Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Cottingham Pl., 5207-Norval D. McKeen and James D. Kirkwood Jr. to Luckson A. Ngwira, $614,900.


Glasgow Rd., 2312-Kathy A. DiGiovanni to Nancy E. and David J. Harrity, $824,000.

Paul Spring Rd., 1901-Michael A. and Debra F. Plotnick to Barry Leigh Williams, $839,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 313-Martha Bitar to Lauren Faig, $191,000.

10th St., 6425-Tillman J. Finley and Jaclyn N. Moyer to Lisa M. Cureton and Stephen Dale Courtney Jr., $989,000.


Apsley House Ct., 5818-Yong Sen and Xiao Yan Chen to Hala Younes and Sadani A. Soudi, $495,000.

Berkshire Dr., 6421-Jonathan Kenny to Megan Danielle Shelton, $465,600.

Brocketts Xing., 6333-Swamy and Padmavathi Paravastu to Michele Joy Denker and Angela Adele Ratcliff, $731,000.

Chiswick Lane, 6905-Sheila Ann Edwards to Marlin Martes and Sony Velazquez Rosario, $305,000.

Curtier Dr., 6016-B-Karen E. Saddroris to Nilya Carrato, $323,000.

Ellingham Cir., 6974-F-Denisa Zani to Marilynn P. Urquieia, $272,000.

Gadsby Sq., 7412-Tanya A. Lansley to Beakal Fikre Haile, $464,000.

Governors Crest Ct., 3394-Lexicon Goverment Services Corp. to Alireza Pirayesh and Leila Rajaee Mohassel, $625,000.

Green Glade Ct., 7004-Erich W. and Ronda Randall to Stephanie Gagneur Mourot and Vincent Mallard, $640,000.

Haystack Rd., 6517-Carol Contardi to Qianwen Huang, $437,000.

Houndsbury Ct., 7422-James F. Carlini to Thomas G. Cirillo, $353,000.

Kelsey Point Cir., 6552-Elizabeth Roberts to Christopher H. Bass, $499,900.

Leewood Dr., 6102-Joe A. and Lorraine Cazenave Hatcher to Christopher C. Erickson, $550,000.

Manchester Park Cir., 6111-Silvana G. Barnett to Xiaobin Zhou and Marufdjon K. Kholmatov, $630,500.

Morning Ride Ct., 7912-Edward C. and Catherine Perry to Songyodh Tantiyangkul and Jaruvan Simaung, $565,000.

Old Carriage Dr., 6563-Gabriel and Jacquelyn Rojas to Haytham Abdulhamid, $393,000.

Ralston Way, 6309-Michaella Susan Olson to Ismael and Nannette Lynn Ortiz, $645,000.

Susan Barkley Ct., 6502-Kenneth S. and Sylvia Shu Huei Wang to Keiona A. and Shawn S. Copeland, $689,000.

Victoria Dr., 6906, No. K-Raquel De Sousa to Jessica M. Thal, $252,000.


Adams Park Ct., 7468-Sen Tran and Kim Lien Duong to Huy Q. Dinh and Dung T. Nguyen, $430,000.

Baxter Ct., 7811-Lee R. and Sally M. Stone to Nora Rahman, $510,000.

Captain Hawkins Ct., 8212-Bradley R. and Meagan N. Kurtz to Kelly Arthur and Meghan Rose Sutton, $769,000.

Conwell Dr., 4638-Michael L. and Ann T. Noonchester to Monica J. Kim, $154,000.

Forest Glen Ct., 4458-Thinh Phu Pham and Ly Do to Carlos Veizaga and Elia Nancy Aguilar, $320,000.

Guinea Rd., 4709-Roger H. and Pamela N. Hill to Ralph Young, $625,000.

Ivymount Ct., 4345, No. 1-Hoang Gia and Thuy Thanh Le to Van K. and Phuong Vu, $218,000.

Orange Hunt Lane, 9000-Robert Leon and Linda Lu Dupwe to Joseph Caleb Bieranowski and Anastasia Sample, $565,000.

Royston St., 7803-Waseem Moorad to Thoa V. Tran, and Khuy T., Cue T. and Harry Pham, $535,000.

