Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Arkendale Rd., 6219-Michael H. and Allison S. McGinley to Kristin A. Buczek, $731,000.

Cavalier Dr., 6404-John H. and Claire T. Brolin to Mark Carruthers, $429,000.

Hollinwood Dr., 1713-John S. Glaser to Benjamin G. and Natsuki N. Nelson, $680,000.

Pickwick Lane, 2103-Jeffrey S. Beelaert and Brittney N. Campbell to Neil Lee, $814,900.

Regent Dr., 7212-Patricia D. Westover to Douglas J. and Joanne D. Ridge, $735,000.

Sweetbriar Dr., 2214-Pamela V. Meredith to Teresa S. Blier, $360,000.

Wakefield Dr. W., 6719, No. C2-JK Treehouse Corp. to Terrence C. Sullivan and James R. Morina, $244,000.

14th St., 6422-John Thomas and Judith A. Mitchell to Matthew J. and Layne K. Diloreto, $616,000.


Ballycastle Cir., 5279-John M. Amodeo and Stacy N. Betlej Amodeo to Rebecca Via and David P. Nuckles, $550,000.

Briarleigh Way, 6618-Carolyn E. Lovell to Kenneth and Kamille Wallace, $392,000.

Brookview Dr., 5837-Frank F. Phelps Jr. to Diane B. Robinson, $500,000.

Captains Cove Ct., 7114-Craig A. Klein and Theresa M. Calwell to Yvette C. and James L. Fleming, $420,000.

Crestleigh Way, 7312-Reuben G. and Julie A. Marshall to Timothy and Irina Snyder, $400,000.

Founders Crossng Ct., 5928, No. 303-Tarag L. Schloss Miller to Khao D. Tran, $340,000.

Gildar St., 6468-Aimmie Lagundino to Samantha Ashley McClure, $341,000.

Hickman Terr., 6592-Walter W. Erck to Aaron J. and Sarah Ripple, $583,000.

Iron Willow Ct., 5804-Juanita Anne Johnson Brown to Henoke Banjaw, $475,000.

Kings Manor Dr., 7041-Nicholas Felix Negretti and Stephanie L. Lyons Negretti to Ninoslav Zahrastnik, $500,000.

Lensfield Ct., 7228-Earl and Melissa A. Ardales to Danielle Samantha K. Ditzler, $474,700.

Mersey Oaks Way, 6001, No. C-Cindy S. Cruzan to Marci E. Strathearn, $310,000.

Netties Lane, 6606, No. 1313-Douglas E. Czapor to Andrew L. Esprella, $335,000.

Oldham Way, 7514-Robert M. Bennett to Evan G. and Maria M. Rodgers, $434,750.

Ridge View Dr., 5601-Junior Charles Lorah to Christopher and Melanie Payne, $495,000.

Roudsby Ct., 7402-Graham Christian Phero and Melanie Evita Reuter Phero to Stefanie Zhou, $524,900.

Sharon Chapel Rd., 3412-David S. Troeger to Benjamin Nicholas Krolowitz and Lynn Marie Patterson, $560,000.

Sumner Rd., 6030-Alicia Sanderson and Chad Hedleston to John R. Taktajian and Sonja K. Devaul, $765,000.

Thackwell Way, 6607, No. 2201-Devin Perry to Andres Antonio Fernandez and Nilka Ivette Rivera Marrero, $305,000.

Victoria Dr., 6903, No. D-Joshua McGlone to Sun Y. Park, $240,000.

Wilton Woods Lane, 4213-David and Dana Black to Gregory A. and Danielle L. Clayton, $629,900.


Americana Dr., 4937, No. 203-Randolph A. Morrison to Tiffany Dawn Miller, $1.62 million.

Brentleigh Ct., 4643-Abdelhaq Mouhsin to Susan G. Apostolakis, $395,000.

Carrico Dr., 4414-Mary Ellen Cole to John Namki Oh, $516,000.

Chivalry Rd., 8106-Scott E. and Megan L. Perrin to Stephen D. and Sacha D. Carey, $710,000.

Conwell Dr., 4670, No. 175-REG Investments Corp. to Aida C. Trujillo, $164,900.

Declaration Ct., 4703-Debra A. and Michael D. Reach to William M. and Janis S. Harrod, $685,000.

Elizabeth Lane, 4179-Hade Corp. to Mark D. Vincent II and Sarah P. Goldblatt, $725,000.

Heritage Dr., 7841-Audrey M. Sheppard to Shon Dingman and Heekyoung Kwon, $517,500.

Jayhawk St., 7225-Hien Phan and Son Bich Pham to Truong P. Tran and Hai T. Pham, $395,000.

Kloman St., 4003-Eric G. and Kendra Michelle Ellmyer to Narayani Sivaprakasapillai, $700,000.

Lescot Pl., 4633-Robert J. and Choon B. Morton to Michael R. and Melissa S. Warren, $640,000.

Mount Airey Lane, 3724-Rose May Brae to Kevin M. and Lisa M. Ray, $445,000.

Ravensworth Rd., 4808-Thai and Hoa Trinh to Isaac Bethel and Lien Tran, $435,000.

Sleaford Pl., 8928-B. Barrons Investment Group Corp. to David J. and Melissa J. Shea, $685,000.

Tobin Rd., 8308, No. 12-Milton D. Weeks to Jonathan Catoy Santos, $217,000.

Walton Lane, 7400-Hien Huu Huynh and My Kim Truong to Bien Ngocand Loan Thi Hong Do, $850,000.

Windsor Arms Ct., 4519-Stuart C. Mallory and Susan M. Brown to David F. Wagoner and Yvette White, $410,000.


Columbia Pike, 6516-Gregory B. Graham to Caren E. and Delores E. McDaniel, $380,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 704S-Joy M. Peeler to Malek A. Alomari, $172,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1706S-William B. and Tetyana O. Paulsberg to Gidey Tesfey and Tadelu W. Mariam, $270,000.

