Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in March 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Paul St., 3603-Musa and Nawal Mansour to Mohammed A. Bhuiyan, $490,000.


Boulevard Vw., 6508, No. B1-Jean and William Lohrer to Pamela M. Delongchamp, $272,000.

Gatewood Dr., 1310-Ann J. Ascher to Ann M. Gretter and Robert F. Vernon, $855,000.

Paul Spring Rd., 2203-Michael and Klara Tothova Jordan to Harrison Blair II and Tao Li, $842,000.

Shiver Dr., 2109-Posh Homes Corp. to Matthew Cody Celestin and Jennifer Weber, $600,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 908-Nancy E. Rivers to Byron P. Cheung, $209,000.

10th St., 6526-Colleen and James Copple to Thomas S. and Barbara A. Moorman, $336,000.


Anne Ly Lane, 5461-Gregory V. and Katherine F. Knopp to Carlos Ignacio Martinez, $910,000.

Beech Tree Dr., 6017-Ben R. and Emily B. Sprague to Justin and Sara Melander, $725,000.

Brindle Heath Way, 6854, No. 217-Sheba Mahmood Ali to Alex Julius and Hyun Ja Park, $392,000.

Calabria Ct., 5209-John S. and Cynthia A. Dean to Kelly Jane and Christopher Paul Fredlake, $680,000.

Crocus Ct., 6001-Wallace and Ericka Ward Audena to Rachid Amroune and Peggy Williams, $480,000.

Dorset Dr., 6607-Anne E. Henry to Wayne O. and Amanda L. Scanlon, $410,000.

Ellingham Cir., 7014-B-Karin M. Coburn to Sarah Faye Van Peenen, $285,000.

Franconia Rd., 6022-Liliana Polo to Andy B. Solorzano Gonzalez, $535,000.

Gadsby Sq., 7438-Emily C. and Elise M. Terrell to Tracy J. and Lauren M. Derby, $480,000.

Haynes Point Way, 7712-J-Cristina M. and Jacqueline O. Bonfiglio to Edwin Garret Marks, $325,000.

Justis Pl., 5510-Deborah Gary to Jared and Jacqueline Asmus, $460,000.

Kimberly Anne Way, 5994, No. 302-Jamar Gould to Annaliese Blecha, $325,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6917, No. H-Varunee Gulathampaiboon to Elisa Gyeltsen, $277,500.

May Blvd., 6412-Joshua Robert Fikenstcher and Agata Matylda Gluszek to Robert J. and Lauren C. Foster, $562,000.

Morning Glen Ct., 6506-Silvia C. Hernandez to Anthony Wayne and Anna Germanovna Richardson, $352,000.

Old Brentford Ct., 6140-Israel Canada to Matthew and Laura P. Hurley, $438,000.

Ridge View Dr., 5630-Thomas and Kelly A. Maddern to Eric Seth Blair, $463,000.

Shadow Walk, 5925-Michael P. and Jane A. Landis to Jung and Natalie Cara Koo, $699,000.

Staghorn Ct., 6355-Betty M. and Juan Manuel Rocha to James Francis Minihan, $376,000.

Taliaferro Way, 6290-Leslie A. Clark to Marc and Tara Barbiere, $529,950.

Traci Joyce Lane, 6254-Robert Miller to Brinton H. Rosenberry, $567,500.

Westchester St., 5776-Clement and Caroll A. Oliver to Elisabeth Gnugnoli, $380,000.


Americana Dr., 4343, No. 11-Olivia Inturias Rojas to Marcelo Herbas Calvi, $215,000.

Annanwood Ct., 7410-Nicholas A. and Christina E. Carlson to Lauren Dickman and Michael Kelleher, $602,000.

Beauford Cir., 3421-Veasna Ky to Ahmad and Mubasher Khan, $640,000.

Casimir St., 4933-Hieu P. Nguyen to Shahbaz Nasir, $453,000.

Elan Pl., 4423-Norma E. Jovel to Luis Oswaldo Canedo and Maria Antonieta Cabrera Mansilla Rodriguez, $420,000.

Forest Grove Dr., 3717-MBRE Ventures Corp. to Ray A. Young and Emma L. Lomax, $700,000.

Ivydale Dr., 3906-Dennis A. and Iria G. Roe to Justin H. and Angela M. Beckett, $585,000.

Lafayette Forest Dr., 7717, No. 97-David E. Howell to Byung Hun Choi and Jung Sue Choi Ryuk, $285,000.

Mangalore Dr., 4110, No. 404-Farzad Nikpanjeh to Abdul Momen, $159,900.

Patriot Dr., 7849-Stacie Lee to Thi Bich Thuan Tran, $320,000.

Royce Ct., 7537-Metropolitan Holdings Corp. to Roy and Brian Jang, $640,000.

Southampton Dr., 5121-Eliott and Betty Anne Krems to Kevin T. Nguyen and Tina P. Huynh, $510,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3374, No. 32-Fei Wang to Samuel James Martin, $229,900.


Ardley Ct., 3377-Karen S. Iannaccone and estate of Nana Sue Crane to Christopher and Ashley Hudson Morgan, $474,000.

Diehl Ct., 3402-Patricia A. Breichner to Ashok K. and Nisha A. Goyal, $550,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 2006N-Susan Evans to Sajid Bassam Anani, $298,500.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 2004S-Lawanda D. Morris to Azizullah and Freshta Nawabi, $180,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3709, No. 1207-Nam Duy Tuan and Helen Nha Nam Nguyen to Tayseer Abdel Razig and Mamoun Mohamed Elmalik, $240,000.

Lakeview Dr., 6236-Gina Aselin and Derek Cardinal to Jeffrey Arthur Gruse and Jurate Pivoriuniene, $1.35 million.

Leesburg Pike., 6139, No. 107-Brian Schimming and estate of Ernest D. Holmes to Daniela S. and Jesus M. Araujo, $184,500.

