000.

Pocol Dr., 6001-Douglas K. Robinson to Vincent M. Kane, $630,000.

Whetstone Manor Ct., 13929-William L. and Bonnie S. Gilbert to Muhyi K. and Jinan N. Alkhateeb, $635,000.


Bailey Lane, 9245-Jami M. Mudd to James B. Lane, $425,000.

Firethorne Ct., 5103-Loran D. and Joanna G. Ambs to Scott D. Gries, $609,000.

Market Commons Dr., 4490, No. 205-East Market Condo Assciates to Madhu Gola, $522,400.

Silent Valley Dr., 3018-Bruce N. Hobzek to Yesterdays Carpentry Inc., $190,000.


Comerford Dr., 8002-Frederick C. and Kirsty M. Story to Matthew B. and Lisa H. Garber, $680,000.

Emmett Guards Ct., 6102-James P. Friedlander to Thomas M. Moskal, $610,000.

Hollington Pl., 7904-HSBC Bank to Keith Glatz, $587,200.

Oak Pointe Way, 8516-John K. Rabiej and Cynthia Y. Whalen to Daniel P. and Deborah E. Walsh, $712,000.

Sylvan Glen Lane, 7106-Sandra P. Cihlar to Leif Wathne, $720,000.


Arlington Blvd., 7508-Lydia C. Redding to Miriam Maldonado and Raul M. Reque, $310,000.

Casemont Dr., 2212-Edward and Linda Kutney to Ford S. Pippin, $675,000.

Deborah Dr., 7229-Juan R. Maldonado to Hong Chen, $335,000.

Harriett St., 6634-Anicetas and Lilya Vaichekauskas to Daniel P. and Kathleen D. Kuehn, $345,000.

Lee Hwy., 7366, No. 66204-Kimberly S. Kovach to Blue Oak Corp., $122,000.

Mildred Dr., 3475-Anthony and Henri Davis to Prudential Relocation Inc., $489,999.

Seven Oaks Pl., 3032-William Kerr-Smith to Christopher D. Grewe, $481,250.

West St., 2639-Keith Carpenter to David K. Kleiner, $465,000.

Westlawn Dr., 6935-Ken and Marcos Hinojosa to Nikolay V. Kurzenko, $285,000.


Stone Inlet Dr., 7000-Lynn A. Collyar to Zane H. Jones, $545,000.


Conover Pl., 8406-T. Alex Burns to John J. Ulsamer, $624,900.

Cushman Pl., 8607-Carl J. Leggieri to David J. Weinstein, $675,000.

Doyle Dr., 8502-Shirley Ash to Christine Beggs, $595,000.

Lakeshire Dr., 2200-Robert C. Dreyfuss to Mark A. Anderson, $920,000.

Stirrup Lane, 1802-Innovative Holdings Corp. to James M. Wines, $568,000.


Amesbury Ct., 7531-Kit A. Kenny to Phillip J. Karsen, $390,000.

Broadmoor St., 5618-Michael F. Applegate to Walter H. Archambo, $444,000.

China Grove Ct., 6527-Amanda E. and Chelsea M. Hopson to New Spring Corp., $250,000.

Darby Towne Ct., 7014-Andrew T. and Sara E. Clarke to Patrick J. and Courtney L. McCreesh, $435,000.

Effingham Sq., 7708-366 Nansemond Corp. to Melissa A. Corradetti, $425,500.

Founders Crossing Ct., 5928, No. 201-Sam Noory to Mikhail I. Kofman, $275,000.

Gildar St., 6445-Sara Ortiz to Marie A. Mulumba, $250,000.

Gypsy Ct., 4311-Gary F. Smith to Brian Leslie, $385,000.

Joseph Edgar Ct., 6757-Mitchell Woods to Mark E. Camporini, $470,000.

Lamoyne Ct., 7506-Jimmy L. Day to Arthur E. Budich, $474,900.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6943G-Raymond H. Rosenberg Jr. to Yuriko H. Miller, $237,500.

Old Rolling Rd., 5908-Larry E. Carter to Kristen Lorelle Droesch and Daniel P. Forest, $675,000.

Silver Ridge Cir., 6361-Romie Holmes Jr. to William D. Mallon Jr., $295,000.

Susan Barkley Ct., 6503-Barbara T. Vaccarella to Rajesh Ramakrishnan, $572,500.

Wilcox Ct., 6414-Ruth L. Booth to Brad Baudek, $301,000.


Amanda Dr., 1105-Guansheng Wang to Philip B. Breddy, $1.23 million.

