Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Duke Dr., 6908-Jay M. Casey and Kelli M. Reidford to Benjamin and Jenna M. Colbert, $500,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6631, No. 308-Jonathan L. and Sally R. Motley to Larry Allan Grewelle, $230,000.


Appleford Dr., 5808-Perry H. Duckett and Sue A. Burchinal to Elijah J. and Jerusha A. Bookhamer, $489,000.

Cobbs Rd., 6164-Serenity 3 Corp. to Teia and Brian Clarke, $499,000.

Fleet Dr., 6509-Marie C. Cooper to Hector Martinez, $340,000.

Gentele Ct., 6403-Choice Housing Management Corp. to Daniel Charles and Whitney Rhodes, $500,000.

Hydrangea Dr., 6051-Elizabeth K. Mancini to Rediet Jemberu, $420,000.

Lensfield Ct., 7208-Winnie Jean Manning and Winnie Jean Fuentes to Richard K. and Stefania F. Durden, $455,000.

Maryview St., 6410-Christian H. and Meredith R. Hunter to Jessica Kebea, $477,500.

Overly Dr., 5733-Marvin J. and Thelma P. Long to Robel Abraham and Yordanos Isaac, $525,000.

Royal Patents Lane, 7700-Michael M. and Marianela E. Chouri to John M. and Johanna Lancaster, $499,000.

Upland Dr., 4308-Robert L. and Kristi J. Hurst to Daniel W. and Angela L. Mackle, $840,000.

Wigmore Lane, 6109, No. G-Loan T. Dang and Loan Hoang to Kathryn M. Makin, $265,000.


Airlie Way, 4404-Paul Weber to John Glennon and Laura Kalichak McGowan, $437,000.

Forest Grove Dr., 3817-William G. Gundrum and Mary Louise Gundrum to Haideh Firoozi and Majid Vousoghian, $535,000.

Kandel Ct., 4706-Michael J. Kelley to Han Woo and Sue Yeon Nam, $385,000.

Malcolm Ct., 3916-Robert Grover Light and Ander H. Light to James E. and Shehani N. Osborne, $600,000.

Parkman Ct., 4717-Susan Ford to Byung J. Oh, $289,888.

Toll House Rd., 8410-Susan K. Wood to Andrew and Deborah S. Maletz, $530,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3522-Richard Jefferson Stanley and Dora Ellen Moody Caudle to Dubeysa G. Pena Quispe, $445,000.


Ambrose Hills Rd., 3688-Falls Gate Neighborhoods Corp. to Richard L. Hsu and Helen Kim, $715,175.

George Mason Dr. S., 3713, No. 1206-Department of Veterans Affairs to Randy L. Corum and Edwin O. Roa Joya, $285,000.

Leesburg Pike, 6139, No. 205-Angel A. Contreras to William Thomas Young, $182,000.

Madison Lane, 3721-Scott Francis and Maria Louise Niklason to Ayana Stukes, $322,500.

S. George Mason Dr., 3705, No. 503S-Charles W.W. Stacy and Dorothy I. Dunn to Genet T. Berhe, $190,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 2301N-Iy Tze Chen and Inez Iy Hsiu Chen to Roman Avershyn, $268,000.


Buffie Ct., 6321-Daniel J. and Pamela A. Stevens to Patrick S. and Katherine T. Graham, $413,000.

Marianna Ct., 8903-James J. and Katherine Stringer to Sang H. Kim and Carolina A. Palma Tazan, $565,000.

Silchester Ct., 9143-Houngand Thuan Quang Vuong to Paul Eduardo Gallardo and Farina E. Gallardo Suarez, $470,000.

Wolcott Dr., 9825-Carole L. and Brian T. McNamara to Craig A. Hayden and Jaime R. Lester, $632,000.


Battery Ridge Lane, 14521-Sean and Heather Wilson to Lincoln Eden, $379,000.

Bull Run Post Office Rd., 6798-NVR Inc. to Sanjeev Katam and Madhuri Eerupula, $1.17 million.

Cider Barrel Cir., 6323-Kelly A. Holliday to Peter K. Lee, $417,500.

Cool Oak Lane, 14455-Lyle C. and Laurel D. Wilson to Martha T. Constantinos and Spyros S. Constantinos and Matha Constant, $227,200.

