Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Colfax Ave., 5915-Rachel Jane Livingston and Beverly A. Thomas to Mark S. and Corey Ann Messervy, $626,000.


Duffield Lane, 1804-David A. Miller and Magali Y. Bonilla Miller to Amy Malley, $594,000.

Park Terrace Dr., 7300-Gordon A. Littig and Goodwin G. Littig to Solomon Zewdu, $700,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 409-Catherine Rebecca Read to Joulia Al Rabadi, $215,000.


Ballycastle Cir., 5287-Brandon A. and Lisa A. Shapiro to Victor D. Jaroch and Marriane Serrano, $570,000.

Bristol Way, 6115-Sean Hinrichs to Kristen I. Long and Landon Ross Alan Long, $380,000.

Care Dr., 4710-Daniel and Angelica Gonzalez to Jose M. Benavides, Gloria Del Carmen Romero and Mauricio Hernandez Romero, $400,000.

Curtier Dr., 6039-Ryan M. Simmons to Lisa V. Chbarat, $273,000.

Ellingham Cir., 6928, No. 130-Carolina Daccarett Jdanowski and Carolina Daccarett to Laura L. and David L. Kwasnik, $225,000.

Good Lion Ct., 6013-John A. Talarico to Nancy A. Finken, $515,000.

Habersham Way, 5718-Brian D. and Amy L. Coon to Brent Helt, $466,000.

Houston Ct., 6102-Eric A. Segovia and Oscar Hernandez to Jose Eduardo, Irma Guasalupe and Henry E. Trejos, $400,000.

Kimberly Anne Way, 5974, No. 302-Andrew D.J. Sens to Allison Edge, $299,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6957, No. B-Richard Whittington to Emmalyn Nicolas, $252,000.

Old Brentford Ct., 6148-Dontae L. Bugg and Alexis L. Hall to Chuong V. Dang and Vickie T. Ho, $432,000.

Patience Ct., 6362-Arshia and Syed Ouadri to Taha Alshowi and Rabha Nabati, $364,900.

Sapphire Ct., 3413-Theodore E. and Andressa C. Wainwright to Jose I. and Ana D. Larios, $555,000.

Walkers Croft Way, 6266-Sharleen and James S. Henderson to Ahmed Khalouki, $440,000.


Bradford Dr., 5001-5001 Bradford Corp. to Mustafa Zamani, $670,000.

Casimir St., 4904-Josefina G. Portugal Quiroga and Giovanna Portugal to Gordon Bernard Ramos Ignacio and Demilour Reyes Ignacio, $375,000.

Columbia Rd., 4718-Joan M. Beach and Joan M. Reistetter to Ngoc Vu and Huan Ke Le, $545,000.

Fern Lane, 6734-James and Maria Stepka to John St. Hilaire, $639,500.

Holborn Ave., 4507-Brenda Lee Weaver and Peter James Atlee to Peter James Atlee and Michelle Xiao Liu, $735,000.

Killebrew Dr., 4900-Ana Hick to Maia Nguyen and Can Quang Truong, $505,000.

Maris Ct., 7805-Benson Akongo and Yukabet Atieno Ateng to El Mustapha Habchi and Souad Demnati, $449,000.

Murray Lane, 6815-Siobhan Peterson to Elizabeth M. Wawrzaszek, Daniel Letchev and Barbara Natali Guevara, $615,000.

Sauquoit Lane, 4918-Edward L. Watkins to Nebiyu Yoseph Haileselassie, $410,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3334, No. 31-Deutsche Bank to Reddy I. Ledezma and Roxana M. Antezana, $153,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 2605N-Margaret Mencl to Patrick M. Centolanzi and Gwendolyn A. Wooley, $328,000.

Lebanon Dr., 6007-George D. and Maria K. Boosalis to Terry L. Jones, $855,000.

Madison Watch Way, 3654-Jorge Fernadez and Kayra Fili Alhambra to Daniel Neumann and Thomas D. Markridis, $515,000.

Pensa Dr., 3323-Benoit C. and Kathleen Flippen to Alphonse Tai Luu and Landa Thu Ba Kha, $570,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 1032-Myra M. Frank to Mohamed A. Ibrahim Felfel and Gihan I. Felfel, $292,500.

