Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Dannys Lane, 3614-Paramount Investments Corp. to Aamir Khwaja, $490,000.


Baylor Dr., 6903-Jason T. Quimby and Cheryl L. Becker to Julia Fletcher and Michael James Curcio, $900,000.

Boulevard Vw., 6602, No. B1-John Zim Jr. and Jeannine M. Kenney to Debra P. Davis, $275,000.

Cavalier Dr., 6509-Robert Jarrett Van Tine to Kurt S. and Laura Moss, $465,000.

Duke Dr., 6817-Taylor K. and Tiago D. Bezerra to Pete Guzman Jr. and Caitlin A. Mackay, $530,000.


Fort Hunt Rd., 7105-Joyce W. Neverov to Adam T. Renwick, $704,000.

Rebecca Dr., 7407-Richard A. Beutel to James W. and Mary J. Linhares, $1.1 million.


Vanderbilt Dr., 6932-Carlos A. and Kim J. Beaulieu Canino to Robert Balter and Arina Kramer, $685,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6631, No. 703-Cheryl D. Frazier to Mark E. Matson, $258,000.

Wakefield Dr. E., 6610, No. C2-Carey and Mark G. Micieli to Kaushal Shah, $207,500.

Westhampton Dr., 6920-Charles and Julia Vaughan to Rebecca Ann Russell and Erin Michelle Bischoff, $407,000.

10th St., 6608, No. A2-Ires VA Corp. to Diana B. and Daniel Garber, $238,500.


Alderman Dr., 6346-Susan F. Slattery to Carmelo J. and Victoria M. Giovenco, $665,000.


Berkshire Dr., 6514-Elizabeth Ann Anderson to Jonathan R. and Jenifer E. Dear, $430,000.

Brindle Heath Way, 6844, No. 223-H. Randolph Barbee Jr. to Stephen Christopher Jordan, $285,000.

Broadmoor St., 5811-Sharon Joy Rasmussen to Michele J. Bartram, $601,000.


Castletown Way, 6135-Chelcie L. Daye and Marcus Allen to Robel Damtachew Worku and Mahlet Hiruy Amanuel, $505,000.

Chevell Ct., 5905-Stephen L. and Michele G. Rolfe to Jason W. and Lindsey F. Minett, $485,000.

Clouds Mill Dr., 5674-Thanh Quang Chau and Thu Duong to Michael D. and Marina Pangia, $882,000.

Darby Towne Ct., 7022-Matthew P. and Christina L. Lavoie to Donald Nelson and Kyong Hui Moore, $545,000.


Ellingham Cir., 6984, No. 63-James E. Dewitt to Pyong C. Yi, $298,000.

Farmwood Ct., 5609-Daniel J. and Rachel M. Timko to Stacey R. McCoy and Raquel Lynn Miller, $590,000.

Franconia Rd., 5611, No. 27-Alice E. Gehl to Alberto Hinojosa Siles, $190,000.

Gentle Lane, 6281-Harry E. and Shirley A. Haskins to Garrett William and Erin Michelle Beer, $675,000.

Glenwood Mews Dr., 5616-Phyllis E. Burrell to Kimberly D. Banya, $469,900.


Governors Pond Cir., 5660-Maurice O. Harris to Cheryl M. Earle, $656,000.

Haynes Point Way, 7706-F-Jeremy R. and Barbara L. Holland to Karen L. Qutub, $330,000.

Hunter Creek Lane, 6603-Brandon and Amber Alexander to Ariel and Milenka Molina, $547,000.


Jesmond St., 5303-Tobin L. Gatto to Paul B. and Amy J. Irwin, $620,000.

Kelsey Point Cir., 6666-Mohammad Wali and Ara Saleh to Jinmo and Hyeyun Kim, $487,500.

Lake Cove Dr., 7112-Portia A. Booker to Matthew A. and Samantha Ann Simons, $516,000.

Liverpool Lane, 6123-Michael J. Aldrich to Adrian Vera and Valeria Delgadillo, $400,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6918, No. K-Jeffrey and Michelle Bizub to Glen Anthony Robert Ufland, $299,900.

Mersey Oaks Way, 6001, No. F-Sinan Yasar to Christopher Lawrence Angell, $352,000.

Morning Meadow Dr., 6570-Robert M. Bassett to Alana Louise Leuterio and Joshua Allen Lutz, $470,000.


Pieco Ct., 6006-Comfort and Charlotte Fayorsey to Victor Nyarko, $420,000.


Redwood Lane, 6115-Rachel Taylor and Timothy B. Wolford to Abraham W. Habtu and Yerusalem Woldeselassie, $615,000.

Schurtz St., 6616-Arun and Navreet Malhi Chowla to Richard Travis and Claudia Antonieta Authier, $795,000.

Signature Cir., 6809-Syed Tasneem and Farah Akhtar to Emily Rose and Matthew Randall King Lucas, $466,000.

Summer Park Lane, 6103-Thomas J. and Stephanie L. Holland to John Cracraft, $450,000.

Telegraph Rd., 7150-Estate of Glenn Sydney Ovrevik and Clifton F. Hastings to Trong Duc Le, $500,000.

Thackwell Way, 6601, No. 3N-Betty A. Hoapili to Joseph J. Battaglia, $340,000.

Tower Hill Cir., 5607-David D. and Cindy L. Johnson to Ronald Paul and Devika Rani Fiorillo, $765,000.


Upland Dr., 4811-Astrid X. Ramirez to Julian and Magali Spiker, $460,000.


Victoria Dr., 6917-L-Nancy S. and Thiphakone Siridavong to Richard S. Falconer, $250,000.

Walkers Croft Way, 6296-Christopher Joseph and Jennifer Ingraham Wood to Jessica Lyons and Kyle Clark Sprague, $555,000.

Wigmore Lane, 6101, No. M-Paramount Investments Corp. to Magdalena Beata Bujan, $312,000.

Wilton Knoll Ct., 3204-Michael J. Sowa to Nathan and Yolanda McCray Jones, $635,000.


Alyssum Way, 9210-Lawrence R. Greenfield to Jaysen and Alisa Jean Yochim, $639,888.

Americana Dr., 4949, No. H-Dominic Michael Ellis to Leandros Katsareas, $225,000.

Andrea Ave., 4920-Audrey S. Reil to Scott Barton and Lisa D. Verstandig, $600,000.


Backlick Rd., 4724-Julie A. Beckham and Ricardo A. Ferreira to Tyler Vincent Lamaze Bridgwood, $690,000.

Briarwood Ct. N., 4415, No. 34-Hea Ja Yim to Philip H. and Esther K. Kwon, $175,000.


Byrneley Lane, 7213-Nhung Trang and Trang Nhung Bui to Tin Huu Truong, $605,000.

Columbia Rd., 4904-Reg Investments Corp. to Jason David Goldman, $701,000.

Decourcey Ct., 3245-Ecp Investments Corp. to Benjamin W. and Lauren E. Walence, $469,000.

Downing St., 4208-Maritza Genny Defoor to Thomas C. and Brittany A. Bowcutt, $560,000.

Fleming Dr., 5020-Brian D. and Lora C. Gass to Byron M. and Lisa M. Looschen Nakamura, $617,000.

Glen Hollow Ct., 7252, No. 3-Kathryn A. and Alvin R. Patterson to Jaime C. Chai, $340,000.


Kay Ct., 8229-Lee J. Napravnik to Jennie M. and Todd Albert Wills, $695,000.

Lafayette Forest Dr., 7713, No. 137-Andrew and in Chong Kim to Jaeseung Lee, $275,900.

Lockwood Lane, 3725-Michael B. Banyas and Courtney Brooks to Kevin and Jessica Uitvlugt, $512,000.

Meadow Rue Lane, 9111-Caroline D. and Curtis J. Herrick Jr. to Kent Jian Jiang and Bin Xu, $670,000.


Roberts Ave., 4325-Moises Marquez Delcid and Maria Marquez to Woon Sang and Soon Duk Cho, $610,000.

Statecrest Dr., 7312-Oral McNeil Marple to Zachary and Kristina Devesty, $592,500.

Valerie Ct., 4617-Loretta Raff to John Foster, $570,000.

Village Ct., 4123-Robert J. Ronco to Lydia and Mi Kyung Kwag, $500,000.