Glen Forest Dr., 5858-Bank of New York Mellon to Sunilkumar Nadesan and Serene Unny, $906,901.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 616-Elizabeth A. San Pedro to Gregory W. Blakey, $205,000.

Seminary Rd., 5563, No. 203-Rebecca Canada to Sarah M. Tran, $205,000.


Annaberg Ct., 10325, No. 148-Gabriel M. and Nora Herrera to Andrea S. and M. Angel Catala, $307,500.

Barnstable Ct., 9521-Stone Financing Corp. to Charles Vance and Jami Ester Fletcher, $470,000.

Birch Leaf Ct., 6418, No. 16-Jose and Dorothy Ponce to Rahul and Ravindra Pratap, $315,000.

Burr Oak Way, 10817-Deborah M. Gonzalez to Michael Sumner and Danielle Rose Burton, $650,000.

Cloverdale Ct., 9457-Robert M. Cushing to Jeremy T. and Aleedra J. Straughter, $360,000.

Covered Bridge Rd., 6119-Patricia A. Murley to Abdullah Al Salem Ahmed and Nilufa Rahim, $535,000.

First Landing Way, 5862, No. 153-Caroline H. Johnson to Erin Rose Strimple Barker, $235,000.

Halyard Pl., 6920-Robert L. and Lisa Brunson to Gavin T.G. Arita and Samantha J.P. Arita, $670,000.

Hemlock Woods Lane, 9954-Keith Richard and Doris J. Bushey to Benjamin and Hannah Scazzero, $380,000.

Lakepointe Dr., 9871-Janet Louise Bosworth Dower to Kevin J. and Emily Dower, $320,000.

Martins Landing Ct., 6113-Mariya Chetyrkina to Veronica N. Doody, $377,000.

Pebble Weigh Ct., 9811-L. Collier and Susan W. Hyams to Lichen Jia, $400,000.

Raintree Rd., 9307-Scott P. Cook and Laurel A. Summerfield to Lynn M. Lear, $412,500.

Roberts Common Ct., 5900-Robert L. and Arsires E. Zylstra to Eduardo and Edith Galarza, $395,000.

Shiplett Blvd., 6306-Valarie Carter Stabler and Ryan Thomas Stabler to Cesar and Carmen Asbun, $495,000.

Stonecutter Dr., 6737-Jason Holl and Melanie D. Norris to Steven P. and Kimberly M. Sopko, $680,000.

Tillary Ct., 5461-Alisha P. Sunde to Stefanie J. Fred and Michael D. Riddle, $375,000.

Whitewater Dr., 9948-Bryant Hakkoo Kim to Sarah K. and David A. Watson, $389,900.

Wilmington Dr., 6324-Jay David and Patricia Ann Calerto Amro and Dania Shihabi, $849,500.

Yawl Ct., 9504-Lloyd M. Minerich to Lauren R. and Spencer J. Horner, $274,500.


Autumn Cir., 14198-Frances P. Casey to Touclia and Kristin Vue, $314,000.

Battery Ridge Lane, 14623-Charles P. Glover II to Michael and Laura Morder, $369,900.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14059-Veronica A. and Russell J. Barkley to Dennis Cho and Hyoung Mi Choi, $352,000.

Carlbern Dr., 14824-Jose M. Guevara to Mary Kate and Eric S. Hicks, $470,000.

Castleford Ct., 14536-Mary Lane to Neel H. Martin, $315,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14321, No. 304-Patterson Holdings Corp. to Linda S. Hatcher, $225,000.

Coreopsis Ct., 5503-Pennymac Corp. to Madhu Gaddam and Manjeera Parupalli, $731,000.

Creek Run Dr., 6615-Richard T. Church and Patricka J. Church to Robert J. and Jennifer N. Riedel, $425,000.

Deer Hill Ct., 6091-Lorraine B. Bedsole to Adam F. and Steven R. Banner, $240,000.

Eagle Tavern Way, 15264-Thomas M. and Lisa P. Sampson to Daniel S. and Kathryn A. Evans, $649,000.

Flower Hill Dr., 14605-Sheryl S. Irwin to Nirmal Paudel, $390,000.

Glade Spring Dr., 14231-Long Thanh and Lap Van Tran to Hoon J. and Ji Y. Kim, $357,500.

Greymont Dr., 15036-Alan M. and Maria F. Baylock to Gary and Maria Eugenia Frankel, $530,000.

Gunners Pl., 13952-Juan Remirez and Sharon Jessica Sotsky to Cameron Quinn and Lindsay Yuhasz, $334,000.

Havener House Way, 5934-Burak and Mareela S. Sahin to Stevency and Kemi Kiley Telfort, $240,000.

Hoskins Hollow Cir., 6118-Aabid Sayed Daud to Sean Jagdeo, $303,000.

Knoughton Way, 5211-Bank of New York to Mauricio G. Barillas and Rita Mills, $433,000.

Lee Forest Path, 6366-Joseph P. and Carol Dian Walsh to James E. and Barbara Gorlinsky, $815,000.

Meherrin Dr., 15621-Jennifer Kerr to Samuel G. and Jocelyn Whittington, $727,000.

Newgate Tavern Ct., 5733-Heather Lynn O. Neal to Corey and Ahna Porter, $464,900.

Pebblebrook Trace, 6303-William A. Krafft and Gail Anne Segalla to Sayed Hamid Mousavi and Nazanin Sabetan Fadaee, $672,000.

Ravenscar Ct., 14537-Steven Robert and Dianne Taylor Sax to Ayesha Rahmanyar and Khalid Haris, $340,000.

Rockton Ct., 6029-Jerry Algarin and Denise Santos to Brant and Maya Horio, $360,000.

Rosy Lane, 14302, No. 36-Chris Dionyssopoulos to Kelli M. Baker, $225,500.

Saint Germain Dr., 14237, No. 1-Jason Hotelling and Crystal L. Vassallo to Alison C. Kemmler, $310,000.

