Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Chaucer View Cir., 6331-Ginette Francois to David Sheets, $619,900.


Wakefield Dr., 6631, No. 410-House Buyers of America Inc. to Toni Bussmann, $167,000.


Birchleigh Way, 6602-Jared and Lauren Dunn to Daniel and Hilary Moore, $440,000.

Cromarty Dr., 6984-Sheila T. Costa to Wajid Hussain, $450,000.

Franconia Rd., 5603, No. 5-Edna Jankowski to Rene Oscar Martinez Reyes and Maria C. Martinez, $195,000.

Glenwood Dr., 5624-Marcus B. and Boupha S. Inskeep to Scott A. and Paige McIntosh, $650,000.

Mclendon Ct., 6159-Nathalie and Charles Edward Atkins to Brian John and Theresa E. Letellier, $665,000.

Parenham Way, 5892-M. Amanda Jordan and Cheryl Brewer to Gerald Harvey III, $424,000.

Signature Cir., 6891-David and Verena Eisler to Andrew Peng and Michelle Nolan, $420,000.

Upland Dr., 4337-Sandra F. Stubbs and Rudy G. Flores to Thomas R. Duke and Helen M. Dyke, $485,000.

Wilton Crest Ct., 3378-Julia and Michael Hopkins to Kevin Leon and Jacki Ann Garner, $650,000.


Airlie Way, 4462-Houzz Buyer Corp. to Reyes Echeverria and Maria Del Carmen Severic, $430,000.

Briarwood Ct., 4415, No. 32-Steveb Dang to Andrew Yoder, $181,000.

Cottage Lane, 4105-David I. Rosenbloom to Ngoc Nga Thi Le, $682,000.

Forest Grove Dr., 3924-William O. and Jean W. Holcombe to Ly C. Huynh and Julie Thanh Nguyen, $600,000.

King Richard Dr., 4919-Gregory M. and Clare B. Skarda to Ben F. and Stephanie R. Conner, $590,000.

Towerbell Ct., 7906-Rahul K. and Lisa J. Chaudhry to Bradford Smith, $400,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3306, No. 23-William D. Griffin to Tatyana Sergeyevna Burkina, $199,500.


Ambrose Hills Rd., 3693-Falls Gate Neighborhoods Corp. to Jason Eugene and Denise Omara Dunning, $695,030.

George Mason Dr. S., 3713, No. 1407-Fariba Nasary to Gwendolyn E. Murphy, $261,900.

Leesburg Pike., 6141, No. 503-Wai Tom Chee and Maple Huynh to Nayoung Kim, $145,000.

Madison View Lane, 3661-Wendy Y. Bartley to Natasha T. Dossa, $510,000.

S George Mason Dr., 3713, No. 1309-Laith Atoum to Dorina Jordanov, $211,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 709N-Ahmed Maghrabi to Lan Yang, $192,000.


Burnside Landing Dr., 5935-James and Sharon Tosi Lacey to Mel and Julie Metts, $698,000.

Fushsimi Ct., 6209-Adrienne K. Oliver to Avtallyon Ron, $425,000.

Martins Landing Ct., 6105-James C. Workman Sr. to Kelly A. Minguez, $400,000.

Stillwater Ct., 5609-Truyen P. Pham and Hong P. Nguyen to Joon Ki Lee and Jung Rang Suh, $415,000.


Antonia Ford Ct., 13934-Lamar Halleem and Eimal H. Nawabi to Tuong Trong Le, $371,000.

Bella Dr., 6201-Dawood Hatami to Jennifer Jungin and Kelly Cho, $385,000.

Bull Run Woods Trail, 6512-Basheer Edhemoore Bull Run Corp. to Craig Anthony and Lisa Ann Janus, $1.03 million.

Creekstone Lane, 6010-Natalie H. Rainey Peters to Gerson Uziel Saune, $288,000.

Fence Post Ct., 5502-Stephen and Karen White to Michael Mizak and Rebekah Cecil, $548,000.

Golden Oak Rd., 14520-J. Vicente and Nelly Pedraza to Soo M. Kim and Sung W. Jung, $219,300.

Jenny Leigh Ct., 6723-Winnetta Vazquez and Winnetta Evans to Dan Yar, $360,000.

