Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Cavalier Dr., 6511-Jane Ayers Barnett to Angela Y. Brown, $455,000.

La Ronde Ct., 1216-Peter J. Insani and Sharon A. Riotto to Aaron Christopher and Kelly Gibson Burger, $1.18 million.

Randall Ct., 6212-Tucker M. and N. Jack Taylor to Bron Dallas Dianich and Elizabeth A. Johnston, $768,000.

Vanderbilt Dr., 6926-John N. and Patricia A. Gregas to Patrick James and Christianna D. Townsend, $465,000.

10th St., 6609, No. B2-Rachel Sutton Adcock to Katherine G. Hummelt, $274,000.


Ashby Lane, 7507-G-Heidi Kai Szu Chan and Audrey Heung Tsui to Therren Christopher and Yasmine U. Dyson, $300,500.

Birchleigh Cir., 6422-Cris and Elizabeth Mulleen to Kathleen Shull, $437,500.

Broadmoor St., 5405-Susan Baker to Stephanie Marie Mendez, $615,000.

Cheatham Ct., 4401-Emily and Daniel Campos to Thomas James Woodburn Jr. and Melissa R. Rasowsky, $500,000.

Devereux Circle Dr., 7017-William A. and Lillian T. Jones to Ronald David and Lashelle Coenen, $685,000.

Essex House Sq., 6067-A-Dumont J. Walker III to Amit Peter Daniel, $297,500.

Franconia Forest Lane, 6103-Shoja Eddin Zarafshar and Shahla Kardani to Jeffrey Lawrence Braun, $505,000.

Gadsby Sq., 7484-Kevin J. and Leslie M. Tierney to John and Shelbi F. McAdams, $499,900.

Governors Pond Cir., 5718-Thurmon Lawrence and Debra Woodard Deloney to Andrew and Stephanie B. Crocker, $650,000.

Hillary St., 7282-Method Realty Co. Corp. to Daniela Adriana Maldonado, $387,000.

Kathmoor Dr., 5955-Kenneth J. and Marisa L. Gusmann Prol to James Dugan, $760,000.

Kings Manor Dr., 7001-Justin M. and Carrie Miller Dodson to Brent Charles and Ashley Irwin, $600,000.

Larrup Ct., 7287-Ryan K. Eskandari and estate of Mohammad Reza Eskandari to Cherise P. Coutinho, $386,550.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6945, No. L-Carole M. Hirsch to Kelsey Leigh Buchanan, $275,000.

Mersey Oaks Way, 6001, No. 6C-Marci E. Strathearn to Leslie Ann Gordnier, $345,000.

Netties Lane, 6607, No. 1609-C & C Investors Group Corp. to Caelyn Kareen Leimomilani Waffird and Nathan Taylor Rogers, $371,000.

Ordsall St., 6710-Michelle M. and Michael R. Suberly to Nicolas and Yarazeth Martinez, $575,000.

Rolling Creek Way, 6841-Radames Pena Pla to Andrew John and Kelly Kendall Serke, $700,000.

Shropshire Ct., 5714-Andy Nguyen to Anh Duong-Anderson, $473,777.

Stone Wheat Ct., 7700-U.S. Bank and Newrez Corp. to Ali Khan, $615,300.

Thackwell Way, 6603-L-Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Arnold Pierre, $330,000.

Victoria Dr., 6911-G-Jessica Gonzalez to Stephanie Rae Sivak, $254,700.

Wigmore Lane, 6105-N-Patrick T. O’Brien to Angela M. Wan, $310,500.

Woodlake Lane, 6032-Chanh V. Lac and Nga T.T. Nguyen to Nelson C. Caballero and Claudia Leticia Serrano, $769,900.


Americana Dr., 4957, No. 108-Sebastian Di Pinto to Michael Nghiem and Thuy T. Tran, $171,000.

Aspen Hill Ct., 4604-Gilman Grant and Amy Kar Yin Chan Louie to Jeri R. Kott and Gavin R. Turner, $669,000.

Braeburn Dr., 9104-Charlotte K. Pena and Joseph Emil Kraenzle to Cuong K. Luong and Sophia Luong Nguyen, $589,000.

Cindy Lane, 7052-Steven J. Lose and Sheilah J. Dols to Rammohan R. and Aravinda L. Joginapalli, $620,000.

Dolce Dr., 7508-Hao T. Ton and Do Nhu Nguyen to Huyen V. and Phung T. Huynh, $535,000.

Ewell St., 3543-Charles Norman and Kelly Andreae to Sean Patrick and Lauren Michelle Lyons, $570,000.

Happy Heart Lane, 3333-Fong L. and Julie Ou to Jason D. and Rose Ann Mario Risley, $630,000.

Kalorama Rd., 7717-Phuc Anbui and Minh Tambui to Sang Minh Truong and Suong Ngoc Thi Duong, $522,500.

Lafayette Forest Dr., 7702, No. 21-Agnes Kim Medical Building Corp. to Youngsook Kim, $280,000.

Lake Blvd., 3912-Doris M. Shifflett to Nick and Nooshin Ghaffarian, $400,000.

Marguerite Ct., 7020-Glen Sea and estate of Pearl M. Rogal to Terry D. and Kimberly A. Johnson, $625,000.

Overlook Park, 5119-Xuan Thi Le to Machyar Kumbang and Catherine Shannon Springfield, $465,000.

Ravensworth Rd., 4555-Gonzalo Luizaga Coca to Roozbeh Sadat Parsi and Mahin Nikkhooy, $455,000.

Sanford Ct., 7134-Estate of Lucy E. Antone to Todd L. Johnson, $455,000.

The Midway, 8320-Christopher K. and Kacey L. Ma to Eric Tak and Sun Choi Han, $675,000.

Wakefield Dr., 4208-Walter D. and Janice L. Martin to Benton Ponnasi, Ranette Hart and Siphath Chrea, $630,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3522-Dubeysa G. Pena Quispe to Jorge L. Andia Moya, $420,000.


