Home Sales

Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Belle View Blvd., 1509, No. C1-Elizabeth A. Gorman to Phan A. Vuong, $267,500.

Dartmouth Dr., 2208-Mikyung and Keith Schilling to Joseph W. Morrison, $363,590.

Radcliffe Dr., 6910-Julio C. and Maria Quevedo to Douglas O. Alvarez, $349,900.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 702-Erik David and Maria Olson to Don McIlwain, $245,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6641, No. 602-J. Evelyn Blatnik to Lucy A. and Ibrahim W. Khairy, $250,000.

Windsor Rd., 2206-Tracy T. and Evan L. Morris to Joseph B. and Alison B. Young, $1.4 million.


Alderman Dr., 6344-Richard P. and Karen Lynn Wallace to Jason A. and Tugba L. Bast, $741,250.

Austin Ct., 3405-Cynthia R. Hall Bauso to Brian and Joy Marisee Hickey, $550,000.

Birkenhead Pl., 7001, No. B-Maribel Vasallo to Jennifer Chang, $230,000.

Cliff Dr., 6034-Robert T. and Jennifer I. Reynolds to Michael Don Wagner, $890,000.

Cottonwood Dr., 6409-Marlene Adams and Marlene Ruf to Phuong Bui, $360,000.

Fleetside Ct., 6406-Teryl Hackley to Santosh and Rashmi Borrison, $393,000.

Founders Hill Dr., 5963, No. 303-Ajith Jacob to John M. and Condit Lyon, $355,000.

Gene St., 7429-Daniel L. and Lyndon M. Gonzalez to Dandy Alexander Wilson and Emily Taylor Saulsgiver, $624,900.

Grange Lane, 6571, No. 104-Dennis A. and Rosemarie Petz to Steven R. Smith, $345,000.

Hiddenite Ct., 6606-Kirstin Covelli Shelton to Frank William and Elizabeth D. Guest, $435,000.

Kincardine Ct., 7811-Betty J. Schwoebel to Daniel P.M. Tepe, $485,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6951-G-Paul E. Brink to Kyrsten E. Bunck, $247,000.

Morning Glory Rd., 6169-Tuffy Joe and Kathleen J. Hughes to Daniel Rodriguez, $425,000.

Neville Ct., 5302-Michael J. and Christina M. Schultz to Richard D. Breitenstein, $606,350.

Old Carriage Dr., 6538-Manuel R. Ovalle to Ahmad and Mai Abdalla, $375,000.

Olivet Ct., 7840-Van Metre Homes at Crest of Alexandria to Stephen A. and Denise M. Grafton, $693,460.

Ridge View Dr., 6011-Ronald Doon Lee to John E. Craig II, $455,000.

Sandra Marie Cir., 6901-A-Susan M. Gomez to Jody Bates, $265,500.

Shaffer Dr., 6045-Gary D. and Mei Lung Devight to John Martzloff and Rachel Lynn Montagna, $775,000.

Sumner Rd., 6029-Theresa K. Kaiser to Jesse and Anne Pruett, $743,000.

Trask Terr., 6519-Peter L. and Lisa A. Croteau to Kester F. and Ayanna K. Lewis, $615,000.

Victor Gray Ct., 6367-Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. to Haider Iftikhar, $718,000.

Virginia Hills Ave., 6529-William D. Parker Jr. and estate of Cheryl L. Walter to Edward Russell Breakwell, $405,000.

Windham Ave., 6556-Gregory and Farzana Kennedy to Norman J. Dawson, $400,000.


Alyssum Way, 9208-HJS Enterprises Inc. to Kira and Mark Smith, $730,000.

Americana Dr., 4935, No. H-Melissa Hand Ellies to Eric L. Poole and Shannon Cowett, $175,000.

Briarwood Ct. N., 4415, No. 38-Gi Byung Kim to Norma Vaca Arteaga, $175,000.

Chapel Lake Ct., 8327-Jeffrey A. Lieberman and Angela B. Dalton to John M. and Ivette Neill, $766,000.

Daniels Ave., 4104, No. 102-Jeff Jefferson and Yong Ho Ahn to Raul Arnez Delgadillo, $130,000.

Indian Run Ct., 6817-Patricia M. Warhurst to Huong Thu Nghiem, $406,000.

Kenside Ct., 5101-Kathleen E. English to Laura A. and Adam W. Dormuth, $517,500.

Kingman Dr., 7560-Kent P. and Marjorie A. Avery to Shannon Walker, $499,888.

Launcelot Way, 3609-Elizabeth A. Casey to Jason H. House and Yulyer J. Martinez, $682,000.

Patriot Dr., 7753, No. 46-Jeffrey J. Choi and Elisa Y. Rhee to Hyonghoe Kim, $215,000.

Private Lane, 8300-Kevin J. and Sharon C. Fay to Allison and Brandon David Lamb, $950,000.

Rose Lane, 3711-Sharon P. Kane to Gregory J. and Alyson M. Schaefer, $485,000.