Windflower Lane, 9116-Gi Young and Soon Hi Kim to Bruna Rasuck and Dai Edwardes Evans, $635,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3302, No. 34-Wenyan Jessie Ji to Mohammed Sameh Alimi, $199,880.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3334, No. 23-Fouad P. and Fayza F. Ghazal to Chi Chong Lee, $229,100.


Charles St., 3436-Paramount Investments Corp. to Hoangoanh Thi Nguyen, $705,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 2408N-Carmen C. Iannacone to Joe L. Johnson Jr., $170,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 2311S-Sabri Musa to Touraj Behmand, $265,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3709, No. 802-Ubax Abdirizak Hussen and estate of Dega A. Hussen to Lloyd Calvin and Marnita Marrs Piersawl, $327,000.

Lakeside View Dr., 3339-Benjamin P. and Kirstie J. Tuben to Alison Kristine Hiestand, $405,000.

Madison Crest Ct., 6123-Richard Chris and E. Seton L. McIlroy to David M. and Julia Traub, $511,000.

Nevius St., 3332-Felipe Villarroel to Zoraya De La Cruz, $650,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 605-Ingrid M. Swenson to Robert E. and Rotha H. Frye, $284,900.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 805-Steven Geritano to Siham Zaki, $170,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 2305S-Terry L. Border to Hamid and Shahla Rahnama, $350,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 1304N-James R. Bradshaw to Maria A. Ledesma and Ruel Hector R. Tiongson, $317,000.

Seminary Rd., 5563, No. 111-Mirna Maria Parrales to Naima N. Barnes, $218,000.

Sixth St., 5902-Linda and Jerald Staten to Dung Van Duong and Thoa Ngoc Nguyen, $700,000.


Bakersville Lane, 5702-Robert A. and Teresa S. Freeland to Jake and Kelli Dubois, $650,000.

Bestwicke Ct., 6604-Bassam A. Robehmed to Moises Herbas Lamas and Celestina Perez De Herbas, $475,000.

Burning Branch Rd., 9506-Edward Long and Meiching Kao to Richard L. and Courtney R. Fleming, $620,000.

Centaurus Ct., 6218-Howard F. and Jeanie Chau Brimmer to Jason L. and Sarah Smith Wright, $646,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5942, No. 203-Jane Sams Blechman to Tempie C. Tavenner, $263,000.

Doolittle St., 5605-Stuart G. and Barbara K. Harrison to Patrick F. and Marie Christine Carpizo, $685,000.

Fenestra Ct., 6447-Jung Haeng and Ock Bae Lee to Rickey J. Brown, $265,900.

Garretson St., 6234-Caulder D. and Paola Munnell to Lauren Michele Bugg and Joseph Chadwick Kenney, $700,000.

Harrowhill Lane, 9520-Neil and Karen Sivek to Kyle S. and Abbegail E. Minor, $640,000.

Home Guard Dr., 9113-Fernando Jose Villegas to Sherry N. Csutoros and Joseph T. Ghobrial, $648,000.

Kendrick Lane, 5562-Marian L. Beckett to Jared H. and Stefanie W. Mercier, $433,000.

Lake Braddock Dr., 9601-Jeffrey and Laura Roxbrough to Qinli Zheng and Ruo Nan Pan, $495,000.

Lighthouse Lane, 5442-James W. Willis to Tara and David Steinmetz, $449,900.

Myrtle Oak Ct., 10678-Sarita Gopal and Wendy Soto to Victor A. Zamudio Arroyo and Rachel Hope Wolin, $354,000.

Onion Patch Dr., 9422-Denise I. Richard to Brian P. and Bethany W.S. Luti, $635,000.

Powells Landing Rd., 5995-Galon I. and Margaret G. Hall to Laura Jane Ryder and Daniel William Gill, $491,100.

Ridge Ford Dr., 5937-Francis M. and Barbra M. Pane to James Matthew and Jamie Lynn Klepek, $600,000.

Shingle Oak Ct., 10724-John Diluccio to Ryan James and Randi Anne Prince, $679,000.

Southern Cross Lane, 9515-Jennifer and Christian David Whitaker to Jay H. and Danielle M. Cha, $705,000.

Steamboat Landing Lane, 10336-Michael E. and Jennifer L. Stewart to Matthew Andrew and Lori Beth Templeman, $640,000.

Sutherland Ct., 5648-Dario and Katharine Lillo Zavala to Alfredo and Juana Cespedes, $439,000.

Velilla Rd., 9705-David C. Butler to Mohammed K. Abass and Hawraa Jaafar Ali Al Rubayi, $607,500.

Willow Pond Lane, 9315-William V. and Adriana C. Schutz to Stephen and Elizabeth Sharp, $490,000.

Wood Duck Ct., 5703-Joseph G. Terry Jr. to Jeffrey Curtis Lash and Salima Hassouni, $607,500.

Wye Oak Commons Cir., 12289-Jana Prewitt to Laura E. Benchea and Aaron Turner Phifer, $435,000.


Awbrey Patent Dr., 14512-William R. and Debra S. Haegele to Ngoc Oanh Pham Nguyen and Doan Trang Thi Pham, $515,000.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14111-Keith C. and Jacqueline B. Washington to Rachel Anjali Kotiah and Austin Hilario Matos, $400,000.

British Manor Ct., 13620-Richard B. and Jaclyn E. Harkey to Kevin and Melissa Patterson, $752,000.

Bungleweed Lane, 13484-Angela L. Byers to Su Mi and Hoon Il Kim, $575,000.

Clarendon Springs Ct., 13623-Raul and Marta L. Velasco to Nhu V. Truong and Linh Nhi Tran, $360,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14317, No. 101-Ruby M. Davidson to Mun Hyong Larkin, $170,000.

Confederate Ridge Lane, 6913-Antioch Korean Baptist Church Inc. to Tea K. Yoo, $470,000.

Cranoke St., 14714-Andrew C. Leighner to Sean and Courtney Sullivan, $470,000.

Cupids Dart Dr., 5322-Sang Min Lee to Alex Yang, $460,000.

Ellicott Dr., 5268-Richard Whitfield Bryan to Ryan Erich and Erica Paige Lengyel, $640,000.

Frankford Cir., 13706-Jason A. and Julie A. Sanchez to Katie Ann Messinger and Collin Lloyd Cogan, $660,000.

George Baylor Dr., 6125-Charina and Robert Hocog to Hema Bhalla, $399,900.

Goldmoore Ct., 5416-Charlene Azubuike to Ward B. Simons, $580,000.

Green Park Way, 14748-Julio and Fatima Santa Cruz to Enrique G. and Reina D. Hernandez, $330,000.

Gun Mount Ct., 6302-Kelly and Melissa Salisbury to Mustary Sharmin and Rafayet Ullah Chowdhury, $400,000.

Harvest Mill Ct., 6506-David A. and Loretta A. Riedel to Franklin D. and Lyndsey Beasley, $555,555.

Hunters Pond Trail, 16101-Theresa Lynne Keith to Chao and Li Yang, $1.27 million.

Johnny Moore Ct., 14321-Jessica S. Sellers Uitvlugt to Thomas H. and Lucia M. Desocio, $265,000.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13514-Lawrence Miller to Yuandao Sun, $481,000.

Machen Rd., 6036B-Shirley G. Davis to Jeffrey A. and Mi Nan Knisell, $390,000.

Massaponax Pl., 6807-Robin Jenks to Anthony and Jessica Parker Wu, $695,888.

Netherton St., 6071-Kevin J. and Jennifer L. Midkiff to Hiep Van and Anna Phuong Nguyen, $265,000.

Old Centreville Rd., 6500-Shannon Ginnan to Peddi Raju Pedda and Lakshmi Budumuri, $748,000.

Palisades Dr., 6501-Mill City Mortgage Loan Trust and Newrez Corp. to Justin A. Grant, $425,000.

Picket Oaks Rd., 14410-Asha and Deepak Sharma to Rajeev and Meenakshi Sharma, $615,000.

Prince Way, 6307-Charles E. and Samantha S. Courtney to Charles Isaac and Holley Anne Leavitt, $307,000.

Royal Oak Lane, 14169-Mari Albright Estrada to Aiham Mourad and Alma Dayekh, $367,000.

Saint Germain Dr., 14712-Raymond R. Placon to Dagim Seyoum, $444,900.

