Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Rosser St. N., 3718-Wilfredo Escobar and Luzberth Paz Perez to Michael Zurita Albarracin, $520,000.


Boulevard Vw., 6504, No. A2-Gordon Alexander Echols and Christine A. Pryately to Tessa A. Waters, $210,000.

Devonshire Rd., 7124-Wilmington Savings Society and Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust to Jonathan M. Kenny, $495,000.

Potomac Ave., 6607, No. B2-Daniel E. and Barbara L. Gundred to Claire Meyerhoff, $220,000.

Rebecca Dr., 7210-Montira Pongsiri to Lucas Kent and Korenna Marie Wilson, $632,500.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 815-Jeffrey A. and Kathleen E. Dolezal to Elizabeth Holmes Crowe, $161,000.

Wakefield Dr. E., 6608, No. B2-Meg T. Annacone to Robert Vincent Zaman, $206,000.

Wood Haven Rd., 6424-Troy Petersen to Sandra Oliver and Jerry Schmidt, $815,000.

10th St., 6616, No. B2-Ian N. and Sara L. Jefferies to Mary E. Peckham, $232,500.


Amesbury Ct., 7518-William H. and Karen A. Miller to John Yoon and So Yeon Kang, $445,000.

Austin Ct., 3435-Kerry E. and Larry D. Moores to Jennifer Dawn Hall and Ivan Tapia, $650,000.

Bitternut Dr., 6032-Sumedh Chhim and Chandavy Yim to Henok Yeshi, $479,900.

Brookland Rd., 5917-Glenna L. Spencer and Stephen J. Haussmann to Edgar Gutierrez, $430,000.

Carriage Dr., 6426-Jong H. Kwon to Eva L. Santiago and Travis B. Mitchell, $455,000.

Climbhill Rd., 6303-Donna Jean Haber and Debra Lee Youmans to James M. Gentile, $375,000.

Crocus Ct., 6030-Ruthann Winterhalter to Edgar Torres, $440,000.

Dewey Dr., 6008-Lima and Blondine Beauvais to Ana Maria Bojorquez and Dolores Garcia Nolasco, $490,000.

Embry Spring Lane, 5921-Rory Nesbitt to Michelle Gonzalez, $755,000.

Gingham Ct., 4321-John D. Holstine to Jessie Fonseca, $425,000.

Grange Lane, 6583, No. 302-Awat Aliyar to David Colon Morales, $339,990.

Heatherfield Lane, 7439-Erich Naim and Michaella Muhammad to Jonathan J. Prutow and Dara S. Lindenbaum, $526,000.

High Meadow Rd., 5915-Lisa R. Kardell to Matthew Benjamin and Lucy Young Williams, $462,000.

Hydrangea Dr., 6000-David J. Liggera to Jason P. Hawkins, $419,900.

Katelyn Ct., 6032-Jean G. Nicolas to Taiseer and Nafissa Diaf Elerian, $562,500.

La Vista Dr., 5717-Benjamin T. Merrill and Meagan L. Van Assche to Joy Josephson, $530,000.

Larochelle Ct., 5329-Nancy A. Ferris to Irma and Luis A. Cruz, $389,900.

Maxine Ct., 5620-Stacey Royston to Brian R. and Jennifer B. McNamara, $540,000.

Old Brentford Ct., 6132-Sergey and Jane Kuznetsov to David Clair Henderson, $449,900.

Old Carriage Lane, 6525-Robert J. and Ashley M. Hamell to Matthew Birski, $357,000.

Olivet Dr., 6117-Piney Run Elm Investments Corp. to Eli B. Bronstein, $762,212.

Parish Glebe Lane, 6538-James L. and Susan D. Kelly to Kenneth and Lydia Voss Fredell, $550,000.

Rita Gray Loop, 7226-Victor A. and Zena P. Baldorado to Johnny Shu and Meng Wang, $785,000.

Rose Hill Ct., 6284-F-Douglas C. and Cynthia K. Rigsbee to Seyfettin and Nurten Karaca, $193,000.

Scotch Dr., 6110-Joseph Cardaci and Elsie S. Lee to Christopher C. and Joy E. Wahler, $649,000.

Shannon Hill Rd., 4208-Brian A. and Sandra P. Hawthorne to Dennis J. and Megan E. Petersen, $665,000.

Stone Valley Ct., 6181-Earl and Michele A. Simpson to Patrick Michael Meden, $365,000.

Sweet Pea Ct., 6016-Beverly J. Peterson to Edward S. Pyon, $460,000.

Upland Dr., 4335-James R. Ward and Julie Ann Bisgrove to Rodney L. and Stacy E. Royston, $790,000.

Victoria Dr., 6901, No. 6901-I-Matthew J. Di Dio and Cecelia S. Pang to Michael Kevin Hogan, $248,000.

Wellington Commons Dr., 6162-Jonathan K. Renard to Harmony Jane Thomas, $465,000.

Wooden Valley Ct., 3302-Robert and Marie Kleinworth to Matthew E. and Alice J. Van Sant, $665,000.


Americana Dr., 4235, No. 104-Frank Michael Kelley to Donald I. Frazer, $142,000.

Americana Dr., 4943, No. H-Denise R. Yachnik to Sara Ashley, $210,000.

Bradfield Dr., 5142-Richard D. Bouts to Kave Inanloo and Shannon Elizabeth Steinbauer, $545,000.

Briarwood Ct. N., 4420, No. 11-Jason H. Yim to Philip H. and Esther K. Kwon, $206,000.

Clemons Ct., 4800-Marilyn A. Miller Jacobs and Fern C. Ferrer to Christopher T. and Teresa B. Hall, $315,000.

Dassett Ct., 7804, No. 203-Bo Ram Shim to Daniel H. and Seong Ju Shin, $270,000.

Delta Pl., 3504-Gale E. Kabat Post to Pamela Mitchell and Christopher John McDonald, $605,000.

Duncan Dr., 4610-Thomas and James Wiggans to Floyd W. and Crystal J. Willis, $675,000.

Fountain Head Dr., 7423-Phuc Sinh and Dong Hai D. Nguyen to Sophie Dinh, $398,000.

Island Pl., 4408, No. 302-Sung J. Lee to Sun Chon and Scott Kastner, $263,000.

Kenside Ct., 5119-Anirudh and Meera Gupta to Jasmine Heewon Park, $425,000.

Kingston Dr., 4835-Deborah L. Therrien to Stephen Leonard and Brenda Sue Walker, $650,000.

Linda Lane, 3716-Jeffrey D. and Ann S. Mayfield to Kathryn Jane Walseman, $559,000.

Murray Lane, 6848-Tamara L. Koerner and Robert E. Stephens to Carey Alford and Jaime De Ocampo, $510,000.

Red Fox Dr., 5017-David I. Welch to Matthew A. and Erin L. Moretz, $610,000.

Roslyn Rd., 5004-Jason S. and Allyson M. Sidler to Margaret H. McEvoy and Gregory P. Proseus, $530,000.