James Harris Way, 6320-Patricia M. Mutlu and Patricia M. Moriarty to Jae K. and Jae K. Shin, $425,000.

Kerrywood Cir., 6918-Ian E. and Amy M. Heiman to Kaur Chhabra and Joginder Singh, $395,000.

McAlester Way, 6008-K2NC Corp. to Arthur E. Dent, $499,999.

Picket Oaks Rd., 14500-Benjamin Asafo Boakye to Kapil Acharya and Geeta Subedi, $610,000.

Royal Oak Lane, 14181-John and Amy Fisher to Gohar Saeed and Sana Mahmood, $340,000.

Stone Creek Ct., 14701-Renato M. Rafi to Scott Daniel Cox and Cora Edith Astbury, $519,900.

Stream Pond Dr., 14607-Iroda Burhon to Janelle Osleen Cox, $384,000.

Truitt Farm Dr., 14773-Sang Hoon Han and Sung Hwa Yoon to Noor and Mohammed Hamidaddin, $425,000.

Winding Ridge Lane, 13937-Brandon D. Witham to Christine C. Park, $350,000.


Eagle Chase Cir., 14057-David and Sharon Peter to Vaiyapuri Baskaran and Lakshmipriya Srinivasan, $720,000.

Lightfoot St., 3820, No. 315-Robert A. Dawson to Behnam B. Taleblu, $217,000.

Silas Hutchinson Dr., 4515-Stanley and Ellen Wills to Amy Elizabeth and Robert James McNeely, $450,000.


Jarist Dr., 5616-Frank and Margaret Ramos to Gary Newkirk and Merdith Debus, $680,000.


Andes Dr., 4326-Anh Minh Tran and Tho Thi Nguyen to Ian M. and Morgan E. Crump, $450,000.

Beacon Grove Cir., 4499-Bryan Stirewalt to Suji Chang Tran, $420,000.

Broomsedge Ct., 3738-Mohamed A. Badran and Ola Ismail to Steven Thomas and Lori Ann Weston, $421,000.

Cavalier Landing Ct., 11635, No. 401-John Taejoon Ohm to Andrzej W. and Krystyna Wendland, $369,900.

Concordia St., 5221-Beverly M. Harris to Marc D. and Laci A. Tang, $617,388.

Crestview Dr., 8521-William L. and Linda M. Kline to Stephanie Radomsky and Carlos A. Herrera, $675,250.

Fairfield House Dr., 12217, No. 102A-Thomas M. Alston Jr. to Patricia Velkoff and Nancy Taylor Babcock, $296,500.

Goldenwave Ct., 3158-NVR Inc. to Christopher Talluto, $917,859.

Hamlet Hill Way, 12808-Steven R. Jelinek to Edwin and Jacqueline Whang, $930,000.

James Halley Dr., 10813-Virginia L. Hogan to Gerald Matthew Rottinghaus, $530,000.

Laurel St., 9829-Sandra Shepard to Jordan B. Mason and Tika M. Trotter Mason, $616,100.

Monmouth St., 4519-Eric A. Graves and Ilisa S. Stillman to Miroslave and Marcela Kazimir, $565,000.

Paxford Ct., 5506-Stephen Radomsky to Timothy Patrick and Nayelly Melo Dorion, $410,000.

Pommeroy Dr., 5102-Judy Ann Trenta and Gallagher Trenta to Daria F. Akers, $521,800.

Red Admiral Way, 4552-Suzanne S. Blevins to Nicholas S. Williams Miller and Joseph S. Miller, $717,500.

Starling Ct., 13031-Sung Pyo Hong to Douglas J. Schwab and Farah B. Jaffry, $590,000.

Stonehurst Dr., 3191-Erik and Beth A. Antons to Lindsey J. Solarski, $475,000.

Sudley Ford Ct., 3752-Robin C. and Darren L. White to Mickey B. Lee, $330,000.

Timber Log Way, 4155-Sirak Alemu to Tracey J. Watkinson, $460,000.

Westbrook Mill Lane, 11333, No. 203-Scott David and Bonnie Michell Ewalt to David R. Smith, $315,000.