Shirey Lane, 6338-Peter Choi and Young Soon Yoon to Bobby Ahmed, $420,000.

Sorrel Chase Ct., 14118-Jay E. Hurst and Debra L. Talley to Colin and Holly Hayakawa, $650,000.

Strasburg Dr., 6165-Robert Wiggins and Twyla Stribling to Dany A. and Nolvia R. Chiquillo, $215,000.

Village Fountain Pl., 5073-Thomas P. Andriko Jr. and Lindsay M. Dawson to Zhenyi Ye and Man Lu, $467,000.

Wheat Mill Way, 6520-Chad A. and Victoria E. Nelson to David L. and Cassie E. Pfundstein, $600,100.

Willoughby Newton Dr., 5625, No. 25-Taimur Ahya Ud Din to Vivek Bhalla, $271,000.

Wood Rock Way, 14003-Suk H. and Young A. Paik to Agha Alamdar Hussain, $630,000.

Woods Run Ct., 13916-Joseph Vranich to Bailey Grace and Christopher Richard Light, $370,000.


Flatlick Branch Dr., 4640-Maura D. Brooks to Xiaoyun Li and Li Zhu, $430,000.

Leeton Cir., 13935-Michael J. and Eileen P. Mazzone to Selvakumar Rathinavelu and Jayasankari Muthaiyan, $791,000.

Meadowland Ct., 4173-John Edyvane to Riaz Mahmood and Fozia Tanzeem, $237,000.

Placid Lake Ct., 4128-Ilie and Gabriela M. Voina to Caitlin H. and Steve R. Beland, $328,000.

Sauterne Way, 13811-Robert D. and Amanda L. Kindel to Anne Marie C. and Michael D. Coe, $285,000.

Trail Vista Lane, 4936, No. 11A-Luis Guzman Ortiz and Berenisse B. Davila Casiano to Sylvester Lee Mitchell, $720,000.

Week Pl., 4192-Chae Y. Song to Vinay Kona and Geetha Ramkumar, $665,000.


Bunkers Ct., 6716-Paul and Stephanie C. Garver to Ezzat S. and Sherry K. Hanna, $690,000.

Doyle Rd., 5720-Estate of Charles E. Dayharsh and Christine A. Anderson to Vu Q. Tran and Trinh T. Le, $500,000.

Harvest Pl., 13050-Judith A. Maginity to Shamit and Devaki Bubbar Das, $541,500.

Marblestone Dr., 13933-Stephen J. Broussard to Eung Seok Park and Yoonji Kim, $665,000.

Old Yates Ford Rd., 12402-Marc L. and Chris F. Zuffa to David Milton and Jessica Bresler, $925,000.

Rock Crystal Dr., 6502-William V. and Sara R. Butler to Roger W. and Suzanne K. Alessi, $689,000.

Springstone Dr., 13948-Estate of Linda K. Boone and Jason M. Boone to Justin L. and Julie B. Kubiak, $623,000.

Willow Edge Ct., 13107-Clifford Scott Housman and estate of Robert Z. Franco to Katherine Calvin Davis and Christina M. Majors, $775,000.


Adare Dr., 10916-Thomas F. and Catherine L. Foster to Colleen E. Hardy, $618,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11317, No. 3-313-Janet Hoffman to Tyler Price, $325,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11353, No. 8-209-Magnus K. Ikhinmwin to Jonathan Joo Han Lee, Youn Sun Lee and Joo Young Lee, $346,000.

Aspen Hollow Way, 9701-Ronald J. and Debra A. Hilbig to Allen S. Ray and Kerri L. Needle, $585,000.

Battenburg Lane, 4608-Chang Choi to Kylene Bogart, $437,500.

Black Oak Dr., 5322-Bruce S. and Jane B. Zivic to Karl A. and Sheila K. Cooke, $1.11 million.

Bowler Dr., 9027-Frederick A. and Bruce D. Campbell Robertson to Seng Ngov and Huy N. Tran, $340,000.

Buckhorn Rdg., 4615-Lola Namazova and Mykhaylo Maryniy to Mallik and Mrinalini Devi Tadepalli, $565,000.

Carriagepark Rd., 4918-Un Kyu and Myong Nan Song to Matthew and Kimberley Hanna, $517,000.

Cavalier Landing Ct., 11576B-Waqar Z. Mirza and Samina Khalid to Kyrylo Oliynyk and Maryna Koberidze, $401,000.

Chesham St., 2979-Sameer K. Gokhale and Ekta Lisa Vohra to Yang Qu, $815,000.

Colesbury Pl., 8916-Harvey R. Doerksen and Joan R. Hood to David M. and Michele Banker, $775,000.

Colony View Dr., 10307-Sohail Fakhriyazdi and Parvaneh Attai to Albert Park Kim, $430,000.

Cross Keys Ct., 13114-John F. and Donna H. Craver to Yakiv Koniuhov and Hanna Lukashok, $610,000.

Eakin Park Ct., 3171-Guanghui Liu to Kutaba M. Rashid and Riham Abuelem, $525,000.

Everleigh Way, 2933-Susan N. Lane to Dong Sil Oh, $458,000.

Fair Stone Dr., 4409, No. 103-Yae Sook Hong to Ali W. Gee, $199,900.

Falmead Rd., 5546-Austin and Karen Riffle to Zachary and Amanda Milam, $467,000.

Farndon Ct., 4779-Eric Lynn and Carmelita E. Fryar to Woojong Cho and Sunhee Park, $600,000.

Fox Lake Ct., 12313-Randy A. Moore and Karmann Hung to Mohammed Resool and Sudaba Parnian Ahmadi, $507,751.

Fyfe Ct., 10421-Sibghatallah M. Nawaz to Patrice L. and Dante C. Simbulan, $565,000.

Gainsborough Dr., 5375-Christine Parker to Paul Furgiuele, $570,000.

Garland Tree Ct., 12568-Thorsten Demberg and Claudia Tavera to Reza Salehi and Parinaz Ourang, $457,000.

Grays Pointe Rd., 12951, No. C-Seulhwan Han to Yanyan Fu and Dingling Zhong, $267,500.

Greenway Ct., 12101, No. 209-Norma J. Synan to Daniel R. Capp, $319,000.

Grovewood Way, 10227-Thomas J. and Lois F. Runaldue to Winston Beauchamp and Cindy Quigley, $721,000.

Harrow Ct., 5401-John V. and Debra L. Bowers to Kyle D. Rowland and Dian Zhou, $790,000.

Headly Ct., 10436-Kathryn Rosenberger to Brian Edward and Allyson McCallie Field, $655,000.

Hill Cumorah Dr., 10802-Kevin and Jennifer Minor to Angel E. and Nicole T. Gonzalez, $675,000.

Inverness Ct., 11900-Jill M. Spaeth to Sang D. and Susan P. Han, $560,000.

Kings Crown Ct., 9701, No. 1-Alex Chong to Young Pok Chun, $286,000.

Kingsbridge Dr., 9718, No. 201-Viveca Parcells Rosa to Moumita D. Bhattacharya, $182,500.

Leeway Ct., 5408-Nirajan Aryal and Kalpana Bhandari to Chan K. and Hesun Lee, $450,000.

Log Ridge Dr., 11417-Robert Hurrem Asaro and Oyunchimeg Jamts to Michelle Nezam, $495,000.

Luxberry Dr., 4632-Myong and Markus Brown to Nihad Aburish, $560,000.

Maple Ave., 4203-Russell W. and Amy C. Hutchison to Justin T. and Lisa R. Weyman, $649,900.

Marycrest St., 9311-Julia L. Hershey and estate of Erma Carolyn Cameron to Harjot Singh, $413,101.

Melville Lane, 12807-Anthony Peter Spada and estate of Sapfo S. Spada to Mark Tegan and Serena Marie Burns, $489,000.

Monument Ct., 4104-F-Joseph Anthony Cusato to Sung Yoon Kim, $304,000.

Nash Dr., 4823-Niem Buu Nguyen and Anh Ngoc Ho to Kathy Duong, $375,000.

Park Green Dr., 11648-Estate of Daniel E. Tufts and Mark A. Tufts to Hyung Hoon Choi and Ji Hyun Han, $550,000.

Penderview Dr., 3909, No. 1921-Vincent Joseph Arenas to Nancy M. Alvarez, $275,000.

