Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Chestnut Pl., 4105-Susan and Adam O. Sadick to Thomas J. and Mary R. Schweinefuss, $835,000.


Belle Vista Dr., 1102-Edward J. and Lauren M. Kimlin to Andrew R. and Elizabeth M. Belding, $745,000.

Rollins Dr., 1701-Cheri Lynne Griffin Larkins to Chad C. Temple and Natasha T. Bode, $699,000.

10th St., 6623, No. A-1-Holly Nicole Phillips to Kazuko Kato, $198,000.


Ashby Lane, 7503, No. N-Leslie Smith to Andrea L. Miliken, $290,000.

Brindle Heath Way, 6855, No. 163-Joshua B. Wong to Kisha Jenkins, $288,500.

Castleberg Ct., 7307-Thomas Oh to Scott Matthew Toomer, $390,000.

Cross Gate Lane, 7579-Eric F. and Debra L. Windish to Louis A. Tenance and Sarah S. Bahrami, $555,900.

Dorothy Bolton Ct., 5937-Robert McLarty Pfleghardt to Brian J. and Rebecca S. Haug, $826,000.

Eyler Dr., 5503-Michael A. Benoudiz to Yian Susan Chua and Eva Pikyuk Yu Nguyen, $595,000.

Haynes Point Way, 7706, No. 8J-Cory D. and Ania G. Cress to Alexander T. Mitchell and Ivy M. Assiter, $328,000.

Hunter Creek Lane, 6629-Richard and Louatha C. James to Ren Hai Cai and Chun Zheng, $500,000.

Locust Leaf Lane, 7816-Deirdre S. Miles to Trevor W. and Lauren A. Laurie, $545,000.

Norham Dr., 5800-Bryan Porter Irish and Lauren Van Thiel Irish to John Seth Poole, $389,900.

Ridge View Dr., 5715-Matthew D. Lucey and Emily M. Lesniak to Douglas Matthew Nidzgorski and Christina Marie Parisi, $479,900.

Talavera Ct., 6130-Yong Kil Park to Israel and Sarai Rivera, $457,000.

Victoria Dr., 6911-Aruna Ari and Ian Douglas Tisdale to Paulo B. Rivera, $235,900.

Walter Dr., 6507-Paul G. Ebhardt and Robin D. Lynch to Trung Xuan and Huyen Kim Pham, $640,000.


Americana Dr., 4901, No. 102-Dieu Hien Tran and Thang D. Lien to Philip Hyuksoo Kwon and Esther Kyung Hee Kwon, $177,000.

Briarwood Ct., 4415, No. 27-Tejinder S. and Rana B. Malik to Myung Suk Lee, $174,900.

Cynthia Ct., 7106-Equity Trust Co. and Joseph Gal Roth to Peter J. Sudkamp and Heather C. Tannehill, $519,900.

Footstep Ct., 8915-David M. and Suzanne R. Herr to Marianne O’Brien, $645,000.

Jayhawk St., 7465-Jaginder K. and Shobhna C. Kapoor to Jenna C. and Mi Chin Hong, $435,000.

Little River Tpke., 7467, No. 201-Cao Xuan Tran to Falah Al Sayd, $183,000.

Perry Penney Dr., 6715, No. 268-Yong Kwan and Young Soon Kim to Arjun R. Paudel and Sabitri K. Thapa Paudel, $340,000.

Southampton Dr., 5102-Frabco and Maureen E. Borgia to James McMahon and Tracie Ching, $578,000.

Tobin Rd., 8605-Stephen F. Perlik and Patricia A. Oehmke to Marshall Cody Chryst and Lauren Heimburg, $608,000.


Boston Dr., 5907-Jennifer Alice Townsend to Daniel S. and Anne M. Guarnera, $599,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3713, No. 408-Joseph Gayle to Samia H. Yesuf and Andargatchew Kebede, $268,000.

Lakeview Dr., 6511-David Brookes and Melanie Brookes Weiss to Colin J. Dunlop and Kara A. Schoeffel, $803,000.

