Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Chaucer View Cir., 6327-Amy Sojo to Robert Uhl and Tina Serbanos, $640,300.

Rosser St. N., 3706, No. 201-Muna Hassan and estate of Najat Ali Hassan to Ivan A. Utiakov and Yekaterina A. Arzhayev, $180,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1603, No. J-Matthew Bryant Spangler to Gregory D. Tollefson, $191,500.

Cavalier Dr., 6402-Eleanor and Benjamin Tatman to Jennifer Eileen and Brandon Leon McCadden, $595,000.


Duffield Lane, 1796-Craig E. Slivka and Sarah M. Kendall to Maureen Elaine O. Doherty and Michael Vincent DiVincenzo, $635,000.


Fort Hunt Rd., 6317-Stephen E. Cresswell to Daneen Lee Matheson and Jerald James Feehery, $656,000.

Mason Hill Dr., 2005-Michael and Kristin Kreizenbeck to Adam Jon Kramer and Madeline Sloan, $805,000.

Radcliffe Dr., 6841-Eric B. and Michelle Gustafson to Juan Antonio Zuniga Pena, $359,000.

Vanderbilt Dr., 6920-Choice Housing Management Corp. to Austen and Jessica Jensen, $685,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6631, No. 407-Mindy Lee Gregory and Norbert H. Fortier to Marissa L. Taylor, $187,500.

Wakefield Dr. E., 6609, No. A1-Laura G. Adkins to Richard Jaekel and Suzann Gallagher, $265,000.


Westhampton Dr., 6911-Daniel Masters to Brian M. O’Neill, $390,000.

Woodmont Rd., 2105-Joseph M. Rosenthal and Phoebe A. Mix to Catherine V.T. and Thomas J. Michael, $1.23 million.


Abbottsbury Row, 6223-William C. Poole to Raymond Kenney Pottebaum, $472,000.


Ashby Lane, 7505, No. D-Kimberly Valtin and Kimberly Clapper to Afshar Sigarchi Soumehsaraei, $228,110.

Berkshire Dr., 6416-George John Kanellos and estate of Constan G. Kanellos to Vanessa E. and Carlos Taja, $492,000.

Brindle Heath Way, 6805-A-Alexander E. Montgomery to Kevin Patrick and Joanne Fealy, $290,000.

Broadmoor St., 5803-John F. Ribble IV to Leah C. and Matthew V. Landes, $572,450.


Castleberg Ct., 7331-Grant A. Degler to Hamadoun Cisse, $400,000.

Chesley Search Way, 7001-Richard S. and Cara Ross to Christine K. and Keith J. McMahon, $560,000.

Clapham Rd., 5822-Robert E. and Janet A. Hayhurst to Debasis Majumdar and Aileen M. Svereika, $595,000.

Darby Towne Ct., 7014-Patrick J. and Courtney L. McCreesh to Andrea Molina and Sidnie Miranda, $528,000.

Ellesmere Ct., 6008, No. D-Michael Demarco and Melissa Stringham to Steven and Jihyun Lee, $365,000.


Ewing Pl., 5929-Carol E. and David H. Bradfield to Matt K. Miglin and Scott M. Boli, $932,500.

Franconia Rd., 4313-Velda M. and William N. Yehle to Matthew Stephen Buckler and Lynn Marie Feldmann, $502,000.


Gingham Ct., 4317-Donald David and Christine Hamilton Heiby to Gregory Tompkins Polsen and Annie Louise Fitzgerald, $466,000.

Governors Pond Cir., 5638-Scott B. Pearl and Tzvetilena G. Ridjolkina to Richard Casares and Kristina Trujillo, $630,000.

Green Glen Ct., 6601-Otis W. Langford Jr. to Brandon and Amber Alexander, $655,000.

Gulf Hill Ct., 7202-Ashraf Darwish to Peter N. and Julie P. Shepard, $602,000.

Hillary Ct., 6311-Holly Soo Jung and Anthony R. Cafferelli Jr. to Jeffrey Wong, $378,000.

Javins Dr., 4208-Son Nguyen to Michael Allen and Kayla Woollums Hinkle, $480,000.

Kelsey Point Cir., 6604-Kristen Elfers to Garrett C. and Tsolmontuya L. Prendergast, $500,000.


Kings Manor Dr., 7053-James S. Wolcott to David T. and Merissa M. Zullo, $585,000.

Little Potters Lane, 6413-Wilma D. Jenkins to Genet T. Asegid and Michael B. Tessema, $580,000.

Mary Caroline Cir., 6900, No. J-Marcellus O’Connor to Sun Pyoong Kim, $300,000.

Mersey Oaks Way, 6000, No. F-David R. Emery to Shakirat A. Bambe, $360,000.

Morning Glen Lane, 7813-Mansour and Massy Bagherzadeh to Joseph Gablin and Kathleen Darbor, $585,000.

Norham Dr., 5808-Girin I. and Christy S. Shah to Christopher and Angelina R. Blick, $395,500.

Parish Glebe Lane, 6534-Edward and Greta Argueta to David and Cynthia Hansen, $467,000.

Poyntz Pl., 5911-Emory G. Wilt Jr. to Jonathan Ballard, $500,000.


Sandyford St., 5283-Tuan A. Van to Richard Joseph and Heidi Winkel Bogacz, $582,000.

Signature Cir., 6806-Rahul and Deepa Sureshbabu Nair to Dimitri Tenke Fokoua and Rongxian Zhu, $466,000.


Steinway St., 6312-Pyong Cha Yi to Elder E. Barrios Gabriel, $455,015.

Taliaferro Way, 6299-Keith and William Kevin Emory to Jason McKenna, $560,000.

Terrapin Pl., 6039-Mary W. Bowles to John Harland Wendel and Stephanie Lynn Swadley, $331,000.

Upland Dr., 4706-Michael C. Westendorff and Nirvana Y. Diab to Merkeza and Colin Michael Grant, $860,000.

Victoria Dr., 6913-G-Katharine E. Perry to Kyle Spencer, $265,000.

Walkers Croft Way, 6278-Nicholas Robert and Elizabeth Anne Ingrao to Andrew Patrick and Rachael Elizabeth Hardy, $520,000.


Westchester St., 5807-Willard O. and Darhyl B. Jasper to Kenneth Wayne and Mara D. Knowles, $775,000.

Wilton Hill Terr., 5930-Marjorie Lou Creighton to Catherine Twimasi, $889,000.


Althea Dr., 5021-Estate of John A. Wyatt and John David Wyatt to John Klavitter and Leona Laniawe, $585,000.


Americana Dr., 4917, No. 107-Anne McQuiston to Christopher G. McKenzie, $167,000.

Americana Dr., 5011-Martha B. Escruceria and Jose Cruz to Wilber Andres Guzman and Janith Vanessa Herrera, $325,000.

Auburn St., 7304-J. Christopher Fox and Regina L. Marquardt to Hiep Dinh Pham, $1.09 million.

Briar Creek Dr., 8203-Lynden and Ruth Ann Mitchell to Alfredo Motta and Ana Maria Carreno Hoyos, $750,000.


Byrds Nest Pass., 7828-Tung Lam and Monica Zi Hua Shu to Toan Cong Dong and Hien T. Nguyen, $470,000.

Collins St., 8117-William T. and Emily Susan Yosmanovich to Zachary John Francis and Jemma Elizabeth Robinson, $660,000.

Davian Dr., 7512-Thomas and Tarah Nypayer to Xiaoping Yu and Tingrui Dong, $655,000.

Fern Lane, 6740-Jeffrey S. Beard to Margaret Montgomery and Thomas Michael Call, $665,000.

Fox Harrow Lane, 8302-Richard W. and Marjean Lenert to Mark P. and Kari M. Adams, $656,000.


Holly Rd., 3438-Mark G. and Monica V. Janczewski to Sehwan Ahn and Lucia Maricielo Tellez, $899,000.

Laburch Lane, 5013-Margaret E. Hammond to Carlos Limbert Cabrera and Sonia Caballero Escobar, $500,000.

Linda Lane, 3728-Alan H. and Barbara C. Biddle to David Joseph Cochrane and Cassidy Danielle Burton, $795,500.

