Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales .


Belle Haven Rd., 1711-Phillip L. Melville to Thomas F. Kiggins, $607,250.

Cygnet Dr., 6424-Carolyn A. Gernand to Sean A. Shanahan, $627,000.

Rebecca Dr., 7415-Teresa S. Marshall to Meghan McGovern, $730,000.


Alforth Ave., 6273-Bank of New York to Sossane Tokhi, $330,000.

Ashby Heights Cir., 6036-Patricia L. Johnson to Samuel P. Mowery, $700,000.

Brookview Ct., 5701-Eric R. Netzloff to Patrick R. Kumor, $415,000.

Clapham Rd., 5702-Ainsworth B. Mills to Brandie Kalinowski, $520,000.

Dogue Forest Ct., 7204-Stone Financing Corp. to James R. White, $670,000.

Florence Lane, 6203-Sandra E. McKinney to Roman A. Abreu Moreno, $540,000.

Gadsby Sq., 7472-Gregory R. Jordan to Lamar Hancock, $407,500.

Gildar St., 6549-HSBC Bank to Julio C. Vargas, $293,500.

Haltwhistle Lane, 6636-Kenneth H. Fielding to Jason Renter, $490,000.

Hillview Ave., 6210-Alvaro C. Valverde to Andrew Clark, $400,000.

Keble Dr., 6009-Robert D. Dorenbush to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $464,900.

Larno Dr., 5001-Najib Amerkhail to Ravi A. Amin, $535,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6925F, No. F-Steven Buhneing to Meredith McDonough, $250,000.

Ninian Ct., 5003-J and T Home Design Corp. to Lucas D. Olander, $582,500.

Seth Hampton Dr., 7818-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tsegaye Eyob, $510,000.

Trask Terr., 6522-Woong Shik Shim to Sapna K. Patel, $530,000.

Wigmore Lane, 6107, No. M-Joanne M. Dunsmore to Jonathan Lin, $299,500.


Backlick Rd., 4815-Marbell R. Castillo to Fox Real Estate Corp., $345,000.

Charleson St., 3502-Nova Holdings Corp. to Margrette Thomas, $569,500.

Donnybrook Ct., 7747, No. 106-Michael Peglar to Farhad Elmi, $150,000.

Hayden Lane, 8409-Maria Norcha Falcon to Gengshu He, $930,000.

Lafayette Forest Dr., 7703, No. 43-Venus Properties Corp. to Phong D. Nguyen, $238,000.

Lincolnshire St., 3928-Rioja Investment Group Corp. to Claire Jakabcin, $487,000.

Oak Hill Dr., 4307-Maryam Seifi to Andres Ciriello, $795,000.

Springbrook Dr., 4720-Thanh Truong to James Hendricks, $440,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3300, No. 22-Tuan D. Nguyen to Jonathan K. Andersen, $190,000.


Glen Forest Dr., 5847-Mariette Kewer to Mike Hazelbaker, $455,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6143, No. 602-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Maria E. Alvarado, $135,000.

Munson Rd., 3722-Julio H. Henriquez to Geoffrey Verhoff, $907,500.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 1015-Omar Mohammed Abu Ali to Brahim Touraif, $240,000.

Washington Dr., 3432-Vernon H. Grandgeorge to Amanda Jones, $600,000.


Burr Oak Way, 10611-Donald Draznin to Phillip Farias, $610,000.

Crossrail Dr., 5415-Marnee Lee Finch to Thomas Nance, $295,000.

Fenestra Ct., 6385, No. 112C-Hena Singh to John Beauchemin, $272,000.

Lake Meadow Dr., 6471-Peter Donsung Kim to Shokouh Esfahani, $1.04 million.

Mersea Ct., 5452-Joseph A. Orlando to Manuel Callao, $343,000.

Sassafras Woods Ct., 10144-Scott A. Lawler to Nora Murtha, $385,000.

Sydenstricker Rd., 6511-Warren C. Graham Jr. to Saint Andrew’s School, $680,000.


Barren Springs Ct., 13647-Pascal S. Hong to Christopher Roth, $313,000.

Bella Dr., 6211-Eddie Azzouz to Weiguo Jiang, $300,000.

Brown Post Lane, 15054-Tin W. Li to Luming Wang, $634,800.

Clay Spur Ct., 6056-Abdullatif Siddiqui to Mubeen A. Burney, $280,000.

Field Flower Trail, 6321-Heidi Lynn Salkeld to Patrick M. Perrottino, $310,000.

