Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Chaucer View Cir., 6307-Michael T.H. Johnson to Amgad and Hegazy Salem, $619,000.


Duke Dr., 6811-Christopher E. Minnich and Whitney D. Thompson to Tyler M. and Megan Clendenon, $525,000.

Potomac Ave., 6611, No. B1-Phyllis Lou Engle to Phyllis M. Scott, $220,000.

Wakefield Dr. E., 6605, No. A2-Jean A. Marchant to Margaret M. McCollum, $257,000.


Algona Ct., 6122-Joyce E. Taylor to Britta Klint, $417,500.

Ashfield Rd., 5612-David A. and Phyllis A. Alewine to Brian J. and Vita Marie Murphy, $550,000.

Casperson Rd., 6414-Casperson Renovations Corp. to Christopher James Engel, $339,250.

Collins Meade Way, 7457-Mohammed Benali to Linda H. and Clifford L. Hall, $565,000.

Dunwich Way, 6653-Deutsche Bank to Harjot Singh, $467,250.

Eyler Dr., 5519-Farid A. and Maria Zurmati to Stephanie Ziegle, $571,000.

Franconia Rd., 5605, No. 7-John William Wehrli to Emmanuelle L. Toscano and Chiranjibi Nirola, $153,470.

Gildar St., 6554-Valerie Frances Hubbard and James David Tuchscherer to Mounir M. Belfiroud and Rhita A. Barjane, $360,000.

Haynes Point Way, 7712, No. 11F-Mark Dovey to Frances Donathan, $313,500.

Hillary Ct., 6372-Amelia A. Mullen to Michael E., Rebecca J. and Gregory H. Leisch, $391,000.

Kingham Ct., 5900-Ki Dong and Sung Bun Park to James and Wendy Perez Young, $650,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6923, No. E-Cheng Hui Purvis to Mohammad Salem and Mohammad Qassim Samim, $181,000.

Patience Ct., 6411-C. Gilbert Lynn to Roy M. Decharry and Rachael M. Johnson, $425,000.

Ridley Ct., 5310-Rebecca M. Moss to Jonathan Thomas and Kimberly Gardner Stewart, $525,000.

Sandra Marie Cir., 6903-Yolanda T. Sheffield to David C. Defreitas Gonzalez, $285,000.

Sky Blue Dr., 8061-Marlane T. Evans to Bryan Allen and Leah Cabotaje, $445,000.

Upland Dr., 4622-Stephanie and Douglas Case Barclay to Negar Ehsani and Bonnie Ellen Carlson, $534,000.

Wickford Dr., 7215-Grant F. and McCauley Myers to Melissa D. Witten and Kimberly E. Archer, $445,000.


Americana Dr., 4333, No. 202-Yen Le to Hung Quoc Tran and Tran Hu Nguyen, $159,000.

Briarwood Ct., 4415, No. 22-Jun Soo and Yang Sun Yin to Wenshi Ma, $178,000.

Daniels Ave., 4102, No. 204-Keya and Abraham Dashtara to Phuong Pham, $139,950.

Downing Ct., 6432-Robert B. Torpey and Joel S. Fagen to Thomas A. Tana and Colleen M. Murphy, $608,000.

Jessamine Lane, 6614-A&M Homebuyers Inc. to Marcello Hervas Calvi and Paola Herbas Rojas, $850,000.

Linette Lane, 5142-Patricia L. Corbat to Tanya and Luc Belda, $535,000.

Moss Dr., 3705-Walter W. and Roberta P. Barbee to Brenda L. May, $555,000.

Random Ct., 4422-Permanand and Usha Gupta to Justin M. and Valada B. Sinclair, $790,500.

Walton Lane, 7505-Roger C. and Barbara J. Schultz to David C. and Janice E. Scharre, $990,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3318, No. 12-Maureen C. Melton to Yaw Yau Lee, $250,000.


Diehl Ct., 3449-Paul L. Davis to Michelle L. Smyth, $525,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 809S-Harold E. Corley Jr. to Khushal and Sohila G. Ahmadzai, $283,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3713, No. 1613-Gusbey Silva to Hassina Kazem, $269,900.

