Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Baylor Dr., 6903-Robert L. McDonald and Joanne M. Serrato to Jason T. Quimby and Cheryl L. Becker, $675,000.

Boulevard View, 6506, No. A1-Steven R. and Lyndsey M. Valentine to Erik W. Fox, $240,000.

Marine Dr., 7202-Julia E. McEvoy and Theodore M. Lis to Michael K. and Sibohan K. Casey, $1.38 million.

Potomac Ave., 6504, No. B1-Michael A. Derullo Jr. to Paul M. Schiek, $248,500.

Radcliffe Dr., 6827-Kyle Adams to Jadee A. DeCosta and Jordan M. Melgarejo, $355,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 712-Miran Grujic to Sharon W. Kreger, $155,000.

Woodmont Rd., 6023-David M. and Espinoza Rothenberg to Catherine Tejeda, $955,000.


Alderman Dr., 6320-Loretta Morris Williams and estate of Joanne D. Wilhide to John Allan and Elizabeth Knittel, $635,000.

Austin Ave., 3525-Brittney N. and Joseph Curtis Waranius to Kiki Delli, $367,500.

Bingley Rd., 6005-Rahul and Shruti Dewan to Matthew L. and Karima J. Mollet, $485,000.

Brindle Heath Way, 6849, No. 154-William R. and Ingrid S. Alewine to Carrol A. Wise, $285,000.

Carriage Dr., 6514-Robert C. and Geneva Pinkham to Jo Ann Schubert and Ketan Desai, $510,000.

Curtier Dr., 6009-E-Richard E. and Francine L. Willis to Dave Singca Sarmiento, $300,000.

Digby Grn., 7482-Richard and Marcella Vanderkooy to Alexander Tejeda, $500,000.

Flower Lane, 4702-Milton Whitfield to Timothy L. Jenkins, $340,000.

Founders Hill Dr., 5908, No. 304-James D. Key to Rachel C. Sommer, $332,900.

Franconia Forest Ct., 6203-Maria C. Greenly to William Moiles and Lyndsay Pierson, $555,000.

Governors Pond Cir., 5776-Christopher Allen and Carrie Ann Tilley to Evan James Douglas and Amanda Kaye Wagner Gee, $625,000.

Haynes Point Way, 7710-B-Christopher and Kassie K. Esget to Tracey L. Thompson, $324,950.

Kelsey Point Cir., 6674-James Allan Merrill and Kristin B. McGrory to Jeffrey L. Boswell and Jason Hollandsworth, $510,000.

Lake Cove Dr., 7171-Morgan L. and Sandra S. Donaldson to Alicia C. and Reginald Dove, $510,000.

Locust Leaf Lane, 7803-Alberta Collins to Marcus and Denise Guda, $467,900.

Masondale Rd., 6027-Mitchell Hao Fan Yang and Samantha Alarica Yang to Richard R. Navarro and Vijay M. Gallardo, $755,000.

Norham Dr., 5903-Paul T. and Carol Balides to Augusto D. Ramirez and Claudia Raquel Ramirez Valdez, $495,000.

Old Brentford Rd., 7032-Anabel Rosado Adames to Stephen T. Rzemyk, $320,000.

Penwood Dr., 4356-Damien R. and Christina B. Lyster to Liza K. Agudelo Martinez and Raul H. Cancelado Casas, $889,900.

Riefton Ct., 6523-Deborah Ann Thompson and estate of Almer Clyde Smith to Lisa R. Brewster, $475,000.

Silver Ridge Cir., 6463-David W. Briel to Richard H. Salas, $268,000.

Trask Terr., 6570-Mesfin Regassa Balcha and Hanna Shiferaw Amare to Matthew S. and Nicole Z. Goldstein, $610,000.

Waterlily Ct., 6201-Kevin D. and Lynn E. Peacock to Angela Berardelli and Robert J. Duffy, $850,000.

Wickford Dr., 7221-Romulo and Heidi Gallegos to Peter J. and Brandee L. Zettel, $600,000.


Americana Dr., 4201-Sultan Yousof Kokcha to Ximena Montano Jaillita and Vargas Veizaga, $155,000.

Arlen St., 7707-Keith G. and Rosalba Mallett to Thien Quoc Vo, $500,000.

Bradford Dr., 5117-Juan Castro and Rosa Viana to Michael and Jamie Higdon, $1.16 million.

Bromley Ct., 8504-Maria Davalos to Xiaobing Shang and Ying Liu, $653,000.

Charleson St., 3424-James J. and N. Patricia Millard to Jakub and Monika Szewczulak, $665,000.

Danby Dr., 7853-Camille and Gina Grosso to Minh Luu Hoang and Dieu Thi Hoang Luu, $495,000.

Duncan Dr., 4604-Robert L. and Mary J. Hegerich to Mark J. and Margaret L. Kehl, $665,000.

Hancock Forest Trail, 3959-Steven L. and Erin MacAvoy Osit to Sarah Warren Perkins and Robert Helminiak, $478,000.

Kingston Dr., 5017-Irene and Paul Selsky to James Judson and Nelly Patricia Millard, $552,500.

Little River Tpk., 7451, No. 104-Shirley B. Hoffrage to Ahmadullah and Cynthia S. Zakhmi, $160,000.

Murray Ct., 7002-Jonathan S. and Lori A. Parker to Andrew and Megan Tuggle, $525,000.

Newport Glen Pass., 7870-Jae C. and Kyi Y. Kim to Xiaoyun Lin and Ji Yu Chen, $459,000.

Renwood Lane, 6537-Albert R. Hollenbeck to William Heid and Bin Wu, $660,000.

Sanford Ct., 7125-Carolyn Dozier to Michael M. and Karina M. Rook, $516,265.

