Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Belfield Rd., 1907-Michael O. and Sarah K. Snyder to Edward W. Kidd and Elizabeth L.C. Kidd, $1.11 million.

Duke Dr., 6920-Patricia A. Lloyd and Robert C. Orsinger II to Christopher L. Hall and Marli D. Riggs, $425,000.

Potomac Ave., 6618, No. B-1-Jeffrey K. Bandy to Patricia Cilfone Smith, $205,900.

Wake Forest Dr., 1505-Michael and Barbara H. Fleming to Sarah Coffey and Jason Koch, $650,000.

Wakefield Dr. W., 6716, No. C1-Mark C. and Heather E. Hogsett to Lindsay Konsko, $245,500.


Ambassador Way, 5907-James R. and Amanda S. Davidson to Irina F. Farlik and Emily Gann, $477,750.

Barry Rd., 7132-Romero Realty Group Corp. to Peter and Amy Castine, $657,500.

Briarmoor Lane, 6413-Betty L. Grimes to Deborah L. and Richard H. Gorham, $281,700.

Brookleigh Way, 6524-Maria Cristina Christian and Amanda Fillmore Martin to Marc C. and Katie Felder, $430,000.

Castletown Way, 6160-Harold Allan Mercer to Gregory W. Hammond, $468,000.

Crestleigh Cir., 7359-Ernesto C. Fasciolo and Florencia Behrensen to Patrick James and Katie Elizabeth Migliorini, $414,900.

Dijohn Court Dr., 7111-Corey Christopher Roman and Jennifer Leigh Olsen to Christopher Brett Lockard, $394,500.

Edge Cliff Dr., 6756-G. Ashton Lafferity and Sally Lafferty to Melissa R. Godbold, $810,000.

Ellingham Cir., 7014, No. 36-Dionne E. Audain to Roxanne M. Calilung, $245,000.

Fieldhurst Ct., 7035-Tina M. Donbeck and Katherine A. Stover to Claude P. and Pamela R. Valliere, $530,000.

Governors Pond Cir., 5762-Mary L. Toscano to George Garrell, $650,000.

Haynes Point Way, 7712, No. 11L-Amit Chaudhary and Ruchi Nehra to James J. Huber Sr., $305,000.

Holly Tree Dr., 6106-Michael G. Barwick and Timi S. Agar to Keith Benson Forsythe and Tereza Kafka, $720,000.

Kelsey Point Cir., 6537-Carol J. Fuhrer to Chad M. and Deborah E. Rainey, $515,000.

Lake Cove Dr., 7190-John S. Hallett to Robert A. Williams, $487,500.

Little Valley Way, 6194-Geoffrey R. and Ellen Grace Becker to Louise A. Robertson, $341,102.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6904, No. F-Eloise K. Giordano to Fritz Diekmann, $174,900.

Netties Lane, 6611, No. 24A-Timothy Brinkmann and Elizabeth Rupprecht to Benjamin C. Greijn Lautier and Catherine E. Greijn Lautier, $321,700.

Old Carriage Way, 6505-Thienvu and Ria Tran to Sheila B. Ruffin, $325,000.

Racepoint Way, 7209-John J. and Jeanne M. Dean to Scott J. and Veronica A. Hornung, $569,000.

Ronson Dr., 4100-Ravinder Bhathal to Demissiew Z. Demissiew, Saba Z. Demissiew and Zewdu D. Assfaw, $410,000.

Silver Ridge Cir., 6476-Ibrahim Eldosougi and Rihab Abdelrhim Khogali to Magaly M. Yapur, $400,000.

Stone Wheat Ct., 7703-Mary L. Stewart to Jack E. and Bonnee V. Sutherland, $739,000.

Taliaferro Way, 6250-John Thomas and Jocelyn Poon Segura to Clint Harrell, $545,000.

Topper Ct., 8054-Adrienne M. Desantis to Renju and Joy Varghese, $352,000.

Virginia Hills Ave., 6500-Michael P. Hemmer and Ellen M. Anderson to Richard C. Burtnett and Luke C. Butkenett, $450,000.

Wescott Hills Way, 5934-Peter N. and Julie P. Shepard to Jonathan David and Nicole Marie Moore, $528,000.


Americana Dr., 4349, No. 201-Tiffany McCoy to Jonathan Seymour Paul and Virginia Masoller, $170,000.

Appleton Ct., 8623-Joh Kronkaitis to Geogory Patrick McCulloch and Azadeh Marya McCullough, $715,000.

Beverly Dr., 3408-Tam T. Le to Allen W. Wong, $640,000.

Bristow Dr., 4906-Ian N. Stewart to James Pham and Thuan Nguyen, $475,000.

Colburn Dr., 6927-Keith E. and Kimberly L. Burkepile to Lam S. and Kevin Pham, $614,000.

Downing St., 4129-John T. and Linda H. Schakenbach to Scott Andrew and Un Lee Steele, $561,000.

Elan Pl., 4420-Cheryl A. Weinreich to Aliaksandr Henadzevich Milshyn, $380,000.

Footstep Ct., 8912-Sara F. and Jessica L. Leiman to Claudina and Christian A. Hannon, $625,000.

Ivycrest Pl., 7305-Mohammad S. and Jamila Rahman to Narender and Sunitha Kumari Ahir, $935,000.

King Arthur Rd., 3817-Richard A. and Katherine E. Seifert to Steven J. and Stefanie F. Hialmervik, $715,000.

Linette Lane, 5117-Rosemarie Caryn Aho and Mary F. Fantaci to Bradley and Amanda Bingham, $515,000.

Martin Taylor Ct., 4107-Suzanne Olwan Ghannam to Asma Atique, $740,000.

Montgomery St., 4708-Manhel Yousifi to George L. and Christine Gladden Moore, $185,000.

Philadelphia Pl., 4701-Lisa S. Lewis and Peyton Allen Lewis to Rung D. and Loan Dang Nguyen, $590,000.

Red Fox Dr., 5013-Aaron R. and Anita M. Schuh to Jordan A. and Lauren A. Austin, $610,000.

Rose Lane, 3814-Loran D. and Yvonne R. Stephenson to Lorelei R. Brush, $578,000.

Van Ct., 8451-Arnaldo Vieira De Carvalho Neto and Kristin Rule to Jesse S. Figueiredo and Jennifer L. Plumser, $636,000.

Wyndhill Dr., 3909-Bonita E. Duncan and Catherine S. Knowles to David A. Barrett, $580,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 116S-Stephen P. Bodholdt to Morris L. Selinger, $190,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3713, No. T16-Doris B. Mabrey to Larry R. and Cynthia T. Phipps, $310,000.