Stonepath Cir., 6111-Mookda Saipun Norrell to Mohammad Mortaza and Mohammad Yahya, $325,000.

Stream Pond Dr., 14637-Owen and Amanda Shifflett to Kevin T. and Megan C. Fowle, $392,000.

Tree Line Dr., 5448-Stephen M. and Margaret I. Wilson to Daniel A. and Jessica L. Penley, $515,000.

Walter Bowie Lane, 14005-Jennifer L. Ouverson to Boo Jun Beak, $292,000.

Westwater Ct., 5848-Wesley and Tara Ann Tadlock to Linda and Anthony Isaza, $349,000.

Willoughby Newton Dr., 5601, No. 28-John S. Vinson to Sonny Dasani, $239,900.

Wood Creek Lane, 5731-Salem Barzani to Mohammad Ghods and Narjeds Abtahi, $375,000.


Autumn Glory Way, 4677-Leslie Ann Wish to Gregory R. and Angela G. Viar, $1.18 million.

Carbury Ct., 4052-David C. and Jill Detwiler to Bradley D. and Shelah A. Smith, $480,000.

Elk Run Rd., 15105-Ricky R. Collard and Kathy L. O’Halloran to Sean Joseph and Kathryn Plummer Cartwright, $472,000.

Fulmer Dr., 13816-Virginia C. Sands to David S. and Georgina S. Hackney, $490,000.

Lewis Leigh Ct., 4603-Jeffrey C. and Vicki J. Boushell to Vinh Han Phuoc Nguyen and An Buu, $680,000.

Philip Lee Rd., 15119-Marcelo F. Morales to Jayce C. and Nicole L. Nichols, $510,000.

Tabscott Dr., 13503-Aasef Shafik to Edgar Gutierrez, $389,000.


Amkin Dr., 11701-Travis M. and Terri L. Grabb to Lauren Julia Thomas and Jason Mictchell Demagalski, $550,000.

Covey Lane, 13516-Vicki J. Smith to Jafar Kaveh, $320,000.

Laurel Rock Dr., 13776-Kevin P. Givens to Myung Ji You, $660,000.

Newman Rd., 6400-Eric and Michelle Smith to David J. and Deanna H. Zimmerman, $900,000.

Rockland Dr., 6535-Carter C. and Andrea Elizabeth Reeves to Rachel Inyu Chang, $569,000.


Alder Woods Dr., 12547-Benjamin J. and Sharon Wilhelm to Reema and Pratipal Shakya, $420,500.

Aristotle Dr., 11319, No. 3-407-Vera H. Ivanova to David W. Slebodnick, $299,000.

Barnsbury Ct., 9908-Brownell K. Combs to John Edward and Masae Lee, $719,000.

Beechstone Lane, 4433-Stephen G. and Robert A. Duff to Anoo M. Roche, $385,000.

Black Ironwood Dr., 4460-Jeffrey Stricker to Chaoxing Zhang, $625,000.

Braxton Wood Ct., 3001-Andrea L. and Cheryl D. Williams to Surekha Pokharel and Surya Lama, $440,000.

Briargate Ct., 3453-Louis Dean Majetta and Helen Tate Majette to Kuldip S. and Kamalkeet K. Dhanjal, $624,000.

Brookline Dr., 11101-Robert and Bertha Robinson to Robert S. and Franmarie Metzler, $350,000.

Calais Point Ct., 4156-Khosrow Partovi to Qiang Zhi, $541,000.

Cedar Farm Cir., 9657-Jungok Kim to Diem Thi Ngole and Sydney Ai Winn, $575,000.

Chantal Lane, 3832-Shane M. Waters and Aaron David Brown to Katarzyna Veyan, $660,000.

Colbert Ct., 9374-Thomas Joseph and Margaret Marshall Loftus to Hal S. and Anna Greenwald, $805,000.

Convento Terr., 9310-Michael D. and Anne S. Mattheisen to Patrick V. and Erika L. Raitt, $800,000.

Dansk Ct., 9713-William F. and Nancy S. Strangard to Timothy C. and Judy B. Pak, $753,500.

Dillard Ct., 10513-Lesley R. Stuler to Joseph W. Dixon II and Hanan Idilbi, $595,000.

Ellenwood Dr., 3140-Anthony Fasullo to Suszanne N. Carpenter, $428,000.

Everleigh Way, 2928-Ivonne E. Reuda and Dora A. Valladres to Imam and Telli Gozubuyuk, $430,000.

Fairbury Lane, 3153-Laura Weeks to Jeremy A. and Mary Catherine Gandy, $462,500.

Forest Dr., 4551-David H. Miller to John S. and Kyung S. Chung, $1.15 million.

Gadsen Dr., 5005-Michael G. and Thomas E. Blaz to Michael and Lesley Van Linn, $615,000.

Galley Ct., 5411-Carlos and Tais Dominquez to David Herring, $428,700.

Goldeneye Lane, 10616-Jean Fisher Robinson to Jeffrey and Michelle Bachir Wright, $598,000.

Green Look Ct., 3916-Adriana C. Moscoso and David A. Talbot to Kee Young Lee and Hae Ryan Oh, $500,500.

Grover Glen Ct., 4121-Juan and Tatiana Garces Ortiz to Wei Huo and Rong Fan, $460,000.

Hampton Forest Way, 5611-Robert M. and Barbara J. Silber to Maia M. Jackson, $537,000.

Holly Ave., 4752-Grady F. Parker and Patricia A. White to Weihua Fan, $760,000.

John Turley Pl., 10706-Hubert A. and Colleen M. Mitchell to Quentin J. and Carrianne F. Jurin, $649,975.

Kirkwood Dr., 3603-Timothy J. and G. Renee Finnerty to Vanessa Eddy, $690,000.

Leehigh Ct., 4703-William J. and Donna M. Luti to Lindsay and Joseph Depalma, $759,000.

Long Boat Ct., 5404-Carlyn E. Floyd to Rebecca Lawrence, $420,000.

