Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Manchester Way, 6308-Thomas P. Danaher to Beverly A. Beavers, $620,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1302, No. C1-Michael Casey Bryant to Kaushal Shah, $270,500.

Burtonwood Dr., 7118-Paul V. and Melanie R. Shebalin to Jason D. Martin and Jennifer E. Spatz, $880,000.

Devonshire Rd., 7107-Sarahelen Thompson and Richard L. Farnsworth to Jeffrey M. Hyman and Stanislaw Shumway Marshall, $730,000.

Fordham Dr., 2212-Robert J. and Rachel L. Stein to Timothy M. and Sarah B. Egan, $717,500.

Golf Course Sq., 6313-James L. Leblanc to Amanda B. Anderson, $607,000.

Potomac Ave., 6614, No. C1-Velma V. Grier to Stacie Graham, $220,000.

Stanford Dr., 7000-Meredith and Kyle Smoot to Suman and Shampa Barua, $420,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 316-Donald G. and Jane S. Rogich to Davis Aaron D. and Leif L. Grotos, $216,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6641, No. 211-Canyon Oaks SS Corp. to Lacey Rae Rocha, $162,000.

Wakefield Dr. E., 6622, No. B2-NSR Properties Corp. to Ryan S. Wilson, $228,000.

Westhampton Dr., 6948-Bobby G. and Cheryl L. Carpenter to Megan Marie Challender and Daniel Howard Baldwin, $380,000.

13th St., 6412-Nancy Lou Gilbert to Keith Albino Pellegrini, $600,000.


Apple Tree Dr., 4803-Deborah F. and Burton C. Slack to Greg Franklin Hershkowitz and Kelsey Pettit, $485,000.

Ballycastle Cir., 5221-Khaled and Halima A. Aziz to Marilyn N. Musgrave, $494,900.

Bold Lion Lane, 7831-Kimberly Edney Taylor and Kristopher K. Edney to Matthew Moran and Aimee Ann Lorge, $606,000.

Bristol Way, 6101-Tina Morrow to Fitsum Tirfe and Addis Daniel, $370,000.

Bush Hill Dr., 5904-Joel M. Snapp and Michael W. Pugh to Stephen R. and Natalie Dicks, $601,000.

Castletown Way, 6162-Melissa and Charles Hulett to Carter Cong and Jiali Chen, $490,000.

Chicory Pl., 6074-Michael Kim to Bruk Mindaye and Yemnagnu Tesfaye, $420,000.

Crown Royal Cir., 6051-Capital Realty Corp. to Benjamin Dikey and Amelia Pimentel, $485,000.

Eastgate Lane, 7326-Estate of Joyce E. Lavery and Joseph E. Lavery to Cynthia Karen King, $390,000.

Essex House Sq., 6084-B-Denises Veitia to Kelly L. Piatti, $280,000.

Flower Lane, 4702-Timothy L. Jenkins to Sean and Jennifer Caffrey, $500,000.

Frost Lake Lane, 6628-William Anthony and Paula Houtary Thompson to Ryan J. Lamke and Hala Y. Salman, $630,000.

Gildar St., 6461-Benjamin Sanei and Shahin Hemmatzadeh to Jeanah Lacey and Christian Klein, $487,501.

Governors Hill Dr., 5850-Christopher William and Beth Allison Borkenheim to Bradley T. and Jill S. St. Marie Hoagland, $880,000.

Grange Lane, 6561, No. 403-John E. Mercer to Alexander and Tatiana Kruglyakova, $365,000.

Greyledge Ct., 6514-Robert F. Allen to Wubanchi Shiferaw, $329,000.

Hickman Terr., 6586-Baerbel E. Fichtl to Mohamed Elhajjam and Samira Jourame, $610,000.

Ivanhoe Lane, 3803-Douglas E. Herr and Jane F. Maliszewski to Chad M. and Sarah E. Eberle, $799,000.

Jowett Ct., 5516-Brian and Hollie Borchardt to Joseph P. and Caroline P. Locksmith, $515,000.

Kestner Cir., 6058-Tyler and Michelle Miller to Joshua Todd and Bethany Amber Rissler Eberle, $516,500.

Lake Cove Dr., 7136-Erin Maria Gormley to Thomas Jeffrey Binder, $530,000.

May Blvd., 6305-Edna G. Mitchell to Ryan J. and Molly A. Hill, $440,000.

Mission Ct., 4304-David A. and Laurel J. Hyde to Jason Frederick and Ana Catalina Hackl, $889,000.

Nevitt Way, 6505-Ryan L. Tucker to Derrick Blalock and Kamilah L. Williams, $454,000.

Overleigh Lane, 6550-Sarah E. and Trent A. Bearden to Destin Fleming and Kendal Alexis Tracy, $434,000.

Pleasure Cove Ct., 5210-Leah J. Henry to Benjamin William and Jiashuai Beatty, $435,000.

Roudsby Ct., 7404-Bacca Investments Corp. to Justin Michael and Stephanie Paige Prinzbach, $575,000.

Shaffer Dr., 6017-Karen Zachok to Christopher T. Schatz and Rianna N. Barrett, $685,000.

Sutcliffe Dr., 6437-Amy L. and Simon R. Momber to Raiko Mendoza and Joel Pagliarello, $640,000.

Terrapin Pl., 5985-C-Brian K. Howard to Jamila H. Ahmed, $333,000.

Thackwell Way, 6602, No. F-Leslie Marie Kiser to Wang Xu, $310,000.

Treetop Lane, 5012-Beth Anne and Trevor John Dalton to Kerem Yalcin Ertekin, $430,000.

Victoria Dr., 6910, No. D-Christopher J. Gaudet to Chi Doan and Henry Ho, $257,000.

Wellington Commons Dr., 6136-Donald A. and Freda J. Manzullo to Francis Phillip Fernandez De Castro and Roberta M.L. Lovatelli, $520,000.

Wilton Crest Ct., 3364-Feng Liu and Nan Yang to Peter Matthew and Son Yong Sheridan, $650,000.

Woodlake Lane, 6012-Jeffrey L. Collins to Robert William Ashworth and Sarah Loring Johns, $675,000.


Americana Dr., 4903, No. 208-Eun Sook Sul and Yun Soo Choi to Samrun Koo and Nha Q. Tran, $174,900.

Americana Dr., 4957, No. 206-Marcel Buliga to Amir Ghonim, $170,000.

Annandale Rd., 3908-Department of Housing and Urban Development to German A. Vasquez, $451,000.

Brass Knob Ct., 8458-SKL Corp. to Julius K. Phu, $679,999.

Brookcrest Pl., 7232-Cheryl Magagnotti to Thomas C. Prewitt and Melanie M. Stover, $565,000.

Charleson St., 3425-Christopher T. Martin to Michael Austin Cuff and Karla Nicole Haworth, $675,000.

Daniels Ave., 4104, No. 301-Mi Kyoung Jung to Bernard Rawlins, $170,000.

Dodson Dr., 4832-River Green Realty Corp. to Gwendolyn Driggers, $740,000.

Fortune Ct., 5126-Jeffrey R. Cundith to Gregory J. and Jacqueline M. Robinson, $670,000.

Happy Heart Lane, 3345-Thomas G. Haser to Russell M. Anema and Shiqing Li, $646,350.

Island Pl., 4404, No. 304-Jantele H. Ross to Suong H. Nguyen, $249,900.

King Solomon Dr., 4921-Mukaddes G. and Abdullah Cagatay to Tanel and Mari Suurhans, $700,000.

Lanier St., 7104-Vu Real Estate Corp. to Nhu Huong T. Nguyen, $520,000.

Mangalore Dr., 4106, No. 302-Samira Gill and Syed M. Jaffery to Supakitti Sophonthampan, $205,000.

Moss Dr., 3907-James I. Mangi and Kathleen P. Schmidt to Sylvia Ghassemieh and Matthew Dennis Norman, $588,000.

Poe Ct., 3821-John and Virginia Desantes Correll to James Joseph and Julie Cali, $690,000.

Rose Lane, 3715-Huchen Zhang and Li Zhou to Schuyler J. and Marguerite St. Lawrence, $510,000.

Toll House Rd., 8235-Jeffrey S. and Janet P. Cummins to Leanne Margaret and Austin Bailey Wright, $732,500.

Valleycrest Blvd., 7410-Matilde P. Galvan to Sang S. and Linh T. Pham, $900,000.

Walton Lane, 7512-Michael V. and Maria E. Sazonov to Lily Phan and Chau Dang, $890,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3368, No. 22-James J. Liu to Fakhrul Ahmed, $215,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3320, No. 14-Reza and Abian T. Farhadi to Sari Lisseth Rodas Mazariegos and Cristhian B. Serrano Carias, $229,000.


