Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Dawes Ave., 5610-Eric R. and Cheryl S. McFarland to Luis A. and Isabel Castellanos, $540,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1603, No. A2-Laura M. Kight to Kristen J. Azzano, $192,000.

Radcliffe Dr., 6909-N&S Del Cid Investments Corp. to Robert Fernandez and Sabrina Rhodes, $399,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 717-Alexander Bernard Tabarini to Patricia Ann Goebel, $224,900.

Wood Haven Rd., 6410-Timothy B. and Tina S. Collins to Terence R. and Lara M. Nealon, $850,000.


Alderman Dr., 6348-Lisa A. Schlosser and Sherri L. Brown to Daniel M. and Corinna Bartos, $714,950.

Ballycastle Cir., 5239-Elizabeth Hair to Laurel Hammond, $555,000.

Bond Ct., 5924-Bruce and Terry Bittenbender to Timothy M. and Annemarie O’Donnell, $610,000.

Broadmoor St., 5461-Michael Cardarelli to Uniqueka M. Davis McKinney, $515,000.

Buxton Ct., 5329-Aaron K. and Lauren N. Estenson to Marco Siu Pak Chow and Xin Zhao, $511,000.

Castlefin Way, 6422-Kristin Acquavella to Vera S. Stovea, $475,000.

Clouds Mill Dr., 5652-Alan K. and Denise M. Passey to Andrew J. and Alison L. Kamataris, $816,000.

Curtier Dr., 6024, No. A-Fredy N. Castellanos to Noriceli Adorno, $218,000.

Dungeness Lane, 5947-John A. McCarthy to Laura M. Putterbaugh, $390,000.

Ericka Ave., 6816-Marcelle A. Fadel to Haylee A. Adkins, $420,000.

Founders Hill Dr., 5940, No. 202-Rhett A. and Shanna M. Austin to Kyla R. Power, $318,500.

Gildar St., 6502-Traci Kay Walker and Melissa D. Martz to Mark B. Biery, $435,000.

Haynes Point Way, 7709, No. 5K-Douglas J. Delaney to Naurin Akbar Khan, $320,000.

Keyser Way, 6907-B-Darlene G. Macy to Rudolph Glasgow, $290,000.

Maryview St., 6310-Frank A. and Joan A. Manno to John and Susan Wissler, $799,999.

Morning Meadow Ct., 8064-Susanne Maki Uchiyama to Tad and Annabelle Tsuneyoshi, $505,000.

Ninian Ct., 5005-Bradley C. Day to Christopher Robinson and Nicole Johnson, $570,000.

Olivet Ct., 7839-Piney Run Elm Investments Corp. to Howard S. Stone and Mary Lou Klaric, $717,560.

Patent Parish Lane, 6653-Cyndi L. Scarlett to Beri N. Massa and Morgan K. Buck, $571,000.

Sharon Chapel Rd., 3408-Gennadity Kurechko and Marianna Leshchinskaya to Theresa Campobasso, $549,000.

Sullivan Way, 6714-Michael Paluzsay to Shauna R. and Peter Revay, $579,900.

Walkers Croft Way, 6278-Donald E. Eschenbach Jr. and Nancy Martin to Nicholas Robert and Elizabeth Anne Ingrao, $500,000.

Wild Valley Ct., 6181-Walter B. Goodwin to Ashley D. and Christopher D. Ferguson, $362,500.


Airlie Way, 4564-Peter A. and Jean C. Westcott to John A. Bresnahan, $400,000.

Aston St., 3505-Kim and Jean Davenport to Lorenzo H. Machado, $475,000.

Brentleigh Ct., 4659-Abdul Hafeez to Fahmideh Eriloozadian, $381,000.

Camelot Dr., 3710-Timothy N. and Leslie Donoghue to Staci A. and Robert T. Harris, $725,000.

Columbia Rd., 4624-John Iskander and Kathleen Doherty to Jose E. Parada, $487,000.

Donnybrook Ct., 7746, No. 205-Matthew Ginetto Liberati to Zoe Tobin, $151,500.

Farr St., 7224-Robert and Teresa Gay to Thomas and Karen O’Leary, $935,000.

Hamilton St., 7410-Joyce K. and Daniel J. Deptula to Robert Campos and Bryan Anderton, $780,000.

Holyoke Dr., 6437-Hee Namgoong to Ryan Paul and Katherine Rae Bolyard, $422,000.

Kenside Ct., 5125-Marianne Abely and Richard D. Blunt to Christopher W. and Shannon M. Hembree, $510,000.

Launcelot Way, 3525-Clyde A. Myers to Zachary and Tiffany Hallett, $619,000.

Marshall Dr., 7551-Ralph E. and Martha G. Kelley to Rebecca A. Macke and Christopher Vaccaro, $660,000.

Pine Dr., 7208-Keith A. and Leah Creiglow to Mariam Tadros, $689,999.

Raleigh Ave., 8612-Privath and Barbara T. Um to Kan Zhang and Jeffrey Francis Gianattasio, $715,000.

Wheatwheel Lane, 3401-Teresa De Jesus Cruz to Matthew A. McGillicuddy, $415,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3324, No. 31-Gregory and Christina Cullison to Violetta Lechpammer and Kadra Ali Hassan, $215,000.


Ambrose Hills Rd., 3692-Falls Gate Neighborhoods Corp. to Mikala T. Brunson and James E. Morris, $682,410.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 117S-Helmand Investments Corp. to Yelisa and Alfredo Emilio Cueto, $269,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3713, No. 615-Lisa Gao to Maria D. Argueta, $199,900.

Lakeview Dr., 6200-John S. Graham and Brian R. MacGregor to Lurana W. Foster and Jeffrey Rosier, $1.1 million.

Maryalice Pl., 3795-Ziaur and Nur Sadi Rahman to Mohammed Benghanem, $989,000.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 215-Mohammed E. Ibrahim and Mustafa T. Hayat to Celia Telleria Larrea and Ivonne Aracely Rojas Telleria, $212,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 1501N-Zahira Zahir to Danielle Christine Fumagalli and Arvin Gouw, $240,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 705N-Hodan A. and Abukar Haji Mohamud to Fozia Abrar, $320,000.


