Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Grove Dr., 6006-John K. and Sandra Muraca to Sanjayan Muttulingam, $1.39 million.

Potomac Ave., 6404-Benjamin and Julie Wickham to Marisa and David Heaton, $485,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 314-Michael Carlson and Jennifer Haber to Keith W. Cleversey and Nazia Shah, $167,500.


Admetus Ct., 6999-Robin Price Gross to John David Larimeer and Jonathan James Duffy, $407,000.

Ashby Lane, 7502, No. H-William H. Perry to Bonnie L. Nelson, $289,900.

Bold Lion Lane, 7827-Wayne Joseph and Carole Ann Jackson to Mark G. and Patricia A. Hatch O’Donnell, $580,000.

Burnett St., 6116-Rehana and Younis Jaat to Gregory Pinney and Emily Barnes, $600,000.

Chiswick Lane, 6921-Tinbit S. Abebe to Jorge Armando and Stephaney Andrea Morales, $324,600.

Curtier Dr., 6031-D-Charles Sabruno to Terri Lea Griffith, $218,000.

Ellingham Cir., 6990-Shirley R. Benson to Austin R. Davidson, $230,000.

Founders Hill Dr., 5909, No. 203-Rami and Rawaa Elhage to Bridget L. Scanlan, $265,000.

Gadsby Sq., 7428-Geoffrey Koehler to Robin E. and Michael A. Usry, $469,950.

Governors Pond Cir., 5723-Clay A. and Evelyn M. Brashear to Ken Eric and Soyoun Yasuda, $635,000.

Habersham Way, 5712-Katharine Lee Moody to Matthew D. and Erin M. Lukowiak, $460,000.

Heritage Hill Ct., 5721-William J. and Laura E. Maczees to Matthew J. and Brianna P. Thomas, $475,000.

Hyacinth Dr., 6129-Joyce A. Dickerson to Facundo Martin and Boumy Funes, $442,000.

Kimberly Anne Way, 5950, No. 102-Michael D. and Stacy H. O’Mara to Sean Higgins, $257,900.

Lemon Thyme Dr., 6108-German B. and Josefina F. Gavino to Kofi and Susan Mitchual, $715,000.

Manigold Ct., 7518-H. Arthur Sauer to Quana N. Higgins and Eric L. Runnestrand, $420,000.

Morning View Ct., 6643-Julie and John W. Wolfe to Ruth Anne DiMaria and Trevor Michael Wallace, $375,000.

Osprey Point Lane, 6500-Narathip Chitradon and Khemavadi Kunsik Mengrai to Brunelle and Carl Alexandre, $535,000.

Shropshire Ct., 5728-Donald Lee Bray to Judith Ann Grundy, $535,000.

Sweet Pea Ct., 6012-Hang Pan and Jiaqi Huang to Nathan Lee and Erin Elizabeth Hoffmann, $425,000.

Victoria Dr., 6921, No. 6921-A-Sandra Ireland to Jan David and Jean Baral Brown, $212,500.

Yadkin Ct., 6508-Anne M. Heishman and Kenneth E. Labowitz to Sujan Lama, $335,000.


Alpine Dr., 6818-Michael S. and Sharon K. Defferding to Zarmina Hotaki and Hashmat Khaliqi, $920,000.

Beverly St., 7308-Richard R. and Lynn E. Hoffmann to Roger A. McNay, $785,000.

Championship Ct., 4099-Jason A. and Suzanne Hite to Cuong T. and Dedee Cai, $472,000.

Covent Wood Ct., 7482-Sherry S. Jones to Erick B. Zapata Rocha, $399,900.

Forest Grove Dr., 3807-Urban Relocation Corp. to Fabrice B. and Tiffany E. Leray, $653,000.

Ivymount Ct., 4355, No. 5-Diana Abbasi to Mohamed Abdalla Mohamed Ahmed, $195,000.

