Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Arkendale Rd., 6209-Peter H. Appel to Andrew Allen Clarke and Megann Louise Daw Clarke, $890,500.

Gatewood Dr., 1101-Barbara A. Dufek to John D. Esselink and Gwendolyn W. Siebert, $900,000.

Potomac Ave., 6622, No. A1-Calixto Torres Santay and Allison Tumilowicz Torres to Jeffrey Daniel and Kelly Knode, $265,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 204-Alma Chappell and Darlene Carr Greene to Fareed and Farzad Aref, $110,250.


Wakefield Dr. W., 6725, No. A2-Mark L. Brutsche to Jadranka Belajic, $235,000.


Ambassador Way, 5904-Richard L. Owens to Nogbou J. Ahounou and Nonye T. Aghanya, $496,000.


Bold Lion Lane, 7808-Terry Mitchell and Kathleen Gregory Sampson to Andy Zhang, $575,000.

Chesley Search Way, 7005-Warren S. and Susan D. Julbe to Robert and Katherine Villar, $562,500.

Cottonwood Dr., 6402-Tracy L. Campbell to Erica Rae and David Orion Martin, $515,000.

Dorset Dr., 6327-Ryan C. and Katrina M. Bird to Shawn M. Daley and Catherine Dooley, $467,000.

Ellingham Cir., 7008-Stephanie Merino to Jane K. Chun, $235,000.

Frost Lake Lane, 6617-Robert A. and Margaret N. Nemetz to Ryan J. and Lindsy Vega, $587,875.


Greyledge Ct., 6534-Riza and Baldwin Fuertes to Odalys G. Perez and Silvio Moya, $427,000.

Harbor Court Dr., 5363-Dennis J. and Diane P. O’Hara to Filip and Vesna Rosikj Markovikj, $353,745.

Jesmond St., 5308-Lilliam C. Moore to Minna and Hannah Choi, $500,000.

Kelsey Point Cir., 6538-Jacqueline E. Smith to Eric Pennington, $561,000.


Lands End Lane, 6039-Patrick J. Gelmetti to Steven A. Bernal and Fabiola Plaza Rosillon, $489,900.

Manchester Park Cir., 6131-Barbara J. Armentrout and Michael S. Schwartz to Shafi A. Begzad, $633,000.

Morning Glen Lane, 7814-Paul C. and Brenda L. Bishop to Jacob E. and Jodi L. Vanwoerkom, $655,000.

Oak Hill Pl., 5721-James A. and Holly K. Keberline to Nicholas D. and Emily Brockert, $489,900.


Parish Glebe Lane, 6561-Herbert D. and Clara A. Marshall to William Stanley and Marianne Margaret Martin, $549,900.

Rose Hill Ct., 6282-C-Jeri Ann and Ross Patrick Crowley to Paul Andrew Reosti, $220,000.

Spect Ct., 3911-Linda J. Trullender and estate of John Warren Trullender to John David Dustin, $425,000.

Tracey Ct., 6309-Cliff Hastings and estate of Glenn Sydney Ovrevik to Meghan Sue Dressel and Kathleen Nicole Anthony, $512,000.


Walkers Croft Way, 6276-Eric R. and Elisabeth B. Ries to Jeffrey A. and Pamela R. Hendrickson, $520,000.

Wynema Ct., 6509-Carol H. Fay to Arleen and Dragan Krstic, $826,000.


Americana Dr., 4359, No. 204-Kathryn A. Cowles to Fritzi Alwin, $165,000.


Aspen Hill Ct., 4641-David Bell to Sun Ok and Roger R. Oben, $627,500.

Braeburn Dr., 9100-Kevin A. and Amy B. Maloy to Meghan and Martin O’Brien, $699,900.

Dassett Ct., 7806, No. 203-Tai A. and Loan Thimai Phan to Vinh Nguyen, $245,000.

Five Gates Rd., 8306-Anthony C. and Carol M. Hamilton to Justin and Leslie Ballinger, $720,000.

Galahad Ct., 8205-Thomas Matthew Metzler and estate of David C. Metzler to Michael Anthony and Joanna Elizabeth Verdi, $600,000.

Holborn Ave., 4634-Richard L. and Terrill T. Beam to David Gordon, Miho Y. and David G. Brown, $880,000.


Lafayette Forest Dr., 7717, No. 85-Tammy Kim to Kum Cha Neal, $283,999.

Loosestrife Ct., 4911-Glen D. and Suzanne V. Bottoms to Nathan E. and I. Ting Grace Tomerlin, $669,500.