Tallwood Terr., 3640-Margie Jean and William Edwin Alexander to Christopher Brain Berger and Alexis Marie Ivory Berger, $749,900.


Arrit Ct., 5102-Ernest J. and Samira I. Rutherford to Wei Bai, $342,000.

Burke Pond Ct., 9861-Salvatore and Regina S. Speziale to Coskun and Berna Unal, $440,000.

Crossrail Ct., 5516-Hemlata Punia to Tae Jun Yun and Hyun Jun Chung, $315,000.

Fort Corloran Dr., 5639-Diane L. Brooks to Ivan Rivera Rosado and Barbara Gissell Jimenez Cedeno, $500,000.

Kestrell Ct., 5824-Edgar Thomas and Suzanne C. Holloway to Shawn O’Donnell, $475,000.

Onion Patch Dr., 9421-Kenneth W. Shreves to Paul and Linda Yoon, $670,000.

Shipwright Dr., 9617-Avrum W.W. Marks and Joyce C. Marks to Dale and Susan K. Gilbert, $535,000.

Walnut Wood Lane, 5772-Sea Woo Lee and Kyoung Nam Lee Joung to Kyle Evan and Dunia Pasternak, $359,000.


Awbrey Patent Dr., 14516-Jae K. Shin to Jimmy Dang Vuong and Rose Hoa Thai Mach, $449,900.

Bonnet Terr., 14706-Ryan Leeder to Chang Choi and Uisuk M. Lee, $370,000.

Brittney Elyse Cir., 5130-Esther Eunmi Jung to Nahid Amiri, $197,000.

Cedar Break Dr., 5574-Richard L. and Ann Marie Hohman to Susan Philpott, $550,000.

Connor Dr., 13331-Jeanie M. Ralston to Hwa Chong Knoth, $275,000.

Croatan Dr., 14620-MQF Corp. to Abul Azad and Khadija A. Mumu, $365,000.

Fount Beattie Ct., 13832-Shervin Kardan and Massomeh Nicoravan to Damon Rosenburg, $350,000.

Hancock Ct., 14802-Michelle Avda and Stephen Underwood to Nadim Khalil, $309,900.

Oday Dr., 6103-Edgardo Fino to Raju P. and Durga Rijal, $450,100.

Saguaro Pl., 14453-Robert C. Cahill to Marjaneh Emami Sadeghi, $115,000.

Selby Ct., 6428-Anjana Shukla to Daniel Nguyen, $336,000.

Stillfield Pl., 15065-Terry D. and Susan D. Boss to Sung Jin Kim and Eunice Youjin Song, $740,000.

Stream Pond Dr., 14606-Mathew S. Puthenpurayil and Manju Mathew to David Patrick and Daisy Elizabeth Reeves, $382,000.

Travis Edward Way, 5123-Arvind Mani and Ramya Sundararajan to Jungyeon Kang, $271,000.


Adelphi Ct., 13714-Christian Relief Services of Virginia to Trung H. and Thuy Quach, $430,000.

Chantilly Rd., 3917-Yousong Huang to Pramor K. Gudishetty and Uma Rani Chintakindi, $459,000.

Old Chatwood Pl., 13606-House Buyers of America Inc. to Atulbhai Patel and Sandhya Singh, $624,900.

Woods Edge Ct., 4438-Aniket Ahmed and Anila N. Chowdhury to Nelson A. and Brenda A. Fredes, $700,000.


Marblestone Ct., 14003-Visiamy A. Spille and Visiamy S. Loughrie to Geoffrey and Caitlin Croon, $743,000.

Sangsters Ct., 12115-Bruce E. and Pamela S. Koenig to John D. and Lona C. Saccomando, $1.2 million.


Anchor Ct., 5316-Chester and Michele R. Guyer to Miguel Angel and Lilian Salas, $380,999.

Camborne Terr., 12201-Yin Ling Mai and Yee Luen Wong to David Dongwoo Kim and Heeyoung Kang, $490,000.