Barcroft Mews Ct., 3909-John H. Young Jr. to Kyle Ross and Ronald Robert Gutkowski, $615,000.

Ellery Cir., 3504-Sanjiv and Alpana Khetarpal to Fatmagul, Rahmi and Zafer Bilaloglu, $515,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 708S-Christopher Parker Hansford to Daniel C. and Katherine Z. Heinz, $171,000.

Lakeview Dr., 6432-Richard D. Komer and Linda A. Fritts to Gary and Ruth Kiselewich, $1.61 million.

Leesburg Pike., 6141, No. 608-Nayyer Iqbal and Amber Naveen to Kyle Hoffman, $159,900.

Oakwood Dr., 6544-Daivd L. Sluis to Lawrence T. and Marie J. Springer, $780,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 1006S-Fadi and Liliane Ramadan to Kristina Crane, $312,000.

Sleepy Hollow Rd., 3812-Clemencia Chiari Toomey and estate of Berta Mejia De Chiari to Rolando Medina and Awilda Z. Febo-Rodriguez, $575,000.


Annaberg Ct., 10302-Carla E. Videira Sanchez to Dylan M. Bischoff, $371,000.

Brook Ford Rd., 9013-Robert Cody and Katherine D. Phillips to Alexis S. and Ryan Joseph Bridley, $547,000.

Burkewood Way, 6055-John R. and Debra J. Wilson to Austin M. and Janice E. Ringwood, $665,000.

Chestnut Wood Lane, 10055-Agustin Sampen to Hector S. Gomez, $371,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5936, No. 202-Lisa Deanne Somers to Susan E. Zimmermann, $255,900.

Downeys Wood Ct., 10026-Kelly E. Davis and Eric G. Kruel to Michael P. and Morgan B. Pohorylo, $529,500.

Fenestra Ct., 6449-Lauren S. Gorski to Kornel S. and Thitiya W. Gyalokay, $261,200.

Heritage Square Dr., 5904-Matthew and Amy Toothaker to Brett Hertel, $401,000.

Humphries Dr., 9314-Ramona Luna to Hanane Hadine, $360,000.

Lakepointe Dr., 9869-Ana M. and Mark W. Lyon to Shawuti Maimaiti and Tuersun Ayitila, $415,000.

Marshall Pond Rd., 10061-Scott M. and Kimberly C. Smith to Matthew B. and Audrey Elizabeth Friedman, $632,500.

Mount Burnside Way, 5644-Andrew K. and Julia N. Vieweg to Andrew A. and Deborah L. Guillen, $536,525.

Oak Tanager Ct., 5672-Anne O’Hara Murphy to John Vanderson and Kelley E. Gates, $338,250.

Quiet Pond Terr., 10205-Jack Luis and Annemarie Spletzer Armijos to Harrison B. Behl and Rebecca M. Stabile, $390,000.

Sassafras Woods Ct., 10109-Robert W. and Alice B. Ball to Stephen D. and Rachel E. Ball, $360,000.

Summerday Ct., 6331-Jeffery D. Lawson and Melissa Ann McCarthy to Karen C. Chen and Mike S. Choi, $668,000.

Walnut Wood Lane, 5748-Sanjay and Anu Garg to Shannon Callihan, $420,000.


Alcove Path, 13248-Miriam and Jun Hwi Kim to Yun Hee Jung and Woo Seong Lee, $450,000.

Barren Springs Ct., 13662-Leon and Elrina Jackson to Michael F. and Michelle J. Medeiros, $385,000.

Bella Dr., 6213-Brian J. and Sharron S. Clifford to Meghan E. Seeberger and Greg T. Flournoy, $405,000.

Carlbern Dr., 14914-Afshin Amiri to Craig T. Dearfield and Cassandra M. Carroll, $559,900.

Cheverly Ct., 14621-Dayna S. Dunn Harvey to Zakyyeh Mostafaei and Jaleel Abdulla, $335,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14313, No. 206-Tham Tai Ton That to Jose L. Duque Carmona and Sandra M. Foronda Lemos, $237,000.

Connor Dr., 13397-C-Young and Andy Ki Chon to Neel K. and Bijal Shah, $278,000.

General Johnston Pl., 5684-Mark L. and Courtney Sebastian to Yumin Park, $620,000.

Green Trails Ct., 13905-Edward M. and Michelle W. Frank to Douglas and Jean Michelle Meyer, $532,100.

Hatfield Sq., 14800-Biscoe Holdings Corp. to Amenah Darab, $361,000.

Jordans Journey Dr., 15327-Philip J. and Ann C. Gillen to Timon and Marissa Meyer, $635,000.

Lightburn Ct., 6308-Patrick M. and Kirsten N. Gogoel to Alexander C. Saunders and Haley R. Stroup, $349,900.

Malton Ct., 6815-Andrew S. Kang to Kenneth Raymond Augst IV and Lindsey Nicole Erdmann, $379,990.

Matthews Vista Dr., 13416-Charles R. Moline to Lino P. Ricciardi, $630,000.

Oakmere Dr., 14543-Jongkolnee L. Marziano to Kanyapak Larpisal, $419,000.

Pleasant Valley Rd., 5605-Gerald and Susan Hadlock to Jason and Kimberly Drakopoulos, $250,000.

Roamer Ct., 14105-Kailash C. and Kumkum C. Srivastava to Sanjay Verma Bhamoo, $610,000.

Rosy Lane, 14304, No. 31-Won J. Jeong to Daniel Callahan and Kathleen Alicia Justiniano, $214,900.

Rydell Rd., 14807, No. 102-Yong Y. Hill to Ok Choon and Sang Don Park, $230,000.

Scott Terr., 6712-Lindsey Rae and Justin Robert Mann to Justin Reich, $380,000.

Stone Range Dr., 14627-Judith Ann Anderson to Dashtseren Lkhamsuren, $400,000.

Strasburg Dr., 6144-Thomas W. and Maureen K. Petersik to Melanie Rachel Henry, $224,900.

Turin Lane, 14470-Fabian A. Martinez Bonilla and Morena Guadalupe Vasquez to Thomas Cheukying Heung and Kim Chong Mi Heung, $205,000.