Woodburn Rd., 3528-Gregg A. Roberts to Donald Jay and Josie L. McCarty, $435,000.

Yerkes Pl., 4104-Shirley H. Dambowic to Melissa McConnell and Larry C. Yarnelle, $649,999.


Bent Branch Ct., 3609-John Bursk and Thomas A. Bovard to Suzanne S. and Brett V. Sortor, $880,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1408S-Paul Cook to Afsaneh M., Nastaran Mohammad and Farhad Mohammad Tehrani, $160,000.

Hardwick Pl., 6052-Gail Mukaihata Hannemann to Lee Wister, $505,000.

Munson Rd., 3626-Calvin R. Swinson to Jose Luis and Mariela Vero Zapata De Sanchez, $329,900.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 803N-Aleksandra Trpkovska to Hoang and Melissa V. Pham, $280,000.

Signal Knob Ct., 3743-Falls Gate Neighborhoods Corp. to Tony Tran and Gina Nguyen, $699,990.

Sixth St., 5934-James C. and Luz Estramonte to Timothy James and Kathleen Luby Dobovan, $662,500.


Ashbourn Dr., 9605-Vincent T. Ries to John E. and Nicole A. Gibson, $597,400.

Burr Oak Way, 10866-Joshua and Katherine Hodge to Matthew and Lara Sullivan, $699,900.

Cove Landing Rd., 5815, No. 102-Raul Cordova and Demetra Mills to Cathy Jo and Kimberly J. Van Pelt, $290,000.

Erik Charles Ct., 10504-Joshua A. and Edna M. Montgomery to William S., Susann M. and Steven M. Longino, $494,950.

Goshen Lane, 9400-Dean and Sharon Belding to Matthew Reid and Maura Johnson Gardner, $450,000.

Hillock Ct., 9606-Carolyn H. Anderson to Liyu Wei, $379,900.

Kenilworth Dr., 8938-Kevin B. and Martha A. Kidd to Alan and Bridgette Simpson, $744,000.

Mainsail Dr., 9328-Joseph E. Nash and Braithe D. Landry to Frederick E. and Maria C. Cortez Jaehnig, $624,888.

Newchandler Ct., 6659-Vicki J. and John W. Barnhill to Justin S. and Kathleen E. Gaines, $570,000.

Parakeet Dr., 5817-Falan Memmott to Quyen Cam Nguyen and Alexander Duong, $447,000.

Sailcloth Pl., 9506-Terrance W. and Hilary H. Woodworth to Seung H. and Jae H. Yom, $730,000.

Sunset Woods Ct., 6723-Patrick R. and Heather M. Ferguson to Cedric Damaris and Catherine P. Canada, $485,000.

Tillary Ct., 5440-Larry G. and Cristina A. Mikesell to Petros Miskir and Meseret Andargie, $422,500.

Wilmington Dr., 6033-Ethan B. and Erin Morrissey Lauer to Richard Michael and Emily Ranch, $535,000.


Algretus Dr., 14604-Jason Hood and Erin Woods to Celina Y. Paniagua, Erika B. Paniagua Cortez and Omar Eli Paniagua, $465,000.

Basingstoke Loop, 14721-Tri Minh Tran and Patricia T. Nguyen to Craig M. Lewandowski, $313,000.

Black Horse Ct., 14408-Thien Kieu Nguyen to Tayra N. Ramirez, $334,000.

Brookmere Dr., 14332-Dana Reategui Sockel to William H. and Narae K. Sigmon, $645,000.

Clay Spur Ct., 6082-Thomas C. Williams to John Ryan and Alexia Schaffstall, $340,000.

Connor Dr., 13347-B-Kevin Cuellar to Satish Nannepaga and Vijetha Kattinapudi, $279,000.

Darkwood Cir., 14124-Mario L. Goroza and Elaine Donabel Pimentel to Nima Talebpour, $410,000.

Filly Ct., 14409-Terrence C. and Debra J. Franklin Rothrock to Nella and Damon Shaw, $525,000.

Glen Meadow Rd., 5232-Richard Carlucci to Jeremy and Diane Bergin, $600,000.

Grumble Jones Ct., 14000-D-Kellie Robinette Poirier to Daniel Hani and Molly Kay Faragalla, $341,000.

Olde Kent Rd., 14612-Eric Del Castillo and Susan McCormack Kelly to Tobin I. and Chelsea G. Schaefer, $297,000.

Ravenscar Ct., 14531-Maria Vivanco and Nelson Sasso to Amancio Evangelista Ocana and Cruz M. Cordova Neyra, $340,000.

Rock Canyon Dr., 14223-Patricia A. and William L. Schmidt to Mohammad Akram, Humaira Mubeen, Hajra Nashin and Kynat Akram, $740,000.

Rushbrook Dr., 5208-Ramin Husseinian to Yinhan Wang, $497,000.

Selby Ct., 6422-Kyle C. and Kathleen M. Voss to Luke W. and Carolyn A. Hardy, $340,000.

Stone Maple Terr., 6792-Anupam Menon to Dat Tuan and Tuyen T. Nguyen, $350,000.

Stream Pond Dr., 14634-Karen M. Rodas to Kyung Rim Choi, $420,000.

Virgin Rock Rd., 5510-Wilbert W. and Mary Y. Floyd to Matthew Wayne Black and Ashley Pomper, $528,000.

Willoughby Newton Dr., 5632, No. 33-MTGLQ Investors to John C. Picciano, $255,100.

Woodspring Ct., 14630-Jagjeet Singh and Jasmeet Kaur to Daniel J. and Shelly H. Ducharme, $360,000.