Maple Ave., 4203-Dennis S. and Ellen J. Stanley to Amy C. and Russell W. Hutchison, $590,500.

Meadow Field Dr., 12412-Jesse and Cindy E. Baker to Husain Murad and Muna Almalhem, $549,900.

Middlegate Dr., 10913-Terry L. Upchurch to Leon S. Waskin Jr., $575,000.

Mohr Oak Ct., 3872-George A. and Rebecca L. Saitta to Eric John Stulginsky and Ashleigh Marie Payne, $409,500.

New London Park Dr., 5449-Erik and Alyssa Messner to Matthew McIntee, $392,000.

Park Vista Blvd., 11608-Kathleen J. Lepage to Benjamin J. Gerlach and Jennifer Cheung, $570,000.

Peaceful Creek Dr., 12451-Pritesh Velankar and Chandana Anand to See Yuan and Hiu Ling Chan, $549,900.

Penderview Dr., 3903, No. 1527-Sebastian A. Hoeges to Ryan M. Ferguson, $177,500.

Plaza Lane, 4204-Stacy Lyn Pontarollo to Benjamin and Dandra Lanier, $469,000.

Prince William Dr., 3829-Grace D. Payne to Erick O. Acosta, $550,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 249-Thomas G. and Sheida White to Claire J. Lee, $318,900.

Readsborough Ct., 3168-Stacie M. Boyd to Kyle Christian and Karen Self Crosby, $502,000.

Ridgeton Hill Ct., 5506-Rana M. Leichliter to Jonathan S. Cullina, $422,500.

Rosemoor Lane, 3008-Thomas Brooks Fitzsimmons to Rafael D. Frankel and Hagar Palgi Hacker, $700,000.

San Juan Dr., 4314-Chang Ho and Min Sun Mun to Cyril Senar and Viorel Fiodorov, $509,000.

Starboard Ct., 5536-K. Investments and Consulting Inc. to Ryan James Wetter and Kerone Adelita Rhona Wetter, $430,000.

Superior Sq., 4514-Esther Kim to Kody A. Danos, $310,000.

Talon Ct., 5534-Michael E. Gilbert and Karen S. Savia to Nga Tran, $389,777.

Twinbrook Rd., 4611-Michael W. and Carmella A. Marine to Roger Allen and Jennifer Aloe Kahler, $580,000.

Warm Hearth Cir., 4714-Charles E. and Li Chen Steigerwald to James Lopynski and Kimberley Fulton, $520,000.

Westbrook Mill Lane, 11333, No. 304-Yong Jun Choi and Sun Mi Seo to Rebecca W. Duan, $306,000.


Braymore Cir., 9354-Lance M. and Margaret A. Roark to Ziad and Islam Abulaban, $740,000.

Crosslake Dr., 8407-David M. and Kathleen A. Olsen to James and Leigh Anne Bierstein, $750,000.

Havenner Rd., 11685-Joseph J. and Shannon W. Schmidt to Jonell and Maria A. Sanchez, $839,000.

Makely Dr., 6003-John R. and Carol J. Griffin to Ilana A. Yergin Doniger and David A. Yergin Doniger, $725,000.

Oak Hollow Ct., 8108-Mary C. Yastishock to David Benner and Michelle Brenner, $664,900.

Station View Ct., 6006-Stephen A. Mackey to Edward R. and Suzanne E. Koucheravy, $667,000.


Annandale Rd., 2911-Ngoc Huong T. Nguyen to Elvira D. Bacigalupo, $925,000.

Beechtree Lane, 6823-Mary E. Goodwin to Jeffrey R. and Sarah R. Squire, $565,000.

Bridgehampton Ct., 2922-Thomas Buckley and Bonnie C. Moore to Christopher James and Victoria Marie Turner, $543,000.

Carol Lane, 7207-Andrew Lu to Hung S. and Linda Pham, $477,500.

Dashiell Rd., 3119-Robert Douglas and Catherine Elizabeth Bauer to Jacob Harman and Sarah Cox, $509,000.

Goldsboro Rd., 6608-Stuart O. Shibaro and Marjorie Anne Nelson to Cory S. Surber and Lauren J. Kuhmerker, $830,000.

Jonothan Pl., 3028-Neil L. and Frances Parker to Binh and Quyen Nguyen, $470,000.

Kenfig Dr., 6920-Brandon Wales to William R. Quader and Jenna M. Carlsen, $370,000.

Lee Oaks Pl., 2822, No. 302-Cynthia E. Villanueva to John Stefanias, $298,000.

Moly Dr., 6603-Shirley Ann Nokes to Yuqiang Uang and Yutong Yin, $620,275.

Parkwood Terr., 3220-John Clinton Pollock to Vinh H. Tran and Phuong L. Ly, $485,000.

Stuart Dr., 2919-Jesse L. and Chelsea A. Laswell to Madeline I. Smart and Dale E. Thompson, $590,000.

Tower St., 7402-Estate of Anne M. Stines to Xavier and Lori Perez, $535,000.

Westlawn Dr., 6815-Thomas Lee Scheck to Alixandra Macomber and Peter Reid, $405,900.

Willow Point Dr., 7728-Neil W. Arnold to William D. Francis and Joann Stacy Harris, $269,000.


Anderson Rd., 1755-Sunny Y. Kohlbrenner to Shawn Edward and Sarah Blanding Leonard, $1.08 million.

Capri Ct., 2230-Henry A. French to Danitza Mariel Pena, $650,000.

George C. Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 925-Valerie K. Talbot to Mohammed Z. Tabibi, $250,000.

Haycock Rd., 2142-Summer Hill Estates Corp. to Craig Arlen and Katherine Ann Pomeroy, $1.31 million.

Marshall Heights Ct., 7700-Jessica and Emery Pore to Olga S. and Jeremy R. Regal, $620,000.