Winterfield Dr., 14621-Joseph Wayne and Jamie Ann Davidson to Zakia and Said Vaygal Safi, $420,000.


Dawn Valley Ct., 4162-Amanda Erler to Kevin Hooks Nguyen and Anna L. Cheng, $271,250.

Pennsboro Dr., 13705-Lois A. Masiello to Hoa Thi My and Hue Thi Bich Pham, $450,000.

Weeping Willow Ct., 4137-Rose Marie Hodel to Daniel Definis, $260,000.


Beaver Creek Rd., 12109-Erick T. and Megan L. Fletcher to Jason Michael Jugar and Sara Rehr Impink, $850,000.

Compton Rd., 13316-Betty B. Boyd to Brian and Meredith McCarthy, $725,000.

Kilby Landing Ct., 13211-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Dara A. Aziz and Dalbear M. Akrawi, $631,000.

Stonebrook Dr., 6687-Jaspreet and Supreet Singh to Taylor Gibson Williams and Brittany Lynn Richmond, $600,000.

Whetstone Manor Ct., 13909-Jeffrey Alan and Leslie Carol Stoy to Shaheena Haniffa, $610,000.

Wyckland Dr., 12810-Richard F. and Vivienne L. Smith to Sterling Brandon and Celeste Jean Stewart, $1.02 million.


Albion Ct., 3319-Robin Michael and Louise Samantha Rajack to Matthew and Ellen Sternenberger, $749,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11319, No. 3-207-Thomas E. and Janet Lightfoot to Kathleen Miriam O’Brien, $315,000.

Autumn Woods Way, 13060, No. 103-Jack Christopher and Jennifer R. Eastman to Yerko I. Mendoza and Sabrina Mendoza Cesar, $275,000.

Braddock Rd., 9710-Daniel R. and June E. Baker to Chun and Hee Ja Kim, $475,000.

Buckhorn Rdg., 4625-Won Seok and Jung A. Yi to Matthew Thompson, $529,000.

Canonbury Sq., 9502-Priyanka and Anurag Bhargava to Zixin Wu and Bin Guo, $710,000.

Cedar Lakes Dr., 12422-Kenneth W. and Chunyan G. Chang to Huy H. Lam, $495,000.

Clara Barton Ct., 10905-Larry M. Gomberg and Martha E. Powers to Jason John and Eunsil Gribb, $645,000.

Colony Park Dr., 10276-Alison P. Spikell to Zahra H. Mohamed and Yasin Abdi, $402,000.

Cross Keys Ct., 13123-Patrick J. and Elizabeth R. Murphy to Namgyel Dorji, $620,000.

Fair Crest Ct., 12715, No. 304-Michael R. Leutbecker to William J. Won, $310,000.

Fair Valley Dr., 4574-David J. and Nicole E. McCue to Umesh Dhital and Shakuntala Adhikari, $571,000.

Finsbury Pl., 2933-Sean M. and Marne Marotta to Michael and Michelle Murphy, $615,000.

Fountainside Lane, 4138, No. 202-Elizabeth Driscoll and Ivan Panov to Vincenzo and Debra A. Noviello, $350,000.

Glen Alden Rd., 11935-Nancy A. Flower to Elaine A. Ubas, $411,900.

Golf Ridge Ct., 12023, No. 201-Richard A. Milne to John W. Farina, $257,500.

Grays Pointe Rd., 12912, No. B-Cliff Benjamin Abbott to Allison Johnston, $205,000.

Green Ridge Ct., 3804, No. 301-Matthew A. Norton to Daniel Clark Solsberry, $300,000.

Gregg Ct., 4014- Jessica M.H. and Charles W. Vandermiller III to Rudina and Henri Lubonja, $509,014.

Hampton Forest Way, 5317-Donald C. and Katherine B. Whitaker to Joseph Burres Allen and Maureen Anne Filak, $548,000.

Keefer Ct., 3715-Herman and Augusta G. Amelink to Hovhannes Rafael Vardanyan and Garineh Eissaei, $414,500.

Kristin Lane, 9241-Andrew G. Mathis to Adam Richards and Shoko Kimura, $604,000.

Luxberry Dr., 4640-Virginia T. Lawrence to Joffrey Pannee, $527,500.

Markwood Lane, 4314-Andrew N. and Cornelia Sridhar to John Gabino and Jillian Nicole Rodriguez, $615,000.

Monument Ct., 4124-K-Michael Brian Strickland to Bayu Kerem Demirci and Macy Reed Bosshard, $315,000.

Mozart Brigade Lane, 4225, No. 86-Min Sook Koh and Sandy Kyong Aasen to Ashley Elizabeth Wellner, $300,000.

Parkland Ct., 11901-Bruce P. and Mary L. Polydys to David Hyunro Chu and Jieun Lee, $801,575.

Penderview Lane, 12151, No. 2028-Ryan W. Clark to Jay Hyun Oh, $278,000.

Penderview Terr., 12161, No. 928-Paul J. Labazzetta to Arjun Manish Mehta, $180,000.

Pheasant Ridge Rd., 5024-Paul M. and Marguerite A. Besson to Joan McKinstrie and Brian M. Solletti, $750,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 126-Raman Homes Corp. to Daniel P. Shea, $290,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 412-Soo H. Cho to George A. and Myitzu W. Kelley, $481,000.

Robeys Meadow Lane, 5839-Thomas L. and Margaret U. Edmunds to Richard M. and Tracy A. Yura, $1.02 million.

Rush St., 4157-Danny Andres Munoz and Rachel Sylvia Olander to Jacqueline P. Olander, $615,000.

Silent Valley Dr., 3050-Gedare A. Bloom and Veronica J. Rozmiarek Bloom to Michael Lindemann Jr., $441,000.

Sunflower Lane, 11401-Christina Vy Nguyen to Charles Eduardo Smith and Kayoko Bean, $555,000.