Autumn Glory Way, 4846-Nikolaos A. and Vicki A. Stergioulas to Dennis Woo and Minna Lee Park, $995,000.

Cub Run Rd., 4327-William Matthew and Sandra Shaw Rigsbee to Michael and Amanda Huffman, $495,000.

Ivory Coast Ct., 4405-Roscoe C. and Deborah R. Howard to Susan E. Oliverez, $722,000.

Leighfield Valley Dr., 4706-Brian A. and Barbara H. Bresnan to Daniel Jonghoon Kim and Yujin Esther Choi, $680,000.

Newport Dr., 4204-Eva M. Jones to Ngoc Phuong Bich Nguyen, $445,000.

Poplar Branch Dr., 4325-Duc Huy Do and Bao Ngoc Vien to Shashank Davanagere and Divya Booravalli Balasubramanyam, $711,600.


Balmoral Heights Pl., 13309-Peter A. and Jennifer A. Balint to Amy H. and David A. Gawlik, $1.19 million.

Dalemar Dr., 7015-Emil Wayne and Linda M. Cadle to Bao Duy Nguyen, $1.12 million.

Henderson Rd., 11725-Justin Thomas Reed to Jennifer Mary and Mark Edward Hagerman, $775,000.

Orchard Dr., 13521-Eugene P. and Mitchell W. Wilson to Altanchimeg Javzan and Erdene Ochir Tsedendambaa, $190,000.

Rock Lawn Dr., 6626-Eric and Jeanmarie Brown to Allison M. and Robert E. Reading, $765,000.

Springs Dr. S., 13649-William G. and Patti M. Hicks to Joseph and Ashley Sayen, $600,000.


Anchor Ct., 5303-Gary S. and Robin L. Rock to Weina Xuan and Magno Lopez, $424,900.

Aristotle Dr., 11325, No. 5-304-Aisha A. Syed to Kristen E. Vatt, $240,000.

Arlington Blvd., 9090-Teri C. and Stephen W. Westbrook to Sean Layne, $342,500.

Aylor Rd., 5409-Brenda William Dodd Poole to Carolyn R. and Erica M. Hooper, $602,500.

Benjamin Hill Lane, 12404-Guo Fan Zhang and Hyangsook Kim to Quynh Mai Nguyen and Perry Austin Oates IV, $478,000.

Briggs Rd., 4732-Guillermo and Dianne Rastelli to Sandra Vasquez and Michael Jose Romero, $624,900.

Carisbrooke Lane, 4618-Cynthia A. Clover and Eric L. Brown to Sebastian Tezna and Leslie Elisabeth Frew, $599,500.

Cavalier Landing Ct., 11623, No. 405-Brian Ivar McCleary to Prabbat K. Sinha, $360,000.

Chronical Dr., 12500-David Perry Woodall to Daoud and Sadaf Jalal, $600,000.

Collis Oak Ct., 3925-Michele A. Shaw to Evgenii V. and Natalia Krivsun, $475,000.

Crouch Dr., 12874-Christopher at Hampton Springs Corp. to Rishi and Sangita Anand, $1.18 million.

Danas Crossing Dr., 5317-Frank and in Sook Han to Yang Liu and Yulan Ma, $780,000.

Dusty Wheel Lane, 12625-Matthew T. and Margaret D. Schuering to Dachuan Liu and Xiaono Chen, $787,500.

Eskridge Rd., 2993-Travis and Lindsay Clarke to Mostapha V. Roudsari and Bahareh Aslani Amoli, $799,000.

Grays Pointe Rd., 12940, No. A-Bradley C. and Courtney Kennedy Taylor to Kapeel and Sumeet Kumar, $247,500.

Hayes Ct., 12471, No. 303-Kristal G. Young to Kiwon Song and Kyung Hwa Kang, $315,000.

Holden St., 5119-Hossam El Din Ahmed to Maurice Brungardt, $644,900.

Kathryn Jean Ct., 3913-Amy Cho to Aygul Gochamanova and Christopher Ashley Miller, $540,000.

Latimer Ct., 10011-Tri Quang and Jeanne N. Doan to Michael Tam and Trang Emmie Nguyen, $505,000.

Lindsey Meadow Ct., 10262-Yan Li Gong and Qing Wang to Melissa Karen Batchelor and Charles Edmond Murphy Jr., $840,000.

Lower Park Dr., 4218-Mary Kathleen Nord to Sylvia G. Jones, $563,000.

Midstone Lane, 4415-Kathleen Lewis to Muktar Kelati, $499,000.

Moss Ranch Lane, 13106-Nora Britch to Jie Lian and Mu Liu, $495,000.

Novak Lane, 4921-Lisa Bertola and Christopher C. Moffett to Stephen and Heather Boyd, $850,000.

Park Dr., 11318-Christopher and Cynthia Schuck to Michael S. and Hana Kang Lee, $875,000.

Paxford Ct., 5506-Timothy Patrick and Nayelly Melo Dorion to Diana Onel and Benjamin Cunningham, $431,000.

Penderview Terr., 12159, No. 921-Matthew T. Brensy to Aaron Wayne Ghaner, $193,000.

Pineleaf Ct., 11478-NVR Inc. to August Andrei and Bernadette Pilares Tan, $1.08 million.

Prestwick Dr., 5001-Patricia Gerbracht Pieper to Katherine H. Collins and Jason Jay Wonn, $810,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 211-Sunwoo and Matthew Kim to Richard P. Breckenridge, $465,000.

Provincetown Ct., 10226-Scott L. and Kristy M. Stallsmith to Anissa McFarland, $480,000.

Readsborough Ct., 3170-Brothers Three Partnership to Aisha Bhatti, $485,000.