Pinetree Terr., 3430-Elizabeth Yaffe to Bosch Homes Corp., $570,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 1602N-Ralph E. and Mary K. Pruiett to Eric G. Sokoloff, $175,000.

Seminary Rd., 5575, No. 211-Heather P. Hamm to Muhammad Javed Omari, $197,000.


Apple Wood Ct., 10081-Daniel A. Pastor to Rahib Tushar Zaman, $380,000.

Burdett Rd., 9533-Asmelash G. and Tibleth F. Zerhamenet to Milton Gonzalez, $350,000.

Cloverdale Ct., 9486-Fortuna Associates Corp. to David J. and Allison Bonilla, $379,000.

First Landing Way, 5891, No. 167-Roberto and Brittney Ingrao to Kara Roberts, $330,000.

Jacksons Oak Ct., 5804-Julio C. Pena to Ahmad S. and Mariam Samadi, $380,000.

Oak Tanager Ct., 5666-Xun Wang to Yesica Campos, $326,000.

Spring Oak Ct., 10702-David P. and Jennifer L. Eimers to Miguel Alexander and Patricia Margarita Amaya, $330,000.

Wilmington Dr., 6115-Grant M. and Catherine E. Hargrove to Meghan A. and Brian C. Pugh, $490,000.


Avocado Ct., 14384-Jaime C. Chai to Heung K. and Young S. Lee, $217,000.

Battalion St., 6244-Paul E. and Cody A. Fink to Loretta Deaner, $275,000.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14142-Ahmed H. Sokker to Helai Salehi, $330,000.

Buggy Whip Dr., 5406-Aasef Shafik to Sean Woongji and Ji Hyon Choi, $548,000.

Centreville Rd., 7018-Ags Investment Group Corp. and Ags Investments Corp. to Bhupinder Singh and Kawaljit Kaur, $270,000.

Cottingham Lane, 6843-Thomas Montgomery III to Dominic Conway and Kristi Batchelor, $349,000.

Deer Hill Ct., 6068-Pandu Soprey and Renu Aggerwal to Miri Lim, $315,000.

Flower Hill Ct., 14603-Min Su Kim to Ludmila B. Villarroel and Mirta A. Romero, $364,000.

Hoskins Hollow Cir., 6104-Renee T. Pisani and Nancy Louise Chotiner to Mohanad J. Mohammed and Nidrah A. Abbas, $300,000.

Maple Creek Lane, 13266-Anne W. Hall to Kap B. and Rachel Y. Sim, $525,000.

Paddington Lane, 6266-Corey James and Amy M. Callihan to Zachary H. and Sarah Conord, $305,000.

Rocky Way Ct., 6127-Endalkachew Geletu and Tarikwa T. Feseha to Alysia Coleman, $31,000.

Sequoia Farms Dr., 5557-Bin Fang and Yi Dong to Yang Ju Kim and Jisoo Yoo, $465,000.

Skylemar Trail, 6592-Terry W. and Michele M. Rounds to Kathleen Tiernan Eakins, $319,900.

Sully Lake Dr., 5564-John G. Boynton to Suzanne Swistak, $459,000.

Water Springs Ct., 13689-Deborah L. Dyson and Carleigh Peterson to Carleigh Peterson, $360,000.

Woodland Ridge Dr., 14583-Robert Burkholder and Mariana Florit to Stephanie C. Curtis, $470,000.


Black Spruce Way, 13692-Sarah Lee to Kevin Park and Jinyoon Bae, $875,000.

James Cross St., 13959-John and Chanmee Yu to Suleyman and Akiko Turhanogullari, $513,000.

Pleasant Meadow Ct., 4175, No. 99F-Mary Anne Kisselburg to Matthew M. Kotara, $215,000.

Winter Harbor Ct., 4127-Christina M. Gulick to Richard and Andy Tran, $287,000.


Clifton Rd., 7424-White Oak Barn Corp. to Lisa Ann Vonder Haar, $680,000.

Graphite Ct., 13003-Gene S. Rigotti to Nam T. Nguyen and My Ngoc H. Pharm, $770,000.

Laurel Run Ct., 6205-Roger Dale Crigger to Stephen Patrick and Julie Ann Brunelle, $635,000.