Longbranch Dr., 3304-Timothy J. and Leslie H. Grotke to James Godinez Sanchez and Cecilia Helena Riek, $585,000.

Pinetree Terr., 3430-Bosch Homes Corp. to James D. Green and Kristin Ford-Glencross, $750,000.

Signal Knob Ct., 3745-Falls Gate Neighborhoods Corp. to Thomas Bizzarri and Nada Kovacova, $691,535.

Sixth St., 5939-Douglas R. and Kimberly J. Sahmel to Christopher N. Lucas and Jenny P. Rodriguez, $667,000.


Bromyard Ct., 5428-Christopher John and Elizabeth Kaminsky to Philip Colon and Lucy Lee, $482,000.

Claychin Ct., 9516-Clifford and Jill Marlene Landsman to Zheng Wang and Ling Yu, $790,000.

Erman St., 6220-Haoxin Song and Ying Dang to Eryn Michelle and Isaac William Kadiam, $535,000.

Heron Pond Terr., 10200-Adgroup Corp. to Ryan and Laura O’Donnell, $480,000.

Lighthouse Lane, 5458-Christopher J. and Lauren R. York to Mathias Michael Laubert and Cherie Elaine Pennington Laubert, $400,000.

Onion Patch Dr., 9467-Mary J. King to Peter M. Kiesel, $600,000.

Steamboat Landing Lane, 10372-Peter L. and Heather S. Morrison to Jason D. and Nathalie P. Voorheis, $699,900.

Torrence St., 6344-Sean M. and Susan M. Lombardi to Bonnie R. and Benjamin R. Schmitt, $622,000.


Antonia Ford Ct., 13993-Mark S. Ko to Hardeep S., Ranjit K. and Inderveer Saini, $388,000.

Belt Buckle Ct., 14227-Elizabeth K. Rovansek Cornwell to Daniel B. and Pravina J. Hardgrove, $430,000.

Brushwood Way, 14291, No. 121-Paul and Rebecca Son to Daniel and Alison Chung, $313,000.

Cabells Mill Dr., 13770-Frances M. Harris to Jongsun Won and Bo Ram Shim, $500,000.

Cool Oak Lane, 14444-David M. Grimes to Evelyn C. Murillo and Marjorie Angelica Silva, $216,000.

Eastcliff Cir., 13708-Stuart T. and Laurie L. Lett to Benjamin and Claire Sager Marcheski, $443,000.

Gill Brook Lane, 13955-Anton Santo Domingo to Jonathan Roberts and Nancy Ly, $460,000.

Grumble Jones Ct., 14000-Paul A. Bejadhar to Jasmine H. Park, $262,000.

Honnicut Dr., 6011-Khachik Mkhitaryan and Inna Matinian to Marcus and Janet Truelove, $470,000.

Hunting Path Pl., 14822-Sandra D. Wilson to Alexander and Deanna Albisu, $638,000.

Johnny Moore Ct., 14312-Anil and Sutapa Kasibhatla to Andrew Sachs, $263,000.

Little Rocky Mountain Ct., 14319-Jennifer J. Cho to Carlo E. Panaligan, $299,000.

Papilion Way, 14307-Duane Andrew and Amber Shamika Sowa to Anneliese E. Lake and Eric N. Deitz, $410,000.

Ridge Water Ct., 6886-Tuan and Helen Nguyen to Biplesh Niroula and Supriya Pokhrel, $430,000.

Sawteeth Way, 14005-Young Kee Chung to Carlos R. Flores, $490,000.

Stone Crossing Ct., 14636-Subramony and Raji Venketesh to Joanna J. Camacho Borda and Noelia D. Vacaflor Borda, $348,000.

Top Sergeant Lane, 14721-Barry James and Barbara Ann Schifflin to Marcos R. Saavera Silva, $620,000.

Village Center Dr., 5580-Carol Fields Hagen to Grace Jeannie Jo and Justin Heisley, $525,000.

Winding Ridge Lane, 14087-Carlos Calderon to Michelle Branch and Michael Anthony Greene, $375,000.


Chantilly Rd., 3913-Potomac Homes to Pratik and Anushree Goradia, $1.47 million.

