Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Bradley Blvd., 5600-Christopher M. Harris to Anthony Neiderer and Kristen Duncan, $680,000.


Andover Dr., 6915-Peter Kyongwhon and John Sangwhon Yu to Kevin C. and Margaret C. Finnicum Rieder, $869,000.

Duffield Lane, 1812-Charles B. and Sue D. McCarty to Piotr Andrzejczak, $599,999.

Oberlin Dr., 2503-Adrian C. Azer and Candice Brooke Adams to Robin Mae Kuprewicz and Daniel Clinton Caughey, $369,000.

Princeton Dr., 6618-Leslie H. Catlin to Angela and Robert Dolan, $514,000.

Regent Dr., 7213-Fergus Paul and Gina M. Briggs to Elizabeth C. and Brian C. Schlesier, $888,000.

Wakefield Dr. W., 6716, No. A2-Margaret Gladstein and estate of Bobbette Gladstein to Melissa L. Sterpin, $242,000.

Woodmont Rd., 6035-Eric and Julie Anne Savage Parekh to David C. Murray and Jessica L. Shuster, $782,500.

10th St., 6622, No. C1-Laureen D. Reagan to Corrie Cyre, $264,000.


Apple Tree Dr., 4605-Phuong Bui and Andy Tran to Christopher T. Saulnier, $440,000.

Ballycastle Cir., 5102-Dana S. Adkins to Lauren E. Mullins, $480,000.

Bold Lion Lane, 7801-Jeffrey T. and Corinn E. Conrade to James and Lisa Bailey, $545,000.

Buckingham Palace Ct., 5604-Albert W. and Elizabeth W. Parrow to Paul Stephen McNelly, $565,000.

Castlefin Way, 6416-Chad Michael and Rachael L. Morgan to Alexander I. and Allison M. Kops, $467,000.

Cross Gate Lane, 7525-Amaury Marion Ortiz to Tal Ronan and Rochelle Laderberg Aviv, $525,000.

Digby Grn., 7469-Femi O. and Oloyede Babafemi Obatoyinbo to Ryan Michael and Andrea Lynn Hamlen Ridgely, $499,000.

Ericka Ave., 6839-John David McMahon to Xuelei Tan, $420,000.

Founders Crossing Ct., 5928, No. 104-William Timmons to Akram Khan, $325,000.

Frost Lake Lane, 6632-Brian J. and Kathryn A. Convery to Shou P. Chen, $560,000.

Heatherway Ct., 6846-Nilya Carrato to Aaron Jacob Naylor, $335,000.

High Valley Lane, 6627-Jose J. Maldonado and Rosa A. Linares to Karna B. and Pabitra Thapa Khatri, $335,000.

Hydrangea Dr., 6047-Matthew and Heather Cassano to Erick Kottke and Marbelliz Aleman, $445,000.

Kelsey Point Cir., 6527-Robert H. and Donna M. Torche to Jeannine N. and Thomas I. Zells, $480,000.

Larpin Lane, 5722-Carlos H. and Sandra Merino to Marcus D. Littman and Nicole C. Jordan, $529,000.

Mersey Oaks Way, 6009, No. B-William L. and Mary N. Giles to Gina D. O’Neal, $238,000.

Morning Ride Ct., 7912-Edward C. and Catherine Perry to Songyodh Tantiyangkul and Jaruvan Simuang, $565,000.

Old Brentford Ct., 6134-Beatrice Bokrass to John Spencer Fenton, $435,000.

Old Carriage Lane, 6553-Doris G. Esparcia to Sharon Elizabeth Pappajohn, $325,000.

Olivet Dr., 6119-Piney Run Elm Investments Corp. to Robert and Mary Simeone, $763,525.

Racepoint Way, 7210-Yesenia Rosa Roque to Ryan Verl and Regine Clare Morte Orme, $545,000.

Rockleigh Way, 6637-Jeffrey David and Jessica M. Brust to Matthew Richard Bush and Ann Marie Sutter, $437,000.

Roundhill Rd., 4406-Panayiota Christodoulou and Costas C. Kokkinos to Christopher Michael and Jeana Allen, $595,000.

Scottswood St., 6709-U.S. Bank National Association and Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc. to Thanh Nguyen, $472,500.

Signature Cir., 6875-Sepideh Gharanfoli to Duane K. and Tesha J. Crockett Gibson, $442,000.

Summer Park Lane, 6109-Joyce Laurent to Rachel Belter, $485,000.

Taliaferro Way, 6267-Rachel Marie Smith to Gary and Joy Vandemortel, $565,000.

Upland Dr., 4805-Mark S. and Desiree M. Wilkinson to Lynn King and Rachel Mae McNich, $471,000.

Victoria Dr., 6905-C-Nora Edwards to Helen Gebretensae, $242,000.

Wescott Hills Way, 5872-Peter A. Bastone to Rodaba Sadozai and Mahamed H. Farid, $390,000.

Woodfield Estates Dr., 5914-Aliza H. Recher to Herbert H.K. and Frances Chin Hau, $490,000.


Americana Dr., 4267, No. 202-Yang Long and Bo Liang to Veronica Rivera and Joo Man Cha, $190,000.

Americana Dr., 4945, No. G-Heather M. Wobbe to Bruce Edward D. Martinez, $159,950.

Banff St., 4518-Ruth Ann and Matthew W. Rodgers to James M. and Alyss C. Gaughan, $691,400.

Burbank Rd., 8806-Eric D. and Jon P. Luskin to David Y. and Hanna Kim, $550,000.

Dassett Ct., 7903, No. 102-Joseph S. and Amy Wood to Kyungsook Ham, $250,000.

Epinard Ct., 8317-William E. and Lenore Hill Albright to Eleamore A. and James P. Kennedy, $624,900.

Glastonbury Ct., 8342-Elizabeth Evans to Brian J. Snavley, $375,000.

Ivymount Ct., 4345, No. 11-Susana Prada to Rhina Y. Ayala and Adelaida Almendarez, $215,000.

King David Blvd., 4911-Barry J. and Vicki M. MacDonald to Byron and Kathleen Cody, $701,000.

Kloman St., 4022-Howard V. and Ewa B. Sloan to Christopher Michael and Alicia Harris, $910,000.

Marshall Dr., 7558-William A. Husztek and Michelle Markoff to Osmin H. Rodriguez, $532,400.

Normac Dr., 3918-Maribeth McGarragy Perucci to Rhaashan and Jylinda Johnson, $805,700.

Pleasant Way, 7498-Janet L. Rowlands to James and Johanna Murphy, $619,900.

Ruggles Ct., 4472-Yordy Selma and Carlos Fenando Arevalo Rojas to Rebecca Endayen, $372,000.

Stuart Ct., 3816-Glen A. and Kathryn C. Jedlicka to Jeongseok Lee, $485,000.

Victor Cir., 3265-Andrew J. and Carly J. Smith to Robert C. Yi, $439,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3358, No. 33-Gordon F. Meuse Jr. to Khanh Quach and Henry Quach Shen, $190,000.