Wakefield Chapel Rd., 4514-Chuong V. Tran to Thinh Phu Pham and Ly Thi Do, $570,000.


Ellery Cir., 3506-Klara M. Huesers to Abdelaziz Rhomari and Halima El Anouar, $510,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1514S-Maria E. Gonzalez to Mario Franklin, $298,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6143, No. 607-Sanjeev B. Ahuja and Kimiko Kojima to Asad Hasan, $173,000.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 208-Sonya Harmon Holtar to Abdirahim Warsame and Nimo Ismail Aden, $160,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 1107N-Beverly Killelea to Houda Moustahside, $205,000.

Seminary Rd., 5565, No. 410-David R. and Elizabeth Paige to Farah Aziza Majid, $294,500.


Beacon Pond Lane, 10050-Sylvia Samuels to Theresa L. and Joseph Lopresti, $370,000.

Burning Branch Rd., 9533-Lex Windell Simmons to Christina B. and Brock C. Malone, $575,000.

Chestnut Wood Lane, 10105-Fair Associates Corp. to Muhammed Bilal Kenasari, $360,000.

Crownleigh Ct., 5768-Insuk Park to Robert T. Cheschire Jr. and Blaine E. Hartman, $450,000.

Katelyn Zinn Pl., 9558-Townes at Burke Lake Crossing to Luis Gavignano, $689,900.

Mason Bluff Dr., 5724-Gerald Rashid Simon and Cristina Roberts to Thomas A. Pugh and Loverly Glaze S. Pelayo, $440,000.

Oak Leather Dr., 5907-Eugene M. Carvalho and Alycia C. Holyk to Kyle Jimenez and Ciro Aris Jimenez Gonzalez, $580,000.

Pueblo Ct., 6122-Steven Edward Daskal to Hwei Shiang Wang, $525,000.

Rumsford Lane, 5418-Carrol Ann Oster to Alicia Ann Landis, $554,500.

Sprucewood Rd., 9212-Jacqueline M. Atiles to Benjamin Gregory Quiroga Bermudez and Emma Susana Torrello Rollano, $340,000.

Velilla Rd., 9708-Mai Duong to Stephanie A. and Gary G. Montalvo, $585,000.


Asher Vw., 14218-Grace Hyo Lee Sebranek to Kathryn Ferris and Eric Michael Steinmetz, $394,000.

Blueridge View Dr., 15331-Jecor Corp. to Jeffrey Trent and Dustie Jean Hagan, $661,000.

Cedar Break Dr., 5551-Eileen P. Chin to Michael J. and Andrea L. Van Wambeke, $520,000.

Cool Fountain Lane, 5030-Angel F. Valecillos Bohorquez to Jian Jiao and Jin Yu, $444,900.

Field Flower Trail, 6340-Gilbert L. and Anna H. Jullien to Mina N. Awad and Nermeen Shaker, $385,000.

Gladewright Dr., 5419-Stephen C. and Kristin S. Malo to Dimitry and Alexandra Tsybulevsky, $532,500.

Greenhouse Terr., 5024-Jacqueline Lucille Kekeris to Kenneth S. and Sylvia Shu Huei Wang, $459,000.

Harvest Mill Ct., 6526-Earl T. and Yukari Tortorich to Grace S. and Nicholas S. Lee, $500,000.

Kendra Way, 6175-Youngio Stephen and Sarah C. Kim to Jing Jing Jin, $399,900.

Maidstone Ct., 14807-Kingsley Associates to Daniel J. Rossi, $260,000.

Oak Cluster Dr., 14532-Matias F. Leiva and Jennete T. Tahhan to Albert Chia Chie Fu, $513,500.

Pickwick Rd., 5602-Mandeep Kaur Sarkaria to Mamoon Wahab, $599,000.

Rosebud Lane, 6005, No. 306-Christopher Y. Jeon to Grace Lee, $227,500.

Secret Hollow Lane, 6221-Daniel R. and Ardith A. Lewis to Mohamed Madih and Laila Benjelloun, $605,000.

