Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Beechwood Rd., 7212-Paul Daniel and April Brugan to Amy Pelletier and Paul Feine, $675,000.

Duke Dr., 6800-Brenda L. Sager and Clement Edward Hall to Edwin G. Rojas, $425,000.

Marlan Dr., 7211-Aaron and Kelly Burger to S. Michaela Siren, $797,000.

Rebecca Dr., 7214-Alexander D. and Ann E. Horne to John Gordy and Alice Cisternino, $580,000.

Villamay Blvd., 1111-Bosch Homes Corp. to Ray Weidanz and Anja Langer, $1.2 million.

Wakefield Dr. E., 6626, No. A2-Paul Eversole and estate of M. Paige Eversole to Paul and Sarah Thistle, $180,000.

10th St., 6616, No. A1-Scott A. and Janet L. Crosson to Timothy Christopher Smith and Julianne Tela, $269,000.


Ashby Heights Cir., 6026-3sels Properties Corp. to Ramon and Crystal Morado, $744,900.

Bold Lion Lane, 7823-Dexter E. and Madlin E. Edmonds to Julie and John W. Donaldson, $612,000.

Buttercup Ct., 6050-Bertha Martinez to Daniel Marc Selli, $415,000.

China Grove Ct., 6591-Sanjay Kumar Jindal to Larry C. Green Jr., $415,000.

Donival Sq., 6117-Royce P. and Cathleen E. Fleitz to Matthew R. and Jamie S. Johnston, $565,000.

Edison Dr., 6220-Oanh Duong Smith to Manik Mina, $459,500.

Founders Hill Dr., 5916, No. 303-Nicholas Iorio and Julia Deupree to John Fan, $370,000.

Franconia Station Lane, 6125-Rakesh and Archana Gupta to Zafrullah and Sharmin Chowdhury, $624,900.

Gentle Lane, 6284-Carole J. Savage to Daniel G. Wilkey and Meghan C. Von Rembow, $695,000.

Grange Lane, 6523, No. 204-Lynne C. Fowler Blatt and Amy E. Fowler to Mark R. and Carol V. Engelbaum, $335,000.

Ivanhoe Lane, 4104-Mohammed Olwan to Edward and Crystal Hogberg, $455,000.

Keble Dr., 6007-Brian L. Foster to Ria Verde Nicole Robinson, $490,000.

Knights Ridge Way, 6063-Jennifer and Michael Kraus to Tristan Abbey and Jennifer Lynn Bruneau, $500,000.

Madison Hill Ct., 3111-D & P Home Properties Corp. to Steven A. and Carrie B. Novotny, $765,000.

Mersey Oaks Way, 6008, No. B-Alicia Auerswald to Jhonathan S. Vega, $228,000.

Netties Lane, 6612, No. 26I-Josue Manuel Diaz to Jordan Lee Young, $327,000.

Oregano Lane, 6803-Wissam Ali to Lauren A. Bethea, $556,000.

Sky Blue Dr., 8049-Carl Whittington and Tiffany T. Lee to Maurice Carbajal, $467,221.

Sullivan Way, 6711-Mervin L. and Lisa A. Doucet to Keith E. Buchholz, $590,000.

Thackwell Way, 6609, No. 2314-Monica Padron to Ryan Palladino, $314,193.

Virginia Hills Ave., 6554-Joanne B. Carter to Haley R. Cox, $480,000.

Wescott Hills Way, 6014-Gurpreet and Abha Singh to Andrew T. and Megan E. Cahan, $535,000.

Wigmore Lane, 6109-N-Oscar L. Bernier Jr. to Ian Landry, $310,000.


Althea Dr., 5016-Christine Mandeville Meshanko and estate of Anne P. Mandeville to Brian W. and Michelle L. Simmons, $651,500.

Americana Dr., 4965, No. 201-Thomas T. Ho Andnguyen to Chuong Van Tran, $189,500.

Aspen Hill Ct., 4619-Penny E. Christian to Michael Penn and Andrea Yellen Chabrow, $640,000.

Breckenridge Ct., 3369-Lawrence E. Root to Jamil A. and Hannan Abdel-Jalil, $340,000.

Columbia Rd., 5109-C. Gordon and Linda Lee Gill to Nhung T. and Nhat Nguyen, $520,000.

Fern Lane, 6724-Barry A. and Philippa G. Centini to Thomas Swanson, $645,000.

Heritage Dr., 7717-Stacey Shults and Charles A. Wilford to Jordan and Kaitlin McGehee Steckler, $600,000.

Kalorama Rd., 7720-BB&T Corp. and Mary Lou Skaugen Trust to Dooil Shin, $366,000.

Lafayette Forest Dr., 7713, No. 131-Julia Constantine to Thao Nguyen, $272,000.

Mcwhorter Pl., 7421-TBL Home Solutions Corp. to Alina P. Horvath and Andrei Denes, $535,000.

Pacific Lane, 6904-Michael W. and Jana L. McErlean to Wesley Anderson, $690,000.

Ridge Rd., 3711-Christopher F. Mayol to Hazrat Noor, Ajab Noor Hashimi and Mir Hashimi, $450,000.

Schuyler Ct., 7907-Jonathan and Brittany Kohan to Michael Pluchino and Sara Leinkram, $419,900.

Walton Lane, 7605-Gerard M. and Janet M. Harms to William J. and Pauline E. Novak, $695,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3356, No. 23-Syed Abid Hussain to Edilyn Barrientos Panadero, $314,900.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3318-Randall D. Johnson to Fazel Kazem Aziz and Emily Ann Kong, $232,000.


Ellery Cir., 3522-Rajnikant Kothari to Gregory J. and Angelica Miriam Abide, $510,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1602S-Ryan S. Schlesinger to Sarvani Akkanapragada and Aparna Kasturi, $230,000.

Lakeside View Dr., 3358-Leigh Cherebetiu Robertson to Jonathan R. and Danielle K. Gray, $447,200.