Barcroft Mews Ct., 3919-Deborah Jane Todd to Elizabeth Ann Quill and Tyler Rex Whitney, $640,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 1706N-James E. Brevard to Robert Hyland, $331,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 609N-Deborah J. Lambert to Kwame Baah Apraku, $315,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3713, No. 213-Fred S. and Nancy E. Rabin to Yoko and David H. Bier, $275,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6133, No. 409-Hassib Khalili to Ada Y. Garcia, $173,000.

Maple Ct., 3511-Michael A. and Claudia Morgenrood to Claudia Antoneitte Baya, $415,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 410-Paul Kemp to Kevin Cincotta, $249,900.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 1026-Cynthia R. Gorostiaga to Joel D. Rios Cordova and Mabel Y. Zeballos, $250,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 114S-Cynthia A. Vanderpool to Edmundo A. Carazo, $265,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 2513S-Youssof and Mohammed Sediq Ghafoorzai to Karissa Bingham, $245,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 2505N-Lavinia Marie Limon and Mohammed S. Hanon to Basheer Ilyas, $359,900.

Seminary Rd., 5575, No. 203-Kevin M. Fay to Joseph Ronald Gribb, $227,500.


Apple Wood Lane, 5815-Robert A. and Lauren E. Hoffman to Michael D. and Katherine M. Brown, $445,000.

Beaconsfield Ct., 5505-Steven S. and Vickie L. Whitaker to Adrien and Sarah Y. Caudrelier, $480,000.

Birch Leaf Ct., 6450-Ramesh and Anita Kumar to Esete R. Roba, $261,000.

Calico Pool Lane, 6113-Teri L. Brooks Meyer to Michael Robert Shumaker II, $435,000.

Cloverdale Ct., 9469-Capital Realty Corp. to Gregory A. and Lindsay A. Leahy, $426,900.

Cove Landing Rd., 5914, No. 204-Liane Jenkins Melvin to Trinh to Tran and Luan S. Huynh, $255,000.

Crownleigh Ct., 5748-Christian J. and Danielle L. Sayre to Sean Parnell and Trinh Truong, $480,000.

Dunleigh Dr., 5210-A-Jaye S. and Reena S. Bawa to Jim Ming An Lee and Jessica Lau, $1.02 million.

Fitzhugh St., 5816-Bosch Homes Corp. to Daniel David and Laura Jane Frazelle, $751,000.

Goshen Lane, 9441-Emily Nicole and Justin J. St. Onge to Pedro R. Lanuza Baltodano and Mariana E. Bocache Figueroa, $435,000.

Heathwick Ct., 6005-Michael and Allison Marie Gemmer to Jason Norman and Deanna Mary Falcone Wisniewski, $445,000.

Jacksons Oak Ct., 5836-Anantha Kiran to Justin Seara, $430,000.

Lakepointe Dr., 9840-Ryan K. and Nancy T. Tran to Douglas M. and Hope L. Bauer, $460,000.

Mainsail Dr., 9334-Edouard A. and Sabine A. Peloquin to Michael and Robin Skaggs, $675,000.

New England Woods Dr., 5829-Austin J. and Cathy E. Acocella to Lawrence Marshall and Julie C. Graves, $650,000.

Pine Meadows Lane, 9571-Terri D. Justice and Jeffrey Yuen to Dan Zhang and Chunxia Ren, $785,000.

Pueblo Ct., 6113-Fred E. Spivey to Brian M. and Megan Jorgenson, $650,000.

Sailcloth Pl., 9507-Paul Mannion and Lindsay Kramer Estabrooks to Gregory and Adamandia Ruocco, $736,000.

Shipwright Dr., 9504-George B. and Angela H. Kinney to Philip Mark and Klara Cali, $625,000.

Spillway Ct., 9810-Kamal and Namrataben Ahmad to Kevin James Abbas and Evan Marie Lowder, $448,500.

Summer Oak Ct., 10605-Kum Ok Han to Clay Choongseop and Soo Kyung Lee, $369,000.

Tillary Ct., 5453-Francis Joseph Maguire IV to Douglas P. and Heather Jones, $430,000.

Whitewater Dr., 9926-Tyler and Carrie Schwab to Andrew P. Hartigan and Lauren Elizabeth Searson, $455,000.

Windward Dr., 6008-Matthew S. and Julie L. Ross to Maria C. Phillip, $505,000.

Wood Sorrels Ct., 5902-Jessada and Krista N. Junvisetsak to Caitlin Janine Harvey and Theodore Jacob Severson, $485,000.


Asher Ct., 6107-Matthew J. and Julie M. Shildt to Benjamin G. Eu, $415,000.

Autumn Cir., 14136-Young Eom and Me Ye Lee to William Petersen and Christine Roberta Lounsbury, $358,000.

Barrymore Rd., 5718-Eugene and Susan K. Tonkinson to Van Hai Pham and Thithuy Phan, $505,000.

Bebe Ct., 5110-Ross E. and Cherise Y. Simms to Alejandro Jose Reyes and Maria Luisa Osorio Pedauga, $862,000.

Blueridge View Dr., 15324-Meagan Terseck and Timothy James Sherrange to Suthasini and Suphitcha Changmani, $429,990.

Brushwood Way, 14297A-David M. Newman to Sung Hoon and Doo Hi Yang, $350,000.

Cabells Mill Dr., 13750-Philip Hong to Mark Song and Jungyeon Shin Ko, $661,000.

Chasewood Cir., 6816-James D. and Margaret A. Raube to Eliot Noel and Anna Bacon, $335,000.

Clarendon Springs Pl., 5878-Peter A. and Neifi Maritza Lecomte to Kathryn Cecelia Donoghue and Jonathan D. Esten, $325,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14322, No. 203-M. Esperanza Rugeles to Grace Kim, $171,000.

Cool Oak Lane, 14421-Deborah A. Lilly to Skyler Hansen, $209,000.

Creek Bed Ct., 6411-Vivek and Hema Bhalla to Matthew J. and Julie M. Shildt, $565,000.

Deer Pond Rd., 5716-Ae Hwa Yang to Jennifer Lee and Todd Anthony Math, $605,000.

Fence Post Ct., 5512-Kevin S. and Diane L. Anderson to Cameron Spencer and Kaitlin Tuohey Sheppard, $485,000.

Frosty Winter Ct., 6225-Melinda J. Yium to Young Soon Yoon and Peter Choi, $400,000.

Glade Spring Dr., 14247-Oak Joo and Soo Young Lee to David and Jihee Kim, $410,000.

Gothic Dr., 13909-Anna Choe to Wein and Holly Zhang, $426,000.

Greymont Dr., 14952-Ruth M. Skeins to Carlos E. Villeda Castro and Yesenia V. Castro Gomez, $467,000.

Gunners Pl., 14004-Sakinah A. Warid to Wei and Yuyu Li, $360,000.

Heritage Crossing Lane, 14245-Jorge A. Chevarria Delgado and Yancy Gonzalez to Ruethai and Piyapong Phaiboonweerasakun, $375,000.

Indian Summer Ct., 14622-Emily N. Merrick to Connie H. Yeo, $440,000.

Kamputa Dr., 14910-W. Vaughn and Karen A. Lowe to Haichen Ren and Rongfang Xu, $475,000.

Lawnes Creek Ct., 15602-Robert L. and Tammy R. Gift to Julie and Kevin Flynn, $856,250.

Malcolm Jameson Way, 13935-Joshua F. and Jennifer L. Steele to Trung T. and Angela Bao Ngoc Nguyen, $660,000.

Middlebourne Lane, 5469-Sugnana Premraj Rajarapu and Susmitha Musunuru to Jae Eun and Soo Hyun Kim, $410,000.

Oak Cluster Dr., 14537-Michael A. and Veronica Esposito to Gregory and Christina Bruch, $510,000.

Olde Kent Rd., 14644-Preston and Barbara Hall to Steven E. Buck and Rachel M. Edwards, $360,000.

Palmerston Sq., 14821-Virginia Sell Now Corp. to Shah Mohammad Zulfiquar Hasan and Habiba Binte Alam, $358,000.

Point Ct., 6220-Kurt K. and Maria E. Rudolph to Kyung Min Lee and Eunji Kim, $660,000.

Ridge Haven Ct., 6106-Mark H. and Catherine D. Burghardt to Brian J. and Sharron S. Clifford, $699,500.

