Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Brampton Ct., 6369-Robert L. Wright Jr. to Heidi and Kenneth Kosakowski, $585,000.

Masefield Ct., 6268-Mark Ronald and Terri Lynn Wise to Gregory Thomas and Mary Ellison O’Malley, $630,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1409, No. B1-Gregory D. McFarland to Margaret K. Moran, $261,500.

Burtonwood Dr., 7119-Christopher and Elizabeth H. Santillo to Dorwin C. and Lynn C. Black, $930,000.


Devonshire Rd., 7124-Jonathan M. Kenny to Vanessa Jacqueline Gentzen, $749,900.

Fort Hunt Rd., 6024-Dele Oshinowo to Joseph A. and Kathryn A. Paradis, $810,000.


Marthas Rd., 2207-MRDB Shiver Corp. to Peter Owen Engelke and Marta Alyssa Folio, $1.03 million.

Quander Rd., 7004-Michael H. Knight to Jon and Courtney Radford Jukuri, $500,000.

Tudor Pl., 1223-Edward A. Boling and Nancy B. Hammer to Katherine R. Densmore, $835,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 718-Dennis B. Doris Jr. to Brandon Pierce, $158,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6641, No. 720-Omega Housing Corp. to Melanie J. Card, $190,000.

Wakefield Dr. W., 6709, No. B2-Anna F. Necessary to Matthew S. Barr, $190,000.


14th St., 6419-Clinton P. and Cherie B. Smith to Keith Andrew Chiro, $659,000.


Barry Rd., 7135-Creative Home Buyers Corp. to Beyane Tuffa Shay, $425,000.

Bricker Lane, 6135-Jonathan and Heather Crandall to Eric L. and Karen E. Gorr, $545,000.

Broadmoor St., 5602-Samia A. Ochia and Martin E. Torrey to Christopher Robert Burger, $575,000.


Casdin Dr., 6255-Peter Justin Hill and Kristin Ann Visaggio to Etan D. and Holly Jo Michael Funches, $615,000.

Cherwell Lane, 7200-Stephen and Elissa Baur to Kyle Bruce Boward and Jessica Marie Farrow, $511,000.

China Grove Ct., 6518-Wells Fargo Bank and Holders of Structured Asset MTG Investments to Chinelo Enwonwu, $315,000.


Curtier Dr., 6010-F-Supersolv Com Inc. to Eun Kyu and Yoonah Lee, $333,000.

Effingham Sq., 7740-Onur Coskun to Michael Joseph and Anna Rose Gellert Riccard, $525,000.

Estates Dr., 6054-Alvin Perkins and estate of Melva Ann Perkins to Benjamin Fidler, $510,000.

Founders Hill Dr., 5924, No. 202-Matthew G. Komara to Kevin M. Sandersen and Anita Young, $333,500.

Gadsby Sq., 7464-Peter A. Langlois and Kristen Heim to Julie Therese and Christopher Samia Cooper, $490,000.

Gildar St., 6508-Maria and Marvin Lizama to Getaneh Asrat and Wubanchi Woldhana Retta, $414,900.


Governors Hill Dr., 5854-Jamie J. Laviola to Karrin Lee Michael and Jordan Lorentz Rose, $875,000.


Gray Heights Ct., 7202-Eric M. and Natalia S. Leyde to Chad J. Parker and Laurel J. Hummel, $504,506.

Guilford Dr., 6201-Jason M. and Samantha B. Badlam to Michael J. Graham, $1.26 million.

High Valley Lane, 6656-Kevin Lee and Jeri Miller Holland to Michael Staconis, $391,000.

Javins Dr., 3812-Valentyn Mokrousov to Ginger Lea and Christoph Schmid, $480,000.

Joyce Rd., 6525-Russell M. Hechinger to Robert Edward Heiler and Tina Marie Wyant, $749,950.

Keyser Way, 6904-B-Avril M. Amato to Jeremy N. Heinen, $326,000.

Larochelle Ct., 5322-Toni J. Dixon Cook to Tegiste T. Tesfa and Yonas A. Medhine, $440,500.

Mariners Mill Ct., 5308-Gladys M. Hooper Buck to Clinton J. Gutierrez, $669,000.


Mckenna Way, 6560-Samuel and Katherine B. Papkin to Leonard Wayne and Jamie Nicole Smith, $612,500.


Mission Ct., 4314-Marc R. and Donna P. Paul to Jeffrey S. Swanson, $905,000.

Ninian Ave., 5206-Christopher D. and Karman P. Reese to David and Jennifer Hughes, $562,500.

Overly Dr., 5627-Ada Y. Garcia Palacios to Angel E. Marquez Mendez and Alba Z. Perez Barrios, $440,000.

Pleasure Cove Ct., 5237-Luemma and Philip E. Davis to Robert Gunby and Natasha Duggal, $424,000.

Sage Dr., 6198-Thomas S. and Angelique B. Close to Jodi Lynn Hartel, $557,500.

Stegen Dr., 6124-David G. and Karen B. Williams to Judith D. Wood, $824,900.

Taliaferro Way, 6296-Samar Tubbaji to Burcin Evrenkaya and Durul Dalkanat, $550,000.


Terrapin Pl., 6015, No. 302-Elliott G. Millan to Nadya Subyakto and Thong Dang, $335,000.

Thackwell Way, 6609, No. 2309-Sharon Melissa Sutton to Dereka Moore, $302,500.

Upland Dr., 4616-Carl R. and Barbara S. Nolte to George and Renae K. Polovchik, $725,000.


Victoria Dr., 6911, No. A-Kristen A. Pennington and Ken Kidwell to Falliou Djigal, $265,000.

Walkers Croft Way, 6223-Steven W. Woodward to Matthew Thomas Cavalcante, $465,000.

Wescott Hills Way, 5980-Abheshek and Arpana Narain to Michael H. and Tanya Haralampieva Ross, $525,000.

Wilton Crest Ct., 3378-Kevin Leon and Jacki Ann Garner to Stephen and Sonja Boyes, $659,000.

Worsley Way, 7265-Addis Belay and Eleni T. Bedlu to Orlando Blake and Suzie Hylton, $497,000.



Americana Dr., 4915, No. 102-Myeong Ok Noh to Xinh Thi Nguyen, $210,000.

Americana Dr., 4959, No. 203-Bernard and Irene B. Ansher to Gregory Alan and Linda Black, $178,000.

Arlen Ct., 4803-Leroy L. and Theresa M. Corcoran to Ronal Rojas and Rosalia Hinojosa, $477,000.

Breckenridge Ct., 3322-William H. and Christina R. Hansze to Andrew and Jeannie Nguyen Hindman, $409,775.


Bruce Lane, 3907-Pennymac Loan Services Corp. to Lien Ai Ly, $472,500.

Claytonia Lane, 9202-David and Claudia C. Hottenstein to Mitchell A. and Nancy S. Bennett, $585,000.

Dassett Ct., 7802, No. 301-David Sean Barnett to Thanh Quang Chau and Thu Thi Duong, $272,500.

Donna Cir., 7000-Jean Elizabeth Fiester and estate of Margaret Louise Fiester to Brandon Edward Desalvo and Gina Marie Piccolini, $587,500.


Federal Ct., 4708-Christopher R. and Victoria L. Mansuy to Zhaohui Zheng and Qiufeng Zhou, $722,000.

Fountain Head Dr., 7463-Ben F. Fairfax to Je Soon Kim, $470,000.

Herkimer St., 4914-Jeffery and Carmen Memmott to Mee Hee Kim, $415,000.

Jayhawk St., 7105-Benjamin Weaver Glass Jr. to Scott MacDonald, $390,000.

Kingston Dr., 4905-Justin L. and Kaye Fanning to Kevin P. Gilligan, $690,000.

Larchmont Dr., 3609-Elizabeth Daubresse to Paul Francis and Maureen Flynn Kelminsky, $560,000.


Mangalore Dr., 4110, No. 204-Jasmine Nguyen Summers to Hue T. Le, $175,000.

Oak Hill Dr., 4308-Axel and Jutta Suray to Eric Bartunek and Beth Harkness, $845,000.

Ponderosa Dr., 4709-David H. Morris to Frantz and Barbara R. Jean, $700,000.

Sabra Lane, 4948-Anne R.D. Aleo to Fernando and Paula A. Restrepo, $645,000.

Tristan Ct., 3603-John M. and Betsy B. Bland to Timothy and Molly Southworth, $755,000.

Van Masdag Ct., 4904-Om and Anjana Budhathoki to Hosna Sarwary, $450,000.