Sipes Lane, 7222-Ruben D. and Ebony H. Peraro to Tong X. Giang and Linh T. Nguyen, $670,000.

Tobin Rd., 8312, No. 34-Tekola Berhe to Hussein Haj Assaad, $235,000.

Webley Ct., 3316-Joyce Anne Bounds to Mary S. Kazarian and Stephen E. Muskett, $411,000.

Woodland Rd., 4115-Rak Sook and Joon Sung Lee to Antonia and Florentino Amurrio, $390,000.


Carey Park Lane, 6155-James J. and Kimberly A. Phillips to Ke Ma and Xueye Zheng, $698,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 501S-Atiqullah Kakkar to Karen P. Karjala, $180,000.

Gordon St., 3530-Abdulgader A. and Alphecca Muttardy to Christian and Brooke Man, $590,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 713-Hermie C. Marquez to Reginald Kenalio Puana Jr., $303,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 307N-Ashwin Satish to James Suter, $210,000.


Bridgetown Ct., 5950-Gary George and Ok Hee Peruzzi to Francis E. Legagneur, $356,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5807, No. 301-Nicholas and John Hentschel to Shruti Sharma, $255,000.

Dunleigh Dr., 5312-Peter C. and Karen A. Miller to Nino F. Sejas, $580,000.

Garretson St., 6224-Patricia A. Mancini to Katherine R. and Jose A. Messina, $524,000.

High Bluff Ct., 5819-Trac N. and Triet N. Bui to John A. Brusseau, $430,000.

Lighthouse Lane, 5498-Joseph C. and Sharon P. Kempin to Gabriel A. Menacho Ballejos, $371,200.

Mersea Ct., 5448-William H. and Harriet W. Wang to Jinwood P. Son, $465,000.

Old Landing Way, 6014-Homer D. and Donna M. Roy to Claire Sefein, $325,000.

Raftelis Rd., 6531-Ian M. and Jennifer Kelly to Darcy A. and Hysen Shala, $579,000.

Signal Point Ct., 5624-Lotus Homes Corp. to George Shabouk, $583,000.

William Kirk Lane, 9407-David C. Grier and Marsha L. Singer to Hilda A. Rios, $445,000.


Barrymore Rd., 5809-Sherri M. Baumes to Kimberly and David Kim, $460,000.

Battery Ridge Lane, 14610-Sandra K. Johnson to Holly Phillips, $344,700.

Big Yankee Lane, 13943-Susan Ohlstrom English to Mahendra and Geeta Shah, $317,000.

Brittney Elyse Cir., 5130-K-James B. and Julie C. Tullbane to Andrew O. Fleming, $238,000.

Carlbern Dr., 14914-James A. Podratsky to Afshin Amiri, $395,000.

Cheverly Ct., 14615-Ken Dongkon and Joan Yunhwa Song to Truc N. and Trang T. Nguyen, $290,000.

Deer Hill Ct., 6051-Bethanie E. and Brian I. Mintz to Shahram Yazdani Biouki and Shahrzad Nabaki, $279,500.

Edman Cir., 14826-Allen C. and Rosalinda Winco to Marie Fournier and Steven Lee, $405,000.

Flower Hill Dr., 14776-Michelle D. Andrews and Jennifer L. Baker to Lake Singh, $435,000.

Green Park Way, 14782-Kelley L. Berry to Christina and Margo Digbeu, $356,000.

Knoughton Way, 5213-Frederick R. Smith Jr. to Eric P. and Julianne S. Langer, $555,000.

Meadow Crest Ct., 6067-Brian D. Coleman and Analisse Reyes to Rexand Oanh Dinh, $305,000.

Oakmere Dr., 14551-Matthew J. Blanck to Emir H. Rajab, $460,000.

Pebblebrook Trce., 6307-Daniel C. and Vicki J. Carayiannis to Jung Wook Yi and Young Sook Ryu, $760,000.

Saddle Downs Pl., 5842-Federico Genoese and Jeannie Genoese Zerbi to Daniel P. and Cheri L. Fata, $985,000.

Sawteeth Way, 14020-Scott J. and Oleira Alcusky to Joon Whan and Ok Boon Kim, $480,000.

Stone Crossing Ct., 14648-Dale and Valentina Leuck to Minh N. Pham and Trang T. Nguyen, $345,000.

Sully Lake Dr., 5558-James V. and Michelle C. Lash to Janice Junghi Kim, $449,900.

Travis Edward Way, 5109-E-Theresa Manning to Stephanie R. Alrivy, $200,000.

Willoughby Newton Dr., 5632, No. 32-Elizabeth M. and Kevin M. Bush to Yon O. Hwang, $223,000.

Woodfield Dr., 5125-Steven Erik Vivirito to Scott Allen Dehne, $440,000.


Beaujolais Ct., 13846-Nicholas J. Colaric to Silvia Guzman, $240,000.

Carbury Ct., 4059-James A. and Natalia V. Roberts to Zhaoyang Calvin Xu and Linsha Xie, $575,000.

Hollowstone Ct., 4310-Sidney L. and Carol C. Smith to Shazia and Shafqat Mallick, $850,000.