General Johnston Pl., 5682-Daniel John Wildfong to Andrew M. Lerner, $592,000.

Hatfield Sq., 14819-AV Capital Corp. to Natalie N. Marlais, $289,000.

Jovet Ct., 14611-Subhash Girdhar to Wei Han, $315,000.

Littlefield Ct., 6311-Brian D. Pell to Justin A. Cosgrove, $342,500.

Palisades Dr., 6516-JLG Investments Corp. to Robert L. Stone III, $395,000.

Rocky Way Ct., 6131-Jung Won Kim to Prajjwol Upadhayaya, $265,000.

Turin Lane, 14456-Hyseun Hugh to Jounghea Her, $185,000.

Wild Brook Ct., 5952-James F. Adomanis to Yoonhee Edwards, $340,000.


Beaujolais Ct., 13806-David Lee Anthony to Mahmoud Bekhet, $195,000.

Flowing Brook Ct., 13717, No. 46E-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Om Dahal and Rashmi Subedi, $213,000.

Lightfoot St., 3840, No. 143-Toren Beasley to Beili Wen, $178,000.

Point Pleasant Dr., 13497-Michael V. Conforth to Richard L. McDonald Jr., $640,000.

Summer Hollow Ct., 4017, No. 162B-Deborah A. Anderson to Ethan Properties Corp., $200,000.


Archlaw Dr., 7242-Thomas D. Keating to Jennifer D. Voss, $935,000.

Gosling Dr., 5668-John G. Casserly to Anh Thu Vu, $302,000.

Mountain Springs Lane, 6139-Thomas J. Salveggio to Shane T. McLaughlin, $520,000.

Union Mill Rd., 7021-James Drek Mason to Everyday Home Buyers Corp., $470,000.


Foxhole Dr., 13321-Stephen A. Szallay to Faris A. Falki, $332,000.


Fournier Dr., 10612-Timothy H. Olsen to William A. Boik, $920,000.

Viewcrest Dr., 9805-Wilson Summers to Edward R. Goetz, $700,000.


Brad St., 7308-Marshall P. Bass to Matthew C. Sheffield, $389,000.

Dover Lane, 2852-Ruth M. Eller to Margaretha C. McGrail, $182,000.

Holly Hill Dr., 3241-Drew R. Cozart to John Muraca, $500,000.

Locust St., 6641-Brian L. Clark to Sarah L. Petcher, $1.15 million.

Nicosh Cir., 3009, No. 4209-Edith G. Bates to Maria G. Binetti, $290,000.

Rose Pl., 2905-Modesto E. Goginez to Kenneth Fears, $561,500.

Westcott Rd., 6807-Maria A. Urrutia to Matthew Leger, $485,000.


Arch Dr., 2031-Marcia H. Jollensten to Rupsha 2013 Corp., $390,000.

Falls Reach Dr., 7011, No. 303-Kimberly R. Lockhart to Thomas A. Olszewski Jr., $310,000.

Leesburg Pike., 7746-Atlantic International Inc. to Jamal A. Alajmi, $440,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 107-Ali R. Mansouri to Farokh Movaghari, $209,000.

Trevino Lane, 7761-Johnny T. Tean to Jacob S. Kruzel, $415,000.


Camden St., 8609-Kimberly Turner to Stephanie K. Keller, $477,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 7808-W. Michael Coppa to Larry B. Ferguson, $450,000.

Neal Dr., 917-Judith Ann Bonner to Joseph L. Rossiter, $605,000.

Yardley Dr., 8710-DRH 1 Corp. to Kathryn M. Deitchman, $532,900.


Lake Windermere Ct., 806-Virginia E. Sprinceanu to Hamidreza Abad, $1.05 million.

Windy Hollow Ct., 60-Janet P. Hugger Tr. to Yunhui Chen, $1.68 million.


Ballou St., 895-Michael W. Bennett to Robert J. Mariano, $855,000.

Burwick Dr., 1065-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Amni Inc., $375,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12917, No. 115-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jayakumar Satapathy, $309,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12933, No. 104-Dexter Downey to Red Squirrel Ventures Corp., $190,000.

Coppermill Dr., 13279-Michael T. Dimmick to Deborah M. Symons, $465,000.

Heather Down Dr., 12043-Richard Bednar to Jeffrey Marschner, $480,000.

Longfellow Ct., 938-Ralph Jarrett Sanders to Jonathan M. Katora, $347,500.

Powells Tavern Pl., 1482-David A. Baker to Michael J. Greenberg, $535,000.

Stone Heather Ct., 3340-Jeremy Travis to Barry Keith Steele, $380,000.