Penderview Terr., 12163, No. 1021-Bhavna B. Patel to Zhi Yang, $272,000.

Plymouth Meadows Ct., 5437-Paramount Investments Corp. to Blake and Suzanne Louise Stenning, $445,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 334-Randall and Pranee Nossaman to Samantha D. Gallagher, $355,501.

Prosperity Ave., 3504-Creative Remodeling Corp. to Ravi D. Merck, $840,000.

Rockaway Lane, 11793-Chad E. and Stephan Cassaday to Ganna Shkrabaliuk and Mehdi Amirsoltani, $390,000.

Royal Astor Way, 8903-Gregory and Susan Frost to Caroline Bahng and Logan Wait, $618,100.

Safe Harbor Ct., 5451-Linda M. Nowak Clark to Nathan and Stephanie Miller, $440,000.

Sammy Joe Dr., 4932-Elvira D. Bacigalupo to Robert Hurrem Asaro and Oyunchimeg Jamts, $900,000.

Sleepy Lake Dr., 4273-Diane L. Lobasso to Keno A. and Imee Nedic, $480,000.

Stoneleigh Ct., 9011-Arthur D. and Dianna L. Hurtado to Michael K. Kerns and Johanna M. Friedlander, $815,000.

Swinton Dr., 4992-David S. and Martha T. Wolpert to David C. and Molly Anne Zesinger, $626,650.

Thackery Ct., 5104-Sharla K. Bailey to Jack N. and Kathy M. Langley, $609,500.

Valley Ridge Dr., 3947-Lynne Madeiros to Fei Li, $535,000.

Waythorn Pl., 3869-Beryl F. Marin to Prasoon Dhungana, $495,000.

Wheeled Caisson Sq., 4232-David Arthur Greene and estate of Joyce E. Greene to Xiaolin Zhong, $425,000.


Beechnut Ct., 10627-Jeffrey Scott and Katherine Krouse Miller to James A. and Nancy K. Jacobson, $890,000.

Chrisanthe Ct., 8834-Mitchell Bainwol to Shamsher Shamsher and Navneet Aulakh, $1.15 million.

Elm Ridge Rd., 9006-John Bradley Kratovil to James Bean and Katherine Maloney, $686,000.

Hampton Rd., 10020-Lolita Mancheno Smoak to Rajvir and Raghbir Singh, $750,000.

Hemlock Ridge Rd., 8223-David M. and Angela J. Franklin to Joshua S. and Lisa M. Watson, $740,000.

Innisvale Dr., 5913-Linda Kintzios to Christopher W. and Anastasia Borden, $667,000.

Makely Dr., 6026-Thomas B. Bright and Cynthia A. Kierner to Yanling Liu and Qian Xu, $755,000.

Oak Chase Cir., 8534-Jon G. and Kathy A. Safley to Ashlie Ann Hightower and Brian Andrew Kline, $820,000.

Rambling Ridge Dr., 7528-Richard Carl and Carol Jeanne Seal Brigleb to Richard K. and Barbara Brinton Lemaster, $1.03 million.

Silverthorn Rd., 8311-Eric J. Berghold and Kathleen A. Murphy to Rollin and Latonya J. Clayton, $769,000.

Thorn Bush Dr., 9771-Jolene Merkel to Paul and Kim Arnold, $1.27 million.

Winners Cir., 6910-Kevin D. and Maria H. Bishop to Nimish and Dolly Bhasin, $749,000.


Anchorway Ct., 3153-N-Allison McCurnin to Max H. Harper, $268,000.

Bridgehampton Ct., 2918-Sai Baba Funding Corp. to Terrence McDermott and Samantha Woodson, $607,000.

Carol Lane, 7222-Marlene J. Lundell to Taylor Smith and Amanda Lane Mangum, $546,000.

Fairwood Lane, 7400-Robert Chiappetta to Kathleen O’Neill and Jeffrey Moon, $735,000.

Freehollow Dr., 7819-Suzanne M. Rydel and Suzanne M. Walpole to V.H. Nguyen, $639,000.

Graham Ct., 3002-Ninh M. Le to Thomas A. Phillips, $480,500.

Holmes Run Dr., 7902-Yue Wang and David Werning to Giang and Hang Hoang, $735,000.

Kerns Rd., 6616-Tuck and Jamie Thavhory Outhuok to Angela Paige Myers and Christopher Shariyf Miles, $664,000.

Lee Oaks Ct., 2811, No. 303-William D. Hanson to Lisa Kelman, $347,500.

Midway St., 2604-Matthew Charles and Karen Ann Armandi to Emil Oguz Karaali, $675,000.

New Providence Dr., 7752, No. 29-Katherine Min Yi Fung to Zenab Zaman, $328,000.

Orchid Dr., 2220-Lawrence Joseph Sexton and Linda K. Steel to Brian M. and Alison T. Riley, $1.3 million.

Regent Lane, 6933-Antoinette C. Meszaros to Tommy X. and Hong Nguyen, $460,000.

Skelton Cir., 8158-Estate of Clarence E. Gatton and Mary Anne Gatton to Sheila Zelghi and Michael S. Thomas, $602,000.

Westfall Pl., 3051-Antonia A. Baeza to Maria Cecilia Hinojosa, $480,000.


Anderson Rd., 1936-Noha Nakib to Thomas Jude and Jill J. Chmelik, $583,750.

Dunford Dr., 2344-Kelly F. Powers, and Richard Eugene and Joyce Marie Forrest to Uchenna and Tahiana Njoku, $625,000.

Haycock Rd., 7007-Ning Zhang and Bei Li to Vinod Kumar Arumugam, $686,775.

Hopewood Dr., 2028-Linda Wai Yeung to Daniel Thomas and Laura Nicole Wallmuth, $760,000.

Lisle Ave., 7505-Lenore Corp. to Rajat K. Sen and Sarah Yun Liu, $530,000.

Midhill Pl., 6622-Kevin D. and Nicole B. Oditt to Jeremy Gile Hesse and Yi Kang, $737,500.

Paxton Rd., 7334-Roque M. Juvinel to James Quinly, $585,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 1101-Ann C. Cook and Denise C. Erwin to Amit and Madhura Gurjar, $235,000.

Placid St., 6605-Kenneth R. Stevens to Rajeev and Shelpa Shah Pandarinath, $840,000.


Alden Rd., 1108-Christopher J. and Renae L. Cizek to Christopher and Elizabeth McLeod, $840,000.

Boulevard Dr. W., 8423-Herby H. and Janet L. Robertson to Joyce M. Dietrich and Erik G. Holm, $802,000.

Cedardale Dr., 8308-Jonathan and Margaret Hiler to Po Heng Chen and Jennifer P. Gilbert, $780,000.

Croton Dr., 1102-LRE Group Corp. to Virginia L. and Daniel S. Lyon, $765,000.

Dewolfe Dr., 909-Jeffrey C. and Devon N. Bozard to Patrick Taylor, $861,100.

Jamestown Rd., 2005-Stephen Bache to Amy J. and Matthew T. James, $630,000.

Londonderry Rd., 2600-Mark Steven Baker and estate of Muriel A. Baker to Jonathan H. and Evelyn F. Fry, $630,000.

New Orleans Dr., 7912-Joseph F. and Wanda J. Nedbal to Jess D. Klopfenstein, $610,000.

Vernon View Dr., 8901-Jonathan Andrew Kane and estate of William D. Kane to Jennifer J. and Vincent D. Park, $650,000.

Wittington Blvd., 2201-Mike and Lisa Ramirez to Terrianne Lord, $650,000.


Arnon Chapel Rd., 9701-Abdolreza and Fariba Jahanbani to Saeid Motamedi and Gita Eghbal, $1.04 million.

Blackmore Vale Way, 9901-Deborah A. Bailine to Andrew M. and Holly C. Walker, $1.58 million.

Colvin Run Rd., 10100-David L. and Wen C. Masters to Marilani and Collins Alt, $1.12 million.

Falls Pointe Dr., 10705-Timothy Lynn and Janet Lorraine Hill to Alejandro and Kelly B. Sevilla, $1.48 million.

Harriman St., 1008-Gary R. and Helena B. Stamper to Jung Hoon Kim, $770,000.

Locust Hill Dr., 9705-Infiniti Marketing & Investment Corp. to Sangweon Koh and Jee Hyun Lee, $841,000.