Swinton Dr., 4951-Margaret A. and Kathleen A. Garrahan to Daniel B., Amanda J., Mary L. and Rory Kelly, $580,000.

Thomas Brigade Lane, 4313-Danny Young Ki and Jacklyn Inhee Lee to Ilha Cho, $490,000.

Trumbo Ct., 4226-Joseph Michael and Janine Marie Bolil to Ken Chen and Ritzko Hirasuka Lai, $613,200.

Water Elm Lane, 12262-Francis and Adaku Uche Ekpo to Harry Y. Oh, $556,000.

Willow Stream Lane, 13112-Hea Sun and Hong Woon Ma to Yong Woo Han and Makdalrena Yoon, $459,777.

Zelkova Ct., 3853-Margareth Legaspi to Svilen Kostadinov and Uyen Phi Nguyen, $485,000.


Cogswell Pl., 10801-Stephanie D. Starrett to Samuel William and Jessica Campbell Chun, $712,000.

Hampton Rd., 10426-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Marco Siles Camacho and Stephanie Salinas, $475,650.

Laketree Dr., 7210-Mark B. and Karen M. Tapper to Daniel Robinson and Laura Kichak, $875,000.

Rambling Ridge Dr., 7523-Clarice C. Rambo to Tad D. and Jeannette Clark, $962,000.


Blundell Rd., 3223-Sarah Kathryn and Brian P. Doyle to Fred Falcone Jr. and Elizabeth Sullivan, $407,700.

Chestnut Ave., 6817-Patrice Driscoll Crump and estate of Suzanne Marie Driscoll to Cory Albert and Erin D. Harkins Medina, $535,000.

Ellen Ave., 7010-James M. and Laura Mary Lobocchiaro to Brianna Marie and Michael Andrew Palowitch, $619,900.

Ichabod Pl., 6428-Carol T. Wilson and James C. Bunn II to Andrew Kenneth and Elizabeth Anne Covington, $780,000.

Lee Hwy., 7376, No. 76-204-Amit and Madhura A. Gurjar to Glory Jeyapaul, $195,000.

New Providence Dr., 7742, No. 108-Steven E. Milone to Charles R. Simmons III, $263,000.

Nicosh Cir., 3015, No. 2104-Juli C. Dixon to Joseph Michael Moyer and Carrie Anne Kagawa, $365,000.

Surrey Lane, 3442-James M. Wilcox and Judith A. Booker to Kristine Nicole and Patrick Kieran O’Connor, $665,000.

Wayne Rd., 3247-Hyeong Il Kwak and Bo Yeon Lee to An Thai, $560,000.

Willow Point Dr., 7778-Nicolas J. Mangiaracina to Weiwei He, $395,000.

Yancey Dr., 7953-Basil and Soma Kalb to Theresa Cardinal and George Cameron Brown, $587,000.


Brooks Square Pl., 2029-Jeffrey J. and Dianne Seymour to William Donald Louis and Jennifer Lynn Colmer, $630,000.

Chummley Ct., 7426-Che Sheng and Anthony Yun Hung Tsao to Alison E. O’Donnell, $555,000.

Fisher Dr., 7507-Premier Home Group Corp. to Albert E. Holt IV and Stephen M. Busselberg, $1.55 million.

George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 1219-Dmitri Maslov and Elena Abrashina to Salim Antoine Khouri, $425,000.

Hickory St., 7214-Stephen H. and Maryam S. Brown to Robert C. Konigsberg, $820,000.

Idylwood Ct., 7308-Barry I. Dickman and Ellen Beth Jaffe to David S. Mertens and Tania Gentic, $924,900.

Lisle Ave., 7529-Alireza Ramezan to Jaideep Singh and Sukhmani Randhawa, $645,000.

Olney Rd., 1801-Kyle and Jessica R. Barton to Brian Paul Schley, $721,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 1004-Louba Hatoum to Yesenia Y. Cruz Ramos, $255,000.

Salem Rd., 7524-Cynthia H. Akeutteh to Antonio Carnell and Marianne Manalansan Meredith, $688,000.

Williamsburg Pond Ct., 6862-Nathan D. and Deborah A. Younge to William and Louise Guallpa-Lliguichuzhca, $770,000.


Apple Hill Rd., 2307-William H. and Fahri Roodbary to Sean Thomas and Stephanie Clarissa Carmody, $591,000.

Brewster Dr., 8409-Ronald L. Cottle and Kristina M. Schneider to Cody Michael Berkowitz, $639,900.

Camfield Ct., 8837-Krieger W. Henderson Jr. to Joseph F. Foster and Tammey R. Laws, $549,000.

Crowley Pl., 8404-Michael E. and Gwendolyn P. Tadie to Patrick C. and Lauren D. Drain, $660,000.

Elkin St., 1702-Ronald W. and Dawn Marie Cain to Tamiraa and Justin Hunt, $775,000.

Greenway Rd., 1116-John B. Dale Jr. and Caryl A. Wheeler to Thomas Patrick and Sherine Ann Hadsell, $645,000.

Pennsylvania Blvd., 2311-Kathleen A. Ditchkus to Oscar Silwany, $520,000.

Stockade Dr., 8327-Noble E. Jarrell and Haejin S. Park to Matthew Honeycutt and Cassandra Class, $617,500.

Wendell Dr., 8423-Philip and Tiffany Ditzel to Gregory Hellman and Carly Katz, $613,000.


Brevity Dr., 10527-Hyo Soon Park and Jae Un Kim to Lindsay M. and Adam J. Bovenzi, $705,000.

Forest Ridge Dr., 722-William J. and Melissa S. Malpass to Yassine and Ines N. Benis, $940,000.

Great Falls Forest Dr., 20076-Karl J. and Patricia L. Quinn to Michael Dunbar Baker and Tanya Ngoc Phung, $590,000.

Lily Loch Way, 1495-Paul P. and Antoinette T. Decmap to Robert F. and Amy Poekert Vroom, $1.55 million.

Nalls Farm Way, 616-Chunhong Yan to Pattrawan Vechasart, $1.19 million.

