correction: An earlier version of this listing gave the incorrect sale price for a home at 11308 Antrim Ct. in Great Falls. The home sold for $1.318 million, not $131,800. The listing has been updated.

Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Colfax Ave., 5815-Patrick C. Ross and Laura Rehrmann to Kevin M. Alsop and Kristen C. Powers, $676,000.


Gatewood Dr., 1315-Thomas Herschel and Darlene Francis Cadden to Timothy Glenn and Jeannine P. Dugan, $810,000.

Potomac Ave., 6613, No. A1-Diane J. and Diane Irene Chen to Robert Weidman, $220,000.

10th St., 6621, No. A2-Kevin Jones and Natalie Minton to Johannan D. Levy, $247,450.


Bingley Rd., 6002-Michael T. Rozanski to Heran Kalyie, $440,000.

Candlelight Ct., 3814-David R. and Maureen M. Miller to Curtis and Nancy Bateman, $545,000.

Craft Rd., 6001-Monty G. Fritts II and Elizabeth M. Reed Fritts to Kristen Melson and James Allen, $419,000.

Darby Towne Ct., 7050-Paul Nathaniel Woodhouse and Nahal Kazemi to Kishawna P. Juggins, $495,000.

Donival Sq., 6103-Christian A. and Janet J. Guzzano to Nicholas A. Von Stein and Summer E. Von Stein, $480,927.

Eaton Pl., 4388-Nancy R. Dolan to Karen Gibson and Kenneth Eugene Soto, $830,000.

Essex House Sq., 6063-Kyrie Jig to Nelson, $293,000.

Gildar St., 6556-Amanueil K. Tujuba to Stephen D. and Mallory L. Dreyer, $366,000.

Hayfield Rd., 7712-Lotus Homes Corp. to Jean Pierre Lauzat, $610,000.

Hiddenite Ct., 6610-Gladys M. Handy to Erick M. Dahl, $267,800.

Irwell Lane, 7004, No. 12A-David Slentz to Sheena M. Griffin, $227,000.

Kingsbury Rd., 7613-Kathleen M. Becker to Leo J. and Margaret Hutchison, $500,000.

Mallory Lane, 7311-Vernon and Linda S. Hutton to Clifford A. and Mercedes M. Shelton, $475,940.

Morning Glen Ct., 6520-Susan V. and Brian T. Hatch to Quy T. Nguyen and Nhan A. Pham, $315,000.

Oakwood Lane, 3601-Michael and Pamela Kay Higgins to Glenn P. and Amanda L. Fahrig, $459,900.

Shropshire Ct., 5726-Joseph A. and Greta P. Lehman to Robert T. and Yuko W. Miller, $575,000.

Terrapin Pl., 6045, No. 302-Robert V. Corteville to Daniel Hummel, $319,000.

Upland Dr., 4716-Krissada Vinyoopongphan and Visalinee Pragralrutna to Brett C. and Christine J. Rose, $460,000.

Wickford Dr., 7307-Kurt M. Gutzmann and Dawn C. Barnes to Carla Patricia Martinez, $460,000.

Windham Hill Run, 6247-Frank and Tina James to Kimberly Jacqueline Wilson, $527,970.


Americana Dr., 4923, No. 208-Selim Enterprises Corp. to Hernando A. Crespo and Alvaro A. Ulloa Gonzalez, $160,430.

Crest Dr., 3603-Bradley and Amanda Bingham to Mason Cahill, $504,000.

King Solomon Dr., 4828-Angela Mathieu Gamez to Min Chen and Zuohua Zhang, $550,000.

Linette Lane, 5034-Timothy P. and Michelle L. Petre to Jeremy A. and Jennifer A. King, $590,000.

Monarch Lane, 3378-Joseph Adelbert Ligaya and Caroline L. Chaumont to Kiet Quach, $600,000.

Pleasant Ridge Rd., 3704-Janice R. Crawford to Jonathan E. and Tammy S. Kraft, $780,000.

Starr Jordan Dr., 4316-Walter J. and Gretchen S. Kirsch to Tracy Kamikawa, $550,000.

Varsity Ct., 8502-Frederick B. Purser and Karen Tamayo to Christophe Sean Madison, Shannon Anne Madison and Annie M. Klingebiel, $657,000.

Windy Pines Pl., 7423-Jong Lee II and Hwa Cha Kim to Bruce P. and Julia C. Anderson, $705,000.


Barcroft Mews Ct., 3917-Thomas R. Litijen to Cornelius and Sandra Berry, $639,888.

Ellery Cir., 3518-Hakan and Pinar Kaytar Yurt to Najibullah Khushbin, $485,000.

Lakeside View Dr., 3316, No. 3-7-Kristin Kelly to Samia J. Nassif, $409,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 808-BJS Properties Corp. to Pedro H. Zaiter and Jeffrcy R. Sherman, $259,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 1004S-Jennifer Swalwell to Junguo and Anna Ge Kim, $312,000.

Seminary Rd., 5575, No. 304-Mary E. and Christopher L. Wille to Patrick J. Brown, $309,000.


Barnacle Pl., 7007-Bran T. O'Connor to David W. and Deborah Ann Laub, $655,000.

Bridgetown Pl., 10316, No. 59-Booker M. Taylor III to Monica R. Rodriguez, $330,000.

Burnside Landing Dr., 6065-Simon A. and Gillian S. Macioch to Christopher L. and Molly L. Andersen, $649,000.

Cloverdale Ct., 9489-Henry S. and Punitha H. Suresh to Jonathan J. Campos Luna and Casmpos Azabache, $356,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5930, No. 204-Olga L. Valencia to Dwayne G. Handon, $270,000.

