Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Colfax Ave., 5870-Thomas J. and Deborah R. Brunelli Murphy to Robert Dunlap, $691,000.

Rosser St. N., 3714, No. 302-Nuzhat Khokhar to Carlos M. and Luz E. Quintanilla, $178,000.


Duke Dr., 6809-Jayne and Ryan Faul to Dennis Joseph and Lan Thi Martin, $630,500.

Wakefield Dr. E., 6613, No. B2-Andrea E. Simmons to Ronald Roberts, $245,000.


Ashby Lane, 7507, No. I-Roberta E. and Anthony J. Manikas to Franz Inden, $306,000.

Ashland Dr., 7922-Van Metre Homes at Crest of Alexandria to Anthony J. Carchietta and Lorraine A. Giovinazzo, $826,225.

Briarleigh Way, 6619-Huber R. and Angela Barr Parsons to Azada Hussaini, $445,000.

Buttercup Ct., 6021-Michael Alexander Jones and Sarah Michelle Myers to Giovanni and Katiri Vanessa Zuluaga, $440,000.

Curtier Dr., 6009-E-Richard E. and Francine L. Willis to Dave Singca Sarmiento, $300,000.

Earlston Dr., 6971-Illeny Maaza to James J. and Jeannette I. Puryear, $465,000.

Ellingham Cir., 7004, No. 46-Jean Larkai to Samuel G. Kesting, $286,050.

Gentele Ct., 6305-Russell Boggs Wright to Eric Schuettenberg and Stephanie Lacasse, $475,000.

High Valley Lane, 6623-Christian and Amy Bass to Steven and Fadumo Abdi Horneman, $369,000.

Joust Lane, 6073-Jefferson D. and Jessica D. Mason to Patrick Thomas and Brielle L. Brewick, $489,900.

Lake Cove Dr., 7199-Benjamin S. and Jaime M. Freeborn to Henry J. and Darlene S. Abeyta, $490,000.

Morning Ride Cir., 6774-Norrice and Toya Thompson Tucker to Linda Esah and John A. McMahon III, $615,000.

Olivet Ct., 7836-Van Metre Homes at Crest of Alexandria to Cindy R. Vande Stouwe, $726,350.

Parkridge Lane, 5914-Virgil C. and Carol E. Farley to Brian J. and Christine M. Valladares, $610,000.

Rockshire St., 6433-Mezgebe Haile to Iqubal Hassan, $355,000.

Sharon Chapel Rd., 3421-Allen and Maritza Juno to Marodda Tedesco, $720,000.

Summer Park Lane, 6117-Brenton J. and Allison W. Barefoot to Kimberly Livesay and Nathan Bennett Jr., $550,000.

Trask Terr., 6548-Dorothy J. Lenoir to Roberto A. Lopez, $599,000.

Wescott Hills Way, 6008-Paramount Investments Corp. to Ahmad Shahim Esmat, $510,000.

Worthing Ct., 7808-Laura L. and Mark W. Will to Wendy M. Wise, $583,500.


Byrneley Lane, 7209-Duy Duc and Mai Thy Nguyen to Julia Jackson and Jason Duffus, $780,000.

Chapel Dr., 8604-Richard A. and Margaret M. Green to Allen Maurice and Catherine McKernan Johnson, $673,750.

Dodson Dr., 4910-Christopher and Harry Nicholson Cook to Eric C. and Joanna Rossignol, $556,000.

Falling Creek Ct., 8944-John Michael and Deborah S. Sollosi to Scott Alan and Elizabeth Colella Johnson, $595,000.

Guinea Rd., 4501-Yoon Ja Kim to Michael A. and Alayna N. Mascia, $575,000.

Kay Ct., 8221-Dominique J. Hatcher to Jorge M.C. Campodonico, $704,000.

Linette Lane, 5121-DSG Properties Corp. to James G. and Maria Margaret Cunningham, $615,000.

Luttrell Rd., 3446-Jose Velazquez and Veronica Hueck to Paulina Carrasco, $647,500.

Springbrook Dr., 4917-Diane J. Cowan to Gulbun Esen and Filiz Esen Budak, $625,000.

Tarheel Way, 4913-Sarah Ellen Good and Robert B. Escalera II to Manoj K. Kolel Veetil and Sindhu Gopalan, $724,900.

Van Masdag Ct., 4906-Chad and Elizabeth Apligian Fairey to Mistire T. Tilahun, $400,000.

Willet Dr., 4821-Soung James and Nam Diana Rim to Adam M. and Megan M. Sheffer, $545,000.

Wynnwood Dr., 4307-Jan J. and Anna E. Dekker to Timothy T. Matthew and Lisa E. Babb, $840,000.


Ardley Ct., 3372-Christopher J. Gadon and estate of Angela H. Thigpen to Luke P. Porter, $477,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 1107N-Jan M. Kuseski and Erick Raymond to Sayed Ahmed Mahmoud and Hallah M. Abdallah, $197,500.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 806S-Nigist Asfaha to Mohamed A. El Shiekh, $250,000.