Starr Jordan Dr., 4509-Robert P. and Allison G. Eustace to Paul M. and Kristen L. Ryan, $721,661.

Van Walbeek Pl., 4900-Mary and Alvaro Gomez to Madhavi K.C. and Ananta Poudek, $410,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3352, No. 21-Suman Manchireddy to Pamela W. Salazar, $170,000.

Woodlark Dr., 4316-Norbert R. and Joan S. Kaus to Elias D. and Melissa F. Guerra, $700,000.


Ellery Cir., 3545-Jawaharlall Matadial to Yue Ou, $521,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 114S-Richard B. and Tracy E. Pennycuick to Jason K. Park, $275,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3709, No. 613-Futuri Real Estate Inc. to Troy A. and Jodi Ann Robinson, $275,000.

Hardwick Pl., 6020-Anjon Roy and Judith Welling to Robin M. Rodenbush, $532,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6137, No. 307-Loc Truong to Dai N. Mai and Hung A. Du, $120,000.

Madison Watch Way, 3664-David A. Lewis to Nahal Ghahramani, $530,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 1129-Stuart R. Paine to Tyler M. Hood, $5.19 million.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 1209S-Lee R. and Mandy Elizabeth Powers to Fouad Ed Labrime and Hakima Ezzaher, $270,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 806S-Sylvia L. and Joseph Carlton Wyche to Tostia Tesfazion, $280,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 518N-Joshua E. Bushman and estate of Nita Robyn Hamill to Christopher Carroll, $180,000.

Sleepy Hollow Rd., 3707-Francisco A. and Mirtha E. Merlos to Ross Edelman and Joan M. Rylander, $700,000.


Arbutus Ct., 6043-Mahnaz Balazadeh to Ian and Heather R. Rose Glowacki, $615,000.

Bromyard Ct., 5440-Brett Edward and Nanette Ross Harn to Dawn E. Cook, $480,000.

Cherry Oak Ct., 9528-Teresa Bigler to Balbir Singh, Simer Kaur and Harwinder Singh Sangha, $424,888.

Cove Landing Rd., 5829, No. 203-Frances Whetstone and Vera R. Miceli to Elena Ponti, $290,000.

Fairleigh Ct., 9418-Feliciano Y. and Paz C. Velzsquez to Carmen Zeledon Trinidad, $355,000.

High Water Ct., 9770-Dongbok Cho to Nan and Mei Chen, $442,000.

Kara Pl., 5861-Heather Robin and Ian Matthew Rose Glowacki to Muhammad Saddiq and Kausar Saleem, $390,000.

Longmead Ct., 8907-John W. Steere and Emily W. Porter to Chaohui and Yao Chen, $500,000.

Mizzen Pl., 7317-Jason Michael and Kate E. Harley to Brett Thomas and Katie Anne Ketchum, $665,000.

Ridge Ford Dr., 6048-Mary A. and Hugh A. Smith to Adam T. Kronfeld and Moria L. Morrissey, $555,000.

Split Oak Lane, 10843-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Krishma C.P. Mastronanni, $470,000.

Tregaron Pl., 9506-Judy A. Dunbar to Peter and Erin Dwyer, $610,000.

William Kirk Lane, 9420-Jatinder Singh Arora and Gurmeet Singh to Mina Lee and Sung Gill Cho, $400,000.


Bella Dr., 6209-An Exterior Inc. to Mohamed Ali Khasse and Samsam Alin Abdi, $389,900.

Black Horse Ct., 14436-Tae Hawn and Sang Cha Kim to Soojong Oh and Lisa Jieun Kim, $325,000.

Brittney Elyse Cir., 5136-G-Amar Ijaz Bhatti and Rabiah Zahid Khan to Roman and Julia A. Gorelov, $275,000.

Cedar Knoll Dr., 14610-Leslie D. and Brandi Hardy to Trung Dang and Van Tran, $749,900.

Cider Barrel Cir., 6312-Barg Inc. to Hari H. Paudel and Alisha Khatri, $421,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14317, No. 202-Lisa Marie Savastana and Lisa Marie Cioffi to Jong Wan Park, $187,000.

Compton Valley Ct., 6917-Harjot Singh to Amani Ba Hubaish, $330,000.

Cool Oak Lane, 14486-Ariel Edson to Peter Tea and Jennifer Hak Mun, $220,000.

Delaney Chase Way, 15804-NVR Inc. to Thomas R. and Julia V. Fradette, $1.1 million.

Ellicott Ct., 5216-Peggy Jo Jarman to Soohyung and Jennifer Lee, $658,500.

Forest Pond Ct., 13629-Christopher and Leslie F. Lipscomb to Yoon Sun Im, $305,000.

Gothic Dr., 13941-Geraldine M. Grant to Siqin Sude and Deri Chong, $442,000.

Havener House Way, 5965-Charles Emil and Lindsay Ann Colello to Erik Kim, $250,000.

Hidden Canyon Rd., 6310-David Dimattina to Russell and Suzanne Poch, $525,000.

Insignia Ct., 6519-Dennis Christie to Jung Hak Kim, $410,000.

Kerrywood Cir., 6812-Carlos Arroyo to Eric Ochoa, $395,000.

Laura Ratcliff Ct., 13848-Daniel R. and Cheyenne J. Hines to Bijaya Thapa, $340,000.

Maidstone Ct., 14837-Denise Crawford Baca to Si Si Han, $331,000.

Old Mill Rd., 14554-Avram Jacob and Rita Carmen Isaacson to Senthil Kumar Ramamoorthy and Rajeswari Senthil, $692,423.

Pittman Ct., 14504-Nicole Brookter to Hyuk Kwon and Esther Jeejae Kuen, $435,000.

Rockledge Pl., 6755-Anna R. Scheppach to David S. Beltran, $332,000.

Saguaro Pl., 14429-Do Hwa Jeong to Laura Lea Payne, $230,000.

Sequoia Farms Dr., 5504-Daniel L. and Melody S. Rakes to Sean and Daisy McCarthy, $535,000.

Smethwick Pl., 14829-Ian R. and Mary Elizabeth Moore to Elise M. Barth, $343,743.

Stone Ridge Dr., 5821-William M. and Christine F. Waite to Freddy Medina and Celia Medina Palmieri, $480,000.

Sully Lake Dr., 5561-Mira Ko Tak and Kang S. Ko to Emily and James Habermeyer, $455,500.

Travis Edward Way, 5109-I-Shane H. Miller to Diana Grace, $238,500.

Truro Parish Ct., 14584-Carlos H. and Isabel Torres to Frank and Farrah M. Richo, $360,000.

William Mosby Dr., 6220-James C. and Yasenka Carla Hamilton to Fatma Gul and Muhammad Imran, $369,000.

Winding Ridge Lane, 13933-Marcelino and Blanca R. Flores to Transito Eliberto Rodriguez, Paola Mabel Blanco and Ayala De Rodriguez, $357,000.

Woodfield Dr., 5176-Karen Toohey to Christine McClintock, $415,000.