Plantation Dr., 11900-Kody Holdings Corp. to Zeeshan and Bethany Hunter Rasheed, $1.02 million.

Seneca Rd., 413- Laura R. and George Charles O’Connor III to Jessica and Eric Janeczek, $980,000.

Springvale Rd., 1134-Keith Eugene Saylor to Apurva and Flora Shah, $1.04 million.

Wynkoop Dr., 10712-Michael L. Snitman to Barry B. and Esleen G. Hintz, $938,000.

Yorktown Dr., 10135-James A. and Mara L. Moreland to Huafeng Wang, $498,000.


Alton Sq., 12915, No. 202-Anamaria Garassini to Phyllis Anne Savino, $265,000.

Ashnut Lane, 13120-Robin G. Bradley to Rakesh Ramachandra Naidu and Sravanthi Maneru, $491,000.

Bankfoot Ct., 13010-Joseph J. and Donna E. Yurek Facciola to Creighton T.R. and Fei Z. Hager, $855,000.

Calkins Rd., 2721-Shon and Katherine Y. Klegin to Christopher and Andrea Pullella, $715,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12925, No. 211-Iqbal Mathoor to Chaitanya Challa and Paul Thomas, $295,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12956, No. 217-Peter Jancik and Martin Denesi to Fadi and Liliane Ramadan, $296,000.

Clover Field Cir., 2465-Sridharan Seshadri and Santhi Sridharan to Vineesh Muthuvittil Subramaniam and Priyadarshini Narendran, $448,000.

Cuttermill Ct., 1412-Jeffrey H. and Jacqueline Johnson to Nasser Mojaverian and Layla Rad, $600,000.

DaVinci Lane, 13534-Feng Qian to Vandana Goyal, $380,000.

Elden St., 706, No. B-Junction Square Corp. to Kerry Ann Stadulis, $790,000.

Exbury St., 12309-Mark A. Shepherd and estate of Barbara Shepherd to Henry Christian and Elizabeth Christian Fuller, $545,000.

Fillmore St., 495-Christa J. Stunkle to James Alan and Susan Lynn Harshbarger, $499,900.

Fortnightly Blvd., 100-Sohaila Shambayati to Jeanne Ann Gentry, $549,000.

Grant St., 907-Kaitlyn Downer to Mary Teresa Kennedy, $445,000.

Herndon Mill Cir., 107-Sanjiv and Alpana Khetarpal to Victor and Ruthann Everhart Lok, $565,000.

Hill Haven Ct., 3316-Marilyn C. Storch to Li Ha and Yu Zhang, $431,000.

Jeff Ryan Dr., 1007-Jardin Rose Land Trust and Praesepe Management Corp. to Juan C. Urbina Callejas and Luis E. Santos Suarez, $491,400.

Knight Lane, 1036-Melanie C. Nelson to Rudy I. Solorzano, $325,000.

Logan Wood Dr., 2535-Venkata S. Chivukula to Gopinath Manickam and Thenmozhi Gopinath, $370,000.

Malvern Hill Pl., 1530-Patrick W. and Francine A. Harrington to Adam R. and Lisa Namejko, $530,000.

Millikens Bend Rd., 1514-Peter R. and Karen P. Aylestock to Maxwell Propp, $485,000.

Monroe St., 705-Junction Square Corp. to Stephen M. Dyas and Sasha Lynn Levy, $650,000.

Nathaniel Chase Lane, 655-Mark Troy Zwolski to Julia B. Paniagua and Yograj Taneja, $555,000.

Nestlewood Dr., 3129-Kathryn E. Albarado to Russ and Sheri Levitan, $735,251.

Oakhampton Pl., 2527-Arjun Gupta to Michael T. and Elisabeth G. McLean, $594,500.

Paddock Gate Ct., 2609-Russell Paul and Raquel Mojica Harris to Elizabeth Ann McDaniel and Brian S. Dudley, $800,000.

Pinecrest Rd., 12545-James M. and Reiko S. Kirk to Joseph D. and Annie B. Henderson, $525,000.

Powells Tavern Pl., 1533-Debra L. Ralston and Karen E. Lejeune to Rebecca Yvonne Kyes and Robert M. Esser, $492,000.

Richland Lane, 12105-Scot A. and Wendy R. Lebolt to Shon and Katherine Klegin, $950,000.

Salk St., 13698-Ian S. Marks to Susan Leigh Pohl, $425,000.

Spring Mill Lane, 13151-Jeffrey M. Wallace to Tatiana Staver, $490,000.

Tamani Dr., 2027-Barbara K. Shepard to Sudarath Changmani and Kittidej R. Duangrat, $455,000.

Terrymill Dr., 12612-Brian Tonthat and Duyen Tran to Laura Elizabeth Diegelmann and K. Mikael Fisseha Habte, $606,000.

Treadwell Lane, 2980-Michael R. Nordfelt to Ksenia and Charles Peguero, $715,000.

Westwood Hills Dr., 12119-Paul J. and Amy J. Kim to Daniel and Elizabeth Glynn, $606,260.

Windcroft Glen Ct., 1005-Brennan S. and Amy M. Murdock to Adam Emerson and Fernanda Buril Almeida, $465,000.

Yeager Dr., 3200-Kimberly Moskal to Wilman S. and Marta E. Canas Granados, $525,000.


Fairhaven Ave., 2725-Ruth M. Mara and Roger P. Weiler to Nicholas Jasper Dubose, $440,000.

Fenwick Dr., 5707-You Shin and Yu Fu Chen to Meng Zhang, $405,000.

Huntington Park Dr., 2449-Joseph F. Heath to Pavel Karelin and Edward A. Coppola, $590,000.

Kings Hwy. N., 6018-Harold R. Denton to Sara L. Smiley, $436,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 202-Hassan Beidas to Jason D. Gwinn and Arielle M. Silverman, $234,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 716-Ticia Cat Corp. to Daniel D. Berend and Carrie M. Babcock, $340,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 814-Sally Kay O’Meara and Karen O’Meara Byers to Christine M. Winter and David Shapiro, $485,000.

Williamsburg Rd., 6017-Estate of Erna F. Hickman and Jeanette F. Collier to Michael P. Rogers, $477,000.


Beddoo St., 6614-Noe F. Sermeno and Carlos A. Larios to Juan Carlos Serrano Romero and Claudia Iliana Ruiz, $424,000.

Bertram Lane, 7112-Cecelia Vergaretti to Vinit M. Guddeti, $420,000.

Clifton Farm Ct., 8208-Michael H. Downie to Devin Lawerence and Allison Barbara Hart, $475,000.

Deer Run Dr., 6840-David Harrison and Lisa Briggs Napier to Christina Anne Palmeri, $415,000.

Huntley Manor Lane, 3555-Roxana L. Galan to Nekitha Little, $384,900.

Range Rd., 7508-Angela L. Russell to George T. and Christina B. Curley, $700,000.

Schooley Dr., 2808-Sara J. Haven to Tunis Ward and Christine McElwain, $528,000.

Stover Ct., 7211-Jason W. Minett to Kelly A. and Patricia A. Taylor, $390,000.

Windbreak Dr., 2539-Betty Jane McCreedy to Adrian Christopher Azer and Candice Brooke Adams, $350,000.


Chieftain Cir., 5402-Rona Greenfield to Gregory Allen Ayers, $583,000.

Cypress Point Rd., 6555-Andrew R. and Kacie Wampler Starck to Mark and Katarina Petonito, $455,000.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 206-Jason S. Edinger to Meskerem Tesfaye, $275,000.

Everglades Dr., 6220-Estate of Edith M. Brannen and Ellen Jane Bierschenk to Sara A. Stramel, $450,000.

Hawk View Lane, 6393-Luis F. Proano to Ann Marie Everitt, $582,500.

Lincolnia Rd., 6340-Christopher Chandler to Juan Carlos Callao, $900,000.

Morning Mist Lane, 5271-Karyn M. Kortan to Cristina Monica Secarea, $725,000.

Shackelford Terr., 6259-Chase Mortgage Finance Trust and Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. to Onja Beebe, $530,000.

Split Creek Lane, 6250-Brian J. and Cheryl Lynne Cecil to Talat S. and Aziza Mirvarisovna Fayzieva, $690,000.