Sour Gum Dr., 5416-John J. and Hilda Reardon to Anne Marie L. and John C. Gonis, $575,000.

Sunset Ridge Ct., 6019-Mondana Nickolat to Fariborz Shahrokhi, $237,000.

Turin Lane, 14402-Sher Properties Corp. to Jung Sook Kim, $215,000.

Whitechapel Ct., 15409-Kyle S. and Robin H. Osterhout to Jeffery Thomas Herrin and Rebecca M. Fink, $660,000.


Adelphi Ct., 13711-Kenneth J. and Beverly A. Ronald to Shambhu and Shobha Rawal, $415,000.

Lightfoot St., 3840, No. 346-Farideh Niyaki and Amirghassem Abyaneh to Surbhi Jaitly, $227,000.

Penwith Ct., 13742-Ashrafalsadat Javadzadeh Ahmadi and Amir Aslani to Julio E. Grande, $340,000.

Tulip Tree Ct., 4422-Javier Alejandro Lizarralde and Marina Lizarralde Perez to Jennifer Lao, $573,999.


Dell Ave., 7254-Joseph T. Leckert III and Alyson Franca Pollard to James P. and Caryn M. Franca, $588,800.

Marblestone Dr., 14015-Julie E. Mehan to Kolette Marie De La Cruz, $665,000.

Sandy Point Lane, 5422-John M. Loxton Jr. to Vinh and Myanh Bui, $710,000.


Autumn Woods Way, 13081, No. 102-Christian D.R. Pelusi to Rachel Lazar, $207,500.

Beacon Grove Cir., 4498, No. A-Michael and Sara Kowalski to Novella Jean and Chris Michael Leach, and James W. Skorupski, $388,000.

Cambryar St., 4608-Robert J. and Margaret R. Nievis to Shu Fen Tai, $700,000.

Cedar Lane, 2919-Rex Coker Winter to Luy Van Nguyen and Chi Thi Diem Le, $503,000.

Coralberry Dr., 13205-Edward M. and Rebecca P. Guryansky to Andrei V. and Olga Y. Bondarenko, $719,250.

Fair Valley Dr., 4600-Mohammad F. Habibi and Holleh F. Kheradmand to Joshua Tane Kim and Virginia E. Cho, $534,900.

Fox Lake Dr., 4245-Michael Cheney and Desiree Vega to Hussein M. Mohamed and Dania Al Amad, $495,000.

Green Look Ct., 3900-Emily Baker Bogdanski to Ming Sun Poon, $551,500.

Heatherford Pl., 12708-Waleed Zaghloul to Justin Allen and Cortney Lynne Rinker, $830,000.

Holly Ave., 4749-Lesley E. Frew Hogan to Robert Ian and Katherine T. Zimmerman, $825,000.

Kingsbridge Dr., 9706, No. 202-Wumiti Aierken and Nabil Benghannou to Raeanna B. Pittman, $249,000.

Lisa Marie Ct., 12030-Adam B. and Susan E. Shepherd to Badar Rasheed Khan, $532,500.

Lower Park Dr., 4224-Matthew and Kristina Stuhler to Daniel Dowon and Kristine K. Lee, $535,000.

Mainstone Dr., 3020-Andy Nam Duc and Kim Nga Nguyen to Sina Salimi and Kimia Salehi, $765,000.

Market Commons Dr., 4480, No. 205-Kelly S. Browni to Carina I. Ogren, $329,000.

Monument Ct., 4112-B-Sylvia M. Perez to Martin M. and Elaine Tiang Chu, $320,000.

Pavilion Lane, 13127-Adam P. and Milenka S. St. Clair to Ruiming Li and Xu Fang, $450,000.

Pearl St., 10408-James Jaelin Lee to Rose and Celia Anderson, $512,500.

Point Pleasant Dr., 13309-Mildred Viola and Harold Leo Sahm to David J. and Patricia Skiffington, $389,500.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 235-Suresh and Bansri Patel to Sharon Sun Yong, Kyung S. and Yoon M. Kim, $440,000.

Pumphrey Dr., 5131-James E. and Nancy C. Tierney to Sayeed Sajjadur Rahman and Huma Ahmed, $572,000.