Orland St., 6524-Robert C. Kelly and April L. Young to David D. and Maryanne D. Dunlap, $1.23 million.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 803-John K. Molen to Daniel S. Spychala, $180,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 1118-Omar Farouk Moufti to Zalfa Hamedaladean, $189,000.

Westmoreland St., 2039-Suzanne Bakewell to Elizabeth Barger, $1.12 million.


Accotink Pl., 7800-Susan T. Koscis to Karen Johnson, $625,000.

Camden St., 8907-Wanda Ashby Saunders to David Scott and Stephanie Michelle Wells, $599,000.

Cushman Pl., 8615-Altostratus Corp. to Jeffrey S. and Kelly L. Facer, $770,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 8931-John E. and Linda S. Jeffries to John H. and Claire T. Brolin, $690,000.

Shenandoah Rd., 2002-Matthew C. Hume and Cora Hue to William L. and Julia C. Krumpelman, $483,000.

Yorktown Dr., 8106-Walter H. Warme Jr. to Daniel P. and Brenna M. St. Pierre, $570,000.


Fox Forest Dr., 10551-John S. and Kathleen L. Golden to João Pimentel Toste and Katie Pimentel Toste, $1.4 million.

Holly Knoll Cir., 12168-Michael and Bianca Privitera to Weimin Zhou and Huan Tang, $790,000.

Milkweed Dr., 10601-Philip J. Sharpe to Westin D. Kriebel, $900,000.

Trotting Horse Lane, 1211-Mazen I. and Bisma Bedri to Tseday Sirak, $980,000.


Alton Sq., 12915, No. 411-Michael S. Pepple to Chad R. and Robert C. Barbaris, $219,000.

Birch Ct., 705-Meenakshi Nagendran to Genevieve M. Sarmiento, $342,500.

Burrough Farm Dr., 13322-Jennifer Maloy to Richard and Kim Hoot, $340,000.

Cedar Glen Lane, 12936-Shemin Jin and Yi Gong to Viswanath Venkata Nagapav Nandanavanam and Umadeepti Phani Nandanavanam, $890,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12913, No. 205-David S. Um to Surender Yeruva and Jayasree Sudireddy, $212,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12958, No. 320-Joseph L. Munsey to Johanna Juico Villareal and Asuncion Juico, $200,000.

Coppermill Dr., 13244-Ricardo and Samira H. Winterstein to Peter Arokiaraj Saminidy Rayappa and Joshi Petrisia Saminidy Peter, $424,900.

Eddyspark Dr., 12108-Richard E. and Wendy F. Schryber to Riqing Liu, $488,000.

Fantasia Dr., 12728-Daoud Rahman to Jobie and Claire Siemer, $475,000.

Folkstone Dr., 12128-Sonabank to Jonathan W. Baltrym and Paige M. Poultney, $540,000.

Foxlease Ct., 13480-Robert P. and Katherine C. Laskey to Mark N. and Heather Hoffman, $360,000.

Grassmere Ct., 3212-Steven K. and Colleen B. Brown to Chok I. and Kelly J. Wu, $762,000.

Hiddenbrook Dr., 1501-Robert W. and Gail L. Buchanan to Stephen L. Palmes, $450,000.

James Monroe Cir., 2562-Jeffrey Paul and Angela Marie Fielding to Sivasankar Subramanian, $469,900.

Kinross Cir., 3177-David J. and Denna H. Zimmerman to Hemant Garg and Divya Gupta, $724,900.

Madden Ct., 3051-Paul and Amanda Nicholson to Shanti Tamang and Suresh Gole, $295,000.

Meadow Chase Dr., 1502-Wilbur Daniel Jones and Marie Eriksson Jones to Thomas M. Lyons III and Elizabeth M. Harner, $634,000.

Millwood Pond Dr., 1163-Sean P. and Debra L. Flattery to Songnian Jiang and Ming Wei, $955,000.

Nathaniel Oaks Dr., 12518-Todd A. and Elaine T. Stottlemyer to Natalie M. and Lesley H. Bernys, $1.25 million.

Park Ave., 975-Graciela A. Ugalde to Walrer Aguilar Alberto and Jose Armando Rodriquez Alvarenga, $310,000.

Philmont Dr., 12508-Kuldeep S. and Arvinder K. Grover to Elahe Mela Emam and Morteza Anvari, $635,000.

Point Rider Lane, 13322-Louis Allen and Jeanne Marie Nistler to Ryan Dotterer, $620,000.

Rose Grove Dr., 12813-Steven I. and Michelle I. Chung to Rameshwar R. and Madhavi Pagidi, $1.27 million.

Saber Lane, 1041-Catherine A. Salko to Oscar R. Monterrosa Paz, $290,000.

Shallow Ford Rd., 1342-Paul and Mary Ann Krug to Siamak Sahraeyan and Sameneh Hajiaghbozorgi, $432,500.

Sunset Ct., 1231-Eric R. Davis to Jose Santos Rivera Hernandez and Roxana Guadalupe Rivera Hernandez, $389,000.

Upper Wynnewood Pl., 3211-Peter W. Gulick and Dianne Van Volkdenburg Gulick to William and Hayley E. Chang, $1.23 million.

Wheat Meadow Cir., 2422-Marjorie B. Jacobs to Sathishkumar Cholleti and Shailaja Gampa, $410,000.


Arlington Terr., 2216-Glen Johnson and Sarah Anne Schmidt to Ashanta R. Williams, $343,000.

Elmwood Dr., 3302-Lisette and Steven E. Owens to David Malloy, $429,000.

Evergreen Knoll Ct., 5735-Aaron N. Strange to Ernesto Jordan and Andrea Lalinde, $375,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 723-Heather M. Cable to Andrew J. Kim, $335,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 1007-Estate of Jane Robison to Emily L. Bermudo, $200,000.


Audubon Meadow Way, 7621-Brian and Monika A. Stolze to Antonio M. Marigliano, $433,000.

Bayberry Dr., 7925-John Patrick Kennedy to Johnny C. Claros and Carolina Ayala, $380,000.