Autumn Glory Way, 4666-Robert V. and Theresa A. Donovan to Moner A. Attwa and Hiba Aziz, $1.3 million.

Deerwatch Dr., 4641-Vishal and Neha Rajpuria Suchdeve to Erica Perez and Yesenia Blount, $395,600.

Mixed Willow Pl., 4520-Susan M. Lowry to Mark Attwa and Rita Barkouk, $1.31 million.

Pitch Pine Ct., 13416-Daniel A. and Virginia E. Greunke to Jugal and Ankita Dharia, $625,000.

Valley Country Dr., 13952-Keh C. Chen to Wen Tso and Xin Zhang, $680,000.


Beaver Creek Rd., 12138-Donald W. Beatty and Kathy Lazzari to Taylor R., Barry K. and Kathleen A. Walutes Bedford, $619,000.

Clifton Grove Ct., 6805-Brian and Claudia R. MacDonnell to James S. Baik, $855,000.

Laurel Rock Dr., 13785-Xinyuan Wang and Ning Li to Ming Zhou and Lun Li, $603,000.

Orchard Hill Ct., 5808-Sherwin Alexander Birashk to Linda S. Lee, $250,000.

Sierra Dr., 13514-Shishir Nahar to Gloria Castedo Tapia, $395,000.


Aristotle Dr., 11327, No. 5-305-Luis Gatillon Jr. to Samuel J. Martin, $357,500.

Ashmeade Dr., 9025-Anne M. Redgrave to Kwokfai and Becky Chan, $695,000.

Berwynd Rd., 6040-Ronald F. and Martha C. Calta to Jeremy and Lourdes Groves, $730,000.

Black Rock Ct., 10198-Mi Sook Kang to Shannon Dunn and Anna Murphy Lang, $711,000.

Briarwood Farms Ct., 9125-Eric and Samantha Macmartin to Chen Chen, $790,000.

Brookgreen Dr., 4118-Semira Gebretsadkan to Jie Ub Baek, $565,000.

Burning Bush Ct., 3953-Douglas W. and Gail E. Boynton to Kyoung Nam Ryu and Sang Hyun Seo, $443,000.

Caithness Ct., 5566-Michael and Jennifer Vanzetta to Daniel Alfonso Miranda Blades and Carolina Rodriguez De Miranda, $388,000.

Cedar Grove Dr., 3133-Michael Masahiko and Margaret A. Uyehara to Hisayoshi and Mutsumi Koga, $445,000.

Country Ridge Lane, 12306-Linda B. Clark to Nahrain H. Alzubaidi, $940,000.

Deer Hollow Way, 2921, No. 109-Keshab and Priyadarshini Panda to Abbas Ali Bader and Jameela Hussain, $375,000.

Dequincey Dr., 5034-Kamrakali and Anant Abhijit Mishra to Tainiko Nguyen Lowman, $530,000.

Everleigh Way, 2909-Colleen P. Keller to Matthew Vincent Presser, $438,500.

Falmead Rd., 5528-Timothy W. Deeley and Sandy Hsu to Korinne Friedman, $439,900.

Foxfield Lane, 3721-Arturo Muente Kunigami and Barbra Mizushima Oshiro to Nathan J. and Kenzie L. Wright, $446,000.

Gainsborough Dr., 4939-Dennis Aguiar and Sandra Jean Cherry to Samir Bahadur and Sujata J. Sahgal, $530,000.

Grays Pointe Rd., 12949, No. B-Judith McVey Padgett and Jane Ellen McVey to Noemi Arellano, $190,000.

Gregg Ct., 4004-Pamela Lee Ladd to Douglas Q. and Amanda V. Schweizer, $470,000.

Head Ct., 5002-Mercedes B. Flores to Samuel Cooper and Melanie Leigh Smith, $380,000.

Hillyer St., 4407-Anna R. and Vojtech Nevlud to Tae G. Lee and Sarah E. Cady, $629,900.

James Young Way, 5565-K. Hovnanian Homes at Burke Junction Corp. to Joseph George and Sumira Singh Osterman, $1.1 million.

Kentmere Sq., 4138-Gregg A. and Sean J. Brown to Song Jin, $550,000.

Lake Glen Rd., 4023-Ann O. and Theodore Voss to Jennifer J. Beyer and Clyde Lefever Jr., $430,000.

Lee Hwy., 9035-Matthew S. and Jaclyn M. Irvine to Ananthi Shankar Bharadwaj and Sridar Padmanabhan Kannan, $440,000.

Macduff Ct., 5557-Michael E. Garrity to Jessie Meng, $350,000.

Marboro Lane, 12737-Leslie A. Colville to Katie and Kevin Michael Repper, $692,000.

Maximilian Ct., 3919-Nicholas Ryan and Kaitlin Elizabeth Cuffe to Junwei Huan and Lijuan Wu, $540,000.

Miranda Ct., 9514-Jiuhui Huang and Chunrong Cai to Peter Jung Young Oh and Sunny Oh, $485,000.

Mozart Brigade Lane, 4200, No. X-Long X. and Thuy L. Nguyen to Vietand Kaoru Chikushi, $340,000.

Noyes Ct., 5211-Jeremy Neal and Christiane Leigh Herndon to Jonathan Lindsley and Emily Dahl, $589,900.

Pavilion Lane, 13121-Luan T. Tan and Thu Tam T. Vuong to Simon S. and Elisabeth J. Chu, $465,000.

Penderview Terr., 12156, No. 1208-Gloria J. Howard to Shane Gaboury, $210,000.

Pennypacker Lane, 13127-Charles W. and Nancy R. Kiehl to Audrey Young and Moses Sang Lim, $535,000.

Pine Tree Dr., 11629-Sidney James Harvey to Ying Tang and Tongyan Liu, $1.03 million.

Plymouth Meadows Ct., 5413-Joy A. Chernosky and Marcus L. Beal Jr. to Orna Enav, $455,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 411-Zhixuan Li to Xin Peng and Weihao Yin, $320,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 329-Douglas Knight to Shaun Hormondyaran, $440,000.

Rippon Lodge Dr., 10708-Robert D. and Amy J. Busey to Richard C. and Nicolle S. Bernard, $625,000.

Royal Astor Way, 8908-Prospero M. and Maria C. Torres to Elmer A. and Cenia M. Villatoro, $375,000.

Saintsbury Plaza, 2905, No. 216-K. Clark Childers to Roslyn Segal Schmidt, $500,000.

Saxon Flowers Dr., 2943-Michael J. and Deborah A. Noonan to Sook Hee Koh, $660,000.

Sideburn Ct., 10514-David B. Ryan and Nancy S. Scarborough to Matthew S. and Julie L. Ross, $762,500.

Southwick St., 8903-Paul D. and Jane E. Amos to Rowena Y. and Colin Ormiston, $795,900.

Still Meadow Rd., 4309-Realtelka Corp. to Zachary Aaron and Gabriela Emilia Ginsburg, $600,000.

Strong Ct., 12323-Anthony Root to Mingur and Jigmey Lhaze Dorjee, $327,000.