Stuart St. N., 4035-Arthur G. Hansen and estate of Lenore Marie Hansen to John and Michelle Woodley, $850,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 104N-Ninoska Herrera to Chandell Miller, $215,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1214S-Debra D. Roby to Abdul Jabbar, $320,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3713, No. 902-Jagjot Singh and Layla E. Toran to Gidey Gebremariam and Helen Hailmaryam, $312,000.

Jay Miller Dr., 6533-Kevin L. and Nancy M. Walker to Sandra A. Stajka, $759,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6143, No. 605-Clinton Firstbrook IV to Costantino Panayides and Maria Katradis, $230,000.

Magnolia Ave., 3219-James Allen and Elizabeth D. Thomas Allen to Magaly L. Vallejo, $535,000.

Recreation Lane, 6402-Jessie K. Ulin to Uri Wassertzug and Elizabeth Field, $790,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 1715S-Mazin A. Abbas to Christopher Whitaker, $223,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 2206N-Joseph L. Creasy to Kiran Fatima and Malik M. Hayat, $220,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 713N-Louis Charles Edward Fine to Mary F. Stalter, $175,000.

Spring Lane, 3235-Janet M. Smith to Kimairy D. Laws and George H. Laws Garcia, $525,000.


Burdett Rd., 9535-Robert T. and Maureen Smith Bethea to Matthew Turnbull, $455,000.

Chestnut Wood Lane, 10056-David L. Williams to William L. and Blair P. Cannell, $449,900.

Cove Landing Rd., 5837, No. 102-Sandra Ward to Zahra Amouei, $260,000.

Fenestra Ct., 6315-Douglas D. McDonald to Mofazzal Hussain and Arju Khanam, $299,000.

Goshen Lane, 9420-William Barnard Smith and Elizabeth Leigh Sizer Smith to Tam Thi Thanh Trinh, $455,000.

Hollins Lane, 5501-Otto Fernando and Esmeralda Palomo to Jaime E. Iraeta Rivas, $369,000.

Katelyn Zinn Pl., 9549-Townes at Burke Lake Crossing Corp. to My Tran, $706,865.

Mardale Lane, 6002-Alberta Edna Ellison to Steven Kang, $393,000.

Oak Green Ct., 10890-Albert Neal Faircloth to Ashley Shavonne Lane, $340,450.

Peter Roy Ct., 9378-Ghuman Properties Corp. to Brandon M. Griffin and Gabrielle T. Reed, $444,500.

Roberts Common Ct., 5912-Hassan H. Khalil to Levi Zegarra and Mirta Karin Vidal, $375,000.

Sunset Woods Ct., 6713-Feng Ren Huang and Lih Chu S. Huang to Aliuddin U. Mohammad, $480,000.

Wilmington Dr., 6033-Ethan B. and Erin Morrissey Lauer to Richard Micheal and Emily Ranch, $535,000.


Baton Rouge Ct., 13918-David S. and Kimberly A. Kim to Nam H. and Moonhee Doan, $330,000.

Belle Plains Dr., 5245-Martha C. Morris to Dahyeon Dana and Gyuhyeon Sow, $499,900.

Blue Aster Cir., 5366-Jin MN Kim and Sun Young Lee to Ki Seong Park, $545,000.

Brittney Elyse Cir., 5142-M-Sekhar and Sai Ramakrishna Puli to Lindsay A. Arnsmeyer, $277,000.

Cabells Mill Dr., 13802-Diane L. Kresslein to Krupanidhi Peterson and Madhupama Gurivindapally, $460,000.

Chasewood Cir., 6808-Heather D. Diesel to Hai Nguyen and Tri Luu, $337,900.

Clarendon Springs Pl., 5877-Kimberly K. Jones to Kenneth and Anna Tatman, $279,900.

Climbing Rose Way, 14317, No. 204-Gregory C. Trunz to Amir Abbas Eram, $220,000.

Confederate Ridge Lane, 6925-Ronald and Stacey Willis to Rebecca Leann and Cameron Dexter Wills, $570,000.

Cottingham Lane, 6815-Julia Messaoudi to Ganbat Enkhtuvshin, $360,000.

Eagle Button Ct., 14220-Jaskaran Singh to Richard A. and Kristen Zentmayer, $430,000.

Emeric Ct., 13336-Srinivas and Sandhya Rani Nallanagula to Ritesh Gautam and Sirija Puramshetty, $710,000.

Forest Pond Ct., 13645-Milton E. and Stephanie R. Garcia to Luke C. and Heather Amanda Williams, $301,000.

Grande Forest Ct., 5116-Lee W. and Cheryl L. Caslavka to Abdullah Kawsar and Eshita Shaheed, $975,000.

Gresham Lane, 5614-Richard A. Pruitt to Kyu Kang and Soon Hyang Yeon, $349,000.

Havener House Way, 6036-Georgia L. Demko and Georgia L. Aleman to Crista Marsh, $285,000.

Honey Hill Ct., 14119-Changkyom and Kyungok Kim to Stephen Junho Kim and Eun Sun Hwang, $340,000.

Jaslow St., 14926-Donna A. Decker to Vanessa P. Samuels, $450,000.

Kerrywood Cir., 6849-Hyungkyun Kim and Soon Mi Park to Junyoung Suh, $389,900.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13693-Mark Attwa and Rita Barkouk to Sumit Kumar Gupta and Swati Khandelwal, $474,000.

Manorwood Dr., 5966-Alireza Masihi to Beshir and Mariam Attalla Fares, $375,000.

Meherrin Dr., 15473-Hao Sevener to Donald R. and Mary Anne Sandberg, $635,000.

Ottawa Rd., 5810-Dora Le to Kelly A. Kerbs and Michael R. Morales, $469,000.

Preacher Chapman Pl., 13910-Jeremy J. Karaskevicus to Hanssell Lopez, $330,000.

Rocky Run Dr., 5725-Billy F. and Diane H. Ross to Matthew R. and Allison K. Gisinger, $510,000.

Saguaro Pl., 14463-Ho Kwan and Maria Youngja Kang to April L. Holmes, $226,500.

Sharps Dr., 6532-Michael and Nicole A. McAllister to Alla Gennadievna Strader, $410,000.

Smithfield Pl., 15550-John W. and Tamelia Morris to Shivaji and Tonia F. Sengupta, $765,000.

Stonepath Cir., 6135-Tom D. and Nancy A. Crouch to Shakti Raj and Kathryn Saini, $360,000.

Summit St., 5449-Michael T. Bolles to Hany R. and Yen T. Sadek, $745,000.

Tree Line Dr., 5438-Mary C. Stralka to Samantha Domville, $529,000.

Veronica Rd., 5032-Pavel G. and Stella G. Pekarsky to Narayana Sundaram and Sowjanya Rajavaram, $935,000.

Willoughby Newton Dr., 5605, No. 13-Bank of America to Gabriel S. Eusebio Jr., $267,000.

Winding Ridge Lane, 13939-Jason D. Witt to Louis Philippe Mateus, $350,000.