Chesham St., 2977-Joseph Teed and Ran Wei to Ramesh Balasubramanian and Sharada Ramachandran, $789,000.

Dusty Wheel Lane, 12640-Nelson B. and Nancy T. Alcalde to Michelle Rachal Tinkoff, $740,000.

Farndon Ct., 4755-James and Carolyn J. Kellam to John Alan and Silva Pecini Morris, $650,000.

Fox Hunter Pl., 12207-Norman Eric and Angela Bear Rodgers to Lanell S. and Luciana M. Gray, $730,000.

Galliec St., 11457, No. 38-Liliana I. Longo to Chandrahas Josyula and Harpreet Kaur, $603,000.

Goldenwave Ct., 3150-NVR Inc. to Perneal and Nicola Allen, $872,610.

Green Ridge Ct., 3805, No. 297-Gayle A. Reese to Joseph Richard Barnd, $260,000.

Hollinger Ave., 13327-Madaline R. Stutes to Kate Nguyen, $420,000.

Kathryn Jean Ct., 3910-Lisa Burrus Daubenspeck and Kenneth Lancelot Burrus Jr. to Guojian Chen and Binbiao Zheng, $492,500.

Lindenbrook St., 9663-Loretta Lynn Smith to Hongbing Li, $480,000.

Marble Lane, 4123-Ghuman Properties Corp. to Brian W. and Hannah J. Yelton, $509,786.

Melville Lane, 13132-Mary Lou Sammarco to Nicholas A. Salaka, $479,000.

Old Creek Dr., 9540-Enoc Jesus Parada to Kevin and Sarah Bradley, $487,000.

Penderview Dr., 3906, No. 723-Nicholas W. Dodd and Delorah J. Durbin Dodd to John F. and Kathleen A. Siegrist, $194,500.

Point Pleasant Dr., 13115-Kathryn and David Medinets to Mark S. Haufrect and Melissa Ruiz, $562,000.

Quail Creek Lane, 13112-Chetankumar and Urvi Chetankumar Patel to Hosai Salehi, $350,000.

Rockaway Lane, 11820, No. 24-Ronald J. and Dolores M. Thornton to Kirk William and Denise Kincannon, $355,000.

Sleepy Lake Dr., 4261-Nichole S. Williams Miller and Joseph Miller to Todd and Cameron Atherton, $465,000.

Swinton Dr., 4973-Adrienne N. Armstrong and Adriab Earl Noble Jr. to Steven and Megan McFarlane, $510,000.

Valley Ridge Cir., 11791-Eric K. and Jared M. Sigler to Sree Shanker Gundappa, $518,500.

Westbrook Mill Lane, 11326, No. 204-Amirreza Azad and Parvin Mahmoodi to Emily M. Miller, $340,000.

Woodberry Meadow Dr., 3981-Jesse Han Cho to Aruna and Krishna M. Alluri, $1.06 million.


Crosspointe Dr., 9530-Joseph S. Catalano to Julie Marie Barry and Bruce Edward Boykin, $670,000.

Innisvale Dr., 5917-Guerrier Merant and Maria Soledad Fernandez Merant to Noah S. and Keri M. Guilbault, $630,000.

Roseland Dr., 8208-Jeffrey B. and Colleen F. Kohler to Michael C. Cozad Jr. and Katrin Saghafi, $1.26 million.


Annandale Rd., 3119-Clara M. Fonseca to Burgos Freddy Moscoso Cardozo, $400,000.

Brilyn Pl., 2300-PJNS Corp. to Neville F. and Sujanya Dastoor, $1.27 million.

Lakeside Village Dr., 7596-Kimberly Bleck to Catherine E. Moore, $285,000.

Linden Lane, 2909-Randal D. and Lauren M. Morgan to Matthew and Kristen Hodson, $625,000.

Quincy Pl., 6431-Joseph Steven Johnson and Jenifer Len Benefield Johnson to Bruce Henry and Jessica Stacy Macnair, $1.32 million.

Woodley Pl., 7237-Woodley Place Corp. to Stephen and Meghan Dimuzio, $1.23 million.