Sutler Hill Sq., 4330-Matthew P. and Michelle P. Kocin to Kimberly T. Pitts, $425,000.

Tartan View Dr., 9361-Hee Y. and Duk Ja Lim to Chengyu Lin, $649,900.

Valley Ridge Dr., 3938-Steven G. Forsyth to Adam Christopher and Elizabeth Langford, $507,000.

Victoria Station Ct., 12616-Surendra and Shilpa Sawant to Yue Heng Loke and Yi Yue Zhang, $485,000.

Westbrook Mill Lane, 11330, No. 303-Ellen K. Adintori to Hajar Nassibi, $349,900.

Willow Stream Lane, 13109-David Patterson and Gina Cocomello to Son Van Pham and Quy Thi Truong, $452,000.

Wood Violet Ct., 9281-NVR Inc. to Christopher Swol Jr., $836,475.

Woodrush Ct., 11421-NVR Inc. to Tanio and Liliane Viviani, $1.1 million.


Bressingham Dr., 7925-Clarence Johnson Jr. and Sheila M. Maguire to Charlene P. Harrell and Arnold D. Saslowsky, $754,000.

Community Lane, 10141-Laurie T. and Michael F. MacDonald to Antonio M. and Karen A. Edmonds, $1.22 million.

Lakewood Lane, 11821-Randall D. Gaylor and estate of Raymond H. Gaylor to Christopher Lee Rhodes, $770,000.

Oak Hollow Lane, 8026-Timothy N. and Merete Monahan to Darwin Omar De Leon Estrad and Sandra C. Esteves, $607,400.

Scarlet Oak Ct., 7307-J. Robert and Kristin M. Morriss to Edward W. and Shanell L. Guardo, $952,500.

Timberidge Rd., 10630-John T. and Carolyn H. Huzzard to Mehdi Baftechi and Mohammad U. Raza, $750,000.


Annandale Rd., 2848, No. 325-Jian Liu to Le Phan, $180,500.

Buckelew Dr., 2505-Daniel Clinton and Nicholle Harris Depaz to Robert C. Hennessy and Katherine Beaulier, $875,000.

Chestnut Ave., 6810-Michael and Jacqueline Kostick to Kristin Ann Lundholm, $560,000.

Dashiell Rd., 3203-Karen A. Kallio and Karen A. Clark to Jose Hung, $382,200.

Genea Way, 8046-Rebecca L. and Ryan Gatterdam to Timothy Wineland, $514,000.

Great Oak Ct., 2879-Karen G. Loulakis and Dolores F. Sanchez to Joseph M. DeSantis, $382,000.

Holly Berry Ct., 3224-Brandon D. and Allison Lamb to Sean Budkin and Meredith Barnard, $624,900.

Irvington Rd., 2912-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Brian M. Mickey and Jessica S. Brinkley, $445,000.

Kings Chapel Rd., 2912, No. 1-15-Wade L. and Quinette Adams Boston to Paul Cassens, $179,000.

Lee Park Ct., 7004-Elizabeth S. Robinson to Patty C. Willis and Mary Lou Prince, $560,000.

New Providence Dr., 7746, No. 94-Dara J. Hammond to Tieming Bi and Di Wu, $357,000.

Nicosh Circle Lane, 8053-Nida Hasan and Hassan Riaz to Christopher Marc Wong, $430,000.

Putnam St., 3418-Peggy C. and Joseph L. Marsilii Jr. to Lila and Scott Inman, $930,000.

Slade Run Dr., 3324-Matthew Anthony and Erin Moretz to Tracy Ann Troy, $435,000.

Weston Rd., 6935-Stephanie Nhi Lieu and Brian James Balzer to Edward S. Feldman and Courtney Urano, $448,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 2822-David G. and Denise A. George to William Travis Shedd, $720,000.


Anderson Rd., 1901-B2 Realty Corp. to Viresh K. and Pina V. Shah, $1.03 million.

Emilys Lane, 2146-Mark R. Klupt and Caitlin E. Herlihy to Nicholas and Lindsay Madejski, $1 million.

George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 924-Gary W. and Jacqueline A. Grimes to Dahye Byon, $255,000.

Hyde Rd., 7214-Marie M. Born and Gregory R. Adams to Jason James and Julie Rafferty, $974,000.

Marshall Heights Ct., 7760-Ashish Anil Gour and Pooja Jayant Jape to Farshad Ahdi and Sima Taheri, $580,000.

Pice Pl., 1911-Mitra Arghvando to Jeffrey Theodore Lipsey and Marlyn Rodriguez, $600,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 504-Irma C. Langebeck to Pramod and Yeseswi Basnet, $228,000.

Rockford Dr., 7308-Martin I. Wayne to Ajita Atreya, $599,100.

Shelby Lane, 2619-William C. and Linda K. White to Eugene J. Grundy, $670,000.


Park Cove Dr., 9105-Paul E. and Carolyn E. Roy to Alvin S. and Lisa A. Cardinal, $630,000.


Carlyle Pl., 8110-David Stoesz to Glenda R. Jakubowski, $502,500.

Crossley Pl., 8410-Christopher T. Kiernana to Dennis Michael and Anna Marie Counihan, $810,000.

Gahant Rd., 1301-Amy Truesdell to Elyse Marie and John Kelley Cosgrove, $545,000.

Neal Dr., 917-Joseph Leo and Lauren Ann Rossiter to Scott A. and Christa L. Gunn, $625,000.


Hobnail Ct., 1104-Philip A. and Shirley J. Edelman to Hang Li and Jian Mei Yang, $1.21 million.

Patowmack Dr., 10855-Sudhakar Venkatraya and Divya Sudhakar Shenoy to Mohidur Rahman and Sahana Farid, $968,500.

Thimbleberry Lane, 10906-Aaron and Alexis Sharabaika to Roland S. and Cathy G. Mann, $1.18 million.

Weant Dr., 9105-John A. and Jennifer O. Legler to John and Shannon Lanzerotta, $727,000.

Yorktown Way, 10157-Richard F. and Caryl S. Moran to Saurbah Bharat Naik, $505,000.


Air And Space Museum Pkwy., 13630-US Home Corp. to Roshni Stella and Mary Bastian, $706,387.

Alan Shepard St., 3096-US Home Corp. to Venkat Vamsi Desireddy and Sunayana Ramireddy, $667,000.

Angeline Dr., 2480, No. 303-Carolyn Burroughs to George Mao and Likuang Chen, $305,000.

Ashnut Lane, 13102-Sharon H. Keller and estate of John D. Keller to Shridhar Aleti and Chia Yen Tu, $475,000.

Bryce Ct., 13412-Julia Gray Roller to Minzhi Wang and Ling Wu, $452,000.

Cavendish St., 414-Vo Hong and Nga L. Duong to Anandhi Ganesan, $442,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12937, No. 303-Bryan S. Ware to Atul and Anjana Kannan, $317,500.

Clover Field Cir., 2423-Thomas J. and Joan M. Bolka to Kristin O. Williams and Christopher J. Fowler, $450,000.