Lakeview Terr., 3814-Elizabeth Ann Wadle to Christina Biebesheimer and William Dale Baumgartner, $1.58 million.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 412-Noris M. Tolosa to John S. and Shawn L. Riordan, $300,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 114N-Edward Benjamin and Monica Lynne Money to Jeffrey R. Barlow, $230,000.

Seminary Rd., 5575, No. 205-Mollie R. West to Michelle M. White, $292,500.

Steppes Ct., 3706-B-Bonnie J. and Leo Parsons to Robert D. Petri, $325,000.


Banning Pl., 5837-Margarita O. Chiappe to Dung Thanh Tran, $402,000.

Burke Manor Ct., 5827-Tai Anh Bui to Iris H. Penaloza, $328,000.

Coffer Woods Pl., 9602-Gerald Matthew Rottinghaus to Melody N. Panzer and Garth B. and Maxwell S. Harding, $450,000.

Crownleigh Ct., 5780-Nancy Jones to Clint A. and Giuliana Lamm, $424,900.

Fenestra Ct., 6366-Wangying Liu and Hanming Wang to Jay N. and Latoya D. Fendrick, $350,000.

Ironmaster Dr., 9515-Roland L. Bernier to Kristin and Richard Wiley, $689,900.

Lighthouse Lane, 5438-Stephen W. and Laura R. Curry Greene to Deyvis Vasquez Soto and Maria Andrea Vasquez, $422,000.

Martins Landing Lane, 6014-Jeremy J. and Dawn M. Gray to Alisa M. and Brandon D. Major, $375,000.

Oak Ladder Ct., 5807-Richard I. and Akiyo Dunetz to Tiffany M. Gourdin, $389,000.

Roberts Common Lane, 10205-Carolina Nolte Vargas to Mario A. Hernandez Santos and Sarvia Marisol Diaz, $442,000.

Shiplett Blvd., 6120-Hope Brady to Marcel and Esther Tyszler, $522,500.

Spring Oak Ct., 10691-Ibrokhim and Gulandom Yuldashev to Hernan P. Cuellar Vargas and Percy A. Cuellar, $350,000.

Ulysses Ct., 9406-Kim Cilmi Rolland to Robert J. and Cassandra J. Alexandre, $480,000.

Westwood Manor Ct., 9820-Ming T. and Jeannie L. Wong to Deborah McLaughlin and Donald Joseph Riley Jr., $638,000.


Basingstoke Loop, 14793-Anita Singh and Surender Singh Negi to Min Sook Kim, $300,000.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14120-Darren Leighton and Cody Fondahn to Deborah M. Shrader, $426,000.

Braddock Ridge Dr., 5472-Jose A. and Marie E. Mendoza to Savvas Hadjichristodoulou, $503,000.

Creek Branch Ct., 14556-Mary Anne Pickett to Surender Singh Negi and Anita Singh, $410,000.

Deer Pond Rd., 5802-Stephen D. and Michele S. Ford to David Jeffers and Thuy Nguyen Kimbrell, $530,000.

Gabrielle Way, 14115-Jayant K. and Santwana Das to Moses Abiodun and Ibironke Hannah Ayilaran, $420,000.

Gothwaite Dr., 6108-Tuan Nguyen Tu and Hong Thikhanh Le to Mariwyn and Jonathan Ring, $332,000.

Hartwood Lane, 6805-Department of Veterans Affairs to Adel and Evon S. Youssef, $651,585.

Jackson Fields Ct., 6671-John and Christine Ahad to Bashir M. Abbasi and Farhad Sherzad, $720,000.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13512-Geoffrey A. Parks and Carolina Betancourt to Eunyoung Choi, $474,900.

Matthews Vista Dr., 13418-Tongyan Liu and Ying Tang to Ming Zhang and Yue Niu, $485,350.

Pachysandra Lane, 5412-Kristy Heejung and Kyeung Guk Min to Honghua Pei, $559,000.

Rockledge Pl., 6714-Young Chul Yoon and Joo Hea Shim to Jong Hyun Yim and Ji Young Kim, $362,000.

Saint Germain Dr., 14213B-Yong U. Yi and Sherry Young So to Dorjsuren Otgon and Tungalag Norov, $392,000.

Stratton Major Ct., 15150-James Franklin Cribb to Michael and Elizabeth Cornwell, $585,000.

Wetherburn Dr., 15107-Yousr M. Khalil to Matthew and Christina Smead, $605,000.

Willoughby Newton Dr., 5636, No. 28-Jennifer Labbe to Arielle Sage Johnson, $252,000.


Beech Down Dr., 3824-James A. and Becca N. Ferrick to Mark and Annabelle F. Bedell, $455,000.

General Kearny Ct., 4312-Uyenchieu Nguyen to Adam Vaca, $500,000.