Munson Hill Rd., 6014-Frank F. and Mary P. Koblitz to Raymond O’Neal Keys II, $425,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 1020-Wendy Townsend Sisson and Wade Richard Townsend to Romil Deepak Patani and Laxmi S. Murkey, $300,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 312N-Samuel W. Hopper Jr. to Corey Haynes, $218,000.


Bridgetown Pl., 10305-Ina Mirtcheva Blevins and Elena A. Mirtcheva to Rebecca Vargas and Leroy Jackson Jr., $370,000.

Burke Manor Ct., 5800-Virginia Sell Now Corp. to Krishma and Ali Latif, $337,500.

Canvasback Rd., 5828-Christopher L. and Kathleen M. May to Sachita Karki and Dinup Parajuli, $445,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5906, No. 301-Shana Rose Rieger to Jennifer Bilinski, $195,000.

Crayford St., 6511-Thuy Cao Tran and Hoa Thi Kim Lam to Frederick Koontz, $625,000.

Fenestra Ct., 6379-Dale A. Cikaluk and Jacqueline L. Boubin to Vikram Sridhara Prasad and Adithi Belman Rao, $260,000.

Goshen Lane, 9410-Sergio Luis Martinez to Zack M. Roday and Allison L. Marre, $455,000.

Hatches Ct., 6150-Graham M. and Rena Stone to Colin and Rebecca Becht, $679,500.

Home Guard Dr., 8994-Alvin and Nancy F. Brockway to Samuel Philip and Katherine Bradley Papkin, $721,000.

Lake Braddock Dr., 9119-David C. and Deborah L. Waldman to Benny A. and Glenda Estorga, $600,000.

Lincolnwood Dr., 9636-George Maurice Allan to Dennis Anthony and Carol Elizabeth Szpara, $660,000.

Meyers Landing Ct., 6023-Jorge A. Castro to Carlos A. and Maria D. Obregon, $410,000.

New England Woods Dr., 5833-Frank and Patricia Licari to Phila Kim Ly and Thien Hoang, $612,000.

Peter Roy Ct., 9375-Dawn P. and Matthew R. Callahan to Seung Oh and Michelle Ko, $488,000.

Sara Alyce Ct., 6513-C. V. Beck to Anthony H. and Kelli Shobe, $460,000.

Sloop Ct., 9514-Michael P. Lindemann and estate of Peter J. Lindemann to Heather L. Sheedy and Karen M. Obar, $599,500.

Virgo Ct., 6109-HCP Holdings Corp. to Woojin Jun and Sang Min Kim, $625,000.

Wilmington Dr., 6209-Donna A. and Nelson D. Calimlim to Charles M. and Elizabeth W. Felps, $545,900.


Autumn Cir., 14155-Mark David Skiles and Morgan Courtney Maravich to Soo Hee Kim, $365,000.

Battery Ridge Ct., 14523-Ravi Saxena to Sally S. Leatherland and Paul R. Belcher, $390,000.

Braddock Ridge Dr., 5415-Nathan A. and Debra A. Crilly Colman to Ronald Ottavio and Minerva Corona Pomposini, $528,000.

Centreville Farms Rd., 4986-Rodney D. and Mary L. Schnurr to Thai Hung Nguyen and Zhen Lin, $450,000.

Clarendon Springs Pl., 5879-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Francisco J. Ramos Hernandez and Cindy P. Reyes Amaya, $319,725.

Connor Dr., 13343-T-Flora Wong to Jin Hyuk and Ellen Chungyoon Park, $301,000.

Green Park Way, 14722-Joseph T. and Joseph S. Hill to Daphne N. Thompson, $315,000.

Gringsby Ct., 14423-Kevin T. Healy and Kristen A. Holt to Thuy Trang Qui Ngo, $285,000.

Jade Post Lane, 6734-Donald Lee and Patricia Ann Hall to Pedro Jose and Jennifer Kim Roman, $699,000.

Laura Ratcliff Ct., 13887-Jacqueline A. Orr to Gregury James Houghtaling and Rebecca Elizabeth Weaver, $350,000.

Lynhodge Ct., 14869-Vinh and Quang Ngoc Nguyen to Giselle Audry Duran, $315,000.

Maple Creek Lane, 13278-Sang Ho and Hyun Jung Lee to Helen and Hyung Suk Hwang, $460,000.

Nanticoke Ct., 5202-Cornel L. and Victoria I. Walton to Ramberto A. and Kristyne Dyann Torruella, $675,000.

Raina Dr., 6015-Jessica L. and Helder M. Barberena to Bushra Syed Ibrahim and Syed Faizan Mazher, $395,000.

Rockledge Pl., 6705-Did Paniagua and Maria D. Salmeron to Ardeshir and Yasamin Jeezan, $339,900.

Rydell Rd., 14803, No. 204-Tommy and Gigi Le to Nicholas Gordon Wager, $212,000.

Saint Timothys Lane, 6397-Zachary B. Mural and Megan C. Fedor to Clare Kathleen Ingram, $385,000.

Skylemar Trail, 6535-Michael S. Bendel to Jonathan Gajramsingh and Kendra Eliana Moten Bencosme, $350,000.

Strasburg Dr., 6109-Valarie Smith to Kuowei and Beahua Chen, $218,000.

Travis Edward Way, 5123-B-Kum Hui Yoon to Aecha Lim, $282,500.

Wetherburn Dr., 15105-Philip S. Shapiro to William D. and Shelly S. Hanson, $601,700.

Winding Ridge Lane, 14047-Rod Malek and Parisa Ziai to Min Kee Hwang, $389,500.


Beeker Mill Pl., 3907-Roger Yue and Mei Wang to Richard U. Koh and Jenny Y. Ha, $703,350.

Haverford Ct., 13605-Ronald E. and Ellen M. Shapiro to Lesley and Michael Palmer, $626,250.

Lightfoot St., 3850, No. 455-Michael Sullivan to Grace Liu, $244,000.