Quaint Acre Cir., 3704-John Collins Doleman and Suzanne Stratmann to Adrian Marsh, $700,000.

S. George Mason Dr., 3701, No. 614N-Alma Louise Geibelt to Mark Ibrahim Boktor, $240,000.


Apple Wood Lane, 5830-John A. Brownley to William R. Roberts and Sarah Sheffield Towers Roberts, $415,000.

Blincoe Ct., 9628-Shelly M. Lankford to Taewan Kwon and Hyeonseong Hwang, $445,000.

Carters Oak Way, 10911-James A. and Carole L. Vandyke to Shaedey and Jonathan Villarroel, $615,000.

Chestnut Wood Lane, 10059-Alan Estabrook and Hazel R. Mann to Diaa Nashed Ghobrial and Caroline A. Hezical, $399,900.

Cove Landing Rd., 5810, No. 303-Veronica E. Romero to Gerald K. Staudte, Barbara J. Nowak and Staudte Nowak, $273,000.

Debra Spradlin Ct., 9526-Daniel P. and Tracy T. Mickle to Russell S. and Maria M. Williford, $625,000.

Faire Commons Ct., 10223-Barbara Fitzferald to Samuel Taylor Yorke, $375,000.

Glenway Ct., 9711-Eric V. and Theresa H. Kristin to Julie Scott Alen, $646,000.

Honey Creeper Ct., 9203-Debra Godfrey and Hyun Woo Kang to Tae Kyu Kang, $389,000.

Kendrick Lane, 5525-Isaac and Lien K. Ogura to Tin Nguyen and Ha Le, $364,900.

Lighthorne Rd., 5232-Douglas F. and Jennifer Ann Tippet to Brian J. and Kimberly J. Kennedy, $615,000.

Mizzen Pl., 7301-Gregory J. and Kerrie Zacharski to Michael E. and Emily M. Becker, $630,000.

Natick Rd., 9864-Elizabeth A. Germer to Conan W. and Astrid R. Smith, $675,000.

Packard Way, 9408-Douglas and Carlene Hiltner to Nita Guragain, $325,000.

Poburn Landing Ct., 6137-David Stanley and Joan Hughes Evans to Christopher M. and Jennifer Hemmick, $649,900.

Rand Dr., 9830-Clyde Marshall and Phoebe P. Willoughby to Clyde Marshall Willoughby Jr., $120,000.

Schmidt Dr., 9711-Leonard John and Kelly Marie Sobieski to Paul and Jennifer Knorr, $559,900.

Stipp St., 9702-Victor A. Tall and Karen L. Mayo to Jessica Reed Bradley and Mark Alan Bgradley, $640,000.

Villagesmith Way, 9614-Stephen M. and Susan S. Johannes to Christopher and Michelle Czernia, $645,000.

Waterline Dr., 9503-Richard D. and Beverly Ann McInnis to Vaibhavi and Vikrant Chokshi, $626,000.

Windward Dr., 6243-Melissa A. and Patrick Scott Oneal to Alexi N. and Zachary Cuca, $735,000.

Yardarm Lane, 9511-Donald and Kristie Ohlemacher to Michael Scott Strunk and Landa Jean Scalzitti Strunk, $720,000.


Astrid Cove, 6255-Lisa Marie Genovese and Lisa Marie Lyonnais to Lap Kien Tran, $265,000.

Bodley Sq., 14845-Stuart K. Purks to Jose Miguel and Danielle M. Iriarte, $312,500.

Castleford Ct., 14503-Scott Clark to Usman Azher and Sehar Liaqat, $359,000.

Chasewood Cir., 6828-Eun Rim Jung to Peter Woojin Kim, $315,990.

Climbing Rose Way, 14309, No. 301-Rebecca Lynn Mulligan to Sasiprapa Pichaipat, $184,900.

Creek Branch Ct., 14491-Jason E. and Megan E. Detwiler to Adam and Shannon Floyd, $412,000.

Cub Stream Dr., 5829-Amado and Leslie Colberg to Joel and Debra Gilliland, $545,000.

Edman Cir., 14830-Melville Joseph and Nellie D. Aston to Sarah So Yoon Kim and Easther Hae Eun Kim, $380,000.

Four Chimney Dr., 14516-Paul S. Belvin to Derek R. and Jessica M. Porter, $301,000.

Granite Step Trail, 5305-Gang Chen to Stephen B. and Susanna M. Kim, $435,000.

Grobie Pond Lane, 14700-Mark A. and Jennifer Carpenter to Brandon and Torrye Parker, $405,000.

Havener House Way, 6000-Walter F. Hordek to Donny D. and Eleanor J. Dila, $239,990.

Honnicut Dr., 6024-Keith J. Gibson to Young S. Cho and Ana Lim, $476,500.

Jenn Ct., 14600-Oak Ridge Inc. to Lynda B. Dallas and Carrie C. Brown, $219,495.

Kerrywood Cir., 6822-Ursula A. Gately Wolfe to Joseph A. Caggianelli and Andrea M.B. Caggianelli, $385,000.

Manassas Gap Ct., 14405-Jessica Monroe to Tamayo and Jannet M. Gubatan, $283,000.

Montjoy Ct., 6101-Frank A. and Stacey L. Mayolo to Hinton Moore, $404,500.

Olde Kent Rd., 14594-Kimberly J. and Eric S. Anderson to Sylvie Sontra, Brandon Gallahan and Amanda Sontra, $319,900.

Palisades Dr., 6572-Nathan J. Van Nuys and Kathryn R. Van Nuys to Jesus and Deana Herrera, $445,000.

Rock Canyon Dr., 14200-James R. and Barbara H. Wright to Martin A. and Sok Hui Zybura, $675,000.

Rosy Lane, 14304, No. 24-Sonia Rae Downard to Homaira Farzana, $189,000.

Stillfield Pl., 15067-Gordon A. and Nancy J. Loebl to Kamran and Zubaida B. Saleem, $695,000.

Stone Crossing Ct., 14678-Douglas Matthew Marr to Katelyn Nguyen, $325,000.

Truitt Farm Dr., 14732-Trenten Ward to Saurab Joshi, $416,500.

Westwater Ct., 5829-Edger Palomo to Nimisha Suphian and Suphian Nadir, $356,900.


Bennet Pond Ct., 13626-Alexa Enjoo and Ok Ji Choi to Jirutphol Reuntirasak and Mellisa Prempooti, $895,500.

Brookfield Dr., 13441-Riab Inhar to Mario A. Gonzalez Giron and Danis Emperatriz Pineda Guzman, $440,000.