Maris Ct., 7804-Bryan Jay Minter to Xiaorong Chen, $490,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 4432-Sheila G. and James S. Dryden Jr. to Chau Bao Tran and Anh Vu Nguyen, $1.1 million.

Stark Rd., 8837-Kevin L. and Samantha F. Leahy to Vinh Q. Do and Natalie Nhung Nguyen, $565,000.

Trotting Lane, 4717-John and Leslie Peterman to Tyler W. and Jill G. Wolverton, $791,000.

Vermillion Pl., 7104-Cynthia L. Shoffner to Stephen J. and Anjali M. Morgan, $522,500.

Whitman Rd., 3817-Musse Leakemariam and Maza Mesfun to Michelle A. and Eric Michael Brooks, $810,000.


Woodburn Village Dr., 3302, No. 21-Ruth Lee to Seyed Ali Sadeghi, $235,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3328, No. 23-Hillarie J. Elizondo to Crystal Jackson, $280,000.


Bent Branch Ct., 3612-Judith Lee Tobin to Matthew and Jeannette Daniel, $765,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3701, No. 2404N-Sahar and Steve Karroum to Emil Saify, $180,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1708S-Judith Elise Pratt Jenkins and Orman D. Pratt to Nastaran M. Tehrani, $160,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3709, No. 207-Nezha Khaneboubi to Xuening He and Dongmei Wang, $250,000.

Greentree Dr., 3429-Estate of Marie E. O’Sullivan and Catherine Zam to Barry and Brenda Schiff, $1.1 million.

Leesburg Pike., 6147, No. 202-Andrea Barok and Terje Treff to Narisa Phatjareesakul, $164,900.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 521-Richard F. and Nancy Sappington to Bradley Shane Willis and Tony Hassler, $409,500.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 2213S-Melissa E. Bentzen to Kevin Gerardo Avila Gonzalez, $235,000.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 1216N-Jacob Dean Mortgage Inc. to Onanong Wongjan, $239,990.

Seminary Rd., 5505, No. 613N-Peter D. and Rosa C. Morley to Elmira Kudryakova, $200,000.

Sixth St., 5900-Lawrence L. and Claudia P. Peacock to Virginia E. Gidi, $765,000.


Ashbourn Dr., 9743-Shavonn A. Taylor to Michael R. Feeney, $345,000.

Bear Oak Ct., 10725-Steven T. and Leilani R. Craig to Graham and Sayaka Warden, $700,000.

Burdett Rd., 9500-Victoria Ann Kruk to Jennifer T. Le, $440,000.

Castlebury Ct., 5600-Ashish Mishra and Anusha Sundaram to Steven P. and Sonya Lilly Duckers, $470,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5813, No. 101-Lawrence Robert Brice to Diem Q. Nguyen, $275,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5918, No. 204-Justin T. and Elizabeth T. Tsuchida to Hui Chul Lee, $253,000.

Dahlgreen Pl., 5134-Huamei Investments Corp. to Yu Chen, $350,000.

Duxford Pl., 5402-Alan Bruce Tolk to Moises Rodriguez, $465,000.

Fort Fisher Ct., 9156-John H. and Eileen R. Graham to Thomas and Jin Young Kim, $766,000.

Harr Ct., 9703-Julie and Phillip F. Wright to John S. and Kara L. Goehring, $610,000.

High Water Ct., 9867-Saeed Shahzad to Imtiaz Hussain, $350,000.

Kendrick Lane, 5522-Jeffery J. and Erika Surma to Lisa Socarras, $415,000.

Lake Braddock Dr., 9016-Alexis and Andrew Kelley to Connor and Kathleen Pencek, $650,000.

Lighthouse Lane, 5410-Steven and Margaret Elizabeth Green to Richard Gutierrez and Blanca Naced, $430,000.

Midship Ct., 5412-Hope Alice Hansbarger to Bridgette M. Trela, $460,000.

Point Roundtop Ct., 5626-Sen Huang and Lianhua Yang to Benjamin Albert and Abigail Maria Novak, $642,050.

Raintree Rd., 9401-Donald and Kimberly Collier to Hoan B. Pham, $775,000.

Schoolhouse Woods Ct., 10119-Chad David Miller to Tanya Cabrera and Jose A. Belliard, $615,000.

Shipwright Dr., 9612-Larry D. and Karla L. Pringle to Mike Shih Cheng Ni and Jenny Yang, $586,000.

Stavendish St., 5470-Sung J. and Seong Hee Park to Kwokfai Clement Chan, $388,000.

Todman Landing Ct., 10439-Juston Williams and Christine Wessels to Ryan Dean Fitzgerald and Jennifer Nguyen Le, $402,000.

Windward Dr., 6114-Stephen D. and Theresa A. Suetterlein to Selmin L. Creamer, $590,000.

Wooden Dove Ct., 9931-Steven C. and Mandy L. Vitto to Michael Brian Kocisky and Ran Zhai, $584,000.


Asher Vw., 14131-Thi M. Nguyen and Yen N. Le to Farukh and Rubina Sultan, $340,000.

Autumn Cir., 14161-Erika Delgado and Miguel Orozco to Farid Alizadeh, $345,000.

Batavia Dr., 14609-Gary P. and Mary L. Bricker to Carlos Aguilera Arteaga Echazu, $450,000.

British Manor Ct., 13603-Pilar Miller to Eugene and Valerie Purvis, $746,000.

Bull Run Post Office Rd., 7116-Choungja and Jaekul Park to Derrick C. Ball and Daljeet K. Saini, $1.07 million.

Cedar Break Dr., 5597-Samuel A. and Julie Russell to Andrew B. Lee and Wonhee Kim, $578,000.

Chestnut Hollow Ct., 6014-Scott W. Mitchell to Kailash and Gunjan Sapkota, $255,000.

Compton Valley Way, 14168-Christopher G. Acchiardo to Tyler Epolito and Kristin Quinn, $360,000.

Cottingham Lane, 6843-Dominic Conway and Kristi Batchelor to Mary Kemp Rubin, $379,000.

Crystalford Ct., 13713-James Cooke Cole to Bradley W. and Laura E. Roberts, $433,000.

Eagle Tavern Lane, 15567-Jarrod and Rebecca Souza to Frank E. and Estrella A. Strike, $680,000.

Four Chimney Dr., 14530-Michael Johnson to Meghan Joanna Stapchuck and Jared Lewis Baughman, $335,000.

Generals Ct., 6375-Javier M. Gonzalez Fernandini to George E. Guay, $365,000.

Grape Holly Grove, 14305, No. 31-Brian T. Frye to Timothy A. and Ellen M. Schaad, $224,900.

Gulliver Rd., 14388-Linda B. Colon to Mohamed Toure, $626,900.

Harness Hill Ct., 6615-John W. and Erin M. Peerenboom to Bora E. Kim, $665,000.

Hills Ct. S., 14527-Michael John Vrentas Jr. to Trisha L. and Justin D. Kwong, $535,000.

Jarnigan St., 14732-Daniel K. and Ann S. Trinh to Matthew J. and Angela Marie Gaylord, $475,000.

Laura Ratcliff Ct., 13860-Joseph J. Fehr to Kerry M. O’Brien, $366,000.

Linden Creek Ct., 5864-Dinah S. Lynch to Mumtaz and Humaira Malik, $615,000.

Martins Hundred Dr., 15401-Janis L. Rudolph to Philip Winslow and Stacy Gillett, $724,000.

Musket Ball Dr., 6302-Kyung Bum and Sin J. Gam to Keon Ho Song and Christina Oh, $439,000.

Oakmere Dr., 14538-Edwin J. and Sally Jane Curle to Byron and Evelyn Foltz, $451,100.

Paddington Lane, 6284-John B. Forbes Jr. and Patricia Ann Percy to Leny Ricardo Rivero Franco and Jose R. Rivero Mayorga, $345,000.

Papilion Way, 14332-Drake H. Hengstebeck to Rishabh Sharma, $392,000.

Prince Way, 6211-Estate of Mary Foki and Steven J. Foki to Li Ping Wu Lin and Mu Tseng Lin, $325,000.

Rock Canyon Dr., 14122-Arthur Lovelace and Manorama Rani to Woon J. and Ji Yong Lee, $630,000.

Rowena Dr., 5597-Edward L. Long Jr. and Patricia A. Wood to Anita Wall, $589,500.