Curie Ct., 2434-James M. Downs Jr. and Wade Franklin to Senthil Nath Mohan Kumar and Sridevi Babu, $389,750.

Devon St., 1124-Brian A. and Alesia G. Klare to Nagwa A. Abdalrahman and Elsir H. Gadein, $595,000.

Fantasia Dr., 12806-Brett L. and Holly E. Patterson to Deborah Susan Greenberg, $412,500.

Florida Ave., 505, No. T4-Natael Martinez Ayala and Cristina Cruz Martinez to Angel I. Velasco Alvarado, $210,000.

Floris Lane, 2714-William A. and Kelly J. Harris to Michael Andrew and Heather Renee Tomaselli, $750,000.

Fox Mill Rd., 2937-Richard L. and Carolyn M. Mason to Karla Baie and Edward Mihalak, $950,000.

Hawks Nest Ct., 1453-Angel W. and Mark A. Schneider to Carl A. Taylor, $684,950.

Highcourt Lane, 2108, No. 102-Brian Clark to Patrick Artell Kelly, $199,900.

Isham Randolph Dr., 2503-Song Van Nguyen and Cuc Thi Le to Veerangana Chakraborti and Sushma and Prarthana Rajan, $426,500.

Knight Lane, 1006-Richard and Kristi Maddox Nojaim to Elizabeth Hansen, $281,500.

Loughrie Way, 12905-Nils Berten and Monique Yolanda Berten Winkel to Sara E. and Kevin M. Bunin, $1.44 million.

McDaniel Ct., 902-Daniel B. and Kathy Dye Krisky to Kristopher Matthew King and Robert R. Kinzer, $575,000.

Mother Well Ct., 2919-Timothy R. and Tracy L. Morris to Clinton N. and Karin G. Johnston, $846,500.

Park Ave., 1001-Kirk and Amy K. Sullivan to Rida Zuberi and Shah Muhammad Shafayat Alam, $352,000.

Reneau Way, 422-Rei Virginia Corp. to Kiran and Sudeep S. Thapa, $305,000.

Rolling Plains Dr., 2456-Carlos M. and Maria M. Ramirez to Rakesh Thiparthi and Harika Maroju, $535,500.

Sandbourne Lane, 2545-Ravikumar Srinivasan and Lata Ravikumar to Kiran Kumar Potti and Padmaja Koduru, $384,000.

Sherwood Park Lane, 13388-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Leonardo M. and Denise R. Marques, $690,167.

Sugarland Valley Dr., 12010-Abdi H. Farah to Rafic Traboulsi and Mary Caroline Achi, $555,700.

Tewksbury Dr., 12844-Linda J. and John W. Baker to John R. and Tonya Lucas Baker, $535,000.

Waterford Pl., 1103-Amy Kathryn Pratt and Fern Jodie Jarmulnek to Nameeta Rajak, Rashmi Rajak and Alinur Abu Ali, $279,900.

Whitewood Lane, 1718-M & R Remodeling Corp. to Guillaume A. and Anais L. Vaval, $549,900.


Arlington Terr., 2112-Holly Lutz Canales to Mohamed Seck, $435,500.

Hill Ct., 5612-Joseph and Joe Riviere to Nazif and Teuta Misini Aliu, $350,000.

Huntington Station Ct., 2321-David Hinson to Kerry M. DeBonis and Carmen J. Desheplo, $540,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 803-Ashley M. Slifka and Ashley M. Orgel to Jeffrey C. Lin, $400,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 111-Margaret A. Chapman to Cathy A. Miller, $247,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 602-Jennifer Sue Martin to Tatyana and Boris Feygelson, $233,200.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 505-Lisa U. and Senamede Beheton to Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Jones, $325,000.

Norton Rd., 5701-William Ferris to Kevin Malone and Rexiti Adila, $499,900.

Wagon Dr., 2634, No. 277-Je Soon Kim to Mohsen Baghernejad and Tahereh Esfahani, $190,000.


Audubon Ave., 7971, No. D3-Maria Victoria and Maria V. Rodriguez to Teodoro Hernandez, $130,000.

Candlewood Dr., 8019-Jane L. Smith to Jennifer L. Vorberger and Robert T. Sehorn, $609,000.

Flintstone Rd., 4518-Kent E. and Connie Sue Goodrich to Aaron P. Henry, $518,000.

Huntley Run Pl., 7010-Robert E. Howe to Ryan D. Green, $378,000.

Northrop Rd., 7415-Samuel and Alba Tamayo to Luis A. Rivera and Maria I. Villanueva, $436,000.

Richmond Hwy., 6431, No. 302-Nora Marchante to Marilena Artiga Hernandez, $165,000.

Sherwood Hall Lane, 2109-Leah T. Wilson and Sharon J. Roberts to Jonathan and Kendra Doveala, $690,000.

Stoneybrooke Lane, 6901-Andrew M. and Amy L. Falk to Mario and Corey DiBenedetto, $529,500.

Vantage Dr., 6828-Thomas E. and Linda A. Barron to Magda A. Ogbe, $455,000.

Woodlawn Trail, 2816-J. Knox Singleton to David and Diane Dougherty, $580,000.


Cheyenne Knoll Pl., 5404-Tiffany A. Ball and Joshua T. Hargest to Laura Amelina and Alexander Vlassov, $549,000.

Cypress Point Rd., 6624-Elizabeth Ann and John Bradley Henderson to Matthew James and April Nadine Downey, $425,000.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 407-Raymond Kaiming Wong to Michelle Diwa San Miguel, $364,900.

First Statesman Lane, 5566-Cynthia M. Paulhus to Gregory Steven Fuge, $355,000.

Hazeltine Ct., 4505, No. G-Michael Haddad and Ariadne Margetas to Atika Tabassum, $280,000.

Irvin Ct., 6579-Timothy Sheridan to Plamen Stoyanov Kirov, $530,000.

Rynex Dr., 4514-Martin J. and Brenda K. Callaghan to Jouhad Boutros Dagher, $524,000.


Aspenpark Rd., 7534-Paramount Investments Corp. to Khanh Q. Huynh and Phuong Nguyen Que Pham, $338,000.

Bluebird Way, 8317, No. E-Angela C. Souter Myers to Ying Wu and Baoping Guo, $245,000.

Central Green St., 9201-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to Mary V. Edara and Gerald G. Maresca, $757,214.

Duck Hawk Way, 8315-Anil and Shradha Pareek to Keisha D. Peterson Anderson, $300,000.

Hagel Cir., 9817-Yonas Sisay and Saba Y. Alemar to Wilberto E. Natividad and Roxana Pena Segovia, $260,000.

Henry Knox Dr., 7655-Haldine and Christina Gillette to Richard Jason Hammond and Medina Mohamed, $53,500.

Linden Oaks Ct., 8317-Francine M. Speziale to Dawn M. Cacciotti, $460,000.

Masey Mcquire Ct., 9619-T. Alexander Anyse to Yosief W. Kiflemariam Sr., $463,000.

Newby Bridge Dr., 8302-Rene E. and Ercilia M. Reyes to Fahad Kalim Siddiqui, $645,000.