Chimney Wood Ct., 6348-Dana Laine Strickland to Lamgee and Margarita Wong, $365,000.

Courtland Rd., 1909-Estate of Paila S. Traub to Sean K. McGinnis and Alison K. Price McGinnis, $550,000.

Evening Lane, 7805-Gerald P. and Norma R. Mirliani to William M. Babiuch and Teresa M. Martin, $639,000.

Grey Goose Way, 7569-Jade M. and Jacquis B. Taylor to Shuo H. Hsu, $482,000.

Huntley Meadows Lane, 3714-Vanessa and Erick Rodriquez to John F. and Deena M. Marcellus, $450,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7507, No. 189-Stephanie A. Amrein to Ertan Cokguler, $245,000.

White Heron Trail, 7745-Thomas D. Manion to Jose Obando, $425,000.


Braddock Rd., 6597-Karin Godwin to Maria Druke and James Christian B. Blockwood, $700,000.

Colebrook Pl., 5112-David Lettis and Lindsay Gardner to Tyler D. and Lisa M. Buckley, $799,999.

Eagle Ridge Lane, 6321, No. 25-Mandeep Sachdev and Chaitra Somanahalli Giddegowda to Sayed O. Najibi, $387,500.

Gretna Green Way, 6517-Anthony D. Deangelo to Daniel S. Hsu and Cynthia M. Carras, $615,000.

Independence Cir., 5646-Eva S. Malinowski and Margaret Kohler to Maurouen Mansour, $299,900.

River Tweed Lane, 6505-Frances P. Federico to Joseph P. Foley, $452,000.

Yellowstone Dr., 6300-Kareem Bacho to Christopher Brian Tillman and Leslie M. Stoeckle, $525,000.


Enochs Dr., 8596-Danai Young to Kyung Hee and Chan Young Kim, $340,000.

Greene Dr., 10601-Mary A. Hartig to Stephanie Defibaugh and Jason Defibaugh Chavez, $570,000.

Lyndam Hill Cir., 7172-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jingchuan Xiong, $670,000.

Paper Birch Dr., 8054-Joseph M. and Natalie D. Dingman to Ravi Harrish Lai and Nisha John Lai, $730,000.

Stationhouse Ct., 8373-Estate of Miyo Y. Hetzel to Hector M. Guzman and Paola J. Rivera Guzman, $325,000.

White Orchid Pl., 8871-Miles B. and Kathryn Wachendorf to Corinne Coutinho, $538,000.


Agin Ct., 8021-Dae W. and Mi Song Lee to Jason and Lillian Monfort, $880,000.

Buena Vista Ave., 1434-Antonois and Silvia Karagounis to Ritesh and Vandana Soni, $1.32 million.

Colonial Rd., 1170-Kathleen M. McGann to William G. and Amanda C. Zimmerman, $859,000.

Dunaway Ct., 6289-Forest E. and Karen G. Bell to Naheed Saleem and Randolph Hall, $1.4 million.

Hornet Lane, 7024-Philip T. and Celestine E. Jones to Brian Downing, $840,000.

Kennedy Dr., 1952, No. 101-Tiffiny Jones to Felipe Redoncillo Ogao and May Manjares Moraleda, $260,000.

Lewinsville Rd., 7720-Barbara Elizabeth Timberlake Haller Revo to Kinda Venner Jones, $886,500.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 137-Michael D. Bevels to Jiman Khosravan and Sarvenaz Soltani, $209,000.

Merrie Ridge Rd., 1333-James A. and Mary A. Winnefield to John P. Brown and Susan K. Fallon, $1.23 million.

Old Maple Sq., 7435-Frances B. Cornell to Yu Lu Lin and Angeline Tu, $1.55 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1800, No. 906-Ahmad and Fakhri N. Rezai to Francis F. and Mina S. Azimi, $700,000.

Rachel Rd., 1246-Michael R. and Llona V. Czinkota to Richard Anderson Williams and Christine Marie Clements, $1.38 million.

Spring Gate Dr., 1521, No. 10308-Peter D. and Jeanie I. Kwon to Peter A. Pruitt, $393,000.

Strata St., 6904-Garman Finkler to Anthony W. and Malissa Crichton Soong, $800,000.

Timberly Ct., 7603-Andrew A. and Brandon L. LaPerriere to Eduardo Abraham and Amelia Cabrera, $1.2 million.

Tyndale St., 7003-Rupsha 2013 Corp. to Ethan E. and Hye Kyoung Rowe, $1.39 million.

Westerly Lane, 7323-Alfonso J. Quiñonez Lemus to James Wang and Hua Yang, $1.05 million.

Winter Hunt Rd., 1200-John Yurechko and Jane Haltmaier to Anna B. and Roman Korzan, $960,410.

Yates Ct., 7304-Wesley A. and Diena M.P. Johnston to Travis J. and Anne F. Tidball, $1.17 million.


Cooper St., 8304-Isaiahs Homes Corp. to Tasneem and Vila Vath Daraseng, $436,560.

Frye Rd., 8227-Irene Yuvannidis to Juan Blanco, $297,000.

Hallie Rose St., 8442-Syed T. Ali and Nayar Sultana to Armando J. Prugue, $385,000.

Manzanita Pl., 3870, No. 64E-Carlos and Gloria Duran Blanco to Milagro D. Fuentes Avelar and Martha Zelaya de Portillo, $162,000.

Riverwood Rd., 3805-Shawn Derek Shugert and Kelly Nicole Walsh to Christopher N. Stevens and Carla Guilherme, $650,000.

Sonora Pl., 3909, No. 83A-Kevin Lee Murphy to Ruben Amaya Alvarez, $182,500.

Venoy Ct., 8662-Tasnee and Vialvath Daraseng to Eliezer Fuster, $289,000.

Waterside Lane, 3109-William B. and Julie L. Andrews to Melissa M. Pietras, $640,000.


Atlee Pl., 5405-Bradley W. and Reagan N. Hanson to Hunter H. and Shelley E. Lord, $570,000.