Eclipse Lane, 10321-Thomas J. Berray to Samuel D. Cappiello, $1.22 million.

Hollyview Dr., 11773-Elmer K. Choi to Philip Carruthers, $917,500.

Milkweed Dr., 10712-James W. and Beverly W. Luce to Amy C. Spruill, $1.5 million.

Strawfield Lane, 760-Bank of New York Mellon to Reza Golesorkhi, $185,000.

Blackmore Vale Way, 9907-Joseph T. Doyle to Nancy L. Huether and Thomas J. Lopez, $1.88 million.

Harriman St., 1019-Chad C. and Ipsita G. Smolinski to Observing Harmony Corp., $730,000.

Saugus Ct., 1207-Warren H. and Nancy B. Fowler to Andrey S. and Elena A. Veretenov, $695,000.

War Admiral St., 941-Matthew R. Grose to Grant D. Hayden, $699,900.


Bicksler Dr., 1129-Matthew P. O’Connor to Jeremy A. Cooper and Eileen T. Conway, $389,900.

Carlsbad Ct., 12707-Thomas L. Osterbind to David C. Wujcik, $435,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12925, No. 404-Michael A. and Erin M. Hohlfelder to William G. and Carrie L. Muntean, $283,500.

Cypress Green Lane, 2441-Stephen Whitfield to Darris W. Hess, $614,500.

Emerald Chase Dr., 3007-Christopher C. Stevens to Stone Financing Corp., $476,000.

Fillmore St., 502-SunTrust Bank to Richard G. Lawter, $360,000.

Gilman Lane, 11668-Jeremiah P. and Ann G. Shelley to Michael Khalifeh, $720,000.

Hiddenbrook Dr., 1610-Alex Infante to Sean S. Roberds, $378,000.

Kidwell Field Rd., 13138-Dharmajula B. Rao to Kenneth K. Liang, $360,000.

Oak Shadow Dr., 2893-Mark A. Flak to Tao Chen, $899,900.

Point Rider Lane, 13380-Dolores J. Weyant to Andrew R. Mercer, $555,000.

Robaleed Way, 2725-Kuang Hao Chou to Salena Azaad and Zalena Khan Ramprashad, $635,000.

Spring St., 609-Robert R. Hamilton to Peter N. Puerling, $277,000.

Wellhouse Ct., 3307-Carl J. Kropf to Leonard J. Kroeger, $649,900.

Windsor Hall Way, 12154-Jihad G. Hermes to Robert P. Steel, $975,000.


Edgehill Ct., 5987-Richard N. Schnell to Timothy B. and Christine R. Galginaitis, $365,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 503-Dianne H. Birch to Sanily Patel, $360,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 107-Vilma A. Valencia to Cynthia M. Pearson, $218,500.

Redcoat Dr., 2646, No. 106-Apple FCU to Matthew J. Keane, $155,000.


Fleming St., 2602-William B. Tapp Jr. to Metro DC1 Corp., $300,000.

Stone Hedge Dr., 2600-Richard M. Mayfield to Cheryl A. Robinson, $364,000.


Bismach Dr., 5602, No. 102-Fannie Mae to Irina Russu, $154,900.

Braddock Rd., 4419-William H. and Erin M. Simpson to Michael and Rosalie Weiser, $560,000.

Fifth St., 6447-Daniel J. Stessalavage to Nadir Hernandez Flores and Eduardo Hernandez, $345,000.

Phyllis Lane, 6325-Natalie Freeny to Wael M. Abdallah and Amal I. Ismail, $179,000.


Baird Ct., 7704-Fannie Mae to Tracey E. Dismukes, $379,900.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9286, No. 301-Evan T. Davies to Robert J. Watkins, $193,000.

Douglas Fir Dr., 8155-Hee K. Kim to Wilkem D. Mollfulleda, $625,000.

Grandwind Dr., 7733-Jeff Peters to Alan J. Tinder, $555,000.

Reiser Lane, 8298-Dawn L. Wells to Shaun and Jessy Joykutty, $380,000.

White Feather Ct., 8418-Helly Ahmadyar to Gloria P. Ramirez, $263,000.


Banquo Ct., 1320-Elizabeth L. Wildhack to Diane M. MacDonald, $775,000.

Chain Bridge Rd., 1781, No. 402-John W. and Sophie M. Nicholson to Edward T. Smithline, $630,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 514-Park Crest Building Associates to M. Song Jo and Ylita P. Tjoeng, $390,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1610-Park Crest Building Associates to Mohamed E. Gomah, $515,000.