Drifter Ct., 7214-Howard V. Goldman and Lois M. Tarabcik to Theodore J. and Kathleen H. Fenn, $619,000.

Hall St., 5803-Alan G. and Kathleen Ann Young to Ryan Carter, $764,000.

Kara Pl., 5898-Ashley K. and Nathaniel K. Walker to Ricardo R. Rodriguez and Kelsey A. Hodge, $323,170.

Little Cobbler Ct., 9600-Judith A. Strauss to Stephen C. and Grace E. Ma, $570,000.

Mason Bluff Dr., 5746-Roger G. and Denise Lafreniere to Neji Makhlouf, $415,000.

Oak Tanager Ct., 5648-Suzanne M. Sepilian to Karim Elmabri, $315,000.

Powells Landing Rd., 6000-Marianne E. Welton to Mario Diez Sosa, $390,000.

Sanctuary Woods Ct., 6321-Alex Barry Melnkovic to Ankit U. and Khushboo Choksi, $635,000.

Shackle Pl., 6900-Stephen A. and Suzanne W. Mchale to Karen Yvonne Hope, $580,000.

Tibbitt Lane, 5001-Lori Love and Steven Bertran to Karen L. Haas, $288,000.

Velilla Rd., 9703-Kevin R. and Heather A. Taylor to Patricia Ann Nguyen and Jeffrey Ryan Clubb, $569,900.

Wood Mouse Ct., 5727-Rocio Lopez Aguilar and Gladys Aguilar Lopez to Allan K. and Victoria M. Long, $468,000.


Arrowhead Park Dr., 5422-Naveen Kumar Vangala and Shalini Tokala to Robert C. Russell and Michele Adams, $421,375.

Basingstoke Loop, 14854-Anthony Joseph and Jennifer Ann Consumano to Gaby Antoine Roland, $335,000.

Big Yankee Lane, 13914-Michael A. Van Gelder to Eli Bavdon and Amangul Musabay, $300,000.

Castle Harbor Way, 5129, No. 83-Roy R. Barnett to Carolina Salvador Morales, $342,500.

Cheverly Ct., 14617-Yong H. and Taehye Yi to Mohammad Arif Khan and Afsheen Iftikhar, $305,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14305, No. 306-Charles Stockman to Daniel C. Lamb and Alejandra P. Rodriguez Hernandez, $222,000.

Compton Valley Pl., 6822-Kenderick R. Stubbs and Ria Victoria P. Stubbs to Sara G. Ornelas, $379,000.

Creek Branch Ct., 14558-Ronald J. and Susan D. Clark to Jackson S. and Emily A. Burton, $425,000.

Fiery Dawn Dr., 13456-Dong U. Kim and Kyu D. Lee to Mala Sharma, Suriya D. Keovilay and Kungisha Anand, $450,000.

Frankford Cir., 13708-Bruce Marco to Atul Malla and Ashma Shrestha, $625,000.

Glencrest Cir., 14431, No. 126-Richard Michael and Richard M. Meyer to Rodolfo E. Gracia, $300,000.

Hartwood Ct., 14209-Rushi and Saniya Rathod to Jennifer Laura Relyea, $408,000.

Honey Hill Ct., 14140-Chingfang Hsiung to Kai B. and Jennifer M. Blanco, $260,000.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13616-Sharzad Sadozai to Marteen A. Ashparie and Mariam H. Hashimi, $445,000.

Maple Rock Ct., 14351-Terrence S. and Hai F. Hill to James Claude and Cathy Nichols Cocke, $549,990.

Northbourne Dr., 13619-Cary M. and Kata T. Sciorra to David and Melissa Dolenc, $733,500.

Papilion Way, 14336-Cesar Bernardo Jr. and Tammy Tin Ting Chan to Azjargal Byambasuren, $379,900.

Prairie Mallow Lane, 13552-Christopher J. and Karen M. Maruca to Ammara Jafri, Mohamed Safderali and Mohamed Khamji, $475,000.

Rydell Rd., 14802, No. 204-Angelo Valente to Thien Vinh and Keeratiya Quach, $195,000.

Stone Maple Terr., 6757-Mark Muller Jr. to La Tosha Headley, $358,000.

Sully Lake Ct., 14521-Charles Wesley and Caroline K. Green to Abel and Zoila Grijalva Tadesse, $392,500.

Truitt Farm Ct., 5606-Clark N. and Shirley A. Adams to Ildonio Romero Cedillo, $380,000.

Wood Rock Way, 14122-Matthew R. Green to Joyce Taylor, $459,900.


Autumn Vale Ct., 13737, No. 21D-Rosa Smother to Binh Tina T. Pho, $285,000.

Carroll Ct., 3904-William P. and Robin H. Kelly to Hui Xu and Min Shi, $525,000.

Kimberley Glen Ct., 4035-Yarkley M. San Gabriel and Michelle T. San Gabriel to Doo S. and Yong S. Hong, $375,000.

Newport Lane, 13802-Subhash and Saroj Bahl to Kamlendu Nayak, Shivam Nayak and Ram Purohit, $330,000.

Stepney Lane, 13631-Tuan Huu Ngo and Chi Vo to Salya, Krishna P. and Kabita Sapkota, $345,000.


Bluestone Ct., 13609-Van C. and Elizabeth T. Ernest to Garrett M. and Nickie L. Lansberry, $675,000.

Limestone Ct., 13006-Thomas Harvey Bacus to Adam and Susan Bacus, $373,000.