Blacksburg Rd., 5317-Andrew R. and Bethany F. Taibl to Melaku T. Beza and Genet T. Workneh, $465,500.

Clydesdale Rd., 8611-Anthony G. and Kristin Lee Mascia to Aung Kyaw Nyein, $399,000.

Hatteras Lane, 7907-Karyn Ilene Bennett to David J. Yong, $480,000.

Jervis St., 7322-Estate of Margaret J. Cook to Sayed Taquillah and Sayed A. Wali, $395,000.

Southampton Dr., 5304-Ann Stilwell Strong to Gema Souto Adeva, $475,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10248, No. D4-Annie Glendinning to Jing S. Fox, $265,000.

Clide Ct., 2623-John A. Curran and Janice D. Buller to David J. and Wun Jacque Armentrout, $782,500.

Granite Creek Lane, 10369-Jessica Lynn Martin to Lee D. and Sara Christo, $463,000.

Justin Knoll Rd., 10901-Newton O. and Karen M. Wood to Stephan Denis and Edivanir Lisimaoue, $1.01 million.

Oakborough Sq., 2902-Jeffrey R. Woltz to Lorrie Switzer Cliff, $562,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10117-Lara Zain Pierce Petru to Tenzin Dolma and Phuntsok Dhargyal, $270,000.

Phyllmar Pl., 3001-Larry D. and Mary S. Grant to Angela M. and Michael G. Ilmanen, $745,000.

Sorrel Ridge Lane, 11232-Steven C. and Tracy Hagen Mooney to Andy Louis and Renee Louis Charles, $900,000.


Ansdel Ct., 2420-Asma Kassis to Joanna Rosa Hopler, $359,900.

Barnstead Dr., 1660-Hugh Blackwell and Latia Thompson to Peter H. Dimmick and Jessica Lynn Haase Dimmick, $395,000.

Belmont Ridge Ct., 1960-Maureen E. Daley to Patrick D. Aurora and Carly Breletic, $330,000.

Bromley Village Lane, 11604-Richard Hugh Clark to Joseph Franklin and Cameron S. Wilson, $685,000.

Chadds Ford Dr., 2036-Stephen H. and Dawn R. Blewett to Mary Anne R. Ji Kidwell and Jason Yan Ji, $505,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1419-Mark A. Clyman to Lilya Greyson, $407,000.

Colts Neck Rd., 2008, No. 5-Renee M. Jacobs to Leslie F. Phillips, $210,000.

Farrier Lane, 2513-Jesse A. and Megan E. Wilburn to Todd Ryan Delaney, $710,000.

Fountain Dr., 1830, No. 905-Sun H. and Won K. Park to Pero and Gordana Smrzlic, $515,000.

Gatesmeadow Way, 1314-Gaurav and Kyra Khanna to Amy A. Shiojui and Cory S. Adis, $859,000.

Golf Course Dr., 2117-John J. and Amy L. Burke to Erika Accomando, $489,000.

Grovehampton Ct., 10851-Anthony B. Dewitt and John J. Campbell to Alan Law and Judith Mika Edmunds, $765,000.

Headlands Ct., 11334-Margaret L. Fahey to Zachary Dwyer, $323,000.

Hollow Timber Way, 11419-Christine E. Frates to Peter K. Gentilcore, $675,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1720, No. 36-Carol R. Cicchetti to Anantha N. and Suparna A. Siriama, $312,000.

Maple Ridge Rd., 11581-Arlene B. Hermansen to Nicole and Mark Lay, $385,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 102-Anthony M. and Lisa M. Gadaleta to Scott A. Broadbent Jr. and Alisa Timerbaeva, $555,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 276-Eugene J. and Diana S. McDonald to Jennifer D. Eubanks, $435,000.

Moorings Dr., 1680-Phyllis Horne to Sarita S. Hoyt, $620,000.

North Point Dr., 1516, No. 4-2-Patricia Ann Martinez to Sanjeev Jayanna, $298,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1333-Rory S. and Beth Barnes McCall to Maurice E.B. and Mary L. Owens, $670,000.

Quietree Dr., 1702-Jeffrey H. Liu to Ian Durkan, $320,000.

Saffold Way, 11057-Nolan M. and Shandana Barkdull to Fan Zhang and Li Zheng, $340,000.

Silver Fox Lane, 2429-Erich H. Cramer to Ignacio and Ana Perez, $565,000.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11770, No. 124-Sarah S. Hao to Jung Min Hur, $230,000.

Taliesin Pl., 12004, No. 34-Howard Ong to Yingchun Jiang, $214,900.

Tryton Way, 12153-Matthew C. Larsen and Brunilda E. Santos to Robert Keith Meek and Lauren Beth Elinsky, $786,000.

Villaridge Ct., 11012-Charlene L. Wiseman to Joseph A. Pisacreta and Gabrielle Rose Markey, $257,000.

Washington Plaza, 11400, No. 402-Joseph and Jennifer Ann Emswiler to Eileen Marie Anatra, $220,000.

Wild Hawthorn Ct., 11515-Steven P. Bailey to Rajesh Kotwani and Megumi Suzuki, $525,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 1587-Shervin Beygi to John S. Scholla, $339,500.


Crosswoods Dr., 6411-Douglas and Brandy T. Beekman to Alexandre K. Nguyen Duong and Corri A. Cole, $732,500.

Olin Dr., 3045-James W. and Sandra L. Miller to Rebecca L. Bowman and Vivek Shankar, $736,000.

Peace Valley Lane, 3258-John O. Bullock to Allison Wheeler and Thomas Joseph Scavone, $500,000.

Valley Lane, 3139-James V. Ragusa to Jonathan D. and Victoria Henry, $603,400.


Brian Michael Ct., 6801-Fatima Zia and Fariduddin Ahmed Sowdagar to Stacey P. Johnson, $407,000.

Cervantes Lane, 7715-Christopher R. and Anne E. Lograsso to Jessica and John T. Gabriel, $600,000.