Enterprise Ave., 7201-Beth A. Kirksey to Daniel and Tamara Lucas, $636,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 1008-Audrey A. Ammons to Laura E. Pezowicz, $382,000.

Ingleside Ave., 1434-Ravindranath Kanuri to William J. Mutryn, $1.12 million.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 105-Richard A. Hjerpe to Sarah Adel Al-Haj, $210,000.

Mayflower Dr., 1421-Joe P. and Teresa M. Bryan to Emily C. Alesantrino, $650,000.

Potomac River Rd., 635-Jack and Stephanie Herman to Arman Eshraghi and Kathy S. Mobarra, $1.1 million.

Rosemont Ct., 1613-Sean A. and Heather A. Mullin to Louis J. and Anne S. Scarano, $699,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1550, No. 8302-Mary M. and Robin K. Poullath to Nof A. Al-Haj, $345,000.

Tilden Pl., 1832-Gail A. Fisher to Zachary S. Skochko and Catherine A. Lamoureux, $680,000.

Wilson Lane, 1933, No. 301-Anna H. Wolfe to Vineet Chhabra, $229,000.


Beekman Pl., 8614C-Sherri L. Lee to Choon O. Lee, $105,470.

Jinetes Ct., 8404, No. 213-Fannie Mae to Talie M. Makki and Ban T. Mustafa, $104,000.

Mount Zephyr Dr., 8429-Clinton Charles Morningstar to Brian Keith Szymanski, $427,000.

Roxbury Ct., 3812-Carlos Rueda Chavarria to Mohammad Ali, $260,000.

Sonora Pl., 3926D-Beeren & Barry Corp. to Erroll A. Bonilla, $135,000.

Woodlawn Ct., 8604-Patrick Jansen to Joseph Cerutti Jr. and Bridgette Winter, $401,400.


Axton St., 7416-William C. Walther to Chester A. Engley, $365,000.

Bradwood Ct., 7038-Monica J. Lee to Nicholas D. Anderson, $312,000.

Easton Dr., 5222-John A. Rickes to Nicholas A. Davis, $405,000.

Guy Pl., 5711-Keir T. Tracy to William P. Covieo, $385,000.

Jervis St., 7520-Richard and Marshall Nay to Christopher D. Leblanc, $395,000.

Juliet St., 5410-Binh T. Nguyen to Jing F. Chen, $349,900.

Kirkham Ct., 5646-Gary H. Rossen to Amir Ansari, $357,000.

Long Pine Dr., 7439-Joseph A. Moore to William M. Dante, $315,000.

Ravenel Lane, 5607-James M. Lowerre to Francisco Cueto, $428,000.

Thames St., 8433-George H. Watson to Sean L. Zinn, $469,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10248, No. E7-Janet L. Carruthers to Ashley and Craig Ansell, $271,000.

Appalachian Cir., 10248, No. D6-Summit Condominiums Corp. to Geoffrey M. Washington, $235,000.

Flemish Mill Ct., 11734-Ronald A. and Carol W. Clark to Richard H. Akers, $880,000.

Oakton Ridge Ct., 10674-Robert D. and Sharon L. Wilson to Adnan Alsaif, $760,000.

Pine St., 10133-James H. Reynolds Jr. to Robert Santos, $638,000.

Deville Estates Dr., 11111-Thu V. and Son H. Vo to Francis X. Prihoda, $747,000.

Mereworth Lane, 10517-Matthew P. Lawlor to Bartholomew L. Barbessi, $670,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10100-Beeren & Barry Corp. to Behrang Hejazi and Freshteh Aghdam, $200,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3176, No. 4-A3-Summit Condominiums Corp. to Michael O. McDermott, $199,900.

Vale Rd., 11421-James W. and Diane B. Birch to Andrew Stark, $528,000.

White Flint Ct., 3221-James D. and Kurt D. Greening to Stephen M. Gawrelski, $435,900.


Beacon Lane, 2218-John A. Talbot to Seth L. Brogadir, $617,000.

Falls Reach Dr., 6990, No. 107-Jack B. Knoblock to Alicia Hoefke, $330,000.

Grayson Pl., 2201-Wells Fargo Bank to Yuesong Bai and Hongqiang Yang, $725,000.

Marthas Lane, 7723-Bank of America to Hadi Nguyen, $351,200.

Shreve Rd., 7425-U.S. Bank to Gurmit K. and Salwinder Singh, $505,000.