Pappas Way, 8624-Carole B. and Robert B. Gardner to Ba V. Nguyen, $585,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3706-William F. Delaney and estate of Robert B. Smith to Jessica Hannah Shim, $490,000.


Ellery Cir., 3537-Dennis and Linda K. Baughan to Abinezer M. Teklegiorgis, $480,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6145, No. 607-Priscilla Burtt to Omar Najm and Tamara Albedi, $171,700.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 308-Berhane B. H. Beraki to Jose G. Martinez Luna, $175,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 2414N-Ninoslav Zahrastnik to Sarah Etheridge and Wilson Etheridge Blakely, $329,000.

Seminary Rd., 5573, No. 203-Anna M. Chung to Ayan Qu, $210,000.


Birch Leaf Ct., 6428-Jean Frances Isaacson Oberle to Erin Almand and Jason Michael Hindes, $340,000.

Burnside Landing Dr., 6005-Brian C. Prindle to Scott E. Cannon, $680,000.

Fenestra Ct., 6473-Etuan Y. Chou to Wilmer A. Trejo, $255,000.

Kerrwood St., 6028-Gopal Pal to Lan Nguyen, $397,500.

New England Woods Dr., 5827-William J. and Sally Ruth Murphy to Jacqueline M. Atiles, $572,000.

Old Landing Way, 6062-Gordon Davis Saunders Jr. to Ann C. Derhammer, $255,000.

Quiet Pond Terr., 10200-Elizabeth M. McFarland to Andrew Daniel Deboissiere and Christina Doles Jasmin, $430,000.

Sailcloth Pl., 9508-Jacquelyn E. Spurlock to Thomas Moffett and Jessica Badger Darrow, $704,900.

Steamboat Landing Lane, 10359-Grace Leong Frederick to Ghanshyam R. and Margaret M. Patel, $639,000.

Wallingford Dr., 9406-Dennis J. and Katherine A. Nutt to Matthew Scott Ferguson and Kelli Kay Garcia, $586,000.


Ashington Ct., 13822-Hee Sup and He Joo Yum to Sehin Faris and Elias Assefa, $405,000.

Carlbern Dr., 14704-Casto J. and Emily De Biasi to Theodore T. Tanke, $435,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14321, No. 105-Steven R. and Julie A. Spochart to Sung Lee, June Kue Lee and Choohee Song, $216,000.

Flower Hill Dr., 14774-Erika Benitez Mayen to Adrienne Essiaw, $420,000.

Glen Meadow Dr., 5126-Mohamed Madih and Laila Benjelloun to Andrew S. Vanderpool, $395,000.

Gringsby Ct., 14425-Jeremy R. Lamb and Mary Anne Keena to Michael M. Nashed and Erney Mikhael, $275,000.

Hidden Canyon Rd., 6240-Michael James and Gillian Austin to Kyle L. and Megan A. Witte, $519,990.

Kerrywood Cir., 6837-Christina and Alexander Menchaca to Waheed Ahmed Naimi and Najwa Usman, $395,000.

Marshall Crown Rd., 4973-Shelley L. Kramer to Sara Basazinew and Elias A. Newman, $685,000.

Oakmere Dr., 14555-Dae Kwon Kim and Sung Rye Lee to Erdenebulgan Byambaa, $420,000.

Red River Dr., 14116-Rajinder Kaur and Harwinder Singh to Noah Park Ferris and Yunseo Kim, $347,000.

Rosy Lane, 14300, No. 22-Paramount Investments Corp. to Tariq Habib and Sarahat Afroz, $227,000.

Sheals Lane, 5623-Moner A. Attwa and Hiba Aziz to Brian C. and Monica G. No, $515,000.

Stone Maple Terr., 6751-Stephen W. and Rolland Keith Burrill to Bibi Zelena and Roopnarine Premo Jagdeo, $340,000.

Sunset Ridge Ct., 6035-Kevin B. and Diane M. Wilshere to Wangjae You, $327,000.