Edgebrook Dr., 6902-Catherine M. Kenny to Rick J. Poage, $350,000.

Forest Path Way, 7901-Arvinder P. Singh and Tejinder Kayr to Steven A. Policastro, $385,000.

Giltinan Ct., 9027-Roy E. Strayer Jr. to Adam Thomas Giroux and Katie Lynn Farrell, $429,000.

Grayson St., 5910-Matthew Meldrum to James J. Baker Jr. and Stephanie M. Semler, $430,000.

Groveland Dr., 8623-Susan Lazaroae to Alexander and Laverna Anenia, $573,000.

Hanks Pl., 7125-Curtis Wayne Morgan to Jonathan D. and Lynse M. Schmidt, $499,000.

Highland St., 7308-Jermaine Jason Bowman to Oscar Foronda Cossio and Jose A. Claros, $370,000.

Jenna Rd., 7419-Marty K. and Cheryl A. McLain to Neil A. and Cari L. Graves, $690,000.

Langsford Ct., 7303-John Williamson to Mark A. and Samantha A. Sullivan, $635,000.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8433-Walter and Christina M. Mikolajewski to Erica M. Dale, $289,900.

Northumberland Rd., 7991-Dewey A. Snavely II to Mauricio Claros, $317,000.

Reservation Dr., 7408-Timothy W. and Kathryn Cullen to Kevin R. and Jennifer N. Smith, $523,000.

Ridge Oak Ct., 7424-Rodney L. and Rebecca S. Faughn to Tsedenya A. Muluwork, $450,000.

Shadowlake Way, 8811-Stanley F. and Carol J. Sikora to Hugh S. Phillips, $575,000.

Spur Rd., 6912-Robert S. and Suzanne C. Jewett to Patrick L. and Emily B. Morgan, $524,000.

Westmore Dr., 7517-Vernon J. Cooney to Priyanka Dhaka, $440,000.


Ashgrove House Lane, 8841-Casey R. Vain to Haekyung Chung, $765,000.

Bois Ave., 9207-Lionel Cave to Daniel T. Garcia, $790,000.

Carpers Farm Way, 1371-Timothy E. and Christine T. Ward to Craig L. and June E. Sosna, $860,000.

Commons Dr. NW, 259-Shirley S. Damon to Helen N. Tran, $550,000.

Dellwood Dr., 9221-Alicia and William Leigh Ottati to Partha K. and Anamika Biswas, $625,000.

Edgepark Rd., 9011-Robert P. and Katherine M. Westpheling to Jyothsna P. Charagundla, $935,000.

Locust St., 308-Meredith Ashley McGettrick to Thomas A. and Cynthia D. Covington, $360,000.

Meadow Lane SW, 604-Lauren Lee to Timothy and Mary Curby, $647,500.

Rachelle Pl., 8002-Ann St. Laurent to Devon Hewitt, $680,000.

Robin Way Ct., 2096-Richard R. and Dorothy E. Braksator to Heather Anderson and Marcelo Paz, $890,000.

Tetterton Ave., 9111-Dale B. and Elizabeth K. Peck to Rosmus Sloth and Briana Alison Nielsen, $1.15 million.

Valley Dr. SE, 605-EVG Custom Homes Corp. to Sung N. and Hyesook Lee, $590,605.

Yeonas Dr. SW, 418-Gary R. and Fern M. Hernberg to Charles A. and Sandra G. Knapp, $647,450.


Blarney Stone Dr., 9057-Joseph and Michelle Berret to Mubashar A. Lugman and Misbah Mubashar, $390,000.

Carrleigh Pkwy., 8326-Michael J. Jira to Ahmed Ibrahim and Albagir Ibrahim Adam, $549,900.

Forrester Blvd., 8506, No. 875-Nancy T. Guthrie to Reginald Whitley, $269,999.

Grenoble Ct., 8420-Andrea L. Thompson to Andrew Ray and Cynthia Anne Jamerson, $470,000.

Hillside Rd., 6238-Vijay Kumar and Sunita Sharma to Abdessamad Ammani, $325,000.

Joshua Tree Lane, 7202-Andrew J. and Debra J. Bartucca to Brian K. Tincher, $600,000.

Oakford Dr., 8502-Doris E. James to Richard Mason, $560,000.

Rolling Spring Ct., 6253-Mary H. Grogan to Joseph H. and Angela J. Cotellessa, $860,000.

Sweet Birch Ct., 9021-Robert and Carole A. Lapergola to Brijin Antonett Green, $399,900.

Trillium Lane, 6900-Ferah Ozbek to Christopher M. and Brooke M. Corbett, $725,000.

Wythe Lane, 8305-Russell J. and Kim M. Hilliard to Matthew and Patricia C. Pacheco, $505,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Courthouse Dr., 10435-Frank Worshek and Rebecca Sager to Cormax M. McDermott and Tera L. Monroe, $440,500.

Oliver St., 10603-Christopher A. and Linda C. Cubbison to Jessica A. Russo Revand and Cyrus Revand, $741,850.

Queen Anne Dr., 3544-Kendral R. and Shaundra D. Knight to Stephen Andrew and Shannon Rachel Last, $600,000.

Tedrich Blvd., 3726-Virginia Home Buyers Corp. to Jonas Jacinto Mercado Cruz and Geraldine Succoro Fortale Cruz, $424,900.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in the city of Falls Church.

Greenway Blvd. W., 117-Peter M. and Dusadee Haymond to Valentin Todorov and Krasimira Shtiliyanova, $690,000.

Hillwood Ave., 301-Mark M. and Tracy E. Brown to Kenneth A. and Nicole L. Whiteacre, $815,000.

Oak St. N., 604-ASR Designer Homes Corp. to Tracy E. Roberts-Pounds and Timothy J. Pounds, $1.26 million.

Virginia Ave. S., 220-Paula Gubbins and Richard J. Fera to Wongyu Kim, $357,500.