Lavender Mist Ct., 5386-Kenneth and Inyoung Choi to Demetrio Gonzalez, $510,000.

Sequoia Farms Dr., 5403-Howard L. and Lisa Mohn to Albright and Brooke S. Delany, $520,000.

Stone Range Dr., 14633-Bruce E. and Alice C. Hunt to Khalaf Daoud, $345,000.

Tack House Trail, 6656-K. Hovnanian at Hunters Pond Corp. to Sung Sik Lee and Christina Kim, $1.41 million.

Winding Woods Dr., 5123-Yusef and Angela Whitfield to Joynal Abdin, Reaz Mahamud, Gannat Sultana and Ginnat Sultana, $409,700.


Eagle Chase Cir., 14096-Relocation Resources International Inc. to Victorine A. and Kouassi Soman, $465,000.

Smallwood Ct., 13610-Doris Blacutt to Clive Y.C. Pai and Ling Zhou, $762,000.


Regal Crest Dr., 13317-U.S. Bank NA and JPMorgan Alternative Loan Trust to Jehad Salameh, $718,000.


Aristotle Ct., 3851, No. 1-415-U.S. Bank NA to Anuj Sharma and Magdalena Filipp II, $276,100.

Bideford Sq., 4721-Michael E. and Olivia J. Evans to Jesse F. and Fara P. Kellogg, $512,000.

Canonbury Sq., 9556-Michael S. Kim and Christine N. Chang to Ashni Kumar Singh, $690,000.

Center Way, 3733-Michael and Nancy Ann Dickerson to Qi Shu and Mo Ran Zhang, $740,000.

Coronado Terr., 9206-Joyce P. Sauvager and Maud Peereboom to Hongwu Xue, $767,500.

Dansk Ct., 9708-Susan E. Vandersluis to Reginald Darius and Donna S. Billy Darius, $810,000.

Englishwood Lane, 13107-Jacqueline Tippett Cain and Cenie Larrilyn Cain to Fariba Vahdani, $308,000.

Fairfield House Dr., 12229, No. 211A-T. Patrick Smith to Tami C. Langshaw, $319,900.

Garden Grove Cir., 12148, No. 302-Hwan and Myunghynn Choi to Jai Han Jung and Sung Ae Kwon, $290,000.

Graceland Pl., 9218-Michael Oliver and Virginia Phillips to Anthony P. Jones, $420,000.

Hampshire Green Ave., 10301-Christopher Bennett and Randi Haaker to Dennis Michael Winters, $470,000.

Kaywood Ct., 5312-Victoria and Jonathan B. Baselice to Steven W. Hunter, $493,550.

Lawn Ct., 4619-Builders Group Corp. to Mustafa G. Kudrati and Mary L. Plummer, $630,000.

Market Commons Dr., 4490, No. 310-Michael P. Levish and Esen Bankaci to Stanley L. Reid, $400,000.

Mozart Brigade Lane, 4225, No. 95-Kristin Knox to Lynn M. Hubbard, $239,995.

Penderview Terr., 12156, No. 1205-Kevin T. Voltz and Kristen E. Messina to Amy Chant, $190,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 120-Pmco One Corp. to Amayank Mehta, $309,900.

Ruby Dr., 5321-Patricia P. Carlton and James L. Carlton to Kishore Vajja, $666,000.

Stella Blue Lane, 2975-Chua Hui Tseng to Jason Benjamin Kowal, $866,000.

Strawflower St., 4391-NVR Inc. to Satya Narayana Rao Gavaravarapu and Chandra Kala Gavaravarapu, $1.11 million.

Summit Dr., 5155-Tony Iihee Chung and Tony Hee Chung II to Alphecca and Iman Muttardy, $659,000.

Walcott Ave., 5730-Nova Homes Corp. to Eugene Youshim and Mi Kyung Kim, $1.05 million.

Wheatstone Dr., 5011-David and Helen Ton to Minh Ngoc Huynh, Mydanh T. Pham and Triem Duy Pham, $185,000.

Winter Pine Ct., 3052-Diana R. Mohammed Isa and Ahmad Zani Ismail to Payam Ahadi, $390,000.


