Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Chaucer View Cir., 6323-Rose Magnus to Brian R. Lowe and Lynne S. Barbour, $615,000.

Manchester Way, 6320-Marie C. Ignacio to Willie Edward Spivey, $631,600.


Belle View Blvd., 1505, No. A1-Frank and Desiree Rodichok to Carolyn J. Gamble, $207,500.

Burtonwood Dr., 7201-Benjamin P. and Hester O. Dolgin to William E. and Karen M. Schuiling, $900,000.

Foxcroft Rd., 6161-Warren J. and Dominique Young to Shutong and Joseph Hartsell, $725,000.

Kimbro St., 2321-Andrew and Michelle Yannotti Wilson to Benjamin E. and Kerry Avondet Leigh, $675,000.

Park Terrace Dr., 7414-Robert Andrew and Janice Marie Vogel to David M. and Ilse E. Rothenberg, $1.05 million.

Potomac Ave., 6610, No. B2-Terry W. and Mary R. Prosser to Anne M. Heishman, $244,900.

Windmill Lane, 1917-Joseph F. and Mary Katherine Green to Hollie N. Cuevas and David F. Black, $820,000.


Alforth Ave., 6291-Kristen A. Johnson and Scott M. Gemmell to Peter Andrew and Christina Chang Bizzaro, $625,000.

Brindle Heath Way, 6842-Donna McKeithan to Nathan and Margarita Hays, $270,000.

Carriage Dr., 6435-Michelle Gries and Virginia Belker to Qawser Awwal, $436,000.

Cobbs Rd., 6160-Wesley F. and Suzanne Walters to Tonia R. Bowser, $987,500.

Duddington Dr., 7469-Raymond H. Rosenberg Jr. to Dean R. and Ashley Freitas, $435,000.

Effingham Sq., 7749-Eric and Veronica L. Williams to Jeffery K. and Laryssa E. Toomer, $535,000.

Farmwood Ct., 5608-Jason E. and Amy R. Roles to Jarryd R. and Leslie S. Ritter, $591,000.

Franconia Rd., 5603, No. 19-Hung Nguyen and Lien Doan to Allen A. Ma, $148,000.

Gildar St., 6526-Kristina Kunkel to Alina Canete and Joshua Lee McCartney, $455,000.

Governors Pond Cir., 5637-Brent S. and Joann B. Berrett to Michael T. and Shannon P. Schaper, $639,000.

Hatherleigh Ct., 7441-Guillermo and Brenda Galarza to Stephen K. Ortiz and Patricia N. Nelson, $420,000.

High Valley Lane, 6603-Tiffini Woody Pope to Dru McInerney, $366,000.

Irwell Lane, 7012, No. F-Melvin and Dionne Mayes to Sandra A. Pahl, $341,000.

Justis Pl., 5607-Debra Ann Lee to Adam R. and Alexandra M. Hales, $565,000.

Langton Dr., 5920-Jonathan Patrick and Hillary Michelle Jones to Timothy Joseph and Danielle Marcela Stratford, $490,000.

Mallory Cir., 7312-Abhishek Sarma to Gordon Edward, Susan and Ashley Dickinson, $564,900.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6939, No. I-Michael H. Tesfaye to Mickey Chang Sheng Lau and Mai Mee Vang, $285,000.

Morning Brook Terr., 6815-John C. Ulrich to Shaun Walter and Ceciley Tyrise Williams, $715,000.

Patience Ct., 6375-Daniel L. Crum to Jenny Dean, $377,000.

Rachael Whitney Lane, 7712-Franchesca Rand Fede Gomez to John T. and Holly C. McLoughlin, $539,900.

Shropshire Ct., 5714-Ruby Mae Newton to Andy Nguyen, $421,600.

Talavera Ct., 6113-Elisha J. and June N. Park to Matthew L. and Christina A. Muncey, $497,000.

Thomas Grant Dr., 7608-Brant Warren and Jennifer Bishop to Todd L. and Carey Payne, $860,000.

Trigger Ct., 3714-Harry D. and Grace E. Shamblin to John and Nicole Wright, $389,000.

Welch Ct., 7821-William S. and Deborah M. Leister to Shane Alan and Katherine Hendricks Thomas, $530,000.

Wilton Rd., 5927-Guy S. and Kathleen G. Neal to Jaime and Denisse Sonora, $775,000.


Americana Dr., 4319, No. 102-Kim Chi Tran to Mai Thao Thi Pham and Thanh Minh Nguyen, $170,000.

Antiopi St., 7813-Alexander T. and Cathy A. Morrow to Jennifer L. Strawn and Jacob B. Abrams, $679,888.

Beverly St., 7315-Pok I. Kim to Luis F. and Juana Rocha, $500,000.

Chanel Rd., 3709-Samuel J. and Maureen M. Paparo to Phil Scott Jr., $730,000.

Dassett Ct., 7903, No. 102-Sun Nam Pak to Joseph S. and Amy Wood, $250,000.

Elan Pl., 4425-Kun Hwa Kim to Maritza Serrano Loayza and Jonathan J. Suarez Serrano, $430,000.

Exeter St., 4732-Marilyn F. Williams to Oluseyi and Jessica Leigh Campbell, $450,000.

Holborn Ave., 4501-John P. and Patricia K. McDermott to Tiebai Jiang and Ning Yu, $660,000.

Jayhawk St., 7413-Connie Fong King O’Connor to Van Phan, $442,000.

King Solomon Dr., 5001-Michael A. and Carolyn Smith Pravlik to Brandt Grobeis and Sarah J. Shehata, $747,000.

Limelight Ct., 4464-Yuey San and Kim Hoan Moy to Jennifer B. and Yzel D. Raquepo, $435,000.

Merlin Way, 3709-Richard and Suzanne Duckett to Kathryn and James Krueger, $705,000.