Watermark Cir., 5854-Rick and Havala Casarez to Matthew J. and Estefania Weinbach, $375,000.

William Colin Ct., 5170-D-Terri Dee Morstad to Jennifer L., Michael K. and Linda Curtis, $185,400.


Autumn Vale Ct., 13752-Marcela Machado Medina to William Alvarez and Cesar A. Lopez, $235,000.

Ellendale Dr., 13631-Sandra M. Slappey to Brian R. Sneath and Casey S. Nash, $535,500.

Louise Ave., 3787-Mallikarjuna Sarma and Uma K. Malladi to Kim-Lien Nguyen, $690,000.

Philip Lee Rd., 15108-Thomas M. Melson to Conrad Chmara, $375,000.


Megills Crossing Way, 6520-Walter P. and Ilse J. Kleiman to Sen and Lianhua Huang, $880,000.

Springs Dr. S., 13812-Donald R. Hall to Geremi and Peter Howard, $660,000.


Alcoa Dr., 3981-Sunita R. Gupta to Hussein Kohy and Hulkar Razm, $635,000.

Bannockburn Ct., 4031-Darrel G. and Christa Rapier to Samuel Junhyun Han, $541,990.

Bellmont Dr., 11226-Cimon A. and William E. Cox to Sammy S. and Judith Mbanga Pani, $729,900.

Dequincey Dr., 5020-Dennis R. and Diane P. Britton to Andrew D. and Alyssa N. Grabel, $540,000.

Falcon Sky Dr., 11600-Ziberty Falcon Corp. to Enzo and Anastasiya Algarme, $1.2 million.

Gainsborough Dr., 4931-Gordon L. and Gregory Lawson Postle to David E. Doyle, $621,000.

Greenway Ct., 12101, No. 207-Lyman J. and Marie D. Hardeman to Kira Caporale, $225,000.

Helmsford Lane, 4408, No. 204-Jeremy B. Rood to Giovanna Antonietta Pino, $211,000.

Lochleven Trail, 4177B-Arbenik Petrus to Daniel L. Deulus and Karen S. Devigili, $399,000.

Majestic Lane, 4347-Kamran Nosrat to Sean Andrew and Emily Anne Gagnon, $500,000.

Maximilian Ct., 3925-Kay Woollen and R. Jeffrey Holtmier to James B. Sullivan, $545,000.

Melrae Ct., 13113-Estate of Noralea W. Dalkin and Christy L. Murrell to Georgia T. Koliopoulos and Barry L. Brown, $550,000.

Muirfield Lane, 13008-Sawat and Vilairat Hansirisawat to Navanath Ramchandra and Asmita N. Jadhav, $880,000.

Paxford Ct., 5524-Daniel J. and Pamela J. Stubler Festa to Frollan P. Sanchez Soto, Carmen D. Zuniga Zuniga De Sanchez, Andrea Brigitte Sanchez Zuniga and Walter Gallardo Torres, $416,000.

Penderview Dr., 3900, No. 1425-Rosebella A. Odenyo to Patricia Joan Naber Irving, $230,000.

Persimmon Cir., 3869-Daniel K. and Allswell Abrnes Pryce to Haixia Liu, $295,000.

Portsmouth Rd., 5021-Lawrence R. Flint to Elsa E. Miranda and Gloria D. Coronado, $575,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 336-Anh Thien Nguyen to Dilip Rewtani and Shweta Bhalerao, $327,000.

Quail Creek Lane, 13140-Cheng Huang Lin to Carlota Lin and Rui Wu, $350,000.

Runabout Lane, 4329-Cathleen Marros to Michelle R. Su, $405,000.

Shooters Hill Lane, 5513-Colleen S. Pilliod and estate of James M. Sheffield to Christopher Michael and Stephanie Medford, $575,000.

Valley Oaks Dr., 3731-Cuong H. and Al Linh Nguyen to Baskaran Arumugam and Gayathri Jagadeesan, $850,000.