Larkview Lane, 8600-Jarad and Elizabeth Smith to Ariel Russell Santos and Isabel Dizon Dauz Santos, $655,000.

Silver Pointe Way, 9113-Robert L. Oehrlein to David H. and Bonnie K. Cowan, $615,000.


Cedar Hill Rd., 3016-Leo G. and Jennifer L. Stevenson to Jennytien and Dimitri Max Botbol, $700,000.

Great Oak Ct., 2856-Tony and Elaine Luu to Michael N. Tran, $400,000.

Lee Hwy., 7350, No. 50-T2-Brantley C. Hart Jr. to Praveen K. and Rojina K., $233,000.

Rose Pl., 2906-Evan David and Aubrey Noel Wessner to Randall Wilder, $625,000.


Freedom Lane, 1926-Nedzib Sacirbey to Gennadiy Jurechko and Maianna Leshchinskaya, $745,000.

Gilson St., 1903-Ramon R. Regan to Deborah Stubben, $530,000.

Hopewood Dr., 2069-Scott T. and Stephanie H. Campbell to Navid Ghaffarzadegan and Niyousha Hosseinichimeh, $685,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 704-Philip C. and Jeanne L. Theis to Suzanne H. Goudeau, $245,000.


Collingwood Rd., 2303-Jamie L. and Erin L. Ingram to Russell James Drew and Lori Blair Ostrow, $470,000.

Wellington Rd., 8111-Alabama Ave Corp. to Michael G. Feldman and Ernie Alexander Arias, $922,000.


Deerfoot Dr., 10430-Michael N. and Barbara O’Donnell to Benjamin Galison and Sabrina M. Hollander, $1.1 million.

Hollyview Dr., 11692-Michael George and Melana Zyla Vickers to Lu Cao, $855,000.

Welham Green Rd., 927-W. Frank Cofer to Sauzanne Charleston, $805,000.


Artic Quill Rd., 1129-Rubin Decelis to Jose D. Aguirre Portillo and Javier M. Alvarenga Rivera, $389,000.

Capstone Cir., 2175-Green Gate Property Corp. to Stephen D. Dunlap, $465,000.

Dakota Lakes Dr., 2418-Haresh N. and Sangeetha H. Bhatia to Jayakumarrao and Swaroopa Sutaye, $687,130.

Fort Lee St., 2947-Clifford D. and Pamela J. Koch to Roger Davidson, $570,000.

Ladybank Lane, 13192-E. H. and Elaine M. Preston to Jason A. and Jenna Marie Miller, $660,000.

New Banner Lane, 2614-Duncan D. Briggs to Erik P. and Tyler D. Kniaz, $565,000.

Pocono Ct., 13412-Amy K. and Jason M. Pannutti to Christopher P. Grauert, $462,000.

Sally Ride Way, 13749-U.S. Home Corp. to Peter Yuan Zhang and Yinyue Yu, $617,361.

Stone Fence Lane, 2359-Wai Lai Kong Whang to Navneet and Sonia Sagar, $583,000.

Wexford Ct., 1309-Jose J. Reyes to Miguel A. and Jasmin C. Bendezu, $280,000.


Berkshire Ct., 5956-Deighton Properties Corp. to Stephen De Benedictis and Shannon Malone, $435,000.

Fenwick Dr., 5637-Ryan Kennedy to Melissa Eileen Licato and Bogdan Adrian Oprea, $399,900.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1119-Raymond P. Clark to Ryan Peter Peckyno, $360,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 201-Gerard Patrick Wardell and Anne Michelle Altman to Bruce Wood, $259,000.

Telegraph Rd., 5705-Paramount Investments Corp. to Tellez Yapura, Julio Tellez and Tellez Montalvo, $367,500.


Deer Run Dr., 6931-Paramount Investments Corp. to Emina Herovic and Derrick Jenniges, $486,000.

Flintstone Rd., 4400-Michael P. and Alida Taylor to Nathan Damrow, $545,000.

Mason Grove Ct., 7149, No. 22-Kimberly McMillion to Katic Spencer, $389,000.

Stover Dr., 7248-Roosevelt Edwards Jr. to Fnu Mirwais and Bess Marian Magno Montero, $335,000.