Patriot Dr., 7753, No. 56-Hea Ja Yim to James J. Suh, $206,000.

Ridgewood Dr., 7809-William Alan and Sandy Lee Carine to Sunita Kharel, $430,000.

Stark Pl., 4429-Richard M. and Tracy A. Yura to Joan Elizabeth Italiano and Ross Edward Davidson Jr., $704,000.

Weber St., 7715-Michelle E. and Brendan J. Melsop to Mario Ruben and Favio Flores, $530,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3356, No. 31-Harold K. Ryland and Mary R. Healy to Kristin Crosby, $231,900.


Birchwood Rd., 3828-Walid Y. Ashoor and Michele A. Coffman to Peter M. Fallon Jr. and Lindsey Nicole Carder, $622,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1201S-Varada Corp. to Stephanie W. Chan, $200,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3713, No. 203-Saad A. Sabrah to Roxanna Cardwell, $250,000.

Lacy Blvd., 3710-Minh Chan Luu and Nhi Van to Nelson Edgardo Tejada and Daniel Enrique Martin Mejia, $635,000.

Larchwood Rd., 3912-3912 Larchwood Drive Corp. to Timothy L. and Julie Sherman Dumais, $579,000.

Munson Rd., 3702-Michael Krumpak to Andrew G. Foster and Amanda R. Rice, $740,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 1807S-David J. Fuchs and Melissa A. Higginbotham to John Michael Dillard, $315,000.

Seminary Rd., 5563, No. 412-Dejan D. Icitovic to Danni Wu, $330,000.

Tollgate Terr., 3703-Michael Keating and Avele Conlogue to Ryan C. Mulvenon and Kristen M. Wisdorf, $860,000.



Bakersville Lane, 5611-Bentley M. and Judy M. Roberts to Michael A. and Trisha J. Sellery, $685,000.

Burnside Landing Dr., 6025-Jarrett Hayden McLaughlin and Margaret McCants Peery McLaughlin to Jason Frank and Season T. Zellman, $710,000.


Cleat Ct., 9400-Taylor A. and Beulah T. Oncale to Jon B. and Lisa Marie Stevens, $645,000.

First Landing Way, 5959-Rachel E. Lindsey and James L. Ouellette Jr. to Chastity N. Wright, $345,000.

Lakepointe Dr., 9845-Jason A. and Ashley K. Yuckenberg to Leanne Sulewski, $430,000.

Mount Burnside Way, 5641-Eric and Bridget M. Hoffmeyer to Vincent Joseph and Jana E. Moore, $600,000.

Oak Green Ct., 10880-B & G. Homes Corp. to Charlotte L. and Bradley Monroe Schuyler, $455,000.


Parakeet Dr., 5826-Joseph W. and Kimberly L.F. Brummund to Eric Douglas Ritter and Jacqueline Frances Brellenthin, $530,000.

Rossetti Ct., 9712-Robert R. and Dona Dee Osterhoudt to Rebecca A. Boone, $650,000.

Shipwright Dr., 9502-Craig J. and Ester A. Mallory to Charlie Paul and Jennifer Austin Buettner, $580,000.

Ticonderoga Ct., 6011-Jason Frank and Season Thompson Zellman to Ignacio Dulay Jr. and Brenda Samson, $450,000.


Tisbury Dr., 6358-Donald F. and Edina Camden to Thao and Jennifer Tran, $485,000.

Wallingford Dr., 9524-John P. and Teresa M. Gelinne to Shane and Kyli Bechtold, $702,254.

Wood Mouse Ct., 5714-Chaiya Mohanty Ortiz to Frank H. Cook and Stephanie A. Mafrici, $465,000.


Autumn Cir., 14248-Andrew J. and Jenna Dekeuster to Samuel C. Flook and Taylor G. Murphy, $370,000.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14133-Joel Benjamin and Stephanie Laura Byers to Jinyoung Song, $415,000.

Cardigan Sq., 14710-Tanya M. and Charles E. Camper to Jose G. Anaya Alvarenga and Jonathan J. Anaya Romero, $355,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14314, No. 202-Bony Som and Saravy Sam Koeu to Daniel J. Suh, $244,000.

Connor Dr., 13363-H-Hany K. Omar to Anand Dandegaonkar and Aruna Giri, $277,875.

Crystalford Lane, 5426-Barg Inc. to Kingsuk Chatterjee, $425,000.


Eagle Tavern Lane, 15430-Patrick J. and Cynthia C. Coleman to Arthur E. Morrissette IV, $786,000.