George C. Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 229-Yara Antonios Francis and Yara Youssef to Mohamed Osama Ahmed Fahmy, $350,000.

Griffith Rd., 1866-Merion Homes Pimmit Corp. to Kristopher and Abigail Wong, $1.16 million.

Marthas Lane, 7805-Betsy C. and Richard D. Bernier to Mitchell Gardner and Lori Ann Weatherly, $599,000.

Village Crossing Rd., 2295, No. 303-Firoozeh Zahraei to Fanghui Fan, $425,000.


Fairfax Rd., 8017-Nova Pantheon Corp. to Richard Hollis and Meagen E. Arthur, $609,000.

Paul Spring Pkwy., 1903-1903 Paul Spring Corp. to Mark J. and Julia Elizabeth MacDonald, $593,400.

Triumph Ct., 8709-Arina Hoffman to Brian T. and Beth A. Yeh, $644,900.


Canterwood Lane, 338-Gordon R. and Karen H. Seidenberg to Kavita Phyllis Watsa and Vipin Khushu, $1.18 million.

Falcon Ridge Rd., 214-Patricia M. Leader and Patricia M. Thompson to Randolph E. Lee Jr., $1.2 million.

Kentland Dr., 751-Chrles M. and Monica M. Moody to Geoffrey E. and Susan A. Axton, $950,720.

Shallow Creek Pl., 1005-Stephane and Astrid Pilla Tisseront to Gary Vaughan, $2.25 million.

Vernon Dr., 9400-Ali A. Ghods and Jila A. Ahmadi to Art Bekin, $160,000.


Burrough Farm Dr., 13430-Paul G. Martz and Anne C. Kaiser to Swathi Thangamani and Saravanan Thiruvairu Ravindran, $499,530.

Cedar Run Lane, 13647-Marianne C. McKenna to Varnit Khanna and Harpreet Kaur, $552,000.

Curie Ct., 2474, No. 14-Nima Mahmoudzadeh to Maryam Mahmoudzadeh, $355,000.

Fantasia Dr., 12620-Joseph Donald and Katherine Justen Powers to Duncan A. and Theresa Emy Saville, $515,000.

Fox Woods Dr., 12686-Robert L. and Supaporn S. Whedon to Vikrant and Sakshi Mahajan, $807,500.

Herndon Mill Cir., 120-Alfred and Alfred Walter Coulombe to Kathryn Woodward, $582,500.

Ladybank Lane, 13216-Gregory and Paula H. Williams to Alexander G. Gainullin and Sarah Berenz, $650,000.

Mason Mill Ct., 1254-Chao Hao Chuang and Seojeong Shin to Amor Khachemoune, $585,000.

Misty Water Dr., 12538-Kim Ford Coffman and Anne Cormier to Eliazer Martinez, $538,000.

Nicklaus Ct., 1069-John and Lindsey Rhodes Schucker to Andrew Bechara and Kelsey Hyser, $362,500.

Ox Rd. W., 2651-Arun and Shirley Phull to Ja Young and Robert Wainwright, $725,000.

Rock Chapel Rd., 1355-Robert M. and Eleanor J. Light to Alexander L. Hackett and Danielle C. Snyder, $492,000.

Sugar Maple Lane, 1100-Narinder K. and Neelam Sharma to Mohammad H. Hemmatian and Zahra Kharman Dar, $812,500.

Trevino Lane, 1044-Reina Ester Calzada and Konard Malinowski to Rachid M. Zougari, $394,350.

Wrenn House Ct., 3303-John H. and Deborah K. Pitchford to Asghar M. Bhatti, $418,000.


Byrd Lane, 2427-Daniellle Heide and Steven Michael Bromberek to Dave Albert Castle, $419,900.

Fort Dr., 2721-PMR Investments Corp. to Jeremy David and Erin Michele Green, $475,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 802-Kris E. and Kirk W. Mackes to Monique Dessaso, $277,500.

Tremont Dr., 5624-Abdur Minhas to Saeed Mohammad Arif, $310,000.


Harrison Lane, 7121-Patricia J. Wells and Patti Wells Morgan to Daniel R. Ruedy and Lauren E. Moraski, $725,000.