Whittemore Pl., 4593, No. 1131-Nikesh Patel to Nicolas Vargas, $370,000.


Braymore Cir., 9303-Richard G. Lawter to Bianca Renee O. Hare and Brandon Michael O. Hare, $775,000.

Shadowridge Dr., 8221-Chester C. and Carolyn S. Buckenmaier to Michael J. Perro, $800,000.


Carol Lane, 7304-Judiht Tinta to Simon and Caitlin Gillett, $729,900.

Executive Ave., 3420-Kenneth Michael and Lucindy A. Currle to Mark Edwards Stuart II and Natalie Jean Brooks, $530,000.

Lee Hwy., 7316, No. 16-Oscar H. Serpas and Angela Blanco to Nazrul Islam Faruky and Rumi Akther, $215,000.

Pine Spring Rd., 2902-Jong H. Lee to Yi and Song Hua Shen, $525,000.

Wayne Rd., 3034-Thien Huynh and Nu Nguyen to Tommy Xuan and Hong Thi Nguyen, $375,000.


Gervais Dr., 2005-Brian M. Kritt and Carole L. Mack to Edward T. and Evelyn V. Clark, $685,000.

Hollywood Rd., 2754, No. 54-John Hart Cable to Yelena Staroselskaya, $192,500.

Montour Dr., 6703-Jan W. and Jan William Miller to Ju Liu and Bing Zuo, $878,000.


Chollman Ct., 8205-Joseph F. and Ellyn S. Dunford to Ricky D. and Jill Harris Buria, $755,000.

Namassin Rd., 1301-Stephen L. Morris to Christopher J. Scott and Yevgen Zagudaev, $775,000.

Wellington Rd., 7918-Johnnie A. and Rachel R. Zelaya to Alexander S. and Alice M. Cochran, $575,000.


Challedon Rd., 1009-Paul M. Sawtell to Xiaojin Bao and Jintao Jiang, $230,000.

Holly Knoll Cir., 12121-Oliver and Farimehr Schlake to Jennifer H. Truong Nguyen and Phillip R. Patton, $685,000.

Sunnybrook Dr., 9898-Anil A. Pinto to Athanasia Alexis Anagnostou, $825,000.


Alan Shepard St., 3124-U.S. Home Corp. to Peter Yuan Zhang and Yinyue Yu, $617,361.

Capstone Cir., 2136-Pamela Ann Swartley to Malcolm X. Hutchinson and Arianna E. Newman, $475,000.

Chasbarb Terr., 12506-Donna M. Shiroma to Otniel and Taina E. Porras, $559,500.

Firewood Ct., 1707-Jeremy and Deena N. Odhner to Christopher Lim Ea and Christina Marie Yu, $475,000.

Jonathons Glen Way, 12211-Wei Dong to Lin Cao, $973,000.

Navy Dr., 3206-Edmund F. and Janice G. Driscoll to Gandhimathi Kalimuthu and Karthikeyan Chandran, $962,000.

Pembrook Ct., 503-Amid Global Corp. to Andres F. Garavito and Adriana Lopez Almazan, $436,000.

Sally Ride Way, 13747-U.S. Home Corp. to Mithil Poondla and Ramya Mithil, $628,879.

Spring Knoll Dr., 815-James J. and Sharon I. McWilliams to Gerald L. Thomas and Pamela C. Salerno, $580,000.

Virginia Ave., 459-Sohail Khan and Farzana Rehman to Dawit A. Terefe, Amsale Dagnachew Gebremariam and Habtemariam Molla Tadesse, $318,000.


Berkshire Ct., 5919-Judith D. Spears to James Alexander Wilson, $328,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1001-Kelly Mertens Sutey and Kelly A. Mertens to Nichole S. Williams Miller, $370,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 909-Richard E. and Lynn C. Peterson to Derick R. Rodriguez, $295,000.

Mount Vernon Dr., 5841-Julio O. Guardado Ayala to Joseph Roger Ware, $380,000.


Deer Run Dr., 6810-Equity Trust Co. and Kenneth Cunningham to Jordan Alexander Bergum and Jonathan Floyd Gamby, $360,000.

Ludwood Ct., 7207-Virina and Snowden Mananzan to Mathu K. Mathu, $670,000.