Rose Thickett Lane, 4210-Kimberly S. Cottrell to Diem and Phung C. Bui, $840,000.

Shaughnessy Ct., 4029-Siam Ayudya Orpol and Linda Phan Vo to Amir Attia and Neven Ayoub, $500,000.

Tovito Dr., 9360-Texaco Downstream Properties Inc. to Robert B. and Jennifer E. Schwenzer, $725,000.

Westbrook Mill Lane, 11302, No. 103-Josefina Quinones Mulvev to Mark J. and Chungsoon P. Walters, $380,000.

Windsor Hills Dr., 5313-Luis and Sonia Rueda to Jette Gebhart, $640,000.


Hollington Pl., 7929-Mary Ann P. and Christopher B. Price to Sheena and Jeeno J. Chandy, $770,505.

Oakington Dr., 9622-Ceasar D. and Paula O. Sharper to Brian P. and Bethel S. Tan, $625,000.

Youngs Branch Dr., 6326-Peter M. and Adele McVey to Russell A. and Nadine M. Duke, $835,000.


Birch St., 6942-Robert F. and Linda E. Donath Sheahan to Kunal Malaviya and Khyati Nayak, $1.23 million.

Genea Way, 8043-Scott L. Tucker to Andrew J. Callam and Danielle Verstraete, $454,000.

Holmes Run Dr., 7818-Charles E. Reder and George Ritter to Janet L. Lewis, $435,000.

Kings Chapel Rd., 2906, No. 6-11-Johanna D. Meadows and Clifford S. Stahlman to William Russell Hall, $165,000.

New Providence Ct., 2808-Julia L. Fischer to Niall Christopher Conrick, $360,000.

Rice St., 7210-Dung Thanh Phan and Que Phan Du Minh to Karina Ardon and Nelson N. Ramos, $444,900.

Skelton Cir., 8173-Barry J. and Cassidy Banks Womack to Amira Moun, $630,000.

Westcott Rd., 6733-Shu Hui Christine Huang to Anthony M. and Kelly Sweitzer, $402,000.

Whitcomb Pl., 2238-Libia Pereira and Oscar F. Amurrio to Sanjeev Singh and Pushpinder Dhillon, $765,000.


George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 211-Mary Frances Smoak Walde to Aaron N. Whitchurch, $234,000.

Marthas Lane, 7731-Jeffrey D. Hoffman to Jim Charles and Caroline Mary O’Gara, $610,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 112-Atsuyuki Harada to David A. Maradiaga and Esperanza N. Cueva, $235,000.


Point Replete Cir., 7150-Terrie Smith Causley to Robert James and Heidi Jung Daul, $525,000.


Cameron Rd., 1123-Shawn L. and Joan M. Halford to Christopher N. and Kathleen R. Purtill, $715,000.

Neal Dr., 830-Bucky and Elizabeth Gwartney to Katherine E. Pattillo, $740,000.

Shenandoah Rd., 1503-Michael F. Condon to Terrie Causley, $465,000.

Yorktown Dr., 8123-Mark Angell to Adam and Andreana Benshoff, $970,000.


Cornwell Farm Dr., 9430-Artisan Builders III Corp. to Christopher M. and Andrita J. Andreas, $1.5 million.

Hollyview Dr., 11697-Jacob Alan and Benjamin Joel McCosh to Douglas S. Kim, $825,000.

Springvale Rd., 629-Alison K. Stitzer to Meredith B. and Keith D. Burkholder, $1 million.

Yorktown Way, 10172-Dyan R. and Justin J. Evanson to Breanna Smith and Andrew Worrell Viscardo, $625,000.


Adams St., 610-Santos David Argueta to Carlos Samuel Vasquez, $228,000.

Anthem Ave., 128-Andrew M. and Danielle C. Onda to Edward and Megan Joseph, $555,000.

Barton Oaks Pl., 939-Gregory P. Carpenter to Sohale and Maryam Razmjou, $360,000.

Clover Field Cir., 2507-Rahul and Renuka Tikoo to Lalitha Govindarajan and Bala G. Bala, $432,000.