Breton Ct., 11902, No. 5B-Michael C. and Anna L. Copeland to Gonzalo and Sarah Laguarda, $318,500.

Cedar Cove Ct., 2257-Daniel J. Stone to David S. Shapiro, $546,000.

Dry River Ct., 11719-Jayne R. Borges to Timothy Mullins, $372,000.

Foxcroft Way, 2515-Daniel S. Ainslie to Mark Germann, $685,000.

Golf Course Dr., 2042-Garrett Wilhelm to Shanti A. Smith, $485,000.

Hunters Square Ct., 2300-Frederick J. Mihalo III and Erika L. James to Angela S. Zugay, $299,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 401-Vincent L. and Carol H. Salvatori to Mary J. Merlin, $575,000.

New Dominion Pkwy., 12025, No. 201-Jeremy Jarmon to Alex Flores, $745,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1648, No. 1C-Beeren & Barry Corp. to Michelle Y. Lee, $184,000.

Stillbrook Ct., 11717-Robert L. Vescio to Kevin M. Buchinski, $393,000.

Stratford Park Pl., 1851, No. 309-Clive Guest to Richard E. May, $349,000.

Waters Edge Lane, 1628-Betsy Amsel to Deborah L. Talley, $600,000.

Wild Hawthorn Way, 1271-G. Erika Davison to Michael Murphy, $442,500.


Colmac Dr., 6206-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Stephan J. Pikner, $550,000.

Greenwood Dr., 6182-Catarino Marquez to Ahmed Elsabbahy, $120,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 3125, No. 234-Thomas Foye to Sujan Adhikari, $214,100.

Walters Woods Dr., 6431-William W. Goodrich to Alan G. Whitt, $750,000.


Alamo St., 6216-Marjorie R. Gibbs to Tihomir H. and Pavlina Toneva, $300,000.

Braemar Way, 7806-Gregorio Ramos to Chavalit Hilunmonkul, $435,000.

Bridgeport Ct., 7120-Kevin R. Riedler to Matthew J. Hund, $510,000.

Cold Plain Ct., 8758-Stephen J. and Karen L. Thompson to Hilrey Hicks and Jeffrey L. Hicks, $480,000.

Briarcliff Dr., 7216-Teresa E. Rubin to Bradley B. Preston, $460,000.

Chapman Oak Ct., 8525-Anthony F. and Anne S. Schiffiano to Orville F. Grimes Jr., $293,000.

Eggar Woods Lane, 7318-Margaret A. McElroy to Eric T. Mangelsdorf, $325,000.

Franconia Ct., 6466-Joseph Altrus to Jessica Cruz, $294,900.

Golden Sunset Lane, 9097-Grady Mars to Byung K. Kim, $456,000.

Layton Dr., 7129-Patrick F. Russell to Victoria E. Buchanan, $390,800.

Meriwether Lane, 6417-Thomas J. Bateman to Jesse A. Hamilton, $435,000.

O’Hara Pl., 7774-Linda J. Horne to David P. Rondeau and Annmarie M. O’Shea Rondeau, $485,000.

Sweet Gum Pl., 8803-David R. Whitt to Jason Heard, $585,000.

White Willow Ct., 7732-J. Howard Sheble IV to Joel Hamilton, $692,950.


Amanda Pl., 8437-NVR Inc. to Timothy Keehan, $1.02 million.

Bell Lane, 8205-Khadijah H. Zabarah to Jayarajan S. and Jayanthy M. Nakkara, $665,500.

Blitz Ct., 7971-Floyd M. and Monica Matsuda to Sejin Kim, $890,000.

Brittenford Dr., 10310-Richard C. Wei to Bradley K. Gillespie, $940,000.

Carnegie Dr., 8323-Lyle R. Wilson to Patricia A. Wilson, $417,000.

Chappell Lane, 9900-Ronald D. Hughes to David A. Bretz, $936,500.

Clachan Ct., 1825-Harry C. James and Dolores P. James to Rock Springs Corp., $520,000.

Cottage St. SW, 1113-Wesam S. Musa to Rossen Rozenov, $655,000.

Deramus Farm Ct., 9453-David A. Covington to Zhenghong Fu, $1.23 million.

Drexel St., 2530-Michael G. McCullen to Eric J. Cayford, $628,000.

Glengyle Dr., 2728, No. 7-Debra M. Wolfe to William Stemp, $275,000.

Glyndon St. SE, 305-Lynn K. Walterick and Virginia R. Walterick to Ronald E. Walterick, $300,000.