Sauterne Ct., 4221-Tracey Pilkerton Cairnie to Nihan and Can Onur Gunay, $255,900.

Virginia Dare Ct., 3003-House Buyers of America Inc. to Soledad Palacios and Amanda Flint, $352,000.


Balmoral Greens Ave., 13768-Kenneth A. and Marcia K. Huntsman to Mark and Kathleen Aitken-Cade, $3.6 million.

Clifton Rd., 7332-Nicholas D. and Wendy N. Vlissides to Steven Glen and Erin Victoria Willett, $950,000.

Gosling Dr., 5675-Kav Real Estate Services Corp. to Zaineb Nawaz and Muhammad Adeel, $410,000.

Melstone Dr., 13632-Robert B. and Susan D. Fake to Kevin Peter and Patricia J. Vecchio, $650,000.

Surbiton Dr., 6729-Richard E. and Margaret L. Mealy to Matthew W. and Teri Lynn Brooks, $880,000.

Willow Valley Rd., 5512-Sunil K. and Seema Ishairzay to Tuan and Duy Thao Nguyen, $915,000.


Adare Dr., 10910-Nicholas J. and Lisa J. Wallace to Luis and Liliana Martinez, $567,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11317, No. 3-210-Patricio Jose Bernal and Ana Carla De Bulhoes Duarte to Elaine M. Cuison, $324,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11379, No. 10-207-Heyjin Kang and Chiwoo Joo to Lekso Pkhakadze, $310,000.

Beechstone Lane, 4440-B-Gerald A. Hanson to Thomas Kennedy and Cara Weathers, $446,000.

Broomsedge Ct., 3716-Hyun Choi to Hwan Su Park, $365,000.

Caithness Ct., 5562-Zubair Ahmed and Bushra Fayyaz to Abhijit Sengupta, $389,000.

Cavalier Landing Ct., 11575, No. 102-Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Ananda and Pramila Adhikari Luitel, $85,187.

Cherry Dr., 8616-Mary K. and Bret C. Svedberg to Dung Bui and Huong Nguyen, $830,000.

Collis Oak Ct., 3962-Andrew and Chana Alder to Kassandra Kaye and Erik Michael Flading, $455,900.

Covington St., 3040-Dung Bui and Huong Nguyen to Michael Hardman and Lindsey K. Whitehead, $470,500.

Earps Corner Pl., 5403-Theodore J. and Carol A. Kornhoff to William L. and Caryn D. Jackson, $660,000.

Fair Briar Lane, 12876-Joan Lee Kraft Hill to Curtis Colby Cimino and Colleen Andrick Hanlon, $373,000.

Fair Heights Dr., 12856-Keith R. and Mary S. Moore to Virat and Ritu Dogra, $586,500.

Fairfield House Dr., 12213, No. 506B-Teresa C. Cockrill Brennan to Eileen Rixmann, $311,000.

Fort Buffalo Cir., 12278-Hong Van T. Phan to Philip Michael Pakula, $270,000.

Garden Grove Cir., 12104, No. 403-Mary E. Cummins to Kenneth C. and Jane C. Stanhagen, $292,000.

Golf Ridge Ct., 12003, No. 202-MRD Corp. to Vishweshwaran Ramanathan and Anjana Ramachandran, $291,500.

Grays Pointe Ct., 4050, No. B-Sydney Elizabeth Solomon Myers to Amy Christina and Vincent Lee Marcum, $214,990.

Green Ledge Ct., 12105, No. 201-Eung Eric and Kyung H. Kim to Ran Ji, $251,000.

Greenway Ct., 12111, No. 169-Daniel Anthony and Rosa Elena Mendoza Davila to Arvind and Sunita Ghate, $287,500.

Hackney Coach Lane, 4353-Michelle C. Moore to Ryan Cook, $400,000.

Heron Ridge Dr., 12703-Khai Hong Nguyen and Helena Nguyet Ly to Yongjin Kim, $415,000.

Lamarre Dr., 4300-Kustom Kastles Corp. to Scott Griffis, $470,600.

Lismore Lane, 2969-Sudarshan P. Ranganath and Madhuvanthi M. Shivaramamurthy to Cara and Eric Acevedo, $672,000.

Maple View Lane, 13015-K & R Properties Corp. to Jose Abelardo Rodriguez Rivera and Rosa Linda Donat, $595,000.

Monument Ct., 4100-C-Norma Jean Blevins to Anderson E. Conte, $315,000.

Mornington Ct., 5212-Kelly A. Moehr and Todd Franklin to Sean G. and Ashley K.E. Wilson, $650,000.

Ox Hill Rd., 12227-Vincent R. De Runa and Helen H. Duong to Christopher and Krystal Capasso, $609,900.

Paxford Ct., 5530-Decha and Ruenrudee Duangrat to Yong Miao, $407,000.

Penderview Terr., 12156, No. 1207-Adam S. and Anar D. Wagner to Andrew W. Bradley, $185,000.

Penny Lane, 2944-Beth L. and Jeffrey L. Gombala to Andrew and Kimcuong Mahan, $770,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 348-Egads Corp. to Kwan Ping Lee, Chik Yau Tam and Kam Him Tam, $440,000.

Ridge Knoll Dr., 12003, No. 801B-Michelle McCoy Horne to Anthony and Amy Susan Pierno, $295,000.

Rosemoor Lane, 3010-Afsaneh Chamlou to Kathryn and Michael Shoemaker, $609,100.

San Carlos Dr., 4413-Barbara Raborn Rotchford to Daniel Deyonou, $485,000.

Surfbird Ct., 5601-Jonathan D. Wagner to Jay M. Tolan and Samantha R. Kunkel, $635,000.

Tartan View Dr., 9381-Deborah Ann Zankofski to Juliana F. Massoni Senozain and Octavio G. Massoni, $575,000.

Treasure Ct., 4806-Mary F. and Edward Joseph Regan to Robert Jason and Lindsay Mutchler, $490,000.

