Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Paul St., 3611-Mohamed Shahidul Islam and Shahida Khanam to Mohammad Nazrul Islam and Nargis Akther, $500,000.


Clemson Dr., 7004-Mary Jane Mead to Andrew and Stefanie Ann Holland, $770,000.

Paul Spring Rd., 2003-Christopher and Jean Marie Koppen to Edward Ronald Schneider and Rita Kempley, $749,000.

Radcliffe Dr., 6807-Sarah Crump to Leonard Matthew and Victoria Rosalie Kahn, $350,000.

Wakefield Dr. E., 6616-Thomas B. Herzig Devisee to Lynn B. Blandford, $219,000.


Ashby Lane, 7512, No. D-David S. Strauss to Guy A. and Barbara Surian, $290,000.

Bartley Way, 7704-Daphne B. Allen to Daphne B. Allen, $4.73 million.

Buttercup Ct., 6021-Peter Benevento and Erinne Dabkowski to Michael Alexander Jones and Sarah Michelle Myers, $419,950.

Clames Dr., 5949-David Clifford and Veronica Annette Brady to Elizabeth Herman, $602,017.

Curtier Dr., 6014, No. A-Tai Autumn Moore to Nadia and Freha Sharifzada, $228,500.

Duddington Dr., 7447-Jumoke Olabanji and Darren Sands to Akon J. Otoyo, $432,500.

Fieldhurst Ct., 7037-Mohammad S. Malik Khail to Andrew John Yamin, $509,800.

Frost Lake Lane, 6624-Jason and Ahni Turner to Jonathan P. Pagnucco, $550,000.

Gingham Ct., 4319-Beth McDougal and Elizabeth A. Santos to Travis J. O'Brien and Pimporn Hootip, $460,000.

Hayfield Rd., 7711-Paul Bruce and Barbara Adele Dornan to Frank and Beth Gossett, $530,000.

Heatherwood Dr., 6074-Wahid and Khadija Rafiq to Giti Chobin, Parmida Tehrani, Mojtaba Tehrain and Mojtaba Tehrain, $407,000.

Howells Rd., 6160-Korey Simmons and Esmeralda Marte to Christopher S. and Orijiugo O. Hourihan, $635,000.

Javins Dr., 4311-Carlos Rivera Martinez and Ilda C. Rivera to Ashton Burr and Thomas L. Davis, $405,000.

Lake Cove Dr., 7145-Diane C. Troup to Heath and Katherine M. McKim, $483,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6922, No. I-Renee A. Aschbrenner to Vaughn T. Ross, $305,000.

Morning Ride Cir., 6718-Erin M. Fry to Eugene S. and Stephanie T. Guerrero, $614,900.

Old Brentford Ct., 6146-Michele Leavitt Weinstein to Mikel Xabier Rodriquez and Maria J. Dias Lisbao De Araujo, $429,900.

Racepoint Way, 7203-Stephen T. and Pamela C. Mauro to Adam J. and Colleen H. Hess, $575,000.

Royal Thomas Way, 6749-Tameczuddin and Tameez Ansari to Edgar U. and Ollie M. Dawson, $515,000.

Sharon Chapel Rd., 3401-Eugene F. Weinley to Thaddeus E. Gedamu, $485,000.

Sullivan Way, 6730-Freddie Houdson to Eyerusalem Hagos and Dary Sampy, $470,000.

Thurlton Dr., 6605-Howard Preston and Derya Stickley to Beakal Tekola and Sosina Woldesenbet, $527,500.

Virginia Hills Ave., 6543-Addy L. Swiggard to Linda M. Todd, $325,000.

Wivenhoe Ct., 5907-Kellie O'Connell Casavale and Christopher David Schmittfranz to Ami Krasner, $549,579.

York Rd., 5200-Davis and Harrison Chau to Howard Beasey, $564,000.


Baxter Ct., 7807-Lindsay Dadamo and Lindsay R. Deperalta to Peter Thien Tam Do and Hung Vando, $455,000.

Bristow Dr., 7704-Loren K. and Katie K. Nelson to Sang B. Choi and Monica Ji Yeon Park, $500,000.

Dassett Ct., 7811, No. 102-Frances Sampson to Wenceslao Zurita and Dayal Fernandez, $174,000.

Elan Pl., 4425-Lawrence and Charlotte F. Kenski to Kun Kwa Kim, $371,000.

Garlot Dr., 8010-Roger Dale and Julie Elizabeth Boorman to John P. and Samantha L. Banowetz, $665,000.

Hampton Village Pass., 7882-Raymond V. and Patricia A. Kyliavas to Henry Tang and Thao Linh Nguyen, $479,000.

Indian Run Ct., 6831-Thomas R. Predmore to James R. Davies, $486,000.

Killebrew Dr., 7813-James M. and Judith A. Ramsey to Quan P. and Kit Emerald Evangelista, $480,000.

Lee Pl., 6919-Brian and Lori Hickey to Stephen Woody and Michelle Cint, $615,000.

Medford Dr., 4400-Juanita M. Berry to Lan Nguyen, $424,888.

Quarter Charge Dr., 4606-Timothy T. Burniston and Priscilla C. Burniston to Paul James Eubanks and Amy Elizabeth Callaghan, $674,900.

Rodes Ct., 3722-Anthony A. and Joanna R. Boyles to Annie L. Hallman, $475,000.

Thor Dr., 7837-Kedar Dahal to Andrew Fulton, $575,000.

Van Masdag Ct., 4928-David C. Williamson to Nam T. and Chau T. Nguyen, $345,000.

Willowridge Lane, 8809-Peter M. and Dana M. Evonuk to Hong Nguyen and Martin Terrazas, $665,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3804-Benjamin P. Schribner and Lisa M. Scribner to Manas Borah, $585,000.


Ardley Ct., 3319-Eduardo L. and Irene T. Feller to Michael J. Sutton and Kristin Ann Carpenter, $461,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1502S-Raif Said Zakhem to Seyed Mahmood Bahraini and Khin T. Maw, $207,000.