Lightfoot St., 3830, No. 227-Dheeraj Nelli to Tammy L. Crawford, $250,000.

Trail Vista Lane, 4926-Westfields Development Corp. to Robert Vincent Donovan, $742,055.


Clifton Rd., 7510-Paul K. Gerard and Paul Ann Davis Gerard to Heather and Christopher D. Haddock, $1.28 million.

Kilby Landing Ct., 13214-Mehmet Munir Akay to James C. and Madison Y. Kim, $765,000.

Orchard Dr., 13639-Leigh R. Webster to Mary Anne Picket, $201,000.

Rose Gate Ct., 7701-Howard C. and Marilyn A. Jelinek to Benjamin Johnson and Kerri A. Lord, $900,000.

Stonehunt Pl., 6239-Caryn B. Gillooly Fox to Mira and Kang S. Ko, $620,000.


Aristotle Ct., 3851, No. 1-416-Abdalrahman M. Alqaq to Sai Ho Chow and Wenjia Yuak, $265,000.

Ashleigh Rd., 5467-Arye R. and Peggy H. Ephrath to Vannak Lim, $765,000.

Bel Glade St., 9603-Anthony Q. and Kara H. Buenafe to Karen R. Falzone, $465,000.

Black Oak Dr., 5334-Stuart S. and Deborah M. Shef to Scott L. and Lori Cohen Scher, $630,000.

Briar Patch Ct., 4631-Cynthia J. Fithian to Sridevi Polavaram, $510,000.

Broadwire Dr., 4034-Ching Lan Wei to Chengwu Wei, $380,000.

Buckeye Ct., 3614-Jimmy Atohengbe to Warren P. and Paola Henslee, $445,000.

Cabot Ridge Ct., 5432-Tina B. Lustre to Stephen F. Gerrity, $425,000.

Cedar Lane, 3054-Nicole Yvette K. Mackey Bream to Al Mutasem Bellah Suleiman and Warangkana Mills, $750,000.

Day Lilly Ct., 8907-Robert H. Whitworth Jr. to Kasey and Robert McNamara, $815,000.

Erica Hill Lane, 12433-Hoa V. Nguyen to Andrew M. Souza and Meredith R. Wilhelm, $480,000.

Fountainside Lane, 4139, No. 204-Buddha Lama to Janine C. Newgen, $298,500.

Gainsborough Dr., 4794-Susan Andrukonis Phillips to Kirt and Laura Kiester, $480,000.

Harvester Farm Lane, 4370-Ricardo and Christine Esteves to Xin and May Huang, $575,000.

Irish Moss Ct., 3603-James P. and Mary F. Cooley to Trevor and Bin Read, $665,000.

Lake Ct. N., 12539-WD Homes Corp. to Christopher John and Helen Elizabeth Brady, $547,000.

Lavender Keep Cir., 12735-Robert T. and Silvana Osuna Patton to Steven S. and Sue J. Han, $695,000.

Log Ridge Dr., 11461-Jeffrey D. Sharp to Vugar Aliev, $439,000.

Maple Hill Rd., 3812-Kingston Royce Homes Corp. to Huan T. and Daphne C. Tain, $1.52 million.

Patriot Park Ct., 4368-John and Jessica Stowe to Roop L. and Kavita D. Mahajan, $717,500.

Penderview Lane, 12164, No. 1635-Kenneth M. and Julie L. Lasure to Mark, Wendy and David Zvijac, $199,900.

Penny Lane, 2948-Edward Holman and Tami Holzman to Baker J. Pruiksma and Jessica T. Sweet, $762,650.

Pine Tree Dr., 11617-Hany R. and Yent T. Sadek to Gregory and Nicole Randall, $536,500.

Pleasantview Lane, 13206-Brenda S. Akre to Jesse Barrick, $500,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 219-Changkyom Kim to Beom Gu Yeo, $279,900.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 325-Deepthi Moola to Sunjit Chhatwal, $445,000.

Ridgeline Rd., 11398-Bradley Mowry to Ran He and Feiying Shen, $662,500.

Saintsbury Plaza, 2903, No. 106-Stephen M. and Sandra Barton to Pari O’Neal, $370,000.

Sasher Lane, 5408-Adina Gurbutwal to Zulay Huma and Sidra Arshad, $390,000.

Southport Lane, 5418-Alvin B. Owens to Nathan and Emme Morris, $490,000.

Stella Blue Lane, 2987-Fuad Abdullah to Behrouz Mahmoodi, $750,000.

Strawflower St., 4370-NVR Inc. to James J. Yang and Kelly A. Poy, $1.1 million.

Sutler Hill Sq., 4314-Heesun and Hee Soo Lee to Andrew H. Kwon, $430,000.

Vernoy Hills Rd., 4155-John T. Nuttmann to Maurice Rose and Aday Lakew, $548,000.

Weirich Rd., 9399-M&T Bank to Young C. and Saejong Chang, $880,000.