Vosger Ct., 9106-Douglas and Nora Wojcik to Nam Quoc Bui and Annie Phan, $415,000.

Westbrook Mill Lane, 11318, No. 301-Daniel J. Kim and Saemi N. Park to Linda Salazar, $348,300.

Wood Wren Ct., 9961-Michael A. Zettel and Althea B. Wellman to Chakavak H. Kamran, $437,000.


Cathedral Forest Dr., 8334-Shelley S. Murphy to Christian N. Hall, $799,900.

Emmett Guards Ct., 6118-Ralph Joseph and Barbara Clark to Joseph A. and Melinda J. Brooks, $655,000.

Homar Pond Dr., 10100-Thuy Nguyen Ho to Asghar Bagheri and Homeira Bahadorani, $790,000.

Oak Bridge Lane, 7993-Edward L. and Mary Jo Weinberg to William J. and Ashley E. Newmeyer, $730,000.


Adams Pl., 2914-William and Peggy M. Carrington to Samantha A. Ringmacher, $572,000.

Carol Lane, 7113-Brian R. Dugdale to Peter Frederick and Phuong Pham Steinhauer, $940,000.

Hartwell Ct., 3325-Barbara Yadgi Crouse to Jennifer Erin Sigler, $650,000.

Jackson Ave., 6900-Richard B. and Sara White to Makani Diache Drummond and Molly Frances Quinn, $579,000.

Lawrence Dr., 3007-Murtaza Bahrami to Nicholas and Elizabeth Lucille Bair, $625,000.

Mildred Dr., 3469-Barbara Louise Ostrander to Bridget R. Pollack, $620,000.

Nicosh Cir., 3009, No. 4201-Grant A. Kuhnsman to Said and Mohtarama Mahfus, $372,000.

Oakland Ave., 7202-Keith E. and Donna E. Gibson to Leslie Shu Ying Koo and Charles E. Bowley, $605,000.

Strathmore St., 7104-Phuong T. La to Peter Mueller and Tsehaynesh Asefa, $705,000.

Tyler Ave., 7231-Brian and Theresa Lecroy to Elizabeth Rose Giambalvo and Daniel Lewis Vance, $557,500.

Westlawn Dr., 6831-Ashley C. and Leila M. Leigh to Peter A. Kowalcheck and Dana Michael, $442,010.

Willow Point Dr., 7817-Steven Andrew Boland and Michelle Kate Olivier to Brian N. Schwenk, $285,000.


Bethune St., 7404-Larry W. Cornwell and Donna K. Sitnik to Renee and Jonathan Rupp, $705,000.

Chestnut St., 2408-Potomac Legacy Homes Corp. to Jonathan C. Shoemaker and Emily D. Barnes, $1.66 million.

Falls Reach Dr., 7000, No. 105-Silvia Taylor to Bryce Hookela Pahaa Mendez, $423,000.

George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 627-Jitendra and Jyothirmayi Sakhamuri to Merry E. Wulff, $350,000.

Griffith Rd., 1935-William Francis and Margaret M. McDonald to John Richard Demers, $568,000.

Hogan Ct., 2800-Luther Samuel Jr. to Damon and Maighdlin C. Terzaghi, $500,000.

Lee Landing Dr., 7625-Tanya Siew Loh to Emmett S. Moloney and Elizabeth A. Greenawald, $395,850.

Marshall Heights Ct., 7746-Jeremy and Melissa Siry Gordon to David Lee and Jessica Rabinowitz, $610,000.

Patterson Rd., 7446-Merion Homes Pimmit Corp. to Buchi Ram Tarigoppula and Rekha Raj, $515,000.

Shreve Rd., 7815-Omega Home Solutions Corp. to Thimindu R. Goonatillake, $775,000.


Stone Inlet Dr., 7026-Leonisa Amurao Alfonso to Joshua R. and Andrea M. Tibbs, $627,000.


Bolling Dr., 7932-Jhyl Properties Corp. to David Wilson and Claire Nicely, $710,000.

Camden St., 8702-Jeffrey Mickle to Christopher Kiernan, $550,000.

Collingwood Rd., 1118-Michael H. McMillan to Tariq and Talat Javed, $704,000.

Dresden Ct., 916-Derek A. and Chloe W. Pickle to Travis Aaron Floyd and Eleanor Chesney Hellmuth, $819,000.

Kent Rd., 7900-NVP Inc. and Louis M. Barbieri Jr. to Michell Tenebruso, $1.25 million.

Shenandoah Rd., 1241-Brian and Christine Wright to Michael N. and Christina L. Berger, $589,000.


Arnon Lake Dr., 513-Sandra E. Rose to Hubin and Fanyang Jiang, $1.24 million.

Cavalcade St., 10613-Mohsen Mahmoudi and Fatemeh Nematzadeh to Joseph Robert and Jessel A. Newton, $739,000.

Golden Arrow St., 835-SKS Development Corp. to Patricia Senelle Einstein, $1.73 million.

Mill Field Ct., 1098-Austin W. and Michele A. Verity to Wilson J. and Kay L. Kim, $1.5 million.

Riva Ridge Dr., 1118-Frederico and Dulce Obias Manno to Dynne M. and Bongyul M. Sung, $825,000.

Springvale Rd., 440-John W. and Elizabeth M. Toothman to Ashley Lynn Mills and Nelson Randolph Cragg III, $1.1 million.


Air And Space Museum Pkwy., 13789-Heather Cedel to Lamyaa Hasan Yousif, $508,000.

Alton Sq., 12915, No. 319-Clifton A. McWhorter Jr. and Arielle E. Sibski to Rama Sai Anudeep Puvvada, $256,000.

Autumnhaze Ct., 1117-Brian J. Hatfield to Li Jiang and Jing Zhou, $300,000.

Bond St., 1252-Bonny J. Austin to John and Amber Sabin, $287,750.