Rittenhouse Cir., 3073-Matthew D. and Christina G. Aizcorbe to Zheying Huang and Adam K. Tanga, $615,000.

Stanhope Pl., 10822-James Randall and Cecilia H. Robinson to Steven P. and Kimberly N. James, $652,500.

Strawflower St., 4372-NVR Inc. to Edward B. and Chi Man K. Lee, $1.13 million.

Sweet Leaf Terr., 12532-Barbara L. Mancini to Dhinakar J. Jayaseelan and Patricia Keegan, $531,250.

Tolman Rd., 12603-Andrew B. and Virginia G. Woelflein to Li Zhu and Tao Zhang, $960,000.

Victoria Station Ct., 12614-Nicholas C. Zarpas to James Ryan and Sara A. Laviola, $480,000.

Whitacre Rd., 4028-Reel Homes Corp. to Junkang Huang and Jing Li, $1.25 million.


Burke Lake Rd., 10318-Nova Development Corp. to Misook and John Issa, $775,000.

Copperleaf Lane, 9006-Christen M. Davis to Kevin R. and Amanda L. Jackman, $800,000.

Flaming Oak Way, 9615-Kathy P. Lang to Steve and Leigh Anne Walston Hamamgian, $670,000.

Nuthatch Dr., 9604-Brigitte E. Salyers to Araz Akrawi, $710,000.

Thistledown Trail, 7501-Susan H. Crane to Clark H. Heidelbaugh and Christine E. Bingman, $903,062.


Allan Ave., 7409-Brian O’Hara to John L. and Alethea D. Zabrowski, $1.21 million.

Camp Alger Ave., 7302-Cooper H. Brown and Rebecca N. Eisenberg to Timothy Matthew Meisburger and Sri Redjeki Sugiarti, $529,000.

Dover Lane, 2840, No. 302-Kristy Lynn Lukaszewski to Tarek Maaraba, $165,000.

George Mason Rd. W., 2804-Scott and Sara Maciejewski to Morgan Kearney and Laura Hitchings, $569,900.

Hickory Hill Rd., 7001-Robert E. and Heather L.M. Walnock to Bridgette Cooper and Michael Dabaghi, $537,999.

Inversham Dr., 7727, No. 145-Douglas A. and Tonya R. Fisk to Jaewoo Park, $357,900.

Kennedy St., 1013-Steven F. and Monica L. Stein Olson to Paul Andrew and Melissa Kingsley Russell, $800,000.

Meadow Lane, 2908-Linda S. Neighborgall to Matthew P. Hoh and Elizabeth G. Sullivan, $560,000.

Oak Knoll Dr., 2904-Catherine L. Whiteside and Michael B. Fay to Franklin Keith and Alexandria Leigh Reyher, $611,000.

Saint James Pl., 3325-Gary L. Dwyier and William H. French to Lee Anthony Foster, $630,000.

Slade Ct., 3412-Bruce F. Austin and Joelle Ruddy to Marion and Eymy Telleria, $450,000.

Winchester Way, 2800-JKS Properties Corp. to Joseph Ried Hubbard and Kathleen Elizabeth Miller, $717,500.


Dale Dr., 2323-Matthew and Mitra House to Nuno F. Alves, $1.43 million.

George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 511-Tina M. Umar McCaffery to Ronald M. Lewis, $255,000.

Hileman Rd., 1925-Robert J. and Mary E. Gerino to Gary and Katarzyna B. Kressler, $550,000.

Lexington Rd., 2408-Beverly and Marc A. Cohn to Denis He and Jillian Ong, $715,000.

McLean Greens Ct., 6873-William A. and Claire F. Licamele to Brian M. and Patricia M. Fraser, $567,000.

Pimmit Dr., 1837-Touchstone Custom Homes Corp. to Roman and Jennifer R. Pyatkov, $1.2 million.

Quinten St., 6609-Jean Paul Paschall and Judith E. Myers to Hui Zhang and Long Chen, $750,000.

Shreve Rd., 7808-Amy Lee to Edwin Colque Montenegro, Carmen Patricia Salinas Toranzo and Andre Edwin Colque Salinas, $525,000.


Bainbridge Rd., 7920-Gant Redmon Jr. and Charles R. Detwiler to Holly L. Nolting, $559,000.

Camfield Dr., 8825-James M. Andrews to Mary Klavin and Christie A. Jones, $675,000.

Karl Rd., 8107-Michael D. and Jennifer M. Foutch to Andrew R. and Elisabeth N. Lange, $577,000.

Stirrup Lane, 2500-Howard L. and Sandra R. Deiderich to Cherryl B. Sullivan, $615,500.

Washington Rd., 8037-Andrew J. and Shellie L. Bentz to Kyle Richard and Katie Kizzier, $935,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 310-Charles L. Kanewske and Jane Mary Sarkes to Philip and Danielle Erica Reed, $999,000.

Forest Park Rd., 716-Thomas Andrew and the Ann S. Graham to Peyman Jamshidi and Bahareh Madani, $720,000.

Kettle Pond Lane, 1163-Helene and Sami Zoghbi to Abdul Quddoos, $790,000.

Nicholas Run Dr., 851-Thomas Yungtack and Yoonkyung Elsie Choi to James J. and Monica A. Check, $2.05 million.

Thomas Ave., 12041-Ryan and Erin K. Aldrich to Patrick D. and Jennifer D. O’Brien, $800,000.

Woodleaf Lane, 10891-James Vernon and Eileen F. Roberts to Fadi S. and Elaine G. Shadid, $680,000.


Alton Sq., 12915, No. 204-Richard F. Sheaffer III to Diana Faye Norseen, $199,900.

Artic Quill Rd., 1109-Richard G. Lawter to Danny C. Tang, $525,000.