Newdale Dr., 4405-Robert A. and Marilyn W. Weissman to Justin and Jessica Gardner, $690,000.

Ravensworth Rd., 4501-Anh Huy and Loan Thi Pham to Andre T. Dowdy and Vanessa V. Rodriguez, $435,000.

Red Fox Dr., 5109-Patrick V. and Elisa C. Kinsman to Zia Allen Tompkins and Melanie Pissarius, $551,650.

Stark Rd., 9016-Dana Quynh Nguyen and Christopher Bao Le to Milton R. and Alicia R. Ruiz, $550,000.

Wheatwheel Lane, 3404-Kevin S. and Jill A.M. Allen to Joaquin Alonso Ibarra, $365,000.


Ambrose Hills Rd., 3698-Falls Gate Neighborhoods Corp. to Christopher Aaron and Anna McDanal Wetzel, $715,890.

George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 2004N-Hantek Investments Corp. to Hyeon Joo Lee, $239,888.

George Mason Dr. S., 3709, No. 311E-Frances A. Stamm to Ahmed M. Gomma, $266,000.

Lakeside View Dr., 3373-Douglas E. Southerland to Susan V. and Enver H. Hodzic, $280,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 830-William R. and Alejandra V. Carrera to Fnu Anand Kishore, $277,500.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 606-Vikrant Colaso to Marlene R. Cossio and Matthew O. Askaryar, $170,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 2107N-John Nevitt to Miriam Omary, $194,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 910N-Jin Zhu to Grant Willson and Clark Austin Flakoll, $315,000.

Wilkins Dr., 3330-Thomas John B. and Deborah Delaney Iak to Ian Alexander Buchanan and Shea C. Connelly, $625,000.


Basket Oak Ct., 10726-Michael J. and Amy J. Hessler to Keith P. and Jacqueline G. Cotter, $635,000.

Broken Oak Pl., 9150-Johnny C. Reyna and Reina M. Flores to Layla W. and Walid N. Harb, $315,000.

Canvasback Rd., 5826-Sean G. and Kathleen M. Chapman to Brendan C. and Meredith M. Clancy, $435,000.

Chestnut Wood Lane, 10101-Robert W. and Cynthia A. Steiner to Deanna and Randy R. Hamm, $480,000.

Draco St., 6336-Mohammad Nawaz and Phameeda Begum to Suleyman Guney, $400,000.

Glenarm Ct., 9604-Sam K. and Lisa Hur to David and Jacqueline Chow, $505,000.

Koziara Dr., 6504-Darryl Lenhardt to Stephanie and Todd Hutchison, $625,000.

Lakeside Oak Lane, 5704-Matthew and Ashley Watson to David Owyang and Sarah Sajewski, $447,000.

Oakland Park Dr., 5921-Joe P. and Gwen R. Golden to Gary B. and Polina Miller, $610,000.

Olley Lane, 5224-Huu P. and Phuong M. Nguyen to Chad T. and Meredith L. Willette, $650,000.

Quiet Pond Terr., 10236-Charles P. and Anna G. King to Pamela J. Loughran, $380,000.

Rymney Lane, 5307-Christian J. Wilson to Martin N. and Tammy L. White, $560,000.

Scarborough Commons Ct., 10221-Matthew R. and Danielle Merrit Atwell to Brian P. Short, $433,333.

Split Oak Lane, 10841-Patricia M. Stevens to Timothy and Patricia Erin Devine, $515,000.

Sutherland Ct., 5646-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Ashraf Elwaliely, $366,100.

Vandola Ct., 9518-Hugo N. and Huong P. Henriquez to Randall C. Sagara and Patricia C. Fujimori, $552,000.

Windward Dr., 6141-Levi J. Fender to Thomas F. Dannan II and Michelle M. Connelly, $496,000.

Wye Oak Commons Cir., 12274-Alan R. and Deborah M. Caramella to John Milton LaBarge III and Allison K. Beving, $420,000.


Baron Kent Lane, 5930-Jian Zhang and Jie Huang to Michael J. and Alexander W. Park, $365,000.

Blue Aster Cir., 5378-Eun Sung Yang to Young Ja Heo, $580,000.

Chasewood Cir., 6854-Yeoanny A. and Angela M. Venetsanos to Joshua E. and Ciera R. Oldham, $330,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14321, No. 303-Christopher J. Ward to Samantha Lynn Vaklyes, $187,500.

Creek Branch Ct., 14555-Jae Song Lee and Hyung Sun Lee Son to Michelle Turgeon, $410,000.

Early Autumn Dr., 6133-Guna Ak and Priya Gunalan to Yao L. Amouzou, $428,000.

Franklin Fox Dr., 14001-C-John Palmer to Inhwa Han and Joowon and Dawon Oh, $319,900.

Grape Holly Grove, 14303, No. 14-Deborah Oncale and David Guthrie to Aaron Erroll Gilbert, $205,000.

Hartwood Lane, 6726-Gerald L. and Karen E. Robbins to Simon Nguyen and Linh Tran, $680,000.

Hidden Canyon Rd., 6189-John Ahearn and Tsui Bing Chiu to Scott A. and Janet C. Rakowitz, $642,000.

Jenny Leigh Ct., 6710-Stephen M. and Emerly G. Drye to Eric and La Tesha Scott, $365,000.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13664-Mark Weisberg and Gavin Allen White to Woo Sun and Young Sun Kim, $480,000.

Martins Hundred Dr., 15403-Joseph and Linda Trigg to Theodore Diacoumis, $755,000.

Midnight Blue Pl., 13408-Faruk and Aise Huma Taban to Nitin Govinda Raju and Priya Raju Narasingh, $575,000.

Palisades Dr., 6546-Patrick J. and Shelley C. Morgan to Seongho Kang and Jinyang Bae, $495,000.

Red House Dr., 14417-Christopher R. Shrank and Julianne M. Sherman to Kristiana A. and Adam J. Yeany, $449,900.