Stover Ct., 7226-Margaret A.M. Dellaventura Oglesby and Margaret A.m. Dellaventura to Binta Aminata Rogers, $346,000.


Brookside Dr., 4419-Andrea Hattler and Brian H. Bramson to Elias Demoz, $1.05 million.

Elmdale Rd., 6448-Kevin Farris and Bryan K. Baker to Catherine M. and Edward J. Kazanowski, $850,000.

Martin St., 4845-Keith B. Weaver and the Emma J. Weaver to William Almanza Corrales, $460,000.


Chaucer House Ct., 8429-Yen Tran to Craig Davie and Kim McMahan, $480,000.

Flowering Dogwood Lane, 8755-Steven and Norma Ware to Olubukola and Christiana Bolaji, $750,000.

Hagel Cir., 9523, No. 5-Syed I. and Masuma I. Hussain to Sun I. Springer, $219,000.

Laurel Heights Loop, 8251-Cary D. and Samantha K. Bowman to Prentice Lee Bell Jr., $563,500.

Saluda Ct., 9541-Diedra A. White to Donald I. and Cynthia A. Keels, $369,000.


Bellview Rd., 1135-John A. Micale and May Elizabeth Avendanio to Ashvin and Chotiya Ahuja, $1.75 million.

Fairlawn Dr., 6527-Benjamin J. Deufel and Donna L. Weiss to Sandeep and Anju Saxena, $820,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 817-Thomas Michael Johanneck to Anara Rakhimzhanova, $340,000.

Langley Fork Lane, 1091-Maria Isabel Quadri De Kingston to Elena Murovannaya, $3 million.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 120-Ju Hua Sunny Chou to Tyler Reid, Maria F. Garcia Quiroga and Tyler Davis Reid, $225,000.

Mary Ellen Ct., 1564-Walter C. and Martha C. Johnson to Zhiliang Kuang and Meiying Lin, $970,000.

Old Chesterbrook Rd., 6604-Karen L. Hendrixson and Robert L. Sharer to Donato A. and Barbara Wells Dagostino, $1.26 million.

Rupert St., 1812-Paul S. and Joan G. Rupprecht to Jae Hoon Kwon, $720,000.

Woodside Dr., 1298-Charles H. and Allyn M. Fritts to Shaymaa Al Mudafar, $1.08 million.


Corcoran St., 4203-Jon C. Baber to Brenton Liam Woods and Alicia Cole Quigley Woods, $489,900.

Gateshead Rd., 8619-George Whitmire to Robin Lee and Brittany W. Parker, $565,000.

Nogales Ct., 8501, No. 262-Sumiko Y. Shelton to Sijie Yu, $151,000.

Russell Rd., 8005-Skarleth Meliza Santos Lopez and Skarleth M. Santos Lopez to Harry L. Wickline, $430,000.

Village Way, 8609, No. 7-Betty Jane Yancey to Abdelmajid Elmounjid and Veronica Rosemery Granados Posada, $215,082.


Atlee Pl., 5302-Jeffrey Barnum Schoreder and Sheena Bardford to Francisco Pacheco and Juver Adalberto Quintanilla, $475,000.

Inverchapel Rd., 5421-Miroljub and Melissa Stepanovich to Kevin Kazuo and Mia Kaneshige, $370,000.

Long Pine Dr., 7523-Richard Hudgins White and Richard Leon White to Mahmood A. Hosseini and Roya Kazemi Nejad, $400,000.


Bushman Dr., 10317-William K. Grant and Mary Knight to Parag and Sujata Thakker, $445,000.

Greenwood Pl., 10305-Michael J. Tuszka and Martha E.R. Tuszka to Sanjeev and Revathi R. Vohra, $1.02 million.

Summit Square Dr., 3176, No. 4-E4-Matthew J. Maley to Juhee Wang, $220,000.


Beaver Trail Ct., 11146-John and Ajit Narayan to Samuel Pierce and Elizabeth Anne Cassidy, $275,000.

Cedar Cove Ct., 2228-Dennie M. and June C. Ferrara to Donald D. and Doreen M. Lavelle, $580,000.