Bakersville Lane, 5615-Helmuth M. and Rossy M. Carl to Joseph A. and Jessica A. Simonetti, $640,000.

Bromyard Ct., 5424-David C. and Elizabeth J. Wilbur to Kacy T. Chongasing, $480,000.

Calico Pool Lane, 6107-Michael L. Millspaugh to Alexander Lee Vuckovic, $425,000.

Doolittle St., 5607-Ling Yu and Zheng Wang to Patrick Edmund and Jordan Parke Campbell, $630,000.

Eagle Landing Ct., 10206-Robert Gerard and Theresa Marie Siggins to Carl J. and Cecilia J. Winowiecki, $632,500.

High Water Ct., 9754-Elizabeth and Ian Macleod to Jared Kyle Carpenter and Su Gyeong Shin, $450,000.

Kemp Lane, 5601-Mary Alice Coffman to Thomas J. and Rose M. Cunningham, $685,000.

Natick Rd., 9907-Michael E. Steward to Marcus T. and Dahye Evans, $680,000.

Oak Leather Dr., 5923-John T. and Angela M. Bedford to Scott Fisher and Michele McDermott, $615,000.

Peppercorn Dr., 5550-Elizabeth Teague and estate of Habibollah Farazmand to Tuyet Thi A. Pham and Hai D. and Dat Hoang Nguyen, $325,000.

Raftelis Rd., 6517-Corina C. and Blanca C. Morales to Karey Ann and Ryan Austin Nobles, $575,000.

Spanker Dr., 6900-Minh Hwan Oh to Chad and Deborah Davis, $706,000.

Virgo Ct., 6111-Guillermo and Edie A. Oyola to Muhammad and Masuma Hossain, $599,000.

Whitewater Dr., 9928-Jorge H. Figueredo and Lorena Moyano to William G. and Patricia L. Lultschik, $441,000.

Windward Dr., 6223-Robert J. and Diane K. Nolan to Robert S. and Robin S. Weller, $672,500.


Antonia Ford Ct., 13986-Lynn A. Magione and John P. Getreu to Tracy D. Harris, $394,900.

Battery Ridge Lane, 14624-Christoher and Laura Gibson to Tona and Douglas J. Tanner, $399,000.

Black Horse Ct., 14430-Hera Ikonomi to Magaly B. Lozano, $322,000.

Bolton Rd., 14804-Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Juan J. Discua Flores and Luz M. Castro Ubaque, $173,106.

Chelsey Pl., 14510-Tayyab and Mohammad T. Saleem to Lea Seong Jeong, $364,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14322, No. 106-Brett Stevens to Susan Tietz, $235,000.

Cristo Ct., 13918-Kate Ryan and Jason Wade Guthrie to Andrew and Hannah Rogers, $524,000.

Deviar Dr., 13938-Edward Harrison Grove III to Su Jin, Ae and Sun Ha Hong, $450,000.

Fairfax National Way, 6315-Ruben D. Andrade to Jeremiah Keith and Gina Pattison, $790,000.

Frankford Cir., 13715-Paula Bryant and Constance Davies to Jongha Tim Kim and Gi Young Cho, $590,000.

Golden Oak Ct., 14413-Kin Da Yi to Andres Augusto and Gabriela Garcia, $224,500.

Grape Holly Grove, 14301, No. 21-Tracy D. Harris to Higdon Gillespie Simpson IV, $205,000.

Harvest Mill Ct., 6508-Icon Exim Inc. to Karishma and Durga Bahadur Kunwar, $455,000.

Jaslow St., 14920-Amy C. Kirschenbauger to Sara and Justin Paul Ehrlich, $456,000.

Kimanna Dr., 5303-Luis A. and Aura A. Aguirre to Gabriel R. and Melissa S. Brown, $496,000.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13631-Jay Yoon Park to James and Ellen Koh Chun, $456,000.

Little Rocky Mountain Ct., 14347-Justin Paul and Sara Ehrlich to Emily A. Ferguson and Constantine M. Tsantes, $307,000.

Meherrin Dr., 15623-David Scott and Molly S. Jones to Vickie M. Matter and Hao T. Sevener, $800,000.

Papilion Way, 14338-James A. and Heather M. Milliken to Spencer and Holly Smith, $410,000.

Prairie Willow Way, 5257-Joon H. Kim to Yong Woo Stephano and Robin Pyle Kwon, $458,000.

Rock Landing Ct., 13862-Bank of America to Jwo C. Liu and Mei Yuan, $336,000.

Rustling Leaves Lane, 14490-Christopher Michael and Marcy Lynn Hemrick to Hee Ja Lee Hur, $225,000.

Schoolfield Ct., 5600-Clyde E. Delancey Jr. to Michael Frederic and Hera Estrada, $555,000.

Sherborne Knolls, 5625-Jingbo Zhang and Rui Zou to Adnan J., Nidal J. and Rasha J. Hussein and Kifah M. Al Samarai, $414,900.

Spence Pl., 6304-Arul M. Dhas and Rubavathy Mohan to Donald Ruehle, $375,000.

Stilsby Ct., 14513-Catherine L. Price to Roger Ventura and Lisseth Perdomo, $360,000.

Stone Maple Terr., 6804-Ralph J. and Angela C. Martinez to Jeremy L. McKinney, $380,000.

Summer Garden Walk, 13318-Bilal Mohammed and Farheen Chaudhary to Serdar and Yildiz Kizilcan, $471,500.

Ulderic Dr., 15003-Vernon J. and Margaret A. Broadwater to Joseph Andrew and Mary Ann East, $506,000.

Wood Lilly Lane, 13437-Umesh Panchwagh to Ji Young and Scott Y. Choi, $570,000.

Yellow Poplar Dr., 13600-Thomas R. and Michele R. Katina to Kimberly Jean Siedsma and Khaled Sayed, $851,000.