Rocky Valley Dr., 14112-Michael L. Giblin and Karen J. Gardner to Emily M. Roszkowiak, $386,000.

Sacred Lane, 15001-Robert W. and Annemarie Calkins to Angel M. Otero and Ivonne G. Rodriguez Cervoni, $666,805.

Schoolfield Ct., 5601-Tao Jiang and Mei Zhang to Bradley P. Ching, $563,500.

Skylemar Trail, 6510-Eric G. Kangas to Wonwoo Cho and Sukyong Ku, $358,000.

Stillfield Pl., 15047-Cary S. Gaulding to Lance Nelson and Heather Diane Diesel, $749,900.

Travis Edward Way, 5115-J-Cristine Gollayan to Noah Pak, $223,500.

Wetherburn Ct., 15376-Suzann A. Dodds to Peter and Monica Mary Saad, $650,000.

Winding Ridge Lane, 13916-John and Ingrid Ketterman to Christopher G. and Edith M. Torres Clouden, $380,000.

Woodgate Manor Cir., 14566-Jennifer Y. Chung to Marion D. and Michelle Divine G. Arenas Palaming, $401,000.


Beaujolais Ct., 13814-David M. and Carol S. Anderson to Daniel Gonzalo Quiroz Llano, $245,000.

Henry Pond Ct., 13779-Robert D. and Elizabeth A. Novak to Lynlee C. Baker, $1.02 million.

Lightfoot St., 3820, No. 219-Chantilly Condo Corp. to Meghan Elise Gollhofer, $250,000.

Orr Dr., 4518-Patricia C. Ryan to Gaurav Anil Patwardhan and Meghana Lonkar, $725,000.

Point Pleasant Dr., 13560-Patricia A. Kinnaly to Hala Chrabi Hachwi, $515,000.

Silas Hutchinson Dr., 4360-Jonathan Francis and Alison Teri Mitchell to Jireh and Rachel Miaw, $500,000.

Virginia Dare Ct., 3022-Martin J. Dowd Jr. to Stephen A. Heine, $365,000.

Winter Harbor Ct., 4111-Dawn C. Painter to Myoungja Chung, $294,000.


Cannon Fort Dr., 7513-Gabby Enterprises Corp. to Daren William and Nishi Mehta Langhorne, $985,000.

Forest Run Dr., 6041-Randall W. and Martha A. Chapman to Wonju Song, $750,000.

Henderson Rd., 12206-Fouad and Amanda Qreitem to Azam and Sadaf Rahimi, $2.1 million.

Moss Glen Rd., 13528-Barbra R. Wehrle to Allison and Kevin Dress, $600,000.

Orchard Dr., 13579-Jung Hee Back to Kyoung Sook Yoon, $260,000.

Seven Hills Lane, 12025-Mel and Mary G. Chaskin to Geoffrey S. and Sheeba San Antonio, $970,000.

Wolf Valley Dr., 12122-Scott A. and Sara M. Holbrook to Jennifir Lee Birtwhistle, $860,000.


Aristotle Ct., 3851, No. 1-321-Jung Hee Han to Nam H. Rhee, $272,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11329, No. 5-310-Parinaz Mirfakhraie and Narges Khodaei to Brian M. McCormack, $333,000.

Artery Dr., 11942-Melissa S. and Scott W. Callahan to Nichelle Sabine Hunter Nichols and John Paul Hunter, $430,000.

Bailey Lane, 9295-Jennifer R. Phillips to Stanislav Sabinin and Jennifer A. Toth, $525,000.

Bellavia Lane, 4304-Steven L. and Shirley M. Cunningham to Briana K. and Ian C. Wulf, $540,000.

Bleeker St., 2905, No. 4-304-David Mullen and Belgin Hanson to Helen Oh, $595,000.

Broadrun Dr., 3504-Joseph P. and Donna M. Marino to Zheng Gong and Yan Yan, $1.01 million.

Canonbury Sq., 9501-Jennifer A. and Gregory R. Ruchti to Hyunho Park and Yonghwa Lee, $660,000.

Castlecary Lane, 4151, No. 107-Jabil R. and Hasina J. Sinha to Insop and Heeja Han, $390,000.

Cerromar Pl., 12545-Sirus Bakhtiar to Sinthu Pillai, $850,000.

Chestnut Knolls Dr., 9353-Keely Marie Flatow Fahoum to Javid Darius and Catherine O. Heravi, $650,200.

Colesbury Pl., 9007-Lisa Semb Payne and Medina Semb Moran to Lucas Alexander and Laura Fern Ruth, $800,000.

Dogwood Hills Lane, 12724-Laura K. Peters to Yumee Christina and Yujin Danielle Cho, $530,000.

Eggleston Terr., 4689-Tsai Yu Cheng to Nivdip K. Kalsi, $398,000.

Fair Briar Lane, 12826-Jeremy A. and Rana E. Novack to Alyssa Rozines, $326,000.

Fairfax Center Creek Dr., 4103-Lucas A. Lange to Michael Carey and Heather Ahlers, $570,000.

Farmland Dr., 3736-Bryan W. and Marisa Kamla Ireland to Andrew T. and Lisa L. Dixon, $450,000.

Foxhole Dr., 13309-Paul K. Carwile to Sophia Yu Jin Park, $436,000.

Gainsborough Dr., 4839-Patricia A. Nicolary to David Andrew and Katherine M. Klein, $699,000.

Garden Grove Cir., 12140, No. 203-Judy Ann Trenta to Fatek Karam, $315,000.

Golf Ridge Ct., 12000, No. 350-Homayoun and Gloria D. Tebyanian to Sarah Caitlyn Aviles, $307,000.

Green Ledge Ct., 12107, No. 102-Karen L. Morisato to Cheryl Jean Phillips, $305,000.

Greenway Ct., 12111, No. 172-Woo Joe and Jin Young Lee Sung to Luise Estelle, $303,500.

Hamilton Dr., 9008-Robert Feitel and Sandi Rhee to Brian Scott and Tara Ann Kelly, $1.19 million.

Harrow Lane, 5397-Jack K. Berner to Ziad N. and Marine Fakhoury, $830,000.

Hearthside Lane, 13112-Alejandro J. Reyes and Maria Luisa Osorio Pedauga to Jeremy A. Lombardo, $510,000.

Hollybrook Lane, 4910-Sydney Lucille Price to Scott Robert Senkbeil and Karen Kim Tieu, $780,000.

Jensen Pl., 4414-Estate of Peter G. Foss and Susan Rachel Colbert to Christopher Joseph and Denise Lynne Bilzor Albert, $615,000.

Kings Crown Ct., 9737, No. 1-Timothy Grant to Sergio E. and Pamela Soria Iglesias, $260,000.

La Cross Ct., 5506-Bev Lowe and estate of Karen Rene Dayton to Thomas Allen Settles and Corina Amalia Rickett, $450,000.

Latney Rd., 10297-Marc Rafiq Nims to Johnny F. Sanchez, $430,000.

Libbey Dr., 4501-Tovah A. Minster to Jeffrey Charles Earnest and Lauren Kathryn Yurko, $705,000.

Log Ridge Dr., 11429-Jae W. Hwang to Erin and Courtney Jarrett, $510,000.

Lynnhurst Dr., 8800-Richard and Kathleen M. Leone to Kimberly Ann Culotta, $842,250.

Marcus Ct., 9516-Bruce A. and Linda A. Litchfield to Jose A. Centeno, $495,000.

Maury Ct., 4912-Heather and Charles McDade to Robert R. and Kimberly A. Seals, $870,000.

Mercury Lane, 13116-Richard M. and Jeanette L. Cole to Karen Zachok, $560,000.

Mozart Brigade Lane, 4210-D-Thomas E. Deane to Karen O’Malley, $335,000.

Nuttall Rd., 4406-Louis A. Baviello to Paul and Grace Kim, $805,000.

Paynes Church Dr., 10816-James E. Scheppan to Jackson James and Michelle Marie Stasny, $624,500.

Penderview Lane, 12151, No. 2005-Feng Qian to Christopher Graff, $203,500.

Pennerview Lane, 13116-Cynthia J. Lukowski to Stephen and Amy Casey, $515,000.

Poplar Tree Rd., 13212-Edward M. and Susan Stanners Robinson to Roy W. and Sandra E. Barnes, $535,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 102-Bora Elizabeth Kim to Yihao Zhou, $309,500.

Provincetown Ct., 10217-Charles and Renee Roberts to Tong Chen and Huixin Yang, $518,000.

Rippon Lodge Dr., 10806-Kevin Eugene and Beth Ann Head to Chol Joo Chang and Won Shil Park, $629,900.