Woven Willow Lane, 14267B-Omolola C. Amoussou Soumonni to Chan H. Park, $384,000.


Autumn Glory Way, 4701-William Randolph and Rebecca Lynn Gilchrist to Nikhil Sharma and Veena Pandey, $900,000.

Bernadette Ct., 15117-Dewitt T. and Jennifer R. Latimer to Thomas M. and Danielle Paige Burnette, $400,000.

Fallen Oak Ct., 13510-Elizabeth Baumann Dugan to Joshua Gregory and Renata Deye, $705,000.

Novar Dr., 4148-Winston Howard Andrews Jr. to Naresh Man Karmacharya and Shakuntala Shrestha, $383,000.

Pleasant Valley Rd., 4301-3sels Properties Corp. and Richard Salas to Tyler Shaulis Morris and Miranda Kay Wyman, $410,000.

Sand Rock Lane, 4628-Brian C. and Denise L. Wright to Eun K. and Kangyun Jung, $610,000.


Bridgeland Lane, 13602-Unity Investments Corp. and Kat Realty Corp. to Rany Ghbros and Hanan S. Metias, $600,000.

Dunquin Ct., 7425-Nicholas Nawrotzky to Bruce F. Irby and Cynthia R. Hall, $750,000.

Limestone Ct., 13010-Aihua Guo and Haiying Li to Johnathan Reaheon and Rebecca Eve Jeong, $500,000.

Osprey Ct., 5704-Lauren S. Sugfleta to Hemin Wahid Kochany and Niga Feteh Azeez, $327,000.

Springhouse Ct., 13902-Joseph W. and Brandy J. Cronin to Thomas Francis and Kerri Marie Lawson, $725,000.

Wolf Valley Dr., 12133-David J. and Stacy A. Bergert to Michael and Brittany Shattuck, $915,000.


Aristotle Dr., 11352, No. 7-108-Andy K. and Amy B. Lee to Hyesung Angela Yun, $245,000.

Ashton Oaks Dr., 12908-Joseph and Hanh Smith to Joseph and Marcela Lee, $620,000.

Babashaw Ct., 3103-Jeanne P. Luschin to Jonathan Gessert, $395,000.

Blake Lane, 9709-John R. Katebini to Rajitha Gutta, $437,000.

Brices Ford Ct., 3707-Steven Dockweiler and Michael S. Dingman to Blake Samuel and Leigh Ann Rogers Whaley, $677,000.

Brookgreen Dr., 4128-Michelle D. Petersen to Rosebella A. Odenyo, $583,000.

Byrd Dr., 11112-William H. and Nella C. Farley to Hoang Nguyen and Stephanie Ann Motal Nguyen, $482,500.

Canonbury Sq., 9485-David M. and Jennifer T. Chen to Brittany Shepherd, $619,500.

Cheshire Meadows Way, 5513-Roweena D. and Gregory P. Swanson to Dereje T. Woldtsadik, $440,000.

Covington St., 3010-Robin D. Thompson to Xiaojuan Cheng and Guheng Xu, $430,000.

Deerberry Ct., 3604-Barry C. and Mary A. Erdeljon to Caitlin and Jason D. Witt, $575,000.

Dogberry Lane, 4026-Mollie Deboeck to Theodros Abraham and Merone Yilma, $525,000.

Fair Briar Lane, 12767-Martin K. Schaller to Eric Joseph Johnson, $245,000.

Fair Stone Dr., 4435, No. 102-Nicole Antoinette Lumsden and Nicole A. Hunt to Brandon Lee Ford, $210,000.

Field Lark Ct., 12330-Cynthia C. Lee Gallo to Wing Kei Wong, $455,000.

Foxfield Lane, 3821-Robert D. and Elizabeth G. Grant to Thien Huunguyen, $419,000.

Glenbrook Rd., 3896-John J. Coscia and Lisa C. Church to Robert B. and Shamika Woodruff, $1.1 million.

Green Look Ct., 3909-Joo Ran and Heung Hee Lee to Junfan Weng and Ling Lin, $557,500.

Groves Lane, 4727-Schameha A. Shokoor to Felix L. Tong and Dongnghi T. Cao, $765,000.

Head Ct., 5039-Trevor P. Nelson to Warry Ann and James Arch Bonney, $380,000.

Hummingbird Way, 4608-Francis and Nancy Mullen to Kaitlin Elizabeth Cuffe, $415,000.

James Young Way, 5571-K. Hovnanian Homes at Burke Junction Corp. to Eun Sun Jee, $1.1 million.

Keys Ct., 10955-Vasudevan and Sujatha M. Nair to Joy A. Chernosky and Marcus L. Beal Jr., $860,000.

Latney Rd., 10351-Krista Cooper Forcier and Krista Cooper to Hugo Anglarill, $405,000.

Liberty Bridge Rd., 12432-A-Alan B. and Carrington E. Crabbe to Lourdes Beatriz Jusino Tomassini, $393,000.

Majestic Lane, 4114-K2NC Corp. to Heather Nguyen and Jennifer Hanh Diep, $539,988.

Market Commons Dr., 4480, No. 507-Aisha N. Mian to Cyrus Rezai, $295,000.

McFarland Dr., 5002-Syed S. Ali to Grady and Michelle Wilburn, $380,000.

Mirror Pond Dr., 9424-Bayne R. and Nancy E. Rector to Xiujiang Liu, $505,000.

Mozart Brigade Lane, 4225, No. 94-William S. and Susan S. Wisseman to Woo and Grace Lee, $295,000.

Oak Mill Lane, 3602-Doris M. Schwab to Alvin Y. and Ally J. Ko, $810,000.

Penderview Dr., 3916, No. 427-Robert Thomas and Robyn Kuhn Rogers to Alexander Young Kang, $180,000.

Penderview Terr., 12157, No. 836-Barthlomew Boyd to Kathryn E. Middleton, $236,000.

Pennypacker Lane, 13310-Joshua E. Bushman and estate of Joan L. Crofford to David M. and Kathryn E. Medinets, $415,000.

Pine Tree Dr., 11641-Dawn Devaney Gammon to Scott Edwards, $775,000.

Ponce Pl., 9205-John J. and Gayle T. Novak to Jason and Joana D. Ward, $802,091.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 434-Drew Bradley Crain Davis to Daniel L. Johnson, $452,500.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 337-Jae H. Kim and Hye Kyong Anthens to Sreehima Sai Gadamsetty, $440,000.

River Forth Dr., 4129-Khurram Altaf and Ayesha Khurram to Jeff Hong, $500,000.

Royal Lytham Dr., 3954-Rema Pallapolu to Anjani Posni, $600,000.

San Carlos Dr., 4400-Hao M. Dang to Rosario and Lucio Rodriguez Torrico, $465,000.

Sedgehurst Dr., 4401, No. 304-Ryan Fleming to Su Bong and Mi Ja Chong, $268,000.

Sideburn Rd., 4858-Puja and Rohit Sharma to Menachem M. Deitsch and Raizel Gutnick, $660,000.