Quadrangle St., 9391-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to Patrick R. Colleran and Elizabeth A. Bray, $902,232.

Sloway Coast Dr., 9611-Matthew S. and Victoria L. Cho to Abdulaziz M. Ibrahim, $625,000.

Usher Dr., 8182-Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas and Residential Accredit Loans Inc. to Johanna Ramos and Clinton Thomas Boyer, $551,000.

Wiley Dr., 7623-Kevin Forrest Birrell and Jacqueline Michele Gulick to Anthony Adolphus Noel and Stephanie Marie Trepanier, $443,000.


Arbor Lane, 6909-Jaleh Hafizi to Andrew M. and Amanda R. Lawrence, $1.35 million.

Chain Bridge Rd., 1781, No. 308-Adel Al Hosani to Ali and Batool Zarbalian, $1.1 million.

Elizabeth Dr., 7200-Kauri Corp. to Todd Arthur and Jacqueline Lissau Walker, $2.8 million.

Farm Meadow Ct., 7204-Ellen Marie Rowan and estate of Jean Marie MacInnis McGolrick to Vincent M. and Katherine S. Mathis, $1.62 million.

Forestwood Dr., 1208-Edward R. Gemayel and Maya Choueiri to Bon Seok and Ji Hee Ku, $903,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 226-Teresita S. Cauterucci to Jennifer Fabius, $530,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8360, No. 221-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and Champion Mortgage Co. to Lois E. Clark, $390,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 512-Richard G. Henninger to Thomas B. and Antoinette S. Robertson, $485,000.

International Dr., 1641, No. 214-Liang Hsin Alexander Hsiao to Johnathan M. Carone, $370,000.

Langley Ridge Rd., 7843-Delta Concrete Corp. to Mercy and John N. Foretia, $1.08 million.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 320-Karen M. Lee and Willia Daniel J. Gonzalez to Alicon Yong, $235,000.

Madison McLean Dr., 6618-Brenda M. and Maurice J. Whalen to Julia V. McGrath, $841,000.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 1403-Robert J. Plunkett to Xiaoyuan Sun, $244,990.

Provincial Dr., 7630, No. 205-Yiqi Huang to Lianne Friedman, $258,000.

River St. N., 4131-Nicholas P. and Irene I. Vaslef to Justin Bakewell, $850,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1580, No. 4411-Tai Quach to Jin Xu, $295,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1601, No. 1409-Kaitlyn Hyo Sook Lim and Yo S. Yang to Yu Bai and Huan Zhou, $275,000.

Tremayne Pl., 7621, No. 205-Jeffrey and Emily Savage to Alexandra Fieldhouse, $264,900.

Wemberly Way, 6802-Sarah E. Schermerhorn to Francis Christopher and Cherylyn Mizzo, $1.8 million.

Wilson Lane, 1910, No. 102-Rachel L. Muth and Jose D. Ruiz to Mark Wong, $249,000.


Aspen Dr., 4405-Bejan and Valeriya Shorish to Scott M. Sperling and Jeoung Min Lee, $314,500.

Beekman Pl., 8617-C-Eduardo Leiva to Harper Steven McClure, $159,000.

Boothe St., 9335-Shahrzad Tabibi to Geoffrey James and Sophia Dion Donovan, $675,000.

Burke Dr., 5023-George E. Carleton to Bradford James Boston and Karen Ann Knutson, $1.75 million.

Capistrano Pl., 8030-Norma I. Rivera De Quijano and Katherine Alejandrina Quijano Rivera to Edwin Moises and Jose J. Zelaya Arriaza, $220,000.

Central Ave., 8304-Sharon Lynne Goldin to Rafael Antonio Trejo Nolasco and Hernan A. Trejo Ramirez, $435,000.

Credos Ct., 8403-Carrie C. Alouise to Raub J. Camaioni, $170,000.

El Cerrito Pl., 3811-E-Obaidul and Juicy Z. Qureishi Huq to Gurmessa T. Telila, Betelhem Tariku and Tewabe K. Ayele, $200,000.

Forest Haven Dr., 9404-John Michael and Sonia Y. Francone to Barry Richard and Rosanne S. McDonough, $940,000.

Lakepark Dr., 8216-Angelica Y. Jenkins DeLeon to Mohammad A., Zeenat and Waqas A. Khattak, $510,000.

Manzanita Pl., 3906-Nelson O. Mata to Van Phong Nguyen, $215,000.

Needles Pl., 3814-Abuzar Waleed to Stanley Dean and Ada Dacoseo Bobo, $221,000.

Rosemont Ave., 5118-James F. and Janice A. Harris to Bisar, Tilottoma and Riju R. Barua, $400,000.

Sonora Pl., 3949-Jorge E. Rivera to Manuel De Jesus Mejia, $215,000.

Talbott Farm Dr., 8743-Jubilation Properties II Corp. to Thu Huynh Thanhand Andrew C. Caperton, $500,000.


Braddock Mews Pl., 7006-Scott E. Cannon to Anthony and Joan Schermerhorn, $460,000.

Donnelly Ct., 5421-Daniel R. and Shannon M. Wilson to Janine M. Lacina, $420,000.

Foote Lane, 7903-Enrique J. and Juliann A. Navarrete to Young Pyon, $579,900.

Kempsville St., 5402-Mark Christopher Frazier and Valnora Leister to Timothy R. Oldham, Kathleen V. McKnight and Kristin E. Oldham, $82,648.

Murillo St., 7513-Phillip P. George to Chelsey Rodriguez and Blaine Renkiewicz, $465,000.

Ravensworth Rd., 5333-Kyaw Zay Ya and Kyaw Swa Lin to Anthony J. Heath, $427,000.

Victoria Rd., 8813-Robert W. and Kathleen G. Hales to Hung and Carol Lau, $542,000.


Bree Hill Rd., 2807-Christopher J. and Anneke H. Niemira to Scott R. and Amy B. Lanier, $725,000.

Graystone Ct., 10425-Geum Bo and Geum Bog Kim to John and Vinaiya Suphasiri Viscuso, $384,000.

Jermantown Rd., 2817, No. 203-William K. and Adele T. Severin to Sonia Karima Qadir and Sayed Mustafa Khwaja, $315,000.

Mystic Meadow Way, 10305-Michael Calhoun and Cheryl L. Janey to John and Kristen Colston, $1.4 million.

Silverstone Ct., 3201-Kye and Mallory Jentho to Katrina Marie Stading and Benjamin James Nemceff, $455,000.

Turnberry Pl., 10130-Karen Knaut to Shreesha Dawadi and Sandeep Paudel, $590,000.


Abington Hall Pl., 12185, No. 101-Anna Marie C. Slot to Roger A. and Teresa J. Keller, $412,500.

Ascot Way, 1703, No. D-Samuel Salang Kim to Edgar Wang and Wenbo Zhang, $197,000.

Barnstead Dr., 1660-Peter H. and Jessica Lynn Haase Dimmick to Michael W. Hubbard, $397,000.