Fantasia Dr., 12704-Christopher R. Niebls to Carmen Joy Kresha, $493,000.

Florida Ave., 545, No. 202-Vladimir Ramboanga to Susanna Venita Cunningham, $197,000.

James Monroe Cir., 2552-Gaurav and Devna Vasisht to Shylaja and Kanakadurga Danturi, $465,000.

Lazy Glen Lane, 13205-Gary M. and Joan F. Lonnquist to Venkata Mocherca and Sri B. Kondapalli, $684,900.

McDaniel Ct., 902-Daniel B. and Kathy Dye Krisky to Kristopher Matthew King and Robert R. Kinser, $575,000.

Monterey Estates Dr., 13035-Scott C. and Judy M. Kordella to Frances Luth Johnson and Deborah Reinke Kinder, $563,500.

New Ambler Ct., 2703-Linda L. Clifford to Justin R. and Sharon E. Freeman, $570,000.

Rock Chapel Ct., 12504-James Walker to Jonathan Ray and Stephanie Russell Granlund, $560,000.

Terra Cotta Cir., 2540-Clayton W. Spencer to Meenakshi Sahu, $481,000.

Tyburn Tree Ct., 3415-Masaaki and Yuka Nagai to Karan Lala, $575,000.

Westcourt Lane, 2201, No. 203-Mansoor Yosufzai to Ashley F. Cheung, $265,000.


Blaine Dr., 5861-Nazem El Elsayed Mouhamed to Paul Stephen and Kristin Handy Sapperstein, $342,500.

Farrington Ave., 2303, No. 2-304-Russell Kaufmann to Shahbaz Khan, $131,000.

Hunting Creek Rd., 5789-Andrew Reynosa III and Tobi T. Oerson to Christopher Allen Walker and Katherine Jane Evans, $632,500.

Jefferson Dr., 2619-Judith Nicholson Farrar to Eva C. Reid, $425,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 305-Alexander Scott and Christine Elizabeth Boyce to Richard Edwin and Patricia Charles, $240,000.

Palin Pl., 5713-P. Dianne Norris to Anthony Amoruso and Kathleen C. McQueeney, $620,000.


Brick Hearth Ct., 6513-Linda Thomas Wasiczko to Jason D. Luebbers and Atefeh Alizadehbirjandi, $375,000.

Cedar Landing Ct., 8229-Ann M. Rosenberg to Joyce W. Neverov, $515,000.

Frances Dr., 7712-Janine Ruiz to James G. and Hitomi Macomber, $550,000.

Popkins Lane, 2307-Thomas and Brigid J. Ruland to Ryan T. and Zhulieta Z. Willbrand, $799,000.

Sherwood Hall Lane, 1900-Marianne and Edward Michael Whalen to Patrick R. and Courtney Nicole Bolliger, $965,000.

Strawn Ct., 7103-Navjeet S. and Arshdeep Chhina to Carol R. Wilkerson, $359,900.

White Heron Trail, 7735-Tania and Juao Meireles to Aisha Jennings, $445,000.


Century Ct., 4147-Seth A. Caplan and Melissa R. Whitlock to Krishna and Tulasa Bashyal, and Sandesh Kharel, $841,000.

Cypress Point Rd., 6521-Michael E. and Kate E. Lenn to Amir Hossein Raassi and Amy Rebecca Schenker, $425,000.

Edsall Ridge Pl., 5452-Joan M. and Charles E. White to Mohsin Haroon Saeed and Ayesha Naeem, $700,000.

Helen Winter Terr., 4666-Cheryl Harper Parham to Eric V. and Anastasia K. Mingo, $617,000.

Melvern Pl., 3903-Kathleen A. and Frank A. Marcuniak to Maria J. and Eduwardo F. Romero, and Remberto E. Perez, $460,000.

Split Creek Lane, 6235-Teresa A. Moses to Kimberly M. and Mitchell Paul Jones, $630,000.


American Holly Rd., 8172-Aida G. Wassif to Violet and John McNeirney, $703,000.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9253, No. 201-Tracey L. Carpenter to Tannia Benitez, $226,550.