Cheyenne Dr., 6481, No. 304-Miho Morita and Miho M. Outhouse to Oscar Albeiro Herrera Restrepo, $280,990.

Harrington Falls Lane, 5629-Nicholas J. Barr to Bridget A. Lampert, $435,000.


Hagel Cir., 9759, No. 52-John Noble and Herman L. Smith to Jerome King, $125,000.

Middle Ruddings Dr., 8339-Rolando R. and Carmen E. Padilla to Phillip M. and Samantha M. Abenes, $604,000.

Silverview Dr., 8499-Thomas E. Hoskins to Mohammad Ali and Kanwal Ali Munir, $610,000.

Fourth Pl., 9521-Susan Harley Todd and Raymond Harley to Casey Allen and Roxanne R. Warner, $500,000.


Deidre Terr., 6515-Robert G. and Diane S. Joseph to Brenton E. and Sarah R. Bunn, $1.35 million.

Falstaff Rd., 7728-Brabara A. and Julie A. Murphy to Joshua and Ashley Wood, $985,000.

Highwood Dr., 1438-Michel Schneider and Vera Schneider to Brenda H. Paik, $1 million.

Langley Hill Dr., 1012-John D. Lueders to Joseph and Susan Thomas Kattan, $4.88 million.

Lincoln Way, 1511, No. 101B-Athanasia Alexis Anagnostou to Amro Naddy, $369,900.

Merrimac Dr., 7119-Nga Thi Nguyen to Kim Anh and Robert Lee Mattos, $300,000.

Old Dominion Dr., 6319-Sanjeev Magoon to Amir and Melissa Raminpour, $1.45 million.

Provincial Dr., 7640, No. 113-Julian Frances Patterson to Maria Goldberg, $180,000.

Saigon Rd., 938-Charles N. Gregg III and Mark A. Davila to Nezam Ghasemian, $1 million.

Tremayne Pl., 7651, No. 211-Glen Birdsall to Amanda M. Michetti, $295,000.


Hunter Murphy Cir., 8375-Drew J. and Amanda D. Martin to Christian Muhindo Kamanzi, Rachel Paluku Kamanzi and Rachel Kamanzi Paluku, $385,000.

Pembrook Village Dr., 4388, No. 90-Patrick D. Stockton to Chase D. Howe, $197,500.

San Leandro Pl., 7917, No. 119D-Sabryia Reynolds to Selamawit Mulugeta, $155,000.

Village Way, 8626, No. 5-Azk Ventures Corp. to Humayun Kabir, $159,900.


Danville St., 5405-Nguyen N. and Minii Piiuc Do to Andrew and Elizabeth Edwards, $465,000.

Inverchapel Rd., 5506-Catherine A. Hughes and John T. Hughes to Victoria Toth, $465,000.

Ringold Pl., 5328-Joan Marie Zimmerman and Thomas P. Herzog to Khalil U. Hamid and Kristen A. Bein, $483,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10300, No. 208-David M. and Caitlin Strickland to Reina G. Ayala, $245,000.

Castlewood Lane, 10178-Jaejin Bae to Tao Zhao and Lu Zou, $730,000.

Jermantown Rd., 2908, No. 24-Sarah Shin to Venkata and Sashireka Narasimhan, $426,000.

Mystic Meadow Way, 10308-Phillip R. and Rose M. Piccigallo to Evgeniya B. and Nikita V. Fedorov, $1.24 million.

Wayland St., 12105-Edward G. Holland and the Barbara J. Holland to Thomas J. and Sarah M. Schneider, $625,000.


Blue Smoke Trail, 11710-William and Carline Haga to Francis B. and Eileen Wood Talbert, $627,000.

Chestnut Burr Ct., 2281-Douglas and Callie Bowen to Ryan Eugene Feltman, $415,000.

Crescent Park Dr., 1927, No. 104B-Rpasad Gollapalli and Venkat Collapudi to Jane E. Lafferty, $615,000.

Freetown Ct., 2327, No. 27-Koteswararao Paleti and Usharani Vaddineni to Luis Alberto Briceno Gutierrez and Patricia Mercedes Briceno, $197,000.