Saint Germain Dr., 14481-Lawrence S. Titus to Katimar Mendez Balza, $222,900.

Stillfield Pl., 15091-Kurt C. and Lynne L. Rommel to Adam Patrick and Sarah Ann Chambers Gurson, $791,000.

Stonepath Cir., 6139-Feridoun Jizan to William A. Hagerty, $362,000.

Turin Lane, 14421-James E. Hill to Terri Lynn Figures Mason, $201,500.

Village Fountain Pl., 5047-Ju Hak and Young Hwa Lee to Sherri Lee, $400,000.


Broken Branch Ct., 13432-Andrew M. and Linda S. Kovac to Thinnakone C. and Farrah D. Phongsavan, $632,500.

Dawn Valley Ct., 4151-Thomas C. Tavenner and Stephanie Richmond to Hugo E. Kirnos, $208,000.

Garden View Lane, 4826-Homes at Westfields Corp. to Anthony Arful and Crystal Arful Addoh, $692,587.

General Stevens Ct., 15206-Mary F. O’Connor to April L. Horn, $450,000.

Lightfoot St., 3810, No. 105-Ramesh K. and Sujatha Kasavaraju to Eduard Kochetov, $226,000.

Rembrandt Way, 13878-Thomas and Vineetha Philip to Chandra S. Chellapilla and Anuradha Jonnalagadda, $767,500.

Trail Vista Lane, 4944, No. 7A-Westfields Development Corp. to Mark L. Pugerude, $847,024.


Cannon Fort Dr., 7509-Steven A. and Sherry L. Gielda to Vincent P. and Stacy L. Logsdon, $995,000.

Compton Heights Cir., 6834-Daniel and Jennifer Mack to David R. and Mandi L. Fuller, $650,000.

Osprey Ct., 5720-Michael A. and Darlene J. Chan to Medhat Tawfik Matta Abdelmelek and Samah Girgis, $325,000.

Rockland Dr., 6643-William B. Newnam to Paul W. and Elizabeth M. Riley, $670,000.

Union Village Dr., 6126-Beth Ann Unger Cassidy to Matthew and Sarah Konya, $630,000.


Acosta Rd., 3811-R. Paul and Katherine Dejong to Robert G. and Julianne K. Fisher Breitbeil, $902,000.

Autumn Woods Way, 13058, No. 205-Teresa Grohoski to Asikaer Mubalake, $212,000.

Bellavia Lane, 4312-Luis F. and Malgorzata Garcia to Pamela Sutphin, $565,000.

Blair Ridge Rd., 12301-Edward C. and Mary Clarke Zigo to John Robert Kelly and Limin Chen, $1.25 million.

Briarwood Farms Ct., 9127-William M. and Lydia M. Newsom to Giovanni and Mariarosaria Sciannameo, $800,000.

Canonbury Sq., 9426-Ahmed G. and Omayma Abutaleb to Sung Han and Joung Wha Kim, $660,000.

Cavalier Landing Ct., 11565, No. 7-Amir G. Bidgoli and Sepideh Saiedi to Roxie Ann Rasey, $345,000.

Colesbury Pl., 8967-Christopher M. and Mary M. Bachinger to Matthew W. and Emily Chesnes, $928,000.

Crouch Dr., 12897-Mark L. and Monique G.D. Kovach to Woo Lim and Alexander Han Taningco, $755,000.

Dusty Wheel Lane, 12605-Diane Y. and Agam N. Sinha to Mark and Min Yung Kim, $810,500.

Fairfax Green Dr., 4159-Diem T. and Phung C. Bui to Bishal Aryal and Rojina Subedi, $515,000.

Finchem Ct., 4903-Charles R. and Regina J. Hamilton to Issam Khayata and Hanna Garman, $895,000.

Gainsborough Dr., 4770-Stephanie Ann and Barbara Cicala to Benjamin and Andrea Ihnat, $490,000.

Glen Chase Ct., 10203-Bojun Yan and Ning Kang to Brian Scott and Deana Charon Jacobs, $825,000.

Golf Tee Ct., 3905, No. 334-Kerry M. McKendry to Gabriela Angela Rajala Gisbert, $308,500.

Hackney Coach Lane, 4361-Dea A. Merchant to Andrew and Valerie L. Kellert, $427,500.

Heron Ridge Dr., 12687-Jamie L.A. Pumpelly to John R. Grimsley, Diana Biberaj Grimsley and Robert J. Best II, $603,000.

Jomar Dr., 9521-Paul K. and Teresa P. Barry to Jonathan and Christine Love Mendoza, $630,000.

Kristin Lane, 9220-Chad Parks and Taylor Brown to Geethesh and Amanda M. Kukkala, $577,450.

Legato Rd., 4163-Hyuk Jin and Wei Lin Oh to Kamol A. Farid, $519,000.

Lower Park Dr., 4208-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to William F. Ocampo and Caroline Y. Park, $555,000.

Majestic Lane, 4122-Steven R. and Tracy A. Franklin to Suren Babu Paka, $531,000.

Market Commons Dr., 4490, No. 304-Nancy S. Brown to Megan M. West, $424,000.

Old Creek Dr., 9509-Kathy and Cuong Duong to Cynthia L. and Timothy Andrews, $511,500.

Pearl St., 10419-Todd Wessendorf and Ken Hauser to Venkitaraman Suresh and Renuka Iyer, $585,000.

Pineleaf Ct., 11476-NVR Inc. to Uyen Thao Phuoc Dang and Thanh Van Le, $1.04 million.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 114-Jian P. Kou to Meredith P. and Michael Mimoso, $468,888.

Red Spruce Rd., 10176-Joseph L. and Patricia A. Barnes to Luke B. and Rochelle L. Davis, $730,075.

Ridge Knoll Ct., 3805, No. 107B-Maria A. Lopez Carbo and Steve C. Quesenberry to Michael V. DiCarlo, $299,999.