Whispering Lane, 4122-Joetta Miller to Lawrence L. and Claudia P. Peacock, $575,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3908-John Barnard and Thomas Patrick Kelly to Bon S. and Ji Hee Ku, $620,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3326, No. 23-Michael B. Richey and Virginia L. Colin to Thomas J. Barry, $210,000.


Beachway Dr., 6131-Melrose B. and Eloise P. Adams to Yinfei Wu, $680,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 2007N-Amr Osman to Zubair Ahmad, $283,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 716N-Erika J. Oliveira to Luzviminda Dizon, Angela Brown and Crystal Dao, $199,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. A12S-Timothy J. Kirchner to Susana M. Castillo, $190,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3713, No. 904W-Cheryl K. Robertson to Edgardo V. and Rocio P. Oliveros, $285,000.

Maplewood Dr., 6441-Yuen L. Wong to Yaira S. Alvarado and Rodolfo Garcia, $475,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 430-Omar El Assel to Eyphra Ransom, $269,900.

Rio Dr., 3245, No. 202-Gianna Dalessandro to Muhammad Mohsin Khan, Shelah Bibi and Ghulam Muhammad Khan, $230,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 1302S-Skyler M. Gregory to John Young Kwang Kim, $268,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 308S-Tenimba and Charles Morgan to Danielle Christine Fumagalli and Arvin Gouw, $332,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 505N-Sheila and Mohamud A. Haji to Roselynn Onah Lewis and Josephine O. Onah, $357,000.

Washington Dr., 3441-Owen K. Youles III to Patrick Driscoll Sharkey and Sara Briana Hawkins, $620,000.


Ashbourn Dr., 9530-Michael W. Worley to Christine Mary Hwang and Jin I. Kim, $595,000.

Beaconsfield Ct., 5524-Dennis E. Trainor and Vicki L. Pettit to Renae Marie McVeigh, $502,000.

Broken Oak Pl., 9168-Emad G. Ibrahim to Chi Trung Dinh and Buu Tuyen T. Phan, $316,000.

Carrindale Ct., 6004-Bryan R. and Chloe C. Davis to John Edward and Cathy Marie Fay, $627,150.

Cove Landing Rd., 5807, No. 202-Irene M. Giordano to Robert and Alicia Hallenberg, $260,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5918, No. 102-Deryl A. Middleton to Bertrand Joseph Giroux Jr. and Kiley Gove, $265,000.

Crownleigh Ct., 5758-Benny A. and Glenda Estorga to Christina L. Schmidt, $445,000.

Dunleigh Dr., 5260-Donald P. and Marie M. Maloney to Timothy C. Johnson and Alice R. Chu, $730,000.

Fitzhugh St., 5840-Sandra Smith Rittenhouse to John Patrick Meyer and Kristin Marie Wallace, $685,000.

Grovers Theater Ct., 9004-Marc D. and Ali R. McEwen to Richard Harry and Jenny Gee Speaker, $651,250.

Hemlock Woods Lane, 9920-Maureen J. Cippel to Michael and Kelly Wojciechowicz, $509,900.

Kemp Lane, 5604-Margo D. and Carlos A. Pareja to Alan and Hillary R. Yee, $650,000.

Kite St., 9354-Diversify Investment Technology Corp. to Thi Hoang and Kim Anh Thi Tran, $485,000.

Lakepointe Dr., 9859-Jose Zacarias and Ester F. Kiper to Jacob W. and Maria A. Richards, $417,000.

Mccarthy Woods Ct., 9352-Kathleen M. Bright to Kanokwan Taweechaisuntis, $479,000.

New England Woods Dr., 5854-Edward Francis and Virginia Ann Kildoyle to Esther Kim and Joseph Nguyen, $635,000.

Poindexter Ct., 9669-Yoryi M. Rosales and Debbie L. Gonzalez to Chinweuba Kenechukwi and Blessing Chiamaka Obi, $440,000.

Raintree Rd., 9333-GPS Holdings Corp. to Kristen Pryor and Russell Francis Ventimiglia, $685,000.

Sand Creek Ct., 9229-Matthew C. Langford and Stephanie A. Evans to Phillip Schrader, $436,000.

Shipwright Dr., 9506-Kyle S. and Abbegail E. Minor to Briana L. Erickson and David N. Raines, $559,950.

Spring Oak Ct., 10711-James and Linda Shiao to Yue Ni, $349,000.

Sunset Woods Ct., 6724-Scott F. and Jodi E. Gershman to Lea C. Anderson, $481,000.

Tillary Ct., 5455-Byong T. and Sook H. Yoon to Aaron Michael and Theresa Veronika Sachs, $395,000.

Wicklow Dr., 6125-Thomas J. and Melissa J. O’Connor to Christian C. and Jessica Renee Ayers, $645,000.

Windward Dr., 6105-Francis P. and Anna A. De La Cruz to Steven and Bobbie St. John, $489,888.

Wooded Glen Ave., 9403-Estate of Chander S. Dhalwala and Urmil S. Dhalwala to James Patrick and Greta Lynn Richard, $790,000.


Asher Vw., 14091-Yun Sok Yim to Xiao Rong Liu, $376,000.

Autumn Cir., 14143-Linda Thomson and Gillian Walker to Richard and Michelle Lee, $340,000.

Basingstoke Loop, 14688-Jay McCormack Tolan to Ngot Tran and Luan Pham, $320,000.

Beddingfield Way, 14233-Jung Hoon Lee and Joung Mi Choi to Chan Sub Lee, $405,000.

Braywood Dr., 5227-Russell C. Smith and Hung Jin Hong to Jenny Wu and Timothy Au, $521,000.

Bull Run Post Office Rd., 6717-Nandini Selvam and Thirumal Vishnu Jayaraman to Peter C. and Inok K. Cho, $715,000.

Cabells Mill Dr., 13987-Colin B. and Maria K.P. Hoffman to Maura D. Brooks, $475,000.

Chasewood Cir., 6876-Jamal F. Whitehead and Bridgett V. Johnson to Emily Rene and Tyler R. Ross, $349,888.

Clay Pipe Ct., 6243-Gil U. and Ja Kyung Kim to Joseph Kuetae Pak and Min Y. Kyung, $432,000.

Coachway Dr., 14409-Franz Herrera to Daniela Soto, $465,000.

Cool Oak Lane, 14490-Mohammadali Bigdeli and Farahnaz Payda to Saul Antonio and Maria Alcantara De Palacios, $225,000.

Croatan Dr., 14630-Nicole M. Showalter to Kamran Kamali and Nasrin Kamalizadeh, $395,000.

Eagle Tavern Lane, 15485-Jacqueline L. and Dennis L. Darling to Danielle M. and Vasili D. Koubaroulis, $775,000.

Flower Hill Dr., 14707-Philip W. and Stacy B. Gillett to Marghalara Kakar, $375,000.

General Johnston Pl., 5681-Mark Lender and Scott Dulaney to Nadeem Khalid Mir and Najia Khokar, $655,000.

Gladewright Dr., 5398-Alan Ben Power to Eric Allen and Brooke Cynthiann Nielsen, $525,000.

Grape Holly Grove, 14301, No. 14-Barbara McCarthy to Atif S. and Afroz Askari, $210,000.

Gringsby Ct., 14439-Luke and Karen Croushorn to Julien J. Slate Assoleil and Kathryn T. Daniels, $240,000.

Gunther Ct., 5926-Grace Choi to Sung Kuk Park, $395,000.

Hidden Canyon Rd., 6332-Karen Ann Fontana to Ashley T. Payne, $730,000.

Jackson Fields Ct., 6672-Richard P. Nguyen to Jason, Gursanjam and Dalbir Singh Bhuller, $635,000.

Kamputa Dr., 14917-Christopher James and Gina Miori Cowan to Jessica M. Porche, $532,500.

Lierman Cir., 5632-Lian Chen to Daisoo Kweon, $700,000.

Malton Ct., 6825-Keaka and Laurie Kimi to Andrew Ryan Albertson, $390,000.

Millicent Ct., 14824-Michael Shawn Kessinger to Sung Kyu Jung and Ok Sun Hong, $326,000.

Oakengate Way, 6106-John M. and Mary Rose S. Woodward to Sameh W. and Suzanne M. Hanna, $800,000.

Pamela Dr., 5726-Ilir M. and Janyce E. Tsungu to Jonathan D. and Andrea M. Carvajal, $550,000.

Preacher Chapman Pl., 13901-Cheryl Rucker to Ranjit Kaur and Gurwinder Singh, $345,000.

Ritchie Rd., 14920-Edward P. Durning and Jennifer E. Fournier to Jackson C. and Emily G. Milroy, $495,000.