Fallen Oak Ct., 13514-Jeffrey D. and Michelle D. Saunders to Edward Jones and Shannon Taylor, $650,000.

Garden View Lane, 4836-Van Metre Homes at Westfields Corp. to Angela Fletcher, $669,127.

Lawrence Park Ct., 13898-Christine B. Charlip to Min Kyung, $829,000.

Louis Mill Dr., 15249-House Buyers of America Inc. to Steven Mulrooney, $495,000.

Poplar Tree Rd., 13900-Larry A. and Heather Lynn Ridolfi to Naziha Elhaddar and Zakariae El Asri, $519,520.

Trail Vista Lane, 4932, No. 13-Westfields Development Corp. to Atiya S. Khan and Syed Sohail, $758,574.

Trail Vista Lane, 4950, No. 4-Westfields Development Corp. to James K. and Karen K. Chang, $755,920.

Waverly Crossing Lane, 4517-Wisa Solutions Corp. to Diana and John Grimsley, $625,000.


Clifton Hunt Dr., 12409-William A. and Jeanette Lee Fritz to William E. and Brienne C. Schaefer, $875,000.

Laurel Rock Dr., 13755-Christopher P. and Tina C. Barry to Abass and Allison M. Fahs, $731,750.

Springhouse Cir., 6453-Joseph R. and Lina F. Ayoub to Young Pok Chun, $625,000.

Stonefield Lane, 13913-Amanda J. Charters to Sean and Kathleen Chapman, $640,000.


Abington Ct., 9747-John William and Rebecca B. Nemeth to Craig S. and Mary A. Roblyer, $637,000.

Annhurst St., 9232-Andrew Pavlovich Shatokhin and Yuliya Kobzina to Michael, Elsa, Dimitrios and Konstantinos Papageorgiou, $495,000.

Artery Dr., 11974-Steven E. and Shawn P. Baldwin to Sarah Amado, $414,500.

Autumn Willow Dr., 13074-Maureen Holleran to Kim Chi Thi Truong and Nguyen Buu Quach, $680,000.

Barringer Pl., 4594-James K. and Maria B. Barnes to Hang Nam and Kyung Hee Paik, $575,000.

Billberry Dr., 3882-Nadia D. Short to Taewoon Seo and Inyoung Lee, $740,000.

Brandon Ridge Way, 5351-James W. and Diane C. Dempsey to Gabriel and Jennifer Borges, $871,500.

Burkitts Rd., 13307-Anthony Hyo Nam and Hun Jung Kim to Yunchang Lee, $395,000.

Ceralene Dr., 9808-Anne Cecilia Mastrostefano and estate of Antonio Giuseppe Mastrostefano to Keith W. and Christine A. DeGregory, $798,000.

Colchester Brook Lane, 3174-Oswald I. and Amy Y. Kawahara to Zerui Wang and Wenting Tong, $555,000.

Cove Rd., 4921-Brian R. and Kathleen L. Wetherell to Keith J. and Kristin C.R. Knebel, $672,000.

Deer Glen Ct., 9349-Kurt Christian E. Krenz to Brian D. and Caroline J. Skelly, $750,000.

District Ave., 3005-Lilian Zhao to Jeanine K. and Douglas J. Pferdehirt, $752,000.

Fair Crest Ct., 12624, No. 304-Jennifer Sloan and Jennifer Eakin to Nate Kim, $320,000.

Field Lark Ct., 12317-Charles A. and Heather A. Smith to Justine E. Dang, $451,000.

Fountainside Lane, 4144, No. 204-Indira M. Edwards to Jonathan S. and Tyler M. Girsham, $285,000.

Glenbrook Rd., 9307-Ted P. and Debra S. Canelakes to Anthony Prashanth and Vinaya Balaraju, $724,900.

Gossamer Way, 4563-Kwang and Sarah Lee to Hannah Hyunsun Joo, $615,000.

Hamilton Dr., 9119-Nicholas Andrew Mungas to Margaret Loudermilk and Charles Alan Bester, $876,000.

Head Ct., 5054-Rosa M. Berrocal to Kathryn E. and David M. Medinets, $380,000.

Inverness Rd., 3777-Jeffrey G. Hoen and Susan McRae Gori to Christopher Allan Chacey and Chelsea Rae Reamy, $546,000.

Kathryn Jean Ct., 3916-Stephanie L. Raymond to Ryan Michael Banner and Gregory William White II, $525,000.

Kings Crown Ct., 9703, No. 202-Jin Colby to Oha Jin Kwon, $260,000.

Lady Somerset Lane, 12723-Shanhai Qiu and Wei Cai to Pyong H. and Sung H. So, $852,500.

Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy., 12817-Bobby Watkins to Neil Anthony Egbert and Juntimada Mueanjun, $425,000.

Long Boat Ct., 5401-Tara M. Daniels and Colleen M. Colangelo to Aida Jeberti and Lance Sanson, $435,000.

Market Commons Dr., 4480, No. 603-Natalie M. Vu to Dagne Fulcher, $410,000.

Meadowsweet Dr., 13372-Jose Edward and Frankie K. Stuntz to Aaron J. and Erin H. Zurbrugg, $655,450.

Minton Dr., 4136-Terri K. Nguyen to Vanessa Gloria Bush and Ryan Price Beville, $427,500.

New London Park Dr., 5453-Yvette C. Estrada Wanner to Sheeja Philip, $425,000.

Parkland Ct., 11910-Brenda L. and James R. Kline to Matthew D. Kaufman and Rachel M. Weisman, $820,300.

Pheasant Ridge Rd., 5130-William Cody and Donalee M. O’Connor to Scott M. Morris and Leslie D. Thompson, $745,000.

Point Pleasant Dr., 13015-Frederick Thomas and Carolyn Jane Jones to Nathan and Jennifer Perkins, $565,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 131-Brian C. Palmatier to Rajat Sharma and Radhika Bhargava, $455,000.

Quiet Creek Dr., 4041-Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Sameer Lodeen and Fnu Sara, $248,894.

Robertson Farm Cir., 11844-Sung Gyo and Young Lan Kim to Dipta Krishnam Ananthakrishna and Balaji Yelchuru, $882,000.