Shirey Lane, 6332-Youngok Kang Kim to Kyung Hyun Choi and Han Sol Yoo, $407,000.

Smithfield Pl., 15571-Stephen C. and Valair O. Mann to Christopher Joseph Martin and Diane E. Daugherty, $907,000.

Stonewater Ct., 14308-Malala and Ali Kaker to Rebecca C. Seyferth, $425,000.

Tanners House Way, 13963-Justin S. and Ahyung L. Jee to Chan K. and Gina Y. Ko, $600,000.

Tulip Leaf Ct., 5225-Hoon Il and Su Mi Kim to Amulkumar Himmatbhai and Harshaben Amulkumar Patel, $790,000.

Wetherburn Dr., 15190-Apple Federal Credit Union to Jose A. Zapata Ferrurino and Jimena A. Cespedes, $549,995.

Willoughby Newton Dr., 5620, No. 25-Trevor K. Harris to Anna Choe, $262,900.

Winding Woods Dr., 5122-David T. and Emilyn W. Wagner to Ty R. Davis, $439,900.

Woods Run Ct., 13907-Marilyn E. Casey to Virginia Lee Graham, $390,000.


Bokel Dr., 3901-Francis M. and Ladda K. Cole to Saiyed Rehan Ahtasham and Yasmeen Rehan, $575,000.

Ellendale Dr., 13510-Imran and Maria B. Kifayat to Luy Van Nguyen and Chi Thi Diem Le, $460,000.

McCloskey Ct., 4184-Elton D. and Kris I. Minney to Peter Song and Sang Y. Park, $660,000.

Royal Red Terr., 13760-Navin S. Ganeshan to Amrita Banerjee and Ashok Gidwani, $1.01 million.

Spring Run Ct., 4028-Mark T. and Serena M. Burns to Sreelatha Gaddam, $315,000.

Walney Park Dr., 13877-Steve L. and Kelly L. Johnson to Sreenivasa Kumar Subramaniam and Bharathi Sreenivasa, $999,750.


Bluestone Pl., 6305-Michele H. Brewer to David E. Schloer and Stacey L. Schobert, $720,000.

Dalemar Dr., 7008-Brenda Lee and Todd A. Houtman to Scott D. Isley, $855,000.

Hanover Heights Trail, 6515-Karin Michelle and Michael Hellwig to Myong K. and Mi Soon Cho, $450,000.

Kilby Landing Ct., 13204-Robert W. Chocola to Rizwana Zaidi and Jafer Abidi, $824,036.

Newman Rd., 6510-Jon A. Cloney to Salvatore and Regina Speziale, $625,000.

Pocol Dr., 5912-Kyungtyek Han to Stephen Paul and Shelbey Ann Lorenzetty, $715,000.

Springhouse Cir., 6416-Paschal L. and Alicia L. Didomenicis to Shawn C. and Erin M. Cunningham, $715,000.

Union Village Cir., 13617-Andre H. and June Choi to Jeffrey C. and Marieke A. Burchett, $640,000.


Adare Dr., 10912-Kenneth B. and Patsy A. Myrick to Cory and Robyn M. Williams, $622,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11307, No. 2-302-Yea Tsai Hsu and Yea Fen C. Wong to Julianne E. Thompson, $247,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11350, No. 7-103-Victor L. Meer to Soon Ja Ryang, $244,500.

Barn Swallow Ct., 10603-Kevin F. and Alice L. Reilly to Joseph William and Nancy Elizabeth Boscia, $665,050.

Birdsboro Dr., 3505-Carl J. and Patricia T. Truscott to Paul Lynn and Sarah Mickelsen, $1.1 million.

Bowler Dr., 9019-William S. and Diana L. Reeder to Elizabeth Strom and Rolando Cintron, $438,000.

Buccaneer Ct., 3105, No. 2-Adriel Vincent Fernandez and Anne Soleil Docto Munoz to Soroush Deljo Zargarani, $205,000.

Cavalier Landing Ct., 11575, No. 202-Shawn and in Hui Yu to Hee Chun No, $376,000.

Chesham St., 2973-Robert E. Suda and Joanne M. Connelly to Stavros and Sotirios Nicholakos, $810,000.

Coleridge Dr., 5069-Bo H. Lee to Milenka Ivonne Barry Morales, $550,000.

Colony Park Dr., 10331-Elizabeth C. and George B. High to Aang Daniel and Elisa Setiawati, $395,000.

Crewshore Dr., 4576-Carlos R. Garcia and Julie C. Ruth to Heliostout Kyune and Julia Lee, $547,000.

Doulton Ct., 9805-Hilliard B. and Jane D. Holbrook to Michael A. and Loreli L. Sundquist, $755,000.

Everleigh Way, 2917-Kathleen M. Wimmer to Surinder Kumar, Rosa Geraldina Deleon and Sonia Meredith Kapoor, $457,000.

Fair Crest Ct., 12624, No. 101-Second Story Corp. to Richard A. Sniechoski, $289,500.

Fairfield House Dr., 12225, No. 111C-Daniel Lee and Jenny Y. Hwang to M.H. Shaban, $367,500.

Farmview Ct., 9514-Janette K. Shocklee and Kenneth E. and Marjorie A. Kellogg to William H. Truslow, $505,000.

Fountainside Lane, 4129, No. 302-Adam and Adrienne D. Millican to Danielle Ray Payne, $312,000.

Friendship Ct., 10253-Jessica J. Pritchett to Maria C. Tellier, $506,000.

Gainsborough Dr., 5326-Mary L. McAnaw to Jaime M. and Stacy M. Gernatt, $549,000.

Garden Grove Cir., 12144, No. 102-Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Youssef Fikery Ghattas Banoub, $113,552.

Golf Ridge Ct., 12022, No. 431-Lisa M. Egan to Sun Belt, $259,900.

Green Ridge Ct., 3806, No. 267-Leslie S. Koo to Muhannad Midhat Alani, $257,000.

Grovewood Way, 10201-Thomas Joseph and Darlene Marie Connelly to Yancy L. and Susan L. Stermer, $779,000.

Harbor Town Cir., 12219-Mehran Nazemian and Afshan Hashemi to Yanming Zhu and Hanyan Liu, $1.03 million.

Head Ct., 5031-Joshua and Hilah Kaufman to Yanjuan Zhao and Xinying Huang, $403,800.

Highland Oaks Dr., 3845-James and Priscilla Collier to Kendall S. and Anika S. Walker, $799,000.

Hunters Glen Way, 2923-Constance Rae and Phillip Ely Church to Michael Cahn and Han Jang, $725,000.

Kildare Lane, 2969-Rohan and Sonya Raikar to Christopher P. Casey and Ellen Rogers, $675,000.

Kingsbridge Dr., 9712, No. 304-Candace Whitaker to Timothy D. Farr, $208,000.

Lake Ct. N., 12531-David and Patricia Skiffington to Messele Assefa Bulcha and Naomi Mesfin, $540,000.

Lochleven Trail, 4166A-Eric Randall Beal and Elizabeth Sanae Telep to Thomas A. and Deborah L. Grieger, $350,000.

Lucas Dr., 12465-Rajasekhar and Anuradha Yelisetty to Bala Sundar and Lakshmi Bala, $588,200.

Mantua Dr., 3324-Joseph and Susanna Ryan Corbo to Jiang Zhu and Mengchu Cao, $879,820.

Marlstone Lane, 5423-Sean M. and Joanne C. Alger to John William Josephson and Nancy Y. Selim, $1.26 million.

Melrae Ct., 13103-Lisa A. Miller to Carole Ann Carlton, $538,000.

Mill Springs Dr., 3310-Douglas J. Sorna and estate of Ronald E. Sorna to Kristin and Alexis Cuadros, $650,000.

Nancyann Way, 11337-Leigh Megan and Daniel Patrick Kennedy to Venus M. and Jackson T. Doan, $713,000.

Oak Village Ldg., 4063-Yong and Hwa Kim to Stella N. and Joe Nji Fonjoe, $595,000.

Penderview Dr., 3903, No. 1535-Michael J. Robless to Massimo De Bernardinis and Marta M. Pentassuglia, $212,000.