Westcourt Lane, 2204, No. 219-Ryan W. Seawall to Naveen Gupta, $186,000.


Blunt Lane, 2035-Donald H. Blake Jr. to Christopher J. Bridges, $585,000.

Elmwood Dr., 3806-Federal National Mortgage Association to Orlis G. Perla Conntrera, $330,000.

Fenwick Dr., 5642-Juan A. Lemus to Daniel C. Swart, $285,000.

Monticello Rd., 5926-Angela D. Polite to Byron M. Nakamura, $365,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 118-Donald W. Perkins to Nozomu Kanesaka, $420,000.


Clayborne Ave., 3221-Shreve McGonegal Management Inc. to Corey D. Sherrill, $290,000.

Great Swan Ct., 7580-Jeremy D. Warman to George N. Ashim, $420,000.

Memorial St., 2813-Choice Housing Management Corp. to Kevin Sampson, $457,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7508D, No. 220-Jeremy Michael Alcorn to Katie Trijo, $245,000.


Cozy Glen Lane, 5252-George McKenzie to Chase B. Ausley, $609,000.

Morning Mist Lane, 5267-Christopher L. Sturgill to George J. Flynn, $630,000.

Third St., 6422-True Blue Homebuyers Corp. to Abdul Azeez, $516,000.


Cardinal Forest Lane, 9292, No. 201-Rosa G. Rodriquez Coriano to Christopher L. Rosato, $229,000.

Crossbrook Ct., 8207, No. 101-Katherine Vanderbroeke to Nausheen Yusuf, $217,000.

Green Heron Way, 8318, No. 52-Jared Wilbourn to Christine C. Hongnapa, $277,000.

Inverary Ct., 9574-Thong Quoc Ngo to Henok Girmai, $275,000.

Lakeland Fells Lane, 9451-Elliott Powell Jr. to Kit C. Leung, $445,515.

Summerhill Ct., 7646-John G. Birner to Thomas Hanniff, $400,000.

Wells Rd., 8931-Daniel J. Zodda to Tracey Phillips, $680,000.

Wolford Way, 7690-James Shappell to William S. Martinez Ramirez, $338,950.


Carriage Hills Dr., 7444-Raymond David Grundeman to Elizabeth S. Bizic, $830,000.

Copely Lane, 6016-George W. Longwell to Joseph B. Dailey, $1.2 million.

Eldorado St., 7338-John B. O’Keefe to Stacey Sovereign, $664,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 223-Kristine Neghban to Sheila Abadi, $314,000.

Kenbar Ct., 1915-William C. Hopkins to 1915 Kenbar Corp., $908,000.

Lumsden St., 6800-Kevin D. Nee to Jing Zhang, $775,000.

Old Chesterbrook Rd., 6815-Betsy T. Brady to Yuliyan K. Kiryakov, $696,500.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 312-Diane R. Cohen to Amie Ho Leung, $380,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1580, No. 4309-RNE Corp. to Binyong Dong, $290,000.

Stony Point Ct., 8500-Thuan X. Nguyen to Sunil I. Madan, $1.66 million.

Tyndale St., 6932-John M. Lighthammer to Tianyi Liu, $1.51 million.


Ashton St., 8017-William L. Bridgeman to Pedro De Jesus Arriaza, $320,000.

Imperial St., 8024-Moon Ja Nah to Dadneris Gonzalez, $362,500.

Mount Vernon Cir., 9426-Charles S. Caminiti to Gregg Lynch, $830,000.

Rolling Hills Ave., 3508-USAA Federal Savings Bank to Richard L. Labbe, $269,900.

Washington Ave., 8516-Jean Kay Preston to Michelle D. Bailey, $390,000.


Bradgen Ct., 5278-Justin Bank to Azita Mamdouhi, $419,900.

Foxe Pl., 7308-Melba R. Johnson to Russell S. Evans III, $420,000.


Hamden Ct., 12031-Michele M. Sandell to Xiaofeng Li, $690,000.

Miller Heights Rd., 3306-William H. Gerety to Adam D. Jansen, $775,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3178, No. 3-A7-Dawn Defrancesco to Elsa Carkanji Silos, $229,900.


Approach Lane, 2021-Luke M. Stemberger to Jeanette Contreras, $440,000.

Bridoon Lane, 12619-Thomas A. Dages to Jennifer Lynn Spahr, $489,000.

Golf Course Dr., 2204-David W. Stroh to Aimee L. Priscaro, $499,000.