Wood Violet Ct., 9275-NVR Inc. to Jing Zhu and Michael Kurtti, $791,336.

Wood Wren Ct., 9962-Ann Madison to Tea K. Yoo, $326,000.


Argent Cir., 8348-Rebecca Cecin to Eric and Shannon Richardson, $800,000.

Clara Barton Dr., 11121-Kevin and Linda Clinkenbeard to Scott Allen and Erin Ashley McCarthy, $770,000.

Thorn Bush Dr., 9740-William Spencer Kimball to Haval and Rondik Dosky, $1.27 million.


Fairwood Lane, 7533-Stephen R. and Lois B. Hanmer to Desirae S. Jura, $700,000.

Gatehouse Rd., 8061-Travis Benson and Jessica Stecklein to Marcia H. Sanford, $515,000.

Hodge Pl., 3129-Jeff R. Showalter and Meredith B. Mazzotta to James and Victoria Dejarnette, $650,000.

Inversham Dr., 7753, No. 225-Julia K. Carpenter to Barbara Lewis, $292,000.

Lee Oaks Pl., 2814, No. 304-Amir M. Sepantaie to Sara M. and Benjamin Devens, $339,000.

Prince Albert Ct., 2810-Jennifer Lynn Wachunas to Henri and Mahnaz Bielawski, $450,000.

Silver Maple Pl., 3417-Ronald D. Aucutt to Brian Handy, $775,000.

Strawberry Lane, 8191, No. 425S-Jed Israel and James B. Pittleman to Jiadong Lin, $375,000.

Westcott Rd., 6719-Lynn F. and Margaret M. Jenkins to Maribel Rosario Gonzales, $390,000.

Weston Rd., 6925-Edward W. and Samantha E. Smith to Jacob Bustin and Courtney Hopkins, $514,900.


George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 801-Dipta and Prathana Shah to Sarosh Asadullah, $250,000.

Marshall Heights Ct., 7706-Kashef A. Majid and Shaela Rahman to Yan Zhang, $590,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 109-Patrick S. Galito to Sedaghat and Abdolhossein Ejtemai, $292,000.

Savannah St., 7614, No. 14-Asher Porat to Mohammed E. and Khaleda M. Husseini, $200,000.

Williamsburg Pond Ct., 6867-Elizabeth W. Veatch to Da Yang and Hua Huang, $748,500.


Darton Dr., 900-Thomas L. and Nancy B. Gibson to Thomas and Cheryl L. Bratten, $777,000.

Marble Dale Ct., 8304-Christopher and Elizabeth Mercer to Rene Raquel Marsh and Kedric LeSean Payne, $1.1 million.


Fallen Holly Ct., 11921-Edward P. Jappell to William L. and Katie K. Symionow, $689,000.

Ivy Tree Lane, 9299-Susan B. Hemsing to Fatima and Alex Zalami, $1.08 million.

Ole Dirt Rd., 414-Rachel Ann Rionda to Taimur A. Khan, $800,000.

Shesue St., 10304-Frank S. and Cynthia J. Kolencik to Alan R. and Jennifer C. Prebyl, $930,000.

Watts Rd., 9508-Rebecca J. and Sarah J. Manners to Sabuhi Shahid and Nadeem Nusrat, $652,000.


Alan Shepard St., 3094-US Home Corp. to Ying Wang, $662,000.

Alton Sq., 12919, No. 113-Iwona B. Horyn to Aislyn Pollard, $239,999.

Bruce Ct., 709-Francis G. and Karen P. Szalay to Michael Richard Karcic, $435,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12937, No. 106-Iris J. McPhatter to Peter Anthony Gabrielli, $213,700.

Cherry Ct., 312-Omar and Nicole Castellanos to Van McCarren, $380,000.

Crayton Ct., 11903-Robert S. and Michelle E. Buller to Shaun Sangwin, $980,000.

DaVinci Lane, 13572-Sankar Bhattacharjee to Jing and Sherri Liu, $358,500.

Elden St., 704, No. B-Junction Square Corp. to Barbara McQueary, $800,000.

Folley Lick Ct., 1612-John C. and Leslie S. Lauderdle to Kevin Ray and Sawyer Nelson, $491,000.

Highcourt Lane, 2100, No. 302-Tai Li Kwan to Bandhana T. Rai, $260,000.

Iron Forge Rd., 2609-Jennifer Saeyong and James R. Derry to Larry N. and Elizabeth A. Katzman, $820,000.

Jonathons Glen Way, 12151-Mary Ann P. Lew to Roshan Popal and Venus Hashemee, $995,000.

Kinross Ct., 3196-Kelwyn Pender to Alexander and Sarah Horn, $575,650.

Lake James Dr., 12209-Martha Humner Wood to Austin D. and Nicole D. Bass, $725,000.

Monaghan Dr., 2180-Akhtar Ilahi and Sheung M. Lee to Momchil Mihaylov, $227,319.

Mosby Hollow Dr., 809-M. Amanda Jordan and Cheryl Brewer to Anandhi Ganesan, $410,000.