Cub Run Rd., 4310-Amanda Foster and Amanda D. Lipscomb to Francis and Erica Emington, $436,200.

Knotty Log Ct., 13532-Robert and Mary Paget to Calvin and Kerry Cropper, $706,500.

Meadowland Ct., 4110-Maher Hana and Samia Badawy to Riyadh G. Abdulla and Aswad, $230,000.

Poplar Tree Rd., 13638-Mohammadreza Lahabi and Mehran Keshmiri to Michael and Vanessa Vives, $485,000.

Summer Hollow Ct., 4036, No. 151E-Ian and Maragaret Pryke to Ariful Alam, Sheuly, Raquib Mahmud, Raquib Mahmud, Sharful Alam and Sharful Alam Chowdhury, $245,000.

Woods Edge Ct., 4406-Paul and Patricia Rauch to Chang Wood and Nam Hee Yeo, $654,000.


Clifton Rd., 6123-Michele Grella and Lena Stanco to Lena Stanco, $750,000.

Glencove Dr., 6822-Rhett R. and Elizabeth A. Krulla to Larry Aiello and Jennifer L. Rodriguez Aiello, $629,000.

Limestone Ct., 13034-Robert Boggs and Elvira Nicole Tifft to Todd E., Kethida and Ket Thida Loyd, $490,000.

Orchard Dr., 13591, No. 3591-Deborah L. Natoli to Samantha A. Kehn, $181,100.

White Dove Lane, 5672-Bank of America and New Penn Financial Corp. to Fahim Sadek, Ayman Megally, Eriny M. Victor, Eriny M. Victor, Tary Hanna and Tary Hanna, $290,000.


Alder Woods Dr., 12764-Gary R. and Joanne B. Hendricks to Timothy Ecton and Peck Guat Tay, $970,000.

Anvil Ct., 5352-Paul and Joyce Bang to Georgi K. Ralev and Yali Lu, $820,000.

Autumn Willow Dr., 13086-Harsha Mokkarala and Supriya Jarugumilli to Gary and Marney Kistner, $760,000.

Baccarat Dr., 9522-Robet O. Williams and Mary L. Williams to Jeffrey and Morgan Sullenberger, $690,000.

Briarwood Farms Ct., 9125-Steve D. Nurmi and Jessica S. Poingue to Eric Macmatin and Samantha Macmartin, $713,190.

Bunche Rd., 12500-Hwan and Soo in Kim to Michael Seung Lee II and Min Sun Madison Lee, $979,000.

Calumet Grove Dr., 10433-Hui Sheng Wang and Ning Xu to Joy Cudiamat, $502,000.

Castlecary Lane, 4151, No. 117-Neeraj and Anu Gupta to Kamtorn Vangvanichyakorn, $400,000.

Colesbury Pl., 8973-Francis Bohan to Benjamin and Lisa Scribner, $795,000.

Coralberry Dr., 13228-Ryan D. and Jill M. Allain to Ayodele Oshunketan and Karina Sigar, $705,000.

Elizabeth Lane, 4010-Bonnie M. Clements to Thomas P. and Nattaya Cleary, $775,000.

Esabella Ct., 5318-Cheng Zhi Zou and Limin Zhao to John and Naomi Peyerl, $735,000.

Fair Valley Dr., 4553-William and Karen M. Sanfilippo to Hanane Jamghili, $575,000.

Fairfield House Dr., 12241, No. 313B-Lynn D. and Joanne J. Alexander to Matthew Basil and Rochelle Sceats, $339,900.

Flatwood Cir., 12538-Robert J. and Naomi R. Vitti to Sergio and Zaenka Bojanic, $430,000.

Freehill Lane, 3734-Heng Gu and Xiaozhu Zhu to Vinay Sham Panjabi and Jaya Nandkumar Vatyani, $765,000.

Garden Grove Cir., 12100, No. 303-Scott Adam Ledgerwood and Jeanette Ashraf Prakken to Connie Osborne, $345,000.

Goldeneye Lane, 10608-Thomas K. and Lauren W. Conlon to Sean C. and Danielle T. Hetzler, $620,000.

Green Leaf Ct., 12104, No. 85-Michael D. and Elizabeth James to Minsun and Wonhyung Cho, $303,000.

Hampton Forest Way, 5902-Arnold Joseph and Arnold J. Brown to Ali Alqazzaz, Hussein Alqazzaz, Widad Alalawi and Widad Alalawi, $768,000.

Hearthside Lane, 13109-Debra Davis and Brian B. Walch to Roxanne E. Merkel, $483,650.

Hill Cumorah Dr., 10802-Louis J. and Susan A. Orsini to Kevin and Jennifer Minor, $645,000.

Kenerson Dr., 5056-Gi Tu Nguyen to Dien P. Nguyen, $467,500.

Latney Rd., 10358-Kwolong Wang and Ching J. Lee to Alex Davalos, $365,000.

Lisa Marie Ct., 12018-Brandon R. and Alexandra M. Friedman to Ranga Saisrinivas Duriseti and Prathima Roy Pukkella, $543,000.

Maury Ct., 4910-Stephen J. and Debra K. Kiraly to Xuan Luo and Ozkul Mehmet Toroglu, $863,000.

Mill Point Ct., 4514-David Gordon and Candace May Olson to Ke Cheng and Yiming Zhang, $510,000.

Nancyann Way, 11316-J. Clark Brockbank and Linda C. Brockbank to Dennis L. and Michelle McCrady, $645,000.

Oakshade Ct., 3348-Erich and Lisa K. Miller to Yihua Zheng and Jiachun Tang, $399,900.

Paxford Ct., 5522-Nam T. Huynh and Thuy Trang Thi Lam to Rebecca M. and Brian D. Jones, $405,000.

Ponce Pl., 9200-George A. and Bette B. Loffredo to Nathaniel and Kelsa Gabehart, $750,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 302-Matthew and Behtany Morrell to Christina A. Obeid, $319,900.

Quiet Crossing Ct., 4109-Mustafa Zuwawa to Guy T. Grundman II and Yeonmin Cho, $532,500.

Rittenhouse Cir., 3024, No. 37-Kevin L. Moore to Moon C. Kim, $518,000.

Rosemeade Dr., 4010-Sherif M. Wabby and Lina A. Cheikha to Walter and Carol L. Klaus, $556,500.

Royal Lytham Dr., 3967-William A. and Rebecca Harding Spitzgo to Annie C. and Donald B. Rau, $624,900.

Runabout Lane, 4333, No. 174-Amanda L. and Robert C. Brooks to Dongyul and Julie H. An, $380,000.