Westbrook Mill Lane, 11318, No. 303-Mark T. and Valerie A. Huse to Leslie Pong Im Kim, $310,000.

Woodrush Ct., 11415-NVR Inc. to Xue Wang and Minjie Jian, $1.11 million.


Fairfax Station Rd., 11735-Ernest James Connon to Mary Beth A. and Brian T. Bruggeman, $895,000.

Lilting Lane, 11505-John E. and Suzanne W. Howell to Jon D. and Mary E. Murphy, $1.15 million.

Old Stone Fence Rd., 6517-Myong U. and Jae Bae Yi to Emily Sinne Liu, $829,000.


Annandale Rd., 2842, No. 112-Jorge Garcia to Jackie Bong and Lacy Wright, $168,500.

Bolling Rd., 2812-Jason and Lindsay Brumbelow to Nicole N. Mendoza, $510,000.

Genea Way, 8092-Darryll P. and Catherine M. Baker to Thomas L. and Judith H. Irving, $525,000.

Holmes Run Dr., 7905-Alicia Ann and James M. Landis to William and Peggy Carrington, $600,000.

Knoll Dr., 3112-Christopher Conway and Joyce Elizabeth Poken Gettings to Cecilia Leslie Grageda and Saman Kashakhi, $960,000.

New Providence Ct., 2847-Carolyn A. McInerney and estate of Donald S. Beyer III to Shannon A. Woodson, $424,650.

Rogers Dr., 2925-Barbara Ann Boinest to William G.M. Hoffman and Donna L. Fava, $595,000.

Slade Run Dr., 3320-Mario Zelaya and Angela Melendez to Alvin Butler Jr. and Maribel Meruvia, $599,500.

Willow Point Dr., 7634-Alexander George and Jamie F. Assaley to Huan Li, $402,000.


Avon Lane, 2537-Stephen J. Sebesta Jr. to Steven M. Gross and Nicole L. Antolic, $615,000.

George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 226-Kyoung Choon Lee to John T. and Marguerite M. Noga, $280,000.

Hilltop Pl., 2137-Anuj and Neha S. Vohra to John Roland Williams, $960,000.

Nigh Rd., 7404-Ok and Bernadette Kim to Jiawen Zhong and Siyu Li, $600,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 808-Kimthanh T. Nguyen and Kim Dung T. Nguyen to Alireza Amini Kashani, $245,000.

Salem Rd., 7608-Marianne Margaret Loan and Mary Susan Peyton to Patricia D. Spencer, $719,900.


Alden Rd., 1201-James Richard and Collen Marie Harvey to Hauoraa Dandach and Roger Oswalt, $1.02 million.

Cedardale Dr., 8313-Gregory Scott and Michelle Lynn Lyttle to Keith and Mikyung Schilling, $730,000.

Neal Dr., 831-Haouraa Diala Dandach and Roger Daven Oswalt to Scott Gregory Driskill and Catherine Ann Culyba, $645,000.

Treebrooke Lane, 8214-George Mushalko to Timothy and Elizabeth Paget, $715,000.


Beach Mill Rd., 10626-Ahsun H. Murad and Sumeera Khan to John P. and Patima T. Morrisroe, $810,000.

Cup Leaf Holly Ct., 1009-Jane B. Bloodworth to Amy Lynn Robertson and Daniel Owins, $674,900.

Kentland Dr., 614-Christopher Jon and Susan Lynn Marentis to Alicia K. and Geoffrey H. Harkness, $1.98 million.

Tackroom Lane, 9602-Edgar A. and Lusette Lopata Smith to Neil A. and Susan M. Hughes, $1.2 million.


Air And Space Museum Pkwy., 13670-US Bank Corp. to Frahang S. and Nahid S. Asgari, $710,000.

Ashburton Manor Dr., 3002-Lefteris and Randi L. Halavazis to Hao Fu and Wanchen Zhao, $790,000.