Eaton Woods Pl., 9653-Alice E. James to Sobea Bilal, $417,000.

Green Heron Way, 8323-David Byron and Stacy Lanette Baines to Clinton Duane Priestley, $285,500.

Hill Dr. E., 9895-Walter A. and Mariluz M. Bustelo to Sharaine A. Rajack and Corey T. Randolph, $634,500.

Laurel Heights Loop, 8256-David and Suzette R. Hoffman to Sana Bhatti, $515,000.

Potters Hill Cir., 9674-Wanda Jaime Mundy to Zewdu Weldesemayte and Martha Hile, $465,000.

Shepherd Hills Ct., 7832-Muluneh Woldetsadik and Selamawit S. Tsegaye to Shalini Ajayan, $370,000.


Beverly Ave., 6619-Stuart K. and Martha D. Duncan to Heather Leigh McDowell and Lawrence Howard Norton, $1.74 million.

Capitol View Dr., 7208-BDT Homes Corp. to George Francis Cecil and Alicia Lynn Dominique McKenzie, $2.58 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 714-Young Hawn Chung to Kim T. Nguyen, $479,900.

Fleetwood Rd., 6800, No. 913-Paul Kohlenberger to Farshad Kargarmoakhar and Parisa Mazaheri, $210,000.

Great Falls St., 1610-Gholam B. Aram to Yaming Wang and Cheng Sun, $1.3 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 1025-Xinyuan Zhang and Xinyuan Zhang Strongin to Inci Corsini, $385,000.

International Dr., 1645, No. 313-Natalie E. Gryphon to Ying Jin, $335,000.

Lincoln Way, 1517, No. 104A-Hamid Ahmadi Avin to John Robert Vangavree and Natalia Y. Kornilova, $370,000.

Mayhurst Blvd., 1450-Dianne L. Anniaball to Seth H. and Beth E. Grae, $1.5 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 714-Rith Kraemer to Sheila Ann Bedell, $329,900.

Rosemont Ct., 1615-Scott C. and Angela Thaler Wilks to Daniel and Sarah Kramer Higgins, $720,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1550, No. 8309-Soliman Properties Corp. to Souhela Pourkhalkhali, $402,000.

Wilson Lane, 1904, No. T2-Krissachai Sriboonma to Cinthia P. Caceres Leclere, $260,000.


Beekman Pl., 8635-A-Wilmington Trust to Louis Rego, $116,000.

Del Norte Ct., 8409-Fuentes Bonilla to William Dennis and Ally Marinelli, $210,000.

Falkstone Lane, 8714-Eric L. Twyman and Sofia P. Melendez Contreras to Marc W. and Lydia Garza Sanders, $539,900.

Lauriefrost Ct., 4711-Betty J. Artis to Susana Sekyi, $425,000.

Odessa Dr., 4638-Ryan Felt to Marisel Lopez Cruz, $377,000.

Sonia Ct., 4229-Jennifer R. Kondal to Leslie S. Perkins and Robert Adam Laws, $520,000.

Village Way, 8628-Jennie S. Craig to Abdul Hameed, $196,000.


Cromwell Dr., 8609-Elizabeth A. Alber to Esdras R. Ralda Monterroso and Arecely Diaz, $505,000.

Hansford Ct., 7214-Charles Fanear and Kim L. Spencer to Tri H. Nguyen and Thao Chi N. Vo, $770,000.

Leebrad St., 7026-Dayna L. Roy to Chenglin Zhu and Xiaofan Jiang, $427,000.

Southampton Dr., 5502-Gary D. and Pi Yuan Sherwood to Patrick and Laura Basse, $400,000.


Bree Hill Rd., 2903-Kirk R. Denee and Cheryl M. Graczyk to Joseph L. Jarvis and Melissa A. Ackermann, $720,000.

Cinch Ring Ct., 3203-Stephen E. Bartlett to Jeffrey James Veltri and Anna Michel Zukowski, $756,000.

Granite Creek Lane, 10344-Minhong Yu and Ming Lou to Ryyan Abdulaziz Alobaidi and Ghaida A. Alshabnan, $467,000.