Mason Grove Ct., 7112, No. 29-Deutsche Bank to Anderson Wong, $330,000.

Richmond Hwy., 6435, No. 101-Tamara Mansour to Debora Alvarado, $162,500.

Turtle Dove Nook, 3442-Nene Reed and Jennifer R. Rainey to Kiran Kumar Narayana and Harika Balimidi, $402,500.


Braddock Rd., 4006-Peter E. Kielty to Tuyet Thi Nguyen, Lindsey Thuy T. Vo and Colin Nguyen, $429,900.

Eighth St., 6314-John H. Raubitschek to Selam N. Alemu, $365,000.

Independence Way, 6003-Carl R. Castle Jr. to Andrea M. Luna, $325,000.

Navaho Dr., 5243-HSR Develoment Corp. to Alex Qimzu, Moon Ja Qimzu, Ho Won Kim and Shin Ho Kim, $525,000.

Tayack Pl., 6495, No. 101-David A. Lenon to Michele R. Smith, $297,500.


Bluebird Way, 8303, No. A-Janine B. Kuhn and Janine B. Lostetter to Lokesh Bhatia, $250,000.

Colgrove Ct., 9101-Bradley and Patricia Lapiska to Danielle and James Baur, $475,000.

George Fox Pl., 8013-Eduardo Torres and Lucianne Marin to Meskerem Solomon, $560,000.

Hagel Cir., 9725, No. 45-Valentin Quispe to Lina Rozbih, $210,000.

Lorraine Carol Way, 9780-Donald J. Abbott to Amy T. and Paul F. Orrego, $570,000.

Pott Ct., 7701-Brian P. Thomas to Erin E. Eales, $405,000.

Sheffield Hunt Ct., 9195-Sarina Gray Scott and Sarina Gray to Tsehay Tesema and Leuladam B. Adamseged, $332,000.

Two Bays Rd., 9060-Passawan Khanthongthip and Nuttapong Ongsangkoon to Kofi Darko and Joyce Amoakoa Akyeampong, $415,000.


Birch Grove Ct., 6482-Shiveley Birch Corp. to Yan Jin and Jian Kang, $1.32 million.

Chinquapin Rd., 902-Brian T. and Marlynn C. Morabito to Tajeldin M. and Rana M. Hassan, $1.98 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 905-Shawn Changsuk to Meiyun Ko, $800,000.

Dominion Crest Lane, 1802-Michael C. and Joan M. Holowaty to Jason A. Schick and Laura C. Burns, $1.37 million.

Fleetwood Rd., 6800, No. 814-Bennett L. and Malvene L. Lewis to Johnny C. Chiu and Lien Rung Kao, $174,500.

Glenhaven Ct., 7795-Edward F. and Jean M. Pool to Rajiv and Heidi Narang, $2.8 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 516-Behjat Movafagh and Jaleh Badipour Counts to Laleh Teymurian, $265,000.

Greenwich Woods Dr., 8010-Daniel J. and Mary Sue McDermott to Xiao Xiao Ke and Xiang Wei Liao, $1.54 million.

Holly Ct., 1602-Marcia K. Kelly to Maria L., Federica and Calogero Farruggio, $830,000.

Lawson Lane, 1330-Arnold B. Podgorsky and Christina D. Larsen to Iris W. Curtis, $925,700.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 103-Agustin and Richard Cabrales to Jie Tang, $230,000.

Linway Park Dr., 1629-Mike S. and Patricia Y. Tae to Zachary David Weidner and Anna Sophie Rich Weidner, $1.15 million.

Northwoods Trail, 1013-Bradley Arthur and Kathleen Marie Johnson to Di Wu and Shan Jiang, $1.25 million.

Ramshorn Dr., 6125-Buchanan Price Corp. to Michael Kostrov and Mahvesh Qureshi, $2.73 million.

Snowpine Way, 8005-A. Everett Hoeg III and Benjamin F. Tompkins to Harold L. and Carol K. Kohn, $1.15 million.

Thrasher Rd., 7211-William R. McCarty to Nadeem P. Malik and Ewa Lidia Malik, $870,000.