Banshire Dr., 2554-Rosemary K. and Stephen J. Walsh to Sreenivasa and Shanta Kammari, $465,000.

Branch Dr., 800-Debra J. Bailey to Michael V. Hickey, $525,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12901, No. 415-Adam Semitekol to Kevin T. Chafin, $321,000.

Christy Pl., 2203-Chuma Agogbua to Mohammed N. Islam, $330,000.

Dakota Lakes Dr., 2452-Srikanth P. and Madhuri R. Yelimati to Pushkar H. Damle and Manjiri S. Apte, $765,000.

Emerald Chase Dr., 3036-Sasank and Aparna Melanathuru to Raina P. Dodiva and Hirenkumar Dineshbhai Patel, $580,000.

Farthingale Dr., 13060-Paul E. and Abigail S. Lehner to Mauricio Castillo Effen and Claudia P. Veneros Liquitaya, $665,000.

Fox Hunt Lane, 13168-Balachandar Rajasekharan and Nandhini Chandran to Wirasat Karim Siddioi and Shazia Ejaz, $565,000.

Glen Taylor Lane, 13409-Lawrence J. Shorten to Hariprasad N. Davangere and Aparna Nagargadde, $695,000.

Horsepen Woods Lane, 13304-Wing Wai Chu and Ko Hung Chan to Pradeep B. and Kavita T. Somayaji, $826,000.

Kinross Cir., 3285-Jay Alan and Kathryn Avery Liotta to Dnyanesh Arvind Anaspure and Avanti A. Gore, $610,000.

Lou Alice Way, 13103-Frederick C. and Paul W. Holland to Gunakar and Shilpa Darisi, $861,000.

Monaghan Dr., 2110-Julio A. Alfaro and Celeste L. Galindo to Moises Franco Reyes, $275,000.

Old Dairy Ct., 13486-Russell and Patricia McWey to Cindy Bravo, $389,900.

Rowland Dr., 1202-Jay E. Lightfoot and Susan E. Titus to Stephanie T. and Orville P. Harris, $720,000.

Salk St., 13692-Meghan R. Stensrud to Shu Jiuan Liang, $415,000.

Spring Chapel Ct., 2864-Ingeborg Furlong to Michael Q. and Kelley C. Davis, $630,000.

Timber Wood Way, 2954-Philip A. and Wanda M. Cooke to Edward and Lily McDonald, $831,000.

Westcourt Lane, 2204, No. 210-Robert Wiley Jr. to Richard F. Horan, $195,000.


Arlington Terr., 2234-Holliday L. Hurd and estate of Sherrill D. Hurd to Kate E. Borey, $355,000.

Elmwood Dr., 3418-Sanford Botkin and Lori A. Kaplan to Lien Nguyen, $260,000.

Fairview Terr., 2308-Stephanie McFadden O’Neill to Casey W. Scott, $340,000.

Fort Dr., 2431-Gregory Barber to Chase Andrew and Michelle Maria Boren, $543,350.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1010-Kyong S. and Natalie O. Pak to Kristian C. and Patrick K. Chin, $332,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 201-Joseph Albert Luger to Patricia Ballance Mandes, $270,000.

Tennessee Dr., 3404-Robert and Karen Akins to Kimberly Anne and Benjamin D. Mackey, $885,000.


Beddoo St., 6622-H. Gene and Debra D. Sockman to Jeffrey and Elizabeth Correa, $500,000.

Great Swan Ct., 7579-Ihab Osman Nafie and Mai Omer to Laukik S. and Anh N. Suthar, $430,000.

Lamp Post Lane, 6835-Method Realty Co. Corp. to Andrew John and Sarena Morgan Harvey, $559,900.

Milway Dr., 7504-Walter R. and Sharon G. Batiste McEwen to Michael and Katherine Fries, $625,000.

Sherwood Hall Lane, 2728-Ki Seong Kim to Eric J. O’Leary, $385,000.

Stream Bed Way, 4326-Jean Frances Vollano to Nicole Thomas and Eric Stephen Dorris, $530,000.


Bismach Dr., 5604, No. 102-Fairouz A. Fahema to Adam Daniel Quinn and Denver Lorraine Dente, $275,000.

Cherokee Ave., 5118-William S. Still to Elijah and Amy Brown, $590,000.

Helen Winter Terr., 4689-Sung Young and Mi Na Yang to Sumev and Divya Kohli, $592,500.

Kemper Lakes Ct., 6537-Juan Carlos Osorio and Nathalie Alexandra Hoffman to Christopher Michael Bahlo and Michael Emmanuel Perez, $484,000.

Phyllis Lane, 6305-Robin A. Cormier and estate of Edith Mae Willett to Pha and Mellanie S. So, $410,000.


Almeda Ct., 7970-Robert M. Ryan to Alexandrea and Jabari Dukes, $565,000.

Bluebonnet Dr., 8139-James H. and Eva T. Berro to Akhil J. and Sejal A. Soni, $1.04 million.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9224-C-Lara Christal Sullivan Abdringa to Sang Pun and Devon S. Han, $248,000.

Central Green St., 9197-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to Marcus White and Min Liao, $670,343.

Crossbrook Ct., 8211, No. 101-Mohammad Shatnawi and Erin Dunleavy to Vickie Harris, $243,000.

Fitt Ct., 8313-Antoinette R. and Douglas A. Jones to Jacob and Emily D. Long, $650,000.

Hamilton Ct., 6906-Phillip G. and Mary Crowe Caldwell to Stephen J. and Renee J. Dorrity, $375,000.

Hill Dr. E., 9955-Seung Hyun and Jae Yom to Adnan Shah, $625,000.