Sparrow Tail Lane, 13103-Anthony Petruzzi to Maria Monica Pena De Rios and Herbert Estuardo Rios Cruz, $430,000.

Stonehenge Way, 4036-Anna Maria Goldberg to Aimal Mangal, $560,000.

Sudley Ford Ct., 3772-Adam J. and Rita J. Stanislawski to Stuart McVey, $330,000.

Sweet Leaf Terr., 12480-Hazel Rose Osea to Ashish Jain and Ratika Garg, $495,000.

Thomas Brigade Lane, 4379-Hong K. and Yoon M. Jun to Gang Liang, $495,000.

Varny Pl., 12628-Kevin Edward Jarboe and Palma Jean Botterell to Margaret Allyson Smith, $515,000.

Westbrook Mill Lane, 11338, No. 204-Durene M. Brimer to Eric David and Michelle Mary King, $339,000.

Winford Ct., 5545-Barry K. and Kathleen Walutes Bedford to Ranuel Magalong and Kara M. Bedford, $376,000.

Wood Violet Ct., 9283-NVR Inc. to Whang and Grace Hae Sung Shin, $941,849.


Century Oak Ct., 8503-Francisco and Linda Salguero to Valerie M. Villegas and Mark J. Percosky, $750,600.

Devereux Station Lane, 11105-Jeffrey L. and Jeanne M. Carr to Jamel Iddriss, $980,000.

Oak Hollow Lane, 8029-Robert O. and Maria A. Mansker to Seann J. and Mellisa K. Cahill, $640,000.

Shady Cove Dr., 9906-Tamara L. and Brian D. Royce to John B. and Margaret G. Lifsey, $854,000.

Willowbrook Rd., 7814-Rodney F. and Barbara J. Higgins to Angela E. and Emmett M. Maunakea, $850,000.


Aronow Dr., 7004-George E. Lowrance to Belgacem Mkaddem, $415,000.

Camp Alger Ave., 7516-Jeffrey S. and Tara J. George to Robert Daniel and Melissa D. Holyfield, $600,000.

Chestnut Ave., 6937-John D. Loikow to Anna Elizabeth Ricklin, $595,000.

Emma Lee St., 2830, No. 302-Michael B. and Laura S. Athman to Owen Scarbrough, $340,000.

Fisher Ave., 6626-Jeffrey J. and Julie E. Bryan to Parixit Mehrotra and Malika Pant, $760,000.

Harper Valley Lane, 8123-Kevin M. Partyka to Jenna Neily, $445,000.

Holly Hill Dr., 3249-Randall J. Bass to Alejandra and William Carrera, $506,000.

Jefferson Ave., 7009-Sean P. Cox to Christopher C. Hagemann and Alice C. Rowland, $565,000.

Lester Lee Ct., 2828-John W. Thomas to Han T. Dinh and Truc T. Tran, $325,000.

New Providence Dr., 7750, No. 31-Penelope Albritton and Penelope Campbell to Tessa Bohman, $350,000.

Nicosh Circle Lane, 8058-Luisa M. Miranda White and Johnanna Bendfeldt to Kimberly Limon, $492,500.

Rogers Dr., 2912-Anne M. Sprague to Kimberly F. Shrewsbury, $430,100.

Terry Lane, 7112-Dalton Parker Fuqua and Erica Sydney Shein to Marisa Bianca and Rogelio A. Orozco, $622,000.

Westlawn Dr., 6716-K. R. Assets 3 Corp. to Fred R. and Patricia M. Mitter, $690,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 3001-Christopher S. and Madeline M. Van Nostrand to Jonathan Eskew and Desiree Monterosso, $510,000.


Blocker Pl., 2773-Charles Edward and Katherine Anne Bouldin to James Anthony Case, $500,000.

Falls Reach Dr., 6990, No. 113-Yan Je Lai to Josiah J. Surface and Jessica E. Han, $470,000.

Gilson St., 1804-Eun Joo Hopkins to Daquan Zhou and Rong Cai, $525,000.

Hillsman St., 2674-Gregory A. and Cynthia Bea Markwell to Michael and Julie Anstrom, $850,000.

Hyson Lane, 2810-John and Linda Page Mason to Karla M. Freeman, $425,000.

Maynard Dr., 2025-Paul A. Carlson to Sana Sahad and Sina Sahand, $567,500.

Pimmit Dr., 1822-Joanne L. Paul and George W. Wolfe to Narinderjit Singh and Jaymes Thomas Hall, $775,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 605-Aleksandar and Dejana Krsmanovic to Fariborz Noori and Simin Chowgani, $258,000.

Roswell Ct., 2600-Gene D. Robinson II and estate of Joseph P. McAdams to Erik and Jennifer Price, $580,800.

Shreve Rd., 7814-Lauren Gwin to Ashley N. and Christopher Michael Allen, $761,000.


Cedardale Dr., 8321-Thomas L. and Cheryl L. Bratten to Kevin M. and Angela C. Zier, $684,900.

Croton Dr., 1014-Erik and Corrie Cyre to James B. and Cynthia L. Toney Lynn, $609,000.

Eaglebrook Ct., 8707-Alabama Ave Corp. to Rachel Helen Graham and David J. Paradise, $1.42 million.

Parry Lane, 8709-Timothy John O’Brien and estate of Mary Ann O’Brien to Amanda Therrian and Jonathan C. Niznak, $550,000.

Wingfield Pl., 8106-Johnson and Christopher E. Hughes to Mathew G. Stephens and Maritza R. Vasquez, $450,000.


Holly Briar Lane, 11616-James J. and Monica A. Check to Anna Brady Estevez, $1 million.

Loran Ct., 1097-Justin D. and Susan L. Pelham Webb to Malgorzata and Lukasz Zawisza, $732,000.

Raccoon Trail, 509-John and Audra Walsh to Delmar Joseph and Susan P. Luce, $1.3 million.

Wood Glade Dr., 9251-Margaret H. and Douglas A. Gentges to Richard Elliot Kramer and Jennifer Anne Sollars Barton, $735,000.


Air And Space Museum Pkwy., 13634-US Home Corp. to Raci Vennapusa, $615,000.

Alan Shepard St., 3098-US Home Corp. to Derrick Royce Ken and Joanna Tu Phuong Hatami, $702,990.

Angeline Dr., 2484, No. 101-Khaiser Unissa Fnu and Lohit Lakkireddy to Pramoda Battina, $58,000.

Campbell Way, 711-Darline L. Rowe to Saher Javed and Zajjaj Amin, $435,000.

Cedar Chase Ct., 1071-Adam J. and Dawn M. Harrison to Arthur S. Satian, $800,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12937, No. 403-Joanna G. Shuman to Daphne R. Warlmais, $309,000.

Commodore Ct., 3513-Clinton Melvyn and Brandie K. Walker to Ah Young and Takeshi Kondo, $969,000.

Cuttermill Ct., 1403-Keith Austin and Jennifer Marion Luter to John R. and Rebecca W. Evjen, $495,000.

Dew Meadow Ct., 2427-Catherine Alexander and Cavida Maurouquessane to Rajan Rai, $365,000.