Rocky Mount Rd., 3324-David Kahng to Samuel S. Yang and Tae Sook Cho, $765,000.

Royal Lytham Dr., 4031-Eun and Jaemin Huh to Jae Won Hwang and in Kyung Ahn, $620,000.

Saint Cloud Ct., 9828-Renda E. and Michael J. Daly to Inwon Rim, $476,000.

Saintsbury Plaza, 2903, No. 302-Min Suk Yang and Ki Sop Shin to Hikmat A. and Kathleen G. Musallam, $495,000.

Saxon Flowers Dr., 2947-Binh Yen Huynh to Stephanie Croghan, $660,000.

Still Meadow Rd., 4324-Zongcheng and Tong Wang to Yanying Wang and Zujia Xu, $570,000.

Sudley Ford Ct., 3707-Sylvia F. Dennis to Miguel Ricardo and Jacquelyn Castillo Pido, $340,000.

Tallow Tree Ct., 3914-David A. Schwartz to Yue Cao, $525,000.

Tiger Lily Lane, 11431-Hafizullah and Amena Hamidi to John and Kila C. Thomas, $525,000.

Walnut Cove Cir., 4080-Steven L. Patrick to Walter B. and Jane V. Abel, $621,000.

Werthers Ct., 4045-William A. and Jay Lee Lauer to Nishwanth Male and Archana Satram, $559,000.

Whittemore Pl., 4573-Jawoo Koo to Joung Sik Kim and Joung Ae Song, $400,000.


Burke Lake Rd., 10207-Michael and Buffa C. Hargett to Stephen T. Kang, $477,000.

Copper Leaf Way, 8818-Emaduddin and Mariam Samar to Sanjay Kumar and Ritu Jindal, $715,000.

Fairfax Station Rd., 11113-Jose E. Velazco and Kathryn L. Dawson to Kacey C. Wunsch, $744,000.

Hampton Rd., 10852-Kathryn A. Boudreau to Benjamin Doyle and Cheryl Kelly, $670,000.

Henry House Ct., 6106-Paramount Investments Corp. to Beatriz Amparo Lopez and Wil Fredis Ventura, $655,000.

Jeffrey Ct., 8104-Kwokfai C. and Becky Chan to Wade Eric and Amy Jerrick Wiegel, $698,000.

Meadow Edge Terr., 8614-Neil Z. and Peggy F. Sherman to Vincent T. Shuler, $800,000.

Park Cir. S., 9721-Cynthia Judith and Donald Michael Shaw to Daniel Linwood and Kimberly R. Shipley, $867,000.

Rusty Rd., 12023-Estate of Joan V. Miller and Jami L. Miller to Andrew Arthurs, $786,000.

South Valley Dr., 7714-John D. and Elaine Wolf to Abu S. Rabbi and Mir Nur, $853,500.

Triple Ridge Rd., 9109-Deanne C. Lienau to Steven F. Williams, $689,900.


Allan Ave., 7232-Thomas J. and Sarah S. McIntosh to Mary Margaret Knigge and Brian Timothy Mano, $700,000.

Annandale Rd., 2836, No. 332-Chanh V. Vo and Van T. Nguyen to Giao L. Pham and Phuong Mai Dao, $165,000.

Barrett Rd., 6672-Joseph F. and Sandra Lee Porubsky to Fredy A. and Elsy Patricia Barrera, $432,000.

Camp Alger Ave., 7533-Thuy Lieu Tran to Thu Van T. Ly and Thieu Phung, $595,000.

Chrisland Cv., 7507-Michael Heins to Simone Miriam Baron, $478,000.

Farragut Ave., 6703-Goodwyn Residential Corp. to Joseph Pattisall, $650,000.

Genea Way, 8056-Goli A. Trump to Gregory and Heidi Kulick, $519,000.

Greenway Blvd., 2843-Steven L. Arledge to Alice A. Joe, $485,000.

Inversham Dr., 7735, No. 170-Andrew D. Hetrick to Stephen John and Caitlin Elizabeth Ambrozik, $360,000.

Lakeside Village Dr., 7592-F-Douglas J. Robinson to Katherine Hicks, $276,500.

Lee Hwy., 7324, No. 24-Dalbir S. Bhuller to German Oswaldo and Doney Rodriguez, $150,000.

Lee Oaks Pl., 2802, No. 303-Norman E. and Helen E. D’Amours to Sara X. Mosqueda Fernandez and Patrick Kevin McCarthy, $346,500.

Mildred Dr., 3452-Jacob Tan and Lucy Kim Navarro to Christian D. and Lara L. Luik, $630,000.

Nicosh Cir., 3015, No. 2304-John R. and Sarah E. Bowers to Pezhman Bakhtiari and Parisa Rostami, $379,000.

Pine Spring Rd., 2906-Joseph Lee Hausman to Brendan Colin and Marie Isabel Breslin, $500,000.

Rogers Dr., 2912-MNC Corp. to Kyle Michael Sanders and Mary Katherine Peck, $730,000.

Strathmore St., 7118-Mark Lasky to Matthew T. Sehler and Emma K. O’Grady, $520,000.

Valley Brook Dr., 6717-Margaret Lewis and Austin J. Forget to Carolyn Phyllis and Frederick William Schad, $580,000.

Westover St., 6525-Joshua G. Lewis to Lindsey Leigh and Mark Z. Mackoviak, $565,000.


Crutchfield St., 6801-John M. and Tricia Smucker to Beth Ann Smucker Amaro and Amy J. Smucker, $100,000.

Falls Reach Dr., 7034-Syed Saad Ahmed and Rubina Madni to You Fang Yan, $492,000.

George C Marshall Dr., 2230, No. 1014-Lori Kitchen to Arash K. Mehrnama, $389,900.

Haycock Rd., 7021-G-Warren G. Schneeweis and Mary Jane Comly to Anthony Newman and Zhaoshuya Jiang, $625,000.

Idylwood Ct., 7201-Louise V. and Timothy Joseph O’Rourke to William Pless and Mary P. Lunger, $642,000.

Magarity Rd., 7611-Farouk Abu Shark to Mi Ok Baik, $1.25 million.

Penguin Pl., 7109-Richard James Sherlock Jr. to Volodymyr and Liliia Zakharova, $960,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 117-Marc S. and Sarah E. Giamporcaro to Ana Lucia Robles Turcios, $230,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 213-Edward R. and Patricia H. Haddock to Robert A. Faris, $254,000.

Powhatan St., 2108-Kathleen Latham Farrell and estate of Royce Latham to Phillip Matthew Beer and Karrie Anne Jefferson, $812,500.

Virginia Lane, 7601-Jeffrey Hy Goodman to Craig D. and Lee S. Bennett, $675,000.


Arcturus Lane, 1115-Brent Anthony and Nicole Gidaya Bonine to Tom Andrew and Tessa Lacy Adams, $966,000.

Cameron Rd., 1129-Estate of James E. Guirard Jr. and Ruth S. Guirard to Jo Ann Bashford, $674,900.

Colling Ridge Ct., 8251-Shawn Steven and Monique Marie Mitchell Turner to Patricia Kay Baldwin, $915,000.

Cyrus Pl., 8507-Daniel L. and Wendolyn M. Payne to Michael A. and Ines V. Thornburg, $660,000.

Emerald Dr., 1101-Dwayne D. and Leslie S. Piepenburg to Michael L. Johnson, $914,000.

Harbor Terr., 2215-Estate of William J. Jones Jr. and Catherine M. Beck to Michael Richard and Hai Thanh Eastman, $785,000.

Neal Dr., 1121-Daniel J. Leary to Andrew C. and Suzanne E. Kellogg, $695,000.

River Farm Dr., 1600-Jesse Jerome Stewart Jr. to Allison Ann Growney and Kyle Christian Cook, $895,000.

Stacey Rd., 8140-Nelson and Andrea So to Seth G. and Suzanne Jones, $1.24 million.

Woodcliff Dr., 1100-Natanyah Ganz to William D. and Rhonda C. Turner, $999,000.


Artemel Lane, 10402-John Morgan and Kathryn Ann Bevan to Sanjeev Krishna Thakur and Anushree Paliwal, $791,100.

Corobon Lane, 11327-Leslie L. Shoemaker and Mel P. Lynch to Edward J. and Dewanne M. Phillips, $1.15 million.

Forestville Meadows Dr., 860-Anahita and Siamak Kaviani to Christopher W. and Stephanie Wingader, $1.25 million.

Jeffery Rd., 9109-Jane L. Luce to Lee B. and Carolyne E. Albert Garvey, $1.4 million.