Kiger St., 8919-Steve C. and Steven Charles Jayjock to Scott Uithol, $745,000.

Old Pohick Ct., 8108-Lee James Bennett III to Warren O. Simmons, $450,000.

Potters Hill Cir., 9626-Geraldo A. and Elizabeth Peralta to Brenda D. and Keith D. Rose, $492,000.

Samuel Wallis St., 8010-Gregory and Debora Keysor to John F. and Cheryl L. Nemeth, $525,000.

Surry Grove Ct., 7603-Socheata S. Ros to Reehan Sarwar, $490,000.

Tanyard Lane, 9082-Minh Huy Ngoc Nguyen and Phuong Kim Chu to Omar Karim and Andrea Maria Morales, $480,000.

Wolford Way, 7653-Allison Barnard Rubin to Boris Novillo Cardenas, Jaquelynne Victoria Chanduvi and Teresa Ximena Cadima, $337,100.


Baron Rd., 6804-Paul J. and Nancy M. Cincotta to Daniel Justin Sibears and Mary Alexandra Saxer, $965,000.

Byrnes Dr., 6607-Terrence A. and Patricia L. Kuruppu to Clay Greenway, $840,000.

Chesterfield Ave., 6504-Sonam Doma to Katia Ma and Aubrey W. Thornton, $800,000.

Emerson Ave., 1450, No. 215-Mark S. and Dieu T. Matthews to Peggy A. Cox, $729,000.

Falstaff Rd., 8107-Hyun S. Pak to Minhong Yu and Ming Lou, $860,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 520-Paul D. and Linda H. Sundquist to Cyrus and Vida Jabbari, $363,000.

International Dr., 1625, No. 118-Jacek and Elzbieta Stanczak to Philip Bothwell, $375,000.

Kimberwicke Rd., 1006-Robert H. and Margaret C. Stotz to Sinisa and Jasmina Vlaisavljevic, $989,000.

La Salle Ave., 1629-Alkaram Properties Inc. to Anthony S. Leonard and Mary Kathleen Roman, $860,000.

Lawton St., 800-Artisan Builders III Corp. to Hamood and Carla Abutaa, $3.45 million.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 325-Ben Tangpricha to Nichole Elizabeth Mangano, $249,900.

Lincoln Way, 1540, No. 202B-Tessye E. and James F. Russell to Issam Abu Izz and Dima Yassin, $220,000.

Meadow Green Lane, 1199-David and Susan Gorin to Richard Philip and Kimberly Elizabeth Hilton, $1.12 million.

Old Chesterbrook Rd., 6330-John and Lauren Buckley to Samuel K. and Erin H. Whitt, $990,000.

Provincial Dr., 7630, No. 104-Paramount Investments Corp. and 3sels Properties Corp. to Yetemwork Wolde Leka, $399,900.

Ridgeview Cir., 4087-G. Stephen and Anne Powers Perry to Alexander Thomas and Whitney Remily, $1.29 million.

Southridge Dr., 7002-Elizabeth A. Laposta and estate of John Robert Goodwin Baker to Yanfeng Xue and Haihao Wu, $802,000.

Towne Lane Rd., 6737-John B. and Julia N. McKinley to Harrison Boxbaum and Noelle Tullio, $800,000.

Wasp Lane, 1450-Cypress Home Development Corp. to Shuai Shao, $2.02 million.

Wrightson Dr., 1635-Ching Lee Chen and Harrison Lee Wu to Ahmed Pasha, $833,000.


Cedar Rd., 5207-Linda D. Parker and Harry W. Swartz Jr. to Chi K. Nguyen and Eric Tze Man Wong, $425,000.

Cooper St., 8218-Diplomat Property Manager Corp. to Sandra E. and Ignacio Espinoza, $455,000.

Ferry Landing Ct., 9410-Nicolas and Patricia Pasanella to Ryan Cummings and Maria Mancini, $810,000.

Manor Dr., 4609-Sheelah Z. Walker to Reshma Shahabuddin and Muslem Uddin, $595,000.

Mount Zephyr Dr., 8504-Vast Venture 40 Corp. to Francisco Daniel and Hariklia Kapaniris Bonilla, $795,000.

Pantano Pl., 8011-Mohammad Shah Alam and Akter Jahan to Uriel Velazquez, $170,000.

Segundo Pl., 3807-Martin A. Coto Mendoz to Jesus O. Benavides and Mariana Esmeralda Benitez, $180,000.

Surrey Ct., 8812-Michael R. and Brenda J. Liston to Lawrence Peter and Kathleen M. Spoth, $875,000.

Wessynton Way, 3320-Marguerite E. Blackwelder to Michael Robert and Kimberly S. Cammarata, $750,000.


Calvin Ct., 5447-Kathleen L. Skilton to Paul and Kevin Elaine Fiesel, $416,500.

Dalhouse St., 7118-Mark Stephen and Veronica Scafaru Maddox to Casey H. Brown and Virginia M. Quinn, $525,000.

Oldcastle Lane, 5307-Jason W. and Courtney B. Trollinger to Marilyn Covello, $549,000.

Uxbridge Ct., 8383-Kellen H. and Elizabeth Kawa Burgwin to Jason and Jessica Li, $405,000.


Ashbrooke Ct., 10206A-Jin Oh Hong to Hoaly and Loi Nguyen and Lien Truong, $295,000.

Lapham Dr., 11306-Steven L. and Carol Simons Huddleston to Courtney C. and Ryan C. Kujawski, $915,000.

Oakton Manor Ct., 2829-Winifred E. Cowden to Frederico Pedroso and Aline E. Lang, $640,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3175, No. 5-D3-Erika P. Rey to Sara Cristina Valente Sousa, $226,000.