Rosebud Lane, 6005, No. 104-Julia L. Gattuso to Barbara Jo Dieker, $195,000.

Saint Germain Dr., 14479-Joan W. Orvis to Christopher W. and Grace L. McIntosh, $240,000.

Stone Chase Way, 14258-Christopher A. and Jennifer B. Warren to Benjamin A. and Caitlin E. May, $695,000.

Sydell Lane, 14511-Kevin M. and Krysten Lloyd to Sansan Htwe, $385,000.

Travis Edward Way, 5121-I-Justin R. Morgan to Mason Chan and Emily Wong, $182,000.

Wetherburn Dr., 15114-Kevin A. and Julie Piper Flynn to Benjamin Neil and Cortney Lynne Thomas, $649,900.

Willoughby Newton Dr., 5616, No. 14-Chris S. Cutler and Anne L. Hunsberger to Hyunjun Hwang, $263,500.

Winding Ridge Lane, 13937-Christine C. Park to Hyon S. and Mi Chin Kim, $373,000.

Woodland Ridge Ct., 6372-Min and Jennifer L. Kim to Ian Lam, $512,500.


Bicentennial Ct., 15218-Vasili D. and Danielle M. Koubaroulis to Michael Aaron Horn and Carly M. Anderson, $575,000.

Cub Run Rd., 4502-Suman Kumar and Manorama Sah to Suman Kumar Sah, $382,500.

Kimberley Glen Ct., 4019-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Abu Lehaz Abbasi, $260,000.

Louis Mill Dr., 15240-Evelyn F. Heisler to Lionel and Michelle Ramjattan, $445,000.

Pennsboro Dr., 13604-Kenneth Derrick and Shannon D. Gibbs to Saifaddeen and Leah Marie Atwa, $436,000.

Rembrandt Way, 13867-Jack J. and Adrienne R. Shaw to Dhritiman Bhattacharya and Maliha Zaman, $750,000.

Smallwood Lane, 13540-Shauna and Andrew Hunt to Christopher Wei and Hong Nguyen, $662,000.

Walney Knoll Ct., 4805-Lee H. and Catherine D. Warwick to Michael R. Hawk, $895,000.


Bluestone Ct., 13609-Garrett M. and Nickie L. Lansberry to Ivan and Elizabeth Driscoll Panov, $735,000.

Gray Bill Ct., 13530-Nicholas and Joanna Oh to Jwala Raj Sharma and Srishti Pathak, $450,000.

Henderson Rd., 12231-Christopher Charles and Alyssa Nicole Ashworth to James Anthony Stewart and Susan S. Harmeling, $745,000.

Mountain Springs Lane, 6141-Stephen G. Hyde and Laura J. Robbins to Mark Trkula and Emily Blair Goff, $620,000.

Orchard Dr., 13663-Jung H. Kim and Jean B. Chang to Nichole Jones, $203,000.

Sierra Dr., 13534-Oi Yee Yun and Hak On Fong to Fernando Maldonado Ayala and Mary Torrico Perez, $420,000.

Tiffany Ct., 7709-Joya M. Cottington Christian to Nicole and James Hilliard, $805,000.


Acorn Ridge Ct., 3973-Weizi Zhao to Feifan Yang, $500,000.

Aristotle Ct., 3851, No. 1-421-Sol Kim to Henry C., Tanja M. and Stacey L. Smith, $282,500.

Aristotle Dr., 11347, No. 6-207-Lorelie Goodpaster Atangan to Kangsan Lim, $324,500.

Artery Dr., 11948-Thomas A. and Sheila M. Fontana to Thanh Thanh L. Lashley, $450,000.

Barbara Lane, 3145-Samuel S. Yang and Tae Sook Cho to Brian M. and Cari M.F. Crosby, $1.35 million.

Bexley Lane, 4923- Jean L. Flagg and Donald W. Newton to Burin Chaturaprasert and Janejira Boonmee, $552,000.

Blue Fox Lane, 13197-Vanchinathan Santhanagopalan to Robert Wadden, $530,000.

Broadrun Dr., 3722-Steven Jeng Yen Wu to Thomas Taehong Cho and Nayun Ha, $786,000.

Carisbrooke Lane, 4617-Chong H. Kim and Do I. Yi to Peter S. Mina and Nermine A. Mesdary, $612,000.

Catterick Ct., 4786-Gregory A. and Jessica M. Callaghan to Joshua Brian and Katherine Upshur Leftin, $665,000.

Chalkstone Way, 5331-Parisa Fakhri to Rohit and Deborah G. Agarwal, $899,900.

Clovet Dr., 4070-Steve I. and Anna Y. Kim to Charles S. and Tenimba S. Morgan, $615,000.

Collingham Dr., 10439-Lorna Jenkins and Janet Kaye Daniels to Abdibashi Wehelie, $520,000.

Corot Ct., 5502-Young W. Kim to Kalpana and Purushottan Subedi, $499,000.

Dogwood Hills Lane, 12790-Weisheke Chin and Nien King to Paulos Assefa and Seble Worku, $515,000.

Fair Briar Lane, 12887-Frank J. and Audrey M. Mazurek to Zaknafein M. Lunsford, $318,000.

Fairfield House Dr., 12201, No. 608A-Sean M. and Leanne G. Dunaway to Patricia Glaze and Michael Calaway Rapier, $361,000.

Farmland Dr., 3756-Saiyed Rehan Ahtasham and Yasmeen Rehan to Acacia S. Dai, $415,000.

Forest Hill Dr., 4401-Jatinder Singh and Bahadur Kaur to Harinder S. Gill and Wenjuan Wang, $850,000.

Franklin View Ct., 13205-Mary Josephine Levesque to China Narasimha Swamy and Aparna Bommidi, $803,000.

Gainsborough Dr., 5112-William James and Sharon A. Macy to Samuel G.S. Herbig and Whitney Lea Lyle, $537,500.

Garden Grove Cir., 12140, No. 302-Jean Kim and Pyo Lee to Caitlin Mary Higgins, $302,000.

Golf Ridge Ct., 12000, No. 351-Abdelmalek Sbih to Romina Mercado Benameur, $299,900.

Green Ridge Ct., 3800, No. 301-Mark Preznuk to Hai Lin He and Xiao Tong Yang, $316,000.

Greenway Ct., 12115, No. 182-Steven R. Viscidi and Blanca M. Diaz to Juan Jose Benjamin Vasquez, $259,000.

Hamilton Dr., 9118-Robert Francis and Monica Elynore Rozycki to Emily R. and Zachary J. Vansice, $869,000.

Hayes Ct., 12461, No. 101-Jonathan Plisco and Emily Clarke to Kathleen L. Rowley, $315,000.

Highland Oaks Dr., 3820-Zhaohuai Rui and Idaho Aca Gao to Vishak H. and Priya Prabhu Mallya, $780,000.

Hunt Manor Dr., 3825-Romeo V. and Carolina R. Nido to Girish B. Manchapanahalli and Megha Gowder, $999,900.

Kennington Pl., 5406-Kenneth R. and Cynthia A. Graziani to Jonathon and Seungmi Beris, $735,000.

Kingsbridge Dr., 9708, No. 2-Youn Tae Kim and Eun Jung Seok to Clistene E. Acosta, $259,000.

La Cross Ct., 5524-Pyung Kuk Hong to Samuel An, $250,000.

Lavender Keep Cir., 12730-Susan L. Woida to Yong and Jennifer Kim, $709,000.

Lisa Marie Ct., 12028-Stephen E. Courter to Inseop Lee and Jina Park, $522,500.

Looking Glass Way, 8337-Aaron B. and Jessica L. Druck to Scott D. Manoogian, $885,000.

Manor Pl., 10000-John T. and Eve E. Ezell to Justin Lee and Candyce Leigh Astroth, $925,000.

Market Commons Dr., 4480, No. 509-Christine Pearson and Deborah Corsi to Michael S. and Alexandra J. Lee, $420,000.

Mazewood Lane, 3701-Elizabeth T. Dowsett to Nageshkumar N. Nagadenahalli and Gayathri Lakshmisagar, $422,000.

Milan Lane, 12740-Patricia Leer McIntyre to Muhammad Aslam and Kausar Begum, $505,000.

Mozart Brigade Lane, 4225, No. 91-Nidal Nahass and Nada Alharastani to Arlisa Jarday Britt, $219,900.

Nuttall Rd., 4412-Michael H. and Bonnie S. Miller to Stephen M. Klein and Amy B. Krevit, $865,000.

Peep Toad Ct., 11312-Jennifer R. and Michael F. Haymaker to Alyssa D. Armore and Paul Yarnall, $740,000.