Miller Ave., 700-Benjamin R. and Angela F. Case to Scott C. and Misty S. Jordan, $1.77 million.

Riva Ridge Dr., 1112-Diana M.L. Turonis to Brett Reck and Sabrina Steele, $705,000.

Walker Rd., 1124-Kimberley L. Thachuk and Joseph F. Sartiano to Delia and Brent Alan Gilmore, $1.15 million.


Alabama Dr., 1245-Oreste A. Reyes and Petrona Josefina Ramos to Ulises Portillo Alas and Dina E. Ayala Guardado, $305,000.

Alton Sq., 12919, No. 201-Richard A. Gemelaris to Adriana Carolina Mancia, $209,000.

Attorney Ct., 1603-Monica Marie Rippe to Jonathan Fath and Kristen Dyer, $509,000.

Barton Oaks Pl., 955-Antonia and Marcelo Ibarra to Walter Cabrera, $371,500.

Branch Dr., 815, No. 407-Lauran M. Nohe to Kathleen MacDonald Adams, $349,950.

Cedar Glen Lane, 12940-Heikwan Cheng and Yivun Zou to Samtha Ashok Chordia and Nithinkumar Milapchand, $820,000.

Center St., 623, No. 101-Randy L. and Pamela S. Huntley to Nelson Portillo Lopez, $187,500.

Centre Park Cir., 12933, No. 101-Robert N. Ernst to Mamatha V. and Nageswara Rao Nalluri, $299,900.

Chasbarb Terr., 12527-Andrew Alan Phebus to Gregory Daniel and Kelley Marie Relyea, $635,000.

Colvin Ct., 845-Douglas A. and Joy M. Grindle to Christian Michael Arnold, $521,000.

Dairy Lou Ct., 13600-David J. Pelgrim to Amanda Marie Mailloux, $638,000.

Deer Wood Ct., 2508-Craig A. and Patricia G. Canute to Amrita Singh and Suman Sampath, $755,000.

Early Fall Ct., 510-Kristie Frame Wood to Reginald Ronald Brown Jr., $309,900.

Elevation Lane, 13400-Charles Matthew and Brittany Leanne Jacobs to Manojava Bharadwaj and Aparna Bhagavathula, $420,000.

Farm Buggy Ct., 2405-Louis C. and Lynda S. Abramovitz to Laneiza Hoosein Dailey, $445,000.

Florida Ave., 523, No. T1-Marixa N. Renderos Espinoza to Sammy Haddad, $169,000.

Greenstone Way, 3202-John L. and Nancy R. McCracken to Walter and Patricia Ratliff, $667,900.

Herndon Woods Ct., 511-Azhar Tawakkul and estate of Mobin A. Tawakkul to Germana Gisela De Bueno, $360,000.

Holly Meadow Lane, 13265-Vanisri Dandu to Ramesh B. Katti and Indira Yerramareddy, $876,525.

Kingsvale Cir., 1412-Craig A. Currie and Gabriela Zuleyma Chacon Garcia to Alexandra Malin and Matthew Louis Schumann, $590,000.

Landerset Dr., 1102-Christopher B. and Nikki Reynolds Foye to Shabnam Asifi and David Prophet, $630,000.

Madison Forest Dr., 421-William John and Stephanie C. Kenis to Simon P. Turner, $715,000.

Marcey Creek Rd., 13119-Matthew H. Friedman to Kenneth Daffron, $321,000.

Misty Dawn Dr., 13303-Morteza Banaei to Connie Montalvo Guerrero, $380,000.

Mother Well Ct., 2926-Hsing Chou and Kwei Yin Chen to Jonathan R. and Regan Dame, $635,000.

Neil Armstrong Ave., 13723, No. 204-Kathleen Lynne Barranco to Srinivas and Sarojini Manjusha Attili, $375,000.

New Parkland Dr., 13164-Paula J. Lubreski to Kelly M. and Christiana S. McCormick, $740,000.

Old Farmhouse Ct., 2450-Qing Song and Qinhui Wu to Sivanathan Prakasam and Sangita Sivanathan, $412,000.

Park Crescent Cir., 13020-Wei Shuang Qu and Whitney Hua He to Shalin and Smita Shah, $535,500.

Pleasant Glen Ct., 13195-Pi Hsia and Bor Cheng Chen to Aimee D. and Tyson Franklin Folsom, $585,000.

Puritan Ct., 2627-Daniel and Elizabeth Glynn to Balaji Srinivasan, $486,000.

Richland Lane, 12155-John J. Matson to Gregory Scott Lange Gustafson and Alison Scott Wong, $900,000.

Shannon Pl., 1119-Don T. Gilleo to Getrude R. Siziba, $315,000.

Stone Church Ct., 12400-William Boyle and Lauren Pflugrath to Rafael Enrique Arias Garcia, $540,000.

Taustin Lane, 12721-Michelle and John Henry Lawrence to Jason Carman, $515,000.

Thurber St., 1531-Amy M. and Paul M. Kochis to Mouez and Ons Zemni, $765,000.

Turberville Lane, 12753-Peter J. and Katherine L. Dallessandro to Joseph Jason and Ellen Romano Shannon, $685,500.

Whitewater Pl., 1127-Rina Bulphawon to Roosevelt Henderson and Genesis Gabriela Castillo, $305,000.

Woodgrove Ct., 409-Michael B. Berens to William H. and Andrea B. Ashton, $690,000.


Farrington Ave., 2239, No. 5-104-Christopher Rodney and Theresa Lavonne Emanuel to Benjamin G. Fagan, $140,000.

Fort Dr., 2718-Sara V. Kinsey to Nathaniel Scott Vincent, $480,000.

Indian Dr., 2603-Chanda L. Kinsey to Prasanga M. Abeysekera, $190,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 601-Ajay C. Alkondon and Lauren Emily Brewer to Bradley N. Fultz, $320,000.

Monticello Rd., 6017-Brittany Marie and Tyler D. Stone to Susan Anne Notar, $500,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 712-Sue M. Van Fleet to Philip R. Ibanez, $250,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 818-Corinne Weidenthal and estate of Harriett J. Weidenthal to Brian M. and Margaret S. Murtagh, $510,000.

Rixey Dr., 6010-Craig M. and Carter S. Brown to Azizul Choudhury, $424,900.


Audubon Ave., 7995, No. 8-B2-Alvaro A. Cestti and Gladys A. Caballero to Marlon G. Ramos Alvarez and Cintia J. Alvarado Donado, $135,000.

Beechcliff Dr., 3359-Joseph F. Heath to Kadejh Naebzadeh, $480,000.

Candlewood Dr., 8020-Samuel J. and Doris S. Dale to Vincent and Berthel Elaine Marsh, $615,000.

Coldbrooke Ct., 4411-Jeffrey P. Valdez to Jamie Mazzone, $439,900.

Groveton St., 3505-Andrei Denes and Alina P. Horvath to David B. Richards and Michelle Zelsman, $417,000.

Huntley Run Pl., 7084-Emily Taber Prince to Matthew David Boersema, $403,500.

Midday Lane, 7847-James M. Wozniak and Robin A. Johnson to Mason W. and Jessica L. Berry, $805,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7507-L-Jonathan C. Ault to Genette M. Gaffney, $272,500.

Woodlawn Trail, 2824-Najam Mohammad to Hongnhan Nguyen, $500,000.


Century Ct., 4110-Julio C. Rojas Martinez to Kerry and Rebecca Fitzpatrick, $429,500.

Cypress Point Rd., 6593-Pamela G. Feigenbaum to Amer Jeries Farraj, $430,000.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 613-Daniel M. and Erica Rose Olivi to Meagan J. Proctor, $375,000.

Grafton St., 4913-Thomas Paul and Deborah Sue Cowles to Anissa Ho, $520,000.

Interlachen Ct., 4551-H-Optima Renovations Corp. to Garrett McConchie, $305,000.

Medinah Lane, 6625-Ashraf A. Hassan to Robert Charles Hardin, $450,000.

Phyllis Lane, 6309-Manuel and Maria Gomez to Alberta Tapia, $440,000.

Shetland Green Rd., 4563-Gunnar B. Pribadi and Christina W. Sumarlin to Bradley L. Cullen, $680,000.

Spring Valley Dr., 6547-Ronald L. and Gwendolyn Jo Carlberg to Joshua and Kristen Silberberg, $762,000.

Woodridge Rd., 6456-Elaine S. and H. James Barth to Mahmud M. Mamadeh and Marizol J. Rojas Crespo, $695,000.


Aspenpark Rd., 7455-Manuel A. and Gladys D. Orellana to William T. and Kimberly E. Mason, $305,000.