Turnberry Pl., 10155-Arunasish and Anita Sircar to Jason M. and Lisa J. Williams, $570,000.


Ansdel Ct., 2407-GR4 Corp. to Scott Glenn Messier, $435,000.

Barnstead Dr., 1617-Melissa Beth Highley to Ronald and Christine Kemper, $382,000.

Bishopsgate Way, 1222-Matthew J. and Christine A. Halvorsen to Todd and Jeanette Yoen Rachman, $850,000.

Canter Lane, 12022-David and Mary Anne Capets to Philip R. and Rachel E. Brooks, $635,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11216, No. 119-Tranquil Properties Corp. to Cody B. and Rebecca K. Larson, $228,000.

Chimney House Rd., 1668-Susan Weston Wensell to Stephen Zappalla Jr., $575,000.

Edgemere Cir., 12022-Kevin Ghaffarkhan to Santosh Khanal and Supriya Sharma, $610,000.

Fieldthorn Dr., 1649-Vinay Annojjula and Kavita Ashok Imarti to Paul E. and Maria B. Young, $370,000.

Freetown Dr., 2467-Ralph Scott DiMaio and Jacqueline T. Murray to Eugene J. Haugh and Elizabeth Shell, $540,000.

Golf View Ct., 1806-Hyum Ho and Eun Hae Ro to Tyler G. and Heather M. Ott, $522,500.

Harbor Ct., 11192-Sunflower Estates Corp. to Nobue and Mohtasham Hammamoto and Mani Mohtasham, $300,000.

Hunt Club Rd., 10907-Ihor and Laurie A. Jarema to James Parrott and Hally Rice Brewster, $625,000.

Karbon Hill Ct., 11709-C-Daniel and Alexandra J. Fullem to Jenny Lee Hogan, $265,480.

Ledura Ct., 11733, No. T1-Bradley W. Branham to Rebecca Diane Turner, $214,500.

Market St., 11990, No. 1615-Philip E. and Pamela B. Tobey to Cheryl Dawn Garrison, $860,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 203-Jacqueline A. Dailey to Alan R. Helton, $270,000.

Myrtle Lane, 2409-Larry B. and Bruce O. Randall to Evan P. and Christine R. Price, $599,900.

Park Garden Lane, 1375-Marjorie L. Givarz to Michael William Bell, $620,000.

Purple Beech Dr., 11502-Steven B. and Katherine H. Webb to Marie H. and Franck Benoist, $685,750.

Rosedown Dr., 2339-Jonathan Tang and Queena Fan to Sadegh Jafari and Mitra Dadashzadeh Ranjbar, $542,000.

Running Cedar Rd., 11510-Lois M. Male to Louise M. Hassinger, $582,000.

Silentwood Lane, 11271-Robert and Colleen O. Grant to Merle and Tarmo Toom, $390,000.

Springwood Dr., 2224, No. 109A-Nancy E. McKenzie to Sean Gardner Sullivan, $275,000.

Stuart Rd., 1507-Michael H. Kuzniewski to Vinay K. Annojjula and Kavita A. Imarti, $725,000.

Sundance Dr., 1701-Cindy L. Jones to Michael Cirulli, $385,000.

Taliesin Pl., 12012, No. 25-Michael Dobozy to Robert B. and Michelle M. Sullivan, $365,000.

Twisted Oak Dr., 1539-Brandon Sumpter and Jennifer Heller to Kimberly Haynes and Alyssa L. Lee, $440,000.

Wanda Way, 2406-Jared Van Vaerenewyck to Jacquelin A. and Alan C. Davis, $425,000.

Whisperwood Glen Lane, 2186-Patrick Z. and Heather A. Brooks to Aaron J. Mulroy, $334,000.


Arlington Blvd., 6001, No. T10-Tien N. Nguyen to Kim Tuyen Thi Do, $170,000.

Meeting St., 3057-Keith Young to Paul R. Johnson and Mariya S. Nakova, $578,000.

Van Winkle Dr., 6630-Michael A. Afsah Mohallatee and Julie Dorzab to Paul Gerard Flinkstrom and Nicole Monteforte, $965,000.


Ashlawn Ct., 6537-James R. and Kathryn H. Scheip to Michael A. Lloren and Rosa A. Flores Aguilera, $585,000.

Bowie Dr., 6621-Somchai and Chantima Suka to Barbara L. Barrios Holden and Byron E. Barrios Guerrero, $445,000.

Calamo St., 7031-Pathway Homes Inc. to Julio Cespedes, $585,000.

Cliff Rock Ct., 7905-Arlen E. Lippert to Muhammad Abbasi, $530,000.

Erving St., 5902-Lisa C. Matthews and Leonard A. Wood III to Linh and Dinh Huynh, $390,000.

Gambrill Ct., 7920-J. Denise Setliff and Frederick R. Streszoff to Garret M. Willis, $465,000.

Giltinan Ct., 9081-Lynne S. Barbour to Jonathan D. and Elizabeth V. Cornett, $425,000.

Gralnick Pl., 7621-James A. Fletcher and Kathy J. Barrett to James and Noelle Rosalie Kenny, $695,000.

Hibbling Ave., 6322-Kevin L. and Jamila K. Lenard Shand to Dieuthao Thi Luu and Sang H. Du, $412,000.

Lake Pleasant Dr., 8016-Giridhar Sastry and Chitralekha Rao to Edwin Avila Jr. and Jose A. Velasco Abarca, $502,750.

Magic Leaf Rd., 8332-Samuel P. and Stephanie L. Maroney to Patrick and Lauren Palsha, $495,000.

Northedge Dr., 9231-David G. Lux to Christian T. and Jennifer W. Gordon, $625,000.