Rolling Holly Dr., 918-Mildo Eduardo Obradovich to Kenneth W. and Chunyan G. Chang, $845,000.


Apple Barrel Ct., 13508-Adam and Rebecca Inch to Jeffrey Alan Benoit, $450,000.

Brightfield Lane, 13533-Sandra D. and Jamie A. Philips to Matthew Ryan and Caitlin Marie Penning, $430,000.

Clearwater Ct., 603-Glenda M. Bonilla and Maria R. Vega to Wilmer Alvarenga Escalante, $295,000.

Delevan Dr., 12307-Kerry Ogden Vigezzi to Patrick Michael Dunn and Meltem Ercan, $590,000.

Farthingale Dr., 13052-Charles F. and Marjorie L. Clark to Kevin M. and Jesse Murphy, $695,000.

Franklin Oaks Dr., 2952-Robert K. and Myla S. Miller to Ivan Saer, $960,000.

Green Grass Ct., 2386-Paul D. and Sharon L. Nagel to Ansar Shihabudeen and Ramshi Asha Beegum, $650,000.

Highcourt Lane, 2105, No. 301-Shiowying Huang and Kueifang Lee to Anshul Saxena, $260,000.

John Glenn St., 3160, No. 407-Beth Anne Tuttle to Kostiantyn Kuzin and Ganna Kulyk, $360,000.

Kristin Pl., 13605-William A. Crawford IV to Abdul Wahab Khan and Sobia Bashir, $320,000.

Longview Pl., 846-Zeeshan and Bethany Hunter Rasheed to Anne E. and John B. Leavey, $530,000.

Meeting House Station Sq., 205, No. 301-Alex Tulchinsky to Guy Alvin Gifford and Susan Frances Bagot, $280,000.

Mother Well Ct., 2963-Ryan M. and Rebecca L. Sobel to Janee and Jason Butterfield, $855,000.

Neil Armstrong Ave., 13724, No. 502-Maha A. Sbitani to Susan M. Hardee, $424,500.

Redwood Ct., 1250-Denise Wecker Seipke and estate of Frank Lomas to Charles Clifford, Joan M. and Kaylin G. Schupp, $385,000.

Saber Lane, 1007-Krystalle L. Portillo to Harith Ahmed Balala, $300,000.

Still Pond Lane, 12670-Afkham Hosseini to Matthew A. and Valerie Joan Meloni, $645,000.

Tori Glen Ct., 11601-Elizabeth Piersol and Srikanth Vemuri to Stephen A. and Cynthia M. Clark, $1.1 million.

Virginia Ave., 481-Kristjan Esna to Kevin Righi, $400,000.

Williams Meadow Ct., 12880-Kaushik and Paromita Ray to Sasank Loka and Nalini Vanam, $842,500.

Woodland Park Rd., 13222-NVR Inc. to Subhashini Sundaresan, Hemalatha Thyagarajan and Sundaresan Jayaraman, $516,385.


Dona Ave., 3310-Mara Pech to Daniel W. and Angela Lee Mackle, $409,000.

Glendale Terr., 2319-Wells Fargo Bank to Eli J. Hochberg and Rebecca Meeker, $305,500.

Jamaica Dr., 2512-Maria N. Galiza Fernandez Walker to Steven Douglas Meissner and Kelly Ann Cowdery, $519,900.

Monticello Rd., 5857-Craig V. Mehall to Cyril Marchi, $406,600.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 1212-Michael J. and Carol L. Oberle Hora to Debra J. Kay, $293,000.

Redcoat Dr., 2618, No. 187-Thomas M. Rhodes to Sophia L. Yuen, $202,500.


Audubon Meadow Way, 7634-Gilbert E. and Catherine U. Sayoc to Jennifer Waymer, $490,000.

Candlewood Dr., 8029-Modern Home Corp. to David E. and Katherine W. Domanski, $655,000.

Colonial Springs Blvd., 7822-Ryan S. and Toney M. Keiser to Matthew Joseph Moore and Racquel P. Saminggau, $395,000.

Great Swan Ct., 7539-James L. Sisson to David Logan, $425,000.

Lindberg Dr., 7596-Gary P. and Grace A. Weeden to Flordeliza L. Cadiz Marks and Thomas A. Marks, $725,000.

Napper Rd., 3200-Fifth Street Enterprises Corp. to Shamas and Saima Ashraf Hassan, $401,660.

Windbreak Dr., 2462-Rachel Baltes to Abu Bakr Rashid and Shanela G. Nawaz, $375,000.


Bloomfield Dr., 5616, No. T3-Tayyab M. Usmani to Nazia B. Ahmad, $227,500.

Cheyenne Dr., 6491, No. 301-Benjamin J. Yarish to Madison Elizabeth Cooke, $308,000.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 317-Estefania Rivera to Asad Jafri, $267,900.

Hillcrest Pl., 6361-Adele O. McGhee to Deyvis Urey, $440,000.

Larstan Dr., 6104-Josephine Garbellotto to Jian Liu, $510,000.

River Tweed Lane, 6558-Anita Gayle Schroeder to Allison R. Graine and Claire E. Ebinger, $531,000.


Ardglass Ct., 7433-Lisa A. Stuart to Ali Raheem Abd Ali and Talel Tawfeeq Aldabboos, $419,900.

Aurora Ct., 8455-John J. and Cheryl A. Castro to Soukayna Oukhouya Rodriguez, $365,000.

Dove Cottage Ct., 8157-Jefferson and Tien Chao to Eric D. and Amy L. Sawall, $500,000.

Halley Ct., 8175, No. 303-Ashan Mir G. Farouq to Yanira and John Miranda, $260,000.

Lambkin Ct., 7818-Marie E. Javed to Daniel and Deborah Hennig, $402,000.

Lorton Station Blvd., 9020, No. 109-Jon and Huma Halem to John J. Schmitt Jr., $326,000.

Ridgely Dr., 9124-Homayun and Catherine Marinis Yaqub to Charles S. and Erin M. Cross, $865,000.