Pocol Dr., 5928-Charles C. and Judith C. Busby to Aleksandr Mikhaylovich and La Tosha Plavnik, $725,000.

Trey Lane, 13416-Marcia N. Murawski to Soo Yong Im and Sung Soon Bae, $740,000.


Appling Valley Rd., 11935-Nelson and Erin M. Cabot to Jan Travisono, Kim Menge and Robin Hoffman, $550,000.

Beacon Grove Cir., 4492B-Yuvraj Kukar and Kanika Dhawan to Mark Phillip Addison, $423,000.

Blue Barn Way, 3153-Nkechinyere and E. Obioha Okwodu to Jing Lin and Jason Ren, $633,000.

Caldicot Lane, 12173-Jae Uook Kim to Pankaj Garg and Rati R. Sud, $552,000.

Casbeer Dr., 12407-Trevor D. McKnight to Alex H. Perez, $572,000.

Charles Stewart Dr., 3721-Eugene A. and Dana B. Wozny to Linda M. Davidson, $675,000.

Fair Briar Lane, 12801-Jamie Roldan to Stacey Ann Podlewski, $318,000.

Fairfax Center Hunt Trail, 4043-Melanie Laputka Gardner and Melanie Jane Laputka to Su Y. Kim, $530,000.

Gainsborough Dr., 5338-Paul D. and Melony Teague to Christopher and Cynthia Esterline, $560,000.

Hummingbird Lane, 4635-Dae R. Kim and Kwang E. Kim to Yong J. and Hee Sook Ban, $559,888.

Lavender Keep Cir., 12793-Jo Ann M. Crawford and James W. Crawford Jr. to Anup K. Sinha and Sabita A. Agarwal, $804,000.

Majestic Lane, 4441-Tye W. and Arlene Mains to Jon F. Mains and Gisella C. Flores, $460,000.

Meadow Field Ct., 4102-David W. and Bryan Green Metzdorf to Mitzi Matkin and Rory Allen, $490,000.

Monmouth St., 4541-Youngwoo Han to Joshua Jeong and Julie Jiyeon Huh, $599,500.

Parkland Dr., 3837-Parkland Drive Corp. to Jose L. and Nayda M. Alicea, $689,900.

Pickstone Ct., 9418-Andrew A. Bell IV to Tram T. Ngoc Nguyen, $490,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 115-Halstead at the Metro II Corp. to Omar Sadiq, $244,900.

Rippon Lodge Dr., 10717-Michael J. and Debra S. Rudy to Scott S. and Madison Pistochini, $623,000.

Rothbury Sq., 11466-Cheryl L. Scarborough to Leland A. and Nancy H. Smith, $545,000.

Shady Ridge Lane, 13213-Kelly R. Dennis to Sachin Venugopal and Amrita Raveendran, $650,000.

Sudley Ford Ct., 3768-Robert Janis Jr. to Karen Rivas, $310,000.

White Birch Ct., 3032-Kamilah Lateefah Omari Williams to Xuxi Dong and Xiaoyuan Luo, $505,000.


Banyon Ridge Rd., 9004-Abdulwahab and Badriah Almadani to Ruth Calvimontes Grozo, $545,000.

Cross Oaks Lane, 8612-BJ Acquisitions Corp. to John and Laura Holmberg, $800,000.

Lee Alan Dr., 8455-Mitchell and Susan Bainwol to Timothy T. and Helena K. Charters, $1.44 million.

Split Rail Lane, 11201-James and Karla Dugan to Dirk J. and Terri L. Meyer, $1.12 million.


Chestnut Ave., 6802-DP 2015 Corp. to David William and Nicole M. Hall, $555,000.

Crane Dr., 3031-Roxana Tania Ortiz Rojas and Tania Rojas Sejas Ortiz to Alan Tran, Anna Tran and Thinh Le, $495,000.

Freehollow Dr., 7941-Dat Tien Nguyen to De Huynh Nguyen, $600,000.

Jefferson Ave., 7005-Mitchell Gershman to Maria E. Fernandez, $620,000.