Fallen Oak Ct., 13514-Jeffrey D. and Michelle D. Saunders to Edward Jones and Shannon Taylor, $650,000.

Lightfoot St., 3810, No. 312-Roya Vassy Yeganeh to Hector A. and Diana C. Alvarado, $270,000.

Pleasant Meadow Ct., 4156-Douglas C. and Antoinette C. Smith to Haris Bansha and Dhungana Dulal, $210,000.

Stone Pine Ct., 4501-Ronald Howard and Mary Louise Rothman to Emily and Jae Miner, $625,000.

Trail Vista Lane, 4940-Westfields Development Corp. to Xiaofeng and Zhan Liu, $687,375.


Dunquin Ct., 7601-Susan A. Lindsey to Kathleen L. and Robert J. Toomey Jr., $1.06 million.

Laurel Rock Dr., 13771-Douglas M. and Michele A. Peterson to Kevin Hokyu and Ire Lee, $701,000.

Stonebrook Dr., 6685-John J. and Virginia C. Lindsay to Jason D. Alley and Karen S. Burrows, $639,000.


Almond St., 10708-Casa880 Corp. to Cheryl A. and Benedicto V. Sibal, $636,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11349, No. 6-404-Thuyloan Thi Vo to Edgar Anthony Silva Ascencio, $260,000.

Barnard Ct., 3122-Aldis and Susan K. Lapins to Tyler D. and Lauren G. Morris, $500,000.

Cannon Ridge Ct., 4320, No. 55-Mark W. and Debra E. Gregg to Sonia M. Echeverri, $369,000.

Colony Park Dr., 10304-Paul and Angela McManus to Edward D. and Amanda Rooney Stierli, $387,500.

Demby Dr., 4604-Edward and Victoria A. Houry to Nicholas J. Tannous, $705,000.

Eastlake Dr., 10023-John J. Ruthinoski and Marietta Damond to Nathan J. and Vera Harn, $560,000.

Everleigh Way, 2930-Phuong T.and Kieu Phuong T. Nguyen to Coung Chi Hoang, $390,000.

Fort Buffalo Cir., 12261, No. 485-William J. and Bonnie J. Amshey to Stephanie L. Passino, $240,000.

Garden Ridge Lane, 12128, No. 404-Cornelia Jessup to Michael S. Conner, $244,000.

Gramlee Cir., 4606-Steven C. and Kelly Anne Coppinger to Terrence Michael and Jennifer Marie Shashaty, $642,000.

Grover Glen Ct., 4119-Mai Huong Thi Huynh to Olga V. Flanagan, $480,000.

Heron Neck Lane, 4800-Thomas M. Chakeres and Kathleen M. Schram to Linda and Jin Sung You, $575,000.

James Young Way, 5572-K. Hovnanian at Burke Junction Corp. to Donald Phillip and Kendra Marie Seymour, $1.08 million.

Lamplight Dr., 3616-Gerald H. and Beth S. Lloyd Thomas to Kaladhar V. Peddinti and Vishnupriya Aravalli, $910,000.

Lemon Mint Ct., 9333-NVR Inc. to David Bass and Xinmeng Gu, $800,090.

Lindenbrook St., 9627-Lina Maria and Nicolas G. Pesantes to Kelly M. Ferran and Farrukh S. Memon, $467,777.

Luxberry Dr., 4625-Shawn P. and Heather B. Malone to James F. and Nancy E. Worfolk, $525,000.

Middle Ridge Dr., 4417-Kendall J. Peters and Sharon A. Dannen Peters to Arthur and Sheree Richter, $500,000.

Nash Dr., 4818-Frank Hu Nam Kim to Miriam R. Pena and Pedro G. Vasquez, $389,000.

Paramount Rd., 3612-Joel Russell and Deborah Jeanie Clark to Tom H. and Tina M. Ro, $915,000.

Pickett Rd., 4517-Aaron Michael Friedman to Jessica M. and Jeffrey D. Matthews, $560,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 421-Jane T. and Susan S. Moy to Umair Mazhar and Ammara Mahmood, $300,000.

Pumphrey Dr., 5275-William C. Jones and Jae Won K. Jones to Patrick Ryan and Bridget Hayden Burke, $525,000.