Larchwood Rd., 3905-Brian John Luhman and Carolyn Mary Sofman to Sean Patrick O’Donnell and Shelley Melina Skinner, $535,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6147, No. 403-Christina F. Abdallah to Shamsia Yousufy, $159,500.

Pinetree Terr., 3504-Lisa K. Hodge and Peter B. Schwarzkopf to Brett S. Rugo, $1.35 million.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 2504S-James Russell and Maria Aurora Cunningham to Robert and Elizabeth K. Sebring, $338,000.

Stanford Cir., 3623-James M. and Kelli Mills Lester to Kevin and Kelly Aylward, $1.48 million.


Apple Wood Lane, 5802-James and Rachel Norkewicz to Robert Thomas Jasinski and Jennifer Kara Fier, $431,000.

Buffie Ct., 6329-Kenneth O’Donnell to Efstratios and Yuko Constas, $392,000.

Burnside Landing Dr., 6069-Richard A. and Susan K. Clute to Katherine and Mark Ernest Azua, $639,900.

Cloverdale Ct., 9440-Diem Thi Tran to Il Hwan Timothy Cho, $415,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5823, No. 201-Richard E. and Cynthia Bergey to Eugene Alim, $212,500.

Cove Landing Rd., 5938, No. 102A-Doris Wiesenhahn to Michael and Marie J. Keryeski, $210,000.

Dunleigh Dr., 5286-Joseph and Rachel Pitzer to Andrew Larson and Ann McIntyre, $665,000.

Fenestra Ct., 6487-Mohammad Ahmadi and Zahra Mohaqeq to Daysi R. Colque and Cesar L. Dorado, $340,000.

Harford Lane, 5114-Sang M. Chong to Phuong T. and Huong T. Nguyen, $369,900.

Heron Pond Terr., 10232-Kanwal Bashir and Waleed J. Hashmi to Maria Marcela Perez, $420,000.

Ironmaster Dr., 9637-Bosch Homes Corp. to Helen D. Hwang and David D. Lee, $667,000.

Lighthouse Lane, 5491-Nathaniel J. and Angela M. Paiko Probus to Jeffrey O. Clair, $425,000.

Martins Landing Ct., 6140-Rosalind Krieger to Andrew and Joyce Kang, $422,000.

Myrtle Oak Ct., 10681-Mukesh Salwan to Zachary and Bekkah Murrmann, $365,000.

Olley Lane, 5200-Erin O’Connor and Peter Joseph Dwyer to Nur Alam and Rabaka Akter, $645,000.

Raftelis Rd., 6542-Mousa M. Salah to Johnathan Michael Harlowe and Barsha Prose Thompson, $562,000.

Ticonderoga Ct., 6013-Stephen T. Hamilton to Theodore Salvador and Claire Enriquez Escario, $424,888.

Westport Lane, 9628-Zachary P. and Claire M. Coffey to Hyeunsung and Eun Mi Kim, $400,000.


Antonia Ford Ct., 13929-Gilbert A. Wharwood to Jaehoon Kim, $420,000.

Basingstoke Loop, 14713-Jason M. Rhine to Jeromie S. Brown, $314,500.

Cedar Loch Ct., 6809-Lisa Givens to Ali Mohammed Saeed and Obaida Mohammed, $401,000.

Cider Barrel Cir., 6313-Stephanie Campbell and estate of Jack Morton Merelman to Curtis and Christine Nguyen, $440,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14320, No. 203-Jason K. Muller to Sook Yeol Yu and Sung Tae Lee, $233,000.

Cool Oak Lane, 14408-Steven A. Ways to Michaela Acker Witczak, $200,000.

Glen Meadow Rd., 5233-Scott C. and Theresa A. Coco to Scott James and Kelsey Kirkpatrick Vossler, $585,000.

Green Trails Ct., 13909-Jean M. Meyer Osterman to Nicole Marie and William Peter Stueber, $510,000.

Honsena Dr., 15115-John and Colleen Schillmaier to Joshua Aaron and Madison Rae Horwitz, $565,000.

Lock Dr., 14705-Hager Lands Corp. to Joseph L. and Michele D. Dettor, $280,000.

Mcalester Way, 6004-Rajeev and Meenakshi Sharma to Tamanna Pathan, $475,000.

Oday Dr., 6099-Vian Yousify and Dashti Taha to Romena Sarder and Mir Ullah, $452,000.

Powder Flask Ct., 6305-Daniel B. and Amanda J. Kelly to Laurent S. and Armelle E. Khaiat Bernard, $430,000.

Rock Canyon Dr., 14122-Arthur Lovelace and Manorama Rani to Woon J. and Ji Jong Lee, $630,000.

Rushbrook Dr., 5217-Martin R. and Jena M. Pfannmuller to Jae Eun Shin and Grant Soo Chong, $520,000.

Saddle Downs Pl., 5862-Peter W. and Carole H. Cameron to Charles and Ingrid Hendershot, $1.65 million.

Secret Hollow Lane, 6223-Keith E. Neiman to Jonathan Flynn and Lindsay Stemberger, $430,000.

Stonepath Cir., 6211-David A. and Kim B. Mitchell to Hedieh Khorsand, $339,000.

Travis Edward Way, 5109-A-Elena Piper to Sunghee Yang, $315,000.

Village Fountain Pl., 5042-Nancy R. Hoffman to Ki Ha Nam, $450,000.

Wild Brook Ct., 5923-Matthew W. and Michele Wittig to Mirza and Kristine H. Kurspahic, $396,000.

Wycoff Sq., 6061-Houzzbuyer Corp. to William Buchanan, $309,000.


Ferrara Ct., 13896-Kellee T. Humphrey Fritts to Daniel Dawson Fassio and Helena Kilic, $857,500.

Leith Ct., 13520-James V. Leahy to Gregory Raszewski and Kimberly Inch, $461,200.

Pleasant Meadow Ct., 4125-Susan Hahn to Erika Gaitens Rugh, $229,000.