Silent Valley Dr., 3035-Akim and Senabou Adechoubou to Michelle L. Goodliff and Alex J. Thiell, $447,000.

Sudley Ford Ct., 3719-Mark Christian and Lisa Jean Evitts to Betty E. and Camila A. Borda, $335,000.

Sweet Leaf Terr., 12548-Myrna Alene Johnson to Lenis C. Gomez Leon and Rebecca O. Wishner, $475,000.

Tovito Dr., 9358-Texaco Downstream Properties Inc. to George and Rachel Conant, $761,000.

Walker St., 8908-Gle Corp. to Aaron Spencer Rinehart and Yi Ching Tsai Rinehart, $1.18 million.

Wheatland Rd., 12902- Elizabeth Ann and Patricia Miller Link to Hasan and Nurcan Gurel, $689,000.

Winter Pine Ct., 3019-T. M. McCann and Robin Wieland to Jaspreet and Nikki Hunjan, $494,500.

Woodrush Ct., 11413-NVR Inc. to Nageshwar R. and Sujatha Nukala, $1.16 million.


Arrington Dr., 6106-Edwin and Beverly S. Duff to Wesley R. and Jessica N. Bryan, $675,000.

Daingerfield Way, 5745-Phillip M. and Gail M. Baird to Robert W. Garrett and Teresa E. Cooper, $1.16 million.

Hallston Ct., 9316-Mary E. Donahue to Gregory and Danielle Kowalski, $770,000.

Oak Crest Lane, 8064-Terrance P. and Patricia J. Moran to Michael J. and Amy B. Shouse, $710,000.

Rambling Ridge Ct., 9708-Dewey P. and Brena B. George to Roland F. and Roseanne M. Bennett, $934,950.

Silverleaf Dr., 11217-Peter John and Carole Lee Ewens to Jason and Leslie Merriman, $725,000.

Wood Pointe Ct., 8401-Kimberley B. and Eugene M. DePaul to Ignacio V. Valcarcel Lencina and Elena Tomas Rodriguez, $710,000.


Annandale Rd., 3360-Ingeborg H. Vogele to John Garnett and Genevieve Makris, $450,000.

Carol Lane, 7137-Bank of New York Mellon to Elmar A. Reyes, $546,000.

Devon Dr., 3509-James Stephen Crews and Seree Weroha to Taha Asaad T. Alshareef, $1.04 million.

Graham Rd., 3300-Patricia A. Wright and Elizabeth T. Abrams to Oyunkhand Baatarkhuyag, $470,000.

Hughes Ct., 7309-Jason A. and Jennifer K. Marshall to Susan Trachman, $727,000.

Kalmia Lee Ct., 2827, No. 102-James C. Tolosa to Susanna Agnes Wolf, $208,500.

Lakeside Village Dr., 7604-D-Heidi Huhn to Nieves Liste, $276,000.

Lee Hwy., 7609, No. 204-Barry Richard Zeeberg to Bikash K.C. Khatri and Sunita Thapa, $235,000.

Nealon Dr., 3238-Kathleen M. McKeever and C. Spencer Cake to Albaro Claros, $470,000.

Summerfield Rd., 2900-Joel Justin and Laurita Johnson Oliva to Jeffrey W. Rasmussen, Taylour Ann B. Campbell and Dorothy Campbell Lotspeich, $615,000.

West St., 2634-John S. Whitelaw and estate of Joseph S. Pipan to Serhan and Gulcin Kokuuslu, $500,000.

Yarling Ct., 2853-Alice Newhall to Joy C. Sleeman, $278,000.


Falls Reach Dr., 7000, No. 105-Shelley and Christine Jones to Silvia Taylor, $390,000.

Gervais Dr., 2059-Linda Y. and Jin S. You to Carolina Ortega Sanguinetti, $630,000.

Greenwich St., 2123-New Dimensions Inc. to John Austin Talanda and Meredith Stevenson Fath, $1.53 million.

Hopewood Dr., 2001-John C. and Kathleen W. Anderson to Meena Kaggal, $731,000.

Leonard Dr., 7621-Robert Krieger and Deborah M. Lodge to Satwinder Pal Singh and Kirandeep Bawa, $550,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 916-Jihad Mohamed Alhussein and Ammar Khaled Benali to Farshad Chamanara, $300,000.

Shreve Rd., 7806-Jutta Luckas to David and Lauren Rodriguez, $595,000.


Cove Inlet Ct., 6932-Susan W. Danfora to Fleneekia McCoy, $525,000.


Colling Ridge Ct., 8259-Claude Wilbur and Yvonne Reece to Benjamin and Melissa Inman, $765,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 8001-Jennifer N. Reutershan and Robert S. Enfield to William and Maureen Dunleavy, $590,000.

Jamestown Rd., 1704-Megan Rebecca and Eric Stuart Jewett to Jed and Christine Savellano, $487,500.

Porter Lane, 8448-Michael R. and Julia A. Welborn to Jason L. Davis and Rima Fusisi, $574,750.


Carol St., 10350-William A. Adams Jr. to Andrew Casson and Maria Huynh, $1.6 million.

Crippen Ct., 11711-Armand Ky and Rahma Nyanganyi to Gautam Ijoor and Veda Gurram, $915,000.

Montpelier Rd. W., 11209-Daniel M. Quinn to Jannette A. and Carson Fields III, $1.28 million.

Springvale Rd., 530-Douglas M. and Jennifer B. Dear to Erin Michael Gill, $1.8 million.

Walker Lake Dr., 10109-Esmaal Khalilpour and Naiyer Hazraty to Kousalya Vivek Iyer, $1.19 million.


Alan Shepard St., 3112-US Home Corp. to Kun Liang and Connie Shengnan Zhang, $669,990.

Attorney Ct., 1601-Joseph A. and Joan E. Alfreda to Katherine Nguyen, $550,000.

Branch Dr., 815, No. 402-Dariush Alipanah and estate of Dee Alipanah to Alejandro Hurtado, $339,000.