Boathouse Ct., 11156-Gloria Kwan to Brendan Dougherty and Amber Roxana Vaughan, $375,000.

Breton Ct., 11846-Charles Coxwell Carson and estate of Charlotte Jane Carson to Harald J. Anderson, $350,000.

Cartwright Pl., 2222-Kenneth R. Allen to Joanne Stellato, $343,500.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11216, No. 220-Elizabeth Jones to Gustav D. and Leanne C. Anies, $190,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1531-Barrett H. Tucker to Lynda D. Hickey, $335,000.

Copenhagen Ct., 12388-Carolyn Wood and Gina M. Lundy to Aksh Kumar Sehgal and Jayant Rane, $645,000.

Fairway Dr., 11500, No. 602-Mary M. and John Sullivan to Edward S. and Amanda L. Fritts, $299,900.

Garden Wall Cir., 1304-C-Mary Beth Reincke to Susan B. Cappitell, $312,000.

Goldenrain Ct., 1572-Norman F. and Heather R. Gardner to Ia Meurmishvili, $440,000.

Grey Birch Pl., 11797-Thomas Arthur and Rita Carole Ruth to Daniel L. and Jordana F. Cole, $775,000.

Heritage Commons Way, 11472-Tomoyuki and Tina Shinya to Ligia Cheron, $460,000.

Hollowwind Ct., 11954-John and Lisa Santoro to Ryan and Mary Brandquist, $376,000.

Ivy Oak Sq., 1829-Sarah C. Gustafson to Patricia Williams, $368,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1712, No. 13-Catherine Dalton to Austin Crouse, $310,000.

Lakewinds Dr., 2008-Janiee E. Esser to Andrew Hoffecker and Flor Paola Rodriguez, $807,500.

Maple Ridge Rd., 11524-Howard F. Reitz to Patrick Robert Shea, $399,900.

Market St., 11990, No. 1904-Catherine B. Lewis and Jacquelyn P. Bretti to John T. and Cynthia A. Westermeier, $1.02 million.

Market St., 12001, No. 152-Heather J. Huzdovich to Daniel L. Svaranowic, $255,400.

Newbridge Ct., 11702-Robert S. and Donna M. Lannes Robuck to Juliana Slye Valentine, $552,000.

Northgate Sq., 1410, No. 10-Abdul W. and Mahnaz W. Abawi to Rosa E. and Pedro A. Rodriguez, $165,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1369-Peter and Nathalie Capelluto to Zachary and Rachael Clay, $637,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1660, No. 2B/400-Cina S. Dabestani and Fatemeh Farnaz Allahdoust to Jeffrey A. Brown, $245,000.

Point Dr. N., 1519, No. 1-0103-Judith A. Puzio to Ajith Shetty, $315,000.

Pyrenees Ct., 2495-Rene E. St. Clair to Keithi Fawcett and Hua Ai, $310,000.

Saffold Way, 11082-Aaron J. Nivert to Tetyana Yanush, $374,900.

Sanibel Ct., 12168-Mack P. Muir to Garrett W. Feord, $299,000.

Sierra Woods Dr., 1611-Jess L. and Sandra J. Iverson to Divya and Nithya Murali, $360,000.

South Shore Rd., 11303-Randy K. and Christina Rosse Sands to Armand Ky, $740,000.

Stones Throw Dr., 11303-Ehab Malaty to Sepideh Farivar and Arasb Pezeshkpour, $1.23 million.

Summer House Ct., 11408-Elizabeth L. Aurelia to Susan Irene Lepore, $567,500.

Sundial Ct., 11303-Benjamin T. Breland IV to Floyd George and Christopher L. Fischer, $305,000.

Sunset Hills Rd., 11800, No. 810-Helene Bloom and Fran Ellen Levine to Violet S. Stackler, $300,000.

Timberhead Lane, 11105-D. Brent and Natalie L. Morris to Stephen R. and Allison A. DeVito, $644,500.

Trumbull Way, 12069-Gaylon A. and Karen F. Swanson to Frank and Teresa McLallen, $430,000.

Waterhaven Dr., 1680-Travis Van Sciver to Jonathan Herbert and Lisa Marie Dorn, $615,000.

Whisperwood Glen Lane, 2190-Richard B. Shotwell to Scott T. and Amber M. Waldman, $387,000.

White Cornus Lane, 2287-Emma Elizabeth Davis to Kristin Janella Schlottach, $315,000.


Cavalier Corridor, 6360-Leonardo G. and Courtney M. Cacatian to Jesse and Maria C. Ortiz, $499,241.

Fiddlers Grn., 3412-Sarah Orban Salati to Jacob L. and Deborah P. Lipman, $843,500.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 702-Kristin Wilson and Leo Wayne Westbrook to Farhia I. Mussa, $215,000.

Military Dr., 3326-Sarah W. Brooks and C. Ross Litkenhous to Amanda E. Roberts and William I. Marut, $599,900.

Patrick Henry Dr., 3222-Deborah Anne and Jonathan Forbes Peabody to Tupac Mauricio Saavedra Ortiz and Esmeralda Gomez Saavedra, $609,900.

Walters Woods Dr., 6441-Douglas Edward Titzer to Patrick J. and Florence R. Webb, and Sarah W. and Tate M. Linden, $825,000.


Backlick Rd., 6814-Quang Danh and Kien Ly Trang to Najmun Nahar and Nazim Uddin Khan, $350,000.

Bona Vista Ct., 7205-So W. Kim to Marta Lidia Andrade, Jeemy Mario Argueta Umanzor and Norma F. Andrade Rivera, $504,000.

Brian Run Lane, 9314-Charles Sherman Mills Jr. and Caroline Katherine Smelz Mills to James and Elizabeth Larkin, $690,000.

Chester Grove Ct., 8570-Rosa Mariana Guzman and Rosa Mariana Bobadilla to Timothy H. and Diana Hunt, $410,000.

Dana Ave., 6210-Thanh Thi Huynh and Hai Thanh Nguyen to Antonio Saldana Vazquez, $409,000.

Dunn Ct., 6322-Nicole and Thomas Froats to Carletta and Patricia Alexander, $480,000.

Evanston Rd., 7221-Gregory Miah to Ambrociana and Karina A. Villegas and Juan C. Villegas Arone, $349,900.

Frederick St., 6006-Eleanor W. Williams to Thomas and Madison Margaret Kinney, $370,000.

Game Lord Dr., 7119-Amirante J. and Maria Francisco to Gregory S. and Tiffany Dara C. Johnson, $630,000.

Golden Leaf Ct., 9043-Mark R. Ellington to Alexis Hands, $370,000.

Hill Stream Ct., 7912-Brian S. Pallozzi to Kevin Butler, $511,000.

Lake Pleasant Dr., 8003-Allison L. and Samuel N. Bressi to Jake S. and Lauren S. Kwon, $540,000.

Marsh Ct., 8603-Kevin R. and Julia M. Haag to Lori Olson, $599,900.