Summer Hollow Ct., 4053-Bradley Poch to Bilal M. and Mahmooda Siyal, $221,000.

Willoughby Ct., 4306-Barg Inc. to Lidia and Jaime Pareja, $415,000.


Evans Ford Ct., 13000-Rollin F. and Elia C. Berger to Stefanie and David Haigh, $679,000.

Little Brook Ct., 6007-Andrew S. Keener to Youssef Lakranbi and Meryem Stili, $380,000.

Stonefield Dr., 13803-Stephen E. and Vicky G. Spencer to Kathleen Elizabeth Zaynullin Herndon and Artur Zaynullin, $650,000.

White Dove Lane, 5658-M. Olivia Thomas to Hawkar Wahid and Ziryan Kochany, $336,000.

Yates Ford Rd., 12912-Mark Aitken-Cade to Charles R. Arnest, $470,000.


Amberleigh Way, 2920-Kendrick and Jennifer Hsu to Rania Attia, $450,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11345, No. 6-208-Jingjing Ma to Kathryn Leigh McCallum, $323,000.

Bayard Pl., 9210-Gabriel and Elda V. Kaypaghian to Corinne Mae and Joseph Robert Vele, $675,000.

Brook Mist Lane, 13107-Roga Corp. to Song Ho Choe, $480,000.

Burke Station Ct., 9907-Jim Qian and Weina Cheng Tray to Tuan Hoang Phan, $910,000.

Catterick Ct., 4794-Ryan Jeremiah and Betsy Ann Novotny to Mario Enrique and Carly Jo Saravia, $700,000.

Center Way, 3751-Isam and Fatima Samarah to Patrick F. and Anne F. Sullivan, $730,000.

Commonwealth Blvd., 9624-Michael G. Pellerin and Mirella Addante to Patrick C. Starkey and Kathleen M. Wimmer, $615,000.

Deer Hollow Way, 2911, No. 319-Farnaz and Bahram Kiana to Kyle J. Stegner and Zadaai Madday Gonzalez Villamizar, $430,000.

Everleigh Way, 2901-Robet T. and Lan Do Pham to Colin T. and Sara M. Smith, $480,000.

Fair Crest Ct., 12779, No. 302-Adam T. Kronfeld to Estel Jimin Yeam and Jong Kyu Maeng, $315,000.

Fair Valley Dr., 4631-Mark and Rose Hyde to Johanna Ballif, $600,000.

Forest Mist Lane, 13104-Jin Tae Kim to Jason Hong Kim, $530,000.

Gadsen Dr., 5002-Barbara R. Justice to James and Emily Reyes, $647,750.

Glen Alden Rd., 11939-Skyler D. and Christina Sylvia Martinez Graves to Sydney Elizabeth and Adrian Vinas Solomon, $415,000.

Golf Tee Ct., 3903, No. 329-Lowry J. and Cynthia Wear to Thu Hong Le, $257,000.

Grays Pointe Rd., 12948, No. A-Brandie K. Walker to Michelle M. Rezaie, $247,000.

Greenway Ct., 12107, No. 196-Michelle Berman to McKinley R. and Shannon M. Marshall, $300,000.

Grovewood Way, 10205-John S. and Kristin J. McCormick to Todd Elliot and Krissi Koch Reeber, $800,000.

Headly Ct., 10429-Joseph John and Mary Joan Yglesias to Thang H. Nguyen and Tien T. Le, $700,777.

Keefer Ct., 3748-Hadi Seyed Ashraf and Fariba Zroufsaz to Eugene and Beatrice B. Quist, $421,700.

Lakewhite Ct., 5533-Michael A. Howes to Anthony Paul Moccia and Nicole Marie Del Vecchio, $440,000.

Latney Rd., 10322-Barbara S. Anderson and estate of Clara Helen Goff to Javier and Hayley Esteves, $426,000.

Lido Pl., 3607-Josephine A. Pillis to Hieu P. Nguyen, $795,000.

Majestic Lane, 4305-Aaron D. and Shawna M. Burciaga to Nicole Danielle Kilker, $500,000.

Marymead Dr., 4813-Barbara A. Holmes to Ali Reza Farchtchi, $635,000.

Mill Springs Dr., 3318-Elliott and Betty Anne Krems to Goli A. Trump, $662,500.

Monument Ct., 4126-C-Mark W. Blevins to Christopher Harrison, $325,000.

Octagon Ct., 11402-John W. and Martha N. Roberts to Douglas S. Cochran, $735,000.

Parkland Ct., 11908-Kathleen A. Craig and Elizabeth A. Griffing to Arthur L. Han and Sun Kyong An, $797,000.

Penderview Terr., 12150, No. 1308-Sarah E. Tidman to John B. Rentz, $272,500.

Penderview Terr., 12163, No. 1033-Romy Post to Alyssa R. Caudle, $208,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 4810-Justin Allen and Cortney Lynne Rinker to Jennifer Lauren McBride and Manuel Alejandro Castro, $637,000.

Poplar Tree Rd., 13117-Carlos Fernandez to Robert Marriott, $505,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 133-Michael N.T. Long to James T. McNamara, $284,000.

Prosperity Ave., 3724-David J. and Lindsay Wozniak to Yuliana D. and Samuel J. Garrison, $970,000.

Rose Arbor Ct., 3013-Moral Chang Corp. to Yavar Soroush and Mojgan Ghanaat Miandehi, $772,000.

Rustburg Pl., 9710-Susan T. Henderson to Rebecca J. and Anthony S. Mealey, $735,000.

Sonata Ct., 4506-Linda Susan Hedden to Oscar and Laura Zavala, $600,000.

Superior Sq., 4505-Jennifer J. Doyle to John B. Druva and Barbara P. Fedele, $374,999.

Tallow Tree Pl., 3933-Sean Michael and Jennifer Ree Collins to Richard Alan and Mina Friedman, $500,000.

