Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Colfax Ave., 5705-J. Alan Kohr and estate of Charles Hambrick to Dele Oshinowo, $385,000.

Rosser St. N., 3712, No. T2-Simon Nguyen and Linh Tran to Hector Antonio Lopez Gonzalez and Santos Martinez Veliz, $170,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1505, No. B1-Kristin A. Eddy to Kevin T. Jobe, $235,000.

Cheshire Lane, 2308-John T. and Jane E. King to Reuben R. and Mary E. Richards, $916,000.

Gatewood Dr., 1117-Bosch Homes Corp. to Sandra J. and David P. Chernin, $1.18 million.

Marlan Dr., 7113-Anne Marie Turner to James W. Weightman and Jennifer M. Swierz, $782,000.

Potomac Ave., 6409-Gregory T. and Christine K. Haugan to Andrew J. and Claudia Hughes Hallett, $705,000.

Rebecca Dr., 7412-Kathleen A. Luedtke and Mark M. Hoffmann to David and Victoria Durandt, $890,000.

Wakefield Dr. E., 6628, No. A1-Megan Casey to Jean V. and John V. Elliott, $229,000.

Wood Haven Rd., 6420-Kathleen Weiss to Steven P. Sheamer II and Alexandra M. Courtney, $1.25 million.


Berkshire Dr., 6421-Phyllis E. and Brian I. Palmer to Jonathan Kenny, $329,000.

Brindle Heath Way, 6863-Margo D. and John G. Appel to Erick T. Stone and Margaret A. Sikora, $315,000.

Charles Green Sq., 6626-Alexander M. and Salley J. Fetterman to Pedro A. Hernandez Jr. and Rebecca Lesea, $512,500.

Cobbs Creek Ct., 5950-Peter L. and Carrie A. Banfield to Rosana P. and Claudio Rodriguez, $970,000.

Dunstable Lane, 5235-Sandor Vegh and Edit V. Velenyi to Jeremiah and Penny Jezerski, $485,000.

Ellingham Cir., 6934, No. 114-Dennis Collado to Sheng Yuan and Kimberly Wang, $280,000.

Fleetside Ct., 6400-Marc D. Harris to Nicholas and Ana McCoy, $535,000.

Franconia Commons Dr., 6303-David Lynn Price and estate of Raymond C. Price to Ernest Law Biddle and Christine Allison Bryan, $490,000.

Gillingham Row, 7460-Brandon and Megan Cieloha to Dionne and Melvin Curtis Mayes, $578,500.

Governors Pond Cir., 5759-Jobeth Killough to Erik Joseph Hrin, $630,000.

Haynes Point Way, 7709, No. 5G-Anthony and Rachel Payton to Amanda J. Balliet, $321,000.

Jane Way, 5926-Peggy A. and Randolph Lewis Million to Carl G. and Patricia S. Kirtley, $650,000.

Kimberly Anne Way, 5974, No. 303-Eldorah M. Mbaxahe to Capree R. Houston, $319,900.

Larkspur Dr., 6105-Gregory Mitchell to Jose Marcial Fuentes, $400,000.

Marble Arch Way, 5702-Rocky Gene Lundy to William Clyde and Jessica Lynne Medina, $510,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6941, No. F-Kimberly A. Pogoda Thomas to Miriam C. Harris, $255,000.

Morning Meadow Ct., 8070-Janis L. Hagen and Ellen M. Cummings to Robert Frederick and Emily Zuppert, $410,500.

Pike Branch Dr., 6008-Patrick A. and Merry C. Dawson Bown to Kathryn Anne and Jay Edmund Pelka, $825,000.

Royal Thomas Way, 6701-Matthew J. and Meredith E. Turner to Joshua and Holly Meador, $517,000.

Signature Cir., 6867-Elba Nunez and Adam D. Brown to Henock Mekisso, $453,000.

Terrapin Pl., 5971-Christopher Watkins to Evan and Katherine H. Crecelius Clark, $324,900.

Trumpington Ct., 5321-Paul M. and Claire M. Nelson to Colin D. and Charlotte M. Tarr, $830,000.

Westchester St., 6000-William C. and Lois A. Yasutis to David A. Nesbitt Munet and Meredith Sanderson Nesbitt, $535,000.

Windham Hill Run, 6167-Robert D. Holman to Yonho Lee and Jee Eun Ham, $575,000.


Americana Dr., 4319, No. 204-Morazan Enterprises Inc. to Lynn Do, $160,000.

Arnheim St., 3904-Frank P. Vellella to Cesar F. and Carmen L. Pena, $428,000.

Bradford Dr., 4810-Charles and Stephanie Firestone to Pascual C. and Juana Q. Sejas, $502,000.

Chase Park Ct., 4436-Allan I. Lund to Adam R. and Lauren N. Redd, $440,000.

Erie St., 7626-Unique Homes Corp. to Hon and Truc Thi Nguyen, $558,000.

Fleming Dr., 5016-Joshua B. and Danielle M. Stinson to Birsen Ergun, $630,000.

Kenwyn Ct., 4309-Geoffrey C. and Kathryn M. Keller to Anthony and Joanne Chow, $747,000.

Limelight Ct., 4472-Raquel Rovira to Ronald Eugene Sweeney and Jeongsuk Won, $439,000.

Merrimac Trail, 3718-Brad and Carla Belsher to Joshua Allen Wright and Alexandria Kane McKenrick, $705,000.

Ossian Hall Lane, 4404-Beatrix B.M. Bottelier to Amanda and Matthew B. Welling, $705,000.

Rebel Dr., 7828-Rodolfo F. and Nicorita F. Arca to Majeed and Farah Sanori, $680,000.

Rosewood St., 6727-Augusta Enterprises Corp. to Adam P. and Christine C. Martin, $550,000.

Tall Oak Ct., 3808-Charles I. and Victoria A. Pittaluga to Jose F. Valdivia, $580,000.

Valleycrest Blvd., 7403-Urban Relocation Corp. to Gordon K. and Rebekah L. Stokes, $689,000.