Harbor Ct., 11180, No. 1180-Steven D. Thoman to Nancy Ward, $441,250.

Hollow Timber Way, 11409-Leslie Hobin to Kyle M. Patton, $591,500.

Maple Ridge Rd., 11583-Brenda Bannan to Adam N. Cohen, $399,900.

Middle Creek Lane, 2304-Peter C. Losi to Michael Losi, $323,800.

Point Dr. N., 1511, No. 301-Marco A. Lara Guzman to Imelda Velasquez, $350,000.

Pyrenees Ct., 2483-Snigdha Sujyot to Victoria A. Maldonado, $296,000.

Scandia Cir., 1557-John B. Huson to Anne Buckelew, $400,000.

Silentwood Lane, 11298-Patricia Delorenzo to David C. Rigotti, $312,000.

Stirrup Rd., 12128-Dorothy J. Broderick to Thomas A. Broderick, $570,000.

Sunset Hills Rd., 11800, No. 117-Everett B. Beach to Bhargavi Satyanarayan, $335,000.

Underoak Ct., 11509-Chezshea Corp. to Michelle H. Holt, $335,000.

Winged Foot Ct., 2000-George R. Senyk to James J. Welch, $430,000.


Greenwood Dr., 6180, No. 202-Juan Carlos Rocha to Phung Kim Phungluu, $150,000.

Stoneybrae Dr., 3324-Jerome R. Ellig to Brian J. Allen, $660,000.


Beech Hollow Lane, 8605-Steven M. Campisano to Sharon R. Wingrove, $405,500.

Exmore St., 7310-Ching Tai Chen to Birch Street Corp., $375,000.

Gambrill Ct., 7950-Tammarqa J. Wilfong to Matthew J. Poblador, $410,000.

Glenville Ct., 7608-Federal National Mortgage Association to Aster Basaznew, $400,000.

Groveland Dr., 8556-Masoud Husseini to Andrew J. Croce, $379,000.

Loretto St., 6015-Kolin Kelly to Alma Santiago, $400,000.

Newington Woods Dr., 7783-Hamid Yasini to Katherine Arberg, $429,000.

Summer Breeze Lane, 8465-Wells Fargo Bank to Jack K. Chiang, $355,000.


Besley Rd., 1700-Craig K. Bozzelli to Steven J. Ashworth, $970,000.

Dellway Lane, 8615-Richard Sapio to Hamid Akhavan, $375,000.

Elmar Dr. SE, 205-Rajinder S. Sekhon to Firouzeh Firoozabadi, $490,000.

Lagersfield Cir., 9519-Jill O. Keblawi to Mengli Song, $723,000.

Lynn St. SW, 975-Jeffrey T. Balistrere to Paris K. Jacobs, $1.37 million.

Tapawingo Rd. SW, 101-Eleanor Gallelli to Kelly S. Dubois, $610,000.


Brisbane St., 6902-Robert T. Garretson to Sean L. Martin, $487,000.

Deland Dr., 6710-Thomas W. Atwater to Mahboob Hussaini, $585,000.

Greeley Blvd., 6117-Sung Won Kim to Kornel S. Gyalokay, $574,900.

Hillside Rd., 6108-Wesley Edward Lamb to Josue A. Pacheco, $310,000.

Lexton Pl., 7704, No. 71-Acacia Life Insurance Co. to Joseph P. Saffron, $222,000.

Readington Ct., 8024-Kristin A. Johnson to Hoon Ra II, $460,000.

Treetop Hill Lane, 7311-Brian D. Nguyen to Mohanad Alzuhairi, $410,000.

Virginia Center Blvd., 9480, No. 121-Hai Jin Kim to Ram P. Nayak, $368,000.

Wythe Lane, 8302-Abdul A. Atayee to Gregory Nakamura, $430,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.


Anne Pl., 3720-Ace Investment Corp. to Kim Ngan Do, $355,000.

Fairfax Blvd., 9457, No. 302-David L. Sloan Jr. to Christopher N. Fuentes, $212,500.

Glendale Way, 4105-Neighborhoods VI Corp. to Rajat Senjalia, $650,240.

Milburn St., 10924-Philip Krastmas to David Q. Nguyen, $480,000.

Falls Church

These were among homes sold in the City of Falls Church.


Broad St. E., 600-Paul N. Williams to Thomas B. Jenkins, $743,500.

Buxton Rd., 211-Michael R. Bowers to Patrick Michael Kerrigan, $840,000.

Gundry Dr., 325-Denise L. Wells to John R.C. Prugh, $555,000.