Piney Grove Dr., 9002-Farah Alhalta to Timur Khaydarov and Kamila S. Khamidova, $465,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2655, No. 244-Jae H. and Kristine H. Lee to Daniel A. Packer, $369,900.

Ridge Knoll Ct., 3804, No. 309A-Loretta M. Ogden to Daniel J. Hofherr, $270,000.

Robin Ridge Rd., 8526-Frederick C. and David L. Wilt to Kenneth Aaron and Amy Rebecca Predmore Mitchell, $650,000.

Rothbury Sq., 11515-Kwan Nam Fung and Man Lai So to Subhash Chander and Urmil Kochar, $595,000.

Saint Marks Pl., 9303-Amnon and Sue Thomas Golan to John Grimes, $825,000.

Saintsbury Plaza, 2903, No. 406-Michael A. Gray to Scott C. and Anne H. Dine, $419,000.

Sleepy Lake Dr., 4243-Sayed Hamid Mousavi to Farima Behnami and Mehdi Nazeri, $480,000.

Sutler Hill Sq., 4378-Niharika Acharya to Bharath and Shruthi Belagodu, $421,000.

Tara Dr., 4616-Rafael and Rossana Lemaitre to Bryce A. and Alexandria Lush Benson, $647,000.

Vail Ridge Lane, 4964-Thuy Ngoc Nguyen and Uyen Ngo to Ahmad Hawasli and Huda Samman, $567,000.

Wavell Rd., 10197-Thomas Shipe to Mary C. Hovland, $500,000.

Wheatstone Dr., 5006-Merle L. and Maria A. Jacobs to Nicholas A. and Amber S. Keipper, $640,000.

Wren Hollow Lane, 13123-Hansoo Kim to Shannon Gibbs, $465,000.


Chinn House Dr., 11292-Marvin F. and Patricia F. Marceron to Francis P. and Anna Patricia De La Cruz, $710,000.

Crosspointe Dr., 9611-Bruce A. and Robin L. Schulze to Michael James and Christine Jehee O’Keeffe, $800,000.

Hampton Rd., 9811-Getachew Y. and Melaknesh W. Woldeher to Frank E. and Kristin S. Resta, $1.05 million.

Heathstone Ct., 6915-James J. and Susan J. Lucas to Michael Garret Austin and Michele Rachel Wethington, $925,000.

Laurel Oak Pl., 9613-Christopher K. and Madonna E. Pelkey to Kelly June and David Stout, $680,000.

Nuthatch Dr., 9609-Timothy and Melissa Bamford to Aaron Douglas and Christy Anne Brooks, $800,000.

Quailwood Manor Dr., 11451-Paul and Ryan E. Bavely to Christopher C. and Alyssa N. Ashworth, $1.55 million.

Silverline Dr., 8230-Donald H. and Leeann Brannon to Kevin Keith and Michaela Marie Cooper, $825,000.

Thompsons Creek Cir., 10968-McShay at Ox Road Estates Corp. to Michael Eugene and Jennifer Madrid, $1.09 million.

Willowbrook Rd., 7510-Shirley Ann and Michael Edward Krieger to Mark Stephen and Jill Kimberly Haller, $870,000.


Anchorway Ct., 3152-F-Kristin Rose Goff to Julie Phan, $255,000.

Annandale Rd., 3362-Giselle M. Agosto and Gustavo A. Hincapie to Terry Don and Susan Marie Chapman, $580,000.

Blundell Rd., 3246-Nathaniel M. and Jennifer C. Beuse to Cameron Yassine and Emily Powers, $575,000.

Carlton Ave., 7003-Patrick H. and Meaghan E. Kane to Joseph Richard and Monica Marshall, $587,500.

Covewood Ct., 3152-E-Sara E. Saukas to Natalie Kathleen Ryan, $252,500.

Freehollow Dr., 7806-Maria E. and Thomas J. McMurray to Earle R. and Lauren M. Noel, $610,000.

Lakeside Village Dr., 7602-G-Susan W. McCabe to Erin L. Breece, $307,000.

Lee Hwy., 7356, No. 56-T1-Qiang Lu and Jun J. Xu to Helen Xiomara Corado Diaz, $200,000.

Meadow View Rd., 2920-Victor P. Miller to Vy H. Nguyen and Alan Savage, $740,000.

New Providence Ct., 2803-Thomas A. Perron to Lauren Schmittle, $415,000.

Normandy Lane, 7215-Betsy L. Winsboro and estate of Evelyn S. Winsboro to Chhavann and Bothy Lao, $395,000.

Quincy Pl., 6432-Jason J. and Rebecca M. Beachy to John R. Wildung and Bambi Granger, $777,500.

Rosemary Lane, 3028-Mark Andersen to Damian and Amanda Ambrosia, $775,000.

Wayne Rd., 3234-Christopher M. Gomes to William E. and Catherine F. Moberly, $475,000.

Willow Point Dr., 7815-Ryan S. Campbell to Kory L. Bradley, $306,000.


Burfoot St., 2014-Maghsoud Dariani to Richard and Melanie Sisson, $1.35 million.

Dominion Way, 2163-Mohan Kapani to Sharon A. Kerekes and Jason Fink, $575,000.

Fisher Dr., 7445-Hugh Michael and Sharolyn A. Higgins to Kristin Janelle Sourbeer and Timothy M. Mosher, $685,000.

Haycock Rd., 2103-Adam and Roxana Royster to Joseph Robert and Emmanuelle Mason, $790,000.

Hillsman St., 2611-Alan M. Dunn to Miana A. and Theodore Alvin Ford, $712,000.

Mclean Park Rd., 2228-Mihail G. Manolov to Maxton Kelleher and Bridgitte Adams, $611,115.

Patricia Ct., 2510-Steven J. Rodriguez to Bryant Woodrow and Veronica Arijon Westcoat, $889,000.

Pimmit Dr., 1924-Jessica O. Karczewski to Gordon J. Bernhardt, $549,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2300, No. 601-Martha B. Lefevre to Jayarajan S. and Jayanthy Nakkara, $261,000.

Placid St., 6603-Jeffrey B. Pishner to Keeran R. and Palak T. Sampat, $840,000.

Sikes Ct., 2780-Michael and Gina E. Sullivan to Eric J. and Abigayle H. Dissinger, $500,500.


Forepond Ct., 6987-William J. and Colleen A. Houston to John Richard and Zsannette Michelle Olson, $299,900.


Boulevard Dr. W., 7812-Jaime M. and Shanese V. Hirmas to Linda Vanella, $765,000.

Candlewood Dr., 2310-Christian Lacroix Fagin and Amber Singleton to Benjamin Owens Filice, $590,000.

Collingwood Rd., 1203-William H. and Tracy L. Johnson Cullo to Ty Vickers and Caroline Bernabei, $695,000.

Dare Ct., 1506-Margaret W. Hynes to Sean Joseph and Caroline Lynch Flaherty, $600,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 8320-Os Design Build Corp. to Vincent O’Brien, $724,900.

Londonderry Rd., 2411-Mano Corp. to Geoffry W. and Claudia E. Patterson, $740,000.

New Market Rd., 8009-Kyle D. and Ashley L. Whitehead to Michael Jay Kreizenbeck, $575,000.

Stockton Pkwy., 8818-Robert W. and Maureen M. McGuire Kuletz to Elizabeth Lucas Averett and Jeremy J. Huggins, $775,000.

Wellington Rd., 7919-Megan and Christopher Kesling to J. David Morrissy, $488,000.


Arnon Chapel Rd., 9700-Firouz Rooyani and Behjat Badamchian to Anthony J. Colangelo and Melissa A. Delgado, $1.88 million.

Beach Mill Rd., 10301-Reem Nasser Alnasser to Edward and Ji Eun Kim, $4 million.

Chesapeake Dr., 322-Amelia W. Clark to Michael Ian and Adamma Yvonne Morrison, $1.06 million.

Falls Manors Ct., 911-Jorge Fernandez to Siegfred and Susan Young, $1.62 million.

Grace Meadow Ct., 801-Rahul and Lisa Chaudhry to Sylvie M. Ho, $1.38 million.

Leigh Mill Rd., 1111-Massoud and Afsaneh Mameghani to Yuhui Grace Gan and Warren Weiren Chen, $847,500.