Whitman Rd., 3811-Clark C. and Amelia F. Baker to Robert and Grace Felix, $750,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3322, No. 21-Judith F. Bassett to James R. Bellefeuille, $235,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 315S-Ibrahim Geriesh to Yassir H. Hamdi, Sura A. Al Obydi and Ihsan Ahmed Mohammed Alsultan, $339,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 917-Mark P. and Joyce C. Bova to Jalene Smyth, $196,000.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 712-Steve Lim and Theresia Christanti to Ahmed A. and Abeer Mousa, $160,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 2304N-Estate of Marie I. Snyder to Ninad Krishna Jog, $320,000.

Seminary Rd., 5565, No. 108-Thomas P. Klein to Yu Jou Chen, $218,000.

Sixth St., 5940-Brian D. and Elizabeth N. Cummings to Patrick A. Ryan and Jennifer L. Johnson, $740,000.


Bestwicke Ct., 6608-Beth Kiracofe Caldwell to Anastasia and Edwin C. Gunberg, $529,000.

Burnside Landing Dr., 6023-Anthony and Joanne Regalbuto to Jesus Antonio and Karen M. Olmo, $725,000.

Capella Ave., 6217-David H. and Laura M. Foglesong to Kevin R. and Lauren M. Augustyn, $680,000.

Clerkenwell Ct., 6032-Christopher and Kathryn Silcox Collins to Brandon Crenshaw and Erika Sanzetenea Camacho, $450,000.

Crownleigh Ct., 5709-Minh Duy and Jannie Chin Nguyen to Cassandra and Evan Greer, $429,500.

Draycott Ct., 9503-Joann B. Chamblin to Micheal R. and Annie E. Kreider, $435,000.

Goshen Lane, 9432-Timothy R. Adams to Amanda Thurston, $470,000.

Koziara Dr., 6549-Michele Zozom to Derek A. and Jennifer L. Thompson, $568,000.

Lucas Pond Ct., 6157-Thomas C. and Paula M. Skillman to Kent W. and Meredith M. Moore, $695,000.

Mockingbird Pond Terr., 6224-Staci R. Lygon to William Bryant and Kathryn E. Campbell, $405,000.

Oakland Park Dr., 5930-Todd Allen and Christine M. Ryktarsyk to Rachel Murphy and Brian Lee Dillensnyder, $649,950.

Ormandy Dr., 6208-Gustavo J. Fernandez and Jessica Guillen to Nancy Wallace, $624,000.

Rand Dr., 9919-Steven M. and Teresa A. Jeffs to Sean and Hayley Donoghue, $655,000.

Saddlehorn Ct., 6607-Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas and Residential Accredit Loans Inc. to Mohammad Ali and Rawsan Zabi, $504,000.

Spring Lake Dr., 6407-Richard Carnell Baker to Christopher J. and Emmy C. Flood, $680,000.

Tibbitt Lane, 4973-John and Denise Hong to Parker G. Moore, $347,000.

Walnut Wood Lane, 5714-Constance Teresa Bates Morris to Michael L. Passaretti, $425,000.

Winter Park Dr., 6109-Emmanuel P. and Elisa Solidum Divina to Vanessa G. and Lucilo Tena, $430,000.

Wye Oak Commons Ct., 5837-Kalb and Kalb Inc. to Courtney Alicia Postell, $415,000.


Buggy Whip Dr., 5408-Marion B. and Roger A. Woody to Brian Andrew Budd and Lynda Mai Phan, $569,000.

Chestnut Hollow Ct., 6018-Parastoo and Payam Delgoshaei to Jessica Zepeda, $272,000.

Coachway Dr., 14419-Glen Scott and Tammy A. Cavalieri to Richard J. and Rebecca A. Cable, $525,000.

Eddy Ct., 14502-Rowland James and Avril Jennifer Cox to Zachary A. Payton and Samantha J. Haar, $410,750.

Glen Meadow Pl., 5279-Kristin M. Solarczyk to Mark and Margaret K. Tuben, $415,000.

Grape Holly Grove, 14305, No. 32-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kamrul Hassan Suhang, $185,311.

Harvest Mill Ct., 6517-Albert Villaflor to Yeoanny Anastasiou and Angela Marie Venetsanos, $532,500.

Hirst Valley Way, 5110-Samuel B. Bhaktul to Muthayee Chockalingam and Sabapathy Karunanithi, $867,000.

Hoxton Sq., 14836-Celina and Tito Paniagua to Mukesh Salwan and Amanjot Sharma, $319,900.

Jenny Leigh Ct., 6775-Jason H. and Allison G. Covey to Angie Koulavong, $366,000.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13673-Siddhartha Adepu to Kyoshin Choo, $420,000.

Martins Hundred Dr., 15415-Adam Patrick Gurson to William Scott and Samatha L. Carrico, $610,000.

Musket Ball Dr., 6301-Mark W. and Erin L. Lininger to Fengming Chen and Xiu Yun Wu, $432,000.

Palmetto Bay Ct., 5107-Steven Krauss to Jeffrey James and Tracy Jeong Hwa Cardone, $305,000.

Rocky Way Ct., 6100-Alexander and Bethany Hardy to Matthew A. Ploeg, $320,000.

Sammie Kay Lane, 5347-Lin Sen and Ching Pin Pan to Hyang Lan Yu and Byum Soo Kim, $699,900.

Stone Creek Dr., 5808-Arash Mansouri to Saboor and Hafiza Ehsanyar, $542,000.

Stream Pond Dr., 14724-Muna K. Zalmai to Judy E. and Christopher M. Choi, $406,000.

Walter Bowie Lane, 14005-C-Sandra J. Lee to Young Mi Chung, $300,000.

Wetherburn Dr., 15106-Albert E. Iaconangelo and Paula G. Galane to Steven Roger and Cynthia Gibson Wichelt, $604,000.

Winding Ridge Lane, 14091-Pedram and Honia Azizi to Luis F. Rivera Suarez and Candy I. Ruiz Morales, $419,900.


Adelphi Ct., 13710-Isidro Y. and Normita M. Cardoza to Cindy Vu, $320,000.