Penderview Lane, 12158, No. 1701-Lucas J. and Patricia Bragg to Rodger Wilmot, $270,500.

Pennypacker Lane, 13204-Anna C. Ball to Yi Tam and Tu Van N. Dao, $540,000.

Port Rae Lane, 4109-Yei Jin Jinnie and Yei Jin Kim to David Suh Park, $545,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 321-Saeed A. Younan to Lillian Kaminer, $319,900.

Red Spruce Rd., 10199-Gregory A. Brill to Christopher Schulte and Jill E. Wright, $740,000.

Rittenhouse Cir., 3010-Prashant A. and Anjali D. Tumuluri to Paul Jeschke and Alina Khon, $618,200.

Rose Crest Ct., 12653-Christi John and Jason Cooper Bye to Shadi and Kerin Mokarem, $1.32 million.

Rustburg Pl., 9705-Paul H. and Luann M. Bynum to Phillip N. Padden and Lisa H. Ganocy, $710,000.

Saint Cloud Ct., 9837-Chong Hui Lee to Monica Kyung Hui Sim, $433,000.

Settle Ct., 12000-Robert H. and Catherine H. Clime to Chae Yong and Hee Hwan Kim Chang, $810,000.

Stockwell Lane, 9608-Joseph C. Tong and Yuan Szu Chang to Chansun and Jinho Kim, $740,000.

Superior Sq., 4515-Christina M. and Darren K. Beesley to Roni Kuar Samra, $324,000.

Talon Ct., 5534-Nga Tran to Yuqing Xiong and Kun Sun, $420,000.

Wheatstone Dr., 4870-Charles A. and Maria A. Lopez to Myphung T. Bui and Rodney A. Barredo, $675,000.

Winford Ct., 5531-Daniel A. and Joan M. Dupre to Jacob S. and Carly B. McCrumb, $443,000.


Canterberry Rd., 10656-Harinder S. Gill and Balvinder K. Bains to David C. and Carol O. Johnson, $929,000.

Cross Chase Cir., 8723-John Michael and Kathleen Ann Gleason to Ngoc Hue Thi Vo and MacPherson E. Stevens, $790,000.

Gingerbread Lane, 7714-John A. and Shawna M. Thompson to Joel and Katy Parsons, $1.13 million.

Hampton Rd., 10858-Robert J. and Christina S. Miller to Joshua D. and Teresa A. Vanderford, $661,500.

Holly Haven Lane, 8309-Javaid A. and Shaharezade Ahmad Malik to Christopher A. and Jennifer B. Warren, $775,000.

Jeffrey Ct., 8105-Steven P. and Michele M. Randall to Adam S. and Meredith K. Wolrich, $689,000.

Nuthatch Dr., 9605-Lehman XS Trust and U.S. Bank to Jaime T. and Monica F. Martins, $603,750.

Park Cir. S., 9905-James and Nancy L. Wilkinson to Heidi and Joshua Washer, $875,000.

Shady Slope Ct., 9909-Paul A. Belmont to Alan Anthony and Alexandra Corine Strawn, $975,000.

Sydney Rd., 6321-Pamela and Gary L. Clark to Christopher John Hawley and Muyasaier Aihemaiti, $862,500.

Vista Point Lane, 8112-Paul Lawrence and Kim Marie Arnold to Billy D. Thompson, $911,000.


Anchorway Ct., 3150-E-Allison R. Park to Rebecca A. Hull, $238,600.

Annandale Rd., 3151-Andrey S. and Elena A. Veretenov to Lan Thuy and Thanh Ngoc Tran, $1.06 million.

Camp Alger Ave., 7721-Joshua G. and Elisabeth L. Pressley to Amanda L. Werth, $470,000.

Cleave Dr., 2902-Gene D. Robinson III and the estate of Rebecca C. Prather to Hoan A. Tchen, $715,000.

Genea Way, 8073-Sampaguita Bates to Jennifer Ujimori, $455,000.

Hallwood Ave., 6621-Estate of Rita E. Roszel and Suzanne M. Roszel to Jin Hur and Junho Yoon, $615,000.

Kadala Pl., 3026-Agnieszka Maria and Thomas Paul Caruso to Michelle R. Thomas and David T. Little, $542,000.

Lakeside Village Dr., 7602-C-Hans Christopher Klapproth to Sameer Khan and Rachel Henderson, $350,000.

Lee Hwy., 7348, No. 48-Patrick David Brier to Amrit Bhandari, $207,000.

Linden Lane, 2907-Virginia Gorman Turley to Jordan S. and Rebecca B. Ruby, $775,000.

Monroe St., 2829-Stephen A. and Emily C. Bowne to Timothy James Hudson and Margaux Louise Guyonneau, $590,000.

Norfolk Lane, 3245-Matthew A. Cottini to Christopher Robert and Shannon Olivia Haislmaier, $535,000.

Pine Spring Rd., 3023-Thomas G. and Jeffery E. Hume Pratuch to Russell Balano, $575,000.

Rosemary Lane, 2862-Adam I. and Amy S. Weissbarth to Ryan Charles and Sophie Benitz Emminger, $800,000.

Stuart Dr., 2923-Five A. S. Investment Corp. to Sarah Jane Wilber and David Paul Josuns, $605,000.

Wayne Rd., 3116-Joann Lee and Samantha Kennard to Timothy D. and Jennifer N. Dusenbury, $510,000.

Willow Point Dr., 7769-Timothy and Jennifer N. Dusenbury to Enela and Fatjon Memaj, $370,000.


Dominion Way, 2137-Kenneth and Julie Ross Harms to Christian P. and Ivette Granier Smith, $636,070.

Fisher Ct., 1932-Erik M. and Elaine Maria Kleiner to Prasanna Ramamoorthy and Mageshwari Jayaraj, $633,000.

Grayson Pl., 2117-New Dimensions Inc. to Paul Anthony and Rebecca Lynn Welch, $1.5 million.

Highboro Way, 2013-Margery Jean and Hans M. Grainer to Xiuli Wang and Jianze Zhou, $649,000.

Kirklyn St., 2539-Paul J. and Julie Fisher to Amy N. and Gregory Seador, $725,000.

Marshall Heights Ct., 7782-Kunal Malaviya and Khyati Nayak to Vipul Anand and Mangala Gauri Pande, $630,000.

Overbrook St., 6513-Richard and Kristina Plackter to William P. and Rebecca D. Simons, $1.62 million.

Pimmit Dr., 1922-Kafil U. and Tanvir Ahmed to Subhashish and Mala Chatterjee, $600,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 216-Theresa Janice Smyth to Tatyana Lebedeva, $175,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 307-Edward Mifflin to Andrew Dat Huynh, $205,000.

Shelby Lane, 2603-Lotus Homes Corp. to Brian M. and Brittany M. Walsh, $735,000.


Forepond Ct., 6982-Dennis and Jean Eshman to James R. and Nydia I. Rodriguez Michels, $560,000.


Camfield Dr., 8902-Amy E. Kirner to Joseph and Noelle Salucci, $620,000.

Collingwood Ct., 8204-Douglas J. Scheidt and Lynn J. Taylor to Jacqueline N. and Anthony King, $878,500.

Dade Lane, 1501-Douglas and Ellie M. McCobb to James Edward and Sally Regina Hayes, $935,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 8303-Marie L. Urban McDonald to Shannon Marie and Alex McLoughlin, $560,000.

Jackson Rd., 7923-Elizabeth J. Reiley to Cameron D. and Zoe L. Lensing, $570,000.

Londonderry Rd., 2201-Karla M. Kincannon and James A. Noseworthy to Jordan Passmore and Melissa Thurman, $660,000.

New Market Rd., 7922-Erin D. Peterson and Autumn M. Lorenz to Jaime H. and Stacey L. Karpen Dohn, $857,000.

Shenandoah Rd., 1512-Tara S. Barr and Michael A. Graziano to Adam M. Meyer and Elizabeth A. Duris, $487,000.

Stockton Pkwy., 8800-Nathan W. and Nancy Ann Moore to Matthew and Christina Diamond, $1.2 million.

Waynewood Blvd., 1112-Tarik S. and Amelia J. Abd to Brian Smith and Amanda Munoz, $655,000.

Woodridge Cir., 7613-Evergreene Companies Corp. to Andrew H. and Meredith H. Reinsdorf, $1.51 million.


Artemel Lane, 10414-Daniel A. and Christine M. Voce to Xiaoyue Ma and Zhiguo Zhang, $725,000.

Challedon Rd., 1105-Scott and Sabrina Thomas to Bradley and Corinne McGowan, $805,000.

Falls Bridge Lane, 901-Eleanor E. and Joseph J. Kim to Reece J. and Kelly N. Blayney, $1.13 million.