Nedra Dr., 10127-Nauzer H. and Kathleen D. Mistry to Jie Chen, $1.17 million.

Runner Rd., 316-Robert J. and Randi A. Millard to Craig Matthew Pentz, $1.26 million.

Springvale Rd., 828-Ernest R. and Jennifer X. Musseman to Dawood Vazehgoo and Shokouh Amirsharifi, $960,000.

White Chimney Lane, 9109-Michael David and Catherine Edmunds Klaus to Radoslaw and Anna D. Hicki Talarek, $927,500.


Arkansas Ave., 423-Edin Ayala Melgar to Domingo and Julia Ayala, $325,000.

Bandy Run Rd., 1152-Gerald P. James to Robert Jolin and Meghan Jaye Pierce, $625,000.

Birch Ct., 708-Betty J. and Stephen Mark Graham to Sejal Mahadevia, $365,000.

Butter Churn Dr., 1345-James D. Peroutky and Jamie L. Scheff to Rachel Bender and Brenden Meeder, $578,000.

Cellar Creek Way, 1436-Barnie G. and Nada J. Hatem to Kevin E. Cheek, $565,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12921, No. 402-Ryan and Dominique Marsden to Daniel Richard Wilson, $317,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12953, No. 116-Paramont Investments Corp. to Sreenu Pallepati and Sangeetha Kanjarla, $214,500.

Cliveden St., 12311-Cheryl L.F. Jannett to Michael W. and Monika E. Hedge, $570,000.

Copper Creek Rd., 2726-Marc A. and Nancy E. Mantelli to Raghavamma Gopavarapu, $717,000.

Dornock Ct., 13625-David G. and Shana E. Cassidy to Justin and Jackie Katsuki, $765,000.

Eddyspark Dr., 12109-Tracy W. and Julie K. Craft to Matthew T. and Adrienne E. Dykstra, $550,000.

Exbury St., 12300-Kim E. and Glenda E. Strickland to Molly Reed and Adam Hirst, $553,000.

Ferguson Pl., 2115-Bishwa Karki to Eric and David Todd Pearson, $251,000.

Folkstone Dr., 12222-Paul L. and Cynthia M. Orlando to Peter T. and Nicki Quynh Nhu Tran, $700,000.

Golden Harvest Ct., 2498-Cynthia C. Wallace to Karthik Venkateswaran, $495,000.

Hannahs Pond Lane, 3125-Eric H. Raust to Amanda Jane Dorgan and Nicholas Montelione, $808,300.

Hill Haven Ct., 3307-Leigh J. Flajnik to Todd G. and Whitney Richardson, $399,900.

James Monroe Cir., 2557-Laxmi N. Kesari to Leon Daliang Li and Jenny Xingchen Zeng, $510,000.

Kirkwell Pl., 3167-Joseph and Sandy Ahn to Adrian and Mihaela Popescu, $662,000.

Leyland Ridge Rd., 2451-Pradeep Balebail and Greeshma Achar to Cynthia J. and Allison R. Goodeman, $660,000.

Magna Carta Rd., 12721-James Anthony Smith and Munseok Choi to Jacob Bailey, $510,000.

Melchester Dr., 2781-Ernest J. Castro to Donald Nicholas and Lindsey Erin Dulo, $694,900.

Monaghan Dr., 2184-Cesar A. Ocampo to Penghuan Zhou and Hannah Grace Tajo, $331,000.

Myterra Way, 12303-Heide A. Kaser Shintani to Amanda Butterworth and Jeffrey Mark Bessette, $730,100.

Neil Armstrong Ave., 13724, No. 507-Kim Johnson Howard to Natalia B. Ourazaeva, $405,000.

Oak Trail Ct., 1497-Michael L. and Tiffany S. Stewart to Michael J. Denney, $490,000.

Old Hunt Way, 722-Abdul H. and Nillab Amin to David Hausladen and Andrea Winans, $718,000.

Petersborough St., 2664-Patricia and Robert Campbell to Christopher and Deborah Bradner, $491,000.

Point Rider Lane, 13351-John Owen and Katherine Brennan to Beth H. and Jonathan E. Kurtz, $721,000.

Quincy Adams Dr., 2622-Asil Gezen to Michael R. and Janine Segner, $657,000.

Rock Ridge Rd., 12553-Doran Q. and Marietta N. Smith to Evan Glenn and Stacey Elizabeth Snyder, $600,000.

Soft Breeze Ct., 13613-Eric G. Gordon to Shirly Winy and Adrian Kristianto Pranoto, $487,500.

Summerset Pl., 1528-Bill C. and Diane H. Davis to Todd A. and Marie Stuckey, $602,500.

Tayloe Ct., 3232-Stephen R. and Jennifer A. Lepore to Basker Ganesan, $404,000.

Treadwell Lane, 2961-Keith and Kaitlin Thompson to Brian L. and Brooke G.B. Falcone, $660,000.

Willow Spring Ct., 12665-William I. Bull to Katie Ann Chernowetz, $230,000.

Wrexham Ct., 2702-Kevin M. and Jesse Pierce Murphy to Daniel J. and Erin W. McLaughlin, $575,000.


Campbell Dr., 3210-Debra Pedrosa Sotelo and Hipolito Alejandro Sotelo Cubillos to Vikrant Singh, $490,000.

Elmwood Towne Way, 3828-Patrick Matthew and Hyojin B. McGrath to Pablo R. Juarez and Teresa G. Koziol, $580,000.

Farrington Ave., 2241, No. 4-201-Estate of Christopher Vanand to Toan Nhu Lee to Amy Collins, $136,500.

Huntington Ave., 2611-Jean O. Kim to James Edward Brown III, $142,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 913-Michael E. Wells to Jeremy Keelyn Scroggins, $330,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 1617A-Gregory L. Bender to J. Lynn Taylor and Douglas J. Scheidt, $843,800.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 1605-Stacy Dawn to Gary D. and Mei Lung Devight, $399,900.

Williamsburg Rd., 5946-Mouda Lee and See Yang to William Thomas and Lauren Doll Jessup, $452,000.


Beacon Hill Rd., 2600-Jennifer Lynn Dreskler and Jennifer Lynn Bylsma to Taylor S. Gandolfi, $485,000.

Benson Dr., 6609-Troy P. and Kendra L. Riley to Stanley M. Flores Garcia and Daysi M. Blanco Rivera, $540,000.

Chimney Wood Ct., 6328-Nathaniel T. and Aubrey N. Dowd to Gordon Michael Cooper, $405,000.

Coventry Rd., 7037-Robert Wardlaw and Beth M. Moorman to Stephen P. Nagel and Rachelle C. Riegerix, $615,000.

Huntley Manor Lane, 3526-Chad W. and Rachel Hespell to Kerry L. Newsome, $412,000.

Lamp Post Lane, 7012-Bonita M. Spears and Judith D. Spears Mutunga to Ryan Perkins, $510,000.

Nordok Pl., 2301-James R. Horner and estate of Claire S. Satta to Jennifer L. Bryan, $653,500.

Schelhorn Rd., 7734-Ibrahim Ullah and Huma Purvis Ahmed to Ilir and Anila Angjeli, $466,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7520-C-Ennio Milton and Jennifer M. Chavez to Lydia Gutierrez Martinez, $269,000.

Windbreak Dr., 2471-Sabrina Rashaun Brown to Caitlin Amelia and Aaron Christopher Morneau, $340,200.


Chieftain Cir., 5306-Benjamin A. and Abigail M. Novak to Philip Wang, $499,551.

Cypress Point Rd., 6525-Karen A. Reid to James Addison Orr and Margaret Rose Hummel, $445,000.

Eagle Ridge Lane, 6310, No. 17-Joel T. and Karicia D. Corum to Richard L. Lowe, $379,000.

Edsall Ridge Pl., 5440-Eric A. Wescott to Mark I. Azar, $617,000.

Hawk View Ct., 6351, No. 76-Hardy Vieux to Michael Lyons, $406,000.

Mitchell St., 5305-Mohammad Fareed and Mohammad Saeed to Carlos Flores and Maximiliano Flores Camacho, $538,500.

Sawgrass Ct., 4525-Mark A. Heck to Adeyemi and Oyebola Okunogbe, $550,000.