Timber Meadow Dr., 4212-Susan D. Miller to Sourabh Pawar and Mrunalini S. Patil, $599,900.

Valley Ridge Dr., 3926-Kristi L. Keeler to Robert H. and Lisa D. Ehrlich, $460,000.

Water Oak Dr., 9731-Xin Li and Tianying Hao to Megan H. and Patrick J. Weiler, $665,000.

Winford Ct., 5539-Thomas R. and Donna G. Morrissey to Catherine Anne George, $462,500.


Burke Lake Rd., 10534-John J. and Patricia S. Koenig to David and Jeannette Burson, $870,000.

Crosslake Dr., 8408-Ronald A. Cleaver and Mary Ann Fricano to Edlira H. Zoto and Gjergji Jonuzaj, $739,900.

Hampton Rd., 11017-Alfred C. and Sally A. Quenneville to Cristina Londono, $1.01 million.

Larkview Lane, 8626-Lula W. and Winston H. Gaskin to Danish Bashir and Henna Shamim, $700,000.

Shadowglen Trail, 10709-William M. and Vanessa B. Peyton to Geoffrey A. and Laura Levine, $878,000.


Bolling Rd., 2803-Howard Lee and Jeffrey Wayne Barnes to Benjamin Park, $525,000.

Chestnut Ave., 6906-Juan J. Medrano to Alicia Miller and Matthew Delaney, $472,500.

Gatehouse Rd., 8045-Amber L. and Lucas Grayson to Kathy Ma and Mino Kim, $540,000.

Inversham Dr., 7723, No. 134-Jessica Lee McLaughlin and Katharine Elaine McElhone to Manny Jimenez, $235,000.

Lakeside Village Dr., 7592-J-John J. Garvey to Jantele H. Ross, $333,000.

Lee Oaks Ct., 2811, No. 203-Pedrum Farzad to John D. Parks, $352,750.

Manor Rd., 3103-Complete Builders Suppliers Inc. to Scotte Hartronft and Kevin Westmark, $1.3 million.

Nicosh Cir., 3003, No. 3110-Simon and Eva Tsai to Linh Ly, $385,000.

Oak Glen Ct., 7533-Ryan J. and Angelyne Delarosa Rakowski to Julie K. Grygiel, $605,000.

Seoane Ct., 7606-Wayne E. Bragg to Joseph A. Nguyen and Nanami Motoyama, $410,000.

Sycamore St., 6910-Little City Homes Corp. to Duane J. and Lisa M. Simpson, $1.48 million.

Willow Point Dr., 7780-James D. Pelhrey to Lauren Donovan, $372,000.

Yarling Ct., 2978-Sheila V. Phillips to Cynthia Judson, $354,000.


Centerside Ct., 7636-Kenneth E. Labowitz and Anne M. Heishman to Bao Q. and Mai Dang Nguyen, $1 million.

Falls Place Ct., 2408-Kenneth A. Messner and Susan M. Fitch to Nathan Lee and Lawren Noel Gewecke, $650,000.

George C Marshall Dr., 2230-Dipta and Prathana Shah to Drew James Morin and Diana Carolina Moreno Ochoa, $550,000.

Gervais Dr., 2053-Jorge L. Rodriguez to Jeffrey P. Kratz and Melissa L. Jenkins, $635,000.

Hileman Rd., 1924-Timothy L. and Anne C. Witkiewicz to Alexandra Smith Ordel and Shahin Yavari, $828,000.

Kings Garden Way, 2118-Allen and Claudia Dubose to Charles Robert and Bailey Frances Sexton, $707,500.

Magarity Ct., 2031-Khalid Usman to Timothy M. Clancy, $668,000.

Overbrook St., 6438-Michael T. White to Hollie and Marlene Waddell Mance, $724,900.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 1118-Paul Klatzman to Kathia Flemens, $198,500.

Savannah St., 7600, No. 204-Loan Vo to Betel Melaku Mulugeta, $174,000.

Wood Mist Lane, 7556-Richard J. Eckert to Robert C. Hill, $395,000.


Battery Rd., 8916-Anna Marie and Dennis M. Counihan to Cora Provins and Brett John Johnson, $585,000.

Buckboard Dr., 8612-Charles R. and Susan Q. Willetts to Lena G. Feldman and Brian W. Limperopulos, $725,000.

Childs Lane, 2630-Gregory S. and Sarah R. Linden to Kevin J. and Victoria Purser Quinn, $650,000.

Culpeper Rd., 2601-Karla Murice and Keary Charles Kincannon to Yulmi P. Roque Sardon and Regina B. Sanchez Perez, $575,000.

Emerald Dr., 1013-Kelli C. Wagenhoffer to Steven D. and Brenda S. Sprague, $800,800.

Revere Dr., 1603-Laura Gomez and Guy David Prosper to Erik Bates, $435,000.

Stockade Dr., 8337-William A. and Kellee K. Hearther to Mark D. and Dana M. Phelps, $570,000.

Yardley Dr., 8706-Debra P. Davis to Sarah Nicole and Kenneth Richard Diaz, $589,900.


Brockman Lane, 11530-Lars and Berit H. Kjaer to Dongjun and Chen Chen, $1 million.

Fox Creek Farm Way, 11326-Fox Creek Homes Corp. to Raymond Karl McDonnell, $2 million.

Maria Ave., 9205-Sharon K. and Jack O. Weiss to Kristin J. Kingsley and Mark K. Mynatt, $970,000.

Monticello Dr., 10835-Iryll W. Jones III to Mimi Salome Regaa, $590,000.

Park Royal Ct., 1103-Michaela M. Puno to Khoa Dac Doan and Tran T. Le, $1.23 million.

Seneca Hill Ct., 11566-Brent D. and Renee G. Bryson to Timir, Sharmistha and Ayesha Mukherjee, $1.36 million.

War Admiral St., 933-U.S. Bank to Arthur Sarkis Satian, $610,000.


Alton Sq., 12913, No. 419-Raydean Hilton and Meretta D. Patterson to Udaya Bhaskar Nariseti, $261,100.