Barton Oaks Pl., 947-David L. Paulson to Juan Pablo and Julia Henriquez De Rodriguez, $380,000.

Cedar Run Lane, 13614-William B. Howell to Rajasekhar Molagavalli and Nirmala Gadde, $586,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12925, No. 301-Christian M. O’Keefe to Ramu K. and Padma V. Valiveti, $300,000.

Coates Lane, 13504-Salustio Martin Lerma Ruiz and Raquel M. Lerma to Phu H. and Mai T. Phan, $409,000.

Dranesville Rd., 719-Evereene Companies Corp. to Robert J., Patricia A. and Michael R. Tollini, $949,258.

Flat Meadow Ct., 3007-Gregory A. and Eileen E. Burke to Daniel F. and Sandra S. Gerges, $705,000.

Goldenchain Ct., 12200-Abbas Abousy to Iman Abed Mohammed Al Badrani, $1.35 million.

John Milton Dr., 2583-David and Jane A. Walker to Thomas B. Traynham, $540,000.

Lisa Ct., 1156-Kenneth A. and Marcia A. Davidson to Mark T. and Amber Ludwinski, $355,000.

McDaniel Ct., 908-Joan Robbins to Michael Herdman and Ghazaleh Joukar, $495,000.

Muirkirk Lane, 13428-Dorothy V. Brooks to Charmaine Madison, $500,000.

New Banner Lane, 2617-Jordan M. and Sheryl R. Schwartz to Joseph R. and Christina Cochrane, $585,000.

Southfield Dr., 3150-Russell and Susan Housley to Thomas Young Choi, Kyong S. Conway, Jong Hwa Lee and Mi Hyeong Choi, $650,000.

Tympani Ct., 963-Jonathan Hopkins to Phillip J. and Deborah A. Kratovil, $450,000.

Westcourt Lane, 2204, No. 203-Fahad Abdullah Alghofaily and Moudhi Hamad Abdullah Alrumaih to Manohar Vankayala, $257,000.


Edgehill Dr., 5919-Luis Delgadillo to Taylor Clark Roberts and Megan Hey, $430,000.

Huntington Ave., 2059, No. 1204-Christopher L. and Charlene A. Amorose to Saja Walton, $182,500.

Jefferson Dr., 2808-Heidi Lifson to Harold R. Denton, $320,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 1412-Scott R. and Barbara S. Cassada to Rafeal Antonio Wilkins, $280,000.

Sable Dr., 5730-Wisam Hanna to Josh Shumaker and Emily Brauninger, $485,000.


Bryant Towne Ct., 7009-Morgan D. Tucker and Brandon M. Shore to Terron Levell Chever and Vigdis Syderbo, $360,000.

Courtland Rd., 1805-Brian M. O’Leary to Jodi Graul Bellacicco, $620,000.

Franklin St., 3114-Gary N. and Lisa R. Rogers to John K. and Liyang P. Riggins, $614,900.

Popkins Lane, 2411-Kyle and Sara Shoop to Jared and Kathleen Jakubowski, $685,000.

Strawn Ct., 7115-Tracy A. Heinzman to Cuong M. Tang, $370,000.

Windbreak Dr., 2419-Paco and Lorena Zambrano to Naresh Dhital and Ranjeeta Regmi, $385,000.


Cheyenne Dr., 6476, No. 304-Kelley Peters and Sohail A. Rana to Brittney Hensley, $299,999.

Cypress Point Rd., 6632-Christina L. Dobson to Thaniel M. Willoughby, $410,000.

Hershey Lane, 5526-William and Christine Eyler to Donis H. Almaraz, $495,000.

Merritt Rd., 4700-Nichole and Luis Andonegui to Jennifer D. and Luke J. Close, $665,000.

Split Creek Lane, 6249-Jefferson D. and Lara Sloane Taylor to Aaron G. Dexon and Tanisha L. Walcot, $633,000.