Sperrin Cir., 11508, No. 100-Ying S. Yee to Bonnie Davis and Emily D. Yee, $399,950.

Superior Sq., 4614-Rochelle McMurray to Hyun Bin Lee, $310,000.

Talon Ct., 5539-Buynsale Corp. to Juan Alejandro Gallo Duque and Claudia M. Suarez Rivera, $415,500.

Treasure Ct., 4852-Michael George to Margot D., Roderick D., Rebecca E. and Rebecca E. Nelson, $433,000.

Tydfil Ct., 4905-Jill C. Mendelson to Kent R. and Smitha L. Vos, $735,000.

Vernoy Hills Rd., 4159-Brian R. Thomas to Iiryeon and Naeun Kang, $535,000.

Waterloo Lane, 3057-Amyn Jivani and Anita Farah Valliani to Laura Iris and Michael Henry Cherry, $706,900.

Wheatstone Dr., 4868-Jeremy L. and Renae M. Hilton to Tae Lim Kim, $624,900.

Wood Violet Ct., 9212-NVR Inc. to Patrick and Chomauksorn Hanley, $957,188.

Wynford Dr., 3222-Robert B. and Barbara J. Rosenkranz to Matthew Sherman and Amy Thatcher, $850,000.


Bressingham Dr., 7916-Robert S. and Terre Peck to Khoa D. and Katrina E. Tran, $760,000.

Community Lane, 10144-Timothy J. and Mary E. Cantwell to Robert Culbert and Nyla Hines Linthicum, $1.25 million.

Jaydee Blvd., 10101-Walter and Diana Wilson to Adam R. and Jessica Arellano, $799,000.

Oak Chase Cir., 8521-Kurt D. and Barbara A. Sisson to Jason T. and Olena K. Ward, $818,000.

Preakness Lane, 7835-Barry P. Klayton and W. Cecile Klyton to William David and Sherry Lynn Bryant, $835,000.

Swift Creek Rd., 9017-Trustee Services of Virginia Corp. to Jim Faruki, $823,000.

Yates Ford Rd., 12027-Raul and Barbara Tuset to Robert S. and Veronica B. Royal, $745,000.


Buckelew Dr., 2510-Jason G. and Jessaca L. Veneman to Traci J. Crockett and Trevor A. Moe, $639,000.

Chrisland Cv., 7567-Daniel R. and Karen V. Mondloch to Patrick and Kelly Moore, $426,000.

Crooked Oak Lane, 6327-Charle Williams Perdue and Ellen Susan Schwalenstocker to Jill Lynn Simodejka, $592,200.

Flagmaker Dr., 2838-Samuel H. and Jenna H. Wineka to Michael Anthony and Carolyn Anne Fiddy, $625,500.

Graham Rd., 3004-Benno Loch to Alexander Gregory Kuldell, $449,970.

Holloway Rd., 3144-Xavier F. and Cecilia B. Racine to Omar Joel and Jaimie Vela, $494,500.

Jefferson Ave., 7005-George R. Depalma and Elena N. Depalma to Mitchell Gershman, $468,000.

Kings Chapel Rd., 2902, No. 13/5-Stanley L. Robinson to Michael and Lillean H. McLean, $82,000.

Le Havre Pl., 8002, No. 22/5-Sajan Kumar Pokharel to Jesus P. Jovel Climaco, $297,000.

Midway St., 2611-Carl Dennis and Jill Framer Miller to Sean and Denise S. Mullin, $660,000.

Poplar Ct., 7307-Howard and Samantha L. Fiddy to Christopher and Roseanne Carter, $527,000.

Slade Run Dr., 3409-Nicholas R. Ellermann and Elissa E. Ellermannn to Frederic S. and Marie E. Hering, $618,000.

Valley Brook Dr., 6714-Michael Wiant to Rostislav Y. Bogoslovskiy and Natalia Em, $675,000.


Avignon Blvd., 6673-Rose Ann E. Wieland and Robert N. Wieland to Bojun Yan and Ning Kang, $1.04 million.

Friendship Lane, 2012-Wahid and Luma Hakki to Pil S. Chung and Regina Choe, $667,000.

George C. Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 1023-Seth T. and Sharon E. Stark to Carmen C. Alvarez Basso, $359,000.

Greenwich St., 2134-Paul M. and Laurie Emmer Martin to Mengfei Shen and Shihui Wang, $689,000.

Lisle Ave., 7529-Samira Ramezan to Alireza Ramezan, $540,000.

Midhill Pl., 6636-William M. Russell to Mary Lee Russell, Lee Horsey, Gayathri Ramamurthy and Nagarajan K. Thondaiman, $694,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 1417-Amid Global Corp. to Eylem Polat, $199,990.

Relda Ct., 1931-Robert M. and Linda B. Horowitz to Jeffrey S. and Jaimee R. Saxe, $945,000.

Storm Dr., 1922-Howard Kleinwaks and Suzanne Denise Kesler Kleinwaks to Fikreslassie Tsige, $580,000.


Point Replete Cir., 7127-Paul Ruchlin to Daniel R. and Tong G. Encinas, $515,000.


Bunker Hill Rd., 1309-Alabama Ave Corp. to Steven D. Sprague and Brenda S. Sprague, $1.1 million.

Conover Pl., 8411-Christopher and Kelly Lohmann to Patrick and Naghmeh Heil, $582,000.

Croton Dr., 1020-Richard M. Trudeau and Laurie A. Eimers to Phineas C. Cooper and Kelly L. Harvilla, $585,000.

Falster Rd., 1218-Thomas Kevin and Stephen M. Foley to Stafford and Elizabeth Nichols, $550,000.

Hoover Lane, 2013-Kenneth S. and Kristin A. Murphy to Kevin M. and Christina A. Ferguson, $606,500.

Parry Lane, 8722-John S. and Jeanne N. Raymos to William Merica and Michelle Quiroga, $675,000.


Akhtamar Dr., 10250-Alex and Susan Mandl to Marlon Muller and Vicky Ly Huong Tay, $4.42 million.

Carol St., 10355-Richard L. and Sherry L. Hurley to Rory J. and Diane E. Yanchek, $1.55 million.

Falcon Ridge Rd., 206-Stacy Bell to Jason and Maggie Wray, $1.03 million.

Holly Briar Lane, 11612-Julia M. Simpson to Daniel R. and Haley K. Essig, $795,000.

Jonquil Cir., 1101-Amy S. Dahm and Virginia Young Sinclair to Sanjeev Jatain, $785,000.