Rose Crest Ct., 12653-Gary R. and Michelle Anne Fisher to Christi John and Jason Cooper Bye, $1.26 million.

Shooters Hill Lane, 5555-Robert and Patricia Pfeiff to Robert and Amy Sanders, $860,000.

Spruce Ave., 4730-Marcia J. and Paul G. Waro to Cary and Ronda Humphries, $730,000.

Stewarts Ford Ct., 12408-Man Dale and Ho Hyang Han to Feng Wang and Hyeja Kim, $653,965.

Thornbury Dr., 4773-Phillip G. and Carol Lawton Johnston to Constantinos G. Mavromatakis, $550,000.

Washington Brice Rd., 12345-David Patrick and Jennifer Lynn Meredith to Gomathi Narayanan and Rajagopalan Ramachandran, $720,000.

Wheeled Caisson Sq., 4290-Meredith Moore Shellem to Ryan Herza Peraro and Nicole Mio Staffin, $420,000.

Wood Violet Ct., 9267-NVR Inc. to Adam Kendall Santos and Farnaz Firoz, $889,990.


Argent Cir., 8303-Thomas Patrick and Lisa Fedrick to William D. and Nicole M. Bridges, $740,000.

Canterberry Rd., 10645-Corey L. and Rebecca B. Andersen to Christopher Paul and Lisa Goldy Kearns, $955,000.

Clara Barton Dr., 11009-Coleman D. and Sarah Adair Kuhn to Moiser R. Camacho and Maria E. Blanco, $620,000.

Fairfax Station Rd., 11517-Donald A. and Sherry McGregor to Jason, Rachel, Penny and Raymond Hawkins, $754,000.

Housatonic Ct., 6101-Robert B. and Susan R. Mundie to Daniel P. and Julia DiGiorgio, $640,000.

Oak Brook Lane, 8615-Bryan S. and Shira B. Swartz to Mark T. and Taran A. Erwin, $750,000.

Reach Dr. S., 7403-Jeffrey S. and Denise M. Renier to Andrew A. Morrison and Jean M. Sweet, $885,000.

Thorn Bush Dr., 9804-Mark M. and Margaret A. Kulungowski to Matthew J. and Jennifer C. Blake, $1.25 million.


Barrett Rd., 6632-David S. McNamee and estate of James D. McNamee to Enrique E. Peralta, $480,500.

Emma Lee St., 2814, No. 102-Gabriel Stephen and Janelle Elizabeth Sudduth to Kieu Giang Bui Le, $330,650.

Gouthier Rd., 6728-Charles P. and Danielle D. Sharifi to Dustin Paul and Heather Lynn Strawn, $429,000.

Holmes Run Rd., 3127-Donald L. and Jeanne M. Zimmerman to David N. and Elizabeth C. Solander, $1.25 million.

Jefferson Ave., 6712-Jason M. and Dianne L. Boffetti to Michael Joseph Yandrischovitz and Alicia Krall, $539,900.

Madison Pl., 2918-Erick W. and Kathryn M. Dame to Jennifer J. Cornell, $520,500.

New Providence Dr., 7757, No. 64-Jordan E. Myers to Purushottam, Ruku and Pravin Bastakoti, $285,000.

Slade Run Dr., 3438-Marsha A. Harvey to Heidi Lenzini, $569,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 2848-Paul J. and Megan S. Longo to Stephanie and David Westphal, $600,000.


George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 812-Lois Phalen and Robert J. Molina to Rachel B. Malmfeldt, $340,000.

Hilltop Pl., 2123-Robert L. Baldwin and Margaret H. MacKinnon to Jonathan K. and Brianna L. Keen, $935,000.

Lisle Ave., 7732-Merion Homes Pimmit Corp. to James Sung Uk Choi and Sarah Jiyeon Choi, $1.2 million.

Metropolitan Pl., 7022-Alexander and Caitlin Botting to Workneh Abrham, $487,500.

Paxton Rd., 7417-Mary Otis to Kumaravel Shunmuham and Senthilvadivu Natarajan, $535,000.

Powhatan St., 2103-Richard J. and Linda E. Tarplin to Daniel V. Dorris and Ashley S. Boizelle, $1.71 million.

Susans Lane, 6436-Ismail White and Corrine McConnaughy to Deborah Bear and Alex Leipziger, $870,000.


Point Replete Cir., 7128-Brenda M. Reinhart to Sheila McClain, $550,000.


Beatty Dr., 9024-Danny R. and Carol A. Urps to Joseph C. and Lisa V. May, $875,000.

Camfield Dr., 8824-Michael S. and Taylor C. Hoge to Marc Moscatello, $615,001.

Childs Lane, 2500-Richard R. Ries to Matthew R. Murray and Padma Shakya, $535,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 8504-John and Adrienne Magnuson to Michael H. and Alexandra Downie, $578,000.

New Orleans Dr., 7919-John W. and Justine E. Critchley to Kelly E. and Michael W. Beckner, $551,000.

Stockade Dr., 8402-John and Michelle Lynch to Eric C. and Christina M. Estenson, $670,040.

Wellington Rd., 7934-Sharon Walls Kreger to Denise McNerney Longo, $520,000.


Brockman Lane, 11827-Joseph and Deborah Misanin to Faheem Karim and Afroza Hossain, $513,000.

Falcon Ridge Rd., 203-Joan K. Brown to Sanford A. and Linda N. Friedenthal, $1.24 million.

Lake Windermere Dr., 10918-James E. and Sharon O. Creedon to Michael D. and Lynne M. Spies, $1.18 million.

Nalls Dairy Ct., 510-Terrence Philip Ford to Abhijit Palit and Archita Chatterjee, $1.25 million.

Warwickshire Dr., 11007-Russell A. and Cristina G. Mittermeier to Maria Alexandra Cuadra and Jacob Cohen, $720,000.