Oakborough Sq., 2951-Debra Ferris Higgins to Van Nghiep Duong and Jennifer Yuan, $577,000.

Stratford Ct., 3164-Ronald H. and Lollie B. Parker to Balbina Y. and Jesse M. Chichester Constable, $555,000.


Ballycairne Ct., 2309-Charlotte Kirkpatrick to Sayeh and Khosrow Salour, $560,000.

Burywood Lane, 11005-Heide S. and David R. Zufall to Krikor and Rita A. Deurdulian, $800,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11248, No. 27-John C. Rothenberger to Angela and Aaron Pound, $260,000.

Drop Forge Lane, 11405-Prime Realty Corp. to Sara S. and Andrew M. Hayes, $709,900.

Garden Wall Cir., 1355-Scott Diep to Dana M. Bennis, $263,000.

Greenmont Ct., 1434-Richard A. Lewis and Ellen F. Comeau to James and Emma Golden, $440,000.

Hollowwind Ct., 11943-Scott Wetzel to Michael Wittler, $364,900.

Indian Ridge Rd., 11770-N. Jay Thierry and Sandra M. DeStefano to Douglas M. and Meredith C. Sarver, $525,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1700, No. 11-Claire S. Lebuffe to Sukhyun Baik, $342,500.

Links Dr., 11518-Michael William and Kelsey Leigh Shaffer to Elliott and Debra J. Friedman, $558,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 906-Patricia A. Nolin to Catherine M. and Robert P. Ignacio, $465,000.

Old Trail Dr., 2352-Kimberley Beaulieu Haines to Gregory A. and Robyn R. Podany, $435,000.

Point Dr. N., 1509, No. 6-0303-Bonita Maria Jones and Festus Ikoko Okolo to Andres M. Molina, $307,000.

Ridgehampton Ct., 2484-Estate of Beverly Schlie to David Becerra, $340,000.

Stowe Rd., 1635-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to David and Jennifer Watson, $625,000.

Summerchase Cir., 11707-B-Michelle L. Lux Conner to Bryan N. Freeland, $276,000.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11760, No. 206-Jacob M. and Elizabeth M. Vargis to Christopher Sean Bowen, $222,000.

Taliesin Pl., 12024, No. 26-Richard C. Williams to Jan Murphy and Emily N. DeBord, $318,000.

Vintage Pl., 1278-John D. Clough to Benjamin Joseph and Melanie Logan Berkey, $479,000.

Winterport Cluster, 1946-Joseph Henry Apple IV to Jason A. and Debra Yurkshat, $390,000.


Brooks Pl., 6559-Evg RR Ventures Corp. to Jeffrey James and Laura Nathacha Taylor, $1.31 million.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 705-Yehin Angelica Alarcon Ramos and William Jose Alarcon Rojas to Ruiqin Wang, $190,000.


Andrew Matthew Terr., 6368-Suzanne L. Szadai to Jali and Saima A. Amin, $357,000.

Camberly Ave., 5919-Susie M. Green to Nam H., Thang Duy and Thuong D. Tran, $460,000.

Cuttermill Pl., 8725-James and Elizabeth Anne Larkin to Joseph L. and Megan Caprio, $615,000.

Evanston Rd., 7111-Thomas Lee and Pamilla H. Dean to Hanh Thi My Huynh, $403,000.

Greenleaf St., 6601-Houzzbuyer Corp. to Francisco Ramirez Grast and Karla Estefania Aguayo, $455,000.

Highland St., 7418-Onah K. Vu to Al Khelaif, $495,000.

Lois Dr., 6825-Jennifer Lynn White and estate of William A. Dateno to John C. and Sandra J. Wozney, $462,500.

Northumberland Rd., 8016-Mubiao Chen and Yaping Zhang to Ramona S. Carroll, $410,000.

Sleepy View Lane, 8130-Mohammed Adnan A. Minhas to Ajoke Adesina and Taiwo Akinwumi, $420,000.

Spring View Ct., 7320-Jeremiah F. Tamagna Darr and Sarah E. Keesler to Walter and Jennifer Cerna, $447,500.