Apple Barrel Ct., 13512-Brothers Three Partnership to Kishore Vajja, $421,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12901, No. 215-Paul Venne Jr. to Shristhi Dudley, $318,000.

Cliveden St., 12319-Jeffrey L. and Kristina Fox to Tuyet T. Nguyen, $517,000.

Denmark Dr., 12606-John David Cunningham to Kathy Diep Ngoc Tieu, $560,000.

Flagship Ave., 12813-Matthew and Eleanor Cronin Kahn to Michael Austin and Caroline H. Rayburn, $499,000.

Gilman Lane, 11657-Cartus Financial Corp. to Neil and Sarah Burdick, $665,000.

Harrison Hollow Lane, 3110-Joanne P. Scarpino to Kate Anteyi, $590,000.

Holkein Dr., 12627-Global Telecom Group Real Estate Corp. to John Coombs Kennedy and Marie Ellen Ulama Abell, $542,500.

John Milton Dr., 2593-Charles R. and Angela J. Beckmeyer to Robert J. and Amy Sarno Kalfus, $635,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 13478-Abdellatif M. Elnabawi to Jinghao Zhang, $470,000.

Melchester Dr., 2787-Bradley L. and Karen E. Osman to Vincent L. and Catherine C. Sweeney, $694,000.

Muirkirk Lane, 13431-Jason A. and Janee A. Butterfield to Erika Sungmin Kim-Eun, $600,000.

New Parkland Dr., 12815-Kenneth Lee and Nancy Lynn Rice to Benjamin and Sarah Scudera, $609,600.

Reign St., 2667-Alkaram Properties Inc. to Brian Edward and Katherine Anne Mandell, $630,000.

Safa St., 1088-Maqsood Afaq to Darren and Sumera Baker, $975,000.

Spring Chapel Ct., 2869-Charles W. and Patricia Brogan Edgerton to Richard Hodge and Merideth M. Newman, $540,000.

Stone Heather Dr., 13237-Robert C. Haas III to Worapong Hirunyanitiwattana and Jirapat Jantanapruck, $638,500.

Turberville Ct., 12711-Ryan Stewart and Linda S. Dow to Ting Huang and Jianfen Liu, $660,000.

Waterford Pl., 1108-Khalid Ali to Nuru M. Khamis and Yousuf Abdallah Mandano, $307,000.

Winter Sun Terr., 3210-Sean P. and Jana L. Roche to Michael R. and Suzanne M. Nordfelt, $1.12 million.

Woodland Park Rd., 13224-NVR Inc. to Dawn Natalie and Kristen Cunningham, $585,760.


Arlington Terr., 2212-Matthew L. Mills to Celeste S. Starchild, $444,380.

Fenwick Dr., 5704-Wayne Anthony and Jamie E. Beasley to Liuyi Pei, $421,000.

Glenmullen Pl., 5722-Danny Wayne and Lynette F. Robinson to Lee Hamilton and Gretchen Daisy Gross, $528,500.

Huntington Ave., 2059, No. 912-Irena Krndic to Scott Kiyoshi Hiroshige, $191,005.

Monticello Rd., 6013-Cindy R. Vande Stouwe to Michael Kennerly and Amanda Suzanne Morrison, $450,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 1201-David S. Powers and Megan Paustian to Robert E. and Suzanne L. Raygan, $290,000.

Wagon Dr., 2634, No. 279-Michael Dinbali to Nguyet Mai, $205,000.


Audubon Meadow Way, 7656-David Zummo and Katie Hulsey to Edward Joseph Haaxma and Jessica Louise Aho, $500,000.

Chimney Wood Ct., 6314-Scott James and Kelsey Kirkpatrick Vossler to Caleb Mark and Aubrey Jasmine Adams, $385,000.

Great Swan Ct., 7575-Joshua N. Dobbs and Linda D. Wentz to Margaret Boro, $445,000.

Kings Hwy. S., 6630-Keith B. Luke to Sara Lynn Wallentine and Jarrett Benkendorfer, $435,000.

Maple St. E., 2630-Steven A. and Carrie B. Novotny to Peter Furness and Rita Martin, $404,500.

Oak Dr., 6706-Robert M. and Sarah C. Knowles to Marian J. and Theodore Martin, $530,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7514, No. 156-Ledetria and Andre Beaudoin to Travonna Byrd, $277,000.

Woodlawn Trail, 2718-Stephen Bashore to James Clark and Heide Bronke Fulton, $840,000.


Braddock Rd., 4424-Bethany House of Northern Virginia Inc. to Goutam and Chandrakala Rai, $727,500.

Chieftain Cir., 5317-Gordon T. Dixon and Vicki J. Adams to Joseph N. Cooke Jr. and Aimee J. Adler, $504,450.

Fairland St., 6401-Bruce Wayne and Kimberly Dawn Holmes to Daniel and Ashley Johnson Hay, $580,000.

Independence Cir., 5659-Mariza Antonia Francisco and James William Plunkett III to David A. and Sarah Barnes, $360,000.

Lassen Ct., 4010-Anna Maria and Christ W. Lecos to Iris A. Cruz-Melgar, Amilcar Bisente Melgar-Cruz and Freddy Mendez-Melgar, $400,000.

Shetland Green Rd., 4561-Brent Q. and Nina K. Mecham to Karen Mercedes Goertzel, $637,500.


Ardglass Dr., 7318-Michael D. and Virginia R. Marketti to Mavis Donkor and John Y. Frimpong, $370,000.

Bluebird Way, 8317, No. M-Jeffrey Chin to Kanishka F. Taheri, $246,000.

Harley Rd., 10803-Lisa Jahoda and Christopher Lee Jackson to Keith O. and Sandra J. Martin, $1.05 million.

Larne Lane, 7460-Irene Tsiourouti and Andreas S. Kolas to Stavros C. Papaloizou, $366,500.