Alabama Dr., 1209-Jose L. Suyo to Leonel B. Sandoval Mendoza and Claribel Hernandez, $310,000.

Apgar Pl., 13310-Virginia Sell Now Corp. to Mark, Julia and Yaron Eidelman, $312,500.

Artic Quill Rd., 1145-Eric Robert and Amanda Rose Plummer Hiller to Mark and Kateri Anastasia Rueffert, $485,000.

Bandy Run Rd., 1135-Apolinar S. and Corazon N. Atienza to Robert Joseph and Adri Sandilands, $715,000.

Beauford Ct., 1400-Mark Edward and Mary Elizabeth Rubard to Geoffrey M. and Dinah Williams, $589,900.

Butter Churn Dr., 1355-Donald E. and Karen S. Kidwell to Simon Evaristo Vera Schockner, $569,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12956, No. 315-Sonal and Rajesh V. Nawab to Sharmila Chetty, $295,000.

Copper Cove Way, 13227-Mary E. and Melissa R. Andrews to Yang Lu, $487,000.

Cypress Tree Pl., 1203-Raz Mohammad to Abdullah Faysal and Ayesha S. Nali, $408,500.

Emerald Chase Dr., 2991-Ashish K. and Neetu Singh to Vijayakumar Juttu Mohan and Kalaivani Nambikrishnan Dinakaran, $572,900.

Floris St., 13505-Clayton and Teri Roberts to Palwasha and Nazir Ahmad, $457,500.

Franklin Oaks Dr., 2998-Paul L. and Elizabeth A. Lumnitzer to Vikramjit and Komal Singh, $875,000.

Heather Way, 12205-Steven A. and Stephanie C. Reger to Steven H. and Gretta K. Wong, $710,000.

Highland Mews Ct., 13594-Charles F. Clark to Audrey Essel Mensah, $330,000.

James Maury Dr., 2542-Jeffrey A. Wolak to Harsimran Singh Ludher, $453,000.

Kingstream Dr., 1444-Ruth Sarah Siegal to Jason K. and Gabriela S. Bird, $575,000.

Logan Wood Dr., 2644-Tariq and Bushra Amjed to Vipul Chawla and Rani Jaqya, $546,500.

Marcey Creek Rd., 13145-Ashish and Ritu A. Jakhete to Mitchell C. Pang, $320,000.

Monroe St., 1108-C-Evergreen Companies Corp. to Thiemo and Stacey Rusch, $904,295.

Oak Lawn Pl., 12950-Jennifer L. Dorn to Richard N. and Rebecca M. Ruff, $875,000.

Parklawn Ct., 2917-Eugene R. and Linda G. Smith to Derek William Schwartz, $640,000.

Pleasant Glen Ct., 13244-Vickie M. Matter to Matthew Adam and Bethany Kelley Morrell, $635,000.

Powells Tavern Pl., 1482-Michael J. and Beth Ann Greenberg to Lauren Osinski and Matthew Tullia, $569,000.

Queens Ct., 1023-Harold Vincent Crudup to Felipe Valdez, $255,500.

Rounding Run Cir., 13110-Richard James Moriarty to Alexander and Lauren Liggitt, $540,000.

Southfield Dr., 3147-Rainier F. Rollo and estate of Helena J. Rollo to Nergui Dorj and Bayarmaa Sereeter, $599,000.

Sugarland Meadow Dr., 414-Henry R. Potter and James M. Mosley to Mohammad Chaudry, $775,000.

Tympani Ct., 956-Linh V. Nguyen to Logan Hood, $453,000.

Whaley Ct., 13422-John Jay and Wendy Hilbert to Richard Scott and Amy E. Henkle, $384,900.

Wrenn House Ct., 3309-Robert J. and Laura Dougherty to Tracy Meleski, $722,000.


Elmwood Towne Way, 3796-Samuel T. and Jennifer D. Brown to Christopher and Christina Willoughby, $587,500.

Hunting Creek Ct., 2078-Jason Michael Carter and Kristen Elizabeth Granger to Jonathan McCormack and Yumi Araki, $620,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1023-John Patrick and Mercedita Pineda to Peter F. Barry, $265,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 812-Sujata Bhasin Buckley and Rupila Neelam Celia to David Charles Poss, $199,998.

Mount Vernon Dr., 5857-Cory J. Middleton to Taylor William Bunchi and Rachel Jo Ringgenberg, $515,000.


Green Spring Lane, 7105-Justin and Jenna Gadberry to Driss Aitbelhaj and Ana Luisa Cody, $570,000.

Hopa Ct., 7424-Mathew Carroll and Jaemee Wenthe to Kyle Riggs and Darrell F. Jagoe Jr., $759,000.

Schelhorn Rd., 7739-MRDB Shiver Corp. to Bryce A. and Natalie H. Strahorn, $850,000.

Wilkinson Pl., 2300-Garrett M. and Jennifer I. Ford to Daniel and Lauren Eubanks, $745,000.


Braddock Rd., 4105-Top Choice 1 Corp. to Benedicto A. Yanez Peraza and Jessica Yanez Villalobos, $450,000.

Cozy Glen Lane, 5240-Howard M. Kramer and David U. Flippo to Marc Laurence Wangel, $674,900.

Everglades Dr., 6106-Anthony M. and Kimberly J. Patire to Paul Thomas Gard IV and Raquel Marquez, $545,000.

Helen Winter Terr., 4687-Nicholas G. Karambelas and James Bouloukos to Fukare Yimtatu and Azeb Tadesse Tefera, $551,600.

Linmar Ct., 4640-Ethelle Strickland to Lydia Virginia McClure and Luke Kyohere, $440,000.

Second St., 6409-Thomas Francis and Monika Emily Hanson to Jeremy P. and Catherine M. Sumruld, $553,000.

Tartan Vista Dr., 6551-Ustina Sue Hong to Maxwell R. Simard and Frances Y. Ding, $485,000.