Glenmore Dr., 3327-Abdul and Irfana R. Khan to Gulzar Hussain, $500,000.

Nevius St., 3332-Binh H.and Tamle Nguyen to Felipe Villarroel, $545,000.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 910-Hugo Silva Tobar and Negroni Silva to Aaron A. Rosenthal and Nichole R. Beane, $148,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 509S-Michael S. Asres and Selamawit L. Zamanuel to Aklilu Kassas Chirrissa, $255,000.

Sixth Rd., 3210-Keith C. and Carla C. Brewer to Alan Yang, $705,000.


Atherstone Ct., 6204-Darrell L. and Karen P. Farrier to Matthew J. and Karen L. Gorski, $620,000.

Burdett Rd., 9529-John M. and Benjamin Stephen Lansbury to Vien T. Vuong, $360,000.

Burnside Landing Dr., 6034-Benjamin T. and Chantale Hagar to Christopher J. and Jennifer D. Gillespie, $715,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5809, No. 303-Stephen G. Richardson and Mary Jane A. Richardson to Raymond J. McCormick Jr., $240,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5932, No. 304D-Sun Ja Kim to Paul Suh, $242,500.

De Soto St., 5506-Maren Kristen Carey to Clayton O. Lankford and Sana A. Lanford, $659,400.

Edgewater Oak Ct., 5712-Andrew Tyler Hartnett to Ik Hyeon Kim, $325,500.

General Banks Ct., 5606-Michael D. and Denese H. Fields to George Christopher and Sunny Hackler, $640,000.

Jacksons Oak Ct., 5872-Ricardo and Leslie S. Estevez to Rami Skooti, Abdulmotalib Skooti and Juhaina Kadhim, $405,000.

Marshall Pond Rd., 10139-Suresh K. and Rashmi Shukla to James Boehm, $560,000.

Oak Fern Ct., 5728-Christopher J. and Deborah Deegan to Komborero and Silindile Choga, $519,950.

Old Burke Lake Rd., 9220-9220 Old Burke Lake Corp. to Steven R. Jones and Genet A. Neguse, $956,128.

Pond Spice Terr., 10336-Bruce and Diane Fleischer to Patricia Ann Hukill, $445,000.

Reeds Landing Cir., 10530-Susan A. McClean to Christopher Ernest Clarke and Margaret Lynn Hannan, $463,500.

Shipwright Dr., 9606-Barbara B. Smith to Jeffrey Chittum and Veronica Chittim, $590,000.

Steamboat Landing Lane, 10213-Matthew J. and Tammy A. Ghormley to Tyler E. and Elizabeth S. Lewis, $645,000.

Villagesmith Way, 9619-Melvin David and Mary Beth Montemerlo to Michael and Ashely Eilers Lupton, $635,000.

Wheaton Dr., 6001-Michael L. Szymanski to James A. and Nicole K. Martinez, $650,000.


Algretus Dr., 14609-Richard A. and Stefanie H. Powell to Joseph and Monika Scerbo, $435,000.

Callaway Ct., 6038-Atul Kumar Sharma to Thanh Tuyen T. and Nguyen Trong Hoang, $395,000.

Clay Pipe Ct., 6251-Younghak Bang and Misun Park to Jennifer N. Pic and David H. Jones, $420,000.

Coreopsis Ct., 5502-Hee Hyun and Jung Yang Yang to Joseph Yosup Kwak and Hyun Eui Kim, $819,000.

Darkwood Cir., 14056-John Jae Cho and Yang Woo Oh to Gary and Elizabeth Baird, $418,000.

Farming Way, 14610-Kristina and Matthew Murphy to Keu R. Han, $390,000.

Flomation Ct., 14317-Rahul and Anushree Chande to Daniel and Kathleen McCabe, $392,500.

Gabrielle Way, 14102-Naveen K. and Siritha R. Bathula to Young Nim Lee and Myong Chong Choe, $390,000.

Grape Holly Grove, 14305, No. 12-Alvin and Marianne Keith to Holly E. Senn, $225,000.

Gringsby Ct., 14378-Kelly L. McDonald to Cuong Huy Tran, $269,900.

Haversack Rd., 6506-Harold A. Bell to Leighton Meharg Brown and Larys Elena Molina Ramirez, $346,000.

Honsena Dr., 15112-Michael Marletto to Paul H. Kwon, $515,000.

Kamputa Dr., 15105-Diana L. Chaney to Samer Klaimi, $421,000.

Lock Dr., 14702-Ana H. Garcin to Catharine Hillary Segl, $385,000.

Mary Todd Ct., 6302-John and Julie Lequang to Hesham Barazi, $365,000.

Montverd Ct., 14322-Wesley S. and Ginger F. Wood to Denisse M. Aquino and Marlene Aquino Guzman, $400,000.

Oakmere Pl., 15345-Andrew S. Bigelow to Matthew R. and Katherine E. Eliot, $550,000.

Regents Park Rd., 6034-Christopher A. Herr to Jimmy Rodriguez-Chiri, $275,000.

Rosemallow Cir., 5316-Timothy Joong and Jane Hee Kim to Vyaseswar Akundi and Meenakashi Budama, $500,000.

Seasons Dr., 14680-H. Jason Gold and Seho Moon to Kirti Mishra, $392,000.

Skylemar Trail, 6534-Shrish P. Willett to Nory Jaff, $289,650.

Stargazer Terr., 13522-Kajal Kamani to Si Wei Liu and Li Win Wang, $485,000.

Stonepath Cir., 6224-Joseph O. and Barbara J. Brookman to Alexander B. Bond and Angela M. Avis, $335,000.

Tulip Leaf Ct., 5215-Walter P. and Margrit M. Engel to Gajendra B. and Toral Patel, $675,000.

White Post Rd., 6614-Mohan A. Rao and Girija S. Harikar to Joseph and Kristen Gaul, $630,000.