Lyndam Hill Cir., 7226-David Leon Reed to Brian Grossman and Kristen Kay Elfers, $673,000.

Millom Ct., 8350-Adgroup Corp. to Zarghoona and Said Nazim Saydi, $520,000.

River Dr., 6013-Susan Reynolds Spies and Arthur M. Reynolds III to Benny E. and Jennifer Agee, $1.1 million.

Susquehanna St., 8745-Sarah M. Allen to Justin Seth Vinner, $293,000.


Bellview Rd., 919-Charles F. and Signe M. Sharn to Ashley O. Castillo and Nancy Hickcox, $835,000.

Bridle Path Lane, 7725-Daniel D. and Laura D. Burget to William and Jessica Monica, $1.19 million.

Chain Bridge Forest Ct., 5801-Kiddar Ridgeview Corp. to Michael A. and Monika P. McKenzie, $2.35 million.

Duncraig Ct., 7001-Leslie A. Benton to Steven R. Cheek and Maria N. Gatti, $1.25 million.

Fleetwood Rd., 6800, No. 1218-Eun S. Choi Sul and Sa-Yun Hong to Jeffrey M. and Priscilla E. Milloy, $353,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 517-Kevin Bradshaw to Mary F. Olson, $440,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 807-Kristi L. Hoverson and estate of Sandra S. Woodward to Essam Shanoudi, $417,075.

Ingleside Ave., 1100-Buchanan Price Corp. to Jignesh and Aarti Shah, $950,000.

Kirby Rd., 1326-Lonnie and Victoria Edmond Davis to Da Zhu, $1.18 million.

Lewinsville Rd., 7920-Ann G. Llop-Keuter and estate of Georgia M. Llop to Hao Lee and Peng Ding, $873,000.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 229-Matthew R. France to Ruilian Lin, $215,000.

Matthew Mills Rd., 7109-Artisan Builders III Corp. to Brian F. and Leigh A. Pence, $2.7 million.

Ozkan St., 1318-Shaun F. and Patricia M. Pacious to Mun Shiek Yeum and Seon Ug Ha, $1.21 million.

Spoleto Lane, 7722-Mark E. and Mahnaz Z. Mazak to Katherine L. and Stevens K. Shegrud, $879,000.

Spring Hill Rd., 940-Patrick and Jennifer Latessa to Evgeny and Anastasia Kuznetsova, $4.65 million.

Weaver Ave., 6816-Richard E. Siegelman to Sara and Nenad Marcec, $800,000.

Wilson Lane, 1914, No. 102-Mehdi Molaei to Yunyue Bao, $262,000.


Battersea Lane, 3400-Walter T. Berry and the estate of William S. Berry to Yuxiu Fu, $415,000.

Bound Brook Lane, 8310-Michele Pendleton and Edward R. Ritenour to Patrick and Kimberly Lusch, $530,000.

Cherry Valley Lane, 8312-David Michael and Lura Burr McAdam to Jeremy R. and Courtney E. Reed, $590,000.

Engleside St., 8526-Jose A. Diaz to Edvin M. Aristondo, $257,500.

Hallie Rose St., 8452-Joseph M. DeFarlo III to Michele Enriques and Charles Sacked, $420,000.

Keeler St., 8143-Paul T. and John A. Rivell to Stephanie Facistol, $230,000.

Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy., 4405-GPI-Mount Vernon Park Corp. to Laura Gomez and Guy David Prosper, $500,000.

Olde Mill Ct., 5700, No. 147-Blair Schultze and estate of Sharon E. Schultze to James D. Turner, $200,000.

Sacramento Mews Pl., 5506-Ryan Keenliside to Ashley Megan Brickey, $391,000.

Silverada Pl., 7954-Gustavo Enrique Magana to Maurice M. and Princess D. Mitchell, $177,000.

Stillwell Ave., 4816-Stephen Michael Wilson to Benjamin and Sandra Wendland, $585,000.

Walutes Cir., 8758-E-Anthony R. Giannino to Lester Deaver and Anett Klaudia Deaver-Miklos, $170,000.

Woodhue Pl., 3940-Abdul Azeez to Anthony Richard Fusco, $205,000.

Woodley Dr., 3700-Brittany Comins to Melanie Glynn, $524,900.


Hogarth St., 7313-Reirotie and Joshua Singh to Ronald Mark Yopp, $470,000.

Moultrie Rd., 5403-Parley Wright and Ann M. Newman to Jered A. and Pamela R. Borup, $500,000.


Borge St., 2999-Keith Andrew Thomas and Shauna Inez Hanley to Rohit Devkota and Mamata Chand, $512,000.

Bree Hill Rd., 2907-Steven Kaufman and Lori R. Shapiro to Samir B. Bachour and Kirsten L. Roberts, $672,500.

Elmtop Ct., 2903-Richard L. and Laura C. Duenkel to Rodney Thomas Marks, $677,000.

Oakleigh Lane, 2970-Donald J. and Victoria McNerney Scott to Brian and Martha Steffey, $415,000.

Stuart Mill Rd., 11131-Gary E. and Nancy M. Niemeyer to Michael Andrew Fragoso and Ashley Elizabeth Morrow, $845,000.

Valentino Dr., 10223, No. 7322-Charles Smith to Maria Lucia Elizondo Costa and Alejandro Osores Arzubiaga, $274,000.


Albot Rd., 2407-Ramona L. Badawy to Kelly Lorenz, $437,000.

Ascot Way, 1711-C-Amy K. Stowell to Carlos G. Ramos, $214,500.

Breton Ct., 11814, No. 12B-Kathy Anna McClary to Natalie L. Deffer, $237,113.

Castle Rock Sq., 2259, No. 12C-Weichang Wang to Wilberdt Ortiz Guzman, $207,000.

Chancery Station Cir., 12148-Nova Donuts Holdings Corp. to Evelyn Guadalupe Alfaro and Justin Vialpando, $665,000.