Tayack Pl., 6498-Justin J. Hyde to Gregory Steven and Nhi Phuong Vo Stanton, $457,000.


American Holly Rd., 8104-Geraldine M. Sellman to Kirby E. and Amy P. Watson, $813,000.

Baird Ct., 7707-Jamshid Karyab to Binyam Kefelegn Tilahun, $420,000.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9220, No. C-Deborah A. Hughes to Cameron K. Walker, $249,900.

Cranford Farm Cir., 7877-Sanjaya and Sasmita Jena to Fatima Tarshi, $580,000.

Dove Cottage Ct., 8133-Edward J. Carnot to Kyrill V. Bakhourov, $440,000.

Gilroy Dr., 8151-Fremont Home Loan Trust and HSBC Bank USA to Salman Q. Sherwani, $573,300.

Halley Ct., 8179-Eileen J. Thawley to Tristan Nicholas Nelson, $264,900.

Lake Hill Dr., 8803-Eleanor Durant Gomolinski Lally to Douglas C. and Lesley A. Spalding, $825,000.

Lyndam Hill Cir., 7202-Estrella F. and Jaime D. Kho to Herbert D. and Clara A. Marshall, $608,000.

McCauley Way, 8193-Jeong S. Lee to Kevin C. and Theresa P. Rogers, $520,000.

Old Vicarage St., 8384-Eileen Xu Weithers to Abiy Tamrat and Hirut Tessema, $517,500.

Rhododendron Cir., 8938-Min S. Hill to Benjamin Storozum and McCall Catherine Casas, $1.05 million.

Silvershadow Ct., 9139-Eric R. and Theresa S. Zupanc to Tanisha Janet and Brandon Respress, $490,000.

Stationhouse Ct., 8220-Rolando and Soledad G. Del Castillo to Kelvin King, $425,000.

White Orchid Pl., 8879-Wayde T. and Karen A. Fredrickson to Andrea Kaye and Brett A. Sturken, $615,000.


Alicent Pl., 7008-Elisabeth S. Wilton to Daniel H. and Kristy Yim, $650,000.

Benjamin St., 7008-Bonnie Lewis Gay to Mary Theresa Schmitz and Patrick James Byrne, $1.55 million.

Brook Rd., 8735-Mazen and Fadia R. Ayoubi to Shili Zhan and Jianfang Huang, $3.03 million.

Candlewick Ct., 1535-Judith and Peter J. Princi to Michael Apicelli and Anna E. Bartosiewicz, $684,000.

Cecile St., 1632-Joshua and Anhvinh Wright to Stephen K. and Ximena Bryce, $1.02 million.

Churchill Rd., 7207-Entre Builders Inc. to Aleksandra and Denis Yarotskiy, $2.43 million.

Eldorado St., 7345-Jong Soo and Jin Suk Lim to Da Qing Huang and Wenya Zheng, $714,000.

Enola St., 7855, No. 2-Paris So to Sdenka Escobar Espana, $292,500.

Fleetwood Rd., 6900-Signet Residential Corp. to Julie and John W. Schlendorf III, $1.3 million.

Georgetown Pike., 6337-Kevin S. and Kelly S. Nagel to Sebastian L. and Katharine C. Gorka, $1.82 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 220-Won S. Lee to Patrick A. Jorstad and Marlon F. Barrera, $383,500.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 1001-Dolores Blasco to Marie A. Ragan, $693,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 725-Nasser and Shahnaz Rezvani to Nathan Braddick Kirk, $380,000.

Hawthorne St., 6643-Christopher Clay Fuchs and Amy Christine Polishuk to John M. and Elisabeth Arnoult Roberts, $1.4 million.

Hunting Ave., 1541-Phyllis Altrogge to Kurt and Florence Werthmuller, $741,000.

Jefferson Pl., 6449-X 15 Ventures Corp. to Allen L. and Jennifer Carol Messer, $1.88 million.

Lear Rd., 7717-Chih Chen and Hsiu Hui Tseng Liu to Yi Hou and Mark Thomas Grabowicz, $925,000.

Lincoln Way, 1511, No. 304B-Chong Ok and Moo P. Ahn to Adel Alhaj, $356,000.

Lincoln Way, 1533, No. 102A-Abigail S. Kuo to Andres J. Martinez Villalba Serrano, $246,000.

Live Oak Dr., 612-Mounzer Sibay to William Gentry and Michelle Marks Bushman, $1.33 million.

Mayhurst Blvd., 1439-Michael F. Rubin to Fred Hiu Fai and Sylvia Wong Lau, $1.45 million.

Mulroy St., 6600-Philippe G. and Patricia J. Moisa to Thomas and Margaret Millar, $1.11 million.

Old Dominion Dr., 6341-Bank of New York Mellon and Cwalt 2006 to Nasir Mossaddad, $642,075.

Ozkan St., 1317-Richard and Olesia Tiagi to Jason and Sarah Seewer, $1.11 million.

Provincial Dr., 7630, No. 101-Carmen Diaz McDevitt to Mohamed S. Khattab, $305,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1937-Victoria K. Gilmer to Daniel Punaro and Brittany Bramell, $1.34 million.

Solitaire Lane, 1818-David B. Deitch and Suzanne C. Tosini to Yonatan Striem and Ella Striem Amit, $1.6 million.

Spring Gate Dr., 1600, No. 2211-Bill Hyun Sik and Hae Ran Choe Kim to Rachel Lim, $296,000.

Tennyson Dr., 6721-Estaet of Paul Nicholas Wojcik and Emily Susan Wojcik to Amandeep Sona Virdi, $1.47 million.

Waggaman Cir., 1440-Faisal Khalid and Sehr Faisal Sheikh to Sweta and Richard Hagar, $1.18 million.

Wimbledon Dr., 1148-Estate of Joann A. Pretti and Anderson M. Pretti to Byron H. and Karen L. Denney, $830,000.


Ayers Dr., 3422-Jonathan R. and Susan Elliott to Jason R. and Elizabeth M. Saunders, $635,000.

Beekman Pl., 8630-South Shore Corp. to Nargis Parven, $185,000.

Groombridge Way, 4420-H-Renee Weisbecker Chovanec to Claudia Maria De Lima Piereckdesa, $151,000.

Leaf Rd., 8436-Bret M. Richards to James Wesley Carty and Elyse Rebecca Dicesare, $412,000.

Mariposa Pl., 3864-Genesis 1 Corp. to Mercy Doffour and Kofi Boakye, $225,000.

Norwood Dr., 8121-Dana and Ashley Booher to Guillermo L. Gomez and Monica Alvarez, $454,400.

Pantano Pl., 8041-Vasco J. Trentin to Paige Catherine Talbot, $170,000.

Riverwood Rd., 3601-William D. and Kristin N. Smoot to Robert Whearty, $775,000.

San Leandro Pl., 3953-D-Genesis 1 Corp. to Theodros Bekele Molla, $189,000.

Sonia Ct., 4248-Serdar and Dilek Cobanoglu to Eugene Andrew Scott II, $560,000.

Village Green Dr., 5752-Wais Hakimi to Monica Taneja and Brian Dwight, $220,000.

Walutes Cir., 8736-Susan T. McClellan McCombe to Changmi Bang, $180,000.


Anders Terr., 6743-Milesh and Tara Patel to Mohammed Zayed Ibrahim, $652,000.

Cromwell Dr., 8900-Andrew T. and Kara A. Niewohner to Jeffrey and Katherine Gosselin, $577,100.

Fontana Pl., 5500-Matthew W. and Johanna M. Jantz to Jay and Yoonsook Oh, $485,000.

Inverchapel Rd., 5413-Bradley H. and Erin F. Philips to Jennifer and Craig Gildee, $581,413.

Leestone St., 7013-Melinda Ford to Melissa Collins and Ian Brock Martin, $472,000.

Queensberry Ave., 5536-Stephen J. and Robin Marie Noonan Price to Liang Mei, $590,000.

Tender Ct., 5703-David E. and Andrea Lynn Keller to John Charles and Vanessa Mae M. Bull, $472,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10248, No. 1-B7-Kenneth P. and Melody L. Kris to Shambhavi Geereddy and Sasanka Jandhyala, $326,000.

Ariana Dr., 3192-Lawrence A. and Mary Ann Luebbers to Peter and Elaine Beeman, $1.7 million.