Riverboat Way, 5407-Steven C. and Colleen A. Carter to Nahid Farhady Ghalaty, $420,000.

Sperrin Cir., 11503, No. 101-Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Benjamin Rex and Katherine Greer Chwirut, $124,884.

Swanee Lane, 2904-Joyce R. Parker to Gina Mostafaie, $570,000.

Trumbo Ct., 4237-Nishith R. and Sasha S. Parikh to Douglas Scott and Rituparna Altner, $620,000.

Wheeled Caisson Sq., 4252-Jennifer Michelle Falvey to Aaron Nanns and Kimberly Flores, $425,000.

Wood Violet Ct., 9251-NVR Inc. to Mark Liddell and Bronwen Mary Halliday, $758,030.


Bracksford Ct., 7902-Ronald C. and Lois M. Page to John Sansbury and Jennifer Rose Cook, $760,000.

Havenner Rd., 11682-Frankie C. and J. Gregory Spencer to David C. and Elizabeth J. Wilbur, $769,000.

Quail Run Ct., 9830-Rebecca Deal and Richard Mcafee to Matthew Lee Botts, $705,000.

Sycamore Ridge Rd., 8954-Cornelio M. Diaz to Dilip and Suruchi Poudyal, $625,000.


Annandale Rd., 2760-Abel Gutierrez to Roberto Mazariegos and Jenny Del Carpio, $450,000.

Janet Pl., 7222-Stephen John and Karen Ann Pida to Christopher D. and Katie Aline Johns, $600,000.

Lee Oaks Pl., 2812, No. 202-Thomas J. and Hayfa R. Assaley to Nikhil A. Junankar, $328,000.

Mcsherry Dr., 7016-Lindsey L. and Adam J. Turner to Brendan J. Leahy and Steven P. Kovalan, $675,000.

Norfolk Lane, 3224-Phuong and Chien Thi Nguyen to Thong T. Nguyen, $430,000.

Roundtree Rd., 7030-William S. and Susan I. Borgiasz to Jon and Alison Morin, $575,000.

Vagabond Dr., 7000-Michael A. and Tommie R. Champ to Richard and Wendy Kollar, $671,000.


Blocker Pl., 2757-Nicholas A. and Eleanor D. Reynolds to William Burgess and Caitlin Miller, $505,000.

Norsham Lane, 7702-Helen C. Hickson to Yang Yu, $330,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 702-Bauer Dermel to Alexander A. and Hedi Ben Abdallah, $196,500.

Savannah St., 7616, No. 16-Eslam Ali to Dong Chul, Soon Ja and Hye Wook Jun, $205,000.


Apple Hill Rd., 2314-Coweta Construction Services Inc. to David Angelini, $440,000.

Creek Dr., 2306-Valerie H. and Gregory P. Gass to David M. and Shannon Richkowski, $835,000.

Governors Ct., 8233-Andrew R. and Diane E. Kuepper to Melissa N. Decosta and Jason Bucatch, $591,000.

Stirrup Lane, 2620-Nasir M. and Ghazala S. Khilji to Andrew Philip Sanders, $642,000.


Forest Lake Dr., 10202-Hade Corp. to Tina Unterlaender, $980,000.

River Bend Rd., 436-Mark S. and Anna E. Fanning to Srinivasa Rao and Sri Haripriya Meka, $1.06 million.


Alan Shepard St., 3118-U.S. Home Corp. to Arpita Biswas and Sumeet Mohanty, $682,000.

Angeline Dr., 2484, No. 103-Arthur and Sarah T. Tumolo to Bindhu George, $307,000.

Blacksmith Lane, 1609-Michael F. and Hollis C. Colie to Kenneth and Anna C. Bonicky, $560,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12925, No. 303-Adam Daniel Taylor to Chen Ma, $293,000.

Conquest Pl., 2649-Donald and Diana M. Read to Travis C. and Kristin K. Lauver, $490,000.

Endeavour Dr., 13717-NVR Inc. to Amarnath Kanuganti and Swathi Suram, $452,360.

Flynn Ct., 1433-Karl C. Schwab to Orrett Ewart Morgan II, $483,000.

Glenlawn Pl., 2525-Subramanyan Srinivasan and Suchitra Vishnampettai to Michael Joseph and Amalia Lazar Andrews, $732,000.