Terra Woods Dr., 8407-Michael Patrick Burns to Richard L. and Melissa Reeves, $595,000.


Arabian Ave., 9300-Ellen S. Lyle to Jonathan M. and Sarah S. Cousin, $852,500.

Beulah Rd. NE, 604-Snehal R. and Nisha R. Patel to Vipul J. Masih and Sonia T. Kannadan, $1.2 million.

Cantata Ct., 2009-Anthony Wiley and Julia J. Loughran to Brian Keith Choate and Deborah W. Rhoda, $1 million.

Center St. S., 143-Cadence On Center Corp. to Saideh Taghizadeh, Behnaz Hadjiesmaeiloo and Omar Azzam Baker, $980,000.

Crowell Rd., 1529-John M. Dowd to Chiharu Kinoshita and Mamdena Mohtasham, $875,000.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 717-Saiyud Dhoieam to Di Li, $308,000.

Johnson St. SW, 403-Jean E. Bejarano to Lisa Marie Tondreau, $783,000.

Locust St. SE, 212, No. 110-Rubie W. Gray to Tara L. Bloch, $250,000.

Meadow Lane SW, 910-Christopher T. Voigt and Tara L. Bloch to Patrick Keith and Illary Hamlin McGraw, $700,000.

Park Terrace Ct. SE, 204, No. 33-Elizabeth Lee to Mihnea Sebastian Rotariu and Florin B. Blideran, $204,000.

Sebon Dr., 8075-Pamela Loring to Sang Lee and Matthew Yao, $644,000.

Valeview Ct. NW, 303-Mursch and Rico Corp. to Jennifer Yang and Andrew Y. Cha, $899,500.


Barrington Ct., 8547-Alvina Stella Mayer to Dian Ming Nie and Qi Zhuang, $255,000.

Danford Pl., 7112-Davoud Kabirnavaei and Fahmideh Erilooz Adian to Lizelle E. and Oliver A. Kopinski, $552,000.

Gromwell Ct., 7704-Carl R. Dzyak to Dong Hai Li and Shu Qiu Ruan, $465,000.

Jillspring Ct., 7232-Barg Inc. to Tri Quang Chau and My Tien Thi Nguyen, $240,000.

Kousa Lane, 7257-Maria R. and Dunia Vargas to Matthew and Christina N. Leuthy, $394,900.

Painted Daisy Dr., 7845-Diplomat Property Manager Corp. to Emna Nouri, $410,000.

Rivington Rd., 6514-Mehran and Sharon R. Pakyar to Candace Kim Kolander and John Robert Hannan, $555,000.

Sweet Oak Ct., 6045-Thuy Dung D. and Quynh Chau T. Nguyen to Betty and Jorge Hurtado, $310,000.

Westover Ct., 8509-Charles C. and Kunniga Cahill to Ali Abbas and Nazish Ahmad, $315,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Brigade Dr., 10302-Victor R. Butera to Christopher John Medaris, $575,000.

Farrcroft Dr., 3837-Deborah M. Wiater to Robert M. and Sharon Hall Dyess, $940,000.

Linden St., 4227-William L. and Helene M. Fenimore to Clark F. Thomas, $459,000.

Main St., 10570, No. 501-Glenn E. Boyce to Kerri Louise Zuiker, $220,000.

Mosby Woods Dr., 10147-Michelle P. Orban to Emily Vandermade, $245,000.

Queen Anne Dr., 3509-Tatyana V. Cottle to Benjamin Todd Hartley and Joanna Kathleen Wynn, $529,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 429-Cynthia L. Gilmer and William S. Aldrich to Rith A. Horak, $554,000.

Jefferson St. E., 403-Michael J. and Kathleen P. McGhee to Leslie and Cindy Brorsen, $1.1 million.

Noland St., 212-Jeffrey S. and Melinda D. McDonald to Michael Beckley and Ana Echemendia, $850,000.

Timber Lane, 501-Asp 501 Timber Lane Corp. to Larry W. and Stacy M. Hinderks, $1.44 million.

West St. N., 313-Robert and Rosemary Fatovic to Hany Nasr, $680,000.