Creekbend Dr., 12029-Steven R. Phillips to Craig Currie and Gabriela Zuleyma Chacon Garcia, $884,000.

Earnshaw Ct., 1406-Barry and Juli A. Westfall to John T. Halacy and Damian M. McCabe, $650,000.

Freetown Ct., 2312, No. 11-Robert C. Haas III to Samantha R. Davis, $200,000.

Gate Hill Pl., 11401-N-Glenn E. Johnson to Marquette Hovan, $354,000.

Great Owl Cir., 11752-David M. Toms and Elizabeth E. Forwood to Roger Edward and Audrey Byrne Field, $545,000.

Green Watch Way, 2120, No. 10-Tiffhany Dubose to Carolyn J. Pfeifer, $285,000.

Hickory Cluster, 11530-David Rodney Pickering to Daniel K. Douglass, $435,000.

Karbon Hill Ct., 11717-A-Haig Melkessetian to Benjamin J. Lowe, $250,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1724, No. 13-Misha Pedrampour to Sagar Hareshbhai Rana and Subrina Sundil, $303,000.

Lofty Heights Pl., 2211-Barg Inc. to Alexandra Ore and Armando Ore Patala, $349,900.

Market St., 11990, No. 302-Diane Lenz-May to Stuart A. Licht and Jeanne T. Chiang, $1.05 million.

Market St., 11990, No. 1414-JK Glenvale Corp. to John Dale Vance Jr., $480,000.

Murray Downs Way, 1326-Michael Daniels to Paul McMurtry, $769,900.

Oak Spring Way, 1656-Spencer Ong to Rohith Rao and Abha Molri, $495,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1660, No. 2B/101-Elizabeth Cascio Hall to Sydney Abrisz, $218,000.

Ridgehampton Ct., 2398-Abdelhafid Lazreq to Jillian Leigh Zuber, $356,000.

Saffold Way, 11041-Ryan B. and Megan E. Day to Evan W. Kalinkos and Amanda Mendez, $450,000.

Sagewood Lane, 1951, No. 6-Curtis Parks to Eduardo Cascallar and Mariel Musso, $124,000.

Soft Wind Ct., 2358-Kelly N. Wynn to Andrew Trehubenko, $450,000.

Stoneview Sq., 11650, No. 90-Edward G. and Barbara J. Boyce to Troy Felipe Rodriguez, $199,900.

Taliesin Pl., 12009, No. 15-Nancy A. Endler to Michael and Nathalie Albrow, $346,000.

Vantage Hill Rd., 11614, No. 12B-Dacy R. Boyd to Homayoun Wassel, $185,000.

Wainwright Dr., 1632-Joseph F. Heath to Brittany and Michael McKenzie Wood, $448,000.

Whisperhill Dr., 1654-Miranda Jane Elliott and John Duff to Katherine M. and Chad Dent, $395,000.

Windleaf Ct., 11405, No. 180-Barbara Jones Linstedt and Beth E. Jones to Joan M. Flood, $245,000.


Beachway Dr., 6306-Lawrence and Helen Palkendo to Karla and Daryl F. Knopf, $739,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 3142-Rolando Medina to Rebecca Kai and Helve Kai Pfeil, $625,000.

Vine Forest Ct., 6191-Michael R.K. and Jamie H. Navarro to Dixon Drumheller and Elizabeth Fisher, $545,000.


Bubbling Brook Cir., 7907-Jessica Linn and Nicholas Edward Soles to Nicole C. and Matthew M. Haddock, $415,000.

Castine Lane, 6516-Austin M. and Janice Ringwood to Matthew Kolii and Lily Wojtowicz, $490,000.

Cottontail Ct., 7015-Mohammed S. and Rohgul Khaliqi to David P. and Katie M. Zummo, $590,000.

Deer Ridge Trail, 6039-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Renee Wong and Lucas Lange, $892,000.

Doncaster St., 7214-Michael Dwain Bostick to Sultan Paqiri, $510,000.

Forest Hunt Ct., 7404-Cynthia M. Halligan to Sharon Kaps and Robin Deitsch, $482,000.

Gormel Dr., 7225-RVS Holdings & Investments Co. to Visvanathan and Sathyabama Ezhilarasu, $925,000.

Hackberry St., 6714-Patrick Kearney and estate of Phyllis D. Paige to Daniel J. and Sharon K. Jackson, $522,000.

Japonica St., 6504-Huong Thi Thai to Mohammad Touhidul Islam and Rukshana Fatema, $590,000.

Julian St., 6426-Nicholas Holcak and Nicole Taylor to Atulya Rana and Mina Gurung, $550,000.

Mayo Ct., 6816-Jon Mowl and Lauren Benedict to Jeannine Michelle Richardson, $465,000.

Mineral Spring Ct., 7627-Francisco H. Rodriguez to Teressa Jasmine Madrid and Jeremy Jacob Karaskevicus, $570,000.

Northern Oaks Ct., 7695-Benjamin W. Saunders and Katherine M. Schaffer to Ramiro Muriel and Ana Maria Zuniga, $409,000.

Rainbow Bridge Lane, 8421-Connor W. and Linda Kasatri Flaherty to Meredith Haskins, and Vivian H. and Jack Walton, $545,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 6612-James A. Hutchinson to Gary A. Mason and Karen D. Price, $830,000.

Ruskin St., 6709-William J. and Kimberly A. O’Brien to Chau Bao Ly, $475,000.

Silver Pine Dr., 7439-Leonard O. Griffin Jr. and April Rice to April Rice, $50,000.

Tangier Dr., 7772-Donald L. and Sara Y. Harvey to Al Aminur Rahman and Roksana Afroz, $600,000.

Villa Del Rey Ct., 6965-Richard Ryan Kelley to Brian Haraldson and Moani K. Lum, $331,900.

Wind Song Ct., 8651-William S.S. and Donna L. Amoroso to Ricky and Katherine Suzanne Beasley, $630,000.


Ashgrove House Lane, 8892-William J. Senn to Salman Cheema and Memona Tazamal, $749,900.