Osprey Ct., 5742-Patricia Prose and Patricia A. Jaconsen to Nikhil Sharma, $316,000.

Springdale Estates Rd., 13215-James R. and Rosa Sills to Jane and James O'Connor, $717,000.

Willow Crossing Ct., 5615-Brian P. and Elizabeth A. Dunphy to Grave Kungyee Huh, $792,000.


Lee Hwy., 6135-R. Charles Fix Jr. and Judith A. Fedder to Fernando A. Barragan and Jessica A. Ghinther, $949,000.

Washington Blvd., 4903-Jerry L. Eisley to Shawn H. Gundrum, $925,000.

Ninth St. N., 5917-William X. and John G. Baranowski to Caroline Cecot and Piotr Pawel Pilarski, $786,000.

18th St. N., 6101-Elegant Investment Group Inc. to Matthew and Michelle M. Edwards, $1.29 million.


Acorn Ridge Ct., 3955-Fannie M. Williams to Dong Phuong Ly and Hang Kooc, $430,000.

Argonne Dr., 4317-Jewelz I. Corp. and Tallia Partnership III to Stanley Y. and Julia C. Chan, $565,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11345, No. 6-208-Bony F. Price to Jingjing Ma, $291,000.

Avondale Dr., 11596-Russell Thomas Roselle to Zhao Lin and Mi Xiao, $564,900.

Barn Swallow Ct., 10600-Vicki L. and Harry J. Thompson to Jeffrey Aaron, Kimberly and Jane Ann Stevens, $669,000.

Berrywood Ct., 5309-Ki Won and Myung Sook Park to Seog Chul Hong and Inkyung Park, $730,000.

Bridgend Run, 12155-Heeyoun Jeon to Young O. and Chung M. Paik, $600,500.

Byrd Dr., 11100-Isaacs Homes Corp. to Geum Sun Park, $480,000.

Carisbrooke Lane, 4671-Vishal M. and Asmita P. Savani to Yasser Hadji Ousman and Lina Alattar, $527,500.

Charles Stewart Dr., 3703-Mark Stewart and Sheri Dee MacDonald to Sanjay K. Ingle and Maria A. Fernandez De Arriaga, $635,000.

Deer Hollow Way, 2931, No. 101-Eunhee Yoon to Joel Hunt, $369,900.

Fairfield House Dr., 12245, No. 400A-Chris Jenkins to Jonathan L. and Michelle S. Haggard, $296,500.

Fieldbrook Pl., 12301-Ammar Ahmed to Makhlouf Shahla, $545,000.

Fountainside Lane, 4138, No. 203-Thomas W. and Cecilia A. Stevens to Narendrakumar R., Jayshree N. and Chandni Desai, $285,000.

Fox Sparrow Ct., 10917-Gary A. and Patricia A. Blabey to Manhui and Yonghee Park Kim, $615,000.

Gilbertson Rd., 4517-Craig A. and Megan L. Holtslander to Scott A. and Joan E. Trapp, $700,900.

Golf Ridge Ct., 12023, No. 301-Melissa Eileen and Aaron Thomas Staley to Keum Hee Kim, Ho Jae Jang and Elisa G. Kim, $295,000.

Grays Pointe Rd., 12920, No. A-Andrea Camacho to Christina Shushani, $236,000.

Heatherford Ct., 5407-Robert E. and Mary E. Puttock to Igin and Tahiya S. Ismat, $710,000.

Hunt Manor Ct., 12708-Jitendra Ramesh Chavan and Himali Belwalkar to Salvador Verkoren and Carla Leona Verwoero, $960,000.

John Ayres Dr., 10670-Michael H. and Pamela S. Williams to John Joseph and Alyssa Coiro, $550,000.

Kings Color Dr., 6102-Scott G. and Dea L. Maroz to Peter Jonas Isaacson and Katherine Doreen Burgess, $695,000.

La Cross Ct., 5528-Christopher M. and Sharon J. Lonergan to Chaitanya and Julia K. Kale, $400,000.

Lavery Ct., 5126-Margaret S. Robinson to Yue and Xiaotong Wang, $528,000.

Lido Pl., 3602-Karen R. Parker to Jeffrey M. and Holli B. Jordan, $785,000.

Luxberry Dr., 4618-Herb and Lisa M. Wamboldt to Mehdi Jedinia and Afrooz Poorhashemi, $535,000.

Maury Rd., 9819-Thomas Arthur and Karen E. Twomey to Kristi K. Church and William R. Church, $1.15 million.

Minton Dr., 4135-Ruth Sanabria to Sabawon Faisal Majeeszada, $574,888.

Mozart Brigade Lane, 4225, No. 89-Gloria A. Hammer to David J. and Carol J. Forster, $265,000.

Ox Hill Rd., 12407-James A. and Karen M. Amoroso to Dyna Heng and Sokrachany Ngim, $640,000.

Paynes Church Dr., 10807-Susan Harkrider to Donald S. and Sohee Chu, $577,550.

Penderview Dr., 3922, No. 328-Danny Z. Marland to Pranovaa Vijaya Kumar, $249,000.

Pine St., 10810-SS Custom Homes Corp. to Abbas and Pamela Yazdani, $1.04 million.

Pommeroy Dr., 5206-Patricia J. Buzzell to Lana N. McKenzie, $550,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 211-SBS Management Corp. to Angela Lee, $320,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 424-Sateen and Mina Moinipanah to Amira Mouna, $306,000.

Quail Creek Lane, 13147-Tyler and Katelyn Carter to Sanjeev and Anita Singh, $446,000.