Great Owl Cir., 11809-Edward Schlosser and Hilary Michele Oskin to Daniel M. McKivergan and Kristin E. Conrad, $490,000.

Ivy Oak Sq., 1803, No. 64-Pamela S. Haverland to Kevin J. and Ozge Richards, $360,000.

Lirio Ct., 2109-Susyn Conway to Robert B. and Jennifer D. Duncan, $625,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 267-Timothy Everts to Jooho Lee, $330,000.

New Dominion Pkwy., 12025, No. G101-Dale and Susan Song to Steven K. Haines, $732,500.

Royal Fern Ct., 2056, No. 25-Matthew W. Harrison to Victor Howard, $212,500.

Soapstone Dr., 2617-Alfred and Margaret J. Ferrer to Michael Emmanuel and Lisa Yellen Martin, $594,500.

Stratford Park Pl., 1855, No. 304-Barrial K. Ross to Leigh O. Renfrow, $470,000.

Villaridge Dr., 1959-Graham R. and Sarah K. Marsden to Jessica L. Eastman and Leah V. Maier, $270,000.

Whitetail Ct., 2307-Hien Phuong Nguyen to Melanie Doon, $430,000.


Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 931-Chuongnoc Cao to Chiu Wah Yu, Shu Wah Lin and Vincent Yu, $205,000.


Bertito Lane, 7706-David S. and Heike H. Godley to Eric and Katie Freeman, $630,000.

Bubbling Brook Cir., 7903-Jason B. and Kimberly O’Donnell to Krysten Andrew Bonillas, $350,000.

Edward Carr Ct., 8389-Christopher at Corbett Manor Corp. to Amit and Richa S. Chatly, $902,739.

Havelock St., 7503-Victoria V. McMahon to Gualberto A. Maldonado and Sandra A. Jacinto, $390,000.

Maritime Ct., 9000-Sareena Corp. and Maria Mateus to Genevieve Gayo Ubina, $619,900.

Rotunda Ct., 6422-Menkir G. Haile to Mohammed Habibur Rahman and Tania Sultana, $470,000.

Swope Ct., 8300-Van Metre Homes at Parkpointe Corp. to Tamara Mansour and Tamara Alhaddad, $1.02 million.


Bellforest Ct., 2711, No. 308-Dawn and Mark Boettiger to Brenda Lucille Finley Rodriguez, $315,000.

Cloverdale Pl., 10001-Ellen Tenenbaum to Viatcheslav and Anastasia Reshetnyak, $1.02 million.

Hunting Lodge Ct., 8816-Scott David Russell to Ling Jiang and Haodong Yang, $715,000.

Malcolm Rd. NW, 529-Evan B. Karp and Lynn A. Daltner to Charles William and Elizabeth Frey, $1.16 million.

Patrick St. SW, 205-Polly Ann Kidwell and Patty Lou Christenson to Richard and Marcia Sedlak, $565,000.

Scenic View Terr., 10032-Mary Elizabeth Currin Loew to Saeid Movahedi and Shabnam Lankarani, $990,000.


Journet Dr., 2230-Judith Ann Baron Diesenhaus to Ayan Bagchi and Nikoletta Theodoropoulos, $720,000.


Gillings Rd., 6912-Kenneth Campo to Drew J. and Amanda D. Martin, $540,000.

Kerrydale Dr., 6297-Marlin G. and Elizabeth Forbes to Edward Russell Breakwell and Cynthia D. Riley, $450,000.

Rathlin Dr., 6253-Timothy Kwan to Amelia Cohen Levy, $415,000.

Timber Hollow Lane, 6004-Sara E. Snelling to John Michael Kramer and Maya Eunhui Yi Kramer, $419,500.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Dale Dr., 10225-Michael George and Mary Sue Laing to Luis Obando, $430,000.

Jancie Rd., 3815-David F. and Harriet J. Guinn to Matthew J. Helmrick and Patricia Bailey, $430,000.

Sager Ave., 10328, No. 209-Berton B. Subrin and Madge F. Jefferson to Navaz Bankwalla and Rustum Bankwalla, $535,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Villa Ridge Rd., 820-Victoria A. and Charles I. Pittaluga to Thomas H. Givens III, $168,000.