Split Creek Lane, 6229-Gregory Rancone and Shannon McFall to Kathleen Elizabeth Masterson and Brian Trent Maslowsky, $649,000.

Stanby Ct., 4207-Josephine Garbellotto to Neicko Chappelle and Wilmer Gail Williams, $692,790.


Acheson Ct., 9081-Elizabeth B. Deneke to Abdul K. Momand and Tahmina Mohammadi, $450,000.

Aventon Ct., 9123-Blake Nichols and Sylvia Sloan to Ruth Atnafseged, $455,000.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9198-Eboni Thornhill to Carlos Jesus Zelaya and Lucia Orellana, $307,000.

Chaucer House Ct., 8427-Erin K. and Ross Edward Pavolko to Fabian and Ashley Claure, $535,000.

Dove Cottage Ct., 8107-Debra S. Stafford to Michelle R. Scott, $475,000.

Furey Rd., 9174-Mark N. Nakhla to Eunice Han and Dhakrit Rungkitwattanakul, $530,000.

Hollymeade Dr., 8941-Kimm Rowe and Dorine Ferreira to Patrick W. and Michelle McNally, $836,000.

Lagrange St., 8722-John O. Lawhorn to Mitchell Parr and Allyson Talbot, $480,000.

Lee Masey Dr., 9202-Peter and Ruth Ann Czech to Farah Adeeb and Arbab K. Khan, $599,900.

McCauley Way, 8172-Stephen T. and Kerry S. Moore to Srikanth Namburi, $524,900.

Old Pohick Way, 7347-Micah D. Pharris and Erin Leigh Monberg to Jared C. Navarro, $422,500.

Purple Lilac Ct., 8263-Gerard D. and Lisa D. Pannoni to Christian A. and Maria C. Atienza, $575,000.

Silverdale Rd., 8473-Aster Kilet to Daniel and Heather Dodge, $475,000.

Snowy Egrit Way, 8313-John T. McCabe to Fernando R. Cardona and Jessica A. Ramones, $306,500.

White Feather Ct., 8428-Kevin K. Cooper to Adel A. Mohammed Zaki, $335,000.

Third Pl., 9520-Timothy C. and Laurie H. Snow to Joseph and Morgan H. Blaszkow, $455,000.


Ballantrae Ct., 1306-Beverly H. Dillaway to Holly L. Nolting, $3.1 million.

Box Elder Ct., 7506-Christopher R. and Kimberly A. Broome to Nehir Yardimci, $945,000.

Calpurnia Ct., 7820-Virginia P. and Charles M. Webber to Erik and Elaine M. Kleiner, $980,000.

Cawdor Ct., 8110-David Nathan and Jessica Ann McMichael to Miguel Angel Hoyos Ascencio and Tania Berenice Ortega Zafra, $975,000.

Chesterfield Ave., 6520-2nd Gen Homes Corp. to Hogene Chae and Jae Shin Noh, $1.67 million.

Dahlia Ct., 1528-Steven D. and Stephany L. Pierce to Travis H. and Kelly A. Brown, $1.85 million.

Emerson Ave., 1450, No. 317-Nancy W. Laro to Raphael V. and Deborah K. Lupo, $1.19 million.

Fleetwood Rd., 6800, No. 812-Estate of Laline Ashley and Alan Keith Smith to Edmund L. Walton Jr., $310,000.

Foxhall Rd., 1944-Steven K. and Eva Loebrick Burton to Tucker and Melanie Greer, $976,050.

Greensboro Dr., 8340, No. 109-Claire Phyllice Calland to Marie Vlahos, $329,777.

Greensboro Dr., 8380, No. 614-David R. and Carmody G. Bornemann to Donald William Wiles and Wanda Houston, $465,000.

Hardy Dr., 6190-Charles M. and Erik C. Leedom to Michael D. and Christina C. Haines, $950,750.

Homeric Ct., 1410-Ewell and Diana M. Smith to David Bryan and Mirjana Milosevic Marden, $825,000.

International Dr., 1641, No. 401-Afsaneh Moradian to Tung Liang and Lin Yuan L. Chang, $495,000.

Lancia Dr., 1355-John D. and Susan M. Gordley to Geoffrey and Cassandra Ferrari Redden, $1.39 million.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 137-William R. Harlow to Wei Yan and Yichen Zhang, $225,000.

Lincoln Way, 1527, No. 201B-Mohammad Jafar Chamani and Nadia Chamani Parabi to Sudha Rani Chedurvally, $360,000.

Lincoln Way, 1538, No. 101A-Michelle Kuhn to Brian K. and Barbara E. Deshong, $235,000.

Mori St., 6223-Helen M. Crown to Junwon Kim and Junglim Jun, $908,000.

Old Chesterbrook Rd., 6322-Kirti Shetty to Robin C. and Russell K. Friedson, $1.17 million.

Orlo Dr., 1178-Raphael V. and Deborah K. Lupo to Wayne and Zaneta Batchelor, $3.24 million.

Provincial Dr., 7621, No. 310-Minoo Jalili to Jinhua Zheng and Yin Wang, $233,000.

Provincial Dr., 7661, No. 202-Sandra M. Halminski to Anthony E. Manson, $339,000.

Sheridan Ct., 1800-Focal Point Homes Corp. to Eugene Yu and Jung Yeon Kim, $1.61 million.

Spring Gate Dr., 1570, No. 7206-Paymon Hashemi to Nicholas Lagos, $267,000.

Stoneham Lane, 6309-Ann C. Page to Michael and Emeline Keane, $1.26 million.

Tremayne Pl., 7651, No. 202-Reanna M. Betker to Joshua J. and Isabel M. Reale, $347,000.

Vista Dr., 1061-Michael P. and Caron S. Jackson to Charles M. and Mariemma R. Dolige, $1.57 million.

Wilson Lane, 1921, No. 301-John D. Wells to Maria Kazanowska and Michael F. Martus, $230,000.


Aspen Dr., 4301-Claudio O. and Andrea F. Aguerriberry to Andrea Knowles, $424,301.

Beekman Pl., 8613-D-Roberto and Tatiana Silvera to Jumigli M. Silva, $168,000.

Buckner Rd., 9122-Shay and Chad N. Lemond to Robert R. and Kaitlyn Egan, $589,000.

Granada St., 4400-Joseph Justin and Han C. Peruzzi to Shelly L. Osbey and Gregg M. Johnson, $689,500.

Lakepark Dr., 8117-Staci L. and John H. Redmon to Zulekha Yusuf, $360,000.

Mansion Farm Pl., 8800-Mark A. and Donna M. Clodfelter to Richard O. and Carol M. Lyon, $725,000.

Millbrook Pl., 8711-George Vassallo and Carol A. Fogelsong to Christopher T. Kiernan, $415,000.

Orville St., 8319-Masonic Home of Virginia to Timothy Reese and Heather Marie Emmons, $487,000.

Richmond Ave., 8509-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Kristin Tyre Kreizenbeck, $490,000.

Sacramento Dr., 8641-B-Wendy R.L. Amaya to Macey Anderson, $160,000.

Village Way, 8605, No. 7-Estate of Elisabeth M. Desilva and David A. Fontanella to Olegario Gonzalez, $175,000.

Walutes Cir., 8688-E-Stephen Sterne Sr. to Michael A. Edmonds, $195,000.

Wyngate Manor Ct., 8592-Mohamed Chair and Meriem Metouri to Chioma N. Lemuwa, $445,000.


Cromwell Dr., 8805-Delvin Leigh and Miki Nojima Schmunk to Zachary Michael Laris and Julie Maureen Kane, $539,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 5508-Milan J. and Hana D. Skarka to Christopher M. and Daisy S. Gomes, $542,000.

Hopewell Ave., 6728-Laurence A. Barnes III and Tammy L. Hanks to Le Nguyen, $420,000.

Kirkham Ct., 5620-Ton Qui Ho to Jason A. Odum, $379,250.

Piccadilly Pl., 8716-Dale Gregory and Jan T. Dunn to Jason Craig Hunter and Dawn Michele Scattolini, $600,000.

Southampton Dr., 5502-Patrick and Laura Basse to Fernando Xavier Sanchez Izquierdo and Zina A. Abdul Latif, $590,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10303, No. 9-302-Rose M.K. Richey to Yufeng Zhen, $214,900.