Richardson Dr., 5129-Mahin Saeedi to Taimoor Saeedi, $450,000.

Rockaway Lane, 11738, No. 102-Shin Kue Ryu and Ji Hae Jang to Robert L. and Tatiana Jordan, $395,000.

Rosemeade Dr., 4022-Suzanne Assari and Mary Ann Burghold to Mark C. Stalcup and Sara Y. Hwang, $548,000.

Royal Worcester Lane, 8652-Ananth and Meena A. Krishnan to Cale and Carly Buxton, $669,500.

Scenic Ridge Trail, 12573-Oladipupo Sijuade to Richard William Kopp, $566,000.

Sleepy Lake Dr., 4237-Charalambos and Panagiota Z. Ferssizidis to Michael and Alexandra Bershad, $455,000.

Sumter Ct., 3702-Michael J. and Lynnda J. Harley to Ismail Sari and Hanane Ei Bennad, $575,000.

Treasure Ct., 4820-Kevin J. O'Sullivan to Stephen Luteran and Elizabeth A. Lutheran, $490,000.

Water Elm Lane, 12242-Joseph S. Jinn to Sadi M. Othman, $568,700.

Wheatstone Dr., 4887-Patrick J. and Marilyn J. Sullivan to Kalsang Dorjee and Sonam Norbu, $560,000.


Briarlynn Ct., 11045-Jack and Mara Harrington to Ashraf Elhwary, $840,000.

Clara Barton Dr., 11533-William E. Robinson and Linda L. Bilotti to Keith Samuel and Kimberly Denielle Lewis, $922,500.

Daysailer Dr., 10603-Gary H. and Diane E. Lindberg to Brendan R. and Beth E. Eagan, $600,090.

Lakeloft Ct., 7703-Paul R. and Marla W. Myrick to Daniel Patrick and Monica Lynn Wait, $800,500.

Park Cir. S., 9707-James P. and Tonna Rogers to James W. and Debra D. Piel, $788,000.

Scarlet Oak Ct., 7309-Shaw K. and Lily L. Zee to Gustavo Enrique Arellano, $780,000.


Annandale Rd., 2856, No. 305-Stefan Rosu to Anh Van Nguyen and Dung T.N. Phan, $185,000.

Birch St., 6950-Celebrity Homes Corp. to Todd D. Tracy and Mary Lou K. Tillotson, $1.39 million.

Carol Lane, 7200-Matthew and Elizabeth Salter to Mariam Said, $546,000.

Dashiell Rd., 3219-Michael S. and Akemi Yamauchi Zdanovich to Duong and Cam Vo, $419,000.

Executive Ave., 3426-Anthony W. and Amy C. Trojan to Mariam Youssef, $624,000.

Jefferson Ave., 6909-Walter and Betsy C. Falcon to Darrell C. Valdez and Kristin J. Roberts, $600,000.

Kincaid Ave., 6803-Brooks Ashby Taylor and Sarah Veronica Payne to Jennifer Lucille Hooker, $539,000.

Lee Hwy., 7609-German and Estela Reyes Gomez to Carlos Villanueva Rodriguez and Blanca Noemi Serrano Portillo, $212,000.

Oak Ridge Rd., 7027-Nathanael Long to Jason P. Weaver and Disney Tanya, $540,000.

Roundtree Rd., 7007-Glenda S. Holcomb to Benjamin Robert and Jacqueline Noisette, $589,000.

Timber Lane, 7228-James Thomas Hanley to Joseph Damien and Kin Ann Burns, $605,000.

Westcott Rd., 6704-Emma Sky Wolf and Karen Ellen Karafin to Nicholas R. Ostrem and Brain A. Thompson, $448,500.


Griffith Rd., 1921-Shane Danner to Mohammad S. and Jamila Rahman, $528,000.

Kings Garden Way, 2150-Carol K. Triplett to Yuan Yao and Wenyan Wang, $700,000.

Marshall Heights Ct., 7796-Katharine E. Willers and Matthew Fullerty to Liying Gu, $574,900.

Savannah St., 7602, No. 2-John Hart Cable to Jack W. Hamm III, $177,500.

33rd St., 6520-Bill B. Baoerjin and Ann C. Wu to Minseung Ahn, $786,000.


Bainbridge Rd., 8131-Jane L. Berkheimer to Eric and Janice Mellette, $540,000.

Darton Dr., 909-Stuart S. and Amy H. Bray to McKay and Jennifer Smith, $815,000.

Falster Rd., 1205-Colleen R. and Charles R. Mallon to Nasim Moalem and Brian J. Mosley, $649,500.

Priscilla Lane, 1000-Dwayne D. and Leslie S. Piepenburg to Poulin Werder, John William Skarin and Allison Adams Skarin, $853,000.

William And Mary Dr., 2311-Christy Witschie to Kristina Schneider and Rebecca McCullough, $450,000.


Antrim Ct., 11308-Mark I. Pinkasovic and Sheree D. Levitsky to Maoqun and Yuyao He, $1.318 million.

Gouldman Lane, 803-John L. and Lee Ann Brownlee to Harold J. Schiller and Heather A. Schhiller, $1.33 million.

Jeffery Rd., 8930-Bryan and Nicole Costa to Benjamin E. and Mshae Alderman Dunham, $825,000.

Patrician Woods Ct., 10504-Gary D. and Patricia Kain to Kenneth O. and Carolyn M. Kuykendall, $2.46 million.

Sugar Meadow Dr., 10714-Colleen C. and Dennis C. Rizzi to Yazdan Shirvany and Mahdieh Hashemi, $618,750.