Carmel Terr., 4200-Elizabeth Engmann and John Mensah to Weng Hung and Jessica Lynn Kam, $455,000.

Dawn Valley Ct., 4174-Brian R. Butler to Rashid Ahmed Mohiuddin, $232,000.

Garden View Lane, 4828-Van Metre Homes at Westfields Corp. to Sarah A. and John C. Zerega, $663,457.

James Cross St., 13958-Steven W. and Beth A. Lemanski to Piljin Chun and Seongah Hong, $505,000.

Lightfoot St., 3820, No. 216-James J. and Lian W. Lu to Shannon Lillina Mahoney, $223,000.

Pleasant Meadow Ct., 4125-Deborah J. Bourn to Susan Hahn, $205,000.

Rembrandt Way, 13902-Eskandar Real Estate Investment Corp. to Suresh K. and Radhika Kurapati, $710,000.

Walney Knoll Ct., 4708-Bruce A. and Karen Lynch Gould to Subrahmanyam Dhavala, $770,000.


Chapel St., 12800-Felicito Bote and Marie Joanne Lustre to Nichol Alice Young and Michael P. Mullen, $856,000.

Detwiller Dr., 7523-Eileen C. Mele to Paul D. and Stephanie C. Garver, $1.05 million.

Pocol Dr., 6023-Joseph Thomas Hetrick to Miguel A. and Mache M. Solares, $409,000.

Rose Gate Ct., 7701-Howard C. and Marilyn A. Jelinek to Benjamin Johnson and Kerri Anne Lord, $900,000.

Willow Valley Rd., 5404-Hue Thi Nguyen and Kim Tran to Alice Patricio and Joseph W. Moss, $719,000.


Aristotle Dr., 11349, No. 6-303-Ross L. and Susan A. Baker to Ke Wang, $340,000.

Barringer Pl., 4582-Jason Y. Pahng and Chang Sun Park to Patricia Louise Kniseley, $573,500.

Bessmer Lane, 10188-Mark W. and Sara M. Davis to Bixler and Julie Benson, $675,000.

Blake Lane, 9623-Daniel Pechulis to Brian P. Stascavage, $428,000.

Briarwood Farms Ct., 9130-John E. Dorman and Agnes W. Leung to Akim Oloubi and Akanke Adechoubou, $750,000.

Canonbury Sq., 9532-Brian R. and Ellen B. Maxwell to Perry L. Hong, $688,000.

Cedar Farm Cir., 9686-Susan K. and Justin P. Falatko to Stephen Jae Choi and Bowhee Kim, $600,000.

Collingham Dr., 10444-Patrick C. and Theresa A. Williams to Burke D. and Sarah Sorenson, $685,000.

Cranebill St., 11462-NVR Inc. to Miyoung and Changhan Kim, $1.01 million.

Custom House Ct., 13207-Delmy L. Renderos to Zinai He and Yue Cao, $405,500.

Edenvale Rd., 3303-Brian L. Gunn to John Samuel Patterson and Jillian Marie Walker, $800,000.

Everleigh Way, 2934-Daniel and Roberta Buttarazzi to Colin Ryan and Elizabeth Whitmore, $441,000.

Fairfield House Dr., 12213, No. 502B-Aaron C. and Lauren Alyce Mullins Ranson to Marjorie E. Geraci, $296,000.

Gainsborough Dr., 5398-Terry Johnson McGowan to Brian J. and Bethany D. Banal, $570,000.

Glenbrook Rd., 9332-Sean P. and Tara M. Jehu to Robert A. and Elizabeth Yancey, $750,000.

Hamlet Hill Way, 12816-Robert E. and Alka B. Howard to Thomas David and Adela Alicia Chavez, $900,000.

Highland Lane, 3140-Elt Holdings Corp. to Tai V. Quach and Lan T. Nguyen, $643,000.

Kentmere Sq., 4109-Fran Kahn to Igor and Liudmyla Cherevko, $515,000.

Ladbrook Way, 9701-Robert Joseph and Patricia Ward Krallinger to Jay Allen and Ing Ling Rhodes, $650,000.

Lewisham Rd., 5250-Juanita R. Leary to John D. Smith and Amanda Barnabas, $729,900.

Luxberry Dr., 4611-Tania Cinthia and Erwin Gondesen to Gary Sullivan and Kristen Rethy, $510,000.

Marble Lane, 4210-Jenny Nga and Minh Duy Nguyen to Ngoc Hoa Thi Pham, $488,500.

Market Commons Dr., 4490, No. 413-Daisy May Hwa Chang to Jeho Kwak, $340,100.

Melville Lane, 13123-Russell Mark and Jolene Danishevski Silipigni to Andrew J. and Christine M. Walter, $510,500.

Northwood Rd., 3117-Peter Charles and Cynthia Marie Farnum to Thomas M. Kreutzer and Makiko Tamura, $775,000.

Old Creek Dr., 9536-Carl M. and Sylvia C. Stroud to Jon Eskelsen and Emily Elizabeth Warner, $620,000.

Penderview Dr., 3902, No. 1421-Tanya Ingham to Virginia C. and Scott A. Flanders, $216,500.

Pineleaf Ct., 11479-NVR Inc. to Ashok Velayudham and Subathra Ethirajlu, $1.03 million.

Point Pleasant Dr., 13127-Holley Owings to Robert Ota and Mutsumi N. Dieterich, $490,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 416-Eric Dong and Lois Zheng to Ehsan Sanaie, $365,000.

Richardson Dr., 5131-Brian Huizenga to Nikolai A. and Elizabeth A. Lutow, $575,000.

Rochester Dr., 12308-Lisa Nahid J. Nicholson and Michael A. Nicholson to Paola Oriette Flores and Jose Thomas, $735,000.

Scooter Lane, 11706-Kristopher J. McCarty to Matthew Whitaker and Carina Cerqueira, $395,000.

Silent Valley Dr., 3036-Tony D. Ta and Huong Dao to Paul Jeon, $420,000.

Stallworth Ct., 10412-Kim M. and Sharon E. Bloomquist to Timothy Zenobia and Lina Nardecchia, $690,000.