Cardinal Forest Lane, 9255, No. 201-Amet Gonzalez to Maria Del Carmen Rivera, $210,000.

Endicott Pl., 9004-Ashley Bacon Ward to Brian P. and Jennifer E. Hesselberth, $580,000.

Hagel Cir., 9825-Michael J. Wilson to Esayas Gessesse and Elisa T. Lemma, $248,000.

Igoe St., 8928-Phillip R. and Erin R. Hernandez to Michael T. and Paula C. Plourde, $719,900.

Laurel Ridge Crossing Rd., 9275-Theodore K. and Miwon Rhee to Elliott W. Kang, $505,000.

Power House Rd., 9115-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to Jeffrey M. and Ellen B. Bryl, $972,006.

Silverview Dr., 8503-Khaled and Hoda Said to Kreepa Thapa, $700,000.

Tea Table Dr., 7724-Christopher L. and Kathleen L. Bell to Garold W. and Heather Withers Sherlock, $548,000.


Birnam Wood Dr., 8019-Subodh Sunkar and Savitha Gopalkrishnan to Kamran Ghavami and Lelia Farhadi, $1.1 million.

Fleetwood Rd., 6900-Signet Residentil Corp. to Pannala Jaganmohan and Pannala Vijaya Reddy, $1.78 million.

Great Falls St., 1614-Jeffrey Wayne Kroh to Srikumar Gopinath Kuttuva and Ekta Srikumar, $1.23 million.

Hampton Ridge Dr., 1471-Michael W. and Rebecca L. Royer to Brennan and Cora Murphy, $949,000.

Ivy Hill Dr., 6626-Shelly Puri to Sayera, Arif and Asif Choudhury, $1.65 million.

Mill Rdg., 1098-Easa Al Ghandour and Seiren Ajineh to Michael and Lisa Weiss, $2.11 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 815-Mina Anneliese Yindra to Jimin Miao, $296,850.

Savile Lane, 1027-Artisan Builders III Corp. to Ariel Rad and Noelle Sherber, $1.75 million.

Spring Gate Dr., 1591, No. 3108-Raziyeh and Kamal H. Rezapolvi to Qimin Wu, $422,500.

Towlston Rd., 839-Peter and Judith A. Muhlberg to Robert Feitel and Sandi S. Rhee, $1.35 million.

Winter Hunt Rd., 1210-Mary Howard Saunders and estate of Catherine J. Howard to Brianne C. and Mark P. McConnell, $1.12 million.


Brockham Dr., 8364-Robert E. and Catherine D. Weaver to Dawit Mandefro, Ergoye Erku, Kirubel Abebe and Surafel Abebe, $355,000.

Frye Rd., 7909-Boo Ja and Dong Sung Oh to Salvador E. Caballero Aguilar, $399,000.

Little Hunting Creek Dr., 3424-Nelson Orellana and Aracely Paez to Dennis Charles Madden, $398,000.

Pickering Pl., 4210-David A. and Candis M. Anhalt to Diego Luis and Heather Marie Flores, $684,000.

Southlawn Ct., 8540-Brandi Marie Sparks and estate of Brenda M. Miles to Peyman Karimian Sichani, $314,500.

Wyngate Manor Ct., 8591-Michele and Mary McLain to Zainab Fofana and Lansana Doukoure, $449,000.


Dreyfuss St., 5707-Beverly A. and Louis M. Kronthal to Kyle E. Tyrrell, $450,000.

Long Pine Dr., 7633-Doris M. Davies to David Joseph Weiner, $470,000.

Thames St., 8434-Santosh Chopra to Racheal Iyabode Adereni, $599,900.


Bridge Hill Lane, 2544-Sandra G. Martchek to Hemant C. Sharma, $1.68 million.

Cranbrook Lane, 11211-David P. and Jaydee O. DiGiovanni to Bradford A. and Mary B. Bleier, $855,000.