Blue Rock Lane, 8552-Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Zakia Savage, $294,900.

Cumbria Valley Dr., 9339-Sung Ho Jeon and Hoo Jung Joo to Yared Aragaw, $510,000.

Fallswood Way, 7646-Justin and Alanis McFarlin to Marvin Michael and Cheryl Jeanne Herbaugh, $499,000.

Graysons Mill Lane, 7681-Frank L. Murray Jr. and Lisa Michelle Durant to Ebony Shante and Maurice Delane Lewis, $545,000.

Harrover Pl., 8979, No. 79B-Daniel M. Mleziva to Douglas Sorto Garcia and Tanya M. Ayala, $329,900.

Kirby Lionsdale Dr., 8463-Terri Bennett to Russ Vancott Reynolds and Barbara L. Bolin, $528,000.

Larne Lane, 7434-Max J. and Kanchana Jakeman to Noe Quiroz, $354,900.

Masey Mcquire Ct., 9603-Jennifer A. Faraon to Kelly S. McKinley, $495,000.

Native Violet Dr., 8244-Robert C. and Kasey W. Borden to Rahul and Seema Gupta, $890,000.

Ox Rd., 9411-Douglas C. and Lesley Spalding to Wesley E. and Camela Elaine Speer, $320,000.

Samuel Wallis St., 8073-Uday Malhan and Sonia Juneja to Taylor and Wendy Nichols, $515,000.

Singleleaf Cir., 8900-Christopher J. Dedham to Elizabeth Ann McCarthy and Christopher Thomas Papa, $492,000.

Two Bays Rd., 9068-Elana B. and Sean Kennedy to Colin Reinert, $455,000.

Wilma Lane, 7417-Winifred Ann McEwen to Makida W. Meskel, $364,000.


Birch Rd., 1818-Evergreene Companies Corp. to Duane O. and Tiffany M. King, $1.94 million.

Carlin Lane, 1588-Amanda H. and Reid H. Jackson to Mengyuan Zhang and Qingcen Miao, $1.56 million.

Chain Bridge Rd., 1781, No. 205-Richard and Ellen Bodorff to Robert L. Pelto and Fetneh H. Schacht, $920,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 814-Sunflower Estates Corp. to Parikshit Patel and Swati Kailash Singh Raghuwanshi, $490,000.

Dinneen Dr., 1638-David Edward Skoien to Zachary and Kathryn Robinson, $905,000.

Falstaff Ct., 7716-Loren L. and Virginia S. Bush to Shaswat Kumar and Anuradha Pemmarazu Das, $1.15 million.

Forest Villa Lane, 1583-Timothy J. and Linda K. Cahill to James B. and Lisa A. Potocki, $1.07 million.

Gordon Lane, 1341-Clarence A. and Maxine W. Robinson to Jay and Vanya Sen, $855,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 110-Reza Arian Zeinalian and Minoo Jalili to Mark John, Edwina Corazon, Mark Joseph and Marlene Stephanie Granada, $410,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 210-David C. and Rita M. Hunter to Wang Ruohong, $484,100.

Hallcrest Dr., 7426-Caroline Law Coghill to Seth David and Courtney Vann Cole, $710,000.

Holly Leaf Dr., 8435-Lockhart M. Swift to Richard Benjamin Menaik and Teresa Elizabeth Doerre, $1.31 million.

International Dr., 1625, No. 315-Cameron Topper to Wenbo Mao, $392,500.

Kennedy Dr., 1944, No. T4-Golnar Vaziri Cannon to Tatiana Lipsky, $265,000.

Lemon Rd., 6903-Mark and Kazuko Oguchi Sherman to Subir and Jayita Basak, $894,111.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 121-Jaime J. Pasquier Jr. to Nicholas and Daniel Graziano, $362,000.

Lincoln Way, 1534, No. 101A-Jongmin and Katherine Lee to Myung Ja and Jane E. Shim, $255,000.

Macon St., 1702-Bruce P. Haefner and estate of Paul F. Haefner to Ryan Lee and Alison Carr Edelstein, $838,000.

McLean Ct., 6611-Joyce D. and William E. Simons to Emily and Andrew Reynolds, $718,000.

Nethercombe Ct., 6200-Reycon Properties Corp. to Charles and Sharon North, $1.43 million.

Old Dominion Dr., 8324-Potomac Relocation Services Corp. to Leijla and Dzemal Huric, $1.16 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1800, No. 618-William E. and Angela M. Culbertson to Stephanie Frances Coquia, $439,000.

Provincial Dr., 7640, No. 214-Xiangya Wu and Jinshi Chou to Aziza N. Yuldasheva, $225,000.

Rosemont Dr., 6819-Grei Corp. to Saurabh and Nadya Azim Abhyankar, $1.43 million.

Spoleto Lane, 7721-Michael E. Chadwell to Syntha E. Harris and Mark A. Wendel, $849,900.

Tompkins Dr., 6143-Focal Point Homes Corp. to Lisa and Ramsey Falconer, $1.87 million.

Ursline Ct., 6501-Ki Ja Ahn to Joseph C. and Hyun Jung Lee, $1.16 million.

Woburn Ct., 1004-Peter McKay McDonnell to David Nathan and Jessica Ann McMichael, $1.57 million.

Yates Ct., 7309-Frances Mathews Morris to Jason M. and Stephanie L. Radde, $1.1 million.


Battersea Lane, 3100-David Charles Bechtol to Christian Taylor Hall Valenzuela and Marilyn M. Hall, $595,000.

Brevard Ct., 4405-James Adam Pierce and estate of William D. Pierce to Melvin O. Sanchez Chicas and Ana Victoria Bonilla Fuentes, $293,000.

Cherry Valley Lane, 8434-Paul F. and Lorraine Belanger to Norbert and Mindy Gregory Fortier, $635,000.

Gila Ct., 8503-Enedy Sauri Colon to Ratana McDermott, $182,000.

Havenwood Pl., 3883-Lorgio Larin Chavez to Edgar A. Martinez, $190,900.

Longworthe Sq., 4409-Cidney Germaine Jenkins to Jennifer Harty, $380,000.

Old Mount Vernon Rd., 9338-Sean Michael and Kathleen M. Green to Chad E. and Gabrielle P. Kirk, $728,521.

Pembrook Village Dr., 4426-Maritza Lacorte to Kasandra Roman Bonilla, $210,000.

Rolling Hills Ave., 3509-Tipton Holdings Group Corp. to Seung K. and Kimberly H. Hong, $380,000.

Shannons Green Way, 3783-Po Kee and Ruby Ching Wong to Jennell Elisabeth and David T. McDonald, $400,000.

Wagon Wheel Rd., 8403-Margaret A. Dudley to Diane B. and Charles G. Ruggiero, $525,000.

Westgate Dr., 4004-Helmand Investment Corp. to Patrice C. Longshaw, $615,000.


Bullock Lane, 8123-Barbara J. Dobberthien to Hong Mai Thanh Nguyen and Bao Phi Thanh Ly, $600,000.

Dunston St., 7511-Steven L. Friend and Josefa Esguerra to Loan T. Tran and Phat H. Pham, $516,505.

Front Royal Rd., 6813-Wilder Sanchez and Leonila Baez to Timothy Wade and Shannon Rae Gunn, $490,000.

Inzer St., 7525-Ryan J. and Christine E. Croft to Angela and Javier Almodovar, $540,000.

Ravensworth Rd., 5339-Jonathan E. and Michelle M. Klingel to Hieu Thi Phung, $510,000.

Victoria Rd., 8936-William C. and Beverly A. Kemmer to Joseph P. and Kaitlin M. Lefebre, $520,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10303, No. 209-Ghassem Sharifi to Julie Marie Barsic, $262,000.

Berryland Dr., 2827-Patrick William Campbell to David A. Bray and Diane L. Morrison, $995,000.

Bree Hill Rd., 2911-Thomas J. and Sara L. Kopf to Murali Sripadam Arunachalam and Parvathi Chandrasekar, $690,000.

Conestoga Ct., 11149-Donald W. and Elizabeth L. Beless to Abheshek and Arpana Narain, $825,000.

Hickory Hills Ct., 12050-Joan A. Crooker to Srinivas and Jitka Hromek Vaitla, $688,000.

Oakleigh Lane, 2981-Andrew and Karen M. Hanna to Robert Lee Matkin and Isabella Yi, $480,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10062-Brian Scott and Gabriela Beatriz Ritchey to Niraj Poudyal, $355,000.