Meadow Shire Lane, 9428-Vikas Chawla and Noelle Mendez Villamil to Thomas and Asheley Dozier, $890,000.

Redberry Ct., 977-Kebin Wen and Chao Peng to Ovidiu and Nadia E. Mihai, $840,000.

Seneca Knoll Dr., 11378-Jacob K. and Tabitha J. Varghese to Omar F. Amin and Fahima Bhatti, $1.15 million.

Walker Rd., 640-John Grivsky to Alexander Lakovlev and Nataliya Lakovleva, $493,000.


Alton Sq., 12903, No. 302-Mahmoud M. Al Khateeb to Andrew Pomeroy, $250,000.

Ashnut Lane, 13146-Charles and Noriko Hoff to Ragunandan Shrikant and Priyadarshini P. Iyengar, $472,500.

Bitter Sweet Ct., 3330-Robert M. and Michelle Leigh Cozzie to Sen Bai and Jing Li, $710,000.

Burwick Dr., 1057-Daniel and Jessica Paul to Brentley Holland and Benjamin Hilt, $509,900.

Capstone Cir., 2148-Dirk W. Snider to Logan Wright, $405,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12929, No. 315-Elmer Chao to Devendra B. Upadhya, $192,500.

Cheviot Dr., 12030-Margretta I. Patrick to Christopher James and Christine Marie Callen, $515,000.

Copper Ridge Dr., 13614-Mark S. and Desiree M. Wilkinson to Vikram Reddy and Anisha Dharshi, $740,000.

Cypress Green Lane, 2415-William J. and Colleen E. McCrary to Sidhartha and Monica Grover, $665,000.

Dulles Ct., 801-Mahammed Z. and Runa Farah Alam to Diego A. Espinoza and Maria Haydee Santos Alvarez, $409,500.

Florida Ave., 549, No. 201-Victoria Ryan to Paul and Marie Florek, $205,000.

Frog Hollow Ct., 13113-Mark William and Barbara Paige Tippett to John William Ritter and Wenting Qin, $690,500.

Glenbrooke Woods Dr., 12504-Linda M. Akbar to Ashish Gandotra, $475,000.

Hollingsworth Terr., 519-Frank J. Vona and Huan Wang to Kayla Anne Sailer, $569,900.

Kingstream Cir., 1583-Ian and Stephanie R. Schoenen to Christopher J. Shirley, $649,900.

Lazy Glen Lane, 13158-Michael S. and Kelly F. Crow to Michael W. and Kristin Webster Maloney, $536,000.

Lyme Bay Dr., 12906-Keith E. and Lori A. Goll to Susmita Murthy, $495,000.

Mcgrane Ct., 3075-Aubrey Leilani and Robert Albert Thomas to David J. Bookbinder, $370,000.

Mockernut Ct., 2964-Estelito T. and Gliceria L. Lumagui to Andrew Steven Wayward and Andrea Lee Hartlage Waynard, $505,000.

Neil Armstrong Ave., 13724, No. 301-Discovery Square Corp. to Barbara E. Mackin, $407,500.

Point Rider Lane, 13325-Chang Wook and Nam Hee Yeo to Justin George and Dhanya Joseph, $539,000.

Rudds Store Pl., 1535-Amy C. Schull to Kyle C. Grassau, $405,000.

Scotsmore Way, 13327-Ngoc D. and Nhu N. Ho to Neeraj Kumar and Chetna Walia, $825,000.

Station St., 892-Michael and Lynn Stewart to Leonard A. and Denise M. Booth, $750,000.

Terra Cotta Cir., 2403-Vijaya Rallanbandi to Sai Ram Mohan Tarigoppula Venkata and Aruna Tarigoppula, $470,000.

Venturi Lane, 13697, No. 246-Harini Srinivasan and Padmanabhan Vangipuram to Raviprasath Ramani, $355,000.

Wheat Meadow Cir., 2471-Suresh Chinta and Siva Sathuluri to Srinivasulu Bollineni and Sunitha Vellore, $443,500.


Edgehill Dr., 5904-Rakesh Gastav and Sylvia Aparicio to Stacy L. Knight, $425,000.

Fenwick Dr., 5645-Julie K. Wagoner to Aby and Kristina S. Thomas, $383,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 804-Saad Rehman and Zehra Shahab to Cesar B. Casal, $420,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 1514-Betsy M. Sprouse to Paul and Carol Jameson, $460,000.

Tremont Dr., 5702-Steven D. and Brenda S. Sprague to Meredith Lee and Dustin Ray Nunn, $611,000.


Belvedere Dr., 7804-Son Thanh Tran and Lien Thuy Nguyen to Brian M. Wahrilich and Robert J. Uzel, $939,000.

Clifton Farm Ct., 8218-Corey L. Tullar to Warren Herschel Jones Jr., $460,000.

Flintstone Rd., 4415-John S. and Kathryn P. Leitzke to Angie L. and James V. Cooper, $479,000.

Huntley Run Pl., 7031, No. 107-Matthew Lee and Crystal M. Russell to Julia Nadine Richardson, $377,000.

Mount Woodley Pl., 7832-Frances Larsen and Veronica Laresen to Deborah Dawit, Ruffo Dawit and Sossina Beyene, $405,000.

Sherwood Hall Lane, 2201-Nicholas Paul and Jennifer Sue Regardie to Kimberly A. Gonzalez, $576,000.

Strawn Ct., 7108-Eric M. Krape to Jose Argueta Ramos and Rosa Mejia, $310,000.


Cheyenne Dr., 6480, No. 201-Long Benjamin and Ginny Ng Loo to Steven S. Kelly and Anne Me Young Choi, $305,000.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 424-Timothy E. Hargrove to Bong Gu Park and Dohee Kim, $421,000.

Kling Dr., 4616-Patrick K. and Melinda Spenner to Jeffrey Nanda and Linda L. Lamtey, $845,000.

Parramore Dr., 6348-Paul S. Dobrusin to David Greenspan, $400,000.

Woodway St., 4322-John and Elise Latawiec to Ashraf A. Hassan, $810,000.


Blue Bird Woods Ct., 8502-Joshua A. and Melanie A. Reagin to Fekadu Amare, $405,000.

Cardinal Woods Ct., 6752-Michael A. Corbin to Maria G. Davenport, $420,000.

Douglas Fir Dr., 8166-Donald E. and Vivian I. Babcock to Bryan and Jennifer Phillips, $705,000.

Gilroy Dr., 8132-Freddie O. Lewis to Joseph and Tatanisha M. Mcqueen, $374,975.