Fox Glen Dr., 11689-Hamed Owji and Asal Dariush to Carlos R. Sosa and Patricia M. Davide, $805,000.

Linda Marie Dr., 2702-Gail Hei Ying Lee Foley to Amanda Ankerman and David Michael Miller, $807,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 9985-Robin Terry to Caitlin R. Toynbee, $317,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10132-Pamela Jo Patton to Jill R. Talley, $330,000.

Sweetwood Lane, 11119-Albertine and John P. Stenbit to Sandeep Kumar Duvvur and Nivya Manvi Sannareddy, $1.3 million.

Valentino Dr., 10225, No. 7212-Rickard F. and Dianne M. Pfizenmayer to Robert Joseph Traister Jr. and Eunhae Kim, $200,000.


Abercorn Ct., 11867-Charles T. and Cynthia J. Brown to Shama A. and Sameer R. Khakurel, $460,000.

Ambleside Ct., 10902-Ambleside Corp. to Gregory Gerard Roberts and Rebecca Wynne Johnson, $565,500.

Barrel Cooper Ct., 11889-Robert and Jennifer Musseman to John Caleb Bingham and Xiaoci Tan, $380,000.

Beaver Trail Ct., 11148-Kathryn N. Taylor to Matthew Smith, $247,350.

Bishopsgate Way, 1231-Dennis and Susan A. Riley to Hasan Syed and Ayesha Ahmed, $900,000.

Breton Ct., 11836-Mary Louise Boling and estate of Vicki Alyne Poindexter to Keith A. Parong, $319,750.

Castle Rock Sq., 2208, No. 21C-Debbie Lannette Biggs Bradley to Muneef Hussein Alfadli, $220,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11236, No. 164-Manuel De Jesus Madrid to John C. Zubeck, $207,000.

Coppersmith Sq., 2212-Raj Bansal and Kalpna Prasad to Angela Lorena Rojas and Genaro Villa Jr., $409,950.

Drop Forge Lane, 11401-Gregory A. and Fran Fisak to Samuel A. Manganaris, $710,000.

Fawn Ridge Lane, 11894-Scott D. and Joan T. Shannon to Frederic W. Hayoz and Amy B. Cradic, $860,000.

Freetown Dr., 2464-Robert and Dolores Steinglass to Lisa Nguyen, $675,000.

Great Meadow Dr., 11414-Cory J. and Michelle J. Fritzsching to Michael Robert Dickens and Ariane Audet, $677,000.

Handlebar Rd., 11315-Michael C. and Ellen W. Jennings to Victor M. and Stephanie W. Krasij, $740,000.

Headlands Cir., 2066-Leslie R. and Joseph M. Frye to Matthew Reilly and Scott Markle, $443,000.

Heritage Oak Way, 1355-Jacquelin Broadwater Norell to Elisabeth Schuler, $563,000.

Inlet Ct., 1589-Frederic W. Hayoz and Amy B. Cradic to Gabriel Warren and Jolene Lee, $558,000.

Kinsley Pl., 12070-Steven J. Ross to Renata and Fernando Narcio, $810,000.

Lovedale Lane, 2241, No. 401C-Weicom Trust to Madison Lahn Seeger, $306,000.

Market St., 12000, No. 269-Bruce Davis to Lucy Trotter and Sean Patrick O’Neill, $270,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 236-Douglas S. Berlin to Helen Sui, $441,000.

Melmark Ct., 12406-James M. and Sandra K. Truxell to Woodrow and Claire Dorward, $525,000.

Northgate Sq., 1413, No. 13-Jean Marie Pope to Jazel Marie C. Sampang, $299,900.

Northgate Sq., 1542, No. 42-Mohammad and Tirana F. Shakeri to Ashley Michelle Arnold, $235,000.

Olde English Dr., 11710, No. G-Ralph Lorenzo Denino to Daniel R. Martin, $289,400.

Parkcrest Cir., 1629, No. 8A/300-Gary H. and O. Carole Kessler to Patrick John Bott, $275,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 1535-Dawn L. Booker to Michael M. Razavian, $382,500.

Quietree Dr., 1717-Mary Frances Kordick to Meghan M. McGrath, $391,100.

Rosedown Dr., 2311-Florence E. Carson to Robert E. and Lacinda L. Coughlan, $586,900.

Saffold Way, 11071-Denis Lamb to Steven D. and Karen J. Perini, $441,000.

Scotch Bonnet Ct., 12301-Mondo Properties Corp. to Damarius Lavine Alston, $479,000.

Sourwood Lane, 11625-Aydin and Beyhan Kaya to Edwin S. and Anne K. Cissel, $670,000.

Stowe Rd., 1646-Arthur P. and Kathleen M. Murphy to Yousof W. Nesari, $639,000.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11760, No. 516-Robert S. and Parinaz Bahadori to Sara Iqbal, $363,000.

Thrush Ridge Rd., 10985-James Kimon Smith to Andrea Pattison, $765,000.

Twisted Oak Dr., 1503-Cynthia C. Kohler to James C. and Mollie E. Stauffer, $399,900.

Villaridge Dr., 1986-B-Charles C. and Joan M. Schupp to True Michael and Jeanette Burns, $277,000.

Wheelwright Ct., 2270-Suzan E. Hixson to Brooke Kriesten and Farzin Farzad, $469,900.

Wood Fern Ct., 2500-Shahbaz Custom Home Builders Inc. to John Curry Lee, $700,000.


Arlington Blvd., 6001, No. 918-Marcus B. Inskeep Jr. to Reshma Desai, $237,000.

Juniper Lane, 3263-William B. Fetsch to Stuart E. and Barbara L. Jones, $1.5 million.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 531-Virginia Elise Brown and estate of Thomas Richard Webb to Michael Jang and Eunkyung Kim, $235,000.

Prince Charles Ct., 3321-Helen I. and William J. Ehlinger to Andrea Suzanne Auerbach and Jeffrey Charles Hanson, $703,205.


Bethelen Woods Lane, 8009-Brent T. and Amanda E. Rydel to Mohammed A. Al Qaraghuli, $424,900.

Brandon Ave., 6110-Estate of Robert J. Berens and Leslie K. Berens to Deifilia Elena Meneses and Richard Frank Meneses Saavedra, $458,000.

Creekside View Lane, 7810-Christian P. and Ivette Granier Smith to Joseph Bevan and April Jennifer Foley, $1.05 million.

Edward Carr Ct., 8391-Joseph B. and April J. Foley to Heather and Jonathan Thomas Crandall, $977,500.

Euclid Way, 7759-Lora C. and Jose M. Lopez to Brandon Scott Bell and Alexia Jae Dracos, $385,000.

Forsythia St., 6606-Noelle Kent Gring to Sean A. and Jennifer L. Kushner, $615,000.

Frederick St., 6003-Bank of New York Mellon and Certificateholders of Cwabs Inc. to Agazi Berhane, $546,000.

Giltinan Ct., 9080-Joseph Francis Donohue Jr. to Zachary E. Keninitz and Lauren M. Armentrout, $437,500.

Groveland Dr., 8626-Ernest K. and Debra S. Taylor to Jeffrey Ormond and Heather S. Woodard, $693,700.

Havenbrook Way, 7716-Rama Devi Chiruvella to Nadia and Abeda Aman, $475,000.

Hornbuckle Dr., 8264-K. David and Donna L. Bombaugh to Ana Julia Murga Alarcon, $550,000.

Julian St., 6207-Luisa M. Aballe to Simplice and Kelly Njike, $437,250.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8462-Robin J. Struyk and Michelle N. Clancy to Scott Christopher Vinger, $325,000.

Loving Forest Ct., 8140-Christopher B. Richard and Miriam S. Terninko to Paul E. and Gabriela Tanner, $357,000.

Moline Pl., 8336-Patricia M. Levister and Sandra Wolfford to Nhi Ho and Matthew Simanivanh, $386,000.

Oriole Ave., 7408-Noor Ullah to Erick C. and Fabiola Lopez, $525,000.

Powderbrook Lane, 8069-Angelika Ruehr Barbato to Andrew D. and Alessandra Fobes, $425,000.

Ridge Creek Way, 8111-Vijaya and Gummadavelly Murthy to Daphne D. and Brian J. Huber, $765,000.