Bluebird Way, 8303, No. G-Robert Thomas Brown and estate of Dorothy A. Brown to Malgorzata Garcia, $242,500.

Catbird Cir., 8236, No. 302-Catherine M. O’Keefe to Tae Sun Koehler Shin, $243,000.

Chaucer House Ct., 8407-Brian Matthew and Hannah Eun Mi Lee to Kelvin N. Doan and Nhung K. Ta, $510,000.

Derwent Valley Ct., 8363-Rebecca L. and Taylor R. Hilliker to Phong Huy Huynh and Phuong Nguyen Thi Pham, $498,000.

Golden Ridge Ct., 8527-Edwin George to Shawn T. and Hannah F. Collins, $322,000.

Harrover Pl., 8984, No. 84A-John R. and Mary E. Mleziva to Laron Anthony Hayes, $290,000.

Lorton Station Blvd., 9000, No. 2-114-Erik Kennerson to Samuel S. Jun, $295,000.

Osprey Ridge Lane, 9105-Deborah Jude Pflieger to Thomas James and Elizabeth Loring Lewis Sullivan, $1.1 million.

Reformatory Way, 8449-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to Paul M. Kim and Diana M. Phan, $909,820.

Seafarer Way, 7896-Karen L. Barnett to Wazhma Khalili and Waheedullah Raheem, $435,000.

Stonegarden Dr., 9107-Michael and Julie D. Combs to Haroon Rashid and Khurshid Hussain, $540,000.

Waites Way, 8924-Mario C. Pieri to Luz E. Morales Grijalva, $366,027.


Alicent Pl., 7035-Brenden J. and Emily C. Reed to Huijie Zhang and Xiang Ren, $653,000.

Briar Hill Ct., 6609-Potomac Relocation Services Corp. to Manuel A. Corona and Adriana Borbolla, $1.28 million.

Capitol View Dr., 7008-Martha A. Blue to Scott M. and Martine G. Faga, $1.82 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1615-Adam C. Perino to Samantha G. Ekholm, $730,000.

Evans Mill Rd., 7256-Archie A. and Joyce E. Turner to Thomas and Margaret Dallas, $1.02 million.

Farm Meadow Ct., 7215-Abubaker A. Dasuki to Trey Hong, $1.6 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 303-Rajeshwar K. and Mayur Manchanda to Eugenia Ronnie Rodriguez, $369,900.

International Dr., 1625, No. 118-Jacek and Elzbieta Stanczak to Philip Bothwell, $375,000.

Kirkley Ave., 6703-Mary Elizabeth and Warren L. Wells to Monique L. and Colin M. Alberts, $760,000.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 321-Vyanne M. Samuels to Asha Yangalasetty and Venkata Siva Ram Prasad Abbineni, $358,900.

Massachusetts Ave., 1853-Sally Michel to Nezam and Pouneh Ghasemian, $1.2 million.

Meyer Ct., 1233-Sook H. Hahn to Brendan J. and Emily C. Reed, $1.4 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1800, No. 1006-Mohaymen and Hiba Jarrah to John P. and Ann T. Streit, $816,500.

Skipwith Rd., 1328-John K. and Michele M. Welch to Donna Turlinski, $1.46 million.

Timberly Lane, 1328-Erin L. Daniels to Preetinder S. Panjrath and Ginnie Singh, $1.08 million.

Towne Lane Rd., 6745-Mark T. and Elizabeth M. Krial to Jessica H. Boyd, $802,000.

Windy Hill Ct., 7406-Jeffrey C. and Lisa J. Greenfield to Andrew and Maureen Szente, $920,000.

Seventh Pl., 1612-Stephen B. and Diana S. Watkins to Nicholas M. Holt and Megan A. Janicki, $980,000.


Burke Dr., 5301-Douglas A. and Virginia Joslin Hastings to Casey W. and Sarah G. Phillips, $1.5 million.

Cooper St., 8301-Dennis Argerson to Richard J. and Nancy K. Prieve, $680,000.

Fenimore Pl., 4603-Anil K. Mehta to Mohammad and Zeta Sheikh, $530,000.

Hallie Rose St., 8472-Gwendolen N. Wisinski and Gwendolen N. Wisinski Pirisino to Victor A. Gurvich, $415,000.

Kimbrelee Ct., 4206-Moti L. Koul to John Rockland and Kelley Brine Rhodes, $870,000.

Longworthe Sq., 4439-Gustavo Landaverde to Shahjahan Mia and Kawsur A. Ruma, $295,000.

Pole Rd., 4816-Randal J. and Joann A. Schlosser to Derek R. and Brandy H. Campbell, $570,000.

Sausalito Pl., 7907-Murli Narain Mathur to Salvador Cordova Alvarez and Celia C. Morales De Cordova, $185,000.

Wagon Wheel Rd., 8310-John Edward Chapman Jr. to Timothy Derr and Linda Lee Musselman and Lorraine C. Oerth, $785,000.


Chatham St., 7314-Zachary Firth and Christine Armstrong to Debra Wong Yap, $535,000.

Easton Dr., 5305-JKS Properties Corp. to Steven Murray and Alison Sam Green, $527,000.

Ingle Pl., 7603-Carolyn M. Nguyen to Anh H. and Loan Pham, $765,000.


Bronzedale Dr., 11410-Michael Joseph DeStefano to Jennifer and David A. Goldstein, $785,000.

Cobb Hill Lane, 3211-Simran and Harmeet Bindra to Michael D. Zalles, $625,000.

Elmendorf Dr., 3116-James R. and Danielle M. Keith to Karen Jung and Jamie Berczel, $725,000.

Lynch Lane, 10321-Lori Lynn Monty McSweeney to Daniel Ashdon and Amanda Woods, $1.5 million.

Miller Heights Rd., 3113-Kenneth E. Wimsatt to Raakesh Parmar, $670,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10166-Karen E. Bray to Devin Thomas Carr, $288,000.