Hickory Forest Dr., 10330-Thomas John and Christine Frances Ryan to Spencer Dean Griffith and Jennifer Speed Byrnes, $1.02 million.

Oakton Manor Ct., 2821-Rick G. Schwartz to Cecilia M. Canadas and Ingrid Teasdale, $540,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3175, No. 5-D10-7 Summit Corp. to Abdullah Jefri and Ons Samih M. Alkhadra, $285,000.

Wayland St., 12010-Mike and Laura A. Bealey to Erika Lloyd and Ivan Lazarte, $670,000.


Barrel Cooper Ct., 11916-Victor D. Van Rees to Assad and Azhar Chowhan, $357,900.

Cabots Point Lane, 2109-Charles and Michelle Carrico to Jess and Sandra Iverson, $625,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1421-Alicia M. Palma to Jayne Jordan, $307,000.

Coopers Ct., 11853-Yeshimabet E. Gemechu to Changiz Aghdas and Hamideh Maleki, $310,000.

Goldenrain Ct., 1554-Scott Gibbons to Veronica Castro, $424,000.

Harbor Ct., 11220-Mark A. Smith to Janet L. Iocco, $300,000.

Horseferry Ct., 2353-Jeanette Marcinek McInerney to Jessica M. Thomas, $387,500.

Indian Ridge Rd., 11783-Tracy L. Conkin Snellings to Laya Muralidharan and Ravi Dhar, $510,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1701, No. 13-Lawrence C. and Linda L. Cook to Heather Zdimal, $311,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 1308-Gerry Notara to Srinivas D. Ballal, $382,000.

Murray Downs Way, 1328-Johnny and Bonnie Weida to Kyunja Mary Chung, $751,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1458-Jenevieve M. Creary to Nathan Yonren, $545,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 1541-Jason U. Chang and Ji Young Joo to Brian Will, $360,000.

Stratford House Pl., 11776, No. 1202-Michael Joseph and Collen Keubel Lewis to Morteza and Maryam M. Salehi, $780,000.

Sundial Ct., 11315-Kim Mayer Chisolm to Candice Tamara, $263,000.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11760, No. 408-Royce and Joy Agner Cardoza to Mary Therese Parisi, $232,000.

Tanbark Dr., 11408-Stewart Allen Luedke to Regina M. and Christopher Paul Donovan, $648,000.

Washington Plaza W., 11400, No. 303-Louise Tixhon and Edme Suzanne Giron to Britton S. Formisano and Carla Anne Cox, $280,000.

Woodstock Lane, 1618-Vickie A. Worthington and Michael R. Stickney to Zaheer Iqbal and Sofia Noori Tanveer, $875,000.


Collie Lane, 3109-Nhan T. Nguyen to Maria Beatriz and Antonio Ovando, $405,000.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 1024-Joel M. Sackett to Muhammad A. Jamil and Tazeen Fasih, $163,000.


Bethelen Woods Lane, 7972-Scott J. Frankel to Rasoul Samadani and Satkiran Phoul, $437,000.

Daum Ct., 9023-Erik Haynes and Debra C.B. Haynes to Ki Hak and Yoomi Hwang, $525,000.

Glen Pointe Ct., 7554-Richard G. and Brenda M. White to Michael James and Geraldine Swisshelm Shane, $1.08 million.

Gwynedd Way, 8529-Ghuman Properties Corp. to Javier B. Sampen Bustamante and Stephanie Ly, $435,000.

Jiri Woods Ct., 7373-Joseph and Elizabeth Blauwiekel to Ana Dreeze and Scott McIntosh, $400,000.

Laurel Oak Ct., 7482-Thomas M. Coyne Jr. to Stephaine Tram Anh Le, $400,000.

Lois Dr., 6830-Nelson E. and Maria E. Flores to Denise Edwards, $445,000.

Old Tree Ct., 8304-Ronald S. and Margaret S. Merriman to Evan J. and Megan A. Geiger, $600,000.