Lee Hwy., 7354, No. 54-Bodhi Properties Corp. to Kalmbia L. and Lynnett M. Pearson, $220,000.

Pinewood St., 7315-Elizabeth L. Goldman and Joan A. Harsch to Jonathan P. Wedd and Alicia M. Savall, $600,000.

Tansey Dr., 6622-Bette B. Drury to David J. and Alicja J. Raymond, $1.1 million.

Westmoreland Rd., 7006-Patrick L. Reich to Ariel Fernandez Lujan and Elizabeth Gutirrez Rojas, $355,000.


Haycock Rd., 7025, No. 604-Baiju C. Vora to Sonva Jean Choung and Reynaldo Lopez, $460,000.

Kilgore Rd., 2014-Merion Homes Pimmit Corp. to Xun Feng and Ningning Liu, $1.13 million.

Savannah St., 7604, No. T2-Viet V. and Huong L. Tran to Walter A. Portfolio and Marta D. Sorto, $180,000.


Cool Spring Dr., 1501-Charles M. Gang and Rachel A. Chernin to William C. and Gail Sechrist, $699,000.

Londonderry Rd., 2206-Christopher T. Kiernan to Robert K. Briede, $775,000.

Washington Rd., 8040-Matthew H. and Kelly K. Swartz to Rachel Chernin and Charles Gang, $925,000.


Amanda Dr., 1107-John L. and Sharon K. Heiss to Martin Loketek and Karin Meixner, $1.12 million.

Chesapeake Dr., 342-Jean P. McNeal to Douglas and Lulu Endreson, $1.09 million.

Great Falls Way, 11513-Kevin P. Murray to Amit Nagpal and Shipra Arora, $1.23 million.

Mill Field Ct., 1100-James B. and Susan W. Grow to Michael C. and Joanna M. Sachtleben, $1.66 million.

Springvale Rd., 535-J. Thomas and Margaret E. Geuting to Glenn and Leeann Dance, $1.07 million.


Alton Sq., 12905, No. 302-Sriramachandra Chavali to Gavin Moorefield, $245,000.

Branch Dr., 815, No. 106-Hollis F. McMullen and Valerie Lee Smallwood to Kathleen M. Suddarth, $325,000.

Cordell Way, 767-Azeema Gul to Yasir and Zeeshan K. Baig, $313,000.

Feldman Pl., 13338-Juan Claros Duentes and Edubines Fuentes to Abelino De Jesus Moscoso Samayoa and Rosa M. Moscoso, $309,800.

Forty Oaks Ct., 12504-Meenu Mariam and Ram Krishna Soppa to Michael E. Thompson and Young Ae Kim, $530,000.

Grant St., 1318-Christopher B. and Cheryl M. Brock to Wojtek P. Skrzypek and Ana C. Andonie, $465,000.

Leefield Dr., 2933-Christopher M. McGinn and Silva Bey to Kenneth R. and Celeste E. Sizemore, $603,000.

Merlins Lane, 537-Susan Brittle and Kevin Charles Bennett to Sougata and Tanushree Maitra, $540,000.

Monroe St., 1281-Eugene A. and Shelle Hoppa to Felton and Karla Flood, $750,000.

Neil Armstrong Ave., 13691-U.S. Home Corp. to Mohan V. Medikonduri and Surekha Mangamuri, $622,750.

Oram Pl., 2165-Fahad Mansoor and Muhammad Zia Ur Rehman to Fredy Antonio Portales Avelar and Rina Gricelda Castillo De Portales, $356,000.

Rock Ridge Rd., 12396-Ronald and Jane Grannis to Christopher A. and Julie E. Nikolaus, $525,000.

Spring Knoll Dr., 840-David A. and Jean A. Kayden to Mehmet and Stephanie M. Ogden, $565,000.

Tewksbury Dr., 12816-Margaret G. Nelson and to Gregory and Catherine Wigton, $570,000.

Wheat Meadow Ct., 2501-Sanjay Kumar and Lakshmi Sanjay Kodali to Gopi Krishnan Manikka Subramanian and Yogeswari Thudukuchi Ramakodi, $538,000.