Centre Park Cir., 12929, No. 417-Madhusudhan V. and Rajani M. Kopparapu to Gautam Bollieddula and Shruti Chola, $355,000.

Copper Cove Way, 13225-Richard Chu-Tak Tseng and Chi-Fan Lee to Mark Robert Bruff and Chelsea Lynn Carbo, $465,000.

Elden St., 702, No. B-Junction Square Corp. to Matthew and Diane Campbell, $812,500.

Fox Hound Ct., 2555-Elizabeth D. Gallagher to John W. and Erin Margaret Peerenboom, $780,000.

Grant St., 1005-Dale E. and Betsy C. Frock to Sean Berg, $655,000.

Herndon Mill Cir., 151-Neeraj Mukhi and Ashima Chadha to Souheil Mechlawi, $550,000.

Jeannie Anna Ct., 3055-Edward J. Morris to Venu Gopalakrishna and Dhanasree Vandrapu, $797,000.

Kingstream Cir., 1566-Sai Dream Homes Corp. to Kathryn M. Dankovich and Andrea R. Labanco, $620,000.

Lazy Glen Ct., 13146-Davis S. McLemore to Tammayya Dora Korpu, $515,000.

Marcey Creek Rd., 13076-Theodore P. Kroll to Sray Somaly Samreth Song, $305,000.

Neil Armstrong Ave., 13722, No. 202-Byoung Woo Kim and Minkyong Kwon to Naga Malleswara Rao Bellamkonda and Sindhu Ullamgunta, $410,000.

Petersborough St., 2653-William P. and Christine M. Harrell to Andrew Alan Phebus and Heather Marie Albarano, $642,000.

Rose Petal Cir., 13135-Goodwill Estates Corp. and Tristar Holdings Corp. to Cheryl Barnes and Michael Dickson, $383,500.

Shady Mill Lane, 11904-Arash Nassarian to Khandan Mojdehbakhsh and Mehrdad Mabudian, $625,100.

Springtide Pl., 1232-Mitra Raj and Shakuntala B. Baral to Hugo Franco Alfaro and Sifredo F. Franco, $295,000.

Streamvale Cir., 12253-Matthew Doyle to Christal and James Keisler, $553,000.

Viking Dr., 2613-Paramount Investments Corp. to Gary Patrick Rosales and Stephanie Andrea Murguia, $597,000.

Wheat Meadow Cir., 2465-Jose Cifuentes and Alicia L. Riano to Buddhi Prakash and Aparna Gupta, $445,000.

Woodland Park Rd., 13218-NVR Inc. to Jeevani Chigurupati, $512,867.

Woodland Park Rd., 13232-NVR Inc. to Richard James Bryer, $613,281.


Burgundy Rd., 3404-Jose D. and Nursen Ceren Silva to Xiao Yu Leung, $425,000.

Farrington Ave., 2133-Mark S. Murphy and Michalle L. Baird to Kendal Orgera and Daren Keith Gladis, $449,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 714-Rudolph A. and Jane M. Dinunzio to Karen Krist and Jorn Justesen, $450,000.

Norton Rd., 5714-Jeanfrancois Henri Mare Lavallee to William Hill and Mallory Cavanagh Sigmon, $580,000.

Williamsburg Rd., 5934-Daniel R. Guzman to Andrew and Allison R. Holte, $370,000.


Brown Ct., 8110-William B. and Maria O. Norales to Milagros Velasquez Romero, $374,900.

Collard St., 3210-Rhys E. and Elizabeth A. Thomas to Laurie Robin Vicente, $600,000.

Flintstone Rd., 4437-Charles E. Hartman and Judith A. Raffl to Scott and Elizabeth Bentley, $455,000.

Groveton St., 3306-Melissa and David Kilby to Kevin M. and Nicole T. Lippincott, $460,000.

Liberty Springs Cir., 7840-Jason E. and Katherine B. Hardymon to Eyuel Kidane Tesfagiorgis, $366,000.

Queens Rd., 6702-Robert Hart and Jennifer G. Lear to Jessy Payen, $495,000.

Stoneybrooke Ct., 3804-Bryan Parks to Kathleen Mavourneen Turk and Jeffery Christopher Portemont, $521,000.


Arcadia Rd., 4011-Gregory A. Hutton and Vera A. Kochanowsky to Iysha J. De La Cruz, $480,000.

Brookside Dr., 4500-Benny A. Robles and Ronald W. Hardcastle to Mark Elliott and Annette Roy Benbow, $775,000.

Eagle Ridge Lane, 6327-C-Douglas Woon and Rahn B. Cho to Aprin Ann Reilly, $438,500.

Guest Lane, 3900-Samuel P. and Christina S. Chandran to Victor A. Argueta Capriel and Wilson M. Argueta Diaz, $525,000.

Irvin Sq., 4729-Enith Saylor Pazant to Enrique Gabriel Suarez Hinostroza, $450,000.

Observation Way, 5108-Kalkidan Gossaye to Amira Chamma and Haleem Hanna, $475,000.

Tayack Pl., 6492-Matthew and Robin Steuernagel to Peter Youngkil Kim and Myung Sook Seo, $500,000.


Ataturk Way, 8932-National Fiancial Corp. to Joshua J. Pedroza, $480,000.

Fascination Ct., 8980, No. 411-Dale K. and Mary F. Hart Johnson to Gladys Rea Smith, $375,000.

Hagel Cir., 9784-Patrick J. Kearney and estate of Phyllis D. Paige to Fode and Fatoumata Traore, $186,500.

Hundith Hill Ct., 9327-Deron S. Burba to Michelle and Leonard D. Baker, $520,000.

Lee Masey Dr., 9265-David J. and Abigail Lee to Ina Jeon, $560,000.

Mahoney Dr., 7512-Harjinder and Jagdeep Singh to William Paul Zaremba, $515,000.

Potters Hill Cir., 9614-Thomas D. and Michelle J. Tackett to Amjed A. Rasheed, Hesham F. Moumen and Mohammed K. Abdel Hay, $385,000.