Farmbell Ct., 13604-Neal Clifford and Denise Hart Londos to Scott and Leah L. Cowles, $626,200.

Florida Ave., 517, No. 203-Zoraida M. Siles to Bobbi J. Miles Belding, $207,500.

Flying Squirrel Dr., 13596-Jijun Chen and Min Chang to Wayne Ching, $456,000.

Fox Woods Dr., 12701-Pamela P. Spencer to Jeffrey C. Courcelle and Michele Parkinson, $765,000.

Hay Rake Ct., 2401-Steve A. Gwaltney and Matthew D. Cubbage to Ali Kaan Oncu and Ozlem Arslan, $465,000.

Highcourt Lane, 2108, No. 304-Jean M. Masanz to Nihat and Sureyya Cardak, $261,000.

Jeff Ryan Dr., 1035-Lucio and Rosario Torrico to Jose Elias Lopez Lopez, $525,000.

Keisler Ct., 13363-Timothy M. and Janie S. Labus to Henrri A. Portillo Gomez and Cindy E. Ortiz De Portillo, $400,000.

Knight Lane, 1027-Concepcion Vargas and Erick Cazanga to Anwar and Leah Taylor, $330,000.

Madden Ct., 3070-Rachel A. Steiner to Yogender Reddy Rakasi and Kavitha Maddi, $320,000.

McMaster Ct., 3001-Judith A. and Ray A. Mason to Mohammad O. Bhatti, $315,000.

Monroe St., 703-Junction Square Corp. to Lisa Carol Hill and Greg Perrin, $723,245.

Old Dairy Ct., 13495-Alfred Willis the estate of Cecilia Ponce to Dongping Liang and Zheng Wu, $377,500.

Park Crescent Cir., 13106-Edward J. and Bonita L. Rice to Brian Toalson and Erica Schlosser, $532,000.

Queens Ct., 1023-Felipe Valdez to Sara E. Thompson, $344,000.

Richland Lane, 12165-Martin C. and Barbara S. Bischoff to John Edward and Jill Fleury Devoe, $1.23 million.

Rose Petal Cir., 13137-Jahangir Mamatov and Kadirova Karamat to Jinghao Zhang and Ke Zhou, $345,000.

Sandbourne Lane, 2552-Shivaraman Ramadoss and Vatsala Shivaraman to Michael and Joyce Joohyon Kang, $400,150.

Sherwood Park Lane, 13390-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Vinay and Jasmee Nagpal, $673,959.

Summerfield Dr., 1328-Jonathan M. and Heather D. Zdimal to Murali Medisetti and Kavitha Tindivanam, $555,000.

Thurber St., 1503-Charles W. and Ellen L. Allen to Paul F. and Ozgun Rengin Morro, $645,000.

Westcourt Lane, 2203, No. 302-Hyun Tae and Joanna Hyun Jo to Rachel Diane Lacroix, $266,900.

Woodland Park Rd., 13206-NVR Inc. to Iqbal and Nashrin Hasan, $655,000.


Arlington Terr., 2212-Thimblar Joyce Stockton and Loretta Boyd Henderson to Matthew L. Mills, $335,000.

Huntington Ave., 2059, No. 307-Mary Elizabeth Holmgren to Nawshin H. Kutub, $185,000.

Lakota Rd., 3806-Yolanda I. Rojas to Lorena D. and Jose O. Nina Quispe, $490,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 806-Paul Manhoe Kim to Selmer C. and Rhoda B. Santos, $311,500.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 307-Marissa Josephine Hull Vesay and Marissa Josephine Hull to Jennifer Leigh Wood, $237,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 1117-Ferdinand and Rochelle Alvaro to Laura Downing, $217,000.

Mount Vernon Dr., 5805-Michael W. and Rebecca A. Lloyd to Jeffrey Andres Jacobs and Amanda Nuber, $391,550.

Rixey Dr., 6019-Angel Sharkov and Svetla Sharkova to Julio Cesar and John S. Zeledon, $428,000.

Williamsburg Rd., 5933-Mary Ann Rockey to Jesus Lagares, $395,000.


Bayberry Dr., 7922-Keith B. and Julie B. Ellis to William and Natalie Jones, $521,000.

Cold Spring Pl., 7141-Bryn Gaho Seale to Tashana Richards, $356,000.

Fordson Rd., 8001-Oscar David and Maritza Noemy Reyes to Elenilson B. Argueta, $315,000.

Popkins Lane, 2503-Potomac Relocation Services Corp. to Christopher E. Navarra and Kyle B. Lathrop, $555,000.

Richmond Hwy., 6439, No. 6-201-Kim K. Wright and Jessica Tran to Yvonne A. Carrington, $168,025.

Sherwood Hall Lane, 2700-Tsehay Wann to Firew Tesfaye, $242,639.

Tis Well Dr., 8207-Anne Marie Turner to Ryan and Margaret K. Nelson, $469,999.

Westfield Ct., 7114-John and Kelsey Billings to Alexander Elijah Craft, $367,000.


Bermuda Green Ct., 6567-Estate of Philip M. Myers and Kathlyn R. Myers to Yogesh and Shashi Handa, $420,000.

Braddock Rd., 4004-Sayyid M. and Rafia Syeed to Hao M. Dang, $610,000.

Cheyenne Knoll Pl., 5412-Daniel and Brittani Nicole Vargas to Monica R. Mondloch, $547,500.

Edsall Ridge Pl., 5430-John Patrick and Melinda Martin Clark to Thomas O. and Christine M. Karako, $697,000.

First Statesman Lane, 5582-Brandon A. Bottomley to Xingni and Charles Kilby, $363,000.

Hazeltine Ct., 4507, No. D-Yun Haeng Lee to Sang Hung and Paul Yu, $277,500.

Mayhunt Ct., 4643-Nicole A. Randall and Nicole A. Hayes to Mikal Rasheed, $465,000.

Sahalee Ct., 4501, No. B-Anjelo and Angelo Ivanov to Kalsoom Kakar, $309,900.

Vicki Ct., 4200-Peter G. Mitchell to John R. Cronin and Cheri Reiser, $174,921.


Aurora Ct., 8475-Sarah C. Mazzello and Karen Kirby to Shufal Barua, $246,000.

Central Green St., 9209-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to Jennifer M. Miller and Michael A. Bennett, $707,507.

Dutchman Dr., 9662-Matthew W. and Bridget O. Graham to Sharon L. and Abdeldjelil M. Bemmerzouk, $415,000.

Golden Ridge Ct., 8546-Maurice T. Brown to Glenda L. Olmeda, $319,000.

Hill Dr. E., 9957-Floyd J. and Maricon P. Pier to Monica Franette and Charles Morrell Kane, $620,000.

Lone Star Rd., 7481-Vincent J. Mallard and Lizeth Mendoza Fuentes to Luis A. Rodriguez Ramirez and Evelin A. Rodriguez, $295,000.

McCarty Rd., 9250-Paramount Investments Corp. to Michelle Ashley and Mario Rene Escobar, $412,000.