Fairview Terr., 2330-Donald Richard Schmitz Jr. and Denise M. Edwards to Tamar Khafi, $350,000.

Huntington Ave., 2059, No. 808-Robert A. Bowders and Christopher Lloyd Pendleton to Yan Schall, $136,000.

Lakota Rd., 3607-Vicki L. Bohanan to Kyle J. McElroy, $450,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1018-Nicholas L. Diterlizzi to Umer Shahid, $199,500.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 118-Nozomu and Etsuko Kanesaka to Donald W. and Elizabeth B. Gilchrest, $415,000.


Carter Farm Ct., 2763-Jean Baptiste and Tineka Leigh Lebrun to Neli V. Diaz Lameda and Glenn P. Jahnsen, $425,000.

Elba Rd., 7501-Bosch Homes Corp. to Mary Burnet Armacost, $840,000.

Milway Dr., 7526-David P. McAllister and Dolores K. McAllister to Mehrnaz Tamami and Nicholas Weiler, $599,900.

Snowpea Ct., 7523, No. 75-Yasmine V. Vieille to Naomi Beth Johnson, $247,000.

Wilkinson Pl., 2202-Victoria and Jeffrey D. Vargas to Ryan and Moriah Kairouz Batza, $590,000.


Clinton Rd., 5123-Yury Manakhov to Rhys Owen Davies and Georgana Orlinova Marincheva, $560,000.

Hawk View Lane, 6405-David and Linda B. Jennings to Grace Burberry Martin and Sean Kenney, $545,000.

Sand Wedge Ct., 6586-Ronald K. Floyd and Denise R. Yachnik to Maribel Martha Cherres Wedemeyer, $450,000.


Blue Rock Lane, 8508-A. List Property Management 401K Plan to Eric and Catlin Lee, $306,000.

Catskill Rd., 6705-Annmarie M. Wilmeth to Gregory S. and Alexandra C. Channon, $450,000.

Fascination Ct., 8970, No. 112-Toren A. Beasley to Charles T. and Doris B. Branch, $375,000.

Hanson Lane, 6712-Celso L. and Evangeline R. Gatchalian to Michael P. and Kim H. Naughton, $750,000.

Paper Birch Dr., 8074-Young S. Lanway to Xia Chen and Xiaopu Yan, $780,000.

Timarand Ct., 7921-Charletta D. Jeffries to Tefera Betew, $256,000.


Aldebaran Dr., 1208-Kathleen McCuistion to Eric Sutula and Minhee Lee, $1.26 million.

Chesterfield Ave., 6538-6538 Kha Corp. to Waikei Lam and Guohua Li, $1.95 million.

Founders Ridge Lane, 1004-George C. Dukas and Dukas Lisa to Amer and Lynn Saba, $4.67 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 301-Rabi H. and Zaynab Y. Shatila to Abdolhamid and Azar Shizari, $597,000.

Meca Ct., 1706-Hoang Tam Nguyen Hilton to Jae Hoon Kwon, $850,000.

Park Rd., 6245-Nina S. and Matthew R. Rees to Alison and Zachary Fried, $1.08 million.

Provincial Dr., 7661, No. 309-Samah T. Kabir to Glenn J. Danielson, $315,000.

Solitaire Lane, 1823-Charlyn A. and Peter Iovino to Robert J. and Sanaz Santos, $1.48 million.

Strine Dr., 1654-Regine Palladin to Terri L. McField, $830,000.

Virginia Ave., 2039-Steven L. Lerner and Michelle J. Moss to Elizabeth and Timothy R. Hughes, $1.89 million.

Westwind Way, 1746, No. 111-Richard Lee to James and Hilary Newgen, $320,000.

Eighth Pl., 1624-Begum and Kabiruddin H. Ahmed to Evan D. and Aubrey N. Wesser, $899,000.


Brockham Dr., 8359-Arnold and Linda D. Hicks to Walter N. Roddiguez, $280,000.

Cedarlake Ct., 4313-Christopher Attiliis to Monique L. and Jason R. Harrison, $390,000.

El Camino Pl., 3800, No. 1-Juan Jimenez and Patricia Melia Jimenez to Gwen Marie Carter, $210,000.