Stonegarden Dr., 9163-Etenesh Shewaye to Joseph Andrew and Amanda Luna Schwartz, $490,000.

Whitly Way, 7604-Kiet Anh Phan and Phuong My Tran to Berhanu Dessie and Atsede H. Gurmu, $310,000.


Briar Hill Ct., 6603-Sepideh Farivar to Jeffery and Sarah Taylor, $1.46 million.

Byrnes Dr., 6522-Mary Ellen Koussis and estate of W. Randolph Payne to Bohyun Yoon and Wonjung Choi, $815,000.

Dewberry Ct., 1504-Weaver Construction Corp. to Narges Abrizah, $1.93 million.

Father John Ct., 6797-Sydney Duberstein to Umesh Arasu and Arti Iyer Umesh, $1.41 million.

Georgetown Pike., 8907-Philip A. and Jeanette Coutin Gentry to Maninder S. Sethi, $2.12 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 107-Daniel M. and Susan R. Keenan to Xiaoping Xiong, $417,500.

Harvest Crossing Dr., 1458-Eleanor W. Dasenbrook and James D. Hasley Jr. to Samia Malhem and Andreas Doms, $1.43 million.

Huntress Ct. S., 1205-Ramesh and Hansa Butani to Arash Taghdisi Namazi and Shirin Ehsanfar, $1.34 million.

Kimberwicke Rd., 943-John T. and Joan L. Burch to John and Iga McDonough, $1.52 million.

Legere Ct., 7743-Edward Willhide to Cassandra Pace and Zhou Fang, $815,000.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 239-Arash M. Sadighi to Nidhi Gurnani and Gaurav Goyal, $230,000.

Macbeth St., 1361-Marie A. Ragan to Neil H. and Neeti M. Ardeshna, $900,000.

Mulroy St., 6530-CJ&J Homes Corp. to Chitaranjan and Sheetal Nilak, $1.7 million.

Old Dominion Dr., 9004-Clyde W. and Monique M. Robinson to Thomas W. and Lakshmi F. Gilmore, $1.16 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1800, No. 915-Westy Kent to Shaun M. Murphy Jr., $300,000.

Saigon Rd., 931-Barbara S. Pitts to Ye Wang and Vincent W. Pan, $910,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1591, No. 3310-Minna Ahn Folkman and estate of Ahn Bong Sun to Sitah and Norah Khalid Al-Aiban, $315,400.

Tyndale St., 6926-Avedis Thomas Reid to Michael and Dana Jaclyn Neiman, $945,000.

Wilson Lane, 1908, No. T1-Jason and Margaret McMahon to Vishal Patil and Anaisha Jaykumar, $235,000.


Badger Dr., 8720-John M. and Linda J. Gibbons to Keith and Gerlean Baylor, $684,000.

Blowing Rock Rd., 8323-Richard M. and Sharon D. Sanborn to Jennifer Lynn Simmons, $515,000.

Casa Grande Pl., 7918-E-U.S. Bank and Rushmore Loan Management Services Corp. to Dolores Y. Martin, $218,000.

El Camino Pl., 3942-Ricardo Lopez-Romero and Reyna A. Amaya-Pacheco to Jordan Ghasemi, $189,000.

Hallie Rose St., 8438-Christina Eneke Ayuk to John R. Fehrman, Alessandra M. Fehrman and Angelina Prestipino, $420,000.

Imperial St., 8019-Hung Van to Kenan Cole, $439,500.

Little Hunting Creek Dr., 3445-Roga Corp. to Vijay M. Lindsay, $370,000.

Mount Vernon Landing., 9503-Charles and Marcia H. Luddeke to Lance C. Young and Diane A. Duston, $680,000.

Sacramento Dr., 8613-Michael R. Stamps and estate of Gladys V. Stamps to Stephen Wedde and Tai M. Coates, $220,000.

Scarborough Sq., 4438-Christopher A. and Delaney A. Caimano to Chelsea and Agyenim Boateng and Felicia Gyapong, $375,000.

Shannons Green Way, 3781-Henry Adjel and Joana Kufuor to Zulfugar and Yegana Baghirova, $435,000.

Sprayer St., 4810-Romaine A. Umlor to Miriam Valentin, $400,000.

Village Green Dr., 5756-F-Beverly G. Eaves to Justin Abair, $165,000.

Wessynton Way, 3319-Mary H. Woods to Joshua M. Cantrell and Amanda L. Hyde, $651,000.

Woodlawn St., 8407-Abdul Wali Karimi to Robert Swain and Nancy Lisi, $400,000.


Miles Ct., 5504-Mary Margaret Gates to Daniel A. and Sheila M. Cord, $385,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10248, No. 1-D3-Jonathan and Stephanie Russell Granlund to Mary Tyler Cunningham, $268,750.

Bree Hill Rd., 2818-Lance W. and Mary C. Hastings to John Timothy Ryan and Carolyn Elizabeth Bowman, $775,000.

Elmendorf Dr., 3113-Dorothy A. Dilts to Broderick D. and Hiromi Morris, $700,000.

Helmont Dr., 11608-Fernando Loayza and Silvia Ayllon to Michael A. and Jamie M. Garcia, $717,000.

Lyrac St., 3402-Michael D. and Colleen M. McDonald to Stephen Bashore, $685,000.

Turnberry Pl., 10153-Yadong Wen and Xiaoming Fu to Sung Uk Hwang and Eunbee Kang, $585,000.

Vale Rd., 12014-Hagop and Dawn Jibilian to Cary and Brooke Feldmann, $615,000.


Aintree Lane, 12006-Elizabeth A. and Matthew B. Nelson to Jessica M.H. and Charles W. Vandermiller III, $736,250.

Apricot Ct., 1626-Mark D. and Jessica D. Campbell to Rachael S. Thorn, $570,000.

Bay Lane S., 2104-Stephanie and Rodney Osborn to Michele A. Davis and Melvin D. Gage, $774,000.

Breton Ct., 11802, No. 2B-Robert J. and Joan Elizabeth McCann Miller to Walter W. and Emily B. Richardson, $235,000.