Wycoff Sq., 6065-Carroll A. Hamilton to Macario Orellana and Rosi Arispe, $245,000.


Bokel Dr., 3920-Justin and Denise Nave to Mahmoud Moamenah and Asma Melebari, $512,500.

Cub Run Rd., 4526-Kevin M. Warsinsky to Marbell D. Castillo, $400,000.

Kimberley Glen Ct., 4041-Bonnie J. Armstrong to Angela Lee and Seung Youn Jeong, $360,000.

Lightfoot St., 3850, No. 253-Allen C. Evans to Kevin Moon, $220,000.

Shady Point Pl., 4477-Ramana V. and Shobha Reddy to Young Nam Min and Eun Bin Im, $685,000.

Sutton Oaks Dr., 4630-William Frank Saccone to Immanuel A. Samuel Rajendran and Lois Tryphena Gopal Dass, $753,000.

Waverly Crossing Lane, 4513-Cong T. and Tam M. Nguyen to Daniel and Chieu Lee, $575,000.


Clifton Rd., 7475-Thomas J. and Cora W. Tracy to Michael Coughlin and Samantha Jackson, $550,000.

Jarist Dr., 5592-Dwayne and Monica Abbott to Freshteh N. Aghdam and Behrang Hejazi, $710,000.

Marblestone Dr., 14020-Steven K. Ertel and Marieke Georgiadis-Ertel to Harold Richard Henderson III and Nancy Ann Garcia Henderson, $585,000.

Orchard Hill Lane, 5825-Tamanna Fatmi to Maria S. Melnyk, $223,000.

Springstone Dr., 13708-Jerry Lee and Judith Ann Layne to Eric J. and Cynthia F. Donovan, $629,000.

Stonehaven Ct., 6417-David H. and Linda S. Phillips to Nicholas J. and Andrea E. Doherty, $575,000.

Willow Valley Rd., 5607-Jeffrey Lamoureaux and Janel Hansen to Paul and Rana Baz, $804,000.


Artery Dr., 11934-Michael E. and Vanessa C. McCarthy to Paul T. and Eric A. Welter, $412,000.

Bentonbrook Dr., 4821-Margaret M. and Gerald T. Schubert to Peter A. and Cristina C. Hugick, $801,000.

Briar Patch Lane, 4721-John G. and Patricia A. Marcus to Troy L. and Anne R. Townsend, $665,000.

Cabot Ridge Ct., 5414-Joshwa Rock to Jungok Kim, $443,500.

Carriagepark Rd., 4920-Raymond G. and Desiree D. Carter to Zachary M. and Michelle C.D. Silberman, $494,500.

Cedar Farm Cir., 9677-Mei Chun Kuo and Yeh Hung Chou to Mengyu Cai and Jungu Zhao, $635,000.

Colesbury Pl., 8904-Anthony and Laura J. Skinner to Gerasimos J. and Allison Maciorowski Stellatos, $860,000.

Eastwick Ct., 4427, No. 503B-Zunera Mazhar and Sharjeel J. Javaid to Daniel Miller, $415,000.

Espana Ct., 2903-Daphne Lin and Mike Tafti to Ralph Navarrete and Mary Ann Calica, $513,000.

Farndon Ct., 4763-Thomas J. Solak to Christopher R. and Vanessa L. Page, $660,000.

Forestdale Dr., 4651-Tan Quoc Nguyen to Seungwon Lee and Youngseon Nam, $407,063.

Foxhole Dr., 13354-Robert M. Anderson to Arshak A. Grigoryan and Armine Sargsyan, $445,000.

Glasgow Woods Ct., 5573-Joy Cudiamat to Michael C. and Naomi Flemming, $332,090.

Goldeneye Lane, 10604-John C. and Sharon A. Hitzelberg to Jun Meng and Rubing Li, $634,900.

Grays Pointe Rd., 12891B-Brian T. Wells to Dohyun An and Saetbyul Kim, $231,900.

Greenway Ct., 12115, No. 181-Michael John Carroll to Christopher C. Zhang, $274,900.

Hunter Rd., 2823-Rachel Roque and Pongvachara Jutin to Sultan Muhammad and Bushra Bhatti, $680,000.

Kilmarnock Dr., 9213-Kenneth D. Pack and Jill C. Blasingame to Jacquelynne M. and Zachary R. Mady, $799,900.

Lindenbrook St., 9677-Erik and Maria Juliana Fingorn to Michael S. and Merideth S. Manella, $454,900.

Luxberry Dr., 4667-Behrang Hejazi and Freshteh Aghdam to Joel Soto and Maria Molina-Soto, $523,000.

Majestic Lane, 4224-Douglas A. Draper and Ana Silvia Merino Recinos to Andrew S. and Sandy Tiea, $549,900.

Marble Lane, 4207-NSC Investments Corp. to Joseph Lee Chu and Melissa Sue Ahn, $546,000.

Marsala Glen Way, 4406-Daniel W. and Nancye Ellen Bates to Changjiang Hu and Xiaohong Xia, $695,000.

Mount Royal Lane, 12903-Stanley R. and Diane P. Poston to Matthew R. Lovejoy, $520,000.

Nicholas Ct., 4002-Han Zhang to Stephanie W. and Nicholas S. Blessing, $475,000.

Old Plains Rd., 12957-Jean I. Feldman to Hussein K. and Anita Vastani, $682,500.

Penderview Lane, 12162, No. 1622-Roger P. and Karen Hathaway Viani to Elohe Tesfaye Roba, $165,900.

Pheasant Ridge Rd., 4902-Patrick and Jennifer Henry to Thomas E. and Teri K. Canody, $620,000.

Pleasantview Lane, 13218-John and Gillian Steimke to Ajavanand V. and Sonnali A. Kattige, $480,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 317-Tracey Jill Epstein to Gina Kar Lay Fu, $312,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 425-Carlos F. Pastor and Andrea C. Bianchi to Charles C. Foreman and Dahianna V. Salazar Foreman, $450,000.