Imperial St., 8014-Rachel W. Pavalok and David F. Smith to William Andrew Smith, $176,140.

Longworthe Sq., 4424-Cassandra L. Tate to Wilmer Cruz Villatoro, $306,000.

Pantano Pl., 8022-Young Sup and Suk Cha Lee to Paul Yusuk Jung, $150,000.

Riverwood Rd., 3716-Patrick Thomas and Kathryn K. Hughes to Rachael Glaws and Joshua D. Pinedo, $940,000.

Towne Manor Ct., 8510-Courtney Michelle Smith and April S. Mitchell to James and Lipeca Dcosta, $355,000.


Axton St., 7303-Shelly Ann Grainger to Habitat for Humanity of North Virginia, $388,000.

Inverchapel Rd., 5501-Nancy L. Depalma to Yeong O. Yoo, Mi S. Koag and Mi Sug Koak, $265,000.

Landgrave Lane, 5303-John Anthony Cicotello to Oscar Enrique Pineda Galvez, $425,000.

Ravenel Lane, 5647-Petr M. and Denise L. Makowsky to Trevor Lowing and Mignote Tamrat, $489,550.

Victoria Rd., 8811-Patricia Mae Priest to Scott E. and Maria C. Thomas, $505,000.


Bushman Dr., 10204, No. 314-Madhav and Kalpana Timalsina to Carlos J. and Araceli Manoatl, $256,000.

Fox Mill Rd., 3101-Thomas W. O’Brien to Ralph Andrew and Meagan O’Brien Bishop, $635,000.

Mckinnon Way, 3080-James David and Rose Marie Green to Sun Yong, Soonok and Joshua Kim, $720,000.

Oakton Ridge Ct., 10676-James A. and Alice Jean Flynn to Andrew Gregg, $935,000.

Tate Ct., 10115-Robert A. Glowasky to Vipula Gandhi and Shaswat Sekhar, $855,000.


Archdale Rd., 2311-Peter Heesch Jr. to Javeed A. Munsgi, $500,000.

Bentana Way, 1633-Cidone and Robert A. Williamson to John Y. Yu, $430,000.

Chancery Station Cir., 12129-John J. Bevilacqua III and Abigail Davidson to Timothy J. and Sandra A. Molinaro, $739,900.

Creekbend Dr., 12042-Peter and Arsho Petrossian to Barrett B. and Sarah E. Wahlberg, $970,000.

Emerald Heights Ct., 2319-Naveed Kaymanesh to Gagandeep Singh and Ashley Milligan, $325,000.

Garden Wall Cir., 1334, No. 406-William N. Roseberry to Junxiu Liu, $291,000.

Golf Course Dr., 2018-Mark I. and Barara H. Solow to Peter Litterini, $420,000.

Hunters Square Ct., 2324-Sharon Wunder to Jia Song and Defu Zheng, $322,500.

Mediterranean Ct., 11664-Darren Sean Chung and Michelle Yi to Justin T. and Shannon C. Pankow, $597,400.

Northgate Sq., 1441, No. 11B-James E. McGrath to Janice Moya, $209,900.

Park Garden Lane, 1400-James J. and Leslie R. Martell to David A. Henry and Marie Louise Hurst Henry, $545,000.

Quietree Dr., 1727-Charles D. Rambo to Christopher E. Demopoulos and Hannah G. Beckett, $345,000.

Saint Trinians Ct., 11866-John P. Cummins III and Paul W. Harmon to David P. and Amelia L. Ramer, $355,000.

Southgate Sq., 2222-David T. Maloney to Brian Hill, $339,900.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11760, No. 413-Joseph Armstrong and George P. Kitchen to Margaret C. Ansumana, $329,600.

Tournament Dr., 12823-Damian F. Danowski to Quentin R. and Candace J. Hunstad, $665,000.

Waterview Cluster, 11467-Karen E. Wilkens to Michele Parra, $435,000.


Fiddlers Green, 3421-Stephen G. and Margaret Veroneau to Lori R. Fellela, $1.01 million.