Borge St., 3156-Mary Ellen Duffy Tanamly to Farangmeher Ghadiali and Sharon P. Goodwin, $550,000.

Capperton Dr., 9989-Carmen Geter to Elvin Cano Herrera and Arminda Carballo Vargas, $370,000.

Granite Creek Lane, 10306-Helena B. Morelli to Inwon Rim and Juyeon Huh, $430,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10006-Elizabeth A. Bancroft to Michael Conlon, $239,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10154-Susan Kirstein Parson to Wendy E. and Clinton C. Bennett, $275,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3176, No. 4-A1-Daniel Monroe Roberts and Narinder Kaur Gill to Pedro Jaime Frau Fernandez and Zoan Afanador, $278,000.

Tradewind Ct., 11005-Willow Creek Estates Corp. to Gabriel J. Berthe Suarez and Inna V. Berthe, $1.71 million.


Aintree Lane, 12010-Irene P. Schiffman to Jagannath Chakravarty and Swetha Venkataramani, $712,000.

Angel Wing Ct., 12255-Patricia L. Forner to Vo Nga Chi and Vo Minh Giang, $585,000.

Barrel Cooper Ct., 11988-James S. and Debra Fulmer to Seid Serajeh, $329,900.

Beaver Trail Ct., 11206-Kathleen M. Schaffer to Andre Nguyen and Vanhai Thi Dinh, $223,000.

Bradbury Lane, 11206-Manoj K. and Archana Agarwala to Ian and Suzanne Marsh, $720,000.

Bridoon Lane, 12619-Jennifer Lynn and Douglas Glen Spahr to Gabriel Adrian Calandra Checco and Maria Laura Moreno, $625,000.

Castle Rock Sq., 2230, No. 11C-Carol S. Lewis to Steffi Thompson, $217,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11248, No. 150-Eric A. and Katherine Mier to Aida Caceres Montes and Sandra Patricia Montero Caceres, $270,000.

Crossbeam Ct., 11200-Jasper and Yona Simons to John M. and Maureen K. McGurk, $795,000.

Emerald Heights Ct., 2297-Amang Sukasih and Ismi Juswantini to Chad W. Baxter, $367,500.

Fieldstone Lane, 11410-Alan R. and Karen A. Stevens to Edwin Boyette and Yun Sun, $900,000.

Gas Light Ct., 11653, No. E-Shahbaz Custom Home Builders Inc. to Jose Luis Femat and Mary Elizabeth Lambert, $200,000.

Great Owl Cir., 11704-Suzanne Summers and Ian Chesley Marsh to Traci A. Koch, $552,500.

Harbor Ct., 11114-Jerome F. Szelc to Richard A. and Laura J. Gagne, $525,000.

Hearthstone Ct., 11501-Sergiy and Alla Proskuryakova to Jonathan G. Weisenborn and Amanda Rebovich, $500,000.

Hollow Timber Ct., 11403-Patrick M. and Linda A. O’Neill to Srinivas Nagaraj, $634,900.

Inlet Ct., 1593-Katherine A. Sekardi to Justin and Lisa Thompson, $589,900.

Lake Audubon Ct., 2068-John M. and Kara E. Dileo to Xiaoning H. Gunn, $759,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 376-Alex James Wilson to Jafar Mottaghi, $466,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 341-Anna Marie Slot to Steven Eugene and Maria Ximena Baker, $370,000.

Midsummer Dr., 10737-Michael M. and Kathleen L. Thomas to Kevin M. and Debra A. Donegan, $795,000.

Northgate Sq., 1416, No. 16-Joseph J. and Samar Jamil Coury to Peter Ginzburg and Eileen Wu, $220,000.

Owls Cove Lane, 2113-Alda A. Herold to Katayoun Neshatpour, $680,000.

Pegasus Lane, 2506-Joy Marshall Ortiz to Adam and Rachel Cabe, $652,000.

Purple Sage Ct., 12102-Adam R. and Lisa Namejko to Keny Mauricio Mejia, $383,000.

Quietree Dr., 1737-Scott M. Ruffner to Mitchell Y. Holland, $392,000.

Ring Rd., 11020-Sterling R. and Elizabeth R. Wheeler to Trevor David and Mary Margaret Whetstone, $632,000.

Rosedown Dr., 2315-Daniel Awduche to Jessica and Austin Proffitt, $565,000.

Sagewood Lane, 1951, No. 219-Barbara L. Rueckert to Margaret H. Hurney, $158,000.

Sierra Woods Ct., 1672-Mark R. Eastman to Andrew Babione and Jessalyn Schneider, $389,000.

South Shore Rd., 11241-Karl C. and Jennifer A. Renne to Spero S. Sarandos and Jamie M. Bluth, $630,000.

Stratford House Pl., 11775, No. 210-Thomas W. Boltz to William R. and Tifany P. Wyatt, $496,000.

Summerchase Ct., 1500-D-Joseph and Arlene Sciortino to Valeriya Myronenko, $285,000.

Sunset Hills Rd., 11800, No. 613-Adam Kertz to Tak Man Lau, $415,000.

Trophy Lane, 2530-Alfred H. and Yonna R. Kromholz to Arthur Satian, $506,000.

Underoak Ct., 11517-Underoak Trust and Martyn Conquest to Kristen Marean Bodenhofer, $420,000.

Vantage Hill Rd., 11623, No. 1A-Beth Ann and David Gary Hitchings to Serena A. Mannion, $175,000.

Vintage Pl., 1226-Samir Das to Sandra Diaz Salek, $478,000.

Whisperwood Glen Lane, 2056-Christopher and Regina M. Donovan to Donald W. Sobanko, $325,100.

Wood Fern Ct., 2501-Albert C. and Virginia S. Keating to Ali Bibonge and Carolyn Cissna, $600,000.


Federal Hill Dr., 3011-John S. and Lara R. Miklozek to Bassem N. Ammoury, $599,000.

Kelsey Ct., 6002-Christopher Carter to Tran Nguyen, $650,000.

Manchester St. S., 3101, No. 218-Warren T. Ellsworth to Christian F. and Susan Hampson Wortman, $325,000.

Ravenwood Dr., 3158-Kathleen J. Baumgardner and Randal Holmer to Victor Mark Mungen and Agnes Plaquet, $612,000.

Waterway Dr., 6326-Charles A. and Milissa A. Rowcliffe to George S. and Michelle Major, $768,000.


Arley Dr., 8702-Louise Brooks Mannarino to Charles M. and Farah R. Vinnedge, $615,000.

Beachway Lane, 9213-John H. and Emily Bender to Brian Andrew and Hollie Michele Borchardt, $665,000.

Beverly Park Dr., 7109-Sandra L. Farkas to Jonathan K. Russell and Sasha Duran, $385,000.

Bridgeport Ct., 7126-Thomas J. and Debra Anderson to Robert Patrick and Kristin Katherine Higgins, $600,000.

Chapman Oak Ct., 8509-Sharon Kaps to Macy A. and Cory D. Schilling, $381,000.

Colorado Springs Dr., 7922-William C. and Mary L. Yowell to Lila Rasowsky Watson, $564,900.

Cushing Ct., 8323-Christopher P. and Lisa S. Doherty to David E. and Andrea L. Keller, $555,000.

Elk Dr., 9403-Robert and Amy Brinson to Eric J. and Kendel E. Gilchrest, $680,000.

Falling Leaf Rd., 8483-Carey Tsang and Dai Jin to Elliot Heemoon Shin, $525,000.

Franconia Ct., 6403-Reynard F. and Estrellita P. Dava to Christopher P. and Katherine S. Domone, $395,480.

Frontier Dr., 6007-Charles M. Van Steyn to Hung Quang Dao and Phu Luu Thanh Phan, $506,000.

Godolphin Dr., 7891-Everette Clarence Byrd to Alton B. and Kimberly N. Clemmons, $525,000.

Hackberry St., 6808-Thomas A. and Maryann N. McGuire to Li An Chen, $541,000.

Hibbling Ave., 6016-Christine R. Knenlein to Savath Vong and Chariya Sarang, $430,000.

Hundsford Lane, 7107-Glenn Coghlan to Michael and Kelly Van Buskirk, $715,000.

Julian St., 6403-Sharon Keyes Murphy to Tan Minh Ly and Hoang Oanh Thi Mai, $324,000.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8483-Joel S. Kellogg to John M. Keller, $329,000.