Air and Space Museum Pkwy., 13669, No. 11K-Chantha Seng to Sailata Katragadda, $535,000.

Autumn Hill Lane, 13159-Dougals M. and Alissa S. Vestal to David M. and Kathryn H. Inkellis, $614,000.

Bicksler Dr., 1133-Maria Roberts and Michael Joy to Stanislav Stanislavov and Dessislava Kopchaliiska, $435,000.

Burwick Dr., 1060-Kevin S. Bolin and Donna Shell to Norma P. and Norman Jean Helsham, $400,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12929, No. 315-Elmer Chao to Devendra B. Upadhya, $192,500.

Cliff Edge Dr., 12535-Thomas Lee Campbell and Robin S.R. Campbell to Leeanne Jackson, $525,000.

Curie Ct., 2432, No. 32-Richard Kofie to Jing and Sherri Liu, $394,000.

Florida Ave., 509, No. T1-Mahmood A. and Adeeba M. Khan to Jose Adam Guardado Miranda and Dina Haydee Gutierrez Ascencio, $205,000.

Glen Taylor Lane, 13307-Dave and Melinda Nahmias to Joseph Gregory and Lu Azar, $840,000.

Grant St., 1354-Alastair Gregory to Christopher M. and Kathleen A. Bunch, $737,000.

Herndon Mill Cir., 143-Diana and Young Hwang to Elham Ghatri, $550,000.

Kinross Cir., 3160-Jerome F. and Ellen G. Kelly to Sudhir Sambrant and Minal Patki, $710,000.

Millbank Way, 12600-Martin L. Humbertson and Suanne E. Huffman to Jeremy Joseph and Tracy Romaine Vanveelen, $500,000.

Neil Armstrong Ave., 13724, No. 403-K. Hovnanian at Residence at Discovery SQ to Barnabas Peter and Shivani Barnabas Madda, $350,000.

Park Ave., 936-David J. and Klysta Goodsell to Thomas and Mekara L. Tighe, $350,000.

Piney Ridge Ct., 3326-Yolanda Quinn and Christina Chuu to Yolanda Y. and Donald J. Quinn, $220,000.

Rock Ridge Rd., 12602-Carl and Sherri Conner to Curtis L. Kirby and Dana L. Hardison, $515,000.

Shallow Ford Rd., 1314-Pradeep and Jayantee P. Ganguly to Cuong Hung Van, Ngan Ha Thi Pham, Anh Viet Tran and Thuy Thi Nguyen, $480,000.

Summerfield Dr., 1226-Charles D. and Marguerite A. Mitchell to Natalie J. Smith, $425,000.

Thistlethorn Dr., 12979-Mark E. Ciomei and Lisa K. Ciomet to Ravi and Deepali Shetwal, $890,000.

Trossack Rd., 12026-Carl and Sarah Deshazior to Laura and Akshay Anikhindi, $439,000.

Wexford Ct., 1310-Golnaz Honey and Nazila Shadmard to Getachew Kenene, $285,000.

Youngs Point Pl., 1546-Richard T. Goulet to Ahmad El-Khatib and Lutfi Z. Kharuf, $449,900.


Burgundy Rd., 3008-Denise Michelle and Michael Phillip Robanos to Richard S. Villanueva, $305,000.

Farmington Dr., 2702-Sara Reese and Sara Wollmacher to Thomas Levi McDivitt, $450,000.

Fort Dr., 2721-Herbert S. and Sara Viera to Philip Rosen, $317,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1328-Herve J. and Renee C. Leboeuf to Giancarlo G. and Kaitlin I. Jacobs, $439,900.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 409-Anne V. Continetti to Veronika Dubinina, $272,000.

Queens Gate Ct., 5805-Kamlesh Chainani to Gregory T. Norton and Alison D. Schwarz, $670,000.


Calderon Ct., 7501, No. 241-Geri L. Johnson to Ma Josefa M. Echaluse and Roberto G. Echaluse, $245,000.

Deer Run Dr., 6810-Roslyn M. Hill to Equity Trust Co. and Kenneth Cunningham, $245,000.

Groveton St., 3406-Platt W. and Cvnthia H. Covington to Sara Lynne Sharick, $415,000.

Mason Grove Ct., 7104, No. 25-Wesley S. Calayag to Cory D. Curran, $389,900.

Nordok Pl., 2406-Ann C. Westover to Christopher David Kamsler and Jennifer Elizabeth Berry, $645,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7511, No. 172-Wells Fargo Bank and Harbor View Mortgage Loan Trust to Ali Rehman, $223,000.

Windbreak Dr., 2448-Luis L. Arias and Buddha Homes Corp. to Paljor Sherpa, $297,000.


Armistead St. N., 517, No. 103-Francisca Celia Brown to Luis Alberto Rivera, $240,000.

Bismach Dr., 5616, No. 4-Joy Craven to Ana Mae Atienza, $225,000.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 306-Phatcharat Bergman and Phatcharat Photijaroen to Anselm J. Dyer, $272,000.

Harrington Falls Lane, 5611, No. T-Joesph and Tatanisha M. Mcqueen to Meron Taressa and Temesghen Isaac, $475,000.

Interlachen Ct., 4561, No. G-Mary M. Wilson to Semere Menghis and Mekdelawit Astatke Bayu, $300,000.

Mitchell St., 5231-Dwayne M. Robison and Raye June McKline Robison to Michael T. and Oya Blevins, $615,000.