Park Ave., 930-Debbie A. Jacob Brown to Parvez Akhtar Khan, $360,000.

Pleasant Glen Ct., 13236-David and Lih Maan Wilens to Yupeng Wang and Haobo Luo, $705,000.

Salk St., 13656-Elizabeth Szolis to Ryank and Sara J. Holley, $390,000.

Sherwood Park Lane, 13386-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Juncong Liang and Yi Guo, $671,568.

Sugar Maple Lane, 1116-Nancy A. Lamanna to Yudong Cao, $680,000.

Tewksbury Dr., 12831-John R. and Tonya Lucas Baker to Russel and Jennifer Douglass, $567,000.


Albemarle Dr., 2803-Michael P. Seavey and Amanda L. Allen to Steven Krajewski, $415,000.

Huntington Park Dr., 2432-Norman L. Murray Jr. to Milia M. George and Damon W. Trevitchick, $645,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 707-Cong Lac Huynh to Ami D. Campbell, $307,000.

Monticello Rd., 6009-Brian K. and Ashlea Tanner Wehle to Tara D. Martin, $465,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 1516-Alice W. Herndon to David G. Furth, $385,000.

Mount Vernon Dr., 5853-Mark Bradford Hofacker to Levi Allen Hofts, $455,000.

Towanda Rd., 3801-Dean and Catherine Webb to Brittany Mobley and Waris Husain, $500,000.


Audubon Ave., 7965, No. 202-Jose Antonio Umana Villatoro to Jose G. Galvan Barillas, $128,500.

Evening Lane, 7807-William and Catherine Miles to Kevin Anthony Heisley, $630,000.

Midday Lane, 7624-Darren M. and Denise Y. Dick to Paul E. Hart and Whitney H. Hart, $687,500.

Ransom Pl., 3614-Stephen Arthur Corona to Kyle Austin Manning and Madison Marie Muncy, $479,900.

Vantage Dr., 6824-David A. Baber Jr. to William D. Frazier and Arielle H. Gart, $525,000.

Woodlawn Trail, 2718-Brian M. and Michelle Gardner Ince to Stephen Bashore, $715,000.


Bloomfield Dr., 5608, No. 101-Donald Birchler to Greg Alan Smith, $177,000.

Callcott Way, 5719, No. B-Meghan M. Corbett to Siqi Wei, $430,000.

Cypress Point Rd., 6620-Kurt A. Medland and Heather Felton to Andrea Weissing, $429,900.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 321-Vasanthi Chadive to Yvette C. Mingo, $366,000.

Fairland St., 6427-Jason Kertgate to Dong S. and Young N. Han, $450,000.

Sequoia Ct., 4104-Jude Joseph and Paul Anthony Covas to Jennifer Henley, $450,000.

Summer Moon Lane, 6311-Carmela N. Edmunds to Nicholas A. Lane, $555,000.


Ashmeadow Ct., 9108-James P. and Mary Ann Haffly to Toan Ngo, $370,000.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9300, No. 301-Patricia A. Kendrick to Jon Stuart Pinkerton, $230,000.

Laurel Ridge Crossing Rd., 9247-Tu T. Nguyen to Tanya M. Baggott, $485,000.

Potters Hill Cir., 9672-Song H. and Ji H. Yu to Mario Carmona, $435,000.

Rommel Dr., 8836-Todd A. and Britt B. Hetherington to Benjamin and Erin Nielsen, $1.29 million.

Singleleaf Cir., 8912-Kevin J. and Debra L. McCarthy to Yonatan Kebede Molla, $499,950.

Timarand Ct., 7942-Loretta Rials Jones to Zuan Dao T. Tran, $278,500.

Whitehaven Ct., 8433-Mary G. Dingler to Michael W. and Kristin L. Devick, $670,000.


Alvord St., 8279-Charles M. and Betsy Barclay to Byron Robert and Elva Esquivel Siliezar, $2.6 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 307-Joseph A. and Tina D. Schniebs to Youngsook Shin, $950,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 916-Chungmin Renee Kang to Mary F. Olson, $252,000.

International Dr., 1625, No. TH1-Lucy S. Lee to Steven Jungho and Young S. Han, $475,000.

Kirby Rd., 1325-Novella Homes of Virginia Corp. to Scott Keller, $2.17 million.

Lincoln Way, 1509, No. 301-Lee G. Deneault to Agnes and Slawomir A. Olender, $363,000.

Macarthur Dr., 1854-Daniel P. and Susan B. Lyons to Ashok L. Talreja and Anita Banerjee, $1.58 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1800, No. 904-Magdi A. Mukhtar and Nazik M. Salih to Mary L. Owens, $415,000.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 813-Gulsevil Korman to Behzad Jafari and Bahar Bigdeli, $412,000.

Rigby Lane, 6816-Gordon J. Bernhart to Julia C. and Abdallah R. Bouhabib, $880,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1571, No. 6214-John M. Kassouf to Sae Hee Kim, $407,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1601, No. 1109-Vasanth Shenoy and Neha Kapoor to Kayta Wildgen, $265,000.