Rockaway Lane, 11744, No. 82-Christopher V. and Megan W. Chase to Timothy J. Kutz Jr. and Leaann L. Ormaner, $375,000.

St. Marks Pl., 9216-Michael A. and Sue A. Boorstein to Robyn L. Thiemann and Douglas G. Healey, $780,000.

Sleepy Lake Ct., 12322-Song Kyun Chang to Drew B. Felder, $460,000.

Stockwell Lane, 9612-Jean Xie to in Won and Chung Hee Song, $705,000.

Tara Dr., 4638-Thomas Cox and Evelyn B. Cox to Stanslas O. Onyango and Juliette Makandi Guantai, $600,000.

Tovito Dr., 9315-Mark A. and Melanie W. Hooper to Cynthia B. Bishop, $753,000.

Tydfil Ct., 4913-4913 Tydfl Court Corp. to Robert J. and Elizabeth L. Hill, $832,500.

Weatherington Lane, 4409, No. 303-Deutsche Bank to Xiuguang Jiang and Xinxia Yue, $260,504.

Westbrook Mill Lane, 11330, No. 301-Duri and Craig Sang Kim to Shane Suksan Yoon, $340,000.

Whittemore Pl., 4579, No. 1242-Michael and Paula Threadgill to Phillip A. and Lorraine D. Landfried, $419,500.

Wood Violet Ct., 9214-NVR Inc. to Kurtis Fawkes, Janet M. Fawkes and Fawkes Family Trust, $909,985.

Wrought Iron Ct., 9416-Loan Thi Ngoc Nguyen to Jingbin Zhang and Lijuan Huang, $520,000.


Cherry Ridge Rd., 8205-Virginia A. Shaker to Sumit and Shikha Minocha, $628,000.

Daysailer Dr., 10510-Cindy A. Koch to Theodore James and Dana Monzi Compton, $700,000.

Havenner Rd., 11628-William W. and Kelly Shaffer to Ali and Alyssa R. Fusisi, $799,980.

Larkview Lane, 8622-Thomas G. and Lynn N. Wills to Edward J. and Linda Rush, $740,000.

Running Fox Ct., 8715-Tessa C. and Prudencio L. Lucero to John Talarico, $780,000.

Timberidge Rd., 10714-Richard L. and Jo Ann Lyell to Juan C. Martinez and Jennifer L. Hnatow, $770,000.

Triple Ridge Rd., 9112-Robert V. and Jennifer Butkovich to Victor Adam and Emily Amanda Martino, $700,000.


Barrett Rd., 6817-Steve Hien Tao to Rahim Ali and Kyung Suk Clark, $810,000.

Chrisland Cove, 7573-David A. and Petra Riedel Willems to Miriam Epstein, $439,000.

Executive Ave., 3423-Amanda M. and Pablo R. Paldao to Carol Bruch, $515,000.

Jefferson Ave., 6812-Lauren M. Vanduser to Peter H. Waszkowski and Catherine B. Bloomfield, $625,050.

Lakeside Village Dr., 7600-Rhett T. and Kathryn A. Butler to Danny M. Luc, $275,000.

Moly Dr., 6632-Patrick J. and Tracey S. McCormick to Osvaldo and Amber S. Vazquez, $770,000.

Seven Oaks Dr., 6401-Janet S. Burt to Malhar and Rupa Vass, $575,000.

Summerfield Rd., 2764-Tricia and Jay Visconti to Derek Speakmon, $579,000.

Weston Rd., 6918-6918 Weston Road Corp. to Derek J. Levasseur, $584,500.


Bethune St., 7413-WSD Capital Corp. to Joshua Alfred and Danielle Lospinoso, $1.11 million.

George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 709-Mohanned F. Almadhi and Ebtesam S. Aleissa to Michael Ramos, $354,900.

Haycock Rd., 7037-Rui Zhang and Guiqin Chen to Gavin Fugere and Melissa O. Sharp, $499,000.

Holywell Lane, 7199-William L. Collins IV to Michael Young Pae, $475,000.

Mclean Province Cir., 6874-Melanie Flossman to Michael Korschek and Alexandra Levy, $715,000.

Nottingham Dr., 2424-Craig Baxter II to David M. and Jill K. Carey, $667,000.

Pimmit Dr., 1731-Delmy Luz Leiva to Sina Sahand and Badiei Farzaneh, $540,000.

Prout Pl., 1907-Vernon E. and Elizabeth A. Randall to Sayed Saeid Khatami and Layla Labbaf, $532,000.

Roosevelt St., 6519-David P. Boos and Rebecca J. Burgess to Yibin Mu and Yan Zhang, $760,000.

Timberock Rd., 7445-Eirik and Kelli Sanness to Sean Michael Peterson, $551,000.


Childs Lane, 2613-Ramesh A. and April F. Ponnuru to Keith and Sarah Smith, $975,000.

Emerald Dr., 1003-James E. and Susan K. McConville to Thomas Robert and Sophie L. Ries, $1.06 million.

Hackamore Lane, 1800-Norma Mcswiggan to Travis J. and Megan D. Gianchetta, $842,000.

Londonderry Rd., 2300-Dorothy Kellie Cronin to Lane C. and Marina C. Haubelt, $632,000.

Rampart Dr., 1910-Bryan C. and Shawna Hilferty to Timothy S. and Ellen E. Brady, $526,000.

Yorktown Dr., 8009-Evb MB Ventures Corp. to Scott M. and Lauren R. Sadlon, $914,835.


Jeffery Rd., 8940-Judith A. Sallerno to Jason and Jennifer Mattis, $875,000.

Mill Run Dr., 9835-Jack D. and Annette M. Jewell to Babak and Afsoun Razmazma, $922,000.

Pensive Lane, 1100-John C. and Martha L. Badila to Daphne and Sharon Lin, $830,000.

Thimbleberry Lane, 10906-James E. Conway to Aaron and Alexis Sharabaika, $1.2 million.