Cedar Run Lane, 13565-Michael C. Jelepis to Suvarna Akhilesh Choudhary, $565,000.

Center St., 623, No. 204-Zainab H. Pashtoon to Haresh N. and Sangeeta Bhatia, $190,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12953, No. 220-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Prem Rangwani, $172,500.

Covered Wagon Lane, 13300-Johnathon W. and Lisa B. Nash to Kimberly Sarah Tam and Oscar C. Deguzman, $537,000.

Dornock Ct., 13638-Christopher P. and Lisa G. Kearns to Sudipto Saha and Sharmistha Chowdhury, $700,000.

Framingham Ct., 12807-Marcie J. Tuggle to Todd and Gayle Purdy, $625,000.

Glenbrooke Woods Dr., 12615-Theresa Rae Gaydos to Jesse and Melissa Blanc, $538,000.

Herndon Mill Cir., 162-Truc Loan Thi Tran to Justin K. Datta and Angela M. White, $559,900.

Huntsman Pl., 706-Huntsman Place Corp. to Sunil J. and Anie S. Mathews, $510,000.

Kettering Dr., 12698-Jeffrey and Colleen Kriger Day to Nicholas and Elisabeth Longworth, $635,000.

Lazy Glen Lane, 13176-Natalie Mardo and Matthew James Cook to Alissa Carol Redding, $630,000.

Madden Ct., 3052-David M. and Avril Rodney to Yogender Reddy Rakasi and Kavitha Maddi, $305,000.

Marcey Creek Rd., 13061-Bogdan C. Lazaroae to Preethi Boreda, $304,000.

Methven Ct., 1065-Robert J. Williams to Ruth Sarah Siegal and Jeffrey Ryan Volloy, $955,000.

Nathaniel Oaks Dr., 12505-Michael F. and Barbara K. Boyle to Jason Abshire and Huda Ayoubi, $1.23 million.

Oakton Chase Ct., 3411-Charles D. and Linda L. Yuska to Wenlong Zheng and Yanfen Le, $1.3 million.

Park Crescent Cir., 12960-Mary Bernadette Donovan to Cholavendan Ilangovan and Hema Badrinarayanan, $533,000.

Pond Crest Lane, 12712-John I. and Shannon D. Jordan to Hari Kishore and Subhashini Kosaraju, $952,500.

Rock Manor Ct., 2902-Kenneth and Smriti Van Scoy to Brandon K. Stradling, $618,000.

Rounding Run Cir., 13164-Bahram Bahrami to Yijia Tang, $399,000.

Snowflake Ct., 1502-John and Joy E D’Angelo to Isac Sekhar Rachapudi and Anupama Upputuri, $635,000.

Terra Cotta Cir., 2538-Sharad and Anamika Vyas to Kanneganti and Mohini Murthy, $478,000.

Van Buren St., 563-Arthur J. and Leslie D. Viente to Kelly Pardis Hernandez, $582,000.


Berkshire Ct., 5937-Christopher L. and Karen C. Anderson to Bobbi Larue Huff, $415,700.

Fairhaven Ave., 2826-Kirk A. and Juliann F. Francis to Darren James Enterline and Elyse Kelly, $450,000.

Fort Dr., 2705-Ainslie C. Harrison and Karl U. Knauer to John E. and Cheryl C. Monno, $439,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 717-Jong Chen to Alison Natalie Tarshis, $229,900.

Mount Vernon Dr., 5845-Richard Zawalski to Paul Hunter and Zach Costello, $303,000.


Brick Hearth Ct., 6519-Luther Damron III to Carlos O. Mendez Luevano and Mary Y. Bonnell, $360,000.

Cedar Landing Ct., 8245-David K. and Sherilyn A. Ward to Matthew George and Rachel Williams Lenell, $506,500.

Convair Dr., 7436-Esteban and Nina Rostro to Borislav Bulatovic, $460,000.

Great Swan Ct., 7561-Michael D. Alexander to Gilbert and Gissel Pena Almonte, $469,900.

Huntley Creek Pl., 7150-Nicholas L. Hupp to Kaitlyn Hines, $380,000.

Lindberg Dr., 7516-Anthony D. and Allie G. Russell to David Lee and Kimberly Jean Allison, $709,000.

Moon Rock Ct., 6800-Kimberly J. McGreevy and Sarah L. Barnes to Erin and Patrick Rougeux, $556,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7524-B-Ying Ma and Zhi Jia Shi to Valentin and Alexandra Portnaya Polyakov, $250,000.

Strawn Ct., 7119-Richard Harold and Christina Ragucci to Nicholas Printy and Christina Barbarisi, $360,000.

Westfield Ct., 7160-Peter and Marian Olene Taranto to Ashley Blair, $330,000.


Conrad Rd., 4128-Theresa Trier Weiler Cappo and estate of Hazel E. Jeffries to Jeremy M. and Michael T. Paul, $420,000.

Fiske Pl., 5504-Ali Hooshmandnia and Farideh Moavedi Isfahani to Jorge A. Perez De Leon, $415,000.

Spring Valley Dr., 6632-Ala Awadallah to Birye Abebe and Almaz Gebrehiwot, $395,000.


Adams Chase Cir., 9010-Paul C. and Teresa W. Gerton to Sean W. and Nicole L. Haglund, $1.1 million.

Bennington Blvd., 8863-Mohammad A. and Kanwal Ali Munir to King and Ritsuko Rhodes, $590,900.

Daniel French St., 9517-Hassib Safi Khalili to Tyuy Tien V. Nguyen, Van Q. Do and Steve H. Pham, $640,000.

Fascination Ct., 8980, No. 212-Patricia Ann Loefler to Arthur Bernard and Mary Bridget Calligan, $369,000.

Furey Rd., 9102-David George and Marie Alexander to Britney Michelle Ambers and Edwin Adewale George, $520,000.

Henry Knox Dr., 7670-Richard D. and Mari Barr Santangelo to Keith L. and Jacqueline Phillips, $679,900.

Kenosha Ct., 8633-Michael S. Cooper to Amber M. Gallerano, $305,000.