Coleraine Ct., 12347-C. Mitchell and Clara L. Chambliss to William D. and Madeline Christen, $545,000.

Fountain Dr., 1830, No. 305-James O. and Melinda O. Burns to Kenneth R. and Denise L. Sadowski, $445,000.

Great Owl Cir., 11707-Kathy H. Logan and Kenneth A. Long to Brian T. and Dawn N. Crosson, $495,000.

Hearthstone Ct., 11515-Jane H. West to Kathiuska I. Ramirez and Patrick A. Womble, $405,000.

Lakespray Way, 11121-Carlton M. and Marwan Hanif Terry to Allan Ho and Keiko Kikuno, $630,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 2002-Richard R. Yuse to George E. Barlow, $1.33 million.

New Dominion Pkwy., 12025, No. 508-John R. Freeman Jr. to Sotiris Katsoulos and Justine M. Lyons, $721,000.

North Point Dr., 1511, No. 201-Carl Kao to Sahan Danura Thenuwara, $317,000.

Pyrenees Ct., 2497-Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia to Christina Hsu, $320,000.

Shire Ct., 11839, No. 31D-Ace Estate Realty Corp. to Richard Kurlantzick, $230,000.

Stoneview Sq., 11645, No. 87-Yungchang Lee to Nasser Ovissi, $215,000.

Sundial Ct., 11304, No. 906-11304 Sundial Court Corp. to Mercedes Deshazo, $302,000.

Vantage Hill Rd., 11602, No. 12-B-Justin Devin Brown to Kathryn Hitchcock, $168,000.

Whisper Way, 2125-Karl B. Serafin to Timothy and Joyceann C. Frantzen, $308,000.


Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 422-Binaya Aryal and Bimala Adhikari to Saman G. Salim, $197,000.


Antrican Dr., 6552-Alfonso M. Gomez to Geneva B. Gomez, $470,000.

Eagle Rock Lane, 8878-Paul T. and Anne M. Emerick to Douglas Harts, $465,000.

Grandview Ct., 8058-Balwinder Kaur to Juliet Hooper, $302,000.

Kedron St., 5954-Leslie G. Robertson to Alan Mortimer Hardy, $538,000.

Richfield Rd., 7800-Arlene F. Murray to Melinda D. Roberts, $350,000.

Stone Hill Pl., 8720-Kip and Terri K. Rimm to Angel J. Olivera Toro and Theresa N. Olivera, $459,900.


Bellforest Ct., 2710, No. 105-Sandy A. Hemdan to Vikramaditya D. Reddy and Neraja Puppala, $231,000.

Ceret Ct. SW, 211-Regina M. Keeney and Margaret M. Markey to Matthew Donald Harmon and Bridget Ellen Cooper Harmon, $815,000.

Hunt Valley Dr., 8429-Carol Jean Milligan to Shun and Lisa Williams, $815,000.

Madrillon Ct., 8102-Bryan C. Troutman to Insaf A. Hakim and Diane M. Hakim, $765,000.

Northern Neck Dr., 1577, No. 102-Hala Sioufi to Yingqian Luo, $400,000.

Saint Croix Dr., 2814-Matthew L. Fedowitz to Timothy and Dorothy Tausch, $765,000.


Forrest Hollow Lane, 6031-David J. Cheng and Jesset T. Cheng and Helen C. Cheng Charita to Hanan Mohammed, $371,000.

Kentford Dr., 8534-Benjamin J. and Olivia Burr to Natalie D. Burr and Christopher R. Potts, $550,000.

Prince George Dr., 5901, No. 344-Khoa Dang Nguyen to Allister Viktoria Sloan, $208,000.

Stream Way, 7384-Eduardo Jorge Fernandez and Alejandro Fernnadez Jr. to Richard Severe, $387,500.

Westover Ct., 8500, No. 777-Stephen Thomas Peck to Kunniga and Jason Cahill, $240,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Hill St., 3825-Gle Corp. to David Bae and Esther Young Mi Bae, $650,000.

Orchard St., 10721-Brittany Allen Lawerence and Peggy Ann Lawrence to Raja Shrestha, $400,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Tracy Pl., 1304-Celebrity Homes Corp. to Jeremy W. and Lindsey K. Rolinski, $1.42 million.