Alton Sq., 12919, No. 318-Kourosh Javanbakht and Frangis Bahjati to Daniel Mark Zavadil, $239,900.

Bal Harbor Ct., 1515-Willie L. and Janan E. Jones to Tod and Valerie Hopkins, $435,000.

Big Boulder Rd., 13590-Vijay Arigela and Sai Neeraja Kodeboyana to Anthony C. Summers and Lori L. Maddock, $487,000.

Butter Churn Dr., 1395-Gregory A. and Suzanne J. Klipfel to Sarah Eoab and Nizar Alkayed, $530,000.

Clover Field Cir., 2497-Duncan Q. Jones and Elizabeth Fullenkamp to Jay S. Shah and Jaini G. Patel, $436,000.

Dakota Dr., 504-Michael D. and Tammie Lynn Murphy to Mahendra and Rajani Subedi, $365,000.

Fishers Mill Ct., 1433-Michael J. and Heather J. Martin to Mingfang Bi and Zhilam Wang, $500,000.

Gatepost Ct., 12806-Paramount Investment Corp. to Sarah A. and Christopher G. Burlee, $480,000.

Hay Meadow Pl., 12620-Karen L. and Bill Rose to Lars Schmidt and Janet Ciciarelli, $830,000.

Holkein Dr., 12636-Patricia Ann Gibson to Kevin Dantuma, $430,000.

John Glenn St., 3160, No. 205-Clay and Susan Derkowski to Mukund and Smita Dalal, $405,000.

Laneview Ct., 13112-Victoria V. Sullivan to Tao Hou and Yunjin Dong, $699,900.

Lockgate Pl., 13309-Terry A. and Jacquelyn R. Idol to Stephen M. and Leyla S. Hall, $636,500.

Malvern Hill Pl., 1533-Ana M. Mack to Cezar L. Alupoaei, $518,000.

Meeting House Station Sq., 205, No. 405-Francis W. and Patricia A. Frank to Janet Cady, $310,000.

Nestlewood Dr., 3111-Jeffrey A. and Christina Lewis to Shirley A. and Derek A. Conners, $487,000.

Old Dorm Pl., 12601-Christopher D. and Gladys Esther Biggs to Ricardo Lopez and Kristin Hession, $508,000.

Pascal Pl., 2525, No. 195-Julia M. Pena and Cynthia Y. Curiel to Naveen Dumpa and Vasavi Syamala, $371,000.

Pleasant Glen Ct., 13220-Govind B. Jawalkar and Jyoti Jawalker to Nipun Jawalker, $685,000.

Rock Ridge Rd., 12527-William Douglas and Jamie Sue Lane to Willard F. McIntyre Jr. and Angela D. Beverly, $524,000.

Saylers Creek Lane, 12706-Caitland Roberts to Daniel Fiore Jr. and Gregory O. Wiggan, $415,000.

Tamani Dr., 2036-Alberto P. and Myrna M. Desuasido to Xiaorong Lu, $390,000.

Upper Wynnewood Pl., 3195-Alice A. Augustyn to Thomas L. and Lisa C. Lowrey, $935,000.

Viking Dr., 2736-Monique C. Talbot to Daniel Walter and Mary Buechler McGiffin, $510,000.

Westwood Hills Dr., 12211-Pete and Sandyalice Chavez to Richard T. Brandenburg Jr., $650,000.

Wood St., 638-Tyler Brennen and Sarah Shelburne Sari to Edward L. and Kathleen Karpinski, $430,267.


Blaine Dr., 5865-Ana J. Cardenas to Shannon Meyer, $330,000.

Gladden Ct., 5718-Lynette J. Poulton to Jason R. Englund, $474,900.

Medallion Ct., 5712-John C. Guinn to Yevgeniy and Yelena Malashenok, $385,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 1605-John G. and Yvonne N. McAllorum to Stacy Dawn, $341,000.


Calderon Ct., 7502, No. 266-Lewin Vicioso to Ashley P. and Lindsey Lienau, $255,000.

Convair Dr., 7406-David Wayne Walters to Ryan C. and Erin M. Nelson, $382,000.

Grey Goose Way, 7570-Deepak and Jyothi Sil to Kevin and Kimberly Bretz, $410,000.

Hulvey Terr., 6615-William P. Locke to Barbara Wollan, $402,050.

Lantern Pl., 4555-Kenneth F. Leposa II to David E. and Jennifer A. Retz, $504,000.

Northrop Rd., 7429-Mary L. Vineyard to Matthew F. Barbato, $395,000.

Richmond Hwy., 6423, No. 202-Sara K. Wise to Adrijana Stokijkovic, $200,000.

Strawn Ct., 7120-Elaine L. Powell to Harry J. and Mary G. Towey, $355,000.

Woodstone Pl., 6715-Gerald M. and Tammy Moy Feige to Mehran Behbahani, $517,000.


Burgundy Leaf Lane, 6311-Devin and Susann Cassidy to Timothy Peter and Yelena Boex Kilgore, $550,000.

Eagle Ridge Ct., 6341, No. 55-Yemisrach Aberra and Yemisrach Aberra Bekele to Su Young Roh, $390,000.

Eighth St., 6323-Roger R. Oliva to Wahidur Rahman and Farhana Sultana, $390,000.

Landess St., 6351-Mamani Investment Group Corp. to Jennifer Rapoport and Michael Garson, $665,000.

River Tweed Lane, 6520-Keith J. Gomez to David C. and Alena Rymkiewicz, $570,000.

Summer Leaf Lane, 5439-Bradley Baker and Allyson Funk to Daniel A. Ziegler and Rae Lynn R. Ziegler, $543,000.


Accotink Rd., 8507-Kassie F. and Douglas R. Fowler to Christopher A. and Kelly B. Tatian, $765,000.

Ardglass Dr., 7323-Orlando A. Washington and Ebony N. Harris Washington to Aziz Omar, $400,000.