Fox Creek Farm Way, 11324-Amer H. Salameh and Jihan Awad to Gena C. and Sant E. Lovett, $2.09 million.

Kentland Dr., 715-D. Dwight and Kelley M. Gordon to Dean Scott and Kecia Prokay Newman, $835,000.

Millwood Lane, 990-Kenneth W. and Jennifer M. Brothers to James R. Wombles Jr. and Neli Kouneva Loewenthal, $1.6 million.

River Park Dr., 202-Ires VA Corp. to Cory Miller and Kelly Fratino, $1.05 million.

Springvale Rd., 680-Gholamreza Khamesi to Reza A. Zeinalian and Shirin Baftechi, $2 million.

War Admiral St., 933-Satian Enterprises Inc. to Kendra Anne and Brent Michael Bradley, $785,000.


Alan Shepard St., 3095-U.S. Home Corp. to Vijaykumar Kapse, $655,000.

Anthem Ave., 112-Michael J. and Andrea M. Burton to Jonathan Markowitz, $670,000.

Ballou St., 906-Leon Aisner to Micholas Zaffke, $475,000.

Bayou Dr., 12604-Christopher T. and Donna L. Bruce to Rayden N. and Rina N. Ngo, $575,000.

Briargrove Ct., 13106-David R. and Janet M. Zeile to Dietlind Kiewel Denecke, $705,000.

Cedar Run Lane, 13579-Hari Babu Damera and Devasena Kurumeti to Kalyana Chakravarthy Peddi Siva Naga, $588,995.

Centre Park Cir., 12900, No. 102-Sheree Paden and Sheree Conrad to Helen McKay, $226,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12941, No. 315-Khalid L. and Tanni Chowdhury to Matthew James and Donna Lee Griffin, $232,000.

Chiswell Pl., 2653-Terence M. and Jessica T. Servey to Jason and Yi Tolbert, $539,900.

Coopers Branch Ct., 2420-Catherine J. Christ to Shalini J. Shettar, $343,000.

Dairy Lou Dr., 3305-Lawrence W. and Janet A. Feeback to Nadia M. and Nathen M. Baker, $690,000.

Dew Meadow Ct., 2423-Carlos Humberto and Blanca Yudith Corona to Pasumkili Nagarethinam and Vairamani Ponnuchamy, $410,000.

Early Fall Ct., 549-Oscar Arnulfo Marquez Turcios and Reyna I. Valle Aguilar to Bholaman and Devi Maya Gurung, $317,500.

Exbury St., 12256-Carol M. McLane to Daniel Alexander and Susan Daland Garza, $500,000.

Folkstone Dr., 12204-Nancy P. and Lance Matthew Nelson to Izzet Burak Temel, $660,000.

Glendundee Dr., 13507-Charles M. Kerr to David Bradford, $663,300.

Hamer Ct., 13401-Willi Yabar to Rene Alvarenga and Mercedes Alvarenga Rodriguez, $470,000.

Highcourt Lane, 2105, No. 201-Anup Sharma to Crystal Hyunmi Kim, $290,000.

Hungerford Pl., 13341-Dinh Thao to Jin Hee Kim and Heun Koo, $330,000.

Kinross Cir., 3189-Pratap and Pallavi Alok to Manoj Kumar and Ritu Sharma, $678,200.

Magna Carta Rd., 12719-Chong C. Park to Daoud Abdelhamid and Karima Bouarich, $489,500.

Meadow Hall Ct., 13103-Timothy R. and Mary Kay Otting to Dustin M. Johnston and Madeleine Anne Kent, $775,000.

Monaghan Dr., 2158-Gerhard A. and Monika R. Voegler to Aury I. Ramos Hernandez and Misael Najarro Ramirez, $312,500.

Muirkirk Lane, 13463-Sheila A. Consaul to Blake William Frieman and Amy Kathryn Baker, $515,000.

Neil Armstrong Ave., 13724, No. 506-Christina Kyong Arnold to Dori D. Kim, $409,000.

Oak Lawn Pl., 12940-Ronnie and Lynn H. Clayton to Jeff J. and Sage Annaleise Bolte Mullen, $890,000.

Old Hunt Way, 652-Dennis Turner to Michael E. and Maura E. Culligan, $784,500.

Pennymoor Ct., 2553-Alisa J. Tarr Rhee to Joel Schwarting, $386,000.

Plotner Farm Rd., 13109-Xiaoping Xiong to Manish and Geetanjali Chaturvedi, $475,000.

Queens Row St., 422-Judith B. Martino to Ana Ibanez Sosa and Octavio Castillo, $412,500.

Rock Chapel Rd., 1314-David Hausladen to Michael and Shelley Carson, $500,000.

Silver Spur Ct., 2510-Anand Ramachandran and Sunitha Raghunath to Ketan Patel and Mayuri Desai, $735,000.

Stone Mountain Ct., 2607-Robert A. and Janelle Irene Hansen to Robert and Teresa Swartzwelder, $620,000.

Tayloe Ct., 3225-Joseph S. and Jenney R. Duval to Rimzhim Agarwal and Anurag Pal, $406,500.

Timber Wood Way, 2904-Jeffrey Bessette and Amanda Butterworth to Jaclyn Kate Roth and Christopher Peter Rovere, $620,000.

Viking Dr., 2623-Christopher L. and Deborah G. Bradner to Stephen T. and Alisha Huffman, $555,000.

Whitewood Lane, 1737-Guru Amrit S. and Ong Kar K. Khalsa to Brandon Michael and April Lorraine Barber, $485,000.

Woodland Park Rd., 13226-NVR Inc. to Ranga Roy Achanta and Divya Vajja, $505,000.


Burgundy Rd., 3106-Tommy L. Foster to Alvaro Cestti and Gladys Ana Caballero Miranda, $350,000.

Elmwood Dr., 3708-Tamra L. Halmrast Sanchez to Benjamin Robinson, $485,000.

Farrington Ave., 2239, No. 5-201-Kenneth M. Dowd to Benjamin R. Schulze, $145,500.

Huntington Ave., 2059, No. 512-Angel M. and Christina M. Rodriguez to Jasmina Andric, $172,500.

Jefferson Dr., 2806-Kenneth D. and Cristeena G. Naser to Jennifer and Fletcher Smith, $415,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 721-Jason T. Holland to Jeffrey T. Gary, $350,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 502-Shirley A. Teal to Farzad and Sarah Tahmourpour, $256,500.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 1201-Douglas Grace and Tyler F. Parrott to Christopher Russell Sella, $355,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 1604-Lynn H. and Mary E. Tjeerdsma to Gerald A. and Anna K. Connell, $631,000.

Sunbury Dr., 5728-Haiping Luo to Chad and Kimberly Muntzinger, $490,000.


Beechcraft Dr., 3410-Jose A. and Katherine J. Manzanares to Jessica Huffman and Joshua Abramowicz, $461,200.

Carter Farm Ct., 2759-Leonardo A. Salgado Lopez to Nathan D. and Amanda J. Leamer, $450,000.

Collard St., 3108-Tatiana P. Batalska to Yovanis Arnoldo Salvador Guzman, $450,000.

Harrison Lane, 6729-Yale Vincent Dean and estate of Vincent E. Dean to Miguel Angel Montano and Silvia Luna Mencia, $450,000.

Kings Village Rd., 3009-Marc T. and Lauren S. Stanley to Zachary James Harrill, $355,000.

Mount Woodley Pl., 7828-John D. and Marilynn M. Kelley to Johar and Fatima Najmi, $405,000.

Rolling Stone Way, 4330-Erin and Michael Thomas Farquhar to Robert J. Surovell, $380,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7515-J-Dana M. Larson Selva to Feng Xu and Franco V. Escobar Solano, $275,000.

Windbreak Dr., 2425-Kyle Cook to Niamh O. Donovan, $430,000.

Woodstone Pl., 6803-Alan J. and Cynthia S. Yaworske to Harvey D. Batra and Anju Kumar, $612,000.


Cherokee Ct., 6421-Benjamin and Erica Houghton to William Kelso, $488,000.

Cozy Glen Lane, 5248-Adriana Zorrilla to John Magruder and Lynn Thompson, $625,000.

Cypress Point Rd., 6642-Mary Schmid to Davina Friedmann, $450,000.

Edsall Ridge Pl., 5432-Wimpy D. and Doris E. Pybus to Benjamin and Elizabeth Jane Van Zyl, $730,000.

Levtov Landing., 6393-Shelley Peart to Sedale L. McCall and Stephanie M. Waties, $569,900.