Stockwell Lane, 9605-Michael J. Ash and Yu Wang to Qianya Si, $650,000.

Sweetbay Magnolia Ct., 9316-Tambonito Corp. to Sitaram and Padmashri Ponnaluri, $825,000.

Timber Meadow Dr., 4201-Amanda Pettit O’Connor and Catherine A. Pettit to Santa Maria Aguti and Kenneth Kiragu Warirah, $615,000.

Valley Rd., 11426-Michael P. Mullen and Nicole Alice Young to Michael J. and Mai T. DeStefano, $1.36 million.

Wavell Rd., 10142-Peter J. and Kathleen M. Devlin to Paul J. and Rachel K. De Naray, $749,888.

White Birch Ct., 3031-Mary Tarja Kippenbrock to Mingsham Zheng and Trevor Tatum, $500,000.

Wood Wren Ct., 9902-My Cam Le to Thieu Nguyen, $415,000.


Argent Cir., 8316-Steven R. and Rachel A. Schwartz to Matthew Gabriel and Sarah Rose Vucci, $725,000.

Captain Rhett Lane, 11667-John P. and Andra A. Moore to George William Wood and Chen Hua Wang, $760,000.

Fairview Woods Dr., 5920-Paul E. and Beth Ann Porter to Brian and Melinda Kaltenbaugh, $800,000.

Jonathan Mitchell Rd., 5727-Akhil and Madhu Govil to Tsegaye W. Eyob and Rahel Tesfagaber, $970,000.

Oak Chase Cir., 8514-Gary T. and Vera S. Blore to Ryan J. and Diana M. Adler, $824,900.

Run Oaks Dr. S., 9673-James M. and Kimberly A. Foley to Angela Marie and Jonathan Thomas Fredritz, $732,200.

Wolfs Landing., 11409-Mill City Mortgage Loan Trust and New Penn Financial Corp. to Ahmad Magatheh, $865,000.


Barrett Rd., 6736-Salim B. and Maggie K. Sawaya to Lillian Suh and Jacob Atkinson, $654,000.

Chanute Pl., 8006, No. 17-Luis R. and Alba Luz Contreras to Phuong Kim Phan, $202,000.

Fallowfield Dr., 3310-Richard A. and Amanda C. Olivo to Sam and Jessica White, $600,000.

Ichabod Pl., 6432-Kendall R. and Mical Keeton to Christine Ann Grant and Jayant Bagia, $798,000.

Jefferson Ave., 6814-Lisa R. Steeves to Anna Kennedy and Parker Wylie Propst, $585,000.

Marshall St., 2926-J. Peter and Maryanne Cullen to Dale and Zelia Harris, $725,000.

Nicosh Cir., 3015, No. 2109-Andrew Bibbins to Catherine J. Pruiett, $315,000.

Wade Pl., 7127-Daniel B. and Kara K. Lawlor to Mei Fong Long, $497,000.


Burfoot St., 2010-Anicetas Vaichekauskas and Liliya V. Nenyuk to Badea M. Darwish, $560,000.

George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 1027-Paul and Erin M. Pitera to Gretchen Vasquez, $355,000.

Hogan Ct., 2820-Daniel R. and Stacy H. Beller to Nora Varbedian, $485,000.

Magarity Rd., 7517-Garlin T. and Linda L. Sulser to Rajesh Amratlal Khatri and Swati Satish Kayasth, $638,000.

Montivideo Square Ct., 6816-Santha Nusum to Xiaozhen Li, $595,000.

Pimmit Dr., 1906-Stephen M. and Leslie T. Riccio to Rohan and Urmila Oberoi, $1.2 million.

Rockford Dr., 7332-Robert Joseph Kaighn Jr. to Doremy Kim, $566,500.

Trevino Lane, 7759-Barry E. Jeffries to Derek T. Barlow and Caitlin E. Perna, $470,000.


Prices Cove Lane, 9163-Juanluis Velez and Nilda Aviles to Richard Bevely and Lori Ann Tucker, $650,000.


Blakiston Lane, 8408-Kathleen Bridget Fenley and estate of Florence Lorraine Lynch to Michael R. and Tracy L. Vitali, $700,000.

Camfield Dr., 8830-Conrad Richard Theroux and Juliette S. Marchioli to Elizabeth Marian Sarah Peck and Nathaniel Hooker Peck, $571,000.

Cool Spring Dr., 1702-Kevin D. and Donna F. Oliver to John D. and Shauna F. Marvel, $620,000.

Linton Lane, 8706-Natalie E. and Rex A. Finley to Jonathan Draplik and Jessica Giffin, $749,900.

Paul Spring Pkwy., 2107-Mark A. and Rebecca Y. Questad to Christine Pece, $655,000.

Stockade Dr., 8403-Darrell W. and Helen E. Driver to Elizabeth and Gregory S. Fogel, $592,000.

Winthrop Dr., 8632-Allison S. and Michael H. McGinley to James B. and Morgan J. Jones, $915,000.


Blackmore Vale Way, 9909-William and Pamela Siddon to Grayson Thomas and Jamie Jennings Clarke, $1.8 million.

Brockman Lane, 11831-Steven R. and Jennifer S. Medlin to Tyler K. and Elisabeth K. Lane, $545,000.

Nalls Farm Way, 621-Timothy J. and Una Higgins to Larry W. Albert and Lisa Robenseifner, $1.32 million.

Seneca View Way, 11450-Tihomir Yankov and Laura Galante to Christine A. and Matthew J. Halvorsen, $1.27 million.

Wynkoop Dr., 10734-Marshall Grant Wilson and Teresa A. Rutledge to Jordan J. and Britany A. Sembower, $825,000.


Alton Sq., 12903, No. 201-Srinivasa Rao Vegi to Avinash C. Mittal, $251,000.

April Way, 1324-Mercury Capital Corp. and Grei Corp. to Brian P. James and Momoko Kajiwara, $500,000.

Ashburton Ave., 3053-Anita J. Lamkin to Behzad Erfani and Niloufar Mehrabian, $500,000.