Lightfoot St., 3840, No. 448-Bushra S. Enterprises Corp. to Becir and Enisa Hadzic, $270,000.

Marble Rock Dr., 13429-Timothy L. and Dorothy P. Beckner to Suresh Chandra and Namita Kesarwani, $730,000.

Silas Hutchinson Dr., 4350-Benjamin P. and Suzanne Foster to Brett Alan and Nicole Lea Buran, $482,000.

Trail Vista Lane, 4920-Westfields Development Corp. to John A. and Karen M. Tsitos, $722,435.

Woods Edge Ct., 4409-Christopher and Tammy Temple to Esteban Miguel Oliverez, $690,000.


Henderson Rd., 11725-Justin Thomas Reed to Jennifer Marv and Mark Edward Hagerman, $785,000.

Newman Rd., 6901-Anirudh and Priya Kulkarni to Kenneth R. and Cynthia Graziani, $905,000.

Rose Gate Ct., 7710-Topoly Corp. to Bryan Wilkes and Heather Looney, $1.27 million.


Acosta Rd., 3709-Jeffrey S. and Lisanne C. Renner to Lisa R. Steeves, $775,000.

Andrew Lane, 11352-Stephen M. and Carol Hanas to Nedal Ibrahim, Manal Nedal and Hala Nedal Deeb, $760,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11377, No. 10-204-Hirisave L. and Geetha Pratap to Koushyar Shaloudegi, $246,000.

Barcellona Ct., 9527-Fredrick R. and April M. Cox to Wang Zheng and Zhe Yu, $420,000.

Broadwater Dr., 10834-Alfonso and Ana R. Torres to John R. and Callie T. Hobbs, $600,000.

Burkitts Rd., 13307-Yunchang Lee to Deres Woldetsadik, $410,000.

Cedar Farm Cir., 9671-Yan Zhao to Han Qin and Manzhu Yu, $624,900.

Cheshire Meadows Way, 5505-Peter T. and Joy A. Lewis to Laura A. Rotella, $445,000.

Derring Lane, 4569-Saty Kalyan Chakravar Seelamneni and Pradeep Nugooru to Ann Deukhyun, Barwoo and Andrew Joha Kim, $535,000.

Elderberry Pl., 3648-Jeremy and Jennifer Sontag to Arturo Muente Kunigami and Barbra Mizushima Oshiro, $665,000.

Fair Crest Ct., 12617-Mary J. Hackford to Haliz Mohamed and Salar Al Shekh, $295,000.

Fair Valley Dr., 4566-Seon Im and Ji Hye Kim to Weon Hyuck Chang and Yoon Ha Park, $610,000.

Falcon Sky Dr., 11608-Ziberty Falcon Corp. to Gita Tajick and Hicham Laoudi, $1.35 million.

Green Ledge Ct., 12108, No. 9-Kristin Pacelli Morrison to Peter E. Huang and Jeanne C. Liu, $275,000.

Gregg Ct., 4028-Michael and Karen Stevens and Shanna Scoresby to Danielle Omar and Georgiana S. Evans, $495,000.

Hayes Ct., 12471, No. 104-Janie S. Miller to Veronica Gossa and Ismail Tofig Shahtakhtinski, $303,000.

Kernstown Ct., 3936-Crista M. Palladino to Roberta A. Jordan, $430,000.

Liberty Bridge Rd., 12414-A-John C. Burnham to Kiffin J. Bryan, $410,000.

Marcum Ct., 12672-Eleanor Matter to William and Hannah Balberde, $500,000.

McFarland Dr., 4939-Linda Suzanne Martin to Korynne Bernard, $355,000.

Midland Rd., 3303-Turn Around Properties Corp. to Wayne L. Thompson Jr. and Martine Myriam Collin, $820,000.

Modano Pl., 8858-Michelle S. and Hana K. Lee to Bryan William Graham, $660,000.

Parkside Terr., 3324-Shawn Cole and Josephine Fulker to John L.D. Ambrosio, $865,000.

Penderview Dr., 3922, No. 305-Robert W. Gutierrez to Sarah Domnarski, $205,000.

Pineleaf Ct., 11480-NVR Inc. to Richard and Jenee Nash, $975,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 121-Mukul Mathur to Xin T. Saunders, $290,000.

Ridge Knoll Dr., 12005, No. 409A-MJ Financial Investments Corp. to Youngil Bue and Myunghee Han, $316,000.

Ruben Simpson Ct., 3812-Mark T. and Stephanie M. Hougaard to Mitra Sangroula and Smriti Thapa, $680,000.

San Juan Dr., 4220-Barbara J. Martin to Tatiana S. Link and Scott A. Johnson, $451,000.

Sassafras Ct., 3095-NVR Inc. to Timothy C.S. Yu and Phyllis X.L. Yu, $821,105.

Southport Lane, 5412-Steven M. and Lisa R. Graine to Nicole T. Johnston and Thomas J. Benca, $625,000.