Newington Rd., 6624-Shao Qing Cheung to Amy Cheung and Daniel Dizon, $653,000.

River Dr., 6006-Teddy A. and Mary W. Stout to Arsenio and Donnica M. Ayon, $765,500.

Shannons Landing Way, 8237-Joseph and Roni Barry to Kristopher Forrest Sonntag, $530,000.

Springfield Dr., 6815-Peter and Melanie Nelson to Jose R. Vasquez, $580,000.

Waites Way, 8905-Rodger A. and Cynthia N. Clare to Michael Edward Dent and Antoinette Tyione Morgan, $349,000.

Wolford Way, 7667-James P. and Marybeth M. McDermott to Tyler D. Bitancurt, $339,900.


Brawner St., 6602-Smith Enterprise Investments Corp. to David C. and Rebecca Ann Svec, $3.1 million.

Churchill Rd., 6740-Limin Cheng to Alexander Frank and Molly Marino Zemek, $947,500.

Dean Dr., 6708-Pamela Denise Hansen Hargan and estate of Pamela Denise Hansen Hargan to Stephen Bentley and Amelia Valencisa Clay, $1.38 million.

Fleetwood Rd., 6800, No. 202-Linda Layman Peterson to Nancy F. Owens, $499,000.

Gold Mine Rd., 735-David E. Amini to Priyanka Bajaj, $1.15 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 805-Mau Mei Marie Wu to Judith M. Back, $382,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8360, No. 803-Raj K. Sinha to Kyong Hee Lee, $342,500.

International Dr., 1641, No. 215-Scott F. and Elizabeth J. Duncan to Alexandr Sorokoletov and Maria Potehina, $451,500.

Kyleakin Ct., 6960-James T. and Lois S. Bartis to Rui Miguel Martins Barbas and Paula Bonde, $1.44 million.

Lewinsville Rd., 7811-Kyung Soo Kil and Pung Hue Hur to Sharareh Jafari and Farid Alsafi, $740,000.

Lincoln Way, 1533, No. 104A-Travis Williams and Anna Hall to Rose O. Macali, $240,000.

Old Dominion Dr., 6403-Purple Cloud Corp. to Gilbert and Debra J. Perez, $1.34 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1800, No. 1503-David Henry Aaronson and estate of Robert A. Sargent to Charbel Charles Makhoul, $335,000.

Opalocka Dr., 1817-Yi Tang to Yoon Kyung Hong, $805,000.

Provincial Dr., 7640, No. 109-Kimberly D. Davidson to Anna Rebecca Hutt, $320,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1581, No. 5114-Sopheak Heng to Eugene Y. Kim, $264,000.

Spring Hill Farm Dr., 8112-Alan and Julie Faneca to Patrick J. and Sue H. Downes, $4.5 million.

Tremayne Pl., 7640, No. 305-Joanna Mildred Eberhart Boginis to Barbara Vazsonyi, $200,000.

Westmoreland St., 1566-A-Andrew H. Berman to Werner Krauss and Shanti M. Dsouza, $694,999.

Wilson Lane, 1923, No. 102-Sandra Del and Walter Thomas Blakeman to Azucena and Kevin M. Rios, $215,500.


Battersea Lane, 3032-Michael and Janice E. Spollen to Tam and Ai Hien Thi Bui, $559,000.

Beekman Pl., 8629-D-James R. Gerling to Christopher and Sarah Stevens, $125,000.

Bound Brook Lane, 8327-Paul E. and Whitney H. Hart to Scott Kirkland, $544,000.

Burke Dr., 5225-Nancy Murdoch Carlton to Christopher and Elizabeth Mercer, $2.8 million.

Casa Grande Pl., 7905-Radhakrishnan and Tilaka Kunnath to Shane L. Keogh, $223,500.

Central Park Cir., 7949-Melanie A. Gibson and Gregory S. Davis to Joseph Irogbe and Leah Eaves, $340,000.

Del Norte Ct., 8403-Archer Construction Enterprises Inc. to Sohini Sengupta, $169,500.

El Cerrito Pl., 3818-Jermaine D. Jones to Rabia G. Ahmed, $214,000.

Laramie Pl., 3803, No. 122K-Michael Webb to Erroll Armando Bonilla, Wendy Carolina Portillo Sabillon and Sofia Bonilla, $195,450.

Neptune Dr., 4305-Nathan K. Al Khazraji and Nora Castiglione to Adam Eskola and Angela Benjamin, $568,000.

Pole Rd., 5301-Jose S. and Leiva Villanueva to Eliseo Argumedo Sanchez and Vilma Argumedo Villanueva, $365,000.

Sacramento Dr., 8603-Steven D. Norris to Saeeda Khan and Muhammad Suleman, $169,000.

Towne Manor Ct., 8515-Gautam and Sonal Shah to Samuel Brako Agyemang, $365,000.

Woodlawn Ct., 8609-Juliet Agyeiwah Sarpong and Isaac Arthur to Rey D., Sharon D., Joel Damasco and Maureen Bernardo, $470,000.


Bradwood St., 5202-Katherine Phan to Xiu Qin Wang, $553,000.

Easton Dr., 5303-Truongthi and Jeannie P. Le to Virginia E. and Larry A. Lawrence, $505,000.

Garner St., 5205-Cathleen A. Barker and estate of Thomas Michael Coats to Brian Edward and Jessica Elmay Joy Albers, $340,000.

Heming Ave., 5780-Luis and Carmen Rosa Mercado to Pauline Magny, $580,000.

Landgrave Lane, 5312-Rosaleen Sutton Tomasch to Gregory M. and Kristen L. Spears, $570,000.

Thames St., 8433-Sean Logan and Jennifer Michelle Zinn to Justin Edward Monetti and Jessica Browning, $570,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10300, No. 7-305-Ryan Leo to Deidra Reed, $275,000.

Bronzedale Dr., 11436-James L. and Bonna B. Wescoat to Michael and Sara Kowalski, $800,400.

Bushman Dr., 10220, No. 8214-Robert J. Traister Jr. and Eunhae Kim to Marcela E. and Elizabeth M. Gomez Vereau, $270,000.

Greenwood Pl., 10323-Jorge Luis and Silvia Bertran Campana to Tamer Samah Helmy Abdelaziz Rabic and Mona Mahmoud Hamed Selim, $1.12 million.

Jermantown Rd., 2817, No. 506-Florence Summers to Kenneth M. and Priscilla M. Jensen, $303,500.

Oakborough Sq., 2931-Lynda D. Smith to Shuwei Qiang and Ruoqing Wang, $588,000.

Stone Oak Pl., 3153-Florence C. Delaney to Steven and Melissa Kulm, $750,000.

Vale Rd., 11703-Jean M. Ketchel to Patrick Vincent and Andrea Powers, $705,000.


Aintree Lane, 12012-Leslie Ann Toussaint to Kelly Nicole Wynn, $690,000.

Ascot Way, 1715, No. F-Logan Williams Garofalo to Adanna Quashie, $210,000.