Bitterroot Ct., 8748-Rebecca Ann Greathouse to Steven C. and Rachel Truhlar, $900,000.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9248, No. 301-Margaret Bentley to Yolanda Daye, $219,900.

Dove Cottage Ct., 8102-Manuel Mendoza to Ashlie Dawn and Michael R. Chacon, $490,000.

Grandwind Dr., 7755-Susan Elizabeth George and Stephen MacFarlane Brewer to Jose Latorre and Johanna Monge, $555,000.

Haywood Ave., 9016-Seth J. and Amanda C. Jordan to Kurt A. Kelly and Acree L. Lee, $793,000.

Indian Paintbrush Way, 8510-Todd and Kristie Canterbury to Edzel and Sarah Mangahas, $765,000.

Marie Ct., 9052-Danielle M. Wright-Fennell to Francisco Leon Munoz and Claudia Cristina Leon, $392,860.

Paper Birch Dr., 8176-Helene M. Brock to Maria M. Selviana, $660,000.

Rhondda Dr., 7349-Minh and Thuyly Do to Pukai Jin and Rui Yang, $380,000.

Virginia Terr., 9020-Stephen T. and Christopher H. Ganyard to Jonathan D. and Brianna Bergner, $800,000.


Arbor Lane, 7048-Ngoc Kim Pham to George and Samantha Garner, $900,000.

Colleen Lane, 1448-Vassiliki C. Wilken to Steven G. and Susan Zafiropulos, $880,000.

Dewberry Ct., 1507-Preeti Arla and Bhavin Patel to Xiaoliang Zhong and Wei Wang, $1.64 million.

Dunterry Pl., 1565-Dunterry Start Corp. to Emre and Arzu Aytekin Balibek, $629,950.

Fairlawn Dr., 6525-Genevieve R. Campagnoli to Anna and Kevin Eichinger, $750,000.

Fleetwood Rd., 6800, No. 808-Carter G. Phillips and Sue J. Henry to Ashley R. Rawlley, $194,000.

Green Oak Dr., 7001-Jada Investments II Corp. to Ashvin Patel, $1.3 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8360, No. 116-Carl F. Saunders to Barry and Sonia Moore, $260,000.

Hunting Ridge Lane, 6309-Jay R. and Ruth J. Kraemer to Cindy and John Shephard, $1.23 million.

Kirby Rd., 1829-Robert A. Eichfeld and Nancy E. Crowe to Brian R. Smith, Susan B. Chodakewitz and the Chod Smith Family Trust, $1.42 million.

Legere Ct., 7748, No. 31-James M. Landrum to Nina Singh, $780,000.

Lincoln Way, 1527, No. 203B-Holly M. Narang to Mai Tram Thi Phung, $242,000.

Merrie Ridge Rd., 1329-Jeffrey P. Muench and Jeffrey Paul Muench Landin to Kevin T. and Lauren M. Sullivan, $1.12 million.

Oakdale Rd., 5931-Moya C. and Robert E. Bolton to Allen C. Outlaw, $1.65 million.

Rhode Island Ave., 1909-Derek Lee Bills and Angeliki Economopoulos to John Stark and Firouzeh Dinarany, $890,000.

Tremayne Pl., 7651, No. 207-Rachel Katherine Morrison to Michael Riley, $269,900.

Valley Ave., 1658-Howard and Susan Krup Grunin to Wei Liu and Dongshuo Sun, $1.27 million.

Wimbledon Dr., 1116-Victor Porak De Varna and Danielle Porak De Varna to Stephen L. and Patricia R. Worley, $750,000.


Adrienne Dr., 4325-Jennifer J. Becm to Rachel M. and Michael F. Boyne, $625,000.

Beekman Pl., 8625, No. 25-A-Tu Ngo to Concepcion Avalos, $159,000.

Colonial Ave., 3701-Marlin and Christy Stutzman to James and Luane Covington, $900,000.

Dolphin Lane, 4609-Ellen and Michael Macnair to Peter and Kelli Esser, $1.17 million.

El Camino Pl., 3920, No. 2-Jared Maurice and Nicole Felicia Scott to Victor H. Moya Teo, $205,000.

Gateshead Rd., 8651-Carl E. and Mary Ellen Haselden to Anna Maria Easley, $538,000.

Jake Pl., 8294-Sanjay and Sinthuja Arnold to David M. and Sarah Elizabeth Brinkmann, $409,000.

Marcia Ct. W., 4606-Jean Gibbs to Elethia Vaughan and Michael C. Wampler, $591,000.

Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy., 4505-Mark and Meghan Biery to Laura M. Leach, $527,555.

Pole Rd., 4902-Ginger L. Wilson to Jonathan Casey Brown and Lucie Larkins, $550,900.

Rosemont Ave., 5001-Jonathan Dewey Wilkerson and Rebecca Lynn Allen to Kathleen E. Smith, $430,000.

Shannons Green Way, 3773-Joshua P. and Caroline Yumi Strunk to Heather A. Bakula, $409,900.

Woodland Lane, 3252-Mary A. Naylor and Marc L. Wangel to Michael D. and Susan R. Robertson, $1.18 million.


Braddock Mews Pl., 7015-Salwa A. Ishak Jr. and Basma Ishal to Johnny and Billma Cruz Iriarte, $440,000.

Garner St., 5208-Abdellatif Elouassi and Touria Kohen to My Tien Doan and Cuong Quy Do, $413,000.

Joplin St., 5510-Max A. and Stacy L. Clayton to Teak Soo Shin and Wol Kyu Lee, $480,000.

London Ct., 8609-D.G. Realty Inc. to Abby and Sidney Zaven, $590,000.

Victoria Rd., 8806-Edward R. and Evelyn B. Eichelman to Tina Manalasan, $440,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10303, No. 9-303-Suzanna J. Heidrich to Gopi R. Molakalapalli, $186,000.

Chain Bridge Rd., 2913-Enrico E. and Elizabeth R. Villaroman to Siddharth and Pallavi Kothari, $834,000.