Sudley Ford Ct., 3738-Harry Manadjian to Elizabeth A. Himes, $343,000.

Tallow Tree Pl., 3930-Hans P. and Maria S. Riede to Steve and Nuru Cronin, $480,000.

Tractor Lane, 5313-Dean A. and Cecilia Graham to Andrew Scott Lane, $790,000.

Village Dr., 4812-George Cernica and Borislava Kostova to Ryan S. and Rebecca L. Gatterdam, $789,900.

White Peach Pl., 3117-Ping Sun and Hui Xu to Waleed Nassar and Hanaa Soltan, $797,000.


Bayberry Ridge Rd., 8222-Alain Lai and Philomene Lai Cheong to Jeffrey Rush and Marisol Burnett, $750,000.

Community Lane, 10145-Samuel M. and Carol S. Jones to Tina Michele Chindgren and John Merritt Wagner III, $1.03 million.

Henderson Rd., 10848-Jatinder P.S. and Rajvinder K. Mann to Ahmed and Rabia Baig, $1.01 million.

Robert Carter Rd., 11311-James V. and Valerie H. Young to Michael Sean and Nadia Baumgarter Garrick, $799,900.


Allan Ave., 7327-Matthew Garcell and Veronika Batyan to Matthew and Tania Stassie, $705,000.

Aspen Lane, 3015-Brenda Ann Jacobs to Janina A. Jaruzelski, $920,000.

Dover Lane, 2864, No. 102-Alice K. Ross to Laurie Ann Dodson, $232,000.

Flagmaker Dr., 2817-Margaret F. Smith and estate of Jean H. Frahm to Natalie and Anthony Joseph Prioletti, $645,000.

Marc Dr., 7408-Asim Rasheed to Phuong Lien T. Nguyen and Sophie Lee Duong, $544,900.

Pathway Ct., 3318-Michelle N. and Jennifer R. Barrett to Brandon C. Ellingson and Megan L. Standard, $639,000.

Tod St., 7226-Dan L. Chadwick and Patricia Mott to John Michael and Mary O. Riemer, $685,000.


Darrells Grant Pl., 6734-Jennifer James Walcott and Hans Robert Davies to Elizabeth Veatch and David Cheplick, $1.1 million.

George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 900-Joseph A. Doyle Jr. to Rajesh Patel, $247,500.

Haycock Rd., 7029-F-Richard J. Leonard and Nancy M. Donnelly to Alex Lelchook and Andrea Wallen, $630,000.

Marshall Heights Ct., 7756-Nancy Lynn Falk to Keith A. Thrasher and Shana E. Hallet, $578,000.

Preston Square Ct., 2109-Wei Sa to Paul L. Mayo and Jung Ha Yang, $601,000.

Wood Mist Lane, 7566-Laurie A. Coffey and Mary D. Loebach to Nghia Nguyen and Hon Tuyet Tran, $392,000.


Camden St., 8606-Potomac Relocation Services Corp. to Ryan J. and Marina Davidson, $699,500.

Chollman Ct., 8200-Wen Wu and Sune Shen to Andrew and Kamilla Force, $625,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 8620-Robert L. Normand to James and Lindsey Lee, $595,000.

Plymouth Rd., 8736-Jerome E. Kelly Jr. and Andrea E. Courduvelis to Andrew D. and Meghan F. Matteson, $1.57 million.

Stratford Lane, 9020-Robert B. Dane and Linda Wilkins to Alexander and Sarah Blanchard, $679,000.


Belgravia Ct., 10911-Yazdani Investments Corp. to Lingbin Cheng, $1.74 million.

Constellation Dr., 916-Benjamin Jericho and Margaret McCreary Seguin to Alexandra Klaren and Alec Hass, $1.03 million.

Golden Arrow St., 860-Felicia A. Altmeyer and Bernard E. Rosen to Kristin Iris, Phillip A. and Imra I. Sprangle, $1.26 million.

Jefferson Run Rd., 103-William H. and Carolyn J. Frames to Charles R. and Sarah N. Ruger, $1.05 million.

Old Holly Dr., 988-Wassim and Rida M. Alami to Natalia Nazarova and Richard Charles Huska, $840,000.

Pensive Lane, 1096-William C. and Joann M. Gehrke to Yi Wang and Yanni Ding, $760,000.

Walker Lake Dr., 10104-Michele A. Zimmer Forster to Stephen Jones and Jacinta Quesada, $885,000.


Alan Shepard St., 3091-US Home Corp. to Mienraddo John M. and Cynthia Bustria, $641,062.

Bicksler Dr., 1107-Tien Nhu Vo and Hoa Tuyet Lam to Maryam Akhavan, $360,500.

Centre Park Cir., 12905, No. 201-Yumming Li and Wenjing Hou to Huailin Chen and Ye Jin, $223,000.