Remington Rd., 2703-William Stephen Roche Ardill and Kelly Anne Thomson to Joy P. and Minsu Lee, $935,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3178, No. 3-A7-Elsa Carkanji Silos to Steven and Ericka Light, $242,500.

Vale Rd., 12100-Joo Bong Kim to Khabat Ebrahimpoor and Mahtab Sarvari, $800,000.

Wheatland Farms Dr., 3199-Neil Andrew and Deborah M. Cohen to Jonathan R. and Kelly McPherson, $1.37 million.


Alsop Ct., 2401-Boris Korol and Nataly Fomil Niwiazsky to Yaling Du and Michael Surles, $437,500.

Ascot Way, 1727, No. C-Christopher J. Hoponick to Lawrence Ralph and Jane Gustafson Vansickle, $214,500.

Bayfield Ct., 11796-Alex Emmanuel Colon and Susan Esprella to Benjamin Elizaldez, $399,999.

Belmont Ridge Ct., 1957-Sandra L. Long to Benjamin Parker Swanson, $367,900.

Breton Ct., 11804, No. 22C-GSD Enterprises Inc. to Laura Mauger, $235,000.

Cameron Heath Dr., 1386-Don B. Wynnyczok to Caroline Marie Oakes and Robert Scott Gitchell, $1.2 million.

Chapel Cross Way, 11610-Nickolette G. Haase to Adam Ward Estrada and Kristy Dawn Arrington, $655,000.

Church Hill Pl., 1471-Thomas H. E. Winshurst Jr. to Joy B. Knight, $335,500.

Deep Run Lane, 1325-Paula Wetzel Shapiro to Mark Hoover and Sara Wuori, $625,000.

Fairway Dr., 11416-Ann M. Granger to Clint F. Binder, $576,258.

Freetown Ct., 2315, No. 22-Kim Emerson and Thomas Gardner Tipton to Dilip Kumar, Chhandana and Aniruddh Roy, $185,000.

Gate Hill Pl., 11407, No. 102-Lisa L. Daniels to Deborah Zatowsky, $375,000.

Greywing Ct., 11969-William F. Outerbridge to Shuo Sun and Tianxiao Ren, $354,000.

Headlands Cir., 2014-Jake Scott and Giannina Garcia to Fiona Eleanor and Ryan Michael Machado, $355,800.

Heritage Commons Way, 11437-Tajuddin Mohammed and Meher Parveen to Erica A. Conrad, $465,000.

Howland Dr., 11001-Gary L. and Amina Thomas to Engin Onur Comert, $535,000.

Jonathan Way, 1781, No. B-Philip J. and Angela R. Annibale to Chee Kwong and Chieh Wen Hsiao Yim, $208,000.

Ledura Ct., 11737, No. 102-Robert C. Brown to Tushar Chimanlal Gala and Khusbu Bhupendra Chhadwa, $258,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 1117-Abdallah and Adina Adas to Marco M. and Kathleen Rajkovich, $755,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 108-Manirul Chowdhury to Grace Pauline Estoesta Balancio, $469,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 476-Soheil Razavi to Jeffrey Thomas Sanderson, $315,000.

Newport Cove Lane, 11594-James R. Cochenour to Martha Kimes and Joseph Miller, $972,000.

Northgate Sq., 1524, No. 11B-BGNV Investments Corp. to Katherine Nelson Fordney, $239,500.

Oaktree Ct., 1676-Eric B. Beck and Jennifer J. Cho to Aeden H. Ghebreselassie, $393,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1384-Joanne F. Becker to Mingfang Liu, $535,000.

Point Dr. N., 1519, No. 1-0302-Swetha Venkataramani and Jagannath Chakravarty to Annika Levy Goodman, $340,000.

Regatta Lane, 1555-Robert M. and Karen R. Loesch to Peter Carl Hendrickson, $925,000.

Rolling Green Ct., 11564, No. 12-Dana A. Douglas to Nicolas Isao and Jaymie Candida Worden, $305,000.

Royal Fern Ct., 2042, No. 18-Brittany C. Poole Matevish to Victoria Paige Coulter and Nicholas Scott Cunningham, $238,000.

Saint Trinians Ct., 11870-Giovanni Cordova to Hailey Duvall and Michael Brandon Phillips, $452,000.

Silentwood Lane, 11223-Charlie J. Brown and Clarissa A. Hong to Katherine Patricia Murray, $400,000.

Springwood Dr., 2220, No. 106B-Dustin G. Cowen to Claiborne Lee Collier, $323,888.

Stratford Park Pl., 1855, No. 316-Benjamin W. and Micah Chi to Elizabeth A. Grider, $323,750.

Summerchase Ct., 1512-B-Amy E. Rohrbaugh to Sally Fadwa Fares, $290,000.

Taliesin Pl., 12000, No. 33-Barry B. and Esleen G. Hintz to Michael L. Snitman, $337,000.

Trumbull Way, 12042-Sidney Nguyen to Alexandra Sarada Diane Giacalone, $444,400.

Valencia Way, 1610-Robert E. and Judy K. Neumeister to Simon Gabriel Huffman, $444,900.

Villaridge Dr., 1936-B-Ruta Aidis to Mauricio and Aura Cortes, $302,000.

Wainwright Dr., 1729-Michael McKenzie and Brittany Kay Wood to Jordan Timothy and Melanie Adelle Tatum, $390,000.

Windleaf Ct., 11400-K-Evan M. Smith to Jeffrey Mark Orazi Jr., $400,000.


Arlington Blvd., 6001, No. 420-Ana R. Madrid to Luz V. Rocha Claros and Vivian O. Rocha, $175,000.

Heather Lane, 3049-Kathleen R. Arle to David A. Schellin, $540,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 3041, No. 201-Michael H. Lester to Kent Montgomery Wertime, $200,000.

Stoneybrae Dr., 3328-Vincent D. and Jennifer J. Park to Laura E. Bandini, $800,000.

Wilson Blvd., 6239, No. 215-Isabel Vera to Hector Pardo Martinez and Alex Pardo Gonzalez, $190,000.


Arley Dr., 8927-John D. and Donna H. Foley to Nathan Burrett and Karen D. Terry, $657,150.

Bent Arrow Ct., 8654-Rodrigo Javier and Leah Catherine Mary Novoa to Ashfaq Rahman, $410,000.

Cabell Ct., 6425-Mary Margaret Filipowicz to Ahm Raiham Uddin, $535,000.

Cherry Orchard Ct., 7808-Ian D. and Jessica R. Nuzzo to Supriya Chewle and Unnat Bhansali, $665,000.

Cottontail Ct., 7020-Janet G. Koscielniak to Daniel A. and Nicole S. Barker, $555,000.

Deer Ridge Trail, 6093-Nasir Ahmad and Sharif Shaima Atayee to Dustin and Kaitlynn Fraze, $839,000.

Erving St., 5905-Linda L. Johnson Wohlfeil to Samuel D. Tun Beltran and Sreeya Sreevatsa, $530,000.

Flower Tuft Ct., 7207-Nick J. Gurick to Daniel and Jennifer Gallton, $650,000.

Franconia Ct., 6431-Valeria A. Hamilton to Jennifer Michelle Lindsey, $410,000.

Gary St., 7413-Amanda C. Eble Jennings to Fnu Moheyedin, $460,000.

Greenleaf St., 6518-Robert A. and Iwalani White to Willard J. and Jill E. Gallagher, $685,000.

Hanover Ave., 5803-Darrell C. and Priscilla K. Osterhoudt to Laura Kristine Cawthron, $492,000.

Hillmead Ct., 7231-Department of Housing and Urban Development to James T. Manalel, $336,000.

Journey Lane, 7921-Mark Q. and Kathleen H. Barbour to Anhquan Dang Nguyen and Khanh Le, $645,000.

Laurel Oak Dr., 8483-S. Dino Diana to Jacob Andrew Wright, $369,000.

Lignum St., 6446-Gary L. Rutledge to Steven and Grit Labocki, $571,000.

Michael Robert Dr., 6374-Gloria J. Carson to Latorris Johnson, $389,950.

Orange Plank Rd., 8007-Matthew P. and Briana L. Paez to Valeria A. Hamilton, $475,000.

Pebble Brook Ct., 7904-Heidi R. Ashbaugh to Christina Thompson, $367,000.

Revenna Lane, 7980-Brian and Megan C. Macleod to Tahir Muhammad and Ikhlaq Ahmed, $443,000.

Rockefeller Lane, 9158-Janette Rae Ogle to Benjamin Waite and Amberlynn Heffron, $620,000.