Tucker Ave., 6540-Walnut Creek Homes Corp. to Mylan R. and Romona D. Satchi, $1.63 million.

Woodhurst Blvd., 1413-Ralph Giovanni and Kathy Elaine Loretta to Roger W. and Kimberly D. Teague, $1.6 million.


Buckman Rd., 4215-Rita Amani and Abdul Basit to Satinderpal Singh and Kulwinder Kaur, $354,000.

El Camino Pl., 3928, No. 12-Christine E. Monetti to Brian M. Castel, $138,600.

Frye Rd., 8222-8222 Frye Road Corp. to Dennis and Rebecca Strizzi, $505,000.

Maryland St., 3804-Adam and Stacey Gonzalez to Shawn P. Duffy and Eman Mohammed, $615,000.

Noel St., 8007-Michael N. and Sheila M. Winslow to Nicholas and Rebecca Uzl, $380,000.

Sausalito Pl., 7947, No. 25C-Walter Carlos Salgueiro to Muhammad Saghir, $162,000.

Tarpon Lane, 4501-Nicholas J. Borick to Marlene M. Menard Jr., $559,000.

Woodland Lane, 3138-Douglas M. and Kathryn S. Cochrane to Joseph F. Alling, $591,000.


Murillo St., 7512-Stone Financing Corp. to Noel P. and Shawn Anne Johnson, $548,500.


Fox Glen Dr., 11673-David B. and Tracie M. Weir to Ronald R. and Elizabeth R. Pascual, $780,000.

Marshall Lake Dr., 2796-Barnard and Robyn R. Buscemi to Matthew and Carrie Carullo, $1.41 million.

Palmer Dr., 10137-Raymond G. and Carmen Cecilia Roth to William J. and Rosa Susinski, $915,000.

Vale Rd., 12110-Bradford and Annette K. Hildabrand to Harikrishna Muddana and Navya Ramamoorthy, $580,000.


Ansdel Ct., 2429-Mike Yusuf to Joshua T. Lefchick and Kelly R. Etherson Lefchick, $409,000.

Belmont Ridge Ct., 1954-George and Roxana Botea to Robert M. Lorenzen, $315,000.

Cartwright Pl., 2128-Keyvan Emdadi to Christopher Mondy, $299,000.

Coppersmith Sq., 2210-Mary C. Phelan to Yolanda Gillard, $385,000.

Dunlop Ct., 11841-Nicholas J. and Patricia M. Richert to Bradley C. and Jacqueline M. Fitzwater, $429,900.

Golf Course Dr., 2044-Richard L. and Sharon Clark to Daniel J. Couillard, $405,700.

Hollow Timber Way, 11406-Gerald and Susan J. Snyder to Byron and Ivana Graham, $577,500.

Lakebreeze Way, 2010-David A. Leadston to John W.A. Parkinson and Rosemarijn V. Gesquiere, $750,000.

Longwood Grove Dr., 11206-Robert D. and Jane K. Forbes to Andrew S. Kostuch, $740,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 404-Michael A. and Sharon D. Carpenter to Maxine Greenstein, $460,000.

Old Trail Dr., 2307-Faizullah and Shahida Khattak to Sujan Gorkhali, $469,900.

Rolling Green Ct., 11561, No. 13-Jessie Maria Beals to Rebeccal Ledford, $244,000.

Sierra Woods Dr., 1617-Jason J. and Valerie Regina Frank to Connor P. and Melinda P. Monahan, $317,000.

Stratford House Pl., 11776, No. 805-Michael J. and Ann Marie Gennari to Randall L. and Denise G. Doerman, $494,000.

Vantage Hill Rd., 11602, No. 2A-Talia Vu to Roshanak Pourasad, $169,000.

Whisperwood Glen Lane, 2067-Bradley W. Hansmann to Xing Cao and Zhiping Li, $303,500.

Woodhollow Ct., 11584-Thomas Zuokas to Christopher D. Woosley, $467,500.


Crosswoods Dr., 6422-Kevin G. and Signe Williamson to Alicia Ann Dube and Daniel James Neal, $1.05 million.