River Tweed Lane, 6513-Kurt and Denise Brown to Mary Eva Pokryfki, $575,000.

Summer Leaf Lane, 5441-Jason Lavender to Geoffrey and Devyani J. Cox, $555,000.


Belmont Blvd., 10512-Nickolas Ryan Fierro and Samantha Hope Burrell Fierro to Enrique Ramirez and Jenny C. Lopez Ramirez, $435,000.

Daniel French St., 9503-Nok S. and Mi Suk Kim to Zenash and Rebka Lemma, $635,000.

Furey Rd., 9060-Miguel S. and Patricia L. Buddle to Samuel G. Appiah, $640,000.

Graysons Mill Lane, 7656-James Hopewell to Tommy C. Murray and Leslie A. Dey, $615,000.

Haywood Ave., 9004-Dana and Brian Carnaggio to Ramin R. and Neelab Hakimzada, $774,900.

Kenosha Ct., 8649-Michael J. Kibler and Thamiris V. Palacios Kibler to Nitesh and Aarati Parajuli Khanal, $310,000.

Old Pohick Way, 7362-Manuel Martinez and Herenia Hoyos to Henock Tesfu and Shewit Weldeselasse, $390,000.

Sanderling Way, 8321, No. 25-Katherine B. Shields to Ashton Nicole Schoeppner, $300,000.

Thomas Baxter Pl., 9604-Jae K. and Stephanie J. Yang to Peter L. and Hyon H. Connelly, $500,000.

Yellow Daisy Pl., 8962-S. Bala Krishnan to Carol Ann Gregoire, $474,900.


Baldwin Dr., 1842-James V. Doane to Jeannine M. Doane, $846,000.

Bridle Path Lane, 7700-Arlene S. and David L. Macgillivray to Reid Pierce and Veronica Isabel Collins, $980,000.

Carper St., 1031-Anthony Francis L. Van Vogt and Genie Van Vugt to Tufeng Zhao and Yuqiong Liu, $872,030.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 516-Abdulaziz Alhussein to Farhad R. Alavi, $1.13 million.

Fairway St., 6837-Robert Phelps Jacoby to Kenneth R. and Mary E. Colavito, $875,000.

Forest Lane, 1526-Preston G. and Olivia M. Trible to Ruairi and Kelly A. Grant, $1.32 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 1004-Shelby P. and Edward S. Wilbur to Ellen Y. Kim, $346,000.

Hamel Hill Ct., 7000-Kurt A. and Cynthia L. Carlson to Mazen Bouri and Amal Elmansouri, $104,000.

International Dr., 1641, No. 117-Robert M. Gill Jr. to Gary Jajune Koo, $367,000.

Kurtz Rd., 1241-Ehson T. and Ehson Talohi Aldin to Shabana Mahmood, $755,000.

Linway Terr., 6501-Randolph L. and Christine M. Burns to Dana C. Bain, $965,000.

Park Rd., 6246-James V. Willford and Doris B. Williford to George and Qingyuan Kullavan, $1.32 million.

River Oaks Dr., 7004-Thomas M. Cooper Jr. to Shahiq Khwaja, $975,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1521, No. 10312-Yong Hwan Kim to Gurucharan S. Patwal and Kiran Tallani, $392,000.

Statendam Ct., 7020-Edward S. and Bua T. Jones to Manimaran Ramalingam and Jayanthi Manimaran, $750,000.

Tremayne Pl., 7640, No. 113-Reza Karimi and Fereshteh Keyhani to Daniel Davila, $285,000.

Wemberly Way, 6713-Maureen M. Scalia to Juliann J. Clemente, $1.4 million.

Westwind Way, 1752, No. 108-Erica C. Perez to Semie Youn, $375,000.


Adrienne Dr., 4106-MBD Real Estate Investments Corp. to Mark Kaufmann, $618,000.

Blowing Rock Rd., 8324-Marilyn M. Pate and Dorothy L. Smith to Amanda C.H. Brennan and Edward J. Brennan, $573,000.

Dogue Dr., 8905-Terry L. Shutz and Pilar Carpenter to Loretta R. Lynch, $464,000.

Gateshead Rd., 8608-Finance of America Reverse Corp. and Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to George Wang, $440,900.

Jackson Pl., 4404-Carolyn M. Sable McCrane and Mark Anthoyn Sable to Rachel Sable, $400,000.

Miramonte Pl., 3824, No. 113E-Ahran and Paul McCloskey to Cindy D. Stewart, $199,000.

Pembrook Village Dr., 4375, No. 62-Paramount Investments Corp. to Pedro Frutozo Hernandez, Katherine Yasmin Hernandez, Carolyn Gisela Hernandez and Edilerto Garcia Gallosa, $212,000.

Saint Julia Pl., 8054-Mcshay at Seven Woods Corp. to Adwoa Antwiwaa, $406,000.

Walutes Cir., 8822, No. 19B-MFR Co. Corp. to John and Molly Walker, $159,000.


Dalton Rd., 5219-Beverly R. Knight to Rohina, Camila and Sicander Nasher, $685,000.

Kelvin Pl., 7412-Kurt W. and Beverly P. Archibald to Robert J. Plemons and Shin Hyung E. Ahn, $485,000.

Pillow Lane, 5316-Steven and Sabra Flaherty Decker to Jonathan J. and Rossemilk D. Street, $537,500.

Thames St., 8467-John P. and Jessica M. Dove to Joseph Z. Ewlls and Marisa K. Wells, $565,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10300, No. 7-203-Eskandar Real Estate Investment Corp. to Emily Murawa, $214,000.

Capperton Dr., 9967-Brian and Megan Smith to Joseph D. Earhart and Emily B. Surprise, $394,900.

Graystone Ct., 10427-David Snell to Yiu Kui Law, $426,000.

Lasswade Lane, 2606-Stephanie Smith Lee and Gen Lai Chin Lee to Michele R. Kennedy and Michael E. Gephart, $1.35 million.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10082-Michael D. and Erin M. Shaffer to Yvonne Jih, $335,000.

Samaga Dr., 10506-James F. Bollini and Nancy R. Bollini to Kevin Marshall and Jennifer New, $735,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3179, No. 2-D1-Glory M. Viray to Yong Kyu Sim, $205,000.

Wilson Ave., 2986-John Alton and Kathleen L. Craig to John Jackson and Diana Morgan, $695,000.


Arbor Glen Way, 11721-Matthew S. and Angelise A. Schrader to Christopher Daniel Guerin and Emily Sarah Shapiro, $568,000.

Bayfield Ct., 11790-Julian Carl Nikolaus Fietzek and Deborah J. Drew to Natascha Yabut, $402,000.

Castle Rock Sq., 2216, No. 11C-Kebadu Belachew to Daniel D. Welch, $198,000.

Chancery Station Cir., 12106-Joanne Kathleen Becker to Paul A. and Andy Feicht, $845,900.

Crippen Vale Ct., 10816-Angad Singh and Faiza B. Qadri to Alan Adelman and Mary Winter, $760,000.

Fieldthorn Dr., 1644-Shannon Strassner to Kenneth A. Parrotte, $355,000.

Generation Ct., 11698-Steven J. Avoto to Kellie M. Lavey, $430,000.

Greenbriar Ct., 1622-David and Julie King to Gregory L. and Pamela S. Chesterton, $625,000.

Headlands Cir., 2000-Peter D. Schwartz to Won and Min A. Jun, $415,000.

Hunters Run Dr., 2318-Carmen M. Lawrence to Erin N. Scordellis, $294,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 317-Alicia Anne and Alicia Anne Sutton to Mordechai I. Pinkasovic and Sheree D. Levitsky, $750,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 434-Maria Silvia Madrigal to Carmen M. Lawrence, $357,500.

Newport Spring Ct., 1417-Heather M. and Charles J. Landry to Robert Lawrence McMurtry and Lea Victoire, $470,000.

North Shore Dr., 11743-Patrick James Olaughlin to Simon F. Pickup, $500,000.

Northgate Sq., 1429, No. 29-Federal National Mortgage Association to Douglas M. Staver, $220,000.

Northwind Dr., 1102-Moshe and Ifat Pridan to Matthew Scott and Angelise Amores Schrader, $830,000.

Pepperridge Lane, 1800-Bowling Family Trust and Steven Robert Bowling to Gregory K. and Sara L. Avery, $970,000.

Quail Ridge Ct., 11622-Robert M. and Carole T. Bryan to Matthew Stephen and Megan Glass Toth, $699,900.

Sanibel Dr., 2220-Joseph A.P. Miller and Elizabeth A. Nourse to Emily Davis and John Andrew Aro, $387,000.

Stoneview Sq., 11641, No. 85-Satinder Sethi to Nicole Miya Ogawa, $179,000.

Summer Meadow Lane, 12052-Mark C. and Anni T. Tao to Nicolas Daniel Bernasconi and Stacey E.b. Bernasconi, $610,000.

Thrush Ridge Rd., 11092-Richard R. and Susann L. McClellan to Diane Mauney Hobbs, $829,000.

Wainwright Dr., 1672-Willard Everett and Barbara Janet Fraize to Chris A. Chance and Maureen P. Navarra Chance, $490,000.

Wild Hawthorn Ct., 11530-Douglas and Amanda Johnson to Geoffrey T. Emmer, $540,000.


Colmac Dr., 6205-Smith Family Construction Corp. to Rohan and Allison Prabhu, $650,000.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 924-Elisabeth Anamisis and Norma M. Marotta to Rachid Tazi, $169,900.

Vine Forest Ct., 6195-Sheila M. Tran to Kathy Koizumi, Leonardo M. Ferrerio, Jesse Koizumi, Taro Koizumi and Theresa Koizumi, $530,000.


Arley Dr., 8805-Robin Gayle Lermo and Frank N. Newcomb to Vincent M. and Arceil M. Brown, $620,000.

Backlick Rd., 6818-Omar F. and Romance M. Olumee to Mohammed M., Naim S. and Nyemi M. Hossain, $350,000.

Bonniemill Lane, 7221-Richard T. and Shirley A. Lynch to Michael Borders, $535,000.

Chancellor Way, 7617-Erick K. and Kathy Hyde to William Peter and Ashley Paige Frederick, $540,000.

Crestmont Cir., 8258-Christopher Reed and Pinling Lin to Jonathan Calvi and Luz Marina Siles, $305,000.

Floyd Ave., 7317-Craig P. and Tara Vieth to Walter S. and Ashley Wright Torres, $420,000.

Grandstaff Ct., 8914-Jason T. and Diana C. Nichols to Michael Christopher and Jacqueline M. Mariner, $430,000.

Hidden Knolls Ct., 7387-Kelly Ann Hess to Youngho Chong and Cecil Han, $424,900.

Magic Leaf Rd., 8331-Thomas S. and Cassandra E. Storer to William Gerard and Kathryn Atwell, $680,000.

Milva Lane, 6491-Jennifer L. Edgin to Caroline Guerard Banister and Geoffrey Mwaungulu, $458,000.