Silvershadow Ct., 9142-Ali M. Nadeem to Falastine Ahmed Iman, $435,000.

Tanyard Lane, 9066-Abraham J. and Barbara A. Roman to Mike and Dianne Burns, $482,000.

Fourth Pl., 9454-Eric Walter Landry to Jason Andrew and Kayla M. Banfield, $390,000.


Birnam Wood Dr., 8113-Cynthia C. Mercado and estate of Leland F. Page to William Charles Gentry Jr. and Danielle Lee Hickman, $1.16 million.

Brookhaven Dr., 1535-Robert Edward and Leslie Wood Bradenham to William M. and Danielle Pascual Inman, $1.14 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1110-Nasser Ghazvini to Suk Ku Lee, $605,000.

Forest Lane, 1610-MR Project Management Inc. to Daniel M. and Melissa A. Clifton, $2.6 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 819-Partove and Mohammad Marashi to Xiyuan He, $440,000.

Hunting Ridge Lane, 6314-John Charles and Roxanne Johnson Vaughn to Thomas J. and Traci A. Ball, $1.34 million.

Jill Ct., 6616-Henry A. Levine and Vivian S. Chang to Daniel R. and Maria R. Sherwell, $1.35 million.

Langley Springs Ct., 6801-Patricia J. and Jack Staas to Hong and Enhua Wang, $1.65 million.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 213-Rex Wu to Jeromie J. Scholten, $354,000.

Lincoln Way, 1538, No. 102A-Laura Kurdab to Anabella Morillo, $245,000.

McLean Crest Ct., 1308-Eliza P. Nagle to Christopher John Dostal and Lu Li, $885,000.

Perry William Dr., 1230-Jianzhong Mao to Ramez Andrawis and Laura Gilcrest, $1.39 million.

Spring Gate Dr., 1580, No. 4314-David V. and Ellen L. Pritchett to Sang Im and Mark Moffatt, $418,000.

Stuart Robeson Dr., 1213-Mark Gaw to Andreas P. and Patricia A. Suma, $1.51 million.

Westmont Lane, 7846-Veronica D. Da Silva to Niku Singh, $2.87 million.


Allwood Dr., 9222-Patricia E. McCully to John A. Schulteis, $535,000.

Bedford Terr., 5377, No. 77C-Byoung Jun Lim to Andrew Joongbae Lee and Joohee Choi, $160,000.

Brockham Dr., 8372-Levi Ponce Yanez and Blanca Irma Guzman Gonzalez to Amir S. and Samir B. Attalla, $360,000.

Colonial Ave., 4021-MLS Property Ventures to Michael D. and Anne M. Stilwell, $1.13 million.

Frye Rd., 8004-Monique Anneker to Denilson M. Fernandez Vallejos and Maria Sarita Rosales, $425,000.

Hunter Murphy Cir., 8333-Herman P. and Mary Ross to Erika Elizabeth Gordon, $385,000.

Laramie Pl., 3807, No. 124G-Oscar J. Pena and Adrianna M. Benedetti to Daniel G. Rosemeyer and Kayla A. Richardson, $198,000.

Pantano Pl., 8023-Leslie Eagle to Victoria F. Jacobs, $190,000.

San Leandro Pl., 7924-Crystal M. Blue to Luisa Sosa, $220,000.

Shannons Green Way, 3740-Alice L. Mayoral to Bethelem Kahsay and Tesfay Berayes, $415,000.

Sonora Pl., 3942-Nicanor Andrew Davidson to Dalia Gonzalez Castro, $181,000.

Tidewater Ct., 4104-D. Mark and Bonnie H. Jewett to Travis Anderson, $635,000.

Woodland Lane, 3259-Dele Oshinowo and Michael A. Malferrari to Brian Charles Prindle and Marjorie Lynn Strayer, $989,000.


Dunston St., 7609-Jaye Clark Baesler and Arden Clark Vaughan to Jorge Cossio Rivero and Myrtha Hurtado De Cossio, $585,000.

Uxbridge Ct., 8322-Robert G. Wilcher to Dario and Maria E. Tadic, $390,000.


Bryant Pl., 10804-Hassan T. and Maryam H. Khan to Mohammad Amer and Amna Arshad, $1.32 million.

Geneva Hill Ct., 2605-Douglas H. McGregor and Jenifer E. Kern to Ting Zeng and Yan Wang, $1.42 million.

Hunt Rd., 3110-Adam C. Duncan to Xiangxiu Meng, $660,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 9957-Michael H. and Mary Jo M. Patterson to Seungchan Lee and Yewon Ji, $340,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3179, No. 2-D7-Mark A. Carville to Joanna J. Schaff, $325,000.

Vale Rd., 11423-Allen S. and Elsa Norris to Michael Craig, Barbara Dunn and Julie Larson, $574,750.

Walnut Creek Ct., 11307-Scott A. and Leanne M. Wasikowski to Amit Kumar and Rashmi Jain, $1.23 million.


Alsop Ct., 2444-Kevin G. and Eileen F. Sullivan to Elizabeth K. Visosky and Jeffrey M. Wyman, $438,623.

Barrel Cooper Ct., 11921-Jeffrey A. Dunham to Christi Nicole Hampton, $377,000.

Blue Spruce Rd., 11903-Dean Erwin and estate of Ronald E. Sonderegger to Bryan Frederick and Nastassia Gauch, $755,000.

Brown Fox Way, 12399-Tejaswi and Saikantha L. Raparla to Bishru Pathak and Chetana Tiwari, $649,900.

Cedar Cove Ct., 2229-Richard A. and Pamela K. Lillquist to Joseph P. and Laura F. Beumer, $592,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11220, No. 324-Dawn Desiree Smith to Josiah Renton, $220,000.

Coopers Ct., 11849-RVS Holdings and Investments Co. to Nathan Funk, $385,000.