Beacon Heights Dr., 2042-Robert W. and Sandra L. Reinecke to Rafael A. and Vernessa Medina, $945,000.

Breton Ct., 11804, No. 21B-Ronald A. Stanley Jr. and Carlotta L. Fried to Yan Sun, $233,000.

Briary Branch Ct., 11701-Nicole R. and Austin D. Bass to Elizabeth Gabriel Smith, $489,500.

Cedar Cove Ct., 2232-Thomas J. McHale and Cheryl L. Tipton to Daniel N. Schwartz and Dana E. Slone, $590,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11244-Helen E. Vance to Christopher P. Hansen, $200,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1571-Albert M. and Albert Markley Boyce to Austin D. Gore and Samantha M. Georges, $284,000.

Fairway Dr., 11500, No. 607-Mary M. Sullivan to Alda A. Herold, $530,000.

Gate Hill Pl., 11407-S-Fernando A. and Jennifer Lynn Rondon to Andy Menke, $340,000.

Green Watch Way, 2100, No. 11-Ruth M. Stilphen to Alisa Pauniece Thomson, $305,000.

Gunsmith Sq., 2246-Scott A. and Tiffany C. Mathias to Quoc Viet Huynh and Yoshiko Randel Spratley, $326,000.

Heritage Oak Ct., 11409-Stephanie A. Clark to Giuseppe F. Stalteri, $550,000.

Homer Terr., 2017-Iraj Tavakoli Shiraji and Sonbol A. Salmassi to Kenneth James Meyer Jr. and Lindsey Ann Hagan, $736,000.

Knights Bridge Ct., 10905-Daniel Aaron and Jaqueline Schlosser to Norma M. Sowell and Frederick C. Christie, $485,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1712, No. 36-Bryan M. and Terra R. Barrett to Marisa and Conor Shay Banigan, $345,000.

Lima Lane, 12350-Timothy Joseph and Caitlyn Alyse Huffstutter to Nathanial Timothy and Alexandra Campbell, $590,000.

Marginella Dr., 2271-Ines Del Solar to Fredy A. Jovel Alvarado and Maria D. Guillen De Jovel, $366,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 288-Amy Bodmann to Jacquelyn Victoria Cartwright, $282,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 479-Hong T. Dang to Jugunu R. Garfield, $310,000.

Newport Spring Ct., 1413-Andrew W. and Breanna Smith Viscardo to Shahed and Rumana A. Chaudhuri, $465,000.

Olde English Dr., 11709, No. D-Mark G. and Cheryl H. Carrier to Tania Damavandy, $287,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1395-Julie Wright to Alana and Josh Light, $585,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1671, No. 4C/301-Katherine Lott to Shaoge Zhang and Huan Di Yang, $229,000.

Pond View Ct., 2163-Peter J. and Helen Kieran to James E. and Wioletta G. Smith, $485,900.

Roland Clarke Pl., 1973-Reston Valley Corp. to Ahmet Halac, $1.01 million.

Sanibel Dr., 2235-Gabrielle Rosen and Ryan Morgan to Michael E. and Esther L. Wade Boetcher, $323,200.

Sierra Woods Dr., 1652-Paul F. and Ozgun Rengin Morro to Harrison and Diana Paulina Alarcon Leventhal, $400,000.

Southgate Sq., 2330-Aicy Karbstein Grimm to James Sagen and Erin Shaw, $309,900.

Summerchase Cir., 11701-D-Richard Lee and Sophia Siu Fai Li Skolnik to Mitchell Litwiller, $264,900.

Sundial Ct., 11307-Edward B. and Donald Edward Morris to Allyson N. Brown, $260,000.

Taliesin Pl., 12000, No. 21-Tracey L. Hicks to Fatma Gobel, $245,000.

Tommye Lane, 11109-Hesham M. Elnakib to Brijesh Kumar and Avani Brijesh Saini, $1.08 million.

Trumbull Way, 12099-Russell W. Marr to Mengqui Guo, $630,000.

Weatherstone Ct., 1209-William H. and Emily J. Stout to Kevin John and Suzanne Moulton Byrnes, $570,000.

White Cornus Lane, 2177-Erika L. Richardson to Bryan Waxman, $290,000.

Wild Cherry Pl., 2638-David B. and N. Alease Kidd to Theresa Keith and Lica Ducceschi, $785,000.


Collie Lane, 3102-Son H. and Tran B. Nguyen to Supoj Srikittipraphat, $520,000.

Greenwood Dr., 6180, No. 7-302-Ahmad S. Rahmani to Jonathan Ortiz Torres, $140,000.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 921-John L. and Judy G. Carter to Gladys Torrico and Raul Carcamo, $209,900.

Olin Dr., 3103-Nancy Ester Zunino to Chelsea N. McMaster and Scott N. Pierson Jr., $675,000.

Peace Valley Lane, 3250-John J. and John J. Duffy to Matthe J. and Kristen C. Haring, $552,000.

Willston Pl., 2921, No. 150-Farzaneh Boldaji to Thanh Do, $189,900.


Ballston Ct., 7800-Dougllas William and Cynthia Bier Gerni to Kelly S. and Rebecca M. Kingsley, $599,000.

Brainerd Ct., 8469-Eglee and Milagros Escorihuela to Yesenia Herrera, $330,000.

Bristol Square Ct., 7723-George J. and Hestia Pappas to Jennifer Taylor, $437,000.

Cliffview Ave., 8140-Steven M. and Christine Quesenberry to Robert and Marie Ernst Luftglass, $440,000.

Dana Ave., 6212-Alejandro G. and Jesusa C. Huamani to Dung T. Nguyen and Trang H. Dang, $660,000.

Durer Ct., 7733-Aurelio Bruno Montano and Analia Soliz to Ruoxi Li and Han Shan, $381,000.

Fern Leaf Ct., 8351-Gregory J. and Jenny N. Packer to Tu Vanand Khanh Van Tran, $320,000.

Giles Pl., 7207-Christine Suzanne Setness to Irina A. and Jeffrey A. Wratchford, $550,000.

Grace St., 7402-Joseph P. and Elizabeth A. McGowan to Richard B. Shanahan and Michael T. Tune, $458,000.

Lauren Dr., 8604-Robert C. and Peggy S. Ross to Jessica A. Lovett, $600,000.

Levi Ct., 6253-Kathy Renae and David Michael Winn to Jennifer Dawn Goodridge and Kevin William Justin, $470,730.

Mcweadon Lane, 7610-Scott D. and Susan H. Adams to Andrea Michelle Spearing, John Rosenberger and Susan R. Allen, $850,000.

Middlesex Ave., 6207-Adgroup Corp. to Zachary T. Bonner and Alyssa M. Roman, $515,000.

Ohara Pl., 7773-Thomas R. and Helen M. Kopp to Zachary and Kimberly Frey, $615,000.

Quincy Hall Ct., 7442-Barry and Jenny Sherr to Charles Douglas Campbell Jr., $579,000.

Rockefeller Lane, 9108-Robert G. and Laura M. Krauss to Cherrone Arlene Hester, $529,000.