Masey Mcquire Ct., 9625-Deborah D. Leavitt to Natalie D. Young, $490,000.

Mooregate Ct., 9520-Efthalia and Engjell Dhana to Victor T. Rabbani, $290,000.

Potters Hill Cir., 9610-Henry J. O’Donoghue to Sherry R. Stup, $507,000.

Rocky Gap Ct., 8612-David R. Jackson to Tristan B. Vincent, $438,000.

Sylvania St., 8904-Arthur H. Walker to Paulina E. Rivera Melendez, $389,900.

Wounded Knee Rd., 7464-Plamena D. Dimitrova to Toquyen Thi Nguyen and Cuong Manh Dao, $300,000.


Daviswood Dr., 1270-Clark J. Chandler and Roberta Ott Barnes to Kirk Anthony and Bindu Dewan Macchiavello, $1.7 million.

Dryden Dr., 6505-A. George and Kathleen Hurst Spas to Manchuan Liu and Xiaozhen You, $885,000.

Evans Farm Dr., 1462-Agnes Mary and Joseph Michael Quinlan to Carter G. Phillips and Sue J. Henry, $1.79 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 1007-F. Fred and Maryam M. Choobineh to Ivette Rivera Hayes, $429,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 1003-Bruce T. and Desiree T. Sallen to Jihyun Jeon, $339,900.

Holmes Pl., 6641-Mohammad Yunus Sikder to Patricia Yi and Stanton Anderson Jr., $1.57 million.

International Dr., 1645, No. 108-Kathleen R. Arle to Jung Ho Hwang and Caterina Da Silva, $299,990.

Kennedy Dr., 1963-Megan Evans and Jefferson Lyle McCarty to Leif P. Olson, $345,000.

Legere Ct., 7753-Guran Green to Rupa Polisetty Sekhar and Sandeep Anjaneya Konka, $830,000.

Lincoln Way, 1540, No. 102B-Arash Zarei and Heliya Aslanimehr to Kyori Otsubo, $249,000.

Nelway Dr., 6234-Lana Susan Bennett and estate of Marian O. Magee to Richard David and Zachia Murray, $1.13 million.

Orlo Dr., 1165-Stephen P. Joyce to Brooke P. Weddle and Miguel A. Payan Quezada, $3.7 million.

Rhode Island Ave., 1931-MR Project Management Inc. to Jeffrey P. and Caryn B. Forbes, $2.85 million.

Sandy Knoll Ct., 6504-John B. and Joseph G. Hanford to Joseph and Jungsook Burnsed, $1.13 million.

Spoleto Lane, 7707-Jason S. Kampf to Christie S. Alvarez and Victor Alvarez Miranda, $755,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1601, No. 1404-Sunflower Estates Corp. to Weiwei Liu, $410,000.

Union Church Rd., 1001-Jeffrey G. Weaver to John A. Zecca, $1.4 million.

Wise St., 6815-C. Michael and Pamela M. Deese to Yue Tang and Jin Wu, $820,000.

Woodside Dr., 1369-Virginia M. Menmuir to Tanveer Mahmood, $1.45 million.


Cherrytree Dr., 9205-Michael R. and Donna L. Smith to Ralph T. and Charolette A. Kaneshiro, $610,000.

Diablo Ct., 8454-Dorothy H. Best to Carlos A. Bonilla and Vilma L. Portillo, $294,000.

Forest Haven Dr., 9212-Michael H. and Alexandra Downie to Evelyn Lorraine Estep, $660,000.

Hunter Murphy Cir., 8346-Amandeep Bajwa and Manmeet Sarang to Shirley G. Shannon, $384,900.

Lawrence St., 4114-William and Karen V. Garvey to Aryn Peterson, $355,000.

Mary Evelyn Way, 3756-Adam J. Spanberger to Debbie Bennett, $535,000.

Mount Vernon Hwy., 8601-Evelyn J. Zink to Woong Hwan Jun and Youngcheon Bang, $500,000.

Patton Blvd., 9129-Brian and Jennifer Stackpole to Paulo F. De Oliveira, $520,000.

Richmond Ave., 8432-Louis T. Burris to John P. Skillestad, $480,000.

San Leandro Pl., 3951-Craig D. Cabrera to Willie L. Walker Jr. and Valerie L. Barksdale Walker, $210,000.

Tarpon Lane, 4800-Laurie Lerner to Brandon A. and Amy Dellenbeck Pye, $555,000.

Village Square Dr., 8610-Narciso Mauricio and Marleny Martinez to Felicita M. Ramos Alvarez, $210,000.

Wyngate Manor Ct., 8523-Abdull Ibrahim and Sitra Abubeker to James W. and Andrea K. Jones, $435,000.


Boulder St., 7616-Hieu Trinh and Mai Huong Tran to Claudia Patricia Garcia Fragoso and Andre Mauricio Lobo, $525,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 5610-Christopher J. and Mary Frederick to Edith G. and Cody L. Dawson, $283,000.

Gresham St., 7509-Paramount Investments Corp. and Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Juan and Georgia Villarroel, $447,000.

Oldcastle Lane, 5301-Oldcastle Properties Corp. to Mahmoud Farid and Nicol Marie Elali, $425,900.


Bushman Dr., 10300, No. 208-Linda S. Zubeck to Alexander Heejune Shin, $295,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 9923-Duane P. Reger to George Herve and Judy Monges, $340,000.

Stuart Mill Rd., 11064-Hossein and Habibeh Mahboubi Moghadam to Saman Khosravi, $615,000.

Valentino Ct., 3126-Huseyin Aydin to Gary and Svitlana Korolev, $565,000.


Approach Lane, 2013-Donald Tetteyfio and Elizabeth K. Hammond to Douglas Balko, $487,500.

Bayfield Ct., 11751-Charles Hatley to John Raymond Michaels Jr., $410,000.

Brookshire Ct., 1563-David A. Neal to Christopher R. and Danielle K. McCoy, $390,000.

Castle Rock Sq., 2242, No. 2B-Alexander Thomas Stultz to Terrence N. and Kimberly Blair, $192,500.