Bandy Run Rd., 1138-Xiaobo Zhang and Jing Jin to Ahren Thomas and Sinead Dinkel Noga, $722,000.

Bennett Rd., 12212-Scott D. Hammersley and Ivy L. Avila Jones to Amit and Madhura Gurjar, $1.23 million.

Camberwell Ct., 2522-R. Michael and Patricia M. Toothman to Anand K. Cherukuri and Sirisha Bollu, $870,000.

Coat Ridge Rd., 1513-David G. and Julie S. Frederickson to Seyedeh Golnoosh Taravati and Amir Korsandi, $480,000.

Cordell Way, 765-Charles Douglas and Carla Paige Sceiford to Maria M. Douglas Telles and Jose E. Avila Hernandez, $334,000.

Cypress Tree Pl., 1209-Joshua A. Willis and Michael P. Jayjack to Munir Khan, $367,200.

Farthingale Dr., 13046-Robert F. and Cheryl A. DeAntonio to Jason Hovell and Sara Balcanoff, $639,900.

Fones Pl., 13345-Shakib Shojaeian to Zhijun Yao and Junmei Tang, $310,900.

Glen Taylor Lane, 13411-Stephen M. and Elizabeth D. O’Neill to Andrew J. Markiewicz and Yi Chun Tsai, $716,000.

Hedgetop Dr., 12908-Richard G. and Myrna L. Pifer to William J. and Lisa R. Glodek, $930,000.

Kidwell Field Rd., 13160-Donna R. Wenrick to Lakshmi A. Kommineni, $450,000.

Kingsvale Cir., 1404-David W. and Tanya D. McKee to Peter S. and Amalia Dixon, $508,000.

Madden Ct., 3068-Mary D. Turner to Li Jiang and Jing Zhou, $298,000.

Mason Mill Ct., 1270-Jason Berg and Rebecca Osmond to David George and Julie Frederickson, $599,900.

Monroe Manor Dr., 12802-Jeffrey S. and Nicole A. Brooker to Yiran Pan and Yin Zhao, $900,000.

Old Hunt Way, 695-John S. and Tracy K. Griffin to Ruston Spurlock and Andrea Waite, $699,900.

Parkstream Terr., 12255-Bradley Steven and Jennifer Rose Campbell to Joshua Alan Wixom and Jessica Dianne Dewitt, $505,000.

Plotner Farm Rd., 13123-Dori A. Lehman and Charles Guntner to Walter J. Eidson Jr., $435,000.

Powells Tavern Pl., 1498-Daniel K. and Jan M. Umphrey to Scotty Lynn and Katrina Dworian Auton, $605,000.

Red Squirrel Way, 13603-Joshua F. Magri and Kate M. Gibson to Sarangan Govindarajan, $520,000.

Spring Chapel Ct., 2863-Michael A. and Sara L. Heald to Christine Elizabeth Domenech, $554,000.

Summer Pl., 12521-Hilary and William J. Cole to Rafael A. Martinez and Dina Ana Yely Martinez, $1 million.

Weathered Oak Ct., 13108-Donald L. and Haf C. Zink to Stephen J. and Rosemary K. Walsh, $795,000.

Whitworth Ct., 1116-Charlie A. and Karen H. Burroughs to Dongping Liang, $385,000.

Young Dairy Ct., 903-George A. and Kay A. Koelsch to David Lewis, $499,900.


Fairview Terr., 2315-Keith B. Keener to Victor Kris Bonomi, $330,000.

Huntington Ave., 2059, No. 311-Powen Ru and Yumei Gung to Prasanga Abeysekera, $175,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1109-Christian Roldan Ramos to Bruce C. Smith, $355,000.

Monticello Rd., 5863-Suleica M. Estrada to Daniel Scott Watkins and Leanne Rae Shelly, $415,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 217-Theodore J. Wojtkowski to Kenneth W. and Clara M. Dean, $225,000.

School St., 3002-Mia Lasat to Jeffrey John and Ramona Valenzuela Curry, $695,000.


Colonial Springs Blvd., 7847-Darwin Castillo to McKisa P. Fryer and Duane A. Gumbs, $380,000.

Grove Rd., 7011-Julie L. Tavares to Andrew Savio De Silva, $449,000.

Huntington Grove Sq., 2983-David A. Navarre to Susie Lee Collins, $483,000.

Midday Lane, 7815-Jonathan R. and Judith Mayers Bryan to David F. and Sarah A. Felton and Mary Ellen Carawan, $718,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7518, No. 44-Christine E. Neal to Fuad Mehraliyev, $255,000.


Arapaho Lane, 5315-Navdeep Mathur to Son Nguyen, $460,000.

Bren Mar Dr., 6239-Chanthala Sengchanh to Imran Saleem Qureshi, $429,900.

Eagle Ridge Lane, 6321-A-Sayed Omar Najibi to Krystilyn Washington, $420,000.

Gloucester Rd., 4713-Paul Oliver Snider to Hicham Moutawakil, $278,000.

Hillcrest Pl., 6358-My Huong Nguyen and Luu Vu to Rufino Quiros and Alejandro N. Amurrio Moya, $530,000.

Medinah Lane, 6549-Davia Barbella to Robert K. and Linda K. Grenwis, $426,500.

Seventh St., 6458-Cesar Martin and Jennifer L. Giorffino to Haroon Ullah and Naba Sharif, $460,000.


Almeda Ct., 7941-Kamal and Sanjida Mostofa to Mukaddem Hussain and Fariha A. Qureshi, $625,000.

Baird Ct., 7711-Shaun C. and Laura H. Murray to Virginia Chanley, $415,000.

Bluebird Way, 8327, No. C-Pravin and Archana Chhaya to Clement Yeboah and Damaris Charca Torres, $239,900.

Central Green St., 9191-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to Lain and Philomene Lai Cheong, $778,250.

Cherokee Rose Way, 8868-Anupama Arora to Acelia L. McGaffee, $467,500.

Grandwind Dr., 7741-Jeremy D. and Beth A. Bird to Scott F. and Karen L. Meyer, $585,000.