Tremayne Pl., 7720, No. 205-Sudhir Jagadeeshan to Yapeng Hao, $296,000.

Wilson Lane, 1904, No. 202-John and Parawan T. Stalzer to Ivan T. Georgiev, $275,000.


Agnew Ave., 4326-Vision Homes Inc. to David and Maria Valentin Ousted, $795,000.

Beekman Pl., 8609-A-Jeanette E. Smith to Luis A. and Maria M. Callejas, $130,000.

Black Alder Dr., 8816-Hilda Mae Clark Evans to Linda M. and Diana M. Boyd, $640,000.

Brockham Dr., 8380-B-Joshua Bassan to Carlos Emilio and Rina L. Flores, $155,000.

Capistrano Pl., 8017-Muhammad Adnan and Zoheb Imtiaz to Scott A. Ferrando, $217,500.

Cedar Rd., 5209-Susan J. Hitchcock to Audrey and Melissa Blum, $435,000.

El Camino Pl., 3818-Brent Lupia to Mauricio Jose Garcia Santos and Jenette L. Garcia, $165,000.

Joshua Pl., 3802-Gifty Davis to Samuel K. Akenten, $212,000.

Main St., 4112-Layton John Lamphere to Christopher and Carla Allain, $424,227.

Old Vernon Ct., 3615-Mark D. Planning to Michael and Amanda Miller, $815,000.

Shannons Green Way, 3815-Teresa Suzanne Emmons and estate of Gloria Kay Hubbard to Marima Mohammed and Margaret Boateng, $409,000.

Steadman St., 8021-Ashid Hussain to Carlos M. Trejo Urrutia, $440,000.


Dalhouse St., 7127-Dirk A. Lieb to Quang Tieu, $490,000.

Flag Run Dr., 5616-William Allen and Carolyn J. Sanders to Phi H. Le, $460,000.

Heming Ave., 5409-Jennifer Lynn Saman Ploutis to Ricardo and Christine Esteves, $780,000.

Joplin St., 5515-Christine M. Likes to Adam Duane Coe and Maram Salaheldin, $480,000.

Milland St., 5217-Yin Hing Tsang Wan to Patricia Cairns, $410,000.

Ravenel Lane, 5605-Ronald E. and Joan F. Anderson to Susan K. Lucas, $569,000.

Victoria Rd., 8627-Bao Quynh Thai Nguyen to Mariah N. Sim and Roberto A. Saenz, $565,350.


Bradford Wood Ct., 3135-Brooke S. and George M. Ramos to Xiao Liu, $589,900.

Bushman Dr., 10212, No. 214-Mae L. Littlejohn to Wei Zou, $260,000.

Emerald Rock Dr., 10341-Joshua G. and Renata Deye to Stacy Pollack, $529,500.

Hunting Hills Pl., 10491-David I. Tober and Wanda S. Warner to Robert C. and Maureen C. Lam, $985,000.

Thaxton Lane, 2832-David Hettler to Richard K. and Sarah A. Gannon, $735,000.


Appaloosa Ct., 2514-Scott P. and Joann M. Sullivan to Brian A. and Jaala Seifipour, $615,000.

Breton Ct., 11819, No. 22D-Kim T. Nguyen to Xuesheng Bai, Enzhong Bai and Shukun Xu, $201,000.

Cartwright Pl., 2176-Kristi M. Schafer to Paul Calderon and Laura Ruth Ward, $315,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1520-Anna Michael Zukowski to Daniel S. and Amanda K. Murphy, $310,000.

Coopers Ct., 11839-Daniel L. Johnson to Michael S. Heywood, $376,000.

Fairway Dr., 11406-Sharon P. Slayton to Nikki James and Maria Theresa Oettinger, $579,000.

Freetown Dr., 2502-Eric Preston Boehm to Jessica and Benjamin Andrew Jabola, $600,000.

Greenkeepers Ct., 2184-Heidianne Malcolm Werner to Nicholas Paul Mahon, $441,000.

Hemingway Ct., 1402-Ronald W. Walker to Kellen and Maryellen Leister, $785,000.

Inlet Ct., 1621-Mary Susan Birnbaum and estate of Philip S. Birnbaum to Arjuna and Christina J. Hughes, $579,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1708, No. 31-Renee M. Parmiter Riddell to Emily Clare Brown, $274,900.

Lakewinds Dr., 2007-Renee Marnie Jacobs to Lorna M. Kadunce, $721,000.

Lovedale Lane, 2233, No. 403A-Kevin Lieu to Neeraj Tiwari, $289,900.

Market St., 11990, No. 1313-Claire Courpron to Richard N. Vaswani, $710,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 132-Philip Corso to Rosemary and Adric McDowell, $410,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1364-Andrew M. Lawatsch to Gatemeh Navab, $477,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1641, No. 7B/201-Seymour Williams III to Suraj Joseph Paul, $233,000.

Putting Green Ct., 11732-Gary G. Slack to Jacob A. Hall, $460,000.