Cliff Edge Dr., 12493-Lavanya Timma and Venkatesan Badhan to Masud Mohammed Ahsan and Syeda Habiba, $661,220.

Florida Ave., 551, No. 145-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Enriqueta Roxana Melgar and Alexis S. Martinez, $192,500.

Garberry Ct., 12709-Laura Willingham Biggs to John Walsh and Shannon Dean, $420,000.

Kingstream Dr., 1489-Daniel Hutcheson and Karen Elaine Goldman to William Preston and Beverly Lynn Elgin, $650,000.

Logan Wood Dr., 2604-Lakshminarayana and Venkata Vijayasantha Peri to Kriparam Faraday and Binitha Vasu Thachuparambil, $528,000.

Meadowstream Ct., 12206-Matthew and Yang Becker to Smit Davey, $591,500.

Mockernut Ct., 2956-Yingjie Guo and Wei Tang to Narendra and Leena Date, $572,000.

Oak Lawn Pl., 12917-Marianne Wandishin and Mark Hogg to Richard Mansfield Lush III and Pamela S. Sabella, $851,500.

Peter Jefferson Lane, 2516-Wen Tso and Xin Zhang to Justin T. Guffain, $439,000.

Reneau Way, 326-Syed Anjum Bukhari and Ainee Shaheen to Venkatesh Prasad Balarama Rao, $321,500.

Safa St., 1099-Stephanie R. and Wendell A. Sissler to Irfan Khaliq and Shaleeza Altaf, $1.04 million.

Tranquility Lane, 3230-Rachael J. Bullman to Srinath Veerappan and Rajitha Srinath, $451,350.

Willow Spring Ct., 12653-Anthony Chad and Julia A. Lake Ward to Brandon and Elissa Butler, $425,000.


Fairhaven Ave., 2857-Leanne Ladd to Danna A. Vilkoski, $539,000.

Huntington Ave., 2059, No. 1106-Linda Bailey Becht and Diana Good to Svetlana Dobrynina, Vyacheslav Anfinogenov and Janice Anne Rice, $205,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1222-Jose Cruz and Ahide De Maria Martinez De Cruz to Clifford Ryan Gunst, $290,000.

School St., 3004-Romero Realty Group Corp. to Greisy F. and Joshua Garriga, $615,000.


Carter Farm Ct., 2715-Peter H. Schrader and estate of Frederick A. Schrader to Alena Nikolaevna Chintalova and Renat Frantsovich Chintalov, $487,000.

Deer Run Dr., 6874-Paul J. Wood to Seifu D. Koshe and Aberash K. Woldeyohannes, $375,000.

Heritage Springs Ct., 3004-Cheryl Bass and Michael Briscoe to Reyna M. and Jose C. Silva, $350,000.

Milway Dr., 7505-Timothy S. McCarthy III and estate of Raymond Paul Best to Andrew G. Vaughn, $672,000.

Ross St., 2509-Adriana Aurelia Holte to Gregory Lynn McElroy, $629,900.

Stoneybrooke Lane, 6811-Judith M. Riggins to William and Jennifer Wright Dorr, $535,000.


Ampthill Dr., 5124-Marilyn A. Deihr to Beyane Tuffa Shay, $507,000.

Callcott Way, 5709, No. T-Bryan J. and Joseph G. Namoff to Anopet Phimmasone, $470,000.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 217-Holly Jean Frank and estate of Helen Owen to Gregory A. Bean, $264,000.

Harrington Falls Lane, 5673, No. B-Aldrin A. and Niceasa Manreal to Timothy Andrew and Christine Brendle, $430,000.

Kling Dr., 4520-Dimitar N. and Nicole M. Nikolov to Daniel Kenneth Tran and Lindsay Nguyen, $550,000.

Shetland Green Rd., 4556-Richard and Kunmee Stokes to Ko Man Ross, $710,000.


Aurora Ct., 8483-Walter X. and Fatima J. Lozada to Richard M. Lawton, $284,000.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9220, No. A-Merle Bruce and Mellody Pagel Elliott to Luis A. Ortega Obregon and Maria D. Rodriguez Gonzalez, $259,000.

Cherwek Dr., 9427-David and Melisa Johnson to Iqubal Hassan, $355,000.

Derwent Valley Ct., 8372-Binyam and Yasmin Reja to Michael A. and Bibi W. Cole, $508,500.

Laurel Heights Loop, 8214-Jehangir Khan to Young T. Tse and Kit C. Leung, $545,000.

Paper Birch Dr., 8054-Ravi Harrish and Nisha John Lal to Farbod Sedghi and Sara Borghei, $700,000.

Samuel Wallis St., 8020-Biniam Tesfaye to Leroy Jerard and Tori Easterling Doby, $499,000.

Stationhouse Ct., 8208-Thomas M. and Angela Ryan Allen to Agnes Mabangi, $380,000.

Tangerine Pl., 7520-Yazmin and John T. Mendoza to Claudette Williams, $835,000.