Manchester St. S., 3101, No. 616-Jung Min Lee to Jung Hoan Yoo, $180,000.

Vine Forest Ct., 6196-Thomas C. and Gregg Donnelly to Mahmmod and Yasmin Shah, $454,070.


Brian Michael Ct., 6867-Audra L. Macneil to Jordan and Ann Stegner, $405,000.

Cushing Ct., 8317-James F. and Candace E. Rist to Tien T. Nguyen, $545,000.

Dulciana Ct., 8061-Gregorio Torres and Betty E. Rodas to Rodney Bruce and Lella Annisa Stevens, $379,900.

Gambrill Ct., 7951-Dorene A. Colwell to Ievgenii Fedorenko and Oksana Korotka, $400,500.

Grandview Ct., 8094-Denis A. and Kathleen A. Whelan to Delvin Reed, $235,000.

Hunt Square Ct., 9531-Shibhu and Sapna S. Nambiar to Maame Efua M. Riverson and Edmund P. Ekuban, $436,000.

Levi Ct., 6298-Stephanie Diane Mardon to Tristan Zachary Thibodeaux and Zhencun Liu, $470,000.

Racetec Pl., 6367-Anise Rahman and Mohammed A. Khan to Henock Tekle, $418,000.

Scott St., 9009-Douglas Penn and Gabriele Watrous Stickley to Aster Berhane and Yohannes Michael, $705,000.

Steeple Chase Ct., 8038-Quy Phu Trinh and Thu Hoa Ly to Karen Carter, $315,000.


Bellforest Ct., 2700, No. 410-Annelise Lee Ping Lanyan Dubrovsky and Nikita Edward Dubrovsky to Nathaniel Wentland, $307,500.

Branch Rd. SE, 204-Robert D. and Laurie Evans Fox to Sheila Grant and Jeffrey Edward Erhardt, $700,000.

Cy Ct., 1735-John C. Wu and Jenny L. Chung to Xiaoming Yu and Jing Jian Yue, $645,000.

Glyndon St. NE, 118-Jonathan and Cathy Immordino to Timothy J. and Yun Kyong Frank, $740,000.

Jackson Pkwy., 2423-Robin I. and Betsy T. O’Malley to Vikram and Sandra L. Chopra, $675,000.

Locust St., 214, No. 115-Sahasra Real Estate Corp. to Ramadan A. and Marjorie L. Atya, $242,500.

Occidental Dr., 2702-Barbara Jean Sheehan to Thomas A. and Lucinda G. Ferrante, $639,900.

Quinn Terr., 8103-Asim and Quratulann K. Hussain to Man Chi Ho and Wei Lin, $709,000.

Scenic View Terr., 10005-Deanna Lee Grider and Donald G. Buxton to Calvin Nguyen and Venus Truong, $965,000.

Tapawingo Rd. SW, 1015-Gregory K. and Peggy A. Schmidt to Nicholas A. Laubach and Kayla W. Osborne, $595,000.

Westown Way, 8558-Tracey Lynn Williams to Sarah A. Uddeen and Trevor Uyemura, $825,500.


Lexton Pl., 7714, No. D-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to L.C. and Chiquita Berry, $245,000.

Rolling Rd., 6816-Henry S. and Sherry W. Butler to Mir A. Ali and Sarah R. Awad, $475,000.

Tuttle Rd., 8609-Janet M. Meiburger to Iqbal Hussain and Saraha Zaidi, $816,250.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Byrd Dr., 10932-Jonathan and Amanda Lacy to Erica Young and Patricia Meacham, $539,000.

Jenny Lynne Lane, 3711-Marco A. and Barbara E. Caceres to Jarod and Talya Keren, $595,000.

Providence Way, 10503-Dawn L. and Kevin Shook to Jonathan and Shirley Howe, $645,830.

Stanton Dr., 9702-Jong Sung and Yuyeol Kim to Mohammad Fakheri Tabrizi, $710,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Gundry Dr., 302-Dean Patterson to Kamal Mark Kawar, $570,000.

Marshall St. W., 106-Rachael Ann Owlett and Christopher McKay to Matthew and Ashley Millard, $921,000.