Medinah Lane, 6626-Dominie Garcia to Mickael J. and Karen M. Tremel, $511,000.

Saucon Valley Ct., 4533-Barg Inc. to Kathryn L. Styons and Julian Dephillips, $449,900.

Shoal Creek Ct., 4518-Francis G. and Monica K. Massaro to Astrith Rubiano Puentes, $447,000.

Spring Valley Dr., 6613-Ralph W. Novak to Benjamin P. and Kirstie J. Tuben, $730,000.

Yellowstone Dr., 6218-Michael David Dobbs and estate of Mary Ann Kouri to Juancarlos and Deiry A. Trejo, $410,575.


Aspenpark Rd., 7576-Hayley May Fowler to Natalia McMahan, $385,000.

Bluebird Way, 8317, No. L-Sandra L. Barker to Jamal J. Howar, $265,000.

Cardinal Woods Ct., 6752-Maria G. Davenport to Phoungeun N. Austin and Charles Lequan Thomas, $475,000.

Devries Dr., 7616-Brian Burk to Douglas and Lindsay Schreffler, $457,000.

Flowering Dogwood Lane, 8700-Ecco Properties Corp. to Iman Ahmed Omer and Dineer Bahar, $805,000.

Greene Dr., 10529-Jeffrey F. Willis and Laura A. McKlveen to Timothy B. Patch, $650,000.

Hill Dr. E., 9958-Carl S. Person to Muna Tesfaye and Yilma Goltneh, $640,000.

Koluder Ct., 8543-Joseph R. Rossi to Allyson J. Harms, $340,000.

Larne Lane, 7442-Stephen and Sarah Myers Mutschall to Lauren D. and Kourtney D. Seaman, $375,000.

Mayhew Ct., 8924-Laili Akahanzadah to Lauren Ashley Watkins and Laraydo Damone Satterfield, $589,900.

Old Colchester Rd., 10218-Diana Jones to Kenneth Meckley, $430,000.

Potters Hill Cir., 9650-Sandra L. Mollfulleda to Alex Gross and Bakhora Rasulova, $495,000.

Shepherd Hills Ct., 7805-Brenda G. Jenkins Young to Maria Alejandra Lopez and Omar Giovanni Cobos, $390,000.

Singleleaf Cir., 8904-Kun Seung Baik to Cong Toan Dong and Hien T. Nguyen, $496,000.

Waites Way, 8915-Marco V. and Aura E. Valdez to Alison Aguila and Amanda Martinez, $360,000.

Winstead Manor Ct., 6607-Kriellion A. Sanders to David Kroll, $865,000.


Aynsley Lane, 7328-Nicole Rae Adams and estate of Terry J. Adams to George Mwangi and Jacinta Mutonga, $749,900.

Birnam Wood Dr., 8020-Christopher P. and Kim C. Simkins to Shaun F. and Erin P. Kupferberg, $995,000.

Buchanan St., 1207-Sebastian and Katherine Gorka to Jennifer L. and Adam D. Anthony, $925,000.

Carper St., 1117-Teresa Carol Coffey to Jeanie Yoon and Johnny Park, $900,000.

Chesterbrook Rd., 6027-Atassociates Corp. to Semih Nazim Us, $1.14 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 818-Rakesh and Alka Mital to Chris and Jungran Choi, $449,900.

Douglass Dr., 934-Victor V. and Patricia R. Gogolak to Nicholas Vancampen and Anne Coolidge Taylor, $2.55 million.

Farver Rd., 6134-Thomas E. and Stephanie T. Williams to Holly L. Nolting, $1.12 million.

Forestwood Dr., 1206-Estate of Jean H. Frahm and Margaret F. Smith to Mikhail Shenderey and Samantha Holland, $965,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 219-Leticia R. Gonzalez to Salman Mahbub, $389,000.

Hampton View Pl., 6632-Christopher W. and Linda K. Hansen to John R. Cuttitta Jr., $979,000.

Holly Leaf Dr., 8451-Kellen G. Leister to Kevin Timothy Macko and Christina Giovanna Lay, $1.3 million.

International Dr., 1625, No. TH5-Nezam and Rouhangiz Radfar to Wenyu Zheng, $480,000.

Kirby Rd., 1400-Kirby Corp. to Alexander and Megnote Lezhnev, $999,950.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 106-William S. Weniger to Yoon Hyang Kim, $252,500.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 210-Kristine K. Healy to Philip Labella, $245,000.

Lincoln Way, 1537, No. 204-Luka Joon Corp. to Stephanie A. Salvucci, $237,500.

Montcalm Dr., 7370-Jin Hur to Ming Shen and Beihua Yao, $711,000.

Oak Lane, 1620-Andrew L. Lipps and Eva M. Sereghy to Joseph H. and Kaveri Parker, $1.12 million.

Old Dominion Dr., 8712-Marcus P. Lubin and Anne M. Ellis to Cheng Zheng and Lujiang Xiao, $1.5 million.

Old Meadow Rd., 1808, No. 804-Yahya S. Mohseni to Daniel M. and Daniel Simon, $299,900.

Provincial Dr., 7640, No. 215-Jennifer Jean Hall to Ana Paula Calabrez Nery, $337,000.

Spring Gate Dr., 1550, No. 8408-Chris Y. and Teri Young Ah Moon to Toquyen Nguyen, $475,000.

Spring Vale Ave., 1470-MS West McLean Corp. to Robert B. and Barbara D. Long, $1.7 million.

Towne Lane Ct., 6734-Stephen D. Ikin to Margaret Power, $800,000.

Valleywood Rd., 1920-Michael and Emeline Keane to Allen S. and Xia Li Cross, $1.1 million.

Wilson Lane, 1900, No. 101-Christine Mathias Vanwyck to Shin Wei Yu and Thuyan Ngoc Duong, $260,000.

Woodacre Dr., 1503-Vertex Building Group Corp. to Janet Herrera and Joseph Raymond O’Brien, $1.9 million.


Bedford Terr., 5390-Shane E. and Catelia S. Pate to Jeffries A. Jones, $162,445.

Buckman Rd., 4300-M-Jules Ambrose to Thuytruc Ho Nguyen and Loc Van Duong, $165,000.

Granada St., 4306-Matthew L. and Tihara A. Taverner to Peter L. and Aerin K. Kerkhof, $603,500.

Keeler St., 8203-Harold Hwaling Szu to Matthew Benjamin Wollert, $415,000.

Longworthe Sq., 4430-Abraham Tesfay to Melissa Rummel, $362,500.

Mcclelland Pl., 8214-Shawn and Brittany E. Wilson to Luke Kennedy Hagedorn, $374,000.

Orville St., 8313-Watson H. and Diana L. Morgan to John Harris and Sara Elizabeth Mix, $410,000.

Remington Dr., 5201-Kenneth Lozano and Danessa Guzman to Rachel Turner and Chad William Hespell, $995,500.

Segundo Pl., 3809-Donna C. Henshaw to Joshua Griner, $233,000.

Silverada Pl., 7976-Iris V. Presentacion Blanco and Emma Blanco De Gomez to Jake W. Dorfner, $220,500.

Village Way, 8604-C-Alpha 1 Corp. to Yanxin Duan, $166,500.

Wagon Wheel Rd., 8525-Gerry Ann Higgins to Curtis Wayne Newport, $548,000.

Wyngate Manor Ct., 8582-Andrew E. Boyce Lewis and Suzanne Stevens to Lisa M. and Neal Bailey Harper, $445,500.


Catlett St., 7202-Wava L. Gregory to John D. and Alexandra L. Candler, $515,000.

Earlehurst St., 5539-Nhu Huong T. Nguyen to Victor M. and Deborah H. Bird, $758,000.

Gresham St., 7502-Lance Young to Minghua Xu and Longhui Jin, $525,000.

Kings Park Dr., 5604-Christopher Lalonde and Janie McKenna to Thai D. Nguyen and Thuan T. Ho, $575,000.

Parliament Dr., 8511-Ryan and Dawn Bakazan to Andrew and Alison Wheeler, $559,800.

Rolling Rd., 5253-Michael T. and Barbara A. Roche to Michael John and Donna Marie O’Malley, $425,000.

Weymouth Dr., 5406-John Williamson to Randall and Aisha Fielding, $595,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10303, No. 304-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jose David Morante Arcila, $221,200.

Bridge Hill Lane, 2552-Michael J. and Eva P. Sweeney to Vikas and Meghna Mangewala, $1.6 million.

Cranbrook Lane, 11213-Alessandro F. Sacilotto to Christopher Paul and Diane Ecklund Bruce, $877,000.

Jermantown Rd., 2936-Shou H. Shi and Sophia Yingchun Ni to Azza U. Akl and Adham Khalafallah, $405,000.