Chadds Ford Dr., 2053-Linda Wheeler Washburn to Katelyn Marie Reineberg and Timothy Rowley, $525,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1519-Carolyn E. Bowman to Jennifer Lyn Hoyer, $351,000.

Cranberry Lane, 1814-Stephen Bell to Harrison T. Godfrey and Natalie A. Draisin, $595,000.

Dry River Ct., 11735-Michael J. Curcio to Fabio David Quijada and Gabriela Perla Cruz, $470,000.

Fairwind Way, 11288-Matthew J. and Megan Jo Dicken to Jeffrey E. and Heather Baker Deardorff, $550,507.

Garden Wall Cir., 1314-A-James B. Doss III to Jill Godman, $315,000.

Great Owl Cir., 11728-Paul W. Barnett and estate of Donna M. Brother to Theresa Monturano, $496,101.

Green Watch Way, 2100, No. 11-Peter R. Giudici to Katrina Ierardi, $306,000.

Heritage Commons Ct., 1209-Michael R. and Barbara R. Elwell to Casey Medlock and Dylan Robert Paul, $491,000.

Ivywood Rd., 2400-Patrick Mark Burns to Lisa Meintel, $575,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1705, No. 12-Charlene A. Gates to Ximena Gabriela Rivera Duran, $303,000.

Links Dr., 11532-Audrey Q. McCann to Alicia M. Harvey, $450,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 217-Hamilton Midtown Properties Corp. to Joseph F. Benning III and Mary Anne McDonald, $695,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 913-Gordon J. Cloney II to Robert Mercier Strickland Jr., $749,000.

Mountain Laurel Pl., 2604-Alvin L. Thomas to Richard G. Lawter, $595,000.

Northgate Sq., 1556, No. 56-Megan Skupien to Diego and Jessica Briceno, $230,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1656, No. 2D/100-F. Rives Richey to Vanessa Lima Swanson, $230,000.

Putter Lane, 1706-David Richard Herring and Darcie S. Davis to Cheryl Joel Van Over, $930,000.

Royal Fern Ct., 2063, No. 39-Elizabeth A. Hadley to Swati Joshi, $226,000.

Saffold Way, 11160-DHF Investment Corp. to Daniel Brindley and Erika Patatanian, $470,000.

Sierra Woods Ct., 1668-Nicole and John P. D’Angelo III to Caitlin Marie Ferro, $377,500.

Stoneview Sq., 11605, No. 65-Tia D. Thach to Aviram and Brijrani Verma, $225,000.

Stratford Park Pl., 1860, No. 105-Residential Financial Corp. to Timothy and Susan Gunn, $379,900.

Taliesin Pl., 12000, No. 23-Diane Marie Sarantakis to Tara M. Calhoun, $335,000.

Vantage Hill Rd., 11600, No. 1A-Mark V. Askew and Marketia Askew Collins to Syeda B. Raza, $160,000.

Villaridge Ct., 11047-A-Michael J. and Pamela J. Leech to Sarah Ashley Geros, $298,000.

Wheelwright Ct., 2274-Elliot C. and Bonnie G. Wild to Maryellen Elie and Roberto Zambrana, $467,000.

Whisperwood Glen Lane, 2130-Wilson Tao Yen and Angela Wang to Thomas Jeffrey O’Brien, $340,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 1541-Philip E. and Judith A. Stratmann to Colby E. Howard and Rachel A. Hoffman, $385,000.


Patrick Henry Dr., 3119, No. 427-Charles Dale Steinhauer to Conor D. Ham and Vanessa C. Collazos, $300,000.

Vine Forest Ct., 6185-Romero Realty Group Corp. to Anthony Vincent Giannetti and Leigha Marie Acton, $559,000.


Andrew Matthew Terr., 6382-Jose Paulo and Amy Koslowski Ordoveza to Yi He, $385,000.

Barcarole Ct., 8090-Melissa M. Moore Fernandes to Andrew Rasdorf and Julia Fiorio, $365,000.

Brunswick St., 5906-Babc Inc. to Danielle Furtado, $550,000.

Canyon Oak Dr., 8467-Andy and Kelly Jie Kuang to Jesse Chan and Shichen Yang, $385,000.

Clifforest Dr., 8103-Armando A. Costales and Wendy E. Payton to David M. and Anna J. Adams, $440,000.

Dakine Cir., 6348-Maki A. and Girija M. Angadi to Asmare Tegegn, $465,000.

Dinwiddie St., 6006-Barbara V. Foor to Samuel David Schack, $452,050.

Floyd Ave., 7311-Denise L. Spencer and estate of Shirley Ann Mahle to Mary Ann Best and David R. Millard, $430,000.

Gavelwood Ct., 9037-Doug Corbin and Mandy Houghton to Quynh N. Dang and Daniel Chicko, $490,000.

Groveland Dr., 8613-Dean K. and Kathleen L. Stinson to Susan Parker, $617,500.

Hundsford Lane, 7105-Todd and Mary Calderwood to David and Julie Whitehouse, $740,000.

Julian Pl., 7410-John C. and Deborah M. Tidwell to Clifton N. Fernandes, $445,000.

Matisse Way, 7709-Kristopher A. Klontzaris to Remberto Velarde Suarez and Luz Marina Quiroz De Velarde, $294,900.

Middleford Dr., 8709-John E. and Temple K. Gracza to Brandon M. and Alexandra D. Startz, $766,000.

Northern Oaks Ct., 7664-Daniel B. Bahru and Almi Terefe to Sandy Chen, $362,000.

Pebble Brook Ct., 7929-Ryan and Amy Close to Wally A. Guzman and Silvia E. Hernandez, $425,000.

Ridge Rd., 7440-Woodrow G. and Noga Z. Scott to Robert and Sharon Hopkins, $600,000.

Roundabout Way, 7832-Santos Flores and Sonia Umanzor to Vivek and Sita R. Narula, $435,000.

Silver Oak Ct., 8626-Mario and Adriana Alvarez to Ashfaq Mohmand, $606,000.