Crescent Park Dr., 1970-Claudina S. Ghassemieh to Justin Michael Garrell, $430,000.

Fairway Dr., 11500, No. 302-John Earl and Isabelle Charnay Hopkinson to Eric Guggenheimer, $270,000.

Freetown Ct., 2334, No. 2-22C-MPM & Associates Inc. to Hamid Rahman, $204,250.

Golf Course Dr., 2035-Tara L. Fulks Anglin to John Thomas Hafey and Lindsay Beverly Smith, $517,000.

Great Owl Cir., 11798-Amit Doshi and Ritashree Chakrabarti to Nadean Helen Riley, $489,775.

Harbor Ct., 11192-Sunflower Estates Corp. to Nobue Hamamoto and Mani Mohtasham, $300,000.

Homer Terr., 2014-Tracy M. Guthry to Ira Kukic and Eric Kuhn, $750,000.

Lake Newport Rd., 12044-Dennis G. and Carol Y. Lund to Hong Hui and Lydia Yuzhi Shen, $725,000.

Lovedale Lane, 2217, No. 208A-Paul G. and Deborah Yates Bunnell to Jorden Gunessever and Matthew W. Humphreys, $285,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 512-John E. Emert and Mary C. Bernard to Michaela M. Puno, $1.3 million.

Market St., 12001, No. 276-Lauren Odonohue Dickerson to Akintomide Akinmurele, $273,000.

Northgate Sq., 1368-Barg Inc. to James Ebersole and Rachel Walisko, $324,900.

Parkcrest Cir., 1639, No. 7A/101-Pardaaz Investments Corp. to Rachel V. Rath, $226,000.

Purple Sage Dr., 1601-Alexander C. and Emily E. Voorhees to Hyun Sung Choi and Andrew Howard Bebout, $375,000.

Royal Fern Ct., 2037, No. 47-Richard L. and Janet L. Coffinberger to Michael Wayne Glock, $217,500.

Saffold Way, 11070-Peter G. and Lesley J. Ryan to Jason William and Juline Ruth McDonald, $390,500.

Saint Johnsbury Ct., 11913-Scott and Christina Elizabeth Shea to Erica Goode, $435,000.

Spinnaker Ct., 2205-Joseph A. and Jody L. Chiaro to Stephen C. and Joy F. Poppe, $780,000.

Stratford House Pl., 11776, No. 407-NCI Information Systems Inc. to Margaret S. Coll, $640,000.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11760, No. 811-Brian S. Diemar to Manasa Keshavachandra, $269,000.

Turtle Rock Lane, 1505-David Lester and Mary Lou Blevins to Christopher and Theresa Cash, $775,000.

Villaridge Ct., 11013-B-David Michael Weiss to Luong Thanh Hong and Thuy Pham, $236,000.

Washington Plaza W., 11400, No. 703-Sami I. Asfahani to Karen Jarvis, $355,000.

Whisperwood Glen Lane, 2048-Brian E. and Katherine Anne Mandell to Thomas Conrad Petschauer and Melissa Kelly Cameron, $331,500.

Wood Fern Ct., 2504-Russell Miller to David Nistler, $669,900.


Greenwood Dr., 6178, No. 1-Nghia C. Nguyen and Hong T. Tran to Mark Joseph Schiller and Elizabeth Louris Haik Kivorkian, $196,000.

Squires Hill Dr., 6207-Phillip Raymond and Dace Embrekte Ives to Amit and Kanika Verma, $591,900.

Willston Pl., 2921, No. 151-Felix E. and Renee Elizabeth Machado to Jason Ren and Jing Lin, $190,000.


Bristlecone Pl., 8627-Saundra K. Wolstenholme to Joseph A. and Ying L. Smith, $525,000.

Byeforde Ct., 7309-Ovidio Ruiz to Honeida A. Manzano and Maria D. Cueva, $375,000.

Chillum Ct., 8411-Christopher and Mary Cole to Jacob Benjamin and Kara Nicole Hershorin, $550,000.

Creekside Way, 8844-Thomas W. Brown to Arnulfo Juan Martinez Jr. and Kristin Eugenia Agresta, $672,000.

Demme Pl., 6352-Amina Farooq to Hua Jin, $485,000.

Elder Ave., 6721-Gulalai Mojadidi to Thanh Cham Thi Thach and Hai Minh Ho, $540,000.

Galgate Dr., 7202-Michelle Carr to Adam G. Lesniak and Johana Rosa, $525,000.

Havenbrook Way, 7716-Danice Ella M. Pantoja and Jose Rene C. Dizon II to Rama Devi Chiruvella, $376,000.

John Ryland Way, 7273-Christine K. and Stephen M. Tirpak to Gun Hee, Gun Ho, Han Young and Jung Soon Park, $565,000.

Lauralin Pl., 7512-Robert E. Zimmerman Jr. to Michael and Kathryn Kattula, $550,000.

Middle Valley Dr., 7718-Jeffrey S. and Linda L. Taylor to Aaron Julien and Briana Davidson Fausser, $461,250.

Northedge Dr., 9098-James B. and Doris Ann Givens to Megan E. Conn and Andrew Skaggs, $755,000.

Reservation Dr., 7501-Christopher C. and Colleen M. Vannatta to Joseph A. and Emily R. Foster, $649,900.

Southern Oak Dr., 7623-Jae Ho and Sue Yeon Song to Shan B. Tan, $380,000.

Spring Tree Dr., 7427-Simple2sell Corp. to Sarah and Scott Terrell, $455,050.

Thomas Dr., 6317-Herbert L. Ogden Jr. to Andrea Lora Grossman and George Matthew Ross, $525,000.

Wagon Trail Lane, 7707-Denise M. Boucher to Saul E. and Aida Cardona, $634,000.

Yellow Leaf Ct., 8463-Zbao-Quynh Thai Nguyen to Anthony Rich Jr. and Lauren Gorski, $520,000.