Oakton Hills Dr., 2466-Nhu Nguyen Duong to Brian L. Borga and Mariana Vilchez, $1.44 million.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10064-Jody Collin Fellows to Alina and Konstantin Virnik, $350,000.

Rifle Ridge Rd., 2825-Danna L. and Jason A. Huffman to Prashant A. and Anjali D. Tumuluri, $768,175.

Sweetmeadow Dr., 11014-Andrew Lawrence Lyon to William J. and Hyunah Gray, $1.19 million.

Valentino Dr., 10223, No. 7304-Marshall D. McEwan to Carl J. Frederick and Paola Rodriguez, $272,500.

Young Dr., 2905-Robert B. and Anna H. Williams to Michaela Gosar Senarova and Asit Raghavji Gosar, $640,000.


Amberjack Ct., 2081-Michael and Sarah Ladwig to Juna McDaid, $695,000.

Autumn Ridge Cir., 1573-Hua and Heather Li to John Bradford Pomy, $440,000.

Beacon Pl., 2011-Douglas F. and Vickie L. Graham to Stephen and Corrine R. Denker, $750,000.

Bingham Ct., 2072-Linda Ascher Singer to Peter Alexander Crowe and Caryl Leslie Self, $698,000.

Breton Ct., 11814, No. 11B-Deborah M. Carmel to Dana Katherine Menking and Pauline Virginia Azucena Medrano, $236,550.

Cartwright Pl., 2186-Vincent S. Doheny and Ricardo Castillo to Jered R. and Cecelia W. Patten, $370,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11208, No. 310-Sahar Z. Akhtar to Mathew Robert Loftus, $224,000.

Concord Point Lane, 1390-John and Suzanne Nichols to Saifalden Zuhair Alobaidi, $769,000.

Dressage Dr., 1739-John J. and Renee M. Fontenot to Jessica Elizabeth and Mark William Maskell, $745,000.

Fairway Dr., 11500, No. 205-Carla Schardt to Jan P. and Judith R. Villedrouin, $510,000.

Freetown Dr., 2441-Justin David Francis to John Christian Pyzdrowski and Cristhian Rafael Cedeno Peralta, $637,000.

Goldenrain Ct., 1524-Eric A. and Farah S. Skrzypek to Jonathan C. and Elizabeth A. Bayless, $455,500.

Gunsmith Sq., 2223-Christopher M. Dore and Paul E. Tonden to Traci M. Varrasso, $414,000.

Headlands Cir., 2022-Sharon Rae Boisvert Hymanson to Thomas Mooers, $449,900.

Heritage Oak Ct., 11425-Jerry Jenyu Chang to Gina Gayle Garcia, $565,000.

Hunters Run Dr., 2307-Derek K. Poon and John J. Capasso to Ever Onan Aguirre Bonilla and Alexandra Pargas, $275,000.

Jonathan Way, 1783, No. J-Cheryl A. Meyer to Shayna Sargent, $224,500.

Market St., 12000, No. 143-Terry G. Gibson to Sarah Herzog, $297,000.

Mediterranean Ct., 11660-Andy O. Li and Katherine I. Tweedy Li to Stephen J. Schwartz, $600,000.

Northgate Sq., 1383-Wendy A. Fox to Catherine Whitham Richardson, $326,000.

Northgate Sq., 1540, No. 40-John C. and Karen Rothenberger to Hyeryeong Song, $206,000.

Olde English Dr., 11704, No. 11704L-Janice L. Lewis to Michael P. Haene, $260,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1444-Edwin Clark III to John Patrick and Yanhui Coyne, $550,000.

Point Dr. N., 1520, No. 3-0104-Suann W. McGhee to Azeezur Rahman, $317,000.

Quartermaster Lane, 2217-Edward B. and Catherine L. Cody to Pari Sterling Kooshesh and Sara Beth Harsher, $760,000.

Riders Lane, 11933-Hala Chrabi and Nazem Hachwi to Franco Torres and Mariana Gomez, $675,000.

Rosedown Dr., 2305-Mark R. Tigerman to Joshua D. and Tynan M. Rubin, $549,900.

Running Cedar Rd., 11416-Stephen A. and Rosemarie T. Whitlock to Kayla Maureen Williams and Brian Kelly McGough, $740,000.

Sarazen Pl., 2003-Estate of Thomas A. Ryan and Theresa R. Vickery to Donna C. Henshaw, $335,000.

Stoneview Sq., 11623, No. 76-Adam Micheal Johnson to Chaitali and Prashant Chaudhari, $213,000.

Stratford Park Pl., 1860, No. 101-Thomas A. Gladstone to Samuel Jacob Sherck, $285,000.

Sunrise Square Pl., 11687-Reston Valley Corp. to Keith Eugene Saylor and Melissa Ramsdell Andrews, $947,300.

Taliesin Pl., 12001, No. 26-Davaughn J. and Ashley P. Daniel to Laura R. Ray, $325,000.

Turtle Pond Dr., 2021-Lenard and Charlotte S. Marcus to Matthew Miller and Erin Catlett, $674,900.

Valencia Way, 1645-Sanjay and Niketa Ganju to Charles A. Puchala and Rachel S. Cluney, $420,000.

Waterview Cluster, 11463-Michael Scott Laemmle to Amy S. and Christophe Guilloteau, $540,000.

Windleaf Ct., 11405, No. 17-Kristin E. Maier to Robert P. and Mary K. Swanson, $396,000.


Arlington Blvd., 6001, No. 706-Mohammad Sadeghi to Jeffrey J. Nowak, $180,000.

Homespun Lane, 6200-Kimberly J. Daniel and Steven C. Donock to Thomas F. Evans, $920,000.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 430-Gerardo Figueroa to Jasmin Cesko, $180,000.

Peyton Randolph Dr., 2912, No. 102-Julie Anne Dasso Tuesta to Wai Ying Mak Yu and Ngar Ling Eldredge, $170,001.

Valley Lane, 3107-Bret S. and Michelle C. Shea to Jennifer Thomas and David Joseph Walsh, $726,000.

Worthington Cir., 3104-Randall G. and Robin H. Pence to James Tyree and Robin Kime, $865,000.


Backlash Ct., 8104-James P. Doherty to Christopher David and Sarai Boyd, $670,000.

Bethelen Woods Lane, 7919-Central Nova Corp. to Gareth Glewwe and Hannah R. Edler, $426,100.

Bowie Dr., 6522-Tai H. Lai to Joel Sorio and Lucille Buenaventura Balite, $524,000.

Carath Ct., 7400-Nancy Dutton Potter to Bryan Daniel and Mary Elizabeth Velarde, $771,000.

Chester Grove Ct., 8565-Alexander C. and Nancy A. Henderson to Mark C. and Sandra W. Mattar, $381,000.

Creekside Way, 8849-Ronald P. and Nancy T. Christman to Bryan Michael and Hillary Alease Kolano, $509,900.

Edinburgh Dr., 8009-Gazi Maruf and Apipa Akter to Taylor J. Zaleski and Morgan Lynn Feliccia, $440,000.

Erving St., 5914-Ana Mac Atienza to Jairo A. Reyes Santos and Anthony Benitez, $495,000.

Forsythia St., 6603-Walter Glenn and Michele C. Sutton to David James and Shannon B. Stuckenberg, $685,000.

Frederick St., 5910-Haiand Chau Huynh to Trang Ha Uyen Dang and Dung Thanh Nguyen, $475,000.

Gavelwood Ct., 9077-Kevin M. and Linda Shealey Cook to Kun Bok Lee and Sunju Choo, $502,000.

Greenleaf St., 6728-Jared J. and Sara C. Hutchinson to Kyle Douglas Sullivan, $560,000.

Hanover Ave., 6102-Rauschen J. Ibrahim to Bernard T. and Van Anh T. Cao, $440,000.

Hopkins Ct., 7203-Eric L. and Karen Gorr to Josiah and Laura Chonko, $655,000.

Jovin Cir., 8416-Brandon J. and Amanda G. Ragan to Michael F. Graham and Abby M. Abdala, $495,000.

Laurel Oak Dr., 8530-Michele Klatka to Walter Antonio Hernandez and Jesus Alexis Mendoza, $360,000.

Loving Forest Ct., 8108-Terry L. and D. Susan Blackwell to Ligia D. De Caro Gomez and Daniel J. Coronel, $329,099.

Pebble Brook Ct., 7951-Matthew J. Grady to Muhanad M. Abbawi, $366,000.

Riata Ct., 6800-Rebecca D. and Scott M. Rosenbaum to Joshua Craig Dickinson and Rachel Lauren Zitrin, $630,000.