Beverly Ave., 6526-Gregory Nguyen T. and Therese Duong Hung to Michael John Mackay and Hong Tieng Lim, $830,000.

Churchill Rd., 6887-Joseph W. and Tracy J. Simpson to Christian Wickert and Maria Arantes Rodrigues, $1.07 million.

Enola St., 7821, No. 107-Antonio V. and Cristina C. Romualdez to Cindy Raquel Suarez Zabala, $300,000.

Forest Villa Lane, 1532-James Raymond Vreeland to Francisco J. Foschi and Alexandra G. Freidberg, $990,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 520-Paul D. and Linda H. Sundquist to Cyrus and Vida Jabbari, $363,000.

Hampton Hill Cir., 1460-Stephen F. and Sally A. Wentworth to Shu Wang, $795,000.

Harvest Crossing Dr., 1429-John and Martha Bilodeau to James J. and Wendy S. Maiwurm, $1.85 million.

Kennedy Dr., 1952, No. 104-Robert Eugene Coughlan III and Lacinda Loreen Waldroup to Yahiya Saad, $238,700.

Lewinsville Square Pl., 7346-Marion P. and Oakshin C. Spina to Kristi E. and Swetal N. Desai, $685,000.

Maddux Lane, 1630-David W. Harmon and Mary E. Hill to Asimina Papapanou and Tareq Al Moualem, $950,000.

Mulroy St., 6611-Jeffrey C. and Amy H. Brower to Brent M. Depuy and Katharine K. Duncan, $860,000.

Provincial Dr., 7661, No. 305-Sal A. Lauricella to Charles Nicholson and Setarra Kennedy, $303,000.

Saint Albans Rd., 6834-Brad M. Freedman and Coke Morgan Stewart to Su Min Ko, $1.35 million.

Spring Gate Dr., 1591, No. 3208-Linhui Qi to Ximeng Yuan and Christine Truong, $427,000.

Towlston Rd., 1021-Closson L. and Barbara L. Vaughan to Clifford M. and Kalpana H. Hall, $1.51 million.

Westwind Way, 1649-Nadine N. Bewry to Ha Eun Shin, $430,000.


Bedford Terr., 5376-Janaina O. Wippel to Andrew Poorman, $170,000.

Cherry Valley Lane, 8501-Brett W. and Meghan O. Groves to Nathaniel R. and Caitlin H. Gross, $580,000.

Frye Rd., 7925-Marcos A. Escamilla Cordova to Juan Carlos Trigo, $385,000.

Lakepark Dr., 8140-Melanie L. Wardrick Cope to Francis Vasquez and Damaris Cajina, $350,000.

Manzanita Pl., 3876-Ana G. Coto Granados to Delmar Wiggins, $219,900.

Pantano Pl., 8005-David Mark Brown to Carrie Ann Cedeno, $150,000.

Redondo Pl., 3804-Pietro and Liza Gabriela Beckley Meli to Xiomara E. Campos and Milton Y. Larios, $194,900.

Rosemary Lena Way, 9174-David Abdo to Rosetta and Walter Laffittie, $805,000.

Shadwell Dr., 8612, No. 59-Benjamin M. Bechtold to Raymond C. Minarcik, $155,000.

Vernon Ave., 8639-Robert and Allison Reading to Domenic Carr, $557,000.

Washington Woods Dr., 3801-Joseph A. and Katherine R. Morganti to Michael W. Feil and Rosa P. Stephenson, $990,000.

Woodley Dr., 3900-Stewart and Elizabeth Welch to Andrew N. Linhardt and Aimee Lou Shaye, $555,000.


Countrywood Ct., 7201-William L. and Bonnie K. Lefbom to Lauren McKee and Michael Alexander Thorne, $735,000.

Heming Ave., 5508-Paramount Investments Corp. to Lan T. Bui and Phuong N. Nguyen, $445,000.

Larrlyn Dr., 7101-Thong V. Nguyen and Thu Nga T. Nguyen to Andrew Everett and Felisa Miracle Larson, $585,000.

Ravenel Ct., 7820-Gina Nguyen to Regin C. and Lorrie M. Balatbat, $585,000.


Elmtop Ct., 2905-William Scott and Maria Cielo Bellah to Peter J. and Cheryl L. Hadinger, $732,000.

Justin Knoll Rd., 10917-Hamid Taheri to Luis M. and Priscilla C. Figueroa, $1.07 million.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10083-Chad and Victoria Albright to Michael Andre and Mark Robinson, $340,000.

Vale Rd., 11002-Laurence M. Gomez and Rebecca A. Churchill to Matt and Sara Maroofi, $610,000.


Abington Hall Pl., 12180, No. 202-Stacey L. Williams and Geoff Tyson to Maria So, $404,000.

Approach Lane, 2047-Kat Realty Corp. to Daniel M. and Ashley A. Jackson, $480,000.