Reservation Dr., 7320-Robert C. and Lara Lewis to Christopher M. Hanson and Jennifer E. Dupalo, $575,000.

Rushing Creek Ct., 8452-Palmer J. Penny to Amy and Joel Gallant, $498,000.

Springfield Oaks Dr., 8428-Daniel Richard and Jennifer Wolf Jones to Rebekah Dailey, $390,000.

Water Valley Ct., 7830-Nancy A. Stein to Evan and Rachel Pipitone, $479,000.


Beulah Rd. NE, 409-J.D.A. Custom Homes Inc. to Khalil and Courtney El Ghoul, $1.65 million.

Center St. S., 153-Cadence On Center Corp. to William and Diane Voit, $981,972.

Commons Dr. NW, 244-Stephen J. and Angelica Pueblo to Justin A. Nance, $555,750.

Dawson St., 1789-Mohamed Boukadoum to Jie Wei, $736,000.

Farmside Pl., 9694-Judith Miranda Stevenson to Qinghe Feng, $653,000.

Lewis St. NW, 214-Eagle Properties and Investments Corp. to Odile Brock, $750,000.

Macarthur Ave. NE, 500-Somerville Homes Inc. to David W. and Allison Kreps, $725,000.

Moorefield Hill Ct. SW, 1125-Charles I. and Constance T. Sherrill to Colin D. Bertram and Jennifer M. Schwenk, $599,950.

Nutley St. SW, 319-Thomas and Mina Nabi to Soo Young Nam, $1.3 million.

Percussion Way, 9514-Thomas D. Kins to Jyldyz Nazar Aliyas and Aibek O. Akmat, $700,000.

Robin Way Ct., 2118-Qin H. Zheng to Wais Yaqub, $1.13 million.

Silentree Dr., 2133-Kenneth A. and Sandra Boris to Dean and Kristin Spiridon, $788,000.

Towney View Ct., 2801-Eva Freund and Elke Martin to Basil A. Florito and Laura C. Lehmann, $662,500.

Ware St. SW, 1212-Sarah and Adam Burrowbridge to Daniel Hernandez, $625,000.

Wynhurst Lane, 1409-Gregg R. Glogowski to Juan M. Duenas and Melissa L. Loskovich, $1.25 million.


Asterella Ct., 7763-Daniela D. Cockayne to Erin Stewart and Albert C. Chen, $485,000.

Blarney Stone Dr., 9117-Mulugeta A. Beyene to Fiseha Darge, $410,000.

Dawley Ct., 6907-John Purcell and Kimberly J. Selstrom to Huber R. and Angela B. Parsons, $646,000.

Etta Dr., 8708-James E. Veditz to Juan Osorio and Nathalie Hoffman, $640,000.

Greenview Lane, 6521-Terry L. Hall to Francisco H. and Yohandra M. Martinez, $560,000.

Jansen Dr., 7914-David Carlton and Douglass Kisner to Daniel and Cathleen Zeytoonian, $635,000.

Langbrook Rd., 8115-Louis Victor and Florence M. Priebe to Rozina Bibi and Jahangir Khan, $455,000.

Nassau Dr., 6011-Linda Pierce Knutson to Mark B. and Carissa D. Sucato, $640,000.

Queenston St., 5959-Barbara J. Trujillo to Kevin B. and Martha A. Kidd, $422,000.

Rolling Rd., 6822-Chun Hung Su and Yulin Wang to Alberto Oscar and Morgan Perez, $599,888.

Surrey Hill Pl., 5902-H-Colleen M. Haddow and Nicholas J. Gehrig to Josh Eman and Judy Ann Dukes and Marchella Dukes South, $175,000.

Westover Ct., 8503-Colleen A. Rodriguez McKenna to Shinsil Moon, $315,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Allison Cir., 4276-Juan Miguel Arias to Dingxi Qiu and Ying Wang, $356,000.

Blackthorn Ct., 10006-Anthony Wayne and Catherine F. Rollins to Samantha Sordi and Jaclyn Burgwald, $640,000.

Duston Pl., 3810-Nathaniel David Walden to Jamie Amanda Shetzline and Ryan Reed Grove, $499,000.

Lyndhurst Dr., 3874, No. 103-Joseph M. Weissman to Howard B. and Anne Green, $220,000.

Orchard St., 10914-Jonathan and Stephanie Loritz to Jeffrey Harrison, $541,000.

Sager Ave., 10328, No. 311-Zahra and Emad Masumi to Patricia Gebhard, $455,000.

Sideburn Rd., 4300-William Herrick Hofford and estate of Roxanne H. Cramer to Donna Krasnewich and Jaroslav G. Vostal, $445,000.

Springmann Dr., 10625-Robert S. and Amy C. Harrelson to Michael Ben and Gina Page Lummus, $679,000.

White Oak Ct., 3403-Betty C. Rafi to Benjamin Russell and Vannaly Judy Quattrone, $536,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Birch St., 110, No. B2-Sholpan and Phillip Butterfield to Michelle L. Paulin, $282,665.

Cherry St. S., 114-Jason and Stacy Mindlin to Lyle D. and Robin B. Jepson, $1.02 million.

Greenway Blvd. W., 215-Vine Custom Homes Corp. to George Fotios and Irina N. Kokkoros, $1.16 million.

James Thurber Ct., 209-Deborah H. O’Donnell and Geraldine G. Holben to Joseph R. and Sarah C. Foley, $910,000.

Midvale St., 226-Daniel Patrick Sprouse to Robert and Minna Cavanaugh, $835,000.

Timber Lane, 502-Malini Sabharwal to Gloria C. and David Decoste, $1.34 million.