Ships Curve Lane, 8189-Richard A. and Barbara V. McClellan to Steven N. and Jennifer E. Hood, $655,000.

Spring Garden Dr., 7094, No. 201-Dawit Legesse to Jawad S. Rana, $165,000.

Stream Bluff Way, 7363-Masoud and Nadjma Ahmadzai to Alfonso V. Kealy and Samantha Michelle Schulte, $594,900.

Water Valley Ct., 7829-Jeremy Jason and Christa L. Jallorina to Reema Abuhamdiya, $570,000.


Abbey Oak Dr., 1691-Terrence J. and Donna J. O’Shaughnessy to Poorani and Rajagopal Jeyasekar, $785,000.

Ashgrove House Lane, 8874-Nancy S. and Eric R. Youngdale to Evgeny Kaplun and Anastassia Plakhotkina, $769,900.

Batten Hollow Rd., 1805-Ruth Dawn Scimeca to Gabriel and Magda Mazurova, $780,000.

Bellforest Ct., 2720, No. 309-Elinor G. Case to Emine and Ladin Akkaymak, $348,000.

Brittenford Dr., 10324-Bruce Winston and Terri A. Wilson to Ali Haidar and Fatme Atie, $1.12 million.

Carpers Farm Ct., 10003-Scott C. and Misty S. Jordan to Ekta L. Vohra and Sameer Gokhale, $1.09 million.

Ceret Ct. SW, 208-Julie Marie Clare and Norman G. Printer Jr. to Jason and Nour Alden, $995,000.

Colin Lane NW, 403-Sarantis Properties Inc. to Jonathan D. Wagner and Helena A. Healy, $1.5 million.

Dale Ct. SE, 905-Lauren M. Kivlighan to Benjamin T. and Susan M. Garthwaite, $700,000.

Electric Ave., 8219-Iraj and Rosa B. Riahi to Lina A. El Mourad, $1 million.

Fosbak Dr., 9816-Gerald A. and Julia A. O’Shea to Terry A. and Ferrell A. Horn, $819,000.

Glyndon St. NE, 419-Herve A. Busidan and Marie Pascale Laclide to Razia S. and Syed M. Ahmad, $750,000.

Horseback Trail, 1845-Grace K. and Richard M. Obermann to Dustin Owen and Kelli J. Naughton, $799,000.

Kibler Cir. SW, 503-Joseph William and Heather A. Lowell to Benjamin Eason and How Kai Tong, $637,500.

Larkin Lane, 8158-Fred Hiu Fai Lau and Sylvia Wong Lau to Mary Beth Stahl Smith, $575,000.

Locust St. SE, 215, No. C-Paul J. Pesavento to Christina A. Mainka and Peter Huegel, $555,000.

Madrillon Springs Ct., 2033-Kenneth H. Lee and Yoo Sun Jung to Haliz Mohamed and Salar Al Shekh, $739,000.

Meadow Lane SW, 605-Meadow Ridge Corp. to Gong Zhang and Jung Tzu Lin, $1.48 million.

Niblick Dr. SE, 603-Douglas E. and Heather C. Perry to Naomi H. Grinney and James Agor, $1.61 million.

Park St. SE, 417-Cory C. and Shauna Scott to Anna and Peter Fravel, $980,000.

Red Vine Dr., 2141-Mark Thomas Grabowicz to Michael L. and Veronika Fazen, $760,000.

Sawtooth Oak Ct., 2317-Robert G. and Sherron Leigh Palmer to Faranak Akrami Khasraghi and Jalil E. Ahari, $895,000.

Stone Hollow Dr., 2759-Paul and Alyssa D. Amore Yarnall to Danielle David and Matthew Melino, $512,005.

Talisman Dr., 9328-John M. and Judi S. Shotwell to Michelle A. Langham and John P. Moriarty, $685,000.

Thelma Cir. SW, 609-Michael F. and Adrienne I. Rettinger to Sunita and Geeta Trehan, $715,000.

Tyson Oaks Cir., 8029-Paul Mohrbacher to James McNelledge Fadeley and Cassidy Gail Smith, $547,000.

West St. NW, 203-Deeann Franks and estate of Chitra Visvanathan Brown to Kevin A. and Michelle L. White, $715,000.


Coal Train Dr., 2368-Tawfig Sabah to Ketan and Shilpa Fichadia, $1.06 million.

Tysons Executive Ct., 2143-Mary T. Bachini and James D. Ashley to Pierce and Alyssa Bello, $999,500.


Bentley Village Dr., 7928-David Anthony and Brian S. Beale to Cassandra Tabitha Stutsman and Youen Prak, $315,000.

Brixton St., 8303-Brian V. Drinkard and Kemetia M. Foley to Robert N. Deangelis, $525,000.

Doane Ave., 6716-Glenn C. and Laurie Hourahan to Dani and Leidi Khalife, $531,500.

Greeley Blvd., 8113-Jon E. and Myriam A. Peterson to Caleb Junk and Elizabeth Merkowitz, $568,000.

Harrowgate Cir., 7813, No. C-Lindsey Nicole Gera Colombo to Frank G. Pappajohn, $279,900.

James Creek Dr., 8609-Michael A. and Susan K. Gays to Nasser Abdelmeguid and Amal Abdellatif, $850,000.

Kingsford Rd., 5902-G-Alan Cooper to Chanse Robert Durdahl, $220,000.

Landor Lane, 6808-William M. Deniston to Jenna L. and Timothy A. Barron, $575,000.

Ohara Ct., 6485-Fadi Omar Judeh to Edward Pages III, $418,000.

Powder Horn Rd., 8700-David M. and Jodi M. Ehlers to Jacqueline M. and Matthew A. Evans, $710,000.

Prince James Dr., 5913, No. H-Vivianne C. Danz to Yemisi Nelson, $165,000.

Readington Ct., 8019-Gail M. Keller to Jon Jason and Lauren Hagadorn, $515,000.

Rolling Woods Ct., 7880, No. 2401-Leon and Barbara I. Holleb to Virginia E. Hartman, $480,000.

Sweet Maple Ct., 6107-Paula C. Lauria to Richard Hector and Devin Lee Caballero, $400,000.

Trillium Lane, 6908-Michael E. and Susan Evans to Erik Anthony and Carrie Lynn Speranza, $795,000.

Wild Rose Ct., 6828-Michael Austin to Michael R. Mazie, $498,800.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Ballynahown Pl., 3997-William A. and Susan F. Jones to Jisook Paik and Charles Changhae Hwang, $780,000.

Burke Station Rd., 4010-Wigbert I. Kreidl to Robert M. and Sarah Knowles, $700,000.

Carol St., 10809-Richard P. and Denise L. Gustafson to Kamalesh Babu Jayaraman and Prathiba Menon, $840,000.

Forest Ave., 10409-Jennings B. Wilson Jr. to Cassandra L. Baxter, $515,000.

Main St., 10570, No. 202-Neil Birchmeier to Steve and Jie S. Chang, $205,000.

Ratcliffe Manor Dr., 10116-Vincent and Susan Apostolico to Keith and Jill Switzer, $1.08 million.

Trowbridge Ct., 10505-Barry C. and Virginia L. Bryan to Russell and Amy Hutchison, $881,000.

Woodhaven Dr., 10908-Heather Changeri Miller and estate of Jarrett Miller to Melanio A. Sejas Caceres and Rosmery Cambices Frias, $460,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Birch St., 138, No. A1-Matthew A. and Marlene E. Tewksbury to Benjamin Hardman, $220,000.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 705-Paul T. McMurtry to John D. and Eileen G. Williams, $620,000.

Church Pl., 108-Samuel Norman and Wendy Miller Hamilton to Michael Kent and Jacqueline Henry Kostick, $1.4 million.

Fulton Ave., 809-Hugh Bennett Miller Jr. to Kevin Michael and Melissa Ann Mehm, $1.07 million.

Knollwood Dr., 610-Steven W. and Deborah S. Askin to Aaron and Elisabeth Drabkin, $1.32 million.

Oak St. S., 210-David M. and Constance Vought Maxwell to Jamil Ahmed Albertelli and Amanda Veronica Hoffman, $805,000.

Poplar Dr., 526-Jack E. and Linda G. Leonard to Mark M. and Marianne O. Downs, $905,000.

Rosemary Lane W., 104-David William and Melissa Paige Thenhaus to Travis J. and Meghan C. Nels, $750,000.

Spring St. S., 402-South Spring Development Corp. to Amanda Michelle Montenegro and Robert Edward Cumby Jr., $1.31 million.

Washington St. S., 1282-Jean Clark Dubro to Natalya V. and Eric G. Morin, $799,900.