John Glenn St., 3160, No. 203-K. Hovnanian at Discovery Square to Katerina, Nicholas and Themis Tzamarias, $395,162.

Lake Shore Dr., 13498-Sandra L. Campbell to David Allen and Noukla Ngamsanith Ruble, $625,000.

Magellan Ct., 3100-U.S. Home Corp. to Neeru Goyal and Anurag Mittal, $663,357.

Mason Mill Ct., 1321-Samuel and Elizabeth McGrane to Anissa Drici and George Seretti Pierson, $560,000.

Oak Lawn Pl., 12919-Roman and Crystal Guerra to Anatoliy and Natayla Tishina, $829,000.

Pinecrest Rd., 12547-Jorgen E. and Maj Britt P. Palmbak to Pin Chun Chen, $535,000.

Red Squirrel Way, 13605-Michael P. McGuire to Pradeep and Jagriti Sahajwalla, $450,000.

Sally Ride Way, 13743-U.S. Home Corp. to Arpita Biswas and Sumeet Mohanty, $682,000.

Summerfield Dr., 1222-Salvador and Miguel Angel Reyes to Jaime R. Baide Rivera, $425,000.

Tympani Ct., 951-Robert E. and Leona J. Welsh to David B. Adams and Anita L. Francis, $423,000.

Venturi Lane, 13699, No. 245-Neha Narayan Shiveshvarkar to Arman Saffaiean, $385,000.

Wheat Meadow Cir., 2449-Albert A. and Sharlene Klotz to Kevin T. and Allison F. May, $505,000.


Fairhaven Ave., 2417-Virginia A. Chanley to Neil Christopher Cannon and Ann Galinis, $478,000.

Fort Dr., 2408-James and Wendy Perez Young to Sean Brian Frey and Daniela Licata, $525,000.

Jefferson Dr., 2624-Kathleen O. Upchurch to Gregory A. Wolf, $430,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1115-Josef Dylon Edmunds to Marwa Ghabra, $379,000.

Victory Dr., 2315-Jason Trevor Ray to Matthew Smith, $450,000.


Calderon Ct., 7501, No. 245-Clara I. Quintero to Fuad Mehraliyev, $239,000.

Courtland Rd., 1705-Mariclaire B. Borowy to Nathan A. and Kylee Bailey, $700,000.

Frances Dr., 7725-Eric Martin and Luzzet M. MacDonald to John and Margaret Ferrell, $585,000.

Huntley Run Pl., 7072, No. 98B-Larry Lynn Hall Jr. to Ryan Alexander and Lauren Kathleen Hirschman, $385,000.

Richmond Hwy., 6441, No. 201-Patricia E. Danzler to Kirubel D. Bogale, $134,900.


Bismach Dr., 5604, No. 3-Thomas A. Francis Jr. to Kelly L. Miskowski, $226,000.

Chieftain Cir., 5423-Geraldine M. Sellman to Corey Kennel, $463,500.

Indian Run Pkwy., 6234-Rose M. McFarland to Hugo and Dinora Sorto, $500,000.

Shoal Creek Ct., 4530-Kimberly S. and Michael C. Jesada to James Cordero and Juana Maria Lendoiro Cordero, $459,000.


Alexandra Nicole Dr., 9697-James McNair to Fernando A. and Sandy Dietrich, $996,777.

Catbird Cir., 8204, No. 202-Laura Berger to Ilbert Samuel Moreh, $262,000.

Eaton Woods Pl., 9687-Sheila McClain to Yohnnes F. Afrassa and Meseret T. Eshetu, $409,500.

Green Heron Way, 8327, No. 28-MSM Properties Corp. to Donald L. and Maday Flores Dearwester, $302,500.

Middle Ruddings Dr., 8309-Michael Joseph and Heather Leigh Catalfamo to Navtej Singh and Sarbjit Kaur, $640,000.

Pink Carnation Ct., 8930-Gloria W. Borden to William J. and Louise McGowan, $579,900.

Power House Rd., 9117-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to Swathi Mamidi Reddy, $883,629.