Haines Dr., 9202-Alan Schmack and Carey Schmak to Yasser Mahmoodi and Abdul Hafiz Khan, $705,000.

Higham Rd., 8228-Ruth R. Oczkowski to Hector Francisco and Wanda Acuna Rivera, $583,500.

Kirby Lionsdale Dr., 8441-Walter T. and Sinjung Kim Anderson to Nicholas Roy and Glenn Lynn Lovan, $520,402.

Milford Haven Ct., 8930, No. 30B-Raelynn Marie Mikell and Todd M. Warner to Alejandro E. Fernandez, $315,000.

Reiser Lane, 8298-Shaun and Jessy Joykutty to Wahida Obaidy and Mohammad T. Nawabi, $483,500.

Sheffield Village Lane, 7690-Lissette M. Puna Vera to Amsalu W. Gabresilase and Berhane S. Sabore, $320,000.

Stonegarden Dr., 9115-Jonathan A. and Janice D. Daniels to Dennis E. and Rebecca L. Hall, $549,950.

Waites Way, 8928-Richard J. Allwein to Avril Aisha Penn, $359,900.


Aspen Wood Ct., 5845-Donald K. Parsons to Laurel Catlett King and Peter M. Huey, $1.24 million.

Bryan Pond Ct., 1011-Dal P. Clayton to Felix John and Nancy Ambrose, $2.6 million.

Chelsea Rd., 6906-David M. and Grace Y. Hurr to Jin Jane Chen, $1.74 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1705-Mohammed A. and Hallah A. Dakhil to Elliott Harlow, $810,000.

Evers Dr., 1547-David A. Fuscus to Michael J. Ash and Yu Wang, $1.19 million.

Fleetwood Rd., 6800, No. 1112-Karen Ostensoe and William B. Snell to Carol Deane Benedict Mitnick, $314,500.

Georgetown Pike., 7620-Theodore Gold to Som Ryan and Arezoo Saadat and Nahid Razavi, $1.49 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 708-Deyi Awadallah to Ramin Mazhari, $442,000.

Heather Brook Ct., 6528-Melinda Sue Hall to Jack L. and Nancy M. Higgins, $1.73 million.

Kyleakin Ct., 6955-George Z. and Lien D. Galloway to Martin Nicolaas Knook and Maria Anna Pernot, $1.32 million.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 429-John P. Dumoulin and Adriana S. Zimmer to Shuhua Hu and Jiongqian Wang, $235,000.

Matthew Mills Rd., 7200-Daniel W. and Mary E. Riordan to Antonia Sherman and Matthew Behrent, $2.35 million.

Mill Rdg., 1010-Hercharan Sethi to Junwei Huang and Meijun Pan, $2.45 million.

Old Chesterbrook Rd., 6802-Amir H. Fadakar and Corrina A. Pavetto to Bo Pang and Victor Zan Wu, $1.5 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 913-Yasmine Pahlavi and Landon Motamedi to John and Karen Lucas, $500,000.

Ridgeview Rd. N., 4115-Jeanne Casanelli Ping to William L. and Alexis K. Benard, $955,000.

Snowpine Way, 8004-William J. and Deborah J. Andrews to Joseph and Sara McDonnell, $1.38 million.

Titania Lane, 1319-Vanessa K. Ballou and Eileen W. Karten to John Crawford and Anne Nightingale, $900,000.

Tremayne Pl., 7600, No. 109-Nicholas A. Bell to Betty J. Wolf, $320,000.

Ursline Ct., 6503-Lee Grossman and Nina N. Wu Grossman to Andrew C. and Rayna Dinsmore, $1.32 million.

41st St. N., 4040-Eugenio A. Diaz Bonilla and Graciela C. Schamis to Hamid R. and Abril P. Azmi, $1.33 million.


Bound Brook Lane, 8318-Stephen C. and Rachel A. Weatherly to James L. and Malissa Mary Tucker, $530,000.

Dolphin Lane, 4417-Julio G. and Mabel Rivas to John D. and Lynnsey B. Napolitano, $597,000.

Ferry Landing Rd., 4405-Foster P. and Gloria Long Payne to Alexander M. and Lorene A. Wright, $699,500.

Glyn St., 8205-Leo Joseph and Muriel M. Bretzfelder to Katherine J., Judith Kay and Robert Walter Ochs and Christopher J. Dyer, $427,500.

Havenwood Pl., 3863-Patricia Ross to Giovanni A. and Kerly D. Lopez, $195,000.

Lamberts Lane, 8247-Michael Brian and Nicole E. Dillon to Daniel S. Kurtzer, $405,000.

Miramonte Pl., 3808-Richard Salas to Zulfiqar Hafeez, $220,000.

Odessa Dr., 4612-Arif Y. Syed and Nadia Kamal to Kwame Owusu and Oforiwaa Akua, $430,000.

Renault Pl., 4000-Nicole Palya and Campbell James Wood to Neil Michael Cohen and Meredith Ann Klein, $560,150.

Shannons Green Way, 3761-Patrick S. and Cynthia K. Drury to Mohammad R. Butt, $400,000.

Wagon Wheel Rd., 8405-David and Bethany Kamppila to Christopher M. Hubbard, $529,900.


Clydesdale Rd., 8725-Bridget M. and Philippe Premont to David G. and Brooke E. Carpenter, $549,000.

Estaban Pl., 7403-Frank J. and James T. Velesz to Aneydi L. Najarro Osorio and William E. Gudiel Najarro, $464,000.

Jervis St., 7524-Jervis Street Property Corp. to Alisha Faulkner and Maxwell Glen Kelly, $532,500.

Trafalgar Ct., 8808-Marcio G. and Kathryn E. Botelho to Carey Batschi and Darren Andrew Jackson, $615,000.


Bushman Dr., 10206, No. 422-Brittany N. Pyle to Jordan Willetts, $285,000.

Lyrac St., 3404-John R. and Cindy M. Voelkel to Jordan and Christina Hartigan, $879,000.

Oakton Rd., 11250-Alejandro and Ines Carreno to Dhruv Acharya and Varsha Thakar, $769,000.