Easie St., 2501-Jeffrey T. Worth to Marc F. and Stephanie D. Shaw, $525,000.

Hunter Mill Rd., 2826-Paul J. Kenney to Pawla and Ghaleb Ghaleb, $650,000.

Marbury Rd., 10624-Gillies and John Campbell to Melanie Cordoro and Michael Gunnell, $800,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10001-Gaye L. Newton to Jean Paul and Vanessa Gulick, $330,000.

Rifle Ridge Rd., 2811-Andre J. and Ligia L. Gamrasni to Nicholas C. and Samantha J. Durso, $865,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3176, No. 4-A5-Ian Jobling to Jessica F. Talley, $208,000.

Vale Rd., 10727-James J. and Erin E. Cotton to Yeong Jae and Barbara M. Pak, $1.25 million.


Abington Hall Pl., 12185, No. 301-Mona L. Lutnes to Aron J. Troost, $431,000.

Beacon Heights Dr., 2056-Michelle Stahl to Eric R. and Jacqueline E. Yeaney, $960,000.

Bennington Woods Ct., 1589-Carlos Augusto Pella to Lena Cohen and Natalie Montenegro, $390,000.

Burywood Lane, 11109-Daniel S. and Robyn E. Cronin to Roderick and Zulay Torres Sharp, $772,000.

Cedar Hollow Way, 1677-Brian T. McMenamin to Robert Bradley Davis and Nikki Janis Lagouros, $625,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11248, No. 352-Mitchell Roy and Jennifer Leigh Ames to Jasmine N. and Kevin G. Johnson, $275,000.

Dasher Lane, 1318-Ralph L. and Alice S. Braibanti to Arthur E. and Cynthia C. Zemke, $869,400.

Escalante Ct., 11944-Efdal and Meryem Sahin to Minje Chang and Hea Yon Kim, $339,900.

Garden Wall Cir., 1367, No. 711-Joyce A. Shuemake to Cristina Maria Miller, $364,900.

Harbor Ct., 11120, No. 1120-Joseph R. Zell to Heidi A. Voorhees, $425,000.

Hurlingham Lane, 2304-Robert L. and Joanne N. Donnelly to Dustin John Terrill, $669,900.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1700, No. 16-Kevin Canto to Karthik Kumar and Sravya Kambalapally, $335,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 607-Elise Goldsmith Hicks to Richard J. Morris, $675,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 363-Eve and Vincent E. Mendolia to Lucas P. Camacho, $260,000.

Midsummer Dr., 10703-Robert Thornton Burger to Paul L. and Sandra W. Wischow, $885,000.

Newbridge Ct., 11628-Patrick and Cheryl L. Mendis to Andrew Troy and Tiffany Wilson, $475,000.

Northgate Sq., 1521, No. 21/11C-Brenda K. Rogers to Nicolas G. and Catherine Schuck, $187,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1411-Rakesh M. Raghavendra Rao and Seema Nagabushan Rao to David Phillips and Audrey Allen, $545,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 1564-Andrew and Valerie Bass to Jonathan K. and Mary E. Helm, $410,000.

Riders Lane, 11815-Mohsen Mehdizadeh Nia and Nansoureh Alibakshian to Nicoleta Apetre and Laurence Constantin, $645,000.

Stowe Rd., 1612-Brian J. Pittack and Tracy D. Norris to Jill H. Stilmar and Jason L. Beske, $790,000.

Sundial Dr., 1332-Apparao Yerra and Satya Parreddy to Tracy D. Pittack, $530,000.

Thrush Ridge Rd., 11019-Ivan and Margaret Terry to Sonja Taylor, $480,000.

Vantage Hill Rd., 11604, No. 1A-Randall J. Geis to Donald Dee Findley, $167,500.

Water Pointe Lane, 1102-Thomas and Debora K. McDonald to Robert and Linda Tucker, $878,000.

Wild Hawthorn Ct., 11523-Joan W. Tannen to Patrick W. Wright and Carol L. Drayton, $530,000.

Windleaf Dr., 1307, No. 137-Sharan R. Ranade to Leah A. Wood, $390,000.


Glen Eagles Ct., 6163, No. 16-Walter F. Serrano to Hugo D. and Rony O. Contreras, $405,200.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 226-Jeffrey J. and Marcia J. Herzog to Nhu B. Vu and Rafael Peinado Alda, $230,000.


Ayers Meadow Lane, 7105-Shahrokh and Zary Shokri to John Edward Refila and Mary Alfred Andrawis, $920,000.

Bethelen Woods Lane, 7901-Philip and Dana Maria Gibson to Dory and Natalie Ramirez Cain, $414,900.

Calico Ct., 7401-Robert C. and Stephani D. Hunsinger to Gregory and Amy Nowak, $626,000.

Cherry Orchard Ct., 7811-Thomas E. and Kellie Kuhar to Nicholas J. West and Stephanie Johanna Katz, $608,500.

Dickenson St., 7312-Dennis Paul and Elizabeth Anne Spalding to Matthew Edward Spalding, $450,000.

Flanders St., 5902-Franklin Tucker to Zahid Bhatti, $529,500.

Game Lord Dr., 7133-Paramount Investments Corp. to Jason R. Brown and Erika Joy Marroquin, $550,000.

Griffin Pond Ct., 7713-Aaron W. and Stacey T. Reisinger to Rafal and Jodie Song Tokicz, $712,500.

Hickory Glen Way, 7723-Allan Douglas Cunningham to Issam Khalil Elouadghiri and Karima Modar, $426,000.

Joyce Phillip Ct., 9103-Mel M. and Julie Metts to Jacob and Laura Calvillo, $564,000.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8429-Donald B. Soter Jr. to Maryjane Strong and Eric Thomas Joseph, $310,000.

Maritime Ct., 9016-Shawn P. and Kathleen A. Conlon to Navin Thakur, $655,000.

Mulberry Bottom Lane, 7807-Adams Lowe to Xizowen Chen and Wenyu Li, $575,000.