Sheffield Hunt Ct., 9231-Artivest Corp. to Franco J. Vargas Sejas, $324,900.

Waites Way, 8940-Tremayne R. and Melat Munger to Zana J. Hikmat, $365,000.


Aynsley Lane, 7330-William John and Alexandra Beardsley Lewis to Monika Goel, $849,900.

Beverly Ave., 6615-Stephen J. Hryckiewicz to Steven C. Thaler, $850,000.

Clover Leaf Dr., 8446-John K. and Kristina M. Guidi to Katherine Anne and Emmanuel Cruz, $1.16 million.

Deer Dr., 1818-Anchor Homes Corp. to Hiranya and Anupa Shah Maru, $760,000.

Emerson Ave., 1450, No. 212-Herbert E. Walter to Tridib and Chandrima Mazumdar, $877,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 111-Hak Soon Lee and Huan Tran to Samuel Salgado Diaz, $360,000.

Ingleside Ave., 1392-Andrea Marshall Bernie and Kristen Soderberg Bern to Huiying Li, $1.05 million.

Lemon Rd., 6833-Ryan G. and Jozlyn J. Schroeder to Renee Richel Gewerman and Noah Kalman Flaks, $920,000.

Mill Pond Valley Dr., 9100-Alan L. and Gregg A. Day to Andrei and Katsiaryna Avdeev, $1 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 1112-Kelly A. Thompson and estate of William H. Price to Farshid Monfared and Farahza Vossoughe, $360,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1571, No. 6401-Henry A. and Sarah P. Bailey to Mohamed Ali Malouche, $269,900.

Tucker Ave., 6611-Kul Home and Investment Corp. to Eunseok Oh and Eunyoung Kim, $1.72 million.

Wilson Lane, 1935, No. 103-Randal S. Guseman to Imran Abdullah and Zuni Uddin, $210,000.


Becherer Rd., 3620-Gloria T. Campbell and Alfred L. Mack to Sarah and Gary Gajewski, $678,000.

Capistrano Pl., 8004, No. 11-E-Mariela Ivanova and Aleksander Pachedzhiev to Anne D. Durand, $195,000.

El Camino Pl., 3825-Chad A. Robinson to Henry B. and Lyudmyia Valverde, $170,000.

Granada St., 4317-Ralph S. and Pamela R. Quayle to Juan A. Arias Cruz and Judith E. Rodriguez, $585,000.

Laramie Pl., 3805, No. 123F-Alfred G. Cole to Sukhdev Singh and Fajwinder Kaur, $125,000.

McNair Dr., 9111-Potomac Relocation Services Corp. to Jessie Phillips and Jonathan Ramos, $685,000.

Pickering Pl., 4205-R.E. Bond to Aurelian and Elena Ungureanu, $550,000.

Sausalito Pl., 7934, No. 26A-Jecor Corp. to James J. Amster, $210,000.

Washington Woods Dr., 3812-Matthew A. and Mercedes Viana Schlapp to Peter and Suzanne Callamari, $1.2 million.


Burke Lake Rd., 8919-Ziad and Bassel Kabbani to Sandesh Ahir Tharu, $599,000.

Leebrad St., 7009-Albert G. Carchedi and Sherry B. Stephenson to Won Joon and Heeyeon Cho, $425,000.

Thames St., 8416-Diep Thanh Hong Luu to Charles Richard and Sandra Dawn Willey, $555,000.


Ayreshire Rd., 11710-Devin Patrick and Ann Hutton Heaslip to Omar E. and Deanna B. Marquez, $760,000.

Cyrandall Dr., 9977-Lemin and Liping Zhang to Ana Monica Cabrera Cook, $660,000.

Lakenheath Way, 11115-John P. and Jo Ann Lauterbach to John H. and Meghan Peters, $753,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10155-Emanuel Fang and Shirley Chang to Maurice Bernard Springer, $300,000.

Rifle Ridge Rd., 2833-Janice M. Duffy to Gerhard Kelm and Mary Elizabeth Bransford, $888,500.

Turnberry Pl., 10188-MSM Properties Corp. to Lily E. Young, $595,000.


Aintree Lane, 12009-Todd E. Baylor to Scott A. and Kimberly P. Sievers, $795,000.