Broadfield Lane, 1703-Helmand Investment Corp. to Elizabeth Gallagher and Virgil Jay Markwood, $988,200.

Colvin Forest Dr., 1316-Wilson J. and Kay L. Kim to Kidest Bahta and Negussie Worku, $939,000.

Depaul Dr., 2621-James Laity and Mary Anne Festa to Bradley and Trish Doherty, $635,000.

Druid Hill Rd. NE, 549-Scott Henry and Mark W. Barr to Eugene S. and Elysia Kowel, $879,000.

Foxstone Dr., 1877-Summit Realty Investments Group Corp. to Lauren Ashley and Bryan Thomas Longshore, $799,900.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 1002-Chun C. Shu to David Chien-Hao Huang and Xiaochu Hu, $242,000.

Hunter Ct. SW, 709-Ling Shan Zheng to Jayden J. Liu, $540,000.

John Marshall Dr. NE, 607-Evg SSB Ventures Corp. to Akbar and Laila Sultan, $1.39 million.

Meadow Lane SW, 607-Andrew and Lauren Downs to Se in Cho and Jieun Lee, $700,000.

Mount Sunapee Rd., 10502-Herbert A. McCall and Candace S. McCall to Matthew N. Gobush and Penelope M. Lister, $907,000.

Orchard St. NW, 418-Muna Khatib and Samir Amer to Heather Barrett Boles and Keith Edward Gayowski, $975,000.

Park Terrace Ct. SE, 210, No. 61-Jacqueline J. Clee Carroll to Eduard and Melanie Zadrima, $187,500.

Park Tower Dr., 2653, No. 4-Scott D. and Jenifer A. Aken to Sung Youk Min and Ji Yeon Shim, $540,000.

Spring Ridge Lane, 9712-Jeremy and Lauren Staadeker to Evan Andrew and Kathryn Slonaker Hammitt, $975,000.

Westbriar Dr. NE, 1007-Robert K. and Piper K. Conrad to Stephan W. and Magdalena Z. Ringer, $730,000.

Yearling Ct., 1969-Victor J. and Suzanne Albisu to Jeremy M. and Melissa Siry Gordon, $890,000.


Barnack Dr., 6710-Randy W. and Mary Kathleen Wood to Caleb Khalid and Ashley E. Khan, $555,000.

Bayshire Rd., 5905, No. E-Gay I. Shane to Mir T. Rahman and Mohammed E. Ullah, $250,000.

Cameo Sq., 8802-Eric M. Brown to Matthew Philip Washburn, $430,000.

Coachman Dr., 6702-Stanley J. Czerwinski and estate of Frances M. Clark to Dugersuren Amarbayar and Solongo Luvsantseren, $565,000.

Darlington St., 8310-Toby Garlitz and estate of Pamela A. Rau to David Ray Smith and Mariah Hope Duell, $287,000.

Forrester Blvd., 8508-Ahmed and Tarik Zejly to Taye Dibekulu Akalu, $349,900.

Greenview Lane, 6713-Yolande P. Frost to Jeremy and Melissa Carl, $510,000.

Holford Lane, 6614-Martha M. Gillis to Shannon Susan and James John Canny, $528,000.

Keene Dr., 6629-Robert S. McGill to Omar Pinaya Soto, $465,000.

Kousa Lane, 7245-Patricia K. and David W. Kidd to Julio C. Velezon and Alejandra Vazquez, $406,000.

Minutemen Rd., 5927-Shada Parada and Shayda Parada Rodriguez to Richard H. Green, $320,000.

Painted Daisy Dr., 7852-Mark A. and Deborah D. Cawthorn to Williams Castro, and Margaret R. Francis, $490,000.

Ridge Crossing Lane, 8311-Azucena Tang Lee Say and Azucena D. Tang Lee Say to James Clayton Vaughn and Kahyee Lee, $422,000.

Royal Ridge Dr., 5814, No. A-Bonnie S. Moore to Andrew Stanley Vigorita, $214,000.

Surveyors Pl., 8828-Orlando Ramirez and Silvia T. Henriquez to Candice L. Achoki, $385,000.

Treeside Ct., 7915-Jason K. and Carmen L. Kamiya to Patrick and Sara Moehrle, $482,000.

Westover Ct., 8514-Gregory A. Davis to Fulan Li and Rae Song Park, $315,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Crest St., 10831-Joseph Jason and Ellen Romano Shannon to Susan Lisa Bailey, $477,500.

Fairfax Blvd., 9471, No. 301-Kenneth J. and Martha M. Martin to Jeremy Haines, $170,000.

Hill St., 3416-Mary A. and Preston C. Ware to Michael W. and Courtney R. Robinson, and Annah and Robert Gibson, $490,000.

Meredith Dr., 3848-Ayhan Aksoy to Dilara Aksoy, $350,000.

Oakwood Dr., 10919-Robert D. and Meryl H. Paskow to John Owen and Nealey S. Stapleton, $595,000.

Ridge Ave., 9626-Gilbert H. Ribeiro to Matthew D. and Erin M. Hoffert, $614,000.

Silver King Ct., 9430, No. 301-Elliott and Andrea Carter to Sung Soo Jeon, $505,000.

Stonewall Ave., 4020-Restart Team Corp. to Michelle Medeiros, David Joseph Stodola, and Rachel E. Bazzone, $965,000.

Warwick Ave., 10905-Kirsten R. and George W. Stone to Mark and Molly Digiammarino, $540,000.

Woodhaven Ct., 10821-Bong Choon Lim and Young Hee Jun to Sandra J. Bishop-Josef, $490,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Great Falls St., 206-Julie L. Carabell to Chirstopher M. and Erin M. Fabio, $785,000.

Maple Ave. N., 315-Frank A. Villamar and Sophie Gerber to Adam L. Rice, $820,000.

Riley St., 333-Christine June Zarkovich to Kelsey R. and Michael A. Schulman, $1.57 million.