Saffold Way, 11063-Hector U. Velez and Marla Quiles to Christopher Walker and Claudelle Gehy, $428,000.

Sierra Woods Ct., 1677-Cesar A. Varela and Cesar Hernan Varela Rodriguez to Wibisono Hartojo and Qiki Piasasty, $326,000.

South Shore Rd., 11237-Michael T. and Alicia Bruns to Mark Remakus and Teresa Compana, $600,000.

Springwood Dr., 2224, No. 102A-Dane Halleen to Carolyn J. Petsche, $249,900.

Stratford Park Pl., 1860, No. 404-Edward Marinow to Anthony Ratta and Anne Simpson, $540,000.

Sunder Ct., 11504-William F. Neuendorf to David and Caroline Wiedl, $462,000.

Water Pointe Lane, 1106-Robert Lee and Amy Blum McElrath to Wesley E. Weeks and Sarah Richardson, $835,000.

White Cornus Lane, 2231-Catholics for Housing Inc. to Christopher Michael Bacon, $227,700.


Brooks Pl., 6567-Evg RR Ventures Corp. to Fernando M. and Mary Kathryn Rondon, $1.22 million.

Faber Dr., 3104-Vincent Joseph and Emma K. Curtis to Austin F. and Jennifer H. Helm, $675,000.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 627-Holly E. and Sharon J. Spanier to Gaurav Pathania and Michelle Bolourchi, $196,000.

Meeting St., 3009-N. L. and Janet W. Reinsch to Samantha L. Jones and Jeremy S. Smith, $569,000.

Sleepy Lane, 3312-Daniel R. Shelton and Katherine L. Buchanan to Maximillian and Kelcey Danielle Engling, $724,500.


Arley Dr., 8903-Mark L. Glaser to John Flynn, $635,000.

Bloomington Ct., 7357-Treesa Salter to Biniyam A. Tibebi and Hirut A. Wondemagegnehu, $557,000.

Brian Michael Ct., 6855-Benjamin J. and Sandra C. Jacinto to Ingrid Heron Lynt and Colin James ST Clair, $385,000.

Cervantes Lane, 7715-Jessica and John T. Gabriel to Bretton and Heather Pocorobba, $646,500.

Dampier Ct., 8418-Quang V. Le to Gilberto and Karina Cruz Sanchez, $322,000.

Deer Ridge Trail, 6189-Nabeel A. Khan to William B. and Lashanna M. Samuel, $715,000.

Euclid Way, 7764-Whitney Paige Hall to Matthew and Amity Beasley, $360,000.

Gambrill Rd., 7406-Thomas J. and Amy L. Smedley to Kurt T. and Vera S. Ettenger, $725,000.

Golden Leaf Ct., 9023-Hysen and Darcy A. Shala to Behzad Parsazadeh, $453,000.

Grandview Ct., 8038-Reg Investments Corp. to Jack Trung Phan, $349,900.

Highland St., 6900-Jay C.D. Groff III and Margaret S. McClure to Selvin Martinez Reyes, Juventina Guevara Bonilla and Maria Bonilla Guevara, $449,000.

Lackawanna Dr., 7330-W. Ashby Boaz and Susan M. Teaford to Youn Wei Shi, $975,000.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8483-Ernest J. and Christine A. Gregorio to Joel S. Kellogg, $225,000.

Maritime Lane, 7502-Nelson T. and Gayle S. Henderson to John N. Storey and Jennifer Johnson, $666,000.

Mountain Ash Dr., 8899-Donald C. and Kathryn L. Gehl to Horacio D. and Rosa D. Brambila, $689,900.

Ridgeway Dr., 6650-Anthony Z. and Kate R. Alany to Spencer A. Russell and Valeria J. Saravia, $455,000.

Rocky Forge Ct., 8330-Gordon L. and Mary Susan Sparlin to Jessica Lea Fersaci, $310,000.

Ruskin St., 6911-Naba R. Dhital and Anita Tiwari to Tuong Van Truong, $470,000.

Spring Creek Ct., 8632-Angel Enry Espinoza and Daysi Sanchez to Mauricio Campos Verduguez, $359,900.

Steeple Chase Ct., 8095-Jorge A. and Mirella Elna Castro to Yang Li and Bo Peng, $395,000.

Sweet Gum Pl., 8805-Chadia Issmeal to Tannous R. and Alessia Frangieh, $473,500.

Thornhill Ct., 6414-Jason A. and Rachel A. Solimani to Ruddy Brian Davila and Nelly Pena Almaraz, $389,500.

Tyrolean Way, 8586-Achayaraj Ramasamy to Alok Kumar, $367,500.


Balliett Ct., 2803-Todd D. Jeffery to Matthew Clancy, $560,000.

Blair Rd. NW, 421-Erica G. and Christopher H. Courtney to Jeffrey William and Amanda K. Knoke, $740,000.

Brookdale Terr., 1306-Evin D. and Lynette M. Planto to Patrick James and Amanda Kerr, $985,000.

Chopin St., 1406-Mary Jo Schramm and James A. Jensen III to Pamela S. Van Meter, $775,000.