Chatham Colony Ct., 1516-Gerald A. and Michelle G. Zingraf to David J. Dorsett, $430,000.

Drop Forge Lane, 11506-Nancy Anne and Michael P. Hallanan to Barry N., Ellen E. and Andrew D. Haack, $625,000.

Fairway Dr., 11306-Andrew Christensen to Thomas Joseph Tellez, $656,000.

Fountain Dr., 1830, No. 901-Tabasum M. and Taseen M. Mir to Mark E. and Sara R. Shoob, $744,000.

Garden Wall Cir., 1314, No. 211-Andrew and Bin Akers to Andrew D. McCormick and Julie C. Schneider, $365,000.

Goldenrain Ct., 1532-Debasish and Sujata Choudhury to Jonathan A. Hammond, $410,000.

Halter Lane, 2205-Jose L. and Stella G. Franco to Karim Hafez, $690,000.

Heritage Oak Way, 1369-Corey Smith and Jennifer Barb to Lindsey Stem and Jonathan D. Dawes, $628,000.

Hunters Run Dr., 2202-Jeffrey Trentacoste to Catherine, Rodney and Lucas E. Lederer Plaskett, $285,000.

Ivy Oak Sq., 1815-Timothy and Erin C. McNevin to Elysia Christine Nuttall, $365,000.

Lake Chapel Lane, 11149-Michaels Land Co. to Anthony Maharaj and Beverly Babooram, $735,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1716, No. 3-Collin McKee to Tatiana N. Patinos, $309,900.

Links Dr., 11358-Dori A. Delph to Garry Didinsky, $542,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 906-Patricia A. Nolin to Catherine M. and Robert P. Ignacio, $465,000.

Moorings Dr., 1536, No. 11A-Keyleigh Grace and Dashiell McKnight Trick to Sean P. McBride, $215,000.

Northgate Sq., 1348-Michael Chang and Patricia C. Roberts to Catherine A. Regan, $335,000.

Paddock Lane, 2405-Glenn R. and Leslie M. Chafetz to Liston K. and Deborah J. Purvis, $589,000.

Purple Sage Ct., 12128-Sherian Ann Abramaitys Yi to Jared Bernard Heit and Abigail Marie Hill, $378,000.

Rolling Green Ct., 11566, No. 12-Catherine A. Griffin to Wei Liu, $265,000.

Saffold Way, 11083-Justin C. and Brenda L. Poole to William and Brett Kulp, $445,000.

Sentinel Point Ct., 11980-Christopher Biow and Monica Russ to Clifford D. and Janette H. Song, $495,000.

Silentwood Lane, 11267-Morgan and Zachary Berry to Mary Elizabeth Goulet, $370,000.

Stratford Park Pl., 1855, No. 105-Thea E. Kreinik to Anju and Man Seth, $435,000.

Taliesin Pl., 12000, No. 23-Linda F. Chambers to John Raymond and Diane Marie Sarantakis, $335,000.

Turtle Pond Dr., 2010-Adrian C. and Georgiana A. Havill to John Francis and Zoya Gribach Schaller, $830,700.

Vantage Hill Rd., 11627, No. 22B-Marcelle K. Flynn to Sonia S. King, $184,900.

Wainwright Dr., 1749-Eric T. Kemp and Glenann M. Godden to Erin K. Stamer, $415,000.

Weatherstone Ct., 1257-Inda E. Stagg to Irina Fournadjieva and Miroslav Kolev, $555,000.

Wheelwright Ct., 2228-Spencer Joseph and Katherine S. Christensen to William R. Lucas and Jade T. Perez, $441,000.

Whisperwood Glen Lane, 2164-Clifford T. and Eric Samuel Knight to Andrew Gurung, $355,000.

Windbluff Ct., 11616-Sassan Kimiavi to Nadja Latchinian, $275,000.


Greenwood Dr., 6196, No. 201-Jose I. Pineda and Raul R. Herrera to Eileen Jacqueline Jimenez, $125,000.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 502-Mohamad R. Jalali Jafari to Sinan Arslan and Prisa Delgado Rivera, $215,000.

Meeting St., 3041-Fu Sum Chao and Su Huei Liu to Bret Alan Phillips and Rosa Martha Berrocal, $580,000.

Rustic Way Lane, 3409-Annette S. Broges to Wendy A. Rejan and Nicholas Kearney Edmiston, $727,000.


Backlick Rd., 6016-Metropolitan Investment Corp. to Sang T. and Sarah H. Nguyen, $460,000.

Bethelen Woods Lane, 8029-Charlesanna Osborne to Sylvia Zavala and Jennifer Seastrand, $400,000.

Camberly Ave., 5922-Chairat and Chuensuk Raungtriphop to Clara Ofelia Contador Mancilla and Orlando R. Umanzor Perez, $460,000.

Cliffside Ct., 7807-Jon P. McComas to Jeremy M. and Gretchen Larchick, $539,900.

Dana Ave., 6308-Samantha Bruno and Scott Fuller to Nhoc Va Ly and Trung Van Tu, $437,000.

Donegal Lane, 7939-Michael S. and Erika A. Foster to Jeremy A. and April D. Smith, $669,900.

Edward Carr Ct., 8383-Corbett Manor Corp. to Douglas C. and Amanda E. Lee, $974,816.

Falmouth St., 7317-Andrew P. and Jennifer A. Sevier to Robert L. Hayes and Kerry E. Epstein Hayes, $490,000.

Godolphin Dr., 7859-Michael A. and Robin D. Gorski to Marcos and Surabhy Elizabeth Delgadillo, $490,000.

Janphil Lane, 9311-Mark A. and Joanna L. Nicholson to Kevin Anthoy Parendo and Brigitte Anne Paterson, $690,000.

Laurel Creek Lane, 7541-Bank of New York Mellon to Roya Azami and Mohanned M. Motaab, $730,275.

Lindside Way, 8327-William C. Gambrell to William A. Amaya Ventura, $552,000.