Rocky Forge Ct., 8328-Tawatchai Chainam and Jureerat Nammuang to Timothy Todd Kennedy, $320,000.

Silver Pine Dr., 7437-Matthew R. and Emily E. Blanchette to Thomas T. and Amy Sutton, $725,000.

Spring Tree Dr., 7409-Guy L. Sands Pingot to Anne Van Heyste, $450,000.

Summerton Way, 6495-Lauri T. and Douglas L. De Witt to Thomas and Jacqueline Littleton, $726,500.


Abbey Oak Dr., 1820-Antony G. and Sylvia M. Law to Lawrence and Kathryn C. Trundle, $893,000.

Ashgrove Plantation Cir., 8505-Robert C. and Laura L. Laedtke to Sung Lewe, $780,000.

Blair Rd. NW, 429-Joseph E. and Susan C. Houk to Michael and Sueyun Hsieh, $1.28 million.

Broadfield Lane, 1705-Thomas Smitt Jeppesen to Nam Quang Huynh, $1.26 million.

Carpers Farm Way, 1350-Robert Frederic and Amy Poekert Vroom to Craig J. and Jeanine M. Beisel, $1.12 million.

Challedon Rd., 1138-Gulick Group Inc. to Hyginus Lambert Leon and Brenda Francia Thomas, $2.55 million.

Commons Dr. NW, 248-Daniel A. and Cynthia M. Thrush to Babak Yadranjiaghdam and Maryam Jafarizadeh, $555,000.

Courthouse Rd. SW, 375-Sara Beth Zeller to David B. and Melissa J. Dixon, $1.35 million.

Dellwood Dr., 9222-Georgetown Construction Group Corp. to Miten Shah and Monica Dalal, $1.54 million.

Elm Grove Ct., 8307-Thomas W. and Jean Quyen Nguyen Cole to James Leroy and Valerie N. Dunn, $1.22 million.

Fox Run Ct., 1718-Estate of Donald E. Hansen and Julie K. Hansen to Jerry B. and Michele Martin, $850,000.

Hicks Dr., 1637-Kevin and Meaghan Maillet to Christina Pereira and Joshua Nye, $665,000.

Hull Rd., 1923-Anna C. Serabian to Brent Ryan and Aleksia Ilic Forster, $730,000.

Kidwell Hill Ct., 8038-Estate of Bong Hea Hong and Soonsung Hong to Phaedra Almajid, $794,000.

Leemay St., 9522-Juan J. and Rosa K. Gutierrez to Joseph W. and Shari B. Rash, $1.12 million.

Lozano Dr., 1631-Barbara A.D. Andrade to Nicolas John and Melissa Kate Hindley, $830,000.

Meadowlark Rd., 9915-Rafael T. and Teresita E. Cervantes to Craig and Tara Vieth, $852,000.

Ninovan Rd. SE, 827-Delta Concrete Corp. to Patricia Mary and Seth Cowell, $1.48 million.

Park Terrace Ct. SE, 202, No. 13-James M. and Jane B. Fahey to Francisco and Kevin Jisoo Lee, $212,500.

Reflection Lane, 8409-Christine L. Cole and estate of John Edward Plummer to Samuel Ives and Jessica Faller Alexander, $763,000.

Sereno Ct., 1605-Jeff and Sheila Erhardt to Ripon S. and Jessica H. Zaman, $920,000.

Stonewall Dr., 8413-David A. Ostroski to Lynn O. and Robert Warhurst, $730,000.

Tamarack Dr., 10222-Nigel and Wendy C.H. Astell to Heber M. Garcia Migliore and Nicole M. Dubar De Garcia, $823,530.

Thompson Run Ct., 1290-Abdul Q. Haji and Sabha Yasin to Xin Zhao and Lili Liu, $1.13 million.

Tyson Oaks Cir., 8035-Mahiyar Arjomand to Eman I. Jafari, $540,000.

Ware St. SW, 1113-Robert C. and Kimberly C. Light to Janarthanan Rajendran and Sreeja Prabhakaran, $777,000.

Wexford Dr., 9097-Jennifer K. and James H.W. Inskeep Jr. to Sondra Appelson and Russell E. Owen, $940,000.

Wolftrap Oaks Ct., 2012-James P. Mattix and Cynthia Jill Johnson to Kunal H. and Kavita Chadha, $750,000.


Harithy Dr., 2181-Jun Zhao and Shan Shan Zhang to Weixiong Ho and Hua Zhao, $900,000.


Arley Dr., 8604-Erik and Wendy A. Hobbie to Christopher A. and April Tucker, $580,000.

Blairton Rd., 8205-Robert Christopher Gleason and estate of Robert L. Gleason to Joseph Edward and Kathleen Ryan Beard, $540,000.

Caneel Ct., 6717-Thomas Zack to Thomas E. and Jennifer Kunkel, $675,000.

Daffodil Ct., 8011-Rickey E. and Margaret S. Smith to Carlee McCarty, $700,000.

Duck Ct., 7192-Thomas B. and Deborah A. Schott to David Anthony and Michelle Morales Rodriguez, $726,050.

Forrester Blvd., 8441-Timothy B. and Kristin A. Ritter to Damaris J. Gonzalez, $455,000.

Greeley Blvd., 8130-Michael H. and Paula O. Sumrall to Ambar Rathie and Padma Parthvi, $640,000.

Hillside Rd., 6246-Renato and Imelda Abella to Hussein Alshammari and Fatima Hameed, $330,000.

Kingsgate Rd., 8318-L-Erin A. Carnes to Phung Anh Anne Nguyen, $275,000.

Lavell Ct., 6221-Timothy Scott and Karen M. Williams to Brian J. and Kathryn Anne Webb, $620,000.

Old Keene Mill Rd., 9105-Bonnie S. Edwards to Oscar Yarhui, $375,000.

Rathlin Dr., 6223-Kevan and Johanna Pinsirikul to Tedros B. Abay and Ferealem A. Assefa, $465,000.

Reseca Lane, 8628-Valerie E. Payton Peters to Chamroeun and Joseph Rossi, $558,000.

Royal Ridge Dr., 5822, No. T-Frederick J. and Ashley Lynn Blunt to Dennis Sharum, $175,000.

Sweet Oak Ct., 6033-Brian J. and Kathryn A. Webb to Roberto Hernandez and Asseantea Ganesh, $430,000.

Vervain Ct., 7856-Michael and Julie McGovern to James Howard and Sherri Rac Arp, $750,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Barristers Keepe Cir., 3466-Ronald L. Beckwith to George L. and Christine Brand Prattes, $745,000.

Burke Station Rd., 4123-Juan F. Orellana and Gloria S. Shaffer to Julio Angel Tuesta Noel and Julie Anne Dasso Tuesta, $785,000.

Crest St., 10825-Mark and Svetlana Filiatreau to Tika Vargas Veizaga and Jorge Luna Abastoflor, $400,000.

Great Oaks Way, 9931-Linda Jane and Vincent Delfin Salazar to Olanrewaju Mustapha Kadiri and Samiyah U. Lyles, $650,000.

Main St., 10570, No. 204-Mark Birchmeier to Steve S. and Jie S. Chang, $210,000.

Orchard St., 10700-Angela J. Scanlan to Neri E. Serrano Pineda, $447,500.

Scott Dr., 10730-Kirk R. Brennan to Steven David and Katharine Kim Ginsberg, $435,000.

University Dr., 4199-Mary Kathleen Fuller to Su Jung Hong, $510,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Birch St., 142, No. A6-Nelly L.L. Kishimoto and Alvaro Roger Pinto to Melissa M. Cockrell, $220,000.

Broad St. W., 513, No. 609-Sharon Elizabeth Blane to Paul D. and Susan M. Evans, $899,000.

Columbia St. E., 208-Mildred R. Gordon to Brian C. and Stacy H. Tatum, $1.18 million.

George Mason Rd. W., 118-Jeffery M. and Andrea P. Farschon to Jeanne Marie W. Ashby, $765,000.

Lee St. N., 312-Victoria Alden to Cheryl C. and Cameron Scott Bois, $951,000.

Park Ave., 419-Ann L. Zimmerman to Mark McQuarrie Fleming, $1.28 million.

Rees Pl., 145-James Carlie Williams Jr. to William Brooks and Izabella Z. Tomljanovich, $900,000.

Rosemary Lane W., 402-Mark A. and Jessica L. Scheer to Anne Brady and Andrew Meyers, $920,000.

Sycamore St. N., 994-Midvale Development Corp. to Robert Gennaro Chiappetta and Nicole Clifton, $1.56 million.