Creek Crossing Rd., 1737-Jefferson Homes Inc. to David Michael Dixon, $1.67 million.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 1512-Lance and Karla Morrell to Ran Zhao, $380,000.

Higdon Dr., 8902-John Edward and Shirley Denise Corkill to Justin Alan and Nicole Jackson Akers, $750,000.

Hunter Ct. SW, 701-Barbara Otto Keene to Anatoly and Rachel Gomelsky, $624,999.

John Marshall Dr. NE, 614-Jon C. Cannon and Pamela A. O’Connor to Keith A. and Virginia Listman, $720,000.

Laurlin Ct., 9506-Matthew J. Witkowski and Jane Inge to Adam Bean and Mallory Stock, $820,000.

Manhattan Pl., 2663, No. 1-Troy A. Miller to Artur Kochnakyan, $570,000.

Middleton Ct., 1283-Amir Behnia and Rashin Bidgoli to Mohaymen Jarrah, $1.05 million.

Nutley St. NW, 321-Edwin Adair and Raissa Nourieva to Sri Manjari Ganne and Bharat Kumar Vallurupalli, $632,000.

Patrick St. SW, 210-Britt Skrivanek and Yaohua Gu to Kareem Irshad Shaikh Ahmad, $615,000.

Reserve Way, 8029-Baiyi Huang and Mengdie Hu to Ahmed Idris Ahmed Elhaj, $860,000.

Schafflind Ct., 2808-Fred A. and Becky J. Brugger to Scott F., Bradley J., Linda F. and Stephen L. Anderson, $645,000.

Stone Hollow Dr., 2763-James and Eula Ballis to Stella N. Pristouris, $209,500.

Trap Rd., 1660-Evergreene Companies Corp. to Peter and Vittoria A. Tomich, $1.64 million.

Verveille Dr., 9615-Eleanor M. Pearson to Rechun He, $979,999.

Walker St. SW, 530-Jannet Sandi to Yelitza J. Luna Iturralde and Lugerio Moron, $588,000.

Wheystone St., 2262-Alica K. Taylor and estate of Dorothy K. Webb to Xi Chen and Jia Gao, $545,000.


Arley Dr., 8603-Paul A. Maingault to Phunwasin and Supatra Tanapornsakul, $490,000.

Carr Pl., 8138-Larry C. and Roxanne N. Tomlinson to Brenda L. and Timothy A. Kodama, $625,000.

Dawley Ct., 6909-Robert E. Stuart to Michael Ray Huntington and Lisa Anne Stuart, $300,000.

Glenister Dr., 7821-Maria Elena Radford to Delina Lopez Veizaga and Eric M. Via Lopez, $502,000.

Grey Fox Dr., 6722-Luz M. Ruiz to William D. and Gwenda L. Fournier, $629,900.

Lakinhurst Lane, 8507-Jocelynn Ferman Corretjer to Eric Andrew White, $131,464.

Lexton Pl., 7709B-Kimberly A. Shaffer and Margaret A. Connor to Silvia Roxana Echeverria, $270,000.

Queenston St., 5955-Michael E. and Cynthia M. Elmstrom to George G., Catherine A. and Michelle M. Guagenti, $475,000.

Rexford Ct., 5765, No. J-Julie Ann Buscher to Christine Casamento, $220,000.

Squirrel Run Rd., 8114-Shao Ping and Steven Ong to Diana G. Dy, $428,116.

Taunton Pl., 8235-James J. and Anne Grew Hyde to Edmund Peter and Claire Z. Giambastiani, $585,000.

Westbury Oaks Ct., 6636-Nasreeen M. Azizi to Ali Husam Hassan and Leah Cox, $475,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Fairfax Blvd., 9467, No. 201-Andy Nguyen and Kim Hoang to Mohammad Nazrul Islam and Fatema Siddique, $200,000.

Jermantown Rd., 3519-John T. and Sandra D. Kasmark to Joanna C. Cangianelli, $780,000.

Meredith Dr., 3855-Nahrain H. Alzubaidi to Sang Woong Lee and Sujin Han, $654,000.

Norton Pl., 3979-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Jae Hoon and Hyeon Jung Lee, $846,701.

Richard Ave., 3737-Jose A. Orellana to Kathryn Steward and Jack Fetchko, $499,500.

Shelly Krasnow Lane, 9505-Yuanran Zheng to Le Chi Truong and Nhan Lam, $1.13 million.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 502, No. 320-Benjamin L. and Janet Flammey to Laurie Fox and Richard Gilman, $819,000.

Greenway Blvd. W., 125-Kerry and Thomas Bruce to Ivan Rios and Rosa Maria Duenas Rios, $769,000.

Maple Ave. N., 200, No. 504-Philip Gamaghelyan and Zara Papyan to Gina Louise Caceci, $325,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 205-Patrick and Ingrid Helvig David to Linda M. and James Valentino, $779,246.

Washington St. S., 1138, No. 204-Amanda R. Lankart to Claire Marie Huber, $250,000.