Rocky Forge Ct., 8358-Alan Cheuk and Jennifer Taylor Fu to John Thomas Miley and Aisha Pamela Salazar, $390,000.

Skyron Pl., 8806-Christopher W. and Linda M. Cable to Wayne M. and Jill C. Horn, $549,000.

Spring View Ct., 7310-Andres Araujo to Jafar and Mohammad Al Quraishi, $450,000.

Tangier Dr., 7771-John and Jessica Leigh Vanderpool to Kenneth and Tia Simmons Walker, $600,000.

White House Dr., 7223-Toan P. Nguyen and Thuthuy Huynh to Ahmed Reza Hossani Madani and Yalda Nazarian, $935,000.


Abbotsford Dr., 1821-Donna W. and Keith N. Jacobson to Roger Thomas and Jaflan Isabella Moyes, $748,500.

Ayito Rd. SE, 306-Arthur and Deborah B. Kelley to Joel P. Ely and Charlotte M. Kastl, $1.73 million.

Bellforest Ct., 2701, No. 108-Abdullah H. Alkhalaf to Lena O. and Maha Sabi Amad, $469,000.

Bobbyber Dr., 2124-Michele and Daniel Raville to Tawfeeq Al Gailani and Hiba Tabra, $660,000.

Brookstone Lane, 9709-Patrick S. and Gina N. Li to Jeffrey A. Gross, $1.38 million.

Carnegie Hall Ct., 8181, No. 107-Stuart A. and Ingy O. Rucker to Samantha C. Rim, $410,000.

Cedar Crossing Lane, 2749-Kum Young and Young Wol Park to Linlin Zhang and Junrui Di, $639,000.

Cottage St., 8514-Michaela and Adam Hoffman to Ryan Louis and Arielle Marie Sherriff, $660,000.

Creek Ct. E., 507-Chengpei Tian and Lili Zhuang to Chao Huang and Yanyi Yuan, $960,000.

Desale St. SW, 801-Evg Custom Homes Corp. to William M. and Lauren W. Leonard, $1.35 million.

Higdon Dr., 8711-Estate of Ira J. Hamburg and Keith Hamburg to Rosanne A. Aviles and Dennis Losa, $725,000.

James Dr. SE, 105-David E. and Lisa B. Lucas to Andrew Leghton and Suzanne Esterson Zulauf, $1.29 million.

Leesburg Pike., 10420-Shirin and Shabnam Rahimi to Eli Janabi, $870,000.

Macarthur Ave. NE, 505-Lidia I. Buzek to Brendan T. and Brittny Cremins, $1.43 million.

Manhattan Pl., 2714-Bhargava Associates Inc. to Kristine May San Juan and Michael Andrew Sobrepena Ante, $701,500.

Mill Race Estates Dr., 9701-Charles P. and Lynn R. Mendenhall to Timothy and Susan Marie Moore, $1.43 million.

Pepperdine Dr., 8524-Estate of Kathleen C. Lynn and John M. Lynn to Sean Timothy O’Neill, $697,000.

Roberts Dr. NW, 502-Won Hoi and Mi Soon Koo to Ki Ok and Sun J. Byun, $635,000.

Sibelius Dr., 9306-James E. Bartlett III to Aravind Hemmige and Akshatha Pai, $1.07 million.

Stonewall Dr., 8500-Bryan E. McClain to Marissa P. Mancini and Todd C. Eley, $734,900.

Tapawingo Rd. SE, 316-Javier E. and Nicole S. Quiroga to Andrew S. and Gabriela G. Fellows, $1.1 million.

Toyon Way, 1838-Amir Nadjmabadi to Madison R. and Victoria D. Calvert, $1.25 million.

Tysons Crest Lane, 1755-Daniel Singh Chahel to Khalid Mohammed Alwoheiby, $1.41 million.

Wedderburn Station Dr., 8518-Patrick J. and Sue Healey Downes to Shirley Lee Luu, $1.74 million.

White Beech Way, 8651-Estate of John C. Lacy and Marsha Piacente to Amy B. Shockley and David J. Maniscalco, $870,000.

Woodnor Dr. NE, 904-Jin O’Neill to Xiaoli Gui, $740,000.


Revatom Ct., 8116-Benjamin D. and Laura N. Fellow to Veronica Hartanto and Hendry Bong, $750,000.


Blarney Stone Dr., 9125-Andrew Impens and Sarah Knoesen to Sangmyoung Cho, $440,000.

Cardinal Hill Pl., 6312-Cynthia Anne Hogue Levy to Robert Wayne and Jennifer Elizabeth Prunty, $885,000.

Danford Lane, 7206-Betty E. Carruth to John M. and Yukyoung Bedwell, $570,000.

English Ivy Way, 6391-Douglas H. Cleary to Keith J. and Maria R. Minnaji, $491,500.

Glen Oaks Ct., 6107-Mi Da Paik to Roderick and Taslim Sidi Durham, $634,000.

Greeley Blvd., 8204-Judith Allison Lee to Mario Antonio Pena and Susan Jean Dunham, $760,000.

Holford Lane, 6713-Kurt T. and Vera S. Ettenger to Andrew and Kimberly McCarthy, $529,000.

Jewelweed Ct., 7765-Kathleen Marie Lyman to Soo Chang Kang and Mi Ra Jung, $510,000.

Kousa Lane, 7239-Sundar and Prasansha Thapa to Kim Nhung T. Nguyen and Thanh Hoang, $405,000.

Nanlee Dr., 8615-Mark Lyle and Margaret T. Crook to William and Molly Parsons, $675,000.

Olde Lantern Way, 7222-Gary A. and Carol A. Ulrich to Lan Yang and Hai Tao Lu, $485,000.

Prince James Dr., 5909, No. E-Lowell Pennington to Katie Blodgett, $180,000.

Rathlin Dr., 6241-Robert B. Briggs to Han Ngiam and Chareeya Boonyoo, $460,500.

Rolling Woods Ct., 7860, No. 4M2-Cheryl Johnson and Albert M. Seemayer to Soon Hi and Gi Young Kim, $340,000.

Seabright Rd., 5958-Estate of Royal N. Preston and Laurie Ann Preston to Michael Kaspi and June Eileen Jones, $506,000.

Sydenstricker Rd., 7015-Rufus and Faye D. White to Mir A. Hossain and Shameema Nasrin, $500,000.

Westover Ct., 8517-Richard and Donna Owins to Carrie M. Wong, $282,500.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Byrd Dr., 10902-Mildred A. Chichester to Fatmir and Nataliya Ruli, $450,000.

Daniels Run Way, 10112-Chan K. and Gina Y. Ko to Erin Kelly Benitez and Jahangir Boroumand, $955,000.

Holly St., 4115-Estate of Erlinda A. Maliksi and John F. Mowbray Jr. to Sameh Fathy Boules, $421,500.

Main St., 10570, No. 210-Yi and Yiping Liu to David N. Kall and Yanzhi Xu, $182,500.

Orchard St., 10924-Timothy F. Boerschlein to Tina A. Bagwell, $649,888.

Scott Dr., 10810-Michael and Shannon Clements to Robert Patrick Mahowald and Cheryl Ann Hoffman, $578,000.

Vanderbilt Ct., 4108-Alissa Vestal Weber to Ryan L. Larson, $360,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 326-Roger Thomas Holland to Michael James and Andrea Moscoso Burton, $570,000.

Cameron Rd. W., 111-Daniel J. and Courtney C. Mooney to Robert Anthony and Caroline Shively Sucher, $1.04 million.

Ellison St., 1305-Michael A. and Robin S. Gardner to Brani and Svetlana Petrovic, $1.24 million.

Grove Ave., 303-Stefan A. and Gigi Gizelle Jones to Thomas G. and Casie C. Disantis, $737,500.

Lincoln Ave., 1115-Stephanie M. Foster to David B. Deitch and Suzanne C. Tosini, $1.13 million.

Rees Pl., 150-Catherine Cleveland to Royal S. and Sara Abigail Ripley, $910,000.

Timber Lane, 513-Eric E. and Mary M. Faulkner to Matthew A. and Galiya K. Werner, $1.12 million.

West St. S., 323-Lanier Place Development Corp. to William Drew Thompson and Amanda Michelle Girth, $1.5 million.