Beulah Rd., 1451-George A. and Judith H. Bowns to Mai X. Pham, $760,000.

Cricklewood Ct., 9111-Ravinder and Theresa D. Bhatia to Anant and Aparna Raikar, $965,000.

Desale St. SW, 1407-Mitchell D. Albers to Hari Shankar Prasad Gentyala and Swetha Feddi, $595,500.

Electric Ave., 8221-Choi Man Tao to Sunhao Shen and Jiajing Sun, $887,500.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 311-Krishna Chandra Patnam and Aishwarya Kanakapalli to Alice Nistler and Susan Saujung Lee, $439,900.

Gingerwood Ct., 1521-Patrick Wallace and Erica Manz to Sean and Marne Marotta, $749,000.

Jackson Pkwy., 2433-Daniel Richard Fox to David Paul and Lidian Rebecca Shark, $775,000.

Knollside Lane, 2815-Jeffrey Barrett to Oliver and Yelene Urcia, $460,000.

Lozano Dr., 1636-John A. and Mary Ann McAndrews to Amit Sharma and Prakriti Badoni, $750,000.

Montmorency Dr., 1644-Albert C. Wong and Wei-Ling Chang to Stephen T. and Barbara E. Carson, $797,500.

Myers Cir. SW, 914-Richard A. Crump and Debra A. Washington to Tony T. Hsu, $560,000.

Park St. SE, 1002-Margie A. Milliner to Gerald Bernard and Megan Geddes Cossack, $743,000.

Park Tower Dr., 2651, No. 4/101-Matthew M. and Gayla A. Baumgardt to Latika and Usha Gulati, $540,000.

Red Rock Ct., 1532-Harinder J. and Archana Jaiswal to Mina and Christine Nessim Daoud, $710,000.

Saint Croix Dr., 2814-Timothy and Dorothy Tausch to Kenneth Blais, $775,000.

Trevor Pl., 8011-David M. and Erin R. Tanenbaum to Kathleen M. and Ryan K. Spitzel, $703,000.

Walker St. SW, 510-Alexander and Blake Rouhani to Young S. Lee, $1.46 million.

White Beech Way, 8652-William and Patricia Ferinde to Asif Rahman and Deandra Tan, $902,500.


Morgan Lane, 2239-Steven M. and Francis M. Naughton to Hugh A. M. Shafer Jr., $575,000.


Barrington Ct., 8502, No. 1-G-Nicole S. Regele to Lesly Mavelita Morales Catalan, $170,000.

Carrleigh Pkwy., 8244-Margaret M.L. Reed to Karrina L. Brown, $457,500.

Commack Ct., 6014-Mohamed I. and Amy M. Diaw to Delvin L. and Miki Nojima Schmunk, $615,000.

Forest Breeze Ct., 9188-Ebrahim W. and Lindsey F. Emami to Kristin Drabyk, $442,900.

Gillings Rd., 6910-Richard A. and Darlene A. Bates to Christopher and Elena Pabon, $510,000.

Harland Dr., 8401-Rita Pearsall to Veerachai and Sumitra Thienrerk, $525,000.

Hooes Rd., 7807-Andrew B. and Mona Crippen to Andres Burbano, $605,000.

Kentford Dr., 8604-Thomas N. and Ann W. Oliver to Laurel M. Burk and Gabriel Smith, $550,000.

Lexton Pl., 7702, No. 65-Jennifer C. Ryan to James Boylan, $270,000.

Oakford Dr., 8517-Michael and Stephen Wayne Warter to Michael Jason and Tesa Nilaviaria England, $680,000.

Regal Oak Ct., 8351-Brian L. Bursiek to Christian E. Fearer, $507,500.

Rolling Forest Ave., 7106-Brad T. Anderson to Teresa G. Love, $555,000.

Sheridan Farms Ct., 8705-Bok Hwan and Yoon Ki Chang to Rohina Amadzai, $440,000.

Tanworth Ct., 8035-Prashant K. Pokhrel and Bina Pokhrel Aryal to Pooja and Sandeep Singh, $490,000.

Willow Forge Rd., 8405-Karol Blanchard to Jason Carl and Fariss Hodder Agatone, $480,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Chain Bridge Rd., 3857-Sun M. Kim King and Sun P. Kim to Caryn E. Thompson and Peter C. Webster, $483,000.

Dwight Ave., 10125-Sandra J. Bishop and Robert R. Josef to Michael A. Altiero, $462,000.

Great Oaks Way, 9941-Francis Andrew and Catherine Leech Turley to Hernando and Maria Eugenia Quintero, $689,000.

Main St., 10570, No. 503-Sang Im Song to Ramtin Kiany, $210,000.

Norman Ave., 10604-Patty G. and John H. Loveless to Pablo and Gigi M. Aponte, $615,000.

Providence Way, 10502-Jean Claude and Julia M. Geha to Bich Chi Thi Truong, $585,000.

Scarlet Cir., 10106-Eugene J. and Carol A. La Colla to Kevin and Shirley Ho, $580,000.

Silver King Ct., 9450, No. 209-Enclave Development Corp. to Christine E. and John C. Connell Jr., $543,000.

Viognier Terr., 10724-Pulte Home Co. Corp. and Pulte Home Corp. to Kunal Gandhi, $769,990.

Westmore Dr., 11005-Carmen Rosa Vital to Khoa Dang Tran, Thuong Thidu and Thuong Thi Tran, $368,000.

Woodland Dr., 10830-Seija T. Parker to Ali Reza Modaresi and Maryam Jamshidian Tehrani, $449,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 632-Gregory R. Faith to Lauren Nicole Siem, $381,000.

Jackson St., 205-Brooke A. Mask to Elizabeth Carlisle and Michael M. Somerville, $832,500.

Midvale St., 411-Charles M. Moore to Brian J. and Amie S. Murphy, $990,000.

Virginia Ave. S., 157, No. 387-Jeffrey Anderson to Timothy D. and Christine M. Klinkner, $445,500.