Saddlestone Ct., 3308-Donna J. Audritsh to Jeffrey and Erin Pfiffner, $856,500.

Wheatland Farms Ct., 3105-Keith S. and Catherine A. Fimian to David P. and Jaydee O. DiGiovanni, $1.14 million.


Barnstead Dr., 1611-Natalia C. and Brandon S. Bailey to Veronica E. Losada, $375,000.

Black Fir Ct., 2634-Sanford A. and Linda M. Friedenthal to Jonathan and Jennifer Baker, $755,000.

Castle Rock Sq., 2245, No. 2B-Anthony and Bailey Gutierrez to Alivia Lynn and Joseph A. Rinaldi, $193,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1518-Barbara Jean Corriveau to Jennifer M. Ranft, $400,000.

Coppersmith Sq., 2226-Ryan J. and Lauren W. Hanyok to Jeremy Ryan White and Kyongbok Kang, $360,000.

Decade Ct., 11742-Lance J. and Jeanette M. Akutsu to Peter M. Lake, $400,000.

Emerald Heights Ct., 2321-Andrew Pencek to Rene E. Lizama and Maria Vera, $325,000.

Foxclove Rd., 11801-Robert A. Crinks and Elaina Mangione to David Newman and Amy Bonham, $700,000.

Greenmont Ct., 1442-Erik and Sarah Bohn to Franz Raymund Alcoseba Ayento and Jacqueline Day Fetizanan Beck, $419,900.

Hearthstone Ct., 11504-Douglas M. and Theresa R. Vickery to Jeffrey J. Davis, $442,750.

Heritage Commons Way, 11476-Yasser M. Yaman to Gregory Alexander Karschner, $469,900.

Hunters Run Dr., 2215-Arun and Archana Mohanaranghan to Jelena Ripko Siskind, $217,995.

Kinsley Pl., 12108-David and Anna Seidman to Rick and Anshu Kapani, $690,000.

Links Ct., 11324-Robert Schrader and estate of Anna Heather Guisti to Saurava Pradhan and Neeraj Gorkhaly, $555,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 1107-James B. and Melinda L. Langley to Michael Rodenkirk and Lola Pulatova, $789,900.

Market St., 12000, No. 306-Douglas M. and Kathleen A. Stone to Fred C. Kim and Julie J. Yang, $310,000.

Northgate Sq., 1443, No. 43-Christopher S. Giguere to Young Kim, $229,900.

Owls Cove Lane, 2117-Veatrice and James E. Baugh to Edison Guerra, $669,000.

Pavilion Club Way, 1300-Michael J. and Rita N. Evans to Neil and Mary R. Fisher, $775,000.

Regatta Lane, 1590-John M. and Roberta L. Thole to Richard S. and Deborah H. Morris, $730,000.

Sierra Woods Dr., 1641-Joshua James and Mary Jamison Little to Charles William Duke, $402,000.

Stones Throw Dr., 11284-Gary W. Vaughan to Guran Green, $1.31 million.

Stowe Rd., 1591-Mildred Leedy Armao to Ricardo A. and Cassandra L. Matos, $775,000.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11760, No. 708-Shiou Chee Sam to Matthew Bianco, $248,900.

Thunder Chase Dr., 12714-Thomas G. and Mary Eloise Simpson Bracy to Megan McCabe, $655,000.

Villaridge Dr., 1921-B-Brian Thomas Hilderbrandt and Lenore Brooke Rossini to Raymond Regnier, $230,000.

Wethersfield Ct., 2033-James T. and Anne Gibney to Joseph H. and Alicia C. Serrie, $532,500.


Military Dr., 3313-Santiago A. Figueroa and Vilma Geraldina Ruiz to Thien Huong Bach Nguyen, $530,000.

Squires Hill Dr., 6214-Jessica and Pramod Datta to Mihai Sirbu, $577,700.


Ayers Meadow Lane, 7122-Soo Jang and Myong Hee Yun to Wassie Jiffar and Hanna Endale, $820,000.

Brian Michael Ct., 6829-Mark J. and Stephanie T. Marsden to Robyn B. Sirkis, $421,000.

Clifforest Dr., 8121-Trung Xuan Pham to Leonel A. Martin and Daimara Roque Arocha, $412,000.

Conservation Dr., 6902-Jeffrey H. and Ursula R. Kratzer to David and Jennifer Eisenach, $650,000.

Deer Ridge Trail, 6145-John M. and Cheryl L. Kirby to Andrew W. and Hope A. Vale, $734,900.

Elk Dr., 9407-George B. and Mary Jane Williams to Todd C. and Jennifer L. Smith, $632,500.

Golden Horseshoe Ct., 7406-Andrew and Katherine Winters to Imelda Maya Antonio, $405,000.

Groveland Heights Ct., 7730-Lois A. Therrien to Aster Y. and Mesfin Tewolde, $370,000.

Havelock St., 7508-Bart Meijers to Minh K. Ho and Y.N. Ma, $496,050.

Howe Pl., 6323-Peter Gammie and estate of Edward G. Gallagher to Thongthai Tien Nguyen, $368,000.

Lauralin Pl., 7514-Joel L. and Suzanne M. Rathbun to Adam V. and Erin Link, $465,000.

Luce Ct., 8374-Harry V. and Antoinette Marchese to Jaime Luis Rodriguez and Zeneyda Esterlina Morales De Rodriguez, $350,000.

Nancemond St., 7506-Henry M. Floyd to Matthew T. and Emily D. Gammon, $490,000.

Odell St., 7812-Matthew Joel and Jessica Irish to Mark R. and Jessica M. Pratt, $550,000.

Point Dr. W., 8109-Robert James and Maureen G. Sanders to Oladapo Benjamin and Karen Louise Olarinde, $630,000.