Bachan Ct., 1664-Tom R. Shima to Paul W. Foster III, $540,000.

Brenton Point Dr., 2516-David W. and Debra J. Hoy to Carol Darling and David Rose, $770,900.

Cabots Point Lane, 2127-Kamal Singh to Jonathan Bradford Handley and Karen Worley Handley, $799,900.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11248, No. 150-Hyeon Kon and Gail Wright Lee to Eric A. and Katherine Mier, $249,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1561-Daniel Alan Marcey to James R. Stamper, $315,000.

Dasher Lane, 1343-Alan J. Miller and Carol Molesky to Gi Hong and Katherine Lee, $935,000.

Fieldthorn Ct., 11904-Shawn Richard to Monica Davis Frishman, $362,000.

Garden Wall Cir., 1353, No. 601-Steven D. Schwarz to Robert Bradley Davis, $255,000.

Grey Squirrel Lane, 11976-Dana Cote Bain to Christopher Andrew Kimm and Emily O’Doherty Kimm, $840,000.

Headlands Cir., 2037-Elizabeth Vincent Hubbard Mutter to Matthew Allan Phillips and Emily Ann Ulliman, $412,500.

Indian Ridge Rd., 11777-Anthony J. and Roberta J. Polzin to Kyle D. Nelson, $520,000.

Kinsley Pl., 12106-Jacob A. and Kristen J. Howering to David and Anna Seidman, $815,000.

Links Dr., 11368-Stephen and Dheidi Fowler to Wayne A. and Marianne B. Lucernoni, $512,900.

Market St., 11990, No. 1308-Lei Li to Gerry Notara, $363,000.

Millennium Lane, 2341-Joseph E. and Arielle Elizabeth Zieja to Melissa and Donald Seserko, $430,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1629, No. 8A/100-Janet Read Jefferson to Dale Lynn Fila, $255,000.

Post Oak Trail, 1868-Richard A. Chestek and Lesley E. Milheim to John P. and Lindsay Chapman Eckman, $668,000.

Sundial Ct., 11313, No. 208-John and Sharon Kreger to Penelope Brooks, $304,000.

Swans Neck Way, 2009-Elizabeth K. Walsh to Matthew Eldren Ellis and Janine Zaki Elgamal, $645,000.

Vantage Hill Rd., 11601, No. 22B-Vanessa L. Foy to Linda M. Morley and Gregory Scott Pringle, $183,500.

Waterhaven Ct., 11474-Patricia K. Parker to Zhiyao Ding, $648,999.

Windleaf Ct., 11400, No. 34-Susanne M. Blalock to Carlin J. Green and Jacqueline P. Benefield, $345,000.


Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 907-Samira Hoarmand to Caishi Wang, $130,000.

Walters Woods Dr., 6423-Robert W. and Jenifer C. Beausoliel to Gary L. and Alicia E. Cobb, $765,000.


Bertito Lane, 7621-Robert B. and N. Jean Mudgette to Ananda D. and Michael H. Wilson, $642,000.

Briarcliff Dr., 7216-Bradley B. and Erica D. Preston to Naod Mesfin and Tsion S. Mekuria, $570,000.

Carmela Cir., 8445-Nathan B. Begley and Debra A. Filteau Begley to Alexie Rivera Davila and Marta M. Rivera, $470,000.

Dickenson St., 7315-Andrea Elizabeth Sutherland to Fernando Torres, $286,900.

Gambel Oak Dr., 8521-Matthew and Rebecca Molineaux to Michael J. Rosa and Antionette L. Parnther, $405,000.

Hamor Lane, 7124-Duk Soo and Myung Soon Kang to Samuel Blair Wightman and Betty Batchelder Allen Wightman, $621,000.

Kitchener Dr., 8497-Firas Safar and Nameer Khadhoori to Nathan P. and Anailim D. Dally, $405,000.

Mendota Pl., 7617-Rachael L. Myers Ward and Aaron M. Ward to Kyle and Teresa Yost, $535,000.

Richfield Rd., 7908-Terry L. and Joyce H. Jones to Trucanh Phan, $584,000.

Saint George Ct., 7931-Kurt Edmund and Stephanie B. Wagner to Justin and Vonnie Mulkey, $525,000.