Fallscliff Lane, 14435-Gregory A. Dassira and Judith A. Hollis to David and Mary D. Struble, $270,000.

Golden Oak Rd., 14497-Nicholas R. Bessellieu to Roy J. Maldonado Lino, $236,100.

Havener House Way, 5963-Bazin F. Haile and Helen A. Haddis to Sabahat M. Hillbery, $263,000.

Jeb Stuart Sq., 13504-Robert Kitchel and Lisa Grace Macewen to Daniel Yonghwan and Grace Choi Park, $728,000.

Linden Creek Ct., 5861-Seok June and Eunji Yoon to Jae Young and Kyung Yoon Lee, $600,000.

Mcalester Way, 6034-Heeyoung Brandon Park to Jay Woo Lee and Julie Dong Yon Kang, $489,900.

Overland Ct., 5408-Angela Vella to Jeffrey Mun and Hae Sun Lee, $545,000.

Plumbago Dr., 13556-David and Mary H. Habashy to Jin Sil Hong, $816,000.

Ravenscar Ct., 14532-Shane N. Mummert to Young Ho and Mi Kyung Cho, $355,900.

Sammie Kay Lane, 5322-Robert Lin to Naru Kang and Sean Hyunwook Ji, $756,000.

Shipley Ct., 5507-Janet L. Rider to Simone McCabe, $560,000.

Stillfield Ct., 15342-Bradford and Marlana Brown Edwards to Navin Cecil and Melissa Anne Dhas, $725,000.

Strasburg Dr., 6135-Virginia Sell Now Corp. to Hassan Sayah, $175,000.

Veronica Rd., 5051-Mamdouh Azzary and Azza Nessim to Kirti and Anand Shah, $760,000.

Wild Brook Ct., 5942-Andrew R. and Betty L. McKillop to Alan H. and Souzan Muhealden, $395,000.


Beech Down Dr., 3846-Steve Rathmanner and Murfoo Riaz to Dipesh Pandey and Chandra P. Adhikari, $567,000.

Bromall Ct., 16309-Edgerton and Remona Gray Charles to Arva Waheed and Natai Dhar, $476,000.

Eagle Chase Cir., 14045-Kumarbabu and Sireesha Chintala to Sunil Kumar and Naga Gourishetty, $717,500.

Gilead Ct., 4509-Bobby C. and Patricia H. Christian to Pavan K. Boddupally and Seetha M. Durbhakula, $1.22 million.

Lowe St., 13787-Elanchezhian Sivagnanam and Gayathri Barathamani to Sreedhar and Bhagyarekha Maram, $781,000.

Poplar Tree Rd., 13818-Humberto R. and Berta L. Carpio to Hector Noel and Ynia M. Velasquez, $470,000.

Sovereign Pl., 15208-Michael Patriarco and Melissa Higdon to Michael David and Jessica Wieboldt, $492,500.

Whitlow Pl., 4179-Jean E. and Sue Kim Collin to Murali Sridhar Yedla and Jyothi Noone, $670,000.


Forest Run Dr., 6024-Heidi I. Thornlow and John Craig to Irene Chang and Po Yao Sheen, $650,500.

Maple Run Ct., 6205-William S. and Jill M. Fuller to Vincent Nicholas and Katie Annice Romano, $655,000.

Sandstone Way, 6217-Abm Moshfequr Rahamn and Shishir K. Nahar to Talha Saeed and Hafsa Usmani, $600,000.

Stonefield Dr., 13949-M. Thomas and Lena E. Unander Scharin to James M. Holladay and Zhoufeng Zhang, $694,000.


Abington Ct., 9741-Cynthia C. Thompson to Rozalyn S. and Bart Michael Gould, $685,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11317, No. 3-410-Aisha Louise and Glenn Albert Cassis to Nirup S. Puppala, $335,000.

Arlington Blvd., 9082-Benjamin R. Kaufman and Ashley E. Bertoni Kaufman to John Thomas Logan III and Danielle Ashley Sequira, $447,000.

Barnard Ct., 3124-Eleanor Williams Hahne and estate of Eleanor Williams Hahne to Nicholas Siegel and Sonia Josa Castro, $525,000.

Blackbird Pl., 13048-Ji Hoon Park to Nga Tran, $730,000.

Briarwood Farms Ct., 9109-Michael R. Conklin and Nisha A. Patel to Siyi Jia and Honghao Liang, $804,300.

Byrd Dr., 11134-Deborah Lee Hamilton and Christine H. Hawkins to Johnny Romulo Soto Orellana, $475,000.