Ridge Creek Way, 8141-Mark E. and Susan M. Tillotson to Chang Yeon and Jieun Shinn Joo, $819,000.

Shady Palm Dr., 7404-Nikki Lynn Butler to Scott W. and Joyce E. Wadle, $640,000.

Spring Garden Dr., 7095, No. 2-Federal National Mortgage Association to Amelia Iriarte, $161,460.

Stagg Ct., 6385-Haitham Abu and Neda Abu Ghannam to Lucinda Gianiny, $450,000.

Sweet Gum Pl., 8812-Herbert K. and Helene J. Dennis to Christopher L. and Alicia F. Bresley, $535,100.

Walnut Knoll Dr., 7321-Robert L. and M. Vaneda Bennett to Stephanie Mariz and Scott Jason Cox, $735,000.

Wold Den Ct., 8279-Gary Wayne and Jennifer Leigh Musgrave Bates to Mark R. and Mary E. Wagner, $520,000.


Albea Ct. NE, 203-George W. and Victory M. Hodges to James Robert and Marie Finnegan Armstrong, $730,000.

Broadleaf Dr. NE, 311-Steven H. and Mary C. East to Christopher Mark Thompson and Barbara Penelope Burner Thompson, $851,000.

Cedar Mill Ct., 2214-Wende Deng and Li Zhou to Wei Kang Shih and Chiati Yu, $800,000.

Cottage St., 8426-Maureen V. and Andrew E. Szente to Tiffany Jiun Tyan Wu and Kevin Michael Lee, $699,900.

Drake St. SW, 1207-Andrew I. and Tema E. Gault to Brendan V. and Jessica McKeague, $769,000.

Fawncrest Ct., 1805-Leon and Yelda Telyaz to Thomas E. Lynch, $830,000.

Hillcrest Dr. SW, 627-Stefany J. and Kapila V. Thangavelu to Jeremy Andrew and Karli Nickerson, $860,000.

Leeds Castle Dr., 1571, No. 101-Richard K. Phares to Nkengsa Nkobena and Louis Fouda, $419,000.

Lynn St. SW, 1001-James C. and Laura L. Haverty to Bridgette L. Clark and Ryan C. Fogle, $1.12 million.

Manhattan Pl., 2665, No. 2-Kay Elizabeth Levy to Gavin W. Mak and Renee Pai Chu, $510,000.

McHenry St., 8616-John Mark and Maria R. Poss to Ryan N. Hoover and Karalee Werning, $900,000.

Montmorency Dr., 1610-Daniel J. and Sheila G. McLean to Brian Paul and Lisa Mary Windsor, $895,000.

Park St. SE, 515-Todd and Sandra Casey to Peter A. Norling and Barbara H. Dildine, $1.6 million.

Princeton Terr. SW, 506-Pingkan Theresia Rotty and Richard T. Monteverde to Alok and Ewelina Kakker, $1.57 million.

Riesley Lane, 9155-Efthalia T. Triarhos and Jack L. Wuerker to Yan Huang and Yiwen Wu, $1.48 million.

Shepherdson Lane NE, 108-Ramesh and Anita Ramani to Virginia Shepherd Agee, $650,000.

Trailwood Ct., 8256-Rui Fang Fei to David T. Petersen, $1.4 million.


Revatom Ct., 8112-Charlene Jeanette Cole to Caitlin and Alexander Botting, $725,000.


Blairton Rd., 8211-Jeffrey Paul and Caitlin Klimavicz Willemann to Michael Minwoo and Chikako Ueno Lee, $530,000.

Cameo Sq., 8824-Edom C. Aweke to Shawn M. and Tamara M. Stickler, $450,000.

Colony Point Rd., 8110-K-Sandstone Properties Corp. to Helen Ridgway, $172,000.

English Ivy Way, 6364-Bradley A. and Sarah E. Workman to Karina Elizabeth Monteza and Robert Marcus Morlan, $501,000.

Greeley Blvd., 8014-Andrew Bartley to Ryan D. and Amy C. Bullard, $525,000.

Harwood Pl., 7930-Ronald B. Seely to Timothy W. and Lynette J. Kaber, $580,000.

Kerry Lane, 8619-John P. and Sherri R. Longshore to Timothy and Karen A. Creen, $566,500.

Lavell Ct., 6218-John L. and Nancy J. Haberkern to Michael S. and Nikoleta Dineen, $606,500.

Old Scotts Ct., 6433-Yahne Miorini and estate of Patricia O. Moore to Xinyang Yu, $390,000.

Queenston St., 5902-E-Donovan Lee to James Grandchamp, $242,500.

Royal Ridge Dr., 5839-Orlando J. Martinez and Jennifer Gehringer to Agustin Vaca Suarez, $292,000.

Tanworth Ct., 8027-Cortney M. Boyce to Will Woo Young Peck and Eunjung Choi, $489,990.

Wickham Rd., 8311-Oliver Garrett and Shelby Jean Petruzel to Orlando and Jennifer Martinez, $495,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Lyndhurst Dr., 3961, No. 301-Marguerite H. Hohm to Catherine Victoria Wardlaw, $165,000.

Norton Pl., -Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Thomas W. and Joan M. Austin, $571,526.

Oxford Lane, 4104, No. 302-Joseph Kendal Skopic to John Louis Chiminielo III, $350,000.

Woodland Dr., 10823-James Curtis and Heather Patrice Welch to Aric Trevor and Jeannie Storer Thrall, $513,450.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 415-Michael C. and Amanda Grace Calamari to Sonja Schmid, $488,000.

Great Falls St., 216-Peter M. and Riva Spear Adriance to David H. and Elizabeth M. Wilcox, $995,000.

Highland Ave., 604-Simon and Deborah L. Robertson to Meredith Patchett Hamilton and Eric Keith Grant, $1.17 million.

Seaton Lane, 1300-Barton E. and Hilary J. Crockett to Su Liu, $1.59 million.