Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Dawes Ave., 5707-Labier Realty Group Corp. to Christina Finch and Maria Nieves, $679,000.


Boulevard View, 6602, No. B2-Bobette Gladstein to Patricia A. Hines, $111,790.

Fort Hunt Rd., 6038-Paul Charles and Joanne F. Domson to John A. and Susan B. Bruno, $833,000.

Rebecca Dr., 7424-Olivia S. Paek and William Heaton to Javier and Selva Martin Sanchez, $736,000.

Wakefield Dr. E., 6607, No. B2-N. Carr Stogner and John Anthony Mercurio to Ravic Paul Nijbroek, $205,000.


Ashby Lane, 7505, No. K-Gregory D. Crawley to Hoang Nguyen, $285,000.

Berkshire Dr., 6513-Rebecca M. Guerra to Ahmed H. Elaydy and Nadia Elmdini, $385,000.

Brindle Heath Way, 6825, No. 293-John J. Murphy to Jennifer G. Amato, $289,900.

Castleberg Ct., 7313-Andrew M. Moyer to Eleni P. Theodorakos, $375,000.

Clara Edward Terr., 6214-Margarita Maisonet to Brooke M. Matthews, $522,500.

Curtier Dr., 6007, No. B-RC Investment Trust to Nicole Ares, $320,000.

Dubin Dr., 6250-Robert E. Coyle to Stephen Lawrence and Solmaz Sadaghiani Guille, $552,000.

Essex House Sq., 6052-Terri A. Burroughs to Denise Schellin, $274,999.

Founders Crossing Ct., 5921, No. 204-Rahul Vachhani to Manan H. Desai, $310,000.

Heather Ct., 3707-Cynthia A. Blaine to Celia A. Hall, $397,480.

Hillary Ct., 6309-Kerianne McGraw to Jessica and Brett Petchenick, $385,000.

Jane Way, 5912-Richard Amby and Patricia G. Frederick to Chaiyanet Sadeewong and Maytene Sub R. Pa, $500,000.

Kimberly Anne Way, 5986-Delicia A. Taylor to Bobbo and Michaelle Blakley, $324,900.

Leeward Lane, 5236-Daniel R. and Tong G. Encinas to Damien and Sindokht Alipour, $437,000.

Neville Ct., 5316-Opes Investment Group Corp. to Ayalew Addis Zeleke, $595,000.

Parish Glebe Lane, 6557-Gary N. and Rosaria M. Leong to Jonathan C. and Brooke J. Dornan, $480,000.

Ridge View Dr., 5743-Nicholas J. and Allison A. Stout to Christopher Paul and Cynthia Elizabeth Bodner, $443,000.

Silver Ridge Cir., 6409-Emily Abari and Grace V. Comsti to Wyatt James Becquette IV, $375,000.

Sunderland Ct., 5807-Lorenzo J. Abella to Joshua L. and Amy M. Carter, $625,000.

Telegraph Rd., 6317-James Steven and Kimberly M. Ludwig to Luis R. Marrero, $391,000.

Valley View Dr., 5803-Equity Corp. to Lisa and Horace J. Lasell, $731,150.

Wessex Lane, 5801-April N. and Matthew D. Ross to Brian C. Jozefczyk and Alison A. Dingwall, $600,000.


Americana Dr., 4911, No. 203-Nancy M. Foster to Lynne Buchanan, $150,000.

Andrea Ave., 5000-Vance Martin and Nana Little to Anita Hashmani and Claude Elton, $572,000.

Brook Hills Dr., 4915-Nicholas J. and R. Doyle to Govind N. and Anju Sharma, $1.31 million.

Duncan Dr., 4322-George Steven Ross to Yamah Ghiassi and Nargis Taraki, $515,000.

Holborn Ave., 4225-Stephen W. and Barbara T. Stathis to Jeffrey and Molly Green, $630,000.

Kay Ct., 8405-Edward Weiss and Karen Tovey to Matthew Steven and Sarah Wotherspoon Dennis, $790,000.

Lanier St., 7102-Nevine Younes to Thanh Bui, Bich Van Bui, Bich Van Vu Bui and Thanh Huu Bui, $535,000.

Newcastle Dr., 7607-Cartus Financial Corp. to Michael J. and Elianna S. Tornquist, $945,000.

Patriot Dr., 7837-Eduardo and Rosalba Arevalo to John and Erin Wallace, $317,000.

Sleaford Rd., 4420-William L. Shaffer to Eamonn Martin Bagnall, $641,500.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3300, No. T2-Carlos Almonte to Alejandro Enciso Ororio and Hellen L. Enciso, $200,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 2308S-Munish and Enjoli Goyal to Vikesh K. and Nidhi Bansal, $150,000.

Glen Forest Dr., 5826-Marco A. Velasco and Jorge Guzman to Christopher R. Blackmore, $572,100.

Lakeview Dr., 6444-Michael E. and Linda E. Fishman to Stephen A. Cone and Hyun Joo Sara Kim, $1.52 million.

Madison Pointe Ct., 6101-Anna Lisa Ste Marie to Maria Safavi Hemami, $469,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 1114-Matthew T. Hodge to Sandra T. Farrow, $309,000.

S. George Mason Dr., 3709, No. 910-Fawaz and Sandra L. Alami to Rania Farouq Salah Abbassi, $280,000.

Seminary Rd., 5563, No. 104-Rochelle Friedman and Rochelle Low to Maitram Nguyen, $309,000.


Ashbourn Dr., 9709-Kedest Gebreselassie to Victor Torrez and Karina Roman De Torrez, $345,000.

Britford Dr., 9663-Chucri Abou and Ingrid Abou Rejaili to Bryan Tran, $510,000.

Burke Towne Ct., 5744-Michael G. and Elizabeth A. Cornecelli to Crystal T. Nguyen, $389,000.

Castlebury Ct., 5614-Huong Nguyen to Je Soon Kim, $408,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5908, No. 201-Elizabeth G. Byrnes to Allison A. O’Shea, $282,500.

Devon Lane, 5769-Jeffrey Gamble and Beth L. Strohmayer to Dwayne A. Morris, $435,000.

Hatches Ct., 6109-Leo E. and Mary D. Kringer to Jennifer Rene Jackson Kim and Daniel Chung Youn Kim, $699,900.

Holly Prospect Ct., 9517-John G. and Denise A. McLinn to Manuel J. Uribe and Ann M. Baroco, $726,000.

Lighthouse Lane, 5423-Salahuddin and Nasima A. Mahmood to Lloyd and Tammi Cioffi Rowden, $455,000.

Oakenshaw Ct., 10700-Richard L. Dobson Jr. and Camille A. Bartus to Chad F. and Caroline M. Hennings, $675,000.

Robins Nest Lane, 5815-Tin H. and Jonnie Huynh to Kristina E. Huynh and Jonnie Trung Hai Huynh, $400,000.

William Kirk Lane, 9442-Thomas S. Vesolich and Denise M. Davis to Oksana Valeryevna Mushtatenko, $489,900.


Autumn Cir., 14133-Lawk A. Salih to Elizabeth A. Tweddle, $335,000.

Beaumeadow Ct., 14703-David M. Newport to Vinh Newport and Katherine Nguyen, $411,000.

Clarendon Springs Pl., 5857-Betty W. Ayres to John A. and Vikki B. Ayres, $225,000.

Croatan Dr., 14606-Leslie S. Norris and Johann S. Dettweiler to Collins Family Partnership, $392,500.

Eastcliff Cir., 13719-Matthew Campbell to Garrett Smiley, $470,970.

Flower Hill Dr., 14610-Lori and Louice A. Dellaverson to Shamim and Jawad Wali, $390,000.

Goldmoore Ct., 5419-Laura S. Caldwell to Michael S. Griffith and Megan R. Pettry, $515,000.

Grisby House Ct., 5932-Hiep X. Dinh to Cathryn Mach, $318,000.

Jaslow St., 14921-Sue Ellen Pomplin to Ahmad Said and Mohammad Ayaz, $466,000.

Kamputa Dr., 14711-Darcy Dawn Justen and Darcy Harvey to Ramona and Todd Enoch, $500,000.

Manassas Gap Ct., 14407-Karen Armstrong to Monica N. Carlson and Christopher M. Thiem, $284,900.

Pittman Ct., 14502-Deborah Ann Thurman to Olubunmi Ajoke Olukoya, $430,000.

Rydell Rd., 14807, No. B1-Monique Lovelace to Gerardo Miguel Gervasi and Ingrid Marrou Samaniego, $188,900.

Sheals Lane, 5631-Michael Min to Mujahid Zagade, $525,000.

Tanners House Way, 13974-Ivan H. and Mi E. Lee to Eun Ok Lee, $515,000.

Truro Parish Ct., 14553-Nelson and Stephanie Marie Tang to David Robert Fiallo and Dhaakira Bilqees Mays, $287,500.

White Post Rd., 6710-William H. and Dianne R. Wood to Jason R. and Tracey L. Sanderson, $680,000.

Woven Willow Lane, 14256, No. 61-Ali M. and Rahela Quraishi to Kyung S. Lee, $327,000.


Black Gum Ct., 13420-Rhonda and Bruce A. Hopkins to Sarah M. and Phillip M. Storch, $745,000.

Fallen Oak Ct., 13523-Mitchell S. and Sylvia K. Harrow to Mark David and Cassey Ann Gibson, $700,000.

Louise Ave., 3786-Jimmy and Nisha Mehra to Madhuvarma V. and Charitha Penmetsa, $690,000.

Placid Lake Ct., 4120, No. 66E-Brian Bosler and Katherine Tatman to Joanna H. Kim and Unju S. Goetemann, $240,000.