Beaver Trail Ct., 11118-Julio M. and Melissa G. Cicconi to Debra and Michael Martinka, $258,599.

Cedar Cove Ct., 2202-John Joseph and Robin Sue Walesiewicz to Vandana Nandwani, $555,000.

Chatham Colony Ct., 1547-Richard P. and Mercedes Marquez Feldman to Jacob Edward and Emily Sue Packer, $450,000.

Fairway Dr., 11302-Patricia M. Nicoson to Santos A. and Lauren S. Arevalo, $695,000.

Fowlers Lane, 2521-V. Lee Hyer to Dylan and Jessica Garon, $640,000.

Geddys Ct., 11301-Joanne Ondrush to Gabriel Gorog, $433,000.

Green Watch Way, 2100, No. 11-Diane Elaine Breakiron to Peter R. Giudici, $221,000.

Headlands Cir., 2059-Pamela J. Corbett to Brian F. Disselkamp and Aliza C. Shabanowitz, $450,000.

Lakebreeze Way, 2005-Kim E. Degnan to Catherine Swezey, $700,000.

Links Dr., 11507-Sai Baba Funding Corp. to Jordan Charles Bisasky and Courtney Marie Rowland, $509,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 256-Wilbur D. and Marie E. Jones to Thomas J. and Marla M. Harrington, $275,500.

Nashua Ct., 2354-Theodora Marlowe to Joseph Mueller, $345,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1447-Howard L. and Blaise L. Rubin to Laura Tessner Driscol, $525,000.

Purple Sage Ct., 12102-Thomas J. and Judith J. Loyd to Adam R. and Lisa Namejko, $300,000.

Red Hawk Cir., 1326-Chet W. and Deborah S. Kessler to William H. and Emily J. Stout, $785,000.

Saffold Way, 11084-Troy Hoffa and Tian Wang to Megan and Anthony J. Maiorana, $385,000.

Salt Kettle Way, 2102-Justine R. Goodman to Rachael Thomasin Doherty, $589,000.

Sierra Woods Dr., 1606-Jennifer Tatum and Christian L. Holmes to Christopher Korbuly and Eileen Ellis, $400,000.

Stoneview Sq., 11643, No. 86-Damon Leslie Blackburn to Nasser Ovissi, $215,000.

Sundance Dr., 1723-Denise M. Schneider Hindrichs to Robert Staepel, $409,000.

Swans Neck Way, 2048-Michael Aronoff to Aaron T. Wyche, $525,000.

Trumbull Way, 12034-Laurence G. McGinnis to Christopher M. and Andrita J. Andreas, $429,000.

Wanda Way, 2400-Rodney and Laura King to Alex Paisley Porteous and Mirian Tieko Nunes Tsuchiya, $440,000.

Wedgewood Manor Way, 1311-John D. McCalden to Mark Stephen Hogg and Marianne Jane Wandishin, $605,000.

White Cornus Lane, 2186-Catherine D. Shipman to Kunning Liang, $328,000.


Brook Dr., 6029-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust to Shadee W. Wahdan and Jamil A. Abdel Jalil, $477,000.

Manchester St. S., 3101, No. 307-Mehrdad Sarbaz to Zacharia J. Powers, $132,000.

Sleepy Hollow Rd., 3309-David W. Harrell and Claire F. Burke to Jose Luis Zurita Tordoya and Dora Ustariz Quinteros, $585,000.


Ashview Dr., 7205-Pradyut and Alpana Hansaria to Jiemin Hou and Bi Yin Liu, $545,000.

Bristol Square Ct., 7736-Jennifer Mary and Mark Edward Hagerman to Julia Renee Giermek, $393,000.

Channing Rd., 5810-Margarita Krasteva and Zlatina Anguelova to Christopher Calvert Gregg, $470,000.

Conservation Dr., 6938-Elaine P. and Paul A. Lanahan to Andrew S. and Paige E. Fremder, $549,000.

Dinwiddie St., 6110-Carlos P. and Maria M. Paredes to Muhammad I. Ishaq and Imran Khan Munir, $620,000.

Essex Ave., 7103-Julio Moya to Claudia Moya Claros and Ricardo Cordova Lazarte, $800,000.

Gamid Dr., 7753-Zachary and Shennen Martin to Peter J. and Francine P. Davila, $635,000.

Golden Sunset Lane, 9059-Kurt W. and Penelope H. Speed to Benyamin Famili and Narges Fayazian, $525,000.

Hidden Knolls Ct., 7362-Carroll P. and Elizabeth B. Savoie to Daniel and Christine Darby, $470,000.

Jenna Rd., 7314-Charles Q. and Sharene T. Brown to Chad Michael and Allyson Heather Kehoe, $680,000.

Laurel Creek Ct., 7311-Gregory D. and Ilana S. Cumbey to Frank A. Fernandez, $892,500.

Park Hunt Ct., 9446-Craig William and Jose Aranda Saier to Johnnie and Mimi Tsui, $488,000.