Casbeer Dr., 12480-Naru Kang and Sean Hyunwook Ji to Abhishek Swaminathan and Purnima Bokka, $590,000.

Colesbury Pl., 8938-Nelson and Henry Kim to Michael A. Netzer Jr. and Ozlem Uzuner, $805,000.

District Ave., 2993-Joshua Abich to Jeff P. Gold and Kristine C. Lee, $785,000.

Eland Ct., 4910-William Jesse Armiger IV and Erin Alissa Kelly to William and John Leonard, $570,000.

Fair Valley Ct., 12880-Eunyoung Kwak and Jeongkyu Lee to Siraj Ali and Nazia Pasha, $572,500.

Five Oaks Rd., 9822-Charlotte A. and Mark A. Thomas to Kathleen C. and Peter C. Cote, $775,000.

Fox Lake Pl., 12322-Young Eun Na to Gary M. and Kyu Young Clark, $505,000.

George Mason Blvd., 4418-Murad Turkistani and Rana H. Bitar to David Clark, $860,000.

Goldeneye Lane, 10615-Jeffery E. and Heidi A. McShea to Carol Marie and Anthony Christopher Hamilton, $685,000.

Hartwick Lane, 3136-Ramon and Johnna Kamaka Camarillo to Jeffrey R. and Cynthia Dimeglio, $545,000.

Holden St., 5111-Lynn Nash Paynter and estate of Nancy M. Nash to Pratik S. Chandratreya and Reshma P. Haveli, $605,000.

Inverness Rd., 3856-Casey Sisson to Jason Chang and Jiyoung Joo, $550,000.

Jomar Dr., 9613-Raymond A. Castillo and Kay A. Dekuiper to Ciro Manuel and Ann Marie Lopez, $580,000.

Kingsbridge Dr., 9700, No. 101-Robert D. and Jenny M. Shoesmith to Tek R. Pathak and Tirtha K. Joshi, $241,000.

Lake Normandy Ct., 5352-Ryan A. and Angela B. Szala to Guiying Xiao and Qingwu Meng, $915,000.

Leehigh Dr., 11632-Michael and Cheri Cosgrove to Jin S. and Hye S. Kim, $749,000.

Long Boat Ct., 5430-Allen A. Barna to Carmen Dionicia Lopez Brizuela and Daniel Alejandro Tortoza Lopez, $387,600.

Mcfarland Ct., 4949-Daniel and Ann Westlake to Clifton Brooks, $403,000.

Mirror Pond Dr., 9423-Pamla L. Clark and Donald G. Moore to Avihi A. and Melissa Z. Golub, $569,900.

Monument Ct., 4120-L-Bo Soon Park to Chung Hee and Mi Kyeong Lee, $317,000.

Mozart Brigade Lane, 4225, No. 83-Touraj Jamaleddin to Simonette G. Clark, $286,500.

Olive Mae Cir., 8875-Kenneth and Karen Savitz to Edward Cassar and Jaclyn Marie Silva Cassar, $875,000.

Patriot Park Ct., 4353-James and Ellen W. Graham to Yi Se and Jinah Kong Gwon, $709,500.

Plum Run Ct., 3937-Volker and Kathryn Uhrig to Shahram Dashti and Nafiseh Moez, $422,000.

Portsmouth Rd., 5109-Reinhold and Joni B. Hallauer to Rhonda Renee Cheatham, $650,000.

Quiet Creek Dr., 4018-Ryan M. Miller to Walead Parviz, $590,000.

Rockaway Lane, 11822-Kent H. and Kristy Julien to Natavan Hajinskaya and Maharram Rafiyev, $384,888.

Sleepy Lake Ct., 12320-Kasey Y. Farah to Monis and Jeanette Habashi, $475,875.

Steven Martin Dr., 3026-Francis D. Canty Jr. and Jeanne L. Smoot to Calvin Dale Peterson Jr. and Julie Anne Seeds Peterson, $650,000.

Surfbird Ct., 5604-James A. and Nancy K. Jacobson to Michael and Queenie Chan Mirandi, $656,000.

Tenbury Terr., 12208-John and Mariam Kanukolanu to Jimei Mo, $564,888.

Twinbrook Run Dr., 5065-Jason D. and Diane R. Windau to Renee Tran and Joshua Phillips, $840,000.

Waveland St., 12160-Keith D. Switzer to Esam Abou Nahlah, $645,000.

Willcoxon Tavern Ct., 5405-David R. and Karen M. Quimby to Heather J. Bristol, