Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com.


Mason Hill Dr., 1604-John H. and Maria Jacquueline Thompson to Dana W. White, $1.05 million.

Woodmont Rd., 6009-Richard F. and Annalee G. Regensburg to Richard M. and Joan S. Landy, $835,000.


Ballycastle Cir., 5140-Stanley E. Dains and Ruth A. David to Rachel K. and Rikesh A. Nana, $550,000.

Castleberg Ct., 7335-Judith M. Garner and Judith May Sealey to Andrew Rasdorf and Julia Fiorio, $380,000.

Coachleigh Way, 6500-Chak Man Ip and Nok Ming Lau to Jory Tate Firestone and Katie Reuschle, $431,500.

Donegan Ct., 6703-Heman and Margaretha H. Yu to Basker Gopalakrishnan and Sridevi Basker, $785,000.

Flower Lane, 4805-William T. and Cathy L. Mallon to Alexander A. Ataev, $479,000.

Gildar St., 6538-J. Solomita to Gulshan Moudgill, $310,000.

Haynes Point Way, 7701, No. 1907-Christine E. Leis to John T. and Chung Cha Sincavage, $295,000.

Ivanhoe Lane, 4010-John P. Melanson to Christopher Szakolzai and Katrina Szakolczai, $492,000.

Kings Manor Dr., 7003-Tino M. Lisella and Lisa Marie Golden to Jennifer Elaine Smith Lee, $494,900.

Martin Allen Ct., 7708-Thomas J. and An S. Murphy to Milo W. and Cristina Hyde, $565,000.

Mckenna Way, 6551-Lewis A. and Sylvia F. Montalvo to Sara Moe, $550,080.

Oldham Way, 7528-Jennifer Vickrey to Brian R. Anderson, $489,500.

Ridge View Dr., 5660-Richard J. Dibuono to Darien and Kirsten Flowers, $448,000.

Silver Ridge Cir., 6488-Concepcion and Sandy E. Lara to Elmer Arujo Diaz, $315,000.

Telegraph Rd., 6634-Aram J. and Alicia M. Dosdourian to Shehzad Javed, $465,000.

Wellington Commons Dr., 6135-Richard R. and Debra D. Hyde to Cambridge and Erin Dorman, $475,000.

Wigmore Lane, 6107, No. C-Jae M. Nelles to Roberto R. and Meike N. Marshall, $289,900.


Americana Dr., 4251, No. 202-Carol A. Glading and Richard F. Whiteoak to Stepanida Bacean, $167,000.

Briar Creek Dr., 8426-Paul M. and Kathleen R. Rothenburg to Peter M.J. Mitchell and Jennifer L. Skinner, $760,000.

Footstep Ct., 8913-Keith W. Crane to Erich Kristian and Catherine Johanna Osaben, $630,000.

Kenside Ct., 5105-Jessica A. and Jessica Anne Retherford to Catherine and Joseph Ng, $480,000.

Murray Lane, 7016-Mohammad S. Barkindo to Dimitrios and Eleni Papadogiannis, $825,000.

Sauquoit Lane, 4946-Kevin Jennings and Mya Riemer to Ali Hashmi, $386,000.

Tobin Rd., 8302, No. 11-Krista Damour Eck and Krista D. Damour to Anshul and Arun Kumar, $159,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3316, No. 23-John R. and Linda M. McCumber to Paola Perez Balcazar, $225,000.


Beachway Dr., 6202-Mary Jocelyn Cox and Eric Fulmer to Gregory V. and Ann Elizabeth Cox, $725,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 2405S-George Louis Zarur and Esther Eisenhower to Charles A. and Renee N. Randolph, $370,000.

Lakeview Dr., 6372-Gregory J. Rattray and Yurie Ito to Je A. and William M. Funk, $1.4 million.

Leesburg Pike., 6147, No. 101-Malik Dzirlo to Sydney A. Cross, $179,000.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 801-Mohammed Elidrissi and Ouafae Touati to Juan Roberto Escalera, $220,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 308S-Skyline Square 308 S. Corp. to Tenimba and Charles Morgan, $292,500.

Seminary Rd., 5575, No. 416-Carols A. Rodriguez to Jose A. Rodriguez, $266,800.


Burke Pond Lane, 9827-Rosen Financial Corp. to Ozlem and Baybora Tinaz, $425,000.

Capella Ave., 6307-German and Rodolfo Neuenschwander to Stephanie Usurin and Joseph Porras, $350,000.

Dalby Lane, 5201-Cesar A. Moreira to Dianna and Michael Haedt, $635,000.

Jackson St., 9302-Ernesto P. and Laura Fay Hernandez to Drew and Katie Spiker, $570,000.

Mockingbird Pond Terr., 6206-Minhua Wang and Mali Liu to Kazi Shah Poran and Lisseth Berrios, $405,000.

Park Woods Lane, 10024-Kenneth C. and Laura M. Elkin to Anthony and Jacqueline Butler, $538,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 6421-Sally Y. Choe to Abdullah Anil Malik and Fareduddin Salam, $680,000.

Tibbitt Lane, 4929-4929 Tibbitt Lane Corp. to Ruth Embaye and Sennait Tesfamariam, $415,000.

Wolcott Dr., 9823-James Robert and Shelly Ann Draheim to Christopher V. Eichinger, $610,000.


Basingstoke Loop, 14797-Patrick Harrigan to Robert Gerrish, $270,000.

Belcher Farm Dr., 5712-Beverly Brooks and Beverly Young to Mohannad Minto Miah and Muhmuda Sultana, $345,000.

Chasewood Cir., 6872-Hasan Gungor to Wael B. Mosa and Basma Mondy, $315,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14317, No. 105-Stephen and Jennifer R. Carter to Christopher John Kasenge, $215,000.

Eagle Tavern Way, 15252-Paul H. and Kelly Ann Pardew to Jeffrey and Jessica Amell, $635,000.

Four Chimney Dr., 14489-Elizabeth H. Anger to Andy Dao, $365,000.

Gresham Lane, 5602-Seung Gi and Young Ran Yang to Seung Hoon Lee, $400,000.

Honsena Dr., 15206-Richard F. and Barbara A. Stanko to William Bonilla Jr. and Irene V. Golden, $545,000.

Jordans Journey Dr., 15322-Lois Remsen and William M. Moore to Haeyoung Choi, $590,000.

Martins Hundred Dr., 15418-Harold D. and Majorie D. Starling to Zachary and Amanda Prindle, $660,000.

Oak Cluster Dr., 14510-Jason W. and Lindsay W. Zurawski to Jeffrey C. Bustria and Allison S.e. Bustria, $475,000.

Pleasant Forest Dr., 5142-Christopher L. and Angela K. Newell to Robert W. and Maria C. Garrett, $1.61 million.

Rockton Ct., 6042-Alvin E. and Terri L. Craddock to Thuy and Heng Hia, $390,000.

St. Germain Dr., 14223, No. 15-Ian Runyon to Thomas Choi, $300,000.

Stone Crossing Ct., 14668-Savita Raeisian and Savita Chauhan to Lynn M. Hough, $327,000.

Stream Pond Dr., 14722-Lisa J. Kiplinger to Matthew C. Keiper, $365,000.

Wetherburn Dr., 15209-Maurice F. Greaver II to Adnan Riaz and Saher Adnan, $635,000.

Woven Willow Lane, 14253, No. 95-Lynette Mansfield to Je H. and Nam H. Kim, $328,000.


Benjamin Cross Ct., 4721-James K. Park and Bon N. Kim to Rajesh Patil and Abha Mahajan, $880,000.

James Cross St., 13952-Apple Federal Credit Union to Akalagada Suresh and Akalagada Sumita Dora, $520,000.

Samuels Pine Rd., 4534-Eric C. and Sarah J. Spiller to Armando Angel and Caroline Cardenas Barbosa, $452,000.


Balmoral Forest Rd., 7038-Antonius Kieran Bustamante to Tuan P. and Warisara Lulitanonda Huynh, $985,000.

Maple Branch Rd., 7605-Kimberly J. Gould and Alexis A. Noble to Brent Douglas and Kerry Bettino, $660,000.

Willow Crossing Ct., 5602-Duong T. Nguyen to Ivan H. and Mi Eun Lee, $770,000.


Ivanhoe St. N., 1159-Matthew C. Collins to Robert C. and Geraldine J. Lightburn, $1.45 million.

Washington Blvd., 5924-Adam E. and Kristin K. Nordstrom to David Charles Quentin and Erin O’Connor, $750,000.

11th St. N., 5709-NVR Inc. to Sabrina Chin and James Holst, $867,604.

22nd Rd. N., 6204-James A. Martin and Elizabeth Larrabee Nelson to Mohammed Alsubaie and Nada A. Alruqayb, $795,000.


Annamohr Dr., 4887-Oo Kevinyu Koko and Melissa Khoo to Daniela and Alex Reinshagen, $830,000.

Aylor Rd., 5342-Nova Holding Corp. to James Thompson and Harry Dowsett Jr., $538,000.

Britwell Pl., 4081-Antonio M. and Sarbrina M. Brooks to Erin E. Miller, $381,530.

Calumet Grove Dr., 10435-Min H. and Mi O. Baik to Cleveland Eason and Wang Ai Hong, $609,000.

Carriagepark Rd., 4825-Teresa M. Saracini to Thomas M. and Samantha M. Kagan, $492,000.

Collis Oak Ct., 3909-Donald Patrick Carter II to Paul Schuyler Church, $445,000.

Deer Hollow Way, 2921, No. 410-Deeptha Mathavan and Ramaseshan Iyengar to Mary M. Navarro and Dan B. Diallo, $445,000.

Fair Briar Lane, 12839-Allen Grimm to Sherif Rizk, $300,000.

Forest Hill Dr., 4510-Pratik and Anushree Goradia to Kui Wu and Yunni Deng, $829,000.

Garden Stone Lane, 8921-Carl Lee and Delila Kerene Moravitz to Nagla Abdelhalim, $805,000.

Hackney Coach Lane, 4357, No. 154-Shannon M. Murray to Derek Davis, $385,000.

Herend Pl., 4605-James G. and Catherine Cerisse Zellmer to Victor S. Chin and Lu Bai, $698,000.

Highland Oaks Dr., 3814-Regina A. Viciic to Edward Youngjin Lee and So Won Kim, $715,000.

Kingsbridge Dr., 9730, No. 203-Ryan Hussong and Irene Peku to Ladonna D. Reid, $200,000.

Lawn Ct., 4612-Kamaljeet Singh and Mayank Gupta to Donald Toscano and Rebecca Cardy, $569,000.

Luxberry Dr., 4637-Mohammad Bardawil and Amira Alkadi to Jonathan A. and Joan S. Nguyen, $502,000.

Maple Lane, 2817-Donna L. Hill and Ernest Clyde Hoelzer to Daniel D. and Jessica M. Fols, $585,000.

Melville Lane, 12827-Michael Patrick and Diane F. Murtha to Michael D. and Karen D. Morochnick, $555,000.

Mission Square Dr., 3025-Ferdous Hakim to Ling Zheng, $447,000.

Nipper Way, 2961-David T. and Lien P. Tran to Long Hoang Nguyen and Michelle Phan, $357,000.

Pelham Lane, 11118-Timothy L. and Jamie W. Byrnes to John H. and Deborah K. Pitchford, $638,000.

Pennerview Lane, 13211-Marotta & Olson Properties Corp. to John J. Angotti and Natalia Levchenko, $470,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 227-Sharon C. Han to Christopher and Erica Perry Brown, $450,555.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 119-Michael Dowling Forehand and Judith Forehand Woods to Moira McGuinness, $449,000.

Rosemeade Dr., 4016-Santiago Alvira and Lila Bolanos to Julia L. Wu and John Shon, $505,000.

Spode Ct., 9510-William R. and Sandra B. Wiygul to Wade R. and Jacqueline Ashley Brabble, $605,000.

Sudley Ford Ct., 3730-Daniel D. and Loan T. Wellborn to Qui Ha, $318,500.

Victoria Station Ct., 12630-Hyon S. Bradford to Fredric Schroeder, Cathlene A. Schroeder, Andrew J. Martin and Carrie A. Schroeder, $476,000.

Wild Black Cherry Ct., 9302-NVR Inc. to Luo Dong, $753,539.


Braymore Cir., 9377-Paul E. and Janet M. Arienti to Sean P. and Augustine Daley, $700,000.

Foxhall Terr., 8722-Stephen D. and Julie L. Porter to Matthew A. and Leticia Zirkle, $800,000.

Union Camp Dr., 6109-Morton S. and Roslyn P. Cohen to Martin F. and Nancy S. Klein, $695,000.


Arlington Blvd., 7524-Khoi and Trang Nguyen Ha to Cheryl A. Oz and Joseph F. Bryson, $847,000.

Cameron Rd., 2831-William J. and William James Quigley to Paul, Paul Joseph, Sally and Sally Tala Harris, $596,000.

Cypress Dr., 3405-Patrick J. and Elizabeth Dutton to Stacia Fridley, $7 million.

Graham Rd., 3146-Garland M. and Wanda Jackson to Phong Quoc Ly, Su Thi Nguyen and Binh Cuoi Ly, $620,000.

Holmes Run Rd., 3048-Avril Bender and Dawn Bennett to Gretciien A. Kurhajetz and Douglas S. Moore, $533,000.

Lee Hwy., 7326, No. 26-102-Andrew Jay and Sidney Krumholz to Victor Hugo Serrano, $220,000.

Oak Ridge Rd., 7128-Ayako Hayashi to Christopher Alan Dang and Kimthuy Thi Truong Dang, $325,000.

Summerfield Rd., 2919-Gordon F. and Bernadine H. Crago to David Kalinowski and Jennifer Goetz, $418,500.

Willow Point Dr., 7758-Shelley Rappaport to Lucy Mai Van and Austin Cong Luan Van, $254,000.


Darrells Grant Pl., 6764-David N. and Peggy F. Gamse to Chenyi Huang and Zhiwei Tan, $1.14 million.

George C. Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 1013-Kyung Sook and Min Soo Kim to Joel Levine and Barbara Pickell, $350,000.

Lunceford Lane, 7617-Parviz Paul Nowzari to James B. McDonough and Katherine Ernestine Ladrido, $975,000.

Metropolitan Pl., 7024, No. 301-Bryan and Lindsey Jackson to Jannifer Brady, $462,000.

Shreve Rd., 7922-Gregory A. and Ariska Citra Munoz to Alex Joseph and Dominika Cadotte, $575,000.


Battery Rd., 8900-Brett C. Gehring to Nicholas A. and Stephanie L. Shimkus, $580,000.

Emerald Dr., 1000-Fred Wayne Medico to Kenneth D. Loy, $620,000.


Harriman St., 1070-Xinyu Huang and Mei Ren to Travis Koopman and Ramona Pascu, $870,000.


Alabama Dr., 1201-Khan M. and Maliha Alami to Jose R. Granados and Maria J. Garcia Ramos, $309,000.

Ballou St., 893-Sreekanth Padakanti to Tyrone Singh, $73 million.

Bradwell Rd., 12716-Linda D. Beardsley to Ronald E. Perez and Gladivel Becerra, $470,000.

Doe Run Ct., 3419-Joseph W. and Elizabeth C. Hager to Andrew J. and Anne E. Vaz, $463,000.

Folkstone Dr., 12306-John G. and Holly N. Atkins to Steven G. and Donna R. Parrish, $699,900.

Herndon Mill Cir., 116-Micheal R. Haight to Sabin Pradhan and Renu Karamcharya, $530,000.

Kyler Lane, 12200-Judith M. Siegel to Ming Tong and Yanfeng Liu, $985,000.

Mcgrane Ct., 3079-Josef S. Schafer to Madur and Pooja Sawhney, $350,000.

Monroe St., 2505-Bartley and Bartoli A. Raguso to Janardhana Rao Madanapalli, $390,000.

Old Dairy Ct., 13494-Tracy J. Austin to Roger Mauricio Garcia Romero Jr. and Reina Cecilia Garcia, $378,000.

Quick St., 2492, No. 102-Srinivas and Deepa Vaidya to Ahmad Aziz, $300,000.

Rock Chapel Rd., 1366-William P. and Kristen D. Hall to Thomas and Susan Robb, $530,000.

Spring St., 419-Nimr Sleiman and Joumana E. Chahine Sleiman to Michael A. and Shereen E. Mahoney, $522,500.

Thorngate Dr., 3304-Daniel F. and Janet A. Geldermann to David M. and Abby K. Boucher, $662,000.

Wheat Meadow Cir., 2490-Quentin R. and Candace J. Hunstad to Ravindra Reddy Badvel and Kavitha Ramireddy, $447,500.


Burgundy Pl., 5538-Zahirunddin Sargai and Susan C. Saragi to Roberto A. Vasquez, $364,900.

Farrington Ave., 2236-John A. and Linda K. Martin to Michael Y. and Jessica Ellen Warder, $357,500.

Fort Farnsworth Rd., 2618, No. 237-Andrew K. Pierce to Scott, Teresa and Jessica Taylor, $197,500.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 516-Mark A. and Margaret A. Boster to David J. and Jennifer L. Velazquez, $334,000.


Beacon Hill Rd., 2509-Jeffery W. Huson and Noelle E. Weber to Mark and Dawn Wojciechowski, $447,000.

Clayborne Ave., 3213-Potomac Relocation Services Corp. to Yuriy Magurdumov, $459,000.

Moon Rock Ct., 6807-Kenneth and Yordanka Roy to Alexander Bishop and Rachael Bade, $539,000.

Sherwood Hall Lane, 2208-Kok Seah and Bee Ling Lee to Hector Ibarra Martinez and Wilmer F. Diamond Jr., $550,000.

Windbreak Dr., 2415-Murad and Benedicte Mahmood to Lindsey Marie Grebeldinger and Joshua Ryan Stewart, $379,000.


Burgundy Leaf Lane, 6331-Kady Marie Gerry and Justin Conan Biffinger to Lillian Mano, $516,000.

Cypress Point Rd., 6515, No. 79-Jeffrey A. Monroe to Steven R. Robertson and Lisa A. Lowry, $470,000.

Eighth St., 6333-Michele A. and Colby R. Miller to Matthew Gerton, $404,000.

Independence Cir., 5623-Christopher James and Chancie Brooke Heisler to Najiba Ibrahim and Rahmat Nabi Hotaki, $335,500.

Shackelford Terr., 6280-Chu Hon Yi and Rachel Jeongeun Lee to Marie J. and Dong S. Han, $500,000.


Buckland Pl., 7627-Swati and Michael S. Nijhawan to Michael R. and Sandra M. Taylor, $634,950.

Douglas Fir Dr., 8158-Jaswinder Kaur Brar to Dev and Shanon Kaur Roy, $700,000.

Indian Paintbrush Way, 8518-Wells Fargo Bank and Specialized Loan Servicing Corp. to Nusrat Malik and Kashif Igbal, $612,500.

Kirby Lionsdale Dr., 8437-Helmand Investment Corp. to Dao H. Cao and Shirley N. Quach, $475,000.

Oak Grove St., 5917-James G. Hennigan to Allison Marie Dameron, $582,000.

Sanger St., 9300-Shabana N. Ahmed to Anisa Latif Durrani, $338,500.

Unity Lane, 9501-Darrel D. and Kum Sun Salisbury to Jose Maria De Jesus Ventura and Teresa D. Hernandez De Ventura, $375,000.

Wolford Way, 7748-Ana M. Rafik to Minh Anh Huynh, $358,000.


Basswood Ct., 1501-Philip E. and Justin E. Milauckas to Klaus and Umali Deininger, $915,000.

Chesterfield Ave., 6603-Anchor Homes Corp. to Jung Y. Suh, Diane E. Kim and Diane Eunhee Kim, $750,000.

Dryden Dr., 6528-Joseph F. Stivaletti and Josephine Celenza to Wenzhong Nie and Wei Wu, $775,000.

Falstaff Rd., 8025-Miako Tu Chen Hsu to Ranjit M. Gupte, $942,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 922-Gary Alexander Wood and Soledad Ibar to Taghi and Zinat Miraliakbari, $370,000.

Hector Rd., 7017-Frederic B. and Rend R. Francke to Kevin and Thomas Wrenn, $870,000.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 213-William C. Stein to Richard C. and Elizabeth C. Mann, $439,000.

Savile Lane, 1009-Carl W. and Daniele P. Schwarz to Rene A. and Jan E. Acosta, $1.67 million.

Spring Gate Dr., 1591, No. 3313-HSBC Bank and Luminent Mortgage Trust to Ashwin Katikapalli, $357,000.

Tompkins Dr., 6145-Classic Cottages Corp. to Andrew J. and Nicole S. Soukup, $1.86 million.

Windrock Dr., 1198-Behnaz K. Joubin to Cory Mills and Rana Alsaadi, $4.17 million.


Hallie Rose St., 8456-Jackson Muller and Kimberly D. Mai to Cheyenne Brown, $405,000.

Jackson Pl., 4401-James and Heidi S. Moore to Jordan M. and Levi J. Hagemann, $492,500.

Mcgeorge Terr., 3118-Vance H. Morrison to Eric J. and Jennifer Stuart, $575,000.

Osman Dr., 8412-Cheryl A. Bacak and Robert S. Klapot to Henry Gonzales Guzman and Patty L. Gamboa Luna, $324,900.

Perch Pl., 4704-Raul and Gloria Alvarez to Christopher R. Pederson and Abbey L. Pedersen, $454,500.

Shannons Green Way, 3718-Christopher T. and Lourdes K. Creaven to Rick Carter, Selin Rogers and Rick Carter Jr., $383,000.


Axton St., 7435-John M. and Margaret A. Panik to Vu Doan and My Nguyen, $510,000.

Calvin Ct., 5441-Todd N. Rice to Andrew and Ji Young Gurry, $410,000.

Flag Run Dr., 5504-Dwight Dean and Tammy Belle Sheppard to Thomas Franklin Tarter and Stephanie Brook Forness, $570,000.

Leestone St., 7044-Sandy Michelle Caffrey and Ramanuj Chary Chilakamarri to Sarah Lynn Emory, $442,000.

Thames St., 8403-Kathleen Ann Cameron and Anthony Joseph Young to Brian K. and Leeann C. Alberts, $593,000.


Bushman Dr., 10220, No. 8212-Barbara E. McLeod to Jason and Meghan Holben, $263,500.

Hickory Hollow Lane, 2622-Peter L. and Ximena A. Childs to Michael William and Patricia Green Bronson, $975,000.

Miller Heights Rd., 2941-Bruce E. Talbot and Sandra J. Gregory to Jacob E. and Ann M. Carlson, $710,000.

Tradewind Dr., 10801-Donald and Angela N. Irwin to Wayne A. and Kristen C. Shiveley, $1.73 million.

White Flint Ct., 3209-Ivan and Sanja Avramovic to Joseph James and Bailey Kristine Notarangelo, $510,000.


Archdale Rd., 2306-John D. and Brenda J. Arminio to Michele Browneappiah and Jeffrey Gordon Smith, $505,000.

Black Fir Ct., 2654-U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Frederic Sotton, $714,500.

Cedar Cove Ct., 2264-Terry and Linda D. Bartlett to Richard G. Mann Jr. and Lori P. Schmidt Mann, $800,000.

Decade Ct., 11744-Luke and Kathryn J. Bosek to James Argy and Cecily Jacobson, $475,000.

Freetown Ct., 2312, No. 11/11C-Christy Penaflor to Ana E. Rivas and Jose J. Molina, $200,000.

Generation Dr., 2332-Vineet and Erin E. Daga to Anup Pramod and Kathryn Dandekar, $430,000.

Inlet Ct., 1541-Ellwood Robert and Judith Ann Erickson to Georgina Cannan, $515,000.

Lake Newport Rd., 11572-Phyllis Horne to Jorge Antonio and Marlo A. Fernandez, $1.19 million.

Lakeport Way, 1930-James D. Luscher and Tatiana Djuromscala to Kevin and Kristen Dandy, $690,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 250-Lucille A. and Brian Dinwiddie to Douglas Carl and Martha Cordero Olson, $599,900.

Night Star Ct., 1200-Daniel A. and Karen Elise Arango to Daniel A. Arango, $251,000.

Purple Sage Dr., 1621-Beth Marie Balmer to Jin Carter and Kristy Carroll, $33,400.

Saffold Way, 11089-Karen K. Walker to Shahob and Kamel Kaymanesh, $404,000.

Sloane Ct., 11920-Chita T. Jarvis and Marie Ella Subido to Chintan and Andrea N. Dalwadi, $436,000.

Sundial Ct., 11318, No. 813-Donato P. and Julie A. Casucci to Nicole Dierolf and Andrew Kim, $259,999.

Thanlet Lane, 10920-Melinda and Melinda Warren to Veronica R. and Scott A. Gilbert, $835,000.

Wainwright Dr., 1612-Joseph F. Lux to Arthur James Barron, $393,000.

White Cornus Lane, 2266-Sara E. Asie to Timothy W. Powell, $279,000.


Arlington Blvd., 6001, No. T21-Adriana S. Gomez and Adriana S. Espinosa to Haroon and Owais Abbasi, $180,000.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 724-Leila Sharokhi to Saba Ishan, $169,900.

Patrick Henry Dr., 3111, No. 630-William Weatherby to Harvard J. and Rachel B. Chao, $255,000.


Bethnal Ct., 6903-Riad Ibrahim and Isra Riyad Ibrahiem Abdibrahiem to Ahmad Zia and Anupol E. Pinsuwan, $550,000.

Carbondale Way, 8029-Hala Berjaoui to Kabba and Abibatu Sesay, $400,000.

Dampier Ct., 8417-Andrew J. and Maura B. Madigan to Kenwyn Herald Peters, $305,000.

Evanston Rd., 7265-Lily Concepcion Moscoso and Dunia Moscoso Bowman to Katia Patricia Rojas Portugal, $385,000.

Gambrill Ct., 7951-Dorene A. Colwell to Oksana Korotka, $400,500.

Godolphin Dr., 7869-Robert W. and Kimberly G. Carter to Jonathan Robert and Vivian Cochran, $519,900.

Jerome St., 6804-Karen R. Grines to Edwin Ferrufino Umana and Eufronia Y. Alba Arnez, $438,000.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8420-Thomas F. and Lou Ellen Sullivan to Helen Thomas, $254,500.

Overton Ct., 8103-Christopher M. and Barbara L. Bado to Kamruzzaman and Moriom Khan, $520,000.

Rockwood Ct., 8007-Stephanie A. and Michael R. Levesque to Lisa and Frank O’Hara, $535,000.

Springville Ct., 6999-Craig S. and Bianca L. Kennedy to Rahasaan Smith, $800,000.

Utica St., 7019-Christian S. Askew and Patricia M. Askew to Mojtaba Haghighi, $265,000.


Adelman Cir. SW, 504-Michael W. and Patricia G. Bronson to Collin J. Sekas, $625,000.

Cynthia Lane NE, 406-Virginia E. Elgin to Rajinderpal and Talwinder Singh, $575,000.

Madrillon Ct., 8174-Diana W. Fitzpatrick to James Mui and Hojung Cho, $819,000.

Northern Neck Dr., 1546, No. 201-Sunil and Anjali Gupta to Aihong Kou and Liangwei Li, $520,000.

Rosaleigh Ct., 1751-Roderick Glenn Roberson to Arthur Leonard and Tracy O. Coker, $1.14 million.


Barrington Ct., 8540, No. 933-Harold S. and Sharon E. McDonald to Hemanta Rokka and Sangita Kunvor, $269,500.

Charnwood St., 6305-Ana Mietus to Phiet Nguyen and Quyen Dan T. Dinh, $437,470.

Garfield Ct., 8323-C&C Design & Remodeling Corp. to Steven and Diana Salaita, $444,900.

Jansen Dr., 7806-John I. and Stephanie E. Jones to Carlos and Heidi Benitez, $465,000.

Lexton Pl., 7711, No. E-Cyrus R. and Patricia M. Robl to Michael J. Perez and Steven C. Spitz, $249,000.

Over See Ct., 6321-Vyvy Doan and Tam Pham to John Y. and Veronia Saad, $435,000.

Rolling Woods Ct., 7860, No. 4M4-Inga K. Willner to Donna D. Cain, $440,000.

Springfield Village Dr., 8205-David E. and Maurisa Brodsky Versel to Peter and Amanda Perzel, $445,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Antietam Ave., 10306-Elizabeth A. Holder and Shirley A. Limbeck to Qili Lin, $506,700.

Maple St., 10704-Athena Oliff to Kelly Terry, $350,000.

Oak St., 3967-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Eric F. Alsheimer and Maria C. Perrone, $788,370.

Warwick Ave., 10813-Lexicon Governments Services Corp. to Sara M. Paredes De Portugal and Jesus Manuel Portugal, $385,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 603-Liying Gu to Simcael and Theavith Mason, $480,000.

Cherry St. N., 102-Katherine D. Hoehn to Brennan John Barker and Megan Sullivan Scovil, $825,000.

Kent St., 309-Janet Louise Wilson to Huseyin Tolga Eren, $630,000.

Poplar Dr., 705-Carey Homes Corp. to Lily Nguyen, $1.65 million.