Stoneybrae Dr., 3316-Rosa Rosal to Cheryl M. Romero, $745,000.


Backlick Rd., 6009-K.B. Al Masum to Quang Loc Pham and Thi Kim Phung Luu, $475,000.

Conservation Dr., 6970-John V. Foley III to Tom and Yun Joo Oh, $513,000.

Gambrill Ct., 7922-Barbara Doornink to Ji Su and Hwanok You, $411,900.

Hidden Bridge Dr., 7957-Jennifer Mary Walters to Daniel S. and Nicole M. Black, $425,000.

Laurel Oak Dr., 8488-Christopher L. and Meghan L. Alstrom to Jeffrey T. Burkey, $347,000.

Rising Creek Ct., 8667-Henri J. Comeau to Mai Tram N. Hoang, $329,000.

Steven Irving Ct., 9118-Wayne B. McFarland to Brian B. and Taemi Hagen, $585,000.

White House Dr., 7219-Fareeda M. and Mazhar Z. Chughtai to Farhan M., Shakeela E. and Ejaz M. Chughtai, $925,000.


Ayr Hill Ave. NW, 111-Mark B. and Maryanne Gore to Peter C.N. Isaacs and Michelle A. Harris, $769,000.

Bowling Green Dr., 2605-James N. and James Newton Gray to Kristin L. Torres, Juan Pablo Torres Cabrera and Juan Pablo Torres, $655,000.

Cold Creek Ct., 1889-Timothy J. and Marsha B. Ehrsam to Jeffrey T. and Stacey M. Helvey, $865,000.

Electric Ave., 8538-Nora V. Breen to Ibrahim Tune and Hatice Ayse Samli, $650,000.

Hull Rd., 1936-James T. and Andrew T. Aro to Hanibal Mahdi and Sousan Kunaish, $685,000.

Kramer Dr. SE, 511-Thomas N. and Susan J. Vitale to David A. and Jacquelyn Heymsfeld, $1.7 million.

Lynnhill Ct. NE, 901-Leslie A. Berich and Marian T. Adams to Anastasiia and Alexander Beregulko, $642,500.

Podium Dr., 9609-Shun Chih and Doris H. Ling to Kevin Khosrow Goudarzi and Mona Nazari, $665,000.

Skokie Lane, 8815-Melanie Fett and Paul Jeffrey Hubbard to Akbar and Selina Jiwani, $875,000.

Wareham Ct., 9400-Adam C. and Jane Beidler to Claire Shakarji and Wadad Hajjar, $75,000.


Alberta St., 6305-Saboor A. and Shaista Ghani to David T. and Yoonmi Haney, $570,000.

Forrester Blvd., 8534, No. 886-Zoubida Benhamida to Erin Morgan Ernst, $265,000.

Jansen Dr., 7932-Jennifer S. Ulrich to Janelle H. and Ernesto J. Luna, $55,000.

Lavell Ct., 6216-James D. and Dorothy M. Grace to John Robert and Laura Stone Kayajanian, $487,500.

Ridge Crossing Lane, 8334-Laura E. and John P. Holmberg to Hiwot Dessalegne Dinku, $461,000.

Shamrock Ct., 8914-Ola Elizabeth Smith to Thomas F. Gallagher, $275,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Cornell Rd., 3605-Paul Michael Volk and Sasun Elizaveth Finnell to Cristina C. and Kevin D. Sween, $465,000.

Oak St., 3981-Pulte Home Corp. to Nandini Chhitwal and Gunjan Vatas, $775,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Gresham Pl., 118-Donald G. and Therese Rea to Ronald J. and Christine A. Blevins, $930,000.

Lincoln Ave., 510-Mas Homes Inc. to Jeffrey C. and Allison C. Pienta, $1.55 million.

Lincoln Ave., 902-Robert and Elizabeth Bennington to Daniel and Melissa Yonkin, $1.3 million.

Oak Haven Dr., 609-Patton T. and Alicia A. Cooper to 609 Sunnyside Corp., $641,500.

Rolling Trce., 110-Sonya Jean Choung and Reynaldo Lopez to Jason Adam Abel and Danba Storm, $805,000.