Haines Dr., 9217-Michael A. and Laurie Gilliland to Homa H. and Abdul S. Alimi, $800,000.

Hooes Rd., 8974-Terrence J. and Margaret M. Young to Cameron P. Carney and Ilia M. Irizarry Carney, $720,000.

Kiger St., 8915-Mcshay at Pohick River Corp. to Dung A. and Lan Ha Ly, $835,000.

Laurel Ridge Crossing Rd., 9261-Mark and Helen E. Kremer to Won Mug Sim and Yunkyung Lee, $495,000.

Mooregate Ct., 9514-Sana Waheed to Waheed Ahmed and Talat Waheed, $214,500.

Ridgely Dr., 9101-Ghazala Bashir to Zafar I. Chaudhry and Shabina Firdous, $358,900.

Singleleaf Lane, 8263-Ernest G. and Christine A. Vitello to Gina E. Gigis, $475,000.

Sylvania St., 8805-Mohammad and Ghazala Bashir to Tho Van Duong Andthi Ngo, $529,000.

Whitly Way, 7606-Ronald R. Arnold II to Jeannette Galosmo Pineda and Balamurugan Chandran, $295,000.


Baymeadow Ct., 6602-Jacqueline Desiree Morgan and Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Zengxi and Chengbo Zhou, $1.38 million.

Chain Bridge Ct., 1505-Clinton R. and Svitlana Vasylivna Shiells to Christine Williams, $1.24 million.

Colonial Hills Dr., 1659-Joan M. Cannaday to Kaustubh S. Yadwadkar and Apoorva Acharya, $910,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 902-Ali Doraney to Shoreh Armani and Massoud Amini, $505,000.

Dead Run Dr., 1023-Kurtis J. and Laura H. Guth to Jason A. and Valerie A. Abend, $1.02 million.

Elizabeth Dr., 7028-Hugh E. and Joan H. Veal to J. Scott and Audrey B. Murray, $1.05 million.

Evans Mill Rd., 7248-Judith P. Osha to Kristin D. Conklin, $995,000.

Founders Ridge Lane, 1017-Ursula E. Andreas to Aznive A. and Aladin M. Khleifat, $650,000.

Grace Manor Ct., 2087-Mitchell R. Resnick and Carin E. Langen to Aaron L. and Christina K. Renenger, $2.23 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 905-Mona Shehadeh Guynn and Mary Haddad Shehadeh to Se Kyung Park, $398,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 502-Cecilia M. Ferrin to Simin Mohajer and Mohdi Nourbakhsh, $240,000.

Highwood Dr., 1423-Jacob J. and Jaclyn A. Harper to Rocco Femia, $1.19 million.

Jefferson Pl., 6444-John R. Benton and Narges Zamani to Khosrow K. and Neringa H. Zamani, $865,000.

Kirby Rd., 1614-Anne Jordan Dubrow and Mary M. Jordan to Russell E. Frey and I. Min Chao, $870,000.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 206-Neha Grover to Ghazi I. Hamad, $242,000.

Linway Terr., 6322-Lori Dostourian to Tan Zheng and Yanyan Ji, $863,000.

Mclean Corner Lane, 1507-Xiaoyan Jiang to Jody and Mari Daniel, $1.09 million.

Old Chesterbrook Rd., 6627-Kyungnim Yun to Rocky Ruochen Yuan and Xian Gao, $1.06 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 1103-James A. and Roseann Delaney to Glen Tanjusay, $225,000.

Rosemont Dr., 6826-Alice Lynn Howlett to Farid Naimi, $840,000.

Spoleto Lane, 7712, No. 55-Sonia E. Francioni to Timothy Darst and Aneesha Mehra, $780,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1601, No. 1413-Natosha Kamali to Xinli Zhang, $354,000.

Twisting Tree Lane, 1515-Cuong K. and Catherine James to Nadia B. Charters, $190,000.

Weaver Ave., 6715-BRH01 Corp. to Nistha Sinha and Anupam Bhatnagar, $1.65 million.

Westwind Way, 1835, No. 70-Paul and Kazuvo Wu to John Paul Granos and Rachel Tamor Kirby, $397,888.

Woodacre Dr., 1531-John M. and Diane G. Gillam to Jeremy J. and Gretchen G. Edwards, $1.14 million.


Arendale Sq., 4504-Joseph Nathaniel Banks and Sheryl Denise Banks to Biniam Idriss and Lmya Ahmed, $342,000.

Buckman Rd., 4258, No. 35-Universal Services Inc. to Dinesh K. Suri, $112,000.

Coral Lane, 9422-Peter J. and Kelli Esser to Brian K. and Collen G. Elson, $700,000.

Gibbs St., 3909-Peter W. and Claire D. Webb to Travis Wocelka, $4.43 million.

Highland Lane, 8409-Patricia A. Freeman to Mary Cassidy, $420,000.

Longworthe Sq., 4406-John W. and Melinda L. Caldwell to Roxana Del Carmen Escobar, $315,000.

Mcclelland Pl., 8204-Christian Young Jang to Dennis Alexis Cruz Trejo and Edwin Gutierres Perla, $335,000.

Mount Vernon Landing., 9515-Virginia J. and William Joseph Lacey to Patrick Joseph and Lindsay A. Alexander, $862,500.

Shannons Green Way, 3724-Steven W. Rodgers and Grace M. Papalia to Tracie L. and Ty O. Lassiter, $415,000.

Village Square Dr., 8696, No. 12-Bo Yang to Siva Krishna Vejalla, $145,000.

Woodhue Pl., 3937, No. 17-Aneka P. Carter to Mirael G. Mercado and Maria Patricia Inturias, $157,000.


Braddock Mews Pl., 7013-Dean T. Topodas to Cynthia Guillen Segura and Nancy M.C. Wallace, $471,000.

Countrywood Ct., 7205-Aaron L. and Christina K. Renenger to Mark and Aricca Desmarais, $705,000.

Easton Dr., 5313-Dinh Quoc Nguyen and Yen Oanh Thi Vo to Vivian Luu and Duong T. Nguyen, $471,000.

Foote Lane, 7905-Robert L. and Jacqueline White to Kathy B. Nguyen and Tuhien Ha, $508,000.

Leesville Blvd., 7301-Vladimir I. Perez to Jaqueline Nina Tito and Rene M. Lopez Maldonado, $422,000.

Thames St., 8608-R.R. and Kathrina G. McFarland to Jonathan Y. and April Sabado, $520,000.


Adel Rd., 10410-Kenneth Arzey and Ann Zigo Orem to Maria Guadalupe and Roberto Lorenzo Soria, $650,000.