Northedge Dr., 9069-Roger Lee and Sandra M. Behrend to Justin Thomas and Jennifer Meyer, $630,000.

Point Dr. W., 8020-Michael A. Chatelier to David C. and Andrea M. Siegmund, $542,000.

Rives Ct., 6432-Tony L. and Deborah A. Cully to Raheel Aziz and Anabia Hasan, $585,000.

Scarborough St., 7316-Alexander Winston and Jackie Harris to Nicholas Joel and Rachel Bodily Birch, $600,000.

Spring Summit Rd., 7419-George B. and Oriella S. Goff to John Petito, $845,000.

White Star Ct., 8305-Jason D. Clark and Jennifer A. Hamilton to Rachel A. and Patrick M. Ratke, $400,000.


Ashgrove Plantation Cir., 8516-Stephen H. Scheffer and Daphne F. Kaplan to Fady Joubran, Lody G. Elmondelek and Rachel Joubran, $1 million.

Battle St. SE, 111-Oaul D. and Carol W. Humphries to Kimberly J. and Stephan S. Little, $1 million.

Birch St. SW, 605-500 Spring Street Corp. to Young and Wendy Bang, $1.45 million.

Capo Ct., 8507-Thomas J. and Lisa T. Notaro to Tony J. and Lamia Sarver, $100,000.

Clovermeadow Dr., 1781-John J. and Deborah W. Heitmann to David L. and Pantea F. Holt, $1.2 million.

Fawncrest Ct., 1809-Raf Howery to Simon Jung Kim, $742,000.

Hidden Fox Way, 1990-Stephanie R. and Michele C. Vieux to Rishi Vyas and Zainab Javaid, $790,000.

Idylwood Mews Lane, 2312-Paul F. and Luann S. Barchie to Paolo Renzo Luzzatti, $1.16 million.

Johns Hollow Rd., 10288-John B. and Karen A. Covert to Suhail Farooqui and Maryam Elsaid-Farooqui, $1.23 million.

Locust St. SE, 205, No. Q-Matthew Sloan and Katherine E. Hovanec to Catherine J. and Bryan J. Wideman, $475,000.

Northern Neck Dr., 1506, No. 202-David and Claudia L. Benner to Aun Ali Rahman and Seema Mobin Ahmad, $509,000.

Plum St. SW, 802-Jefferson Homes Inc. to Mustafa Al Mashat and Milook Uzri, $1.4 million.

St. Boniface St., 1831-Vasant G. and Veena V. Malshet to William J. and Alissa R. Brenner, $680,000.

Streamview Lane, 9008-Michael Lieberman and Stephanie West-Lieberman to Thomas and Kristin Marvin, $845,000.

Trumpet Ct., 1903-Carl A. and Mary F. Foerster to Stephen Robert Beckmeier and Elizabeth Peach Kleinchester, $861,000.

Westview Ct. NE, 318-Mark S. Feuchter to Davis Brittain and Denise E. Poole, $710,500.


Anson Ct., 7830-George J. Fenzi Jr. to Danielle D. Duff and Frederick S. Lamartin, $545,000.

Belleflower Dr., 7841-Richard W. and Christine N. Peterson to Christopher F. and Laurel P. Tingley, $740,000.

Donset Dr., 8201-Christopher M. Corrow and Natasha E. Lander to Christopher P. and Kelly W. Scheider, $560,000.

Greeley Blvd., 6111-William H. Jefferson to Steven Svckes and Sarah Sutton, $502,000.

Hillside Rd., 6112-Clarence W. Beall III and Susan Beall to Keriann Marie Schulkers and David R. Escalante Mahecha, $322,000.

Jansen Dr., 7951-Jerrine D. Hamill to Lauralea Gilpin, $515,000.

Linden Tree Lane, 7264-Jason A. and Maureen K. Southorn to Chris Davis and Sarah Nicole Koeppel, $435,000.

Over See Ct., 6310-Thitisady and Morgan Saiyasak to Erika Eicholtz, $405,000.

Prince James Dr., 5913, No. C-David Belden to Malcolm M. and Frances B. Hyson, $210,000.

Rockglen Ct. E., 7920-Ronald A. and Patricia C. Rollick to Kevin and Patricia A. Volpe, $560,000.

Seton Ct., 6802-Ralph V. Buck to Jay Sharp Johns III, $525,000.

Squirrel Run Rd., 8109-Peter George and Fani Boosalis to Stanley and Wendy Koussis, $449,000.

Vancouver Rd., 6910-Jan S. and Jody L. Pastor to David B. and Michele N. Schulker, $495,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Brookwood Dr., 3411-Raymond A. and Joy A. Williamson to Gregory L. and Rhiana M. Compton, $481,000.

Estel Rd., 3807-Wanda Kay Ellis to Sarah Groves and Kelly Vahner, $500,000.

Maple Trace Cir., 9779-Faridah Turkistani and Essam Akhonbay to Edward Cipriani and Megan Wang, $852,000.

Railroad Ave., 3902-Nadine F. Kelly and Rachel A. Kestenbaum to Zachary and Stephanie Deptula, $476,000.

Warwick Ave., 10714-Christine Dwason and Karl Schaefer to Edward C. and Bee Tuan Lim, $620,000.

Woodland Dr., 4017-Daffan Homes Corp. to Van Ramey Jr. and Noelle Keller, $565,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 513, No. 313-Elizabeth A. Quinn to Bruce G. and Janet H. Willis, $385,000.

Great Falls St., 410-Michael P. and Susan P. Kearney to John Lynch and Amanda Doyle, $1.37 million.

Gundry Dr., 341-Matthew L. and Christine Marie Brooks to Jill Robin Mohel, $625,000.

Parker Ave., 903-Shannon and Suzanne Hladky to Robert John Mackay, $905,000.

Villa Ridge Rd., 808-Gregory Smith and Margaret C. Earman to Mahesh and Rebecca Rath, $1.45 million.