Oakwood Chase Ct., 10123-Marco A. Merida to Jia Tang and Qian Zhang, $502,500.

Southam Lane, 10341-Jonathan and Christine Nay to Alan R. Mangels and Lisa M. Friedberg, $1.04 million.

Vale Rd., 11409-Patrick Christopher and Sarah Virginia Arnold to Enrico, Marleny and Primo G. Belloli, $645,000.

Willow Mist Ct., 10200-D-Brian D. Schmelzel to Haoyue Zhang and Yangling Ou, $332,000.


Barrel Cooper Ct., 11979-Harrison Stephen Menke to Nelva D. Lara and Thomas P. Siems, $379,900.

Brenton Point Dr., 2518-Arthur and Antoinette L. Dertke to Rita Ha, $780,000.

Chestnut Burr Ct., 2277-Mark E. Tokarski and Giancarlo M. Bacigalupo to Boyd Meadows Purdy Jr., $425,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1557-Alfonso A. and Dabney H. Narvaez to Margaret Mullany and Maribeth Kenney, $324,927.

Cross School Rd., 10803-Gilda P. McCabe to Matthew E. and Amanda Whitney Nordmoe, $699,900.

Dorrance Ct., 12206-Thomas W. and Karen B. See to Theodore Matthew and Erica Radloff Schmitz, $927,500.

Escalante Ct., 11906-Stephen W. and Victoria Hughes White to Jason Patrick and Kate Halstead Kress, $451,000.

Golden Eagle Dr., 1283-Gabrielle D. and John P. Aucella to Kavy J. Akrawi, $731,000.

Greenmont Ct., 1476-Justin H. Wasey and Monica C. Huftalen to John Michael and Carolina Megumi Paterno, $416,000.

Hearthstone Ct., 11551-Laurie R. Altman to Jung Hyun and Jieun Lee, $417,000.

Hurlingham Lane, 2311-Peng Jian to Phong Thanh Nguyen and Nong Sengchanh Sisoutham, $689,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1704, No. 35-Francesco Romano to Kevin Finan, $330,000.

Links Dr., 11370-Midvale Development Corp. to Kenneth Christopher Hall and Meredith Jordyn Cleveland, $460,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 1518-Joseph D. and Eugenia C. Freiburger to Thomas V. Horan, $398,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 408-Charles T. and Nada D. Harris to Benjamin T. Cronin, $370,000.

New Bedford Lane, 1265-Amy Lyle Gershman to Roushdy and Sanna Gerges Nakhla, $800,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1404-Virginie Regent to Ali Sheikhbahaei and Saba Gharavi, $615,000.

Rosedown Dr., 2328-Egan Travnicek and Bryna K. Stewart to Joshua Hill and Eliza L. Swedenborg, $547,000.

Silentwood Lane, 11199-James W. Evans to Federico Quispitira, $327,500.

Stones Throw Dr., 11296-Susan H. and Candler P. Brooks to Michael J. and Rita N. Evans, $1.16 million.

Stratford House Pl., 11776, No. 905-Timothy J. and Sandra A. Molinaro to George and Vivian Katsantonis, $540,000.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11770, No. 218-Jonathan Douglas Wise to Hal Mason, $263,500.

Twisted Oak Dr., 1504-Daniel Robert and Kara Gallagher Bilicki to Laurence Diane Johnson and Kirk Randall Knestis, $422,000.

Wainwright Dr., 1610-Joshua K. and Marion B. Greene to Thomas Furlong and Michelle L. Fordice, $462,500.

Whisperwood Glen Lane, 2096-Triple H. Ventures Corp. to Suzanne Lane, $357,500.


Diamond Dr., 6250-Elizabeth H. Carty and Lucy A. Henshaw to Thomas Morehead and Tiffany Wilbur, $679,650.

Munson Hill Rd., 6061-Thai P. Bahn to Schuyler Veeneman and Katherine Peng, $420,000.


Barcarole Ct., 8090-Donel Seth and Kelli E. Hall to Melissa M. Fernandes, $342,000.

Cliffview Ave., 8170-Yonas and Ashley Adams Ogbaselassie to Karla M. Meyer, $410,000.

Conservation Dr., 6925-Aaron G. and Jennifer L. Hartmann to Michael S. and Pamela M. Hessee, $575,000.

Doncaster Ct., 6201-Cinthia Bauman to Phuong C. Mai and Phuc N. Nguyen, $430,000.

Evanston Rd., 7219-Michael L. Connor to Kesha Songoli Valentine Legagneur, $379,900.

Galla Knoll Cir., 8052-Roy Alan C. and Sharon D. Agustin to Christina M. Caldwell, $550,000.

Grace St., 7433-Andrew J. Guyer to Alexis and Joseph Bryan Ellis, $486,650.

Gwynedd Way, 8580-Roger C. Hunter Jr. and Sue Young Kim to Moises H. Basauri, $409,900.

Havenbrook Way, 7708-Stephanie Faye L. Puente to Elisa Pellegrini, $453,000.

Huxley Ct., 8903-John Steven Gumpe to Benjamin and Karina Cote, $605,000.

June St., 7513-Bonnie Pritchard to Chi My Hong and Alex Davalos, $439,000.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8425-Eleven 11 Holdings Corp. to Afshan Khan, $300,000.

Magic Leaf Rd., 8305-Charlesanna B. Osborne to Melaku T. Beza and Genet T. Workneh, $645,000.

Newington Woods Dr., 7782-Sheikh Maruf and Nasima Akter to Elizabeth and Evan Thaler, $590,000.

Paloma Ct., 7605-Robert B. and Lisa A. Leo to Christopher M. and Lindsay J. Damich, $685,000.

Raindrop Way, 8266-Mark D. and Elizabeth Anne Blake to Nathaniel E. and Dorothy R. Sorensen, $487,500.

Rockefeller Lane, 9220-Wayne G. and Linda Trew Bruhn Cherry to Charles and Melissa Cuddy, $597,000.

Shotgun Ct., 9101-Maryann L. Kondik to Matthew Joel and Jessica Elizabeth Irish, $561,500.