Fox Mill Rd., 3055-William L. Schmidgall to Douglas Edward Pohlman, $599,900.

Kilkeel Ct., 11005-James Scott Hercik to Thomas A. and Anne M. Pettit, $780,000.

Northview Trail, 11550-Winchester Homes Inc. and Camberley Homes to Neel and Tina Shah, $1.83 million.

Remington Rd., 2709-Joseph A. and Joylyn Evans to Vijay Kumar and Madhavi Jammulamadaka, $960,000.

Stuart Mill Rd., 11311-Dennis G. and Deborah B. Wascom to Emily S. Stone, $737,500.

Turnberry Pl., 10192-Ken F. and Susan Henderson to Moad Alrubaidi, $517,500.

Windwood Farms Dr., 3063-MSM Properties to Richard and Tara Williams, $585,000.


Arbor Glen Way, 11743-Paula D. Montgomery to Nancy B. McCormick, $590,000.

Bayfield Way, 1672-Samuel D. Tootle to Hannah M. and Peter M. Boyer, $365,000.

Black Cap Lane, 2416-Charles K. Snowden to Gary and Darlene Otterson, $679,000.

Center Post Ct., 11206-Donald G. and Melanie R. Stephenson to Arlene C. and George C. Deverman, $745,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1481-Krishna K. Bappanad to Alexandra Tsui, $305,000.

Cross School Rd., 10807-Kevin D. and Kelley D. Bell to Stephen Lu and Andrew Gao, $744,000.

Fairway Dr., 11434-Alexander Lee to William E. and Ann W. King, $519,900.

Garden Wall Cir., 1324, No. 306-Laura A. Carlson to Anandhavalli Krishnaswamy, $285,000.

Generation Dr., 2367-Edward L. Borg Breen and Cheryl J. Borg Breen to Karen R. Catone, $439,000.

Horseferry Ct., 2332-Lisa D. Cosson and Lisa M. Davidson to Nazar and Kathryn Sharunenko, $409,000.

Hunters Run Dr., 2303-David R. and Linda E. Lewis to Kent Spaulding and Joyce Nakamura Barnekov, $293,000.

Ivystone Ct., 11626, No. 3-Christine V. Goeres and Michael J. Luger to Damion O. English, $317,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 1517-Julian M. Setian to Marshall and Suzanne Mandell, $845,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 461-David and Lisa Miree to David K. Lanphear and Sarah Jane Brady, $339,900.

Mossy Creek Lane, 11708-Dwight David and Erin Beth Reynolds to Isaac S. and Shawn Lee Carter, $415,000.

Northgate Sq., 1425, No. 25-Mohammad Owais Malik to Mina Yirga, $215,000.

Oldfield Dr., 10818-Nisha Bains to Jack Yang and Dannielle Warren, $535,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1621, No. 9A/300-Sara A. Traynor and Scott M. Schnurr to Scott M. Schnurr, $230,300.

Purple Sage Dr., 1652-1652PSD Corp. to James Bauerschmidt, $335,000.

Ring Rd., 11037-Kelly Dettra and Kimberly Shipe to Timothy and Ashley Kowalcyk, $600,000.

Salt Kettle Way, 2121-Jack J. Greene to Alpita Guleria, $545,000.

Silentwood Lane, 11204-Maragaret A. Orend to Jonathan Lawrence Nave, $364,450.

Steeplechase Dr., 2629-Bruce L. and Grace S. Woodyard to Sujatha L. and Kathryn Kelly, $700,000.

Stratford House Pl., 11776, No. 1107-Peter A. and Elizabeth N. Poulos to Lewis Finkelstein, Shirley Finkelstein and Finkelstein Family Trust, $729,900.

Summerchase Ct., 1502-Marguerite A. Devereux to Vesna Feltes, $253,000.

Swans Neck Way, 2042-Gary and Sharon Maybarduck to Lily Moezi Vaziri and Behrouz Aliaghaei, $527,500.

Vintage Pl., 1266-Jonathon D. Warga to Kathleen M. Arace, $431,400.

Waterhaven Ct., 11475-Laura K. Pratt to William N. Roseberry, $445,000.

Wild Hawthorn Way, 1221-Gary S. Poole to Jennifer L. Farmer, $532,000.


Arlington Blvd., 6001, No. T15-Anas Benkirane to Maritza Parada, $135,000.

Hazelton St., 3063-3063 Hazelton Street Corp. to Sheryl B. Flum, $825,000.

S. Manchester St., 3100, No. 501-Diego G. and Sofia N. Sanchez to Robert M. Perepiczka and Megan K. Kimmel, $194,900.

Willston Pl., 2909, No. 112-Sushila Wati Singh to Yuly Larrain, $170,000.


Ballyshannon Ct., 7500-Brent D. and Jennie L. Smith to Lorrie Lee and David Owen Eidem, $667,000.

Brutus Ct., 8481-Christina Y. Salinas to Biruk Mekonnen and Tsedenia Bogale, $645,000.

Conservation Dr., 6934-Ronald A. and Lisa J. Hess to Catherine C. and Francis J. Rozario, $561,000.

Essex Ave., 6911-Birgit A. Burton to Austin J. Morgan, $440,000.

Galgate Dr., 7225-Nicky and Kathryn L. Arbia to John R. and Riann M. Ballenger, $525,000.

Gralnick Pl., 7600-William B. and Maureen S. Binger to Juan Carlos Rodriguez and Katherine V. Chaclan Rodriguez, $580,000.

Hampton Manor Pl., 7327-Man Lau and Yu Ling Yang to Ayla R. and Adam J. Levey, $579,000.

Jovin Cir., 8354-Joy Wong to Mohammad Mohsin Bukhari, Sadia Hafeez and Tehmina Rashid, $450,000.

Lake Pleasant Dr., 7930-Timothy F. and Marie F. Davis to David A. and Maliya B. Tillery, $535,000.

Maple Ridge Ave., 8226-Julia Kathleen and Eddie Dean Smith to Walter and Victoria Bottlick, $415,000.

Neuman St., 7209-Balraj K. and Bsljitpal S. Ghuman to Mumtaz Saylab, $776,000.

Northedge Dr., 9212-Frances F. Moran to Christopher A. and Heather T. Molino, $618,500.

Parthian Ct., 7861-Willie A. and Dawn J. Gunn to Naik M., Samira, Mohammad H. and Mohammad H. Yousofzai, $360,000.

Pohick Forest Ct., 8660-Benjamin and Brandi M. Erdtmann to Alvin William Wilson, $619,000.

Running Creek Ct., 8215-Stephen Edward Kewer to Emilio R. and Marlene A. Dicola, $574,900.

Southern Oak Dr., 7612-William J. and Paola V. Stafford to Tim E. and Kimberly M. Hachana, $428,000.

Steven Irving Ct., 9122-Ronald E. and Barbara V. Boenau to Ryan Andrew and Tara Zimmerman Fisher, $559,900.

Whitson Ct., 8711-John R. Malott and Ruth Ann Henline to Jefferson D. and Stacey Smithe, $599,900.


Ashgrove House Lane, 8845-Monalisa Pak and Daniel C. Archer to Alfred J. and Yvonne Chao Badger, $720,000.

Campbell Rd., 9326-Marlies C. Petruccelli and Gisela E. Klose to Julia Bunch and Jonathan Leo Sharma, $699,900.

Ceret Ct. SW, 206-Linda A. and Eric T. Gormsen to Soonki Ji and Jiyun Song, $900,000.

Claudia Ct., 2816-Philip R. Agress to Simoes Lopes and Luciana Ferreira Simoes Lopes, $750,000.

Dellway Lane, 8606-Ombhur Investments Corp. to Shen Zhang and Xingyan Liu, $450,000.

Drexel St., 2519-Michael and Lindsey Mahanna to Matthew Thomas Bialas and Nicole Owens, $640,000.

Galloway Dr., 1700-Leo J. and Lula Z. Koerkenmeier to Bilal and Alison Saab, $770,000.

Hillcrest Dr. SW, 1004-Kenneth S. and Regina A. Tyrrell to Nabil Kaiser and Gule N. Rahi, $1.04 million.

Hunt Valley Dr., 8456-Robert T. Burns to Anna Sidor and Norachai Phisuthikul, $740,000.

Kidwell Ct., 8022-Jaykumar Menon to Ammar Y. Al Amad and Samar H. Alamad, $785,000.

Leesburg Pike., 10249-Lewis and Asma Elmeswari Farsedakis to Masoud Noshad Haghighi and Masomeh Azadi, $1.16 million.

Manhattan Pl., 2663, No. 1-Joann and Larry Lighty to Timothy Hui and Mimi Chen, $485,000.

Merry Oaks Ct., 8027-Tony M. Chehade and Grace Awad to Brian Christopher Grubel, $643,500.

Nanterry Cir. SW, 504-Vienna Development Alliance Corp. to Yong Jin Choe and Kyung Eun Sung, $1.47 million.

Orchard St. NW, 540-Ivy M. and Donald L. Ellis to Christopher and Jaqueline Wirth, $900,000.

Rosewood Hill Dr., 1430-Kevin and Catherine B. Sousa to Matthew and Sally C. Na, $790,000.

Streamview Lane, 9001-Richard and Deborah Meccarielli to Sheng Wen Tang, $904,000.

Wareham Ct., 9420-Andrea and Andrea S. Backman to Steven P. and Amanda Coute, $820,000.

Windsor Meadows Lane, 9200-Thomas P. and Judith A. Grumbly to Michael and Alma Skratulia, $1.01 million.


Wolftrap Rd., 8013-Michael Kavianpour to Rafael A. and Evelyn M. Geigel, $1.04 million.


Bardu Ave., 6208-Ana Aguilar to Mauricio Aguilar Cadima, $510,000.

Blarney Stone Dr., 9148-Anthony Victor Ramirez to Gonzalo Adolfo Goudet Mendez, $335,000.

Eastleigh Ct., 6427-Howard Lee and Pamella Bernice Gray to Ethan Hou, $487,500.

Forest Creek Lane, 6177-Percy H. and Alicie H. White to Andrew R. Delgado, $421,000.

Glen Oaks Ct., 6115-Alfred Alfonso and Ruth A. Gallegos to Maxime C. and Jennifer M. Casteleyn, $580,000.

Haverhill Ct., 6016-Kristopher and Jennifer Pellillo Howard to Roberto Canavosio Zuzelski, $429,000.

Huntsman Blvd., 6618-Pedro D. and Lydia Tavares to Janice Quill, $545,000.

Kerrydale Dr., 6281-Roberto Castillo and Isabel M. Carter to Catherine A. Schymanski, $400,000.

Ohara Ct., 6483-Michael W. Talbot to Daniel T. and Alexandra E. Brooks, $404,000.

Phillip Ct., 6389-Sean P. and Melissa B. McCarthy to Summer J. and Jerred N. Lazar, $635,000.

Rathlin Dr., 6262-Mary L. Norwood to Jason Edwin and Alexis Anne Rager, $418,000.

Rockglen Ct. W., 8008-Scott H. and Lucy H. Sinkular to William J. Hahaj and Elia E. Martinez, $543,600.

Solomon Seal Dr., 7828-Alan E. and Laura N. Bynum to Manuel H. and Ariana Beltran, $504,000.

Tiffany Park Ct., 9058-Bernard D. and Carol A. Ward to David L. and Samantha S. Anstett, $420,000.

Wintercress Lane, 7809-Justin H. and Lisa R. Campbell to Dennis R. and Lisa M. Wokeck, $462,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Bradwater St., 3906-Leslie L. Gutierrez and Cristian M. Korner Fernandez to Yashwant and Shanti Singh, $413,000.

Colony Rd., 9901-Marie B. Turner to Sachin Kumar Lakhani and Paridhi Maheswari, $474,000.

Egan Dr., 3908-Carol B. Drago to Juanito Pastor Dischoso Jr. and Purita Caburnay Dichoso, $480,000.

Fern St., 4114-Kevin Terry to Meagan A. Adamson and Leopoldo J. Torres Williams, $434,900.

Mason St., 3712-John W. and Ellen R. Dorney to Susan L. Truskey, $565,000.

Sherman St., 3227-Julie Finlayson Gideonse to William R. and Nahid Hilger, $540,000.

Wilcoxson Dr., 3885-Scott Elwood and Erin Kathleen Bloom to Xiaohai and Connor Kun Liu, $439,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Cameron Rd. W., 122-Maria Hall Shields to Todd Charles and Kate Killerlain Morrison, $635,000.

Gundry Dr., 261-Shoba Khandagle to Bharat Raj Pathak and Kakoli Ray, $580,000.

Kent St., 302-Ryan and Meredith Bourke to Ryan and Caitlin Cummins, $803,000.

Oak Haven Dr., 613-Christopher Craig and Lisa Doussard Plegge to Robert A. and Catherine S. Wilson, $661,400.

Westmoreland Rd. W., 110-Mark A. and Lisa Alsobrook to Kyle and Donavan Thomas, $725,000.