Reservoir Rd., 7106-Walter F. and Dorothy T. Glowicki to Emerson S. Gomez Ferrufino and Jessie Evelyn Benitez, $410,000.

Spring Creek Ct., 8637-Christine Williams to James Tchabo, $390,000.

Thornhill Ct., 6405-Yohannes Hagos and Rahel Embiza Atsibha to Victor A. Melgar, Yeraldine Pachacama and Ramiro A. Araujo, $390,000.

Wayles St., 6211-Billie E. Mitchell to Rachael Christine Knapp and Andrew A. Mahar, $540,000.


Atwood Rd., 9621-Barry T. and Meghann F. Murphy to Robin Lindsey and Tracy Donovan McCarley, $953,000.

Brittenford Dr., 10223-Radha Krishnan and Sridevi Koorapaty to Amit M. Dungarani and Shreema R. Sanghvi, $985,000.

Center St. S., 159-Cadence On Center Corp. to James J. and Sun Y. Chung, $1.03 million.

Dellway Lane, 8656-Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Amleset E. Gebre, $160,491.

Evelyn Ct., 2804-Christian E. Nunez to William O. Kenworthy and Lauren L. Trapeni, $555,000.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 806-Tong S. and Mine K. Park to Kris An, $330,000.

Irvin St., 1721-Kristen M. Leahy and estate of Martha L. Waters to Andrea and Steve Maaseide, $170,000.

Locust St. SE, 200, No. 402-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Securitized Asset Backed Receivables Corp. to Wei Zheng and Nie Yu, $233,100.

Maymont Dr., 9664-Donald Edward and Leslie Hutchins Stone to Jason P. Torrey and Cindy Liu, $2.23 million.

Moorefield Rd. SW, 502-Marian F. Corey to Eric Thomas Schaeffer and Alexis Haden Lodge, $635,000.

Northern Neck Dr., 1540, No. 202-Young Ho Chun to Nicki and Neda Dadashian, $446,000.

Robnel Pl., 9301-Jian K. Zhang and Qi Huang to Ajay P. Radhakrishnani and Leena C. Bakhtiani, $885,000.

Silk Oak Dr., 10405-Edward Francis Vigezzi and estate of Francis B. Vigezzi to Dale and Tracy L. Van Wagner, $690,000.

Windstone Dr., 1500-John P. and Laurel K. Howanitz to Aalok Shah and Sonia O. Monga, $1.26 million.


Carrleigh Pkwy., 8322-John J. and Katherine L. Powers to David S. and Emily L. Steinau, $603,000.

Forrester Blvd., 8400-Brabara L. Raven and Jennifer D. Peebler to David Andrew Hallmark, $263,000.

James Creek Dr., 8622-Rebekah B. and Matthew C. Lindsey to Michelle G. Los Banos and Gregory K. Schiffer, $794,000.

Kingsford Rd., 5903-H-Pamela L. Raymer to Felix Victor Emil Barca, $178,000.

Nanlee Dr., 8619-Charles R. Grissinger to Nathaniel and Ashley Keller, $595,000.

Ridge Hollow Ct., 8711-Kelsey Lynne Flagg to Tiffany Lynn Kimbrell, $429,900.

Rolling Spring Ct., 6246-Joseph Francis and Eileen Marie Donohue to Girum Hailedingle and Asegedech Y. Kidane, $857,500.

Surrey Hill Pl., 5898-H-Julie and Scott Horsfield to James H. German III and Patricia L. Edens, $215,000.

Torington Dr., 5822-Karen Hatch to George Michael Gross, $295,500.

Winding Hollow Way, 8871-Robert S. and Victoria E. Carlborg to Mirza Z. Baig, $455,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Fairview Dr., 3931-Masoud Rangrazi and Susan Rahnavard to George Marinakis and Enkhtsetseg Magsarjalam, $471,000.

Kenmore Dr., 10402-Anatoli Petrigov and Olga A. Rines to Allison C. Vankanegan and Geoffrey C. Rixon, $500,500.

Maple St., 10637-Dinesh and Kamana Panthy Adhikari to Pimol Kaewsurapol, $345,000.

Norton Pl., 3985, No. 401-Pulte Home Co. Corp. and Pulte Home Corp. to Robert Anthony Gullo, $546,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 502, No. 301-Richard and Diana Hsu to Richard E. and Joy H. Nathan, $689,000.

George Mason Rd. W., 115-Tracy A. De Veaux to Diane and Adam Kidder, $735,000.

Hillwood Ave., 703-Estate of Bea V. Sullivan to Andrea S. Gonzalez and Shane P. Sowards, $555,000.

Steeples Ct., 1006-Megan Faye and Peggy A. Dolan to Diana S. Lubois Cornish, $735,000.

Virginia Ave. S., 111-Sarah R. Levin and Hector X. Merced to Riara M. Wilson, $415,000.