Southern Oak Dr., 7656-Kevin Alan and Julie A. Salesman to Yolanda A. Massey, $420,000.

Spring Summit Rd., 7433-Barrett B. Blackburn to Dalia Khanafseh and Ahmed Wariaghli, $824,500.

Steeple Chase Ct., 8112-Kelly G. and Matthew P. Anderson to Caitlin Garman and Michael Brown, $390,000.

Topsails Lane, 6496-John Frederick Norman and Deidre M. Cook to Guochao Ren, Mengting Yan and Meihui Ren, $440,000.

Westcreek Ct., 7474-Peter John and Lisa M. Gulbranson to Raymond Doyle and Christine Bryan, $473,000.

Woodlawn Way, 8841-William Walter Beletsky and estate of James K. Waters to Javier Eduardo Dussan, $450,000.


Bellforest Ct., 2700, No. 103-Eric Mosier to Tai Sik and Myung Hwa Kim, $400,000.

Brookdale Terr., 1303-Mary and Neil Fisher to Christopher and Kristine Mathey, $1.01 million.

Center St. S., 135-Cadence On Center Corp. to Gerald and Diane Lahaie, $1.19 million.

Country Club Dr. NE, 1004-Eric F. and Donna J. Jackson to Thomas R. and Lauren F. Randall, $821,000.

Drewlaine Dr., 1684-Marcus H. and Simone Ventura Starke to Mohammad K. Shah and Samar Aziz, $1.51 million.

Fonda Dr., 9712-Scott J. Hurwitz and C. Loyall Meade to Nedda M. and Dominic E. Dragisich, $1.29 million.

Gelding Lane, 1704-Douglas Clark Zimmerman and Jessica Jennings Clark to Hadi Sadrsadat and Elham Sharifi, $860,000.

Hillcrest Dr. SW, 914-SS Custom Homes Corp. to Jason T. and Tapleigh C. Niethamer, $1.39 million.

Macy Ave., 9516-Carole P. and Peter J. Kelly to Laura E. Cowen and Stephen B. Moses, $1.08 million.

Manhattan Pl., 2712-Andrea K. Cherepy to Andrey S. Zhuk and Ivanna Kovalchuk, $680,000.

Meadow Springs Dr., 2007-Harold Lee and Kathleen K. Hoffman to Anil Kumar and Kalyani Chanda, $674,000.

Mountington Ct., 10317-Matthew C. and Christine B. Warner to Michael John and Diane L. Medina, $775,000.

Park Terrace Ct. SE, 216-Johnny Hui to Carlos H. Arias Morales, $255,000.

Red Vine Dr., 2139-Shehzi Khan to Kimberly D. Casibang, $800,000.

Spring Ridge Lane, 9723-David W. and Bonnie S. Downs to Robert P. and Babette P. Jackson, $1.03 million.

Ware St. SW, 902-Lauri Grau and estate of Nancy E. Carcelli to Nikolaos Makrigiorgos, $590,000.


Burling Wood Dr., 8607-Thoai Bui and Cot Le to Norma E. Fosterling, $420,000.

Caneel Ct., 6705-Kurt Thomas and Heather Marie Gerlach to Seth Daniel and Rebecca Riggins, $765,000.

Dabney Ave., 8110-Darwin S. and Sharon S. Crandall to Daniel D. and Jessica Lewis, $601,000.

Fairburn Dr., 8526-Eugene Adams and Maria E. Sedlak to Chad and Kimberly Daniels, $560,000.

Greeley Blvd., 8200-Todd J. Rosenau and Sharon M. Downey to Dedric J. and Madeline L. Mortelmans, $706,501.

Holford Lane, 6606-Josephine Cunningham to Kerry A. Griffith, $480,000.

Kerry Lane, 8631-Howard G. Houghton Jr. and Janis L. Harrington to Carmen Bere, $412,000.

Lexton Pl., 7713-C-Amanda Parris Lemmon to Jason Britton Cawthon, $200,000.

Penshurst Dr., 8445-Audrey D. White to Jose O. Leon Solano and Denise D. Miller Leon, $330,000.

Rathlin Dr., 6280-Roger Shih Che Lin and Jennifer C. Huang to Subash Shah and Anita Lamsal, $385,900.

Seton Ct., 6801-Michael J. and Angelique J. Stevens to David S. and Jennifer L. Soldow, $680,000.

Taunton Pl., 8217-James and Kurill Brindle to Loraine Blackwood, $565,000.

Wintercress Lane, 7819-Emna Nouri to Yeworkwuha Tilahun, $500,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Barristers Keepe Cir., 3482-Joseph Senhaji and Lamiaa Yacoubi Akbil to Melissa and Marquis D. Copeland, $762,000.

Courtney Dr., 10452-Thomas C. Longin and Nancy D. Tillinghast to Andrew Craig and Patricia Kelly Diestel, $620,000.

Ginger Tree Ct., 3304-Michael Alexander Jaramillo to Mauricio O. Garcia Moreno and Maria S. Daulon, $670,000.

Madison Mews., 3903-Gavin L. Jackson and Reshma V. Patel Jackson to Daniel and Katherine Search Kurtz, $795,000.

Norton Pl., 3976-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to John and Katherine Pickett, $528,000.

Peterson St., 10001-Erick Terrazas Alvarez to Ton N.K. Nguyen, $630,000.

Stonewall Ave., 4016-Huayuan Xu to Clyde E. Pelzer, $550,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 502, No. 506-Allen R. and Aileen A. Davis to Ray Walter and Barbara Ann Vanderbilt, $1.09 million.

Greenway Blvd. W., 218-Carl H. and Janice D. Kikuchi to Thomas J. and Alison R. Sullivan, $785,000.

Jefferson St. E., 410-David C. Chavern and Sarita Gopal to Gaol Chen and David A. Stile, $1.04 million.

Maple Ave. N., 200, No. 604-Mary E. Postma and Judith B. Fellows to Audrey Dorans, $330,000.

Sycamore St. N., 1108-Celebrity Homes Corp. to Chen Huang and Xiao Zhang, $1.41 million.