Hilltop Rd., 8603-Sik M. Hung to Wei and Yan Zhang, $570,000.

Hunting Crest Lane, 11619-NVR Inc. to Robert J. Architect and Benise A. Ungar, $1.62 million.

Locust St. SE, 216, No. 135-Peter M. Munoz and Lisa M. Pinsker to Pouran D. Hooshangi and Adam D. Mongeau, $215,000.

Madrillon Ct., 8130-John L. Lambert Jr. to Eugene Y. Kim, $690,000.

Merry Oaks Lane, 8013-Mark E. Champoux to Amine Salam, $624,900.

Moorefield Hill Grove SW, 913-Yoon Lee to Richard Pihl, $605,000.

Oak Valley Dr., 2566-William L. Paolino Jr. to Jason A. Bremer, $712,500.

Old Courthouse Rd., 9126-Hosain I. Mabudian to Prabhakar Ramakrishnan, $945,000.

Promontory Ct., 7873-Kavian Milani to Anthony E. Fleming, $807,000.

Patty Lane, 2112-Stephen E. Hirsch to Richard W. Czeck, $570,000.

Robnel Pl., 9314-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Ryan P. McGlinchery, $765,000.

Sweet Mint Dr., 9844-Shamantaka Kumar to Andrew and Karen M. Hanna, $340,000.

Tapawingo Rd. SW, 205-Mark and Sarah Powell to Feng Wang, $550,000.


Bentley Village Dr., 7918, No. 14A-Robert E. Wagner to Mark D. Ficco, $229,000.

Dunham Ct., 8353D, No. 642-Fannie Mae to Kristin Hutcherson, $184,000.

Greeley Blvd., 7906-Michael H. Drobnis and Ann W. Schwartz to Michael J. and Hallie B. Neibauer, $426,000.

Houndmaster Rd., 6801-Frank Prindle and Neil Ryan to Michael F. and Jill S. O’Connell, $432,900.

Oakford Dr., 8508-William A. Covey to Richard T. Ewell, $550,000.

Roxbury Ave., 6103-Lee L. and Deborah D. Anderson to James J. and Audrey L. Stein, $541,000.

Taunton Pl., 8255-Herbert P. Stewart to Kathleen A. Zadareky, $585,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Ardmore Pl., 4216-Eleanora R. Hawes to Mark Arnoldi, $280,000.

Charles Dr., 10828-Carmelo Santos to Tammy Finnerty, $390,000.

Fairfax Blvd., 9495, No. 202-Wesley Turner to Kimberly A. and James H. Rollen, $199,000.

Farr Oak Cir., 3831-William T. and Olivia W. Alsbrooks to Robert P. and Marlene C. Thacker, $877,500.

Holly St., 4121-Jose Moya to Wen H. Xu, $470,000.

Madison Mews, 3910-Old Town Fairfax Corp. to Harish S. and Komal Rudra, $694,679.

Maple St., 4030-Margaret E. Brown to Jeremy E. Fisher, $335,000.

Oak Pl., 10715-Bank of New York Mellon to William J. and Lisa B. Schouviller, $460,000.

Old Lee Hwy., 3554-Kathleen N. Burnett to David M. Bishop, $425,000.

Queen Anne Dr., 3544-New Spring Corp. to Kendral R. Knight, $495,000.

Spring Lake Terr., 3512-Thomas T. and Joann Glascock to Matthew S. and Noelle Toskovich, $485,000.

Stratford Ave., 10212-Dream Home Designs Corp. to Gregg A. Angeles, $420,000.

Woodland Dr., 4031-James M. Rich to Nicholas C. Glad, $444,000.

Falls Church

These sales data were recorded by the City of Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 723-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Robert Gibson, $380,900.

Dulany Pl., 106-William W. and Barbara J. Millar to Christopher and Erin Korves, $1.26 million.

Great Falls St., 213-Anne G. Styles and G. Galt Bready to John Andrew Drennan and Stacy Robbin Stoller, $710,000.

Hampton Ct., 471-Theodore Sterling to Robert J. Mutchler, $300,000.

Jefferson St. E., 406-Kathleen C. Kogut to Takeo and Kumi Kasumi, $1.29 million.

Midvale St., 220-Nancy K. Price and Ann Carty to James E. and Elizabeth A. Rice, $675,000.

Parker St., 1003-Russell M. and Tara M. Allan to Richard Reithinger and Elizabeth Hume, $815,500.