Middle Run Dr., 8482-Kathleen C. and Earnest T. Landrum to James P. and Stacie L. Holzgrefe, $570,000.

Mountain Ash Dr., 8901-Steven L. and Angela F. Basham to Anthony G. and Christina L. Krockel, $780,000.

Pebble Brook Ct., 7900-Edith M. Eshleman to Gezahegn Hailu Alemayehu and Aregash A. Mengestie, $410,000.

Reservoir Rd., 7210-Piyada Suwannakam to Tam M. Tran and Thu B. Duong, $385,000.

Rockefeller Lane, 9140-Steven T. and Carol N. Zalesak to Benjamin Joseph and Heather Haupt Ulsh, $600,000.

Spaniel Rd., 7007-Christopher S. and Linda S. Crennan to Michael and Angela N. Linker, $620,000.

Spring View Ct., 7328-Orenthal James and Brandee Allen to Jessenia Velasquez, $430,000.

Terra Grande Ave., 8353-Leann E. Ekvall to Elizabeth A. and Kirk David Emanuelsen, $599,900.

Valleyfield Dr., 7923-John R. and Lisa M. Kalish to Melissa Nicole Athie, $515,000.

Willowdale Ct., 8101-Claudia Biller and Sara Cabanez to Gabricla G. and Rene J. Macias, $379,900.

Wren Dr., 6520-Michael F. and Elizabeth M. McGhan to Valeed V., Rebecca H. and Viqar H. Siddiqi, $775,000.


Aponi Rd. SE, 1011-Constance E. Best and Angela N. Mandes to Richard and Elizabeth Jones, $625,000.

Black Stallion Pl., 8410-Philip I. and Lisa L. Leibow to Ali Asghar and Maryam Keshtkaran and Samira Rahmati, $1.04 million.

Elm St. SW, 115-Curtis Jay Andrews to Robert S. and Noelle M. Holmes, $1.31 million.

Higdon Dr., 8709-Kalvin and Khaled Saccal to Patrick R. and Kelly E. Berry, $758,000.

James Dr. SW, 106-TDI Homes Corp. to Daniel and Jamie Small, $1.4 million.

Lynn St. SW, 1003-Brian D. Batsel to Chang O. Yeh, $625,000.

Pollard Terr., 1812-Henry Richard and Sharon Ann Hopkins to Shiliang Wang and Min Zhao, $790,000.

Shepherdson Lane NE, 114-Jung K. and Byung H. Jinn to Denise Michele Moraga and Eric Hunter Traupe, $689,900.

Towlston Rd., 1442-Stephen E. and Pamela R. Bacher to Rodney Rhines and Melanie Hsiao, $882,000.

Vigne Ct., 7976-Edmond and Evelyn K. Avanesian to Randal Mark Abeyta and Brenda Kay Walker, $780,981.

Westown Way, 8546-Walter J. and Joanne C. Mikell to Ladan Javanbakht, $827,000.

Second Ave., 8320-Ann M. Diephaus to Brendan Ryan and Morgan Blood, $600,000.


Ainsworth Ave., 8123-Gwynne Lynn and Laurel Anne Booth to Salil Mohan and Kavita Joshi, $580,000.

Burling Wood Dr., 8615-Ana Karina L. Cory to Srihari and Jayashree Seshadri, $457,600.

Darlington St., 8352-Jason K. and Jacqueline Sawyer to Adam Jay Miller, $286,000.

Gentian Ct., 7216-Luis E. and Susan L. Segura to Jonathan Tosi Chu and Sarah M. Randolph, $490,000.

Hillside Manor Dr., 8639-Brian Timothy Bennett to Andrew X. and Talia Y. Richardson, $894,000.

Kenwood Ave., 8315-Thanh Diem Nguyen and Long Huynh to Nafees A. and Shahnaz N. Takar, $660,000.

Norview Ct., 6715-Maria Gyselda McCarthy to Blake Anne and John Ryan Keegan, $625,000.

Penshurst Dr., 8441-Barbara L. Souve to Adam Miller, $273,000.

Rockglen Dr., 6119-Joseph and Susan I. Yancey to Lourdes and Justin Phillips, $565,000.

Stream Way, 7326-Victoria T. Duong to Parwin, Mohamad Eqbal, Marwa and Mohammad Nasir Rahmati, $372,500.

Vervain Ct., 7836-Hyon Son and Soon Ja Yi to Susan L. and Luis E. Segura, $730,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Assembly Dr., 10509-Jeffrey A. and Erin Pfiffner to Eduardo Leonne Souza and Elianen Candida Teixeira Souza, $455,000.

Carolyn Ave., 3815-Janey T. Vong and Jason G. Kott to Aaron S. and Sara E. Ellis, $510,000.

Embassy Lane, 3610-Michael E. Sullivan to William Michael Wheat, $452,000.

Lewiston Pl., 3863-Daron Property Partners Corp. to Jeffrey C. and Ruth Anne Towell King, $935,000.

Main St., 9712-Martha Castellano to Vu Pham, $449,900.

Norman Ave., 10617-Mursch & Rico Corp. to Chad and Naomi Rusek, $752,500.

Schuerman House Dr., 3507-Lori Uscher and Jesse Pines to Kimberly D. and David S. Nahom, $1.1 million.

Spring Lake Terr., 10125-Michelle W. Petty to Valentina, Ramon and Nancy B. Garcia, $465,000.

University Dr., 4197-Mary Ellen and John T. Simmons to Stephen J. Arsenault, $425,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 422-Joshua J. Born to Lori B. and Brian S. Dunch, $405,000.

Broad St. W., 513, No. 613-Richard and Janice Ribbentrop to Joan M. and Michael L. Hartogs, $799,000.

Lincoln Ave., 1109-Sherri W. Gillgan to Justin and Sara Baxenberg, $1.25 million.

Spruce St., 1019-Stefano Pagiola and Lelia Croitoru to Diego Lapiduz and Karen Feldman, $985,000.

Virginia Ave. S., 401-Jeffrey and Katherine Ziskind to Lilliam Pimentel and James C. Williams Jr., $685,000.