Swope Ct., 8290-Van Metre Homes at Parkpointe Corp. to Lyla T. and John D. Stevens, $1.04 million.

White Willow Ct., 7732-Joel and Anne Hamilton to Michael and Katherine Charecky, $787,000.


Abbotsford Dr., 1851-Ryan P. and Christina B. Rounds to Damian and Annika Woerdehoff, $876,000.

Beulah Rd., 1927-William C. and Alice A. Pitt to Stephen Daniel and Lorise Dawes, $1.26 million.

Chain Bridge Rd., 2133-John W. Quick and Flora D. Redmon to Mandeep and Manmeet Sarang, $700,000.

Courthouse Rd. SW, 309-Seth Warner and Claire Bryant Moore to Mitchell and Caroline Loh Psotka, $999,900.

Delilah Dr. SW, 1001-Wilson C. McCarthy to Kimberly Kettner and Tash Khan, $801,000.

Forestree Ct., 8304-Margaret H. Van Lierde to Justin R. and Polina A. Zuccolotto, $774,000.

Gibson Dr. SW, 605-Orion Group Corp. to Richard Damon Sanchez and Natrisha L. Rakestraw, $1.38 million.

Hunt Valley Dr., 8421-Muawia Abu El Hawa to Andy Nguyen, $677,000.

Knollside Lane, 2759-Deutsche Bank and Residential Accredit Loans Inc. to Ashkan Parniani and Goritza Ninova, $445,200.

Litwalton Ct., 8727-Phyllis J. Elsass to William and Beata Hao, $700,000.

Mansion View Ct., 8830-Catherine F. and John H. Ryan to Anthony Okoye and Maryam Katouzian, $706,000.

Patrick St. SW, 316-Sandra A. Nunnally to Michael D. and Lisa M. Burke, $289,410.

Ridge Lane, 9109-Stephen Daniel and Samantha Lorise Dawes to Xiaowei Wu and Hanhan Yan, $1.35 million.

Spring Leaf Ct., 8284-Paul A. and Diane E. Bellegarde to Mohammed Bayasi, $1.07 million.

Trevor Pl., 8032-James Carlin Becker and Carol Marie M. Becker to Ahmed Eldesouky and Reem Ghoneim, $650,000.


Brisbane St., 6905-Richard G. and Angela H. Walker to Nathaniel Joel and Rainey Alexander Chase, $550,000.

Forrester Blvd., 8415-Michael Scott and Shannon L. Vineyard to Jason Clark and Lauren Emery Aepli, $506,000.

Harwood Pl., 6710-Ralph and Jessie W. Conte to Patrick G. Maloney and Katherine H. Crawford, $529,900.

Kerrydale Dr., 6295-Cynthia D. and E. Russell Breakwell to Jeffrey D. Moran, $417,500.

Oshad Lane, 9122-JP Morgan Chase to Jeremy and Toni Vought, $352,000.

Rolling Woods Ct., 7880, No. 2203-Bank of America and Anna S. Giannandrea to Woodrow W. and Claudia Long, $297,000.

Tiburon Ct., 6507-Lance and Karin Landrum to Brynn and Janis Tannehill, $619,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Allison Cir., 4271-Michael Gendelman and Lena Sarver to Daniel G. and Maggy M. Winkler, $320,000.

Cornwall Rd., 10107-Clayton D. Poteate to Paul A. and Jessi A. Katz, $500,000.

Lyndhurst Dr., 3800, No. 102-Natalia V. Petrova to Hassan P. Syed, $238,000.

Oak St., 3922-Avalon Fairfax City Corp. to Jeremiah G. Art and Kelsey B. Jones Art, $639,000.

Singleton Cir., 3137-Ulex Corp. to William and Barbara Hofstetter, $516,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Annandale Rd. W., 208-Thomas J. and Alicia L. Carmody to Heather Pressler and Robert E. Barnett, $260,000.

Gundry Dr., 273-Jane Stephenson and estate of Kathleen Ann Jones to Mandy S. Lindly, $244,000.

Meadow Lane, 401-Meredith and Aaron Ortiz to Benjamin Ryan Sachs and Emily Mintz, $566,000.