Sontag Way, 7116-Robert and Cynthia Gantt to Scott C. and Allison S. Hetzel, $575,000.

Springfield Oaks Dr., 8505-Sherylin Jude Byars Miller to Charles E. Collins Jr. and Hannah T. Knowles, $360,700.

Thomas Dr., 6318-John Huy Guyen Long and Anh Thuy Nguyen Long to Reyes and Xenia Gabriela Nunez, $440,000.

Westmore Ct., 6520-Susan L. Geisler and the Susan L. Geisler Trust to Zhongmin Chen, $465,000.


Boss St., 8167-William J. and Patricia V. Beck to Patricia A. Hines and Adam G. Semitekol, $850,000.

Carnegie Hall Ct., 8181, No. 209-Wei Zhang and Hanchun Zheng to Ruiqin Wang, $275,500.

Center St. S., 432-Kristin Stotler to Peter A. and Trisha S. Meyer, $354,000.

Forest Maple Rd., 10309-Christopher and Diann Liedel to Michael J. and Kathleen P. McGhee, $1.31 million.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 1202-Federal National Mortgage Association to Peter Y. and Sandy D. Chon, $229,519.

Labrador Lane, 2009-Randall T. Bowlin to Evan Alexander and Ashley E. Uhl, $800,000.

Locust St. SE, 302A-Tiffany E. Kelsey to Constance R. Brockway and Toni Ann Tartaglino, $320,000.

Meadow Springs Dr., 2018-Jin Fu and Houqi Hong to Wenwen Xu, $678,000.

Shepherdson Lane NE, 110-Neville G. and Dulcie Callam to Peter Piotr and Rachel Michelle Szewczyk, $715,000.

Tazewell Rd. NW, 600-Kevin Daniels to Farokh Bayegan, $570,000.

Valeview Ct. NW, 304-Trac L. and Sherri L. Harris to Anne Noelle Marie Defot Sido, $605,000.

Windover Ave. NW, 440-Christopher R. Lages to Stephan and Madolynn Stemmer, $786,500.


Bayshire Rd., 5905, No. A-Linda M. Simms to J.W. and Mai T. Grodt, $107,800.

Everett Ct., 9138-Denny and Stephanie A. Kim to Ahmed Zejly, $319,900.

Gromwell Ct., 7706-Deborah S. Wilkes to Kibrom T. Hailu and Hana Asmerom Sium, $476,000.

Kerry Lane, 8631-Carmen Bere to Alicia Rose and Melody April Passemante Powell, $514,000.

Lexton Pl., 7701-A-Thomas W. Cooke to Golden M. Weldeman, $272,000.

Painted Daisy Dr., 7869-Michael and Gillian Schwarz to Colleen C. and Robert B. Pritchard, $485,000.

Rockledge Ct., 7722-Katerina Kane and Katerina Karousos to Lee M. Batts and Caterina Ciancio, $550,000.

Tiffany Park Ct., 9068-Nouman Hussain to George Tran, $396,000.

Winding Hollow Way, 8835-Venkirtaramen Suresh and Renuka Iyer to Jeffrey C. Stanley and Carolyn Elizabeth Burke Stanley, $420,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Forest Ave., 10205-Robert M. and Camille C. McNeil to Michel J. and Pansy M. Norton, $485,000.

Maple St., 10610-David Wayne and Loretta Johanna McLaughlin to Jennifer Kivlin and Gabriel Malachi Brown, $356,000.

Norman Ave., 10619-Richard M. and Tara R. Ryan to Sreeram Reddy Byru, $620,000.

Ranger Rd., 9710-Daniel M. and Katherine E. Peat to Charles Fancher and Lily Safeer, $449,500.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Columbia St. W., 312-John L. and Kimberly A. Gifford to Nancy Ellen McCarthy, $1.46 million.

Tollgate Way, 125-Ana G. Echemendia Fuentes to Toby S. Heap and Michelle Mantooth, $880,000.