Rocky Forge Ct., 8347-Kimberly P. Lee to Keane Robert and Cortney Michelle McBridge, $316,000.

Shady Palm Dr., 7389-Donna M. and Glenn A. Nicholas to Carlos H. and Sandra Merino, $665,000.

Spring Garden Dr., 7095, No. 2-Amelia Iriarte to Chong C. Todd, $192,000.

Springfield Oaks Dr., 8450-Robert Z. and Jessica C. Dugan to Monica L. Andrade and Rodrigo A. Severiche, $402,500.

Summer Breeze Lane, 8478-Robert W. and Jessica D. Powers to Jessica Joy Satryan and Andrew William Shaw, $449,000.

Tangier Dr., 7800-Douglas J. and Lisa L. Buettner to Jimmy W. and Laura M. Smith, $545,000.

Tower Woods Dr., 7703-George J. and Jane Frances Lawler Savitske to Amanda Leigh Allen and Michael Seavey, $565,000.

Woodstown Dr., 7601-M. Rafiq Chaudhry and Amtul Rafiq to James and Marsha Goetz Browning, $576,000.


Bellforest Ct., 2711, No. 302-Lingzhi Xu to Robert Plati, $315,000.

Carole Ct. SE, 905-David B. and Sharon W. Newcome to Simon and Shelly Cooper, $635,000.

Center St. N., 111, No. B-201-John F. Dugan and estate of Francis Vincent Dugan Jr. to Mahyar Ghasemali, $230,000.

Edgepark Rd., 9024-Siroos Mostaghimi and Shahnaz Motamedi to Guanhua Jia and Xiao Guo, $940,000.

Gingerwood Ct., 1514-Ali and Negar Alavi to Joginder Paul and Saroj Neena Jassal, $694,000.

Hillside Cir. SW, 240-Adam R. and Gale T. Wasserman to Farid Hariri and Ladan Satrab, $699,900.

Hunting Crest Lane, 10518-Denise McCrane to Matthew D. Cubbage and Steve A. Gwaltney, $965,000.

Knollside Lane, 2774-Ramachandran and Thara Asokan to Andrew Steven and Andrea V. Hernandez Rivera, $500,000.

Leemay St., 9510-Brian J. and Christine M. Cook to Jeffrey and Lauren Michelle Corron, $823,700.

McNeil St., 8309-Jose A. Matus and Leonor Yesenia to Chung You Wu and Shuyue Zhao, $693,000.

Montmorency Dr., 1641-Mary B. Cavanaugh and the Joseph & Mary B. Cavanugh Revocable to Geoffrey J. and Tina M. White, $773,000.

Occidental Dr., 2624-Michael J. O’Connor to Thomas Shelton, $649,000.

Saint Boniface St., 1823-Janet W. and Jerry L. Buffay to Peter Nang Nguyen, $823,000.

Shouse Dr., 9413-John F. and Mary Ellen Addams to Margaret Alva and Robert Kurtts, $735,000.

Tapawingo Rd. SE, 215-Philip J. Sherman to Benjamin Berman Frank Sr. and Anne Susann Becker, $1.01 million.

Tysons Ct., 8521-Ko and Kimberly Ann Chang to Alexander E. and Abby Shakiba, $742,500.

Villanova Dr., 2430-Paul G. and Cassin K. Williams to Nassim Adib Moradi Langaroudi and Adam Robert Hartman, $671,535.

Wesleyan St., 8405-NSC Investment Corp. to James L. and Danielle K. Kelly, $689,900.

Wintercress Ct., 9805-Robert J. and Donna S. Charette to Loren Christine Martin, $898,000.


Journet Dr., 2242-Michael W. Rosa to Sergius and Louise Romanchak, $699,000.


Ashbury Dr., 6922-Samuel and Rosita Ahenkora Tuffour to Rabia Rafiq, $490,000.

Blarney Stone Dr., 9115-Richard Carnell Baker to Mahlet Teferi Getachew, $400,000.

Charnwood St., 6312-Kelly Moulton Cutlip to Hunter Millard and Gabrielle A. Escalera Cook, $589,000.

Elkton Dr., 7007-Han Sun and Hyun Jin Lee to Konrad and Colby Kraszewski, $527,000.

Greeley Blvd., 8600-Cecil D. and Victoria L. Facemire to Jason A. and Shana R. Spindler, $589,900.

Hollow Knoll Ct., 6067-Kathryn S. Matthews to Esayas G. Tewolde, $419,900.

Lavell Ct., 6220-Kenneth G. and Cynthia H. Holliday to Brett J. and Elizabeth A. Creech, $583,000.

Lovejoy Ct., 5904-Hyun S. Back and Hee Y. Back Jeon to Ashenafi Kassa Gebrehana and Misrak Teklemariam Sime, $590,000.

Petunia St., 7011-Carol J. Kirsch to Julie Ann and Stephen Brody, $619,000.

Queenston St., 5981-Etta Christine Smith to Sarah Jacobson, and Margaret P. and Robert R. Falconi, $398,000.

Rolling Woods Ct., 7871, No. 1301-Susan Mary Igo Draper and James Joseph Igo to Taylor York, $430,000.

Surrey Hill Pl., 5900-L-Charles and Lucy Dunne to Alison R. Davis, $175,000.

Wainfleet Ct., 6421-Edmund Peter and Claire Zipf Giambastiani to David A. and Cara M. Oechslein, $510,000.

Wild Rose Ct., 6803-Kevin D. and Bettina Montgomery to David S. Powers and Megan E. Paustian, $485,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Berritt St., 4132-Donald B. and Frances A. Johns to Kassem A. Jaber, $435,000.

Cameron Glen Dr., 10717-Samuel and Diane Riser to Sung Kuk and Mee Kyong Lee, $662,500.

Flintlock Rd., 3141-James R. Rapallo Jr. to James and Holly Vanvalkenburg, $585,000.

Lyndhurst Dr., 3814, No. 101-Ji Hyeun Lee to James Li and Joanne Zhongyan Zhang, $174,000.

Maple St., 10734-Dakota J. and Brittany L. Averill to Jessica C. Fisher, $295,500.

Mosby Woods Dr., 10120-Shakeel Ahmad to Yanhong Zheng and Bin Xie, $248,000.

Sager Ave., 10328, No. 204-Kathryn A. Bistay to Maureen Elizabeth and Daniel Karl Sintich, $599,000.

Silver King Ct., 9450, No. 310-Enclave Development Corp. to Arthur W. and Eleanor Gatenby, $601,720.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Hillwood Ave., 907-Harold E. Morgan Jr. and Constance Elizabeth Kulik Morgan Living to Theodore and Kotomi Sterling, $668,000.

Noland St., 211-Richard and Josephine Snyder to Christopher Scott and Rebecca Jo Albracht Combs, $1 million.

Tuckahoe St. N., 1105-Anthony P. Scardino to Stephanie Sun Hinderks and Abraham Joseph Kinney, $1.24 million.

Roosevelt Blvd., 600, No. 110-James H. and Betty Lee Turner to Rin Zimmerer, $181,000.