Macswain Pl., 9200-Robert J. and Shirley J. Gordon to Terence and Imran Mitchell Byrnes, $660,000.

Northern Oaks Ct., 7690-Carmen Shelly to Christine Price and Christopher Galvez, $399,000.

Paloma Lane, 9216-Frances Ann Cory to Derek Teron and Angela Logan Hughes, $650,000.

Racetec Ct., 6401-Richard and Karen Kearney to Kristen Matthews and Christopher Spicer, $452,500.

Ridge Creek Way, 8140-Gerald L. and Irene L. Lelansky to John and Jacqueline McKenna, $760,500.

Roundabout Way, 7845-James L. and Rebecca L. Denton to Prithviraj and Arunima Dasgupta, $690,000.

Southern Oak Dr., 7651-Tram Nguyen to Rojina Shrestha, $435,000.

Spur Rd., 6902-Castell Group Corp. to Wai P. and Aye Mon Aung, $600,000.

Terra Grande Ave., 8213-Ahmad S. and Rabia Malik to Beniyam Menberu and Almaz G. Abza, $590,000.

Winter Blue Ct., 8105-Neal F. McBride to Melchizedek A. and Joanne B. Shabelski, $500,000.


Amberwood Manor Ct., 1861-Young Hee Kim to Daniel Young Bin Koh, $995,000.

Ballycor Dr., 1908-Robert Sandford and Christine M. Genter to Cory C. and Shauna M. Scott, $1.43 million.

Bellforest Ct., 2710, No. 310-Nahid Handal to Alexander D. Thompson, $305,000.

Clarks Crossing Rd., 9605-Brent T. and Tracy Salmons to Bruce Chia Yu Lei and Huan Cheng, $1.2 million.

Cottage St. SW, 704-Janet Hunt to Sean and Kayleen Oblack, $1.34 million.

Creek Crossing Rd. NE, 513-Russell F. and Anna Benson to Benjamin Sanei and Shahin Hemmatzadeh, $800,000.

Ermantrude Ct., 9134-Parvaneh S. Davari to James and Linda Pugel, $887,500.

Fremont Lane, 1607-David E. and Lynn N. Fowler to Molly B. and Benjamin Racenberg, $875,000.

Hill Top Rd. NE, 205-Patricia A. and James H. Clarkin to Andrew R. and Jacqueline B. Haynes, $650,000.

Kramer Dr. SE, 414-Lyle M. and Anne M. Nelson to Saam and Shadnoosh Tariverdi, $685,000.

Liberty Tree Lane, 9514-Sang Y. and Arin Jung Kim to Christopher and Leanne McNabney, $980,000.

Madrillon Ct., 8160-Jianjun Xu and Yajun Zhou to Kenneth M. Lomas and Eun J. Lee, $829,900.

Marshall Rd. SW, 634-William J. McCarthy and Sheila J. Carpenter to Michael and Christina Francisco, $825,000.

Morada Ct., 2810-Edward T. and Heannie Y. Kang to Wen Qi Zhao, $881,864.

Plum St. SW, 701-Vincent J. and Valerie R. Amodeo to John and Kellita Beam, $825,000.

Rockbridge St., 2421-Mark R. and Julia H. Thiele to Robert and Sarith Kossowsky, $725,000.

Southwind Ct., 1406-James K. and Helen N. Winkle to Joseph and Elizabeth S. Anderson, $932,500.

Surveyors Ct. SW, 301-Raymond L. and Kristina Lord to Anishka Brown and Robert Brian Frankenberry, $688,000.

Tapawingo Rd. SW, 610-Rosse Mary Flores to Michael Kevin Wainwright, $714,100.

Trumpeter Ct., 10403-John E. Foster to Sandra E. and Russell E. Rubin, $810,000.

Upham Pl. NW, 407-William J. and Leanne G. Alverson to Jeremy M. and Emily R. Blumberg, $1.48 million.

Wilmar Pl. NW, 119-Jon A. and Mildred G. Davidson to Erik and Marissa Lawson, $885,000.

Yellow Pine Dr., 10300-Louis M. and Janet L. Silvano to John and Christine Park, $780,000.


Sandburg Ct., 8007-Jigme and Tenzin Gorap to Chenguang Xu and Wenwen Zhang, $875,000.


Brentford Dr., 6411-Gregory R. and Kayra M. Wood to Neil and Laura Menzie, $605,000.

Carrleigh Pkwy., 8145-Fred Leo Hart to Brandon Swartz and Stephanie Blochinger, $350,000.

Darlington St., 8310-Estate of Pamela A. Rau and Toby Garlitz to David Ray Smith and Mariah Hope Duell, $287,000.

Fairburn Dr., 8505-Tua V. Le to Ameer and Maryam Laila Mashkour, $600,000.

Greeley Blvd., 6013-Alison M. Clardy to Jeffrey R. and Kristin M. Graham, $695,000.

Green Hollow Ct., 6149-Mark Steven Tauber to Jeffrey and Christine Black, $455,000.

Ivybridge Ct., 8513-Al Y. and Elizabeth Campos to Ron P. and Kimberly Brown Balatbat, $555,000.

Kerry Lane, 8630-Michael S. and Kelly A. Van Buskirk to Marcus R. and Amber D. Wells, $579,900.

Lamese Ct., 6510-Carol Wilfert Stewart to Michael An Phuong Dinh and Regina Carr, $642,500.

Noblestown Rd., 5905, No. C-Sarah A. Senges to Man Mach and Yen Kim Le, $270,000.

Painted Daisy Dr., 7823-Patrick J. Kastner to Julian Alexander and Anya Baez, $515,000.

Prince James Dr., 5909, No. F-June Wagner Enis to Jessica M. Williams, $205,000.

Rathlin Dr., 6282-Susan J. Parker to Katryn A. McCalment, $430,000.

Rolling Woods Ct., 7860, No. 4T3-Dianne W. Leone Hopper to Edna P. and Patricia D. Walenga, $345,000.

Side Saddle Rd., 8818-Michael S. and Isabelle G. Dorlan to Jason and Esther Ruedi, $587,000.

Tiffany Park Ct., 9102-Paul Cong and Huong Thuy Luong to Linda N. Nana, $350,000.

Whitlers Creek Dr., 7231-Nazir Ahmad Hamid to James M. Bravo, $485,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Allison Cir., 4261-Luis Rocca to Stanislav Miachkov and Elizabeth Paul, $372,000.

Breckinridge Lane, 10432-Peter Gould and Kayleigh Jackson to Theodore Bohart Bloomer, $630,000.

Cameron Glen Dr., 10710-Wamique Futuri to Joseph Pendergast, $682,000.

Fairfax Blvd., 9445, No. 303-Gerson Orellana to Shumbey Clifton Calvin, $170,000.

Mosby Woods Dr., 10007-Ali R. and Nasir Mossaddad to Rafael A. Mejia, $254,000.

Plantation Pkwy., 3161-Estate of Anne T. Fagan and Susan M. Inscoe to Michael Anthony and Brianne Marie Baglini, $644,100.

Virginia St., 4129-Elizabeth Annduc and Melissa A. Klitenic to Chukwuma Mbanugo Onyejegbu, $570,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 619-John M. Stilling to Patricia Harrell, $390,000.

Falls Way W., 601-Daniel L. and Susan F. Larcamp to Jesse S. Curtis and Lara K. Harris, $1.12 million.

Gundry Dr., 215-Gabor and Jenifer A. Csaszi to Jose D. and Nursen C. Silva, $649,000.

Maple Ave. N., 200, No. 609-Elaine Robbins Warren to Natalya Yassinskaya, $307,500.

Parker St., 1010-Northern Virginia Investments Corp. to Katherine Morgan and Stefan Joseph Bachman, $880,000.

Quesada St. N., 940-Parri Ann Marshall to Hany M. Nasr, $752,310.

Riley St., 319-Duncan F. and Katie B. Young to Michael David and Rebecca Brideau Hall, $1.57 million.

Rosemary Lane W., 410-Gwendolyn A. Vaughan and William G. Rooney III to Thomas and Dorothy K. Gillaspy, $1.1 million.

Virginia Ave. S., 410-Axel and Lisa C. Freese to Kelly Margaret Lamp and Scott Christopher Wasilefski, $710,000.