Spring Garden Dr., 7096, No. 203-Choong Nam and Zenas Jyung Choi to Deloris Ann Stewart, $195,000.

Summer Breeze Lane, 8462-Minh Phuc Do to Victoria L. and David J. Gwilliam, $465,000.

Villa Del Rey Ct., 6949-Shirley A. Whitcraft to Jason Clark, $355,000.

Willowdale Ct., 8183-Cynthia Jean Robinson to Nang Sam and Zau Dan Awng Lahpai, $347,000.

Young Ct., 8680-Naresh K. and Hasmeet Ahlowalia to Alan C. and Jennifer T. Fu, $605,000.


Brian Dr., 9222-Enad Alnabare and Tarek Hasan to Juhee L. Williamson, $1.73 million.

Cobble Pond Way, 1278-Todd E. Boss to John and Amanda Livingston, $1.05 million.

Drewlaine Dr., 1703-Deana G. Al-Khateeb to Daniel L. and Maureen A. Iannuzzi, $1.08 million.

Elmar Dr. SE, 105-Cloud IX Homes Corp. to Tyler J. and Terese K. Blanchard, $1.49 million.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 708-Jack E. Dyniec to Ting Yuen Shou Alice, $490,000.

Hollis Lane, 8423-Keith and Wenyu Wang Bishop to Erin Michelle Hall and Daniel Stewart Perkins, $671,000.

John Marshall Dr. NE, 605-Adrian M. and Katherine Moore Young to Christopher and Virginia Terwelp, $731,000.

Laurel Hill Rd., 1502-Lisa M. Trombley to Fahmida Chowdhury, $925,000.

Marshall Rd. SW, 406-Lowell and Lesley S. Larue to Kristyna Nepivodova, $659,000.

Morada Ct., 2820-Yue Pan and Yi Cao to Abdullah Alwazir, $840,000.

Park Terrace Ct. SE, 204, No. 32-Jennifer Morgan to Holly Cannon Stephens Tunstall, $259,000.

Park Tower Dr., 2651, No. 4/301-Kenneth E. Shealy to James Lee, $523,500.

Rosewood Hill Dr., 1429-Nena P. Weber and estate of Barbara Webb to Carleigh Rachel and Noah Lear Smith, $730,000.

Spring Leaf Ct., 8282-Christopher E. and Karen C. Ganley to William and Mimi Liu, $1.15 million.

Upham Pl. NW, 603-Stephen Lyons to John R. and Sarah E. Bowers, $875,000.

Wooster Ct., 2623-Michael C. and Linda C. Ryan to Andrew and Marcy Gibbs Miller Kneale, $699,000.


Asterella Ct., 7767-John M. Dugan to Benjamin Scott and Meredith Joy French, $515,000.

Clelia Ct., 6727-Angel L. Lugo and Patsy R. Jones Lugo to Jeffrey K. and Roxanne Cooper, $747,000.

Danford Ct., 8415-David E. and Julie N. Whitehouse to Matthew and Andrea Swartz, $550,000.

Forrester Blvd., 8349-Tyler C. and Kathryn A. Gall to Charles Rawlin Barber Jr., $445,000.

Greeley Blvd., 6001-Douglas K. Rowley and William T. Bonham to Faisal Chowdhury and Natasha Rahman, $545,000.

Harrowgate Cir., 7824, No. D-Alexander M. Johnson to Chantelle V. Andrews, $270,000.

Jillspring Ct., 7205-Erica M. Roberts to Jin Young Chong, $320,000.

Millwood Ct., 6325-Teshome Tsegaye to Benyam Solomon and Almaz Berhane, $450,000.

Painted Daisy Dr., 7845-Emma Nouri to Lida Homa and Farid Tanai, $533,100.

Roxbury Ave., 6003-Carolyn Elizabeth Lilienthal to William W. Wang, $640,000.

Stream Way, 7374-Louise L. Brown to Marco A. Quispe Alanya, $375,000.

Tiverton Dr., 7739-Joyce J. Pruyn Brors to Deepak Ratna and Nisha Shakya, $330,000.

Wainfleet Ct., 6403-Metropolitan Realty Investment Corp. to Jennifer Lee Bruckner and Ryan E. Strandlund, $515,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Aspen Willow Dr., 10215-John William and Scott Curtis Mayhugh to David G. Drummey and Saara Abawi, $640,000.

Cornwall Rd., 10117-Northern Virginia Investments Corp. to Joy Alice Lockhart, $615,000.

Estel Rd., 3914-Tu Quynh Thuy Nguyen to Jacyoung and Jangyeul Yoon, $999,000.

Heritage Lane, 3612-Jeffrey Scott Bauer to Jocelyn Constance and Joseph Michael Pileggi, $605,000.

Maple St., 10711-Aneta Sandoiu and Gheorghe Acsente to Daniel and Maria Victoria Schmidt, $360,000.

Norton Pl., 3975-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Melysa and Paul Chung, $769,990.

Ranger Rd., 9726-Joseph Michael Thesz Jr. to Nicole O’Brien, $460,000.

Silver King Ct., 9430, No. 208-Enclave Development Corp. to Julie Edwards and Fred Sanchez, $571,000.

Spring Lake Terr., 10002-Lori Danielle and Russel Mark Ramsey to Samuel and Katherine Small, $610,000.

Warwick Ave., 10839-Brett A. Massman and Elizabeth D. Salmon to Brian J. Laiti, $380,500.

Wood Rd., 10321-Pamela G. Saunders to Winnie Cheung, $495,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. E., 600-Thomas B. and Emily H. Jenkins to Benjamin Jacob and Jennifer Aiko Solomon, $825,000.

George Mason Rd. W., 103-Robert J. and Kathleen M. Donovan to Keith George and Mei Tung Simpson, $1.02 million.

Jefferson St. W., 213-William J. and Emily C. Shorter to Lu Gao and Robert Carl Minnich, $925,000.

Riley St., 307-Christy Daquila to Jenny C. Lovblom and Rizwan Khaliq, $750,000.