Middle Valley Dr., 7700-Hein Van and Thuy Pham Bich Nguyen to Katelyn and David P. Randolph, $560,000.

Mulberry Bottom Lane, 7817-Michael William and Kristin L. Devick to Thomas A. and Crystal W. Dufresne, $515,000.

Pohick Forest Ct., 8661-Terrence K. and Kristine L. Wong to Lee Anne and Eric Dean Turner, $668,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 6804-Virginia Lynn Shames to Boris Manuel Rodriguez Samayoa, $440,000.

Rocky Forge Ct., 8342-Wesley Alan and Caitlin Rebecca Snyder to Tay Ha, Anh So and Johnathan Luu Trinh, $318,000.

Springfield Oaks Dr., 8424-Elizabeth A. Larsen to Brian Lattier, $365,000.

Sterling Grove Dr., 7114-James and Cecilia Shields to Kevin B. Knapp and Noelia A. Seva Gonzalez, $640,000.

Sweet Pine Ct., 8413-Gerald R. and Lynn G. Pooley to Norman and Afaf Campbell, $599,900.

Timber Brook Lane, 8304-Edward McDonald to Matthew S. and Michelle J. Harvey, $590,000.

Westmore Dr., 7342-Susan Brown Wallace to Genet Tadesse, $474,900.


Bellforest Ct., 2710, No. 401-Fatima Sediq to Nichole Clinton, $345,000.

Boss St., 8160-Yizhi Ge and Naiyin Yu to Sevara Reinhold, $688,500.

Carnegie Hall Ct., 8183, No. 301-Lin and Betty W. Su to Xilin Yang and Matthew Kurt Raterman, $320,000.

Center St. N., 109, No. 203C-Rosemary A. Bierman to Catherine Marie Bender, $230,000.

Cobble Pond Way, 1282-Matthew Lloyd Morgan and Kristin Nicole Lakow to Janette M. Ross and Chad E. Huntsinger, $1.06 million.

Crowell Rd., 1616-Nancy A. Overman and Elliot Eder to Panthea M. Mohtasham, $793,000.

Echols St. SE, 419-Evergreene Companies Corp. to Jeffrey Robert and Kimberly Lynne Kolar, $1.28 million.

Gallows Oak Ct., 8046-Saleha and Salman Khalid Butt to Andrew Zheng, $725,202.

Leeds Castle Dr., 1571, No. 202-Eun Ah and Young Rye Kim to Yun Sheng, $476,000.

Lord Fairfax Rd., 2011-Deniz Ziya and Ayse Gul Akkor to Mahmood M. Zonoozi and Alizadeh Bidhendi, $1.17 million.

Mashie Dr. SE, 400-Karen Northup and Jeffrey Watts to Nathan Thomas Houser and Christa Jane Sherwood Houser, $2.05 million.

Mildred Ct., 9359-Shing W. Lam to Jing Dai and Yuan Xu, $740,000.

Oakmont Ct. NE, 108-Charles A. Bowles and Annette D. Dickens to Jessica and Alexander Banuls, $760,000.

Pine Valley Dr., 1731-Shahryar M. and Mandana M. Majdi to Nikola Djurdjevac and Tamara Mihajlovic, $718,000.

Roland Ct. SW, 133-Pablo J. Proano and Martha P. Ponce to Natalia and Oleksiy Manuilova, $732,500.

Shepherdson Lane NE, 103-Kevin Brandt and Jessica C. Edwards Brandt to Erin and Nicholas S. Peden, $715,000.

Symphony Meadow Lane, 9606-Rajiv K. and Heidi A. Narang to William J. and Rosa Susinski, $1.45 million.

Tyson Oaks Cir., 7922-Jainen K. Naik to Cevat Kaya and Suheyla Biron, $515,000.

Wellingham Ct., 1542-Zhewei Zhang and Naxin Xu to Nisha and Sandeep Kaul, $1.4 million.

Windover Ave. NW, 201-Rachel L. Karp to Ruhollah Ali Farchtchi and Bahareh Nikfariam, $1.27 million.

First Ave., 8360-Gregory Gorman to Arifuz Zaman and Michesia Kemp, $725,000.


Armendown Dr., 9027-Matthew and Margaret Hoffer to Lloyd Q. and Ayana Harris, $380,000.

Bayshire Rd., 5905, No. C-James A. and Warry A. Bonney to Michael H. Nguyen, $258,000.

Carrleigh Pkwy., 8254-Robert K. and Therese M. Angwin to Edwin Aparicio Vasquez and Jennifer Matson Aparicio, $495,000.

Eastleigh Ct., 6404-Laurel A. Booth to Kristopher and Areti Georgia Valiente, $490,000.

Glenister Dr., 7831-Kent G. and Loretta Reyes Sands to Denise Marcelle Bier, $525,000.

Queenston St., 5967-Karin B. and Karin Fendrich to Lawrence S. Witko, $490,000.

Rexford Ct., 5790, No. A-Linda Osinski to James H. German III and Patricia L. Edens, $206,000.

Stream Way, 7361-Sheryl Elaine Usher McNally to Rosemary C. Iwunze, $400,000.

Tiverton Dr., 7641-Rocco and Barbara M. Campagna to Nieves C. Mejia Hermosa and Raul R. Carballo Toranzo, $310,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Ashby Pl., 10642-Thabet S. to Fathy Elbardicy and Seham F. Gaber, $250,000.

Burke Station Rd., 4115-Evergreene Companies Corp. to Christopher and Megan E. Mathews, $1.12 million.

Fairfax Blvd., 9483, No. 303-Adonay R. Jimenez to My Hanh Haynes, $158,000.

Littlebrook Lane, 11149-Sindy Cecybell Ventura Bonilla to Priyal Parikh, $242,000.

Maple St., 4017-Janet Lea Heiny Vanderveer to Cinthia Sarela Suarez Grageda and Cesar Ariel Camacho Marquez, $402,000.

Mosby Woods Dr., 10102-Liliana Beatriz Orellana Zamora to Mohammad Raissi Fard and Fakhrolsadat Safavi, $240,000.

Norton Pl., 3985, No. 202-Stacey Shapley to Ping Wai Jackson Wong, $490,000.

Rock Garden Dr., 11125-Marcia Tal and Steven Drasner to Maria F. Fuentes, $225,000.

Silver King Ct., 9430, No. 201-Enclave Development Corp. to Alexander S. and Jennifer L. Chung, $509,000.

Wilcoxson Dr., 3891-Christopher and Stacie D. Tom to Allison R. Gousy, $424,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Annandale Rd. W., 101-Quynh-Trang Nguyen Montgomery to Kyle J. and Danielle Treadwell Logue, $629,000.

Cameron Rd. W., 105-William B. and Theresa M. Maybury to Steven D. Resnic, $568,000.

Gundry Dr., 295-Bonnie Mitchell to Sara K. Wittmer, $590,000.

Meridian St., 517-Bluestone Homes Corp. to Michael W. and Laura P. Brooks, $1.57 million.

West St. N., 506-Mark R. Perdue and Mary K. McNamara to David A. Norley, $805,000.