Nancemond St., 7507-Sally C. and Richard J. Beecroft to Thomas A. Stone, $435,000.

Plandome Ct., 7101-J. Peter Marrison and Margaret B. Morrison to Eric and Elizabeth Cherkauskas, $589,500.

Raindrop Way, 8274-Douglas F. Johnson and Susan J. Trepczynski to Jeremy Michael and Melissa Ann France, $545,000.

Rippled Creek Ct., 8494-Gene F. Savittiere to Eric Miles Boyer and Jennifer Lynn Gregory Boyer, $470,000.

Rolling Oak Lane, 7331-Jonathan and Christa Fitch to Stephanie D. Allen, $406,000.

Spaniel Rd., 6951-Carl M. and Cynthia A. Gnewuch to Wayne A. and Jeri Clark, $615,000.

Sprouse Ct., 6904-Christopher D. and Season M. Swartz to George A. and Tracy Lloyd, $580,000.

Sweet Gum Pl., 8816-Denise A. Coffey to Gary Ryan and Chihiro Kosugi Kesterson, $470,000.


Adahi Rd. SE, 409-Nathan Jude Brown to Jae Bong and Jinnie Yunjin Sim, $690,000.

Atwood Rd., 9602-Sam and Michiyo Chang to Issam Abu Izz and Dima Yassin, $1.55 million.

Brenner Ct., 9443-David E. and Margaret M. Casey to Denise M. and Michael Nash, $1.4 million.

Casmar St. SE, 130-Sarantis Properties Inc. to Amjad Ashkar, $1.45 million.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 813-Nirvana Y. Diab and Michael C. Westendorff to Eric Kam Sun Chan and Catherine J. Kim, $322,000.

Gingerwood Ct., 1501-Shelley Ann Jimeson and Robert M. Jimeson Jr. to Renato D. Henrioues, $865,000.

Kingsley Rd. SW, 602-Stephen A. and Ann L. Good to Michael C. Good and Asma Sarwary, $535,010.

Leeds Castle Dr., 1591, No. 202-Wael Fahmy and Jussara Fahmy Tanesi to Shereef Elnahal and Marwa Mohamed Kamel, $430,000.

Manhattan Pl., 2713-Lee and Jennifer Hayward to Zezhou Yan and Mengyi Wu, $755,000.

Old Courthouse Rd. NE, 237-Patrick and Veronica Miller to Brian and Gwenyth Nichols, $799,900.

Robnel Pl., 9366-John K. and Ruixia H. Phillips to Lei Zhi and Wenhua Liu, $859,980.

Tapawingo Rd. SW, 618-David Benjamin and Jana Lee Ferrel to Scott Monsefan and Nalan Aksit, $1.05 million.

Ware St. SW, 1111-Glenn T. Rose and Arthur R. Rose to Im Ja Son, $550,000.

Yeonas Dr., 2808-Micheal Jordan to Carson and Siobhan Willett, $575,000.


Shreve Hill Rd., 2392-Naresh S. and Sanjeevani Iyer to Srikanth Neelisetty and Vishala Chandana Maddula, $1.09 million.


Boyd Ct., 7742-Michael A. and Lisa A. Kidwell to Jonathan J. and Margaret D. Chou, $563,000.

Carrleigh Pkwy., 8142, No. 126-Coleman A. Smith Jr. and Denise E. Lewis to Bao Quynh Nguyen, $220,000.

Forrest Hollow Lane, 6020-John H. Tran to Edward D. and Jeannette Kang, $369,900.

Hadlow Dr., 7229-Julian Phan to Trong Duc Le, $500,000.

Lakinhurst Lane, 8504-Paula T. Pierce to Daryl M. and Larisa D. Yarmolovich, $445,000.

Oshad Lane, 9134-Yeon G. Lee and Bong Han Kim to Jana El Hassan, $405,000.

Prince George Dr., 5916, No. 312-Suzanne Pfeiffer to Lisa Marie Donais, $310,000.

Royal Ridge Dr., 5841, No. 947-Thomas D. and Shree L. Kendall to Supakon Tearegkalaph, $230,000.

Shootingstar Dr., 7726-Maurice La Salle Williams and Francine E. Williams to James B. Vancini, $467,000.

Treeside Ct., 7910-Stephen R. and Karin H. Bachhuber to Sylvie S. Ngoue, $385,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Breckinridge Lane, 10403-Emil C. Jesse Jr. to Kenneth J. and Cynthia Wurtemberg, $597,000.

Delegate Ct., 4339-Joseph D. and Carol M. Valent to Brian Stephen Quigley Jr. and Cynthia E. Palomeque De Quigley, $624,888.

Oak Pl., 10506-Saneh Lata Sabharwal to Shaya Omoomi and Maryam Ajandakazad, $690,000.

Roberts Rd., 4020-Kristopher Nollau and Jennifer G. Mack to Yasmin and Firoozeh S. Salehizadeh, $610,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Gundry Dr., 247-Kevin M. Ellis to Pasa and Alica E. Lejlic, $645,000.

Jefferson St. W., 216-Patrick B. Zazzara II to Ryan and Meredith Bourke, $940,000.

Marshall St. W., 113-Erin and Keith Bartlett to Jay and Tricia Visconti, $975,000.

Riley St., 303-Margaretha Backers and Richard Netherton to Nisha Jain and Jay Teitelbaum, $112,900.

Timber Lane, 403-Thomas J. Schultz and Rosemary Ciccarelli to Gina Lynn Wiggins Kennedy and Sean M. Kennedy, $820,000.