Springhaven Dr., 13715-Eric Zidenberg to Toni Ann Ignacio and Charly Bobis, $499,000.

Winter Harbor Ct., 4122-Mark I. Warmeling Jr. to Kevin and Laura Fechser, $272,000.


Clifton Hunt Dr., 12405-John C. and Anna B. Shearer to Frederic J. and Carole B. Jacoby, $850,000.

Harrier Dr., 5744-John D. Eastman to Kevin C. and Trevor L. House, $344,500.

Orchard Dr., 13545, No. 3545-Susan M. Scibetta to Mary K. Cordner, $205,000.

Redlac Dr., 7001-Scott and Cynthia Gunderson to Sian R. Griffiths and Austin G. Long, $779,500.

Sierra Dr., 13554-Alireza Maghsoudi to Marina Alejandra Ulecia Sanz and Oscar Gerardo Mejia Rodriguez, $375,000.


Kentucky St. N., 1525-Robert S. and Marta M. Cahill to Peter J. and Ynthia R. Salavantis, $1.06 million.

Nottingham St. N., 2303-Adam Di Vincenzo and Marilyn McCauley to Margo R. Deckard and Charles Miller, $1.33 million.

19th Rd. N., 6731-Jennings P. and Beth A. Decker to Robert Fagliarone, $835,000.


Aristotle Dr., 11319, No. 3-305-Soohyun Lim to Xu Yu Zeng, $319,500.

Autumn Woods Way, 13058, No. 102-Divetimento Corp. to Alan and Mary E. Reifsnyder, $267,000.

Belle Cote Lane, 13091-Paul F. Villella to Swaminathan B. and Shruti Iyer, $1.5 million.

Blair Ridge Rd., 12314-Patrick Lynn and Kathy Lynn Thomas to David T. Truong and Kathy L. Chang, $1.05 million.

Buckeye Lane, 3321-Michael Dean and Kathryn Y. Gorder to Venkatesan Krishnaswamy and Vidya Venkatesan, $404,900.

Caronia Way, 4720-Chad and Alanna C. Williams to Hyekyung Kim, $490,000.

Charles Stewart Dr., 3810-Georges and Maeghan Traboulsi to Brigitte, Carmine R. and Michael J. Zarlenga, $675,000.

Corot Ct., 5521-Angela J.D. Brown and Jonathan J. Brown to Amal Hassan, $500,000.

Dogwood Hills Lane, 12810-Phillip J. and Victoria W. Moy to Anthony R. Philip and Sophia J. Antony, $560,000.

Fair Crest Ct., 12709-Alexis G. Preston and Alexis Georgelakos to Benjamin, Todd and Laura Watanabe, $302,000.

Faircrest Ct., 12655, No. 304-Ralph E. Horvath and Cathleen A. Campbell to Harish Nalinakshan and Anurudha Ramamoorthy, $305,000.

Fox Lake Dr., 4259-Protiva Property Management Corp. to Athena Shrestha Prajapati, $429,900.

Guinea Rd., 5404-Cassondra Walker to Benjamin Thomas and Emily Basham, $524,000.

Headly Ct., 10412-Matthew Van and Kelly Van Parys to Michael Scott and Debra Yvonne Simpson, $626,500.

Hollowview Ct., 4300-Thanhand Hau Nguyen to Ivan R. and Patricia A. Ramirez, $535,000.

John Turley Pl., 10716-Mila D. and Paul D. Werner to Chinyere and Anietie Umoh, $610,000.

Kingsbridge Dr., 9712, No. 303-Christine L. Hoffman and Christine L. Holt to Cameron T. Smith, $183,000.

Lemon Mint Ct., 9319-NVR Inc. to Jun Young Pak and Chi Ho Yoon, $771,788.

Limoges Dr., 9808-Ronald S. Petricka and Mary V. Werz Petricka to Antonio J. and Tracey H. Mendez, $745,000.

Madeley Ct., 12806-Thomas W. Shoemaker to Harinder S. Gill and Wenjuan Wang, $495,000.

Market Commons Dr., 4490, No. 411-Terry P. Krawchuk to Dhirubhai N. Thaker and Bhawana D. Thaker, $275,100.

Memory Lane, 13204-Dan Eric and Holly Jean Kratt to Raul and Norma Zacate, $535,000.

Olley Lane, 4308-Hoori Khandani to Ryan M. Conington and Sandra M. Covington, $595,000.

Parkside Dr., 11929-Ronald Davis and Dariene Radley to Xi Deng and Tingting Zhang, $730,000.

Paynes Church Dr., 10828-Susan B. Otto to Kee Hean Ong and Sok Fan Lai, $650,000.

Penderview Terr., 12156, No. 1238-Michael John and John H. Martel to Kenneth T. Lan, Suwei Zhao and George G. Lan, $250,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 143-Manuel R. and Amber L. Marez to Moira M. McGuinness, $335,000.

Rumsey Pl., 5420-John P. and Patti A. Rubel to Anthony J. and Jennifer Parker, $607,000.

Sideburn Ct., 10504-Stefan R. and Kristin E. Falke to Patrick W. and Anna Elizabeth Boyd, $800,000.

Sleepy Lake Dr., 4241-Michael J. and Lindsey E. Duganich to Andre Torin Jones and Lia Nicole Flur, $465,000.

Starling Ct., 13047-Warren C. Reid to Matthew Madenjian, $559,000.

Sunflower Lane, 11402-William L. and Cynthia M. Underwood to Matthew Andrew and Barbara Shedd, $480,000.

Thompson Park Lane, 2992-Roger T. Mullins and Caroline A. Simkins Mullins to Ricken and Caitlin F. Shah, $685,000.

Zinnia Lane, 4160-Jason and Yen Yuen to Binaya Raj and Sarita Adhikari, $495,000.


Cardinal Rose Ct., 8409-John R. and Patricia A. Herbert to Hiwa F. and Galawish Merani, $1.2 million.

Deuaughn Ct., 11152-James P. and Patricia L. Kearney to William T. and Christine M. McDermott, $648,550.

Lilting Lane, 11562-Eliza Culberson Cocke to Gary A. and Patricia A. Blabey, $835,000.

South Valley Dr., 7505-Glenn M. Girdharry and Melissa C. Vallillo to Mark C. Hogsett and Heather E. Hogsett, $890,000.

Triple Ridge Rd., 8925-Joseph J. and Abigail W. Howard to Brian Jeffrey and Jasmine Pratap Gaverth, $588,500.


Arlington Blvd., 6745-Andy Nguyen to Binh Q. Phan and Trang Doan, $335,000.

Chrisland Cove, 7563-Ashley R. Dilworth and Vincent P. Vieules to Myra Hernandez and Alexander Nydal, $474,000.

Elm Terr., 3315-Deborah S. Kassilke and Francis Patrick White to Robyn Elaine Johnston Laporte and Craig Robert Laporte, $737,000.

Gary Ct., 3207-Stephenie M. and William H. Pacheco to Ryan McGeady and Sarah Bayliff, $432,000.

Hickory Hill Rd., 7009-Kelly Rae Ozolek Cella and Kelly Rae Ozolek to Erin M. Olson, $725,000.

Inversham Dr., 7759, No. 245-Juanita Cerdas to Jong Ho Lee and Koan Hee Park, $318,000.

Lee Hwy., 7376, No. 76-Christy Ellis to Caset Campbell, $168,000.

Nealon Dr., 3229-David T. Proctor and Shannon De Troeyer to Ginger G. Rittenhouse, $515,000.

Pathway Ct., 3307-Nancy J. Norris to James E. and Amanda W. Hague, $575,000.

Seven Oaks Ct., 6408-Susan Dernik to Barbara Ohmke, $570,000.

Thomas Ct., 3502-Aaron M. Sayne and Rebecca Elliott to Michael and Theresa Coleson, $505,000.

Westfall Pl., 3020-Kathy L. and James D. Dinh to John Dang and Vu Dang Nguyen, $700,000.

Willow St., 6915-Andrew Winerman and Olga Nejikovsky to Grigor Sargsyan and Nona Avetisyan, $1.04 million.


Bethune St., 7419-Merion Homes Pimmit Corp. to Sridhar Dronamraju and Lata Girdhari Ahuja, $1.14 million.

Fallsmere Ct., 2514-Ataya Z. and Jean S. Saade to Timothy Shear and Asmeret D. Asghedom, $700,000.

Herrell Ct., 2530-Theresa Marie Murphy and Mary Frances James to Dolly M. Aguilar, $455,000.

Kings Garden Way, 2114-Jatgdish Kumar and Sneh Bala Bahal to Brittany Collins, $742,000.

Mclean Province Cir., 6871-Steven D. Meyer to Andrey Gennadiyevich Leonov and Olga Viktorovna Leonova, $765,000.

Paxton Rd., 7334-Martha C. and Martha M. Coello to Roque M. Juvinel, $540,000.

Roosevelt St., 6512-835 Elden Street Corp. to Vecna Vishwantha and James Ethan Bourke, $1.37 million.

33rd St., 6471-Mare Development Group Corp. to James and Robbie Norton, $1.6 million.


Bluedale St., 8714-John Dinardo and Holly M. Barrios to Matthew and Katherien Upton, $655,000.

Camden St., 8708-Northern Virginia Investments Corp. to Meher J. Dalal, $715,000.

Fairfax Rd., 8065-Evelyn P. Dahm to Oliver and Lindsay Schipper, $930,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 8705-Deutsche Bank to Luann Wonders, $521,754.

Masters Ct., 8420-Chad and Sally Brewer to Thomas and Sarah Binion, $690,000.

Wellington Rd., 8043-Steven Bache to Kathryan and Brandon Camilier, $680,000.


Aaron Ct., 812-Sheila A. and Andrew Woessner to Zehra P. and Philip Gaudiano, $970,000.

Columbine St., 10008-Titshing Alan and Anna Marie Li to Nazith A. Kimbawi and Nada Hasan Kimblawi, $788,000.

Forest Park Rd., 705-Pierrick A. Burgain and Helene T. Gleser to Alexander B. and Christina Layton, $865,000.

Inglish Mill Dr., 11318-John Townsend Cantrick to Brian W. and Julie A. Burke, $1.31 million.

Lunenburg Rd., 805-G. Allen and Kara A. Hicks to Thomas R. and Lyn F. Fay, $885,000.

Tackroom Lane, 9604-William F. Glazer and Rose Marie E. Glazer to Paul C. and Lisa L. Cuomo, $152,000.


Alton Sq., 12913, No. 109-Robin P. and Laura C. Riviere to Srinivas and Sarojini Manjusha Attili, $188,000.

Bronze Stone Pl., 2505-Prakash Venkoba and Gigi George to Sanjaykumar Patel, $432,000.

Cedar Chase Rd., 11611-Lora Voas Randolph to Jeffrey L. and Amy L. Haskill, $1.19 million.

Centre Park Cir., 12958, No. 318-William J. Alvarez to Sanu Babu, $290,000.

Curie Ct., 2497, No. 112-Kelly Slaughter and Kelly Michelle Dyer to Priya Mocherla and Pankhuri Arora, $384,000.

Exbury St., 12271-Robert A. and Carol E. Watson to C. Matthew Corbett, $575,000.

Folley Lick Ct., 1600-Howard Mendelson to Dakota Campbell, $445,000.

Gilman Ct., 1236-Kapri G. Kupper to Keith D. and Michelle B. Bergstresser, $810,000.

Hidden Meadow Ct., 13417-Daniel J. and Lenee Salmon to Vimalkumar Coimbatore Sundaram and Nalini Chandrakumar, $720,000.

Mansway Dr., 2776-Gene Collin and Anisa Mechler to Andrew G. Wright and Allison K. Fahr, $675,000.

Meadow Hall Dr., 2624-Brian D. and Leslie P. Roe to Han N. Kim and Jonathan A. Yates, $740,000.

Moffett Forge Rd., 846-William Thomas and Tina Marie Batt to Mahesh Natarajan and Rini Dutta, $575,000.

Quick St., 2492, No. 303-McGinnis Family Rental Corp. to Harshith Donthula and Sneha Karka, $290,000.

Richland Lane, 11932-Douglas A. and Mary Janet Ball to Joy J. Jackson Jones and William C. Jones, $943,000.

Shaker Dr., 1225-David B. and Johanna M. Debrecht to William E. and Elizabeth T. Doyle, $880,000.

Stone Heather Ct., 3348-Melanie B. Diantonio to Abraham Usher, $395,000.

Summerset Pl., 1518-Shakeel W. and Aleea F. Khan to Zachary Cyrus Affrin and Sara Camilla Williams, $600,001.

Turberville Lane, 12816-Sheila and Steven C. Mentzer to Yi Wen and Xiaojun Wang, $580,000.

Willow Glen Ct., 12816-Jason L. and Bonnie A. Stern to Paul Nicholas Kashchy and Karen Michelle Kahschy, $675,000.


Berkshire Ct., 5846-Mary M. Murdock to Diamantina and Peter Macon, $455,000.

Farrington Ave., 2224-Hallie Meushaw and Arthur C. Meushaw Trust III to William and Oksana Stewart, $345,000.

Huntington Ave., 2521-Julie and Jason C. Ziemienski to Lirong Lin, $191,500.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1017-Katie A. Pittman to Anita Ready, $362,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 808-Eugene L. and Adeline R. Krizek to Syevia A. Cikins, $420,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 1118-Tina Woods Smith and Mary Gordon Woods to Mary Helen Clark and David Fishman, $499,000.

School St., 2812-Juan F. Chicas to Brian N. O’Donnell and Yaneli C. Rodriguez, $405,000.


Bayberry Dr., 7900-Hugo A. and Flora Cespedes to Maria Del Rosario Cespedes, Paola J. Cespedes and Veronica Sheila Saavedra, $930,000.

Leric Lane, 7531-Eric George and Kara A. Schonberger to Logan K. and Jami H. Davis, $900,000.

Parsons Ct., 7239-Alexis K. Cox to Elizabeth Ann Lane, $305,000.

Stover Ct., 7204-Yong Ja Lee to Daniel Joseph Watts and Katherine Nicole Treichel, $354,000.


Birds View Lane, 5314, No. 2-Ryland Dodge to Leah Waller, $370,000.

Cypress Point Rd., 6571-Margaret H. Rivera to Svott J. and Kathryn J. Shartzer, $427,500.

Gwyn Pl., 5514-Lawrence Deigh to Roger C. and Susan S. Grooms, $394,580.

Jupiter Hills Cir., 6611, No. H-Kenneth W. and Susan C. Simpson to Richard W. Shelton and Brend J. King, $295,000.

Quantrell Ave., 5801, No. 203-Donald F. and Marcia N. Hermann to Clayton and Brooke Morgan, $165,000.

Quantrell Ave., 5927, No. T3-Don Eric Bonds and Madelyn E. Smith to Jose R. and Glenda L. Lopez, $140,000.

Virginia St., 4912-Danielle M. Verna to Juan Peredo, $490,000.


Birch Bay Cir., 8977-Wahid M. Azimi to Ajaz H. Siddiqi and Ambreen Hameed, $730,000.

Cardinal Woods Ct., 6749-Lawrence H. Follen to Justin G. Harper and Amanda R. Crean, $35,500.

Grandwind Dr., 7778-J&T Home Design Corp. to Steve M. and Julie M. Forde, $610,000.

Halley Ct., 8185, No. 302-Karen Green and Karen L. Clements to Philip Allen Magill, $232,000.

Koluder Ct., 8542-Maya L. Nardone and Maya Lawrence to Sandor E. and Amy R. Duarte, $299,000.

Paper Birch Dr., 8070-Antony and Cara Rodriguez to Chin H. and Sophia H. Kong, $798,000.

Potters Hill Cir., 9670-Jennifer Kumhwa Waudby to Ronald Cory Young and Nahid Nasseh, $470,000.

Stationhouse Ct., 8372-Valeria and Lidiya Medvinsky to Yoel Ocubaghebriel, $385,000.

Wolford Way, 7686-Susan Lee Meeks to Francisco Javier Garcia and Ana Delis Yanes, $359,999.


Bellamine Ct., 6501-Luz Maria Placious Bhanji to David C. and Lorri Vass Jacobs, $1.1 million.

Chain Bridge Rd., 1781, No. 202-John C. and John Congleton Ohly to Kathleen M. Bavely, $755,000.

Colonial Hills Dr., 1630-Bruce A. and Jean M. Urban to Jack Queen, $865,000.

Dunsinane Ct., 8205-Gregory B. and Tanya M. Meyer to Ying Sheng, $123,000.

Forest Lane, 1623-Touchstone Custom Homes Corp. to James Crawford and Lauren Sandberg, $1.9 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 212-Helen Edwina McLean to Nima Khamooshi, $439,900.

Ingleside Ave., 1434-William J. and Cynthia S. Mutryn to Daniel K. and Mary Acton, $1.2 million.

Longfellow St., 1600-Georgetwon Construction Group Corp. to Arnold B. Podgorsky and Christina Larsen, $1.9 million.

Madison Mclean Dr., 6652-Charles David and Nancy Wolf Guilliams to Xue Bai, $900,000.

Noble Dr., 6440-Daniel S. Krugles and Karen Susan Krugler to Fabrice Czarnecki and Ming Feng Chin, $820,000.

Old Maple Sq., 7444-Mary Lou Shehadi to John W. Larmer II and Larmer Family Dynasty Trust, $1.81 million.

Pathfinder Lane, 1409-Connie Gore Dyer to Ahmed B. Pasha, $850,000.

Saint Albans Rd., 6834-Duchess Investment Corp. to Coke Morgan Stewart and Brad M. Freedman, $1.3 million.

Walden Dr., 1502-Steve Dang and Liem Nguyen to Hailey Hyejin and Hyung Joon Kim, $999,875.

Wilson Lane, 1925, No. T1-NMK Real Estates Corp. to Jacqueline Bond, $261,000.


Anne Tucker Lane, 8805-Stuart C. McArthur Jr. to Jason and Stephanie Kasparek, $625,000.

Byers Dr., 8407-Lainie A. and Robert C. Kral to Daniel R. and Kimberly B. Eldred, $409,900.

Donelson St., 7907-Jerel and Silvia Pehl to Timothy S. Stehle and Michelle Huber, $490,000.

Imperial St., 8007-Jack R. Filipovich and Karla Jean Barnes to Maria Herninida Perdomo and Jose Raul Villalta, $365,000.

Manzanita Pl., 3854, No. 62-A-Carlos Jhonny Panozo Romero and Maria Karina Rios Vargas to Gregorio Granados Ventura, $190,000.

Sausalito Pl., 7945, No. 25B-Selvin Martinez and Dilcia E. Argueta to Marcelino M. Torres and Milagro Elizabeth Flores, $205,000.

Southlawn Ct., 8547-Hai Thanh and Huong Nguyen Huynh to Elise Faith Bender, $306,000.

Woodhue Pl., 3931-Equity Trust Co. and James D. Turner to Knukeata Hope, $170,000.


Burke Lake Rd., 8927-Kevin Robert and Ann Lamond Schramm to Adam Sharif, $480,000.

Ellet Rd., 7909-Konstantine Sarakinis to Meseret Desta and Asefa Berhanu, $570,000.

Kirkham Ct., 5640-Patricia Blau Reusss to Greg Thomas and Kathryn Ellen Haas, $425,000.

Ravensworth Rd., 5305-Anh Hong Do and Kim Dung Thi Nguyen to Alcibiadez Honor Perez and Sucy M. Sagardia Rea, $460,000.

Thames St., 8416-Gail G. Morseburg to Diep Thanh Hong Luu, $400,000.

Victoria Rd., 8649-Anthony C. Moscato and Albert B. Petrasek to Patrick and Lauren S. Day, $525,000.


Capperton Dr., 9927-9927 Capperton Corp. to Nicholas P. and Lori A. Morgan, $384,900.

Hunter Ridge Dr., 10401-Shahidul Hasan and Nasiba Azra Mannan to Han Tok and Myong Sun Yi, $675,000.

Lyrac St., 3438-Landy T. and Patricia K. Nelson to Frederick W. and Patricia A. Taeger, $855,000.

Saddlestone Ct., 3319-William C. and Christina L. Ostendorff to Jialing Peng and Brian J. Smith, $740,000.

Tate Ct., 10104-Julie and Jason C. Ziemienski to Lirong Lin, $191,500.

Waples Mill Rd., 11406-Bruce A. Martin and Martin Trust to Scott Michael Slivko and Nicoleta Maria Chiriac, $699,500.


Barnstead Dr., 1666-Jeffrey and Amy R. Gill to Roodly Montfort, $410,000.

Black Fir Ct., 2615-Joseph Bocchiaro III to Scott S. Fricker, $720,000.

Bright Pond Lane, 11225-Walter E. and Jean Kay Shill to Sumukha Ravishankar and Ravi Shankar, $1.35 million.

Clipstone Lane, 11603-Eric M. and Amy B. Guerber to David and Ruth Swartzbaugh, $740,000.

Dorrance Ct., 12200-Steven Bradley and Kenneth R. Thornton to Duane L. and Stacey G. Berlin, $1 million.

Freetown Ct., 2321, No. 24-Indu Aggarwal to Masud Ahsan and Syeda Habiba, $160,000.

Glade Bank Way, 2323-Bradley F. and Karen M. Hodson to Lisa Ann Paredes, $438,000.

Golf Course Sq., 11605-Jane E. Hixson to Katelyn N. Soulard and Logan Oshaughnessy, $411,000.

Gunsmith Sq., 2223-Robert T. O’Flaherty and Gladys T. O’Flaherty to Christopher M. Dore and Paul E. Tonden, $386,000.

Harpers Square Ct., 10972-John B. and Rosie B. Geib to Daniel W. Caprio Jr. and Nancy A. Lukatch, $470,000.

Hemingway Dr., 11540-Ke Ning and Yi Su to Eran Rozenfeld and Maya Ben Asher Rozenfeld, $650,000.

Ledura Ct., 11733, No. 101-Anne C. and Kevin P. Komatz to Alex Marcel Van Massenhove, $235,000.

Lovedale Lane, 2225, No. 310A-Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Wei Zhou and Weiwei Feng, $226,000.

Night Star Way, 11411-Lisa T. and Troy S. Miller to Jaleh Sadeghzadeh, $860,000.

Penny Royal Lane, 2519-David P. and Lisa S. Collins to Prabla Ayala, $530,000.

Saffold Way, 11021-James D. and Barbara K. Degoey to Lydia Coplin, $435,000.

Stockbridge Lane, 11678-David A. Reynolds to John P. Holloway Jr., $630,000.

Summer House Ct., 11415-Dan R. and Mary K. Salenger to Ralph C. and Miriam Wolman, $600,000.

Tottenham Ct., 1210-Kimberly R. Truitt to John J. Bevilacqua III and Abigail H. Davdson, $139,000.

Vantage Hill Rd., 11602, No. 12-B-Justin Devin Brown to Kathryn Hitchcock, $168,000.

Windleaf Dr., 1305, No. 171-Nauzer H. Mistry to Amy M. Pulupa, $357,404.


Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 505-Huyen Chau Thi Nguyen to Dang Tuan and Dan Thanh Tran, $170,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 3216-Patricia J. and Patricia Hall Shattuck to Jonathan Michael Storment and Jennifer S. Korn, $595,000.


Brandeis Way, 7770-Noriko Coates to Daniel Richard Haagen, $355,000.

Clearbrook Dr., 6109-David E. Runner to Mohammed Ismail Huda and Rashida Begum, $495,000.

Doncaster St., 7204-Adam M. and Elisheva H. Samuels to Canh Van and Khang Duy Nguyen, $470,000.

Gambel Oak Dr., 8537-Michael K. Teferi and Mahlet A. Abraham to Mendy J. Frank, $420,000.

Huntsman Blvd., 7810-Nancy J. and Gary L. Bashaw to Raphael S. and Samantha L. Oum, $710,000.

Oak Field Ct., 7673-David D. and Elizabeth S. Bates to Imran M. Baig, Rahima Imran and Marium Imran, $755,000.

Ridge Creek Way, 8119-Kerry C. and Alice B. Kachejian to Eric R. and Allison J. Miller, $805,000.

Tangier Dr., 7780-Robert L. and Mendy Frank to Tyler and Mary Collen Howell, $562,500.

Whitson Ct., 8721-Michael R. and Barbara M. Farrar to William F. and Cynthia E. Youssef, $610,000.


Ashgrove House Lane, 8833-Charles A. Arnold to Seyed Hassan Rouholamin and Nastaran Rezaie, $720,000.

Bellforest Ct., 2710, No. 407-Nina Bhambri Schill and Nina Bhambri to Andrew Hong K. Kim, $265,000.

Carnegie Hall Ct., 8181, No. 105-Alan Alexander and Faye Saharkhiz to Lorenzo Saquic, $249,900.

Church St. NE, 248-Sarantis Properties Inc. to Peter D. and Katherine S. Greenspun, $1.9 million.

Dellway Lane, 8581-Garrett W. and Leecie P. Brown to Adele Critchley and David Hoang, $475,000.

Elmar Dr. SE, 213-David Scott Esquire Solo to Roland Carter Wood III and Chares U. Martinez, $785,000.

Leesburg Pike., 9801-Saiid and Roya Z. Ganjalizadeh to Nafijah and Muhammad Babar Khan, $710,000.

Madrillon Springs Lane, 8110-Grama K. and Vijayalaxmi Varadarajan to Deepak Keshav and Anita V. Rajan, $625,000.

Mill Wheel Lane, 10103-Robert H. and Mary J. Stropp to Mingjun Wang and Ying Le, $855,000.

Park St. SE, 713-Frances Griffin to Long N. Nguyen, $570,000.

Princess Ct. SW, 500-John Francis Wood to Karen J. and Gerald A. McClinch, $690,000.

Spring St. SE, 620-Kathleen McCabe Triplett and Kristy Triplett Moyssiadis to William Michael Tesch and Erin McGuire Tesch, $840,000.

Tyson Oaks Cir., 7878-Wah Mou and Marissa S. Albert to Kevin B. Allex and Merrisa S. Albert, $520,000.

Winder St., 8315-Valerie B. Geiger and Cary Z. Cucinelli to Elia J. Tohmeh and Abir E. Zahr, $575,000.

Second Ave., 8318-Brian Marshall and Homa J. Niazi to Daniel Hung Yeh Chou, Daniel and Wenyin Chan, $610,000.


Bienville Ct., 7230-Alexander and Gail Riley Miravite to Tieng and Hataya Niphadkabin, $820,000.

Charnwood St., 6412-Leona C. Smidt to Josephine A. Smidt, $485,000.

Forest Dew Ct., 6571-Benjamin and Heather M. Bruce to Kevin L. and Juliane C. Wines, $390,000.

Green Ash Dr., 6650-Angrez Singh to Munazzah Mehdi, $424,900.

Jewelweed Ct., 7759-Joseph R. and Sandra J. Galletta to Bryce M. and Alison M. Wolfe, $468,000.

Old Oaks Dr., 8108-Marianne R. Henson to Mohamed E. Hussein, $547,500.

Rexford Dr., 5831, No. 714-Ronald M. and Anna W. Etters to Lisa M. and Bryan G. Talbot, $225,000.

Side Saddle Rd., 8819-Jason C. and Darcele A. Jones to Michael and Lauren Chunn, $565,000.

Tory Rd., 8206, No. 137-Aniel I. Seesan to Vinh Nguyen and Thao Tran, $265,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Assembly Dr., 10504-Paul F. and Maureen E. Barsotti to Christopher M. Duval, $469,000.

Embassy Lane, 3605-Carroll Carter to Humberto Zalles and Paulina Piechota, $440,000.

Jessie Ct., 3108-Norman A. and Ruth A. Mayo to Chien An Chen and Tammy Tze Lo Ko, $556,000.

Orchard Dr., 4134-Elizabeth K. Rusche to Jennifer L. Lawless, $465,000.

University Dr., 3868-Monette W. and Matthew C. Corrigan to Jorge M. Noriega and Sandra Quiroga Richter, $495,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 513, No. 415-Robby L. Beacham to Bryan Y. Yoon, $387,000.

Jackson St., 804-Wayne M. and Beth D. Reusch to Daryoush Mansouri and Gabrielle Sanchez, $855,000.

Midvale St., 229-David and Martha Flory to W. Patrick Murphy and Kathleen M. Norman, $1.6 million.

Sycamore St. N., 1011-James P. Demeter and Marina Cacini to Mark Usefara and Karen Harvey, $890,000.

West St. S., 211-William W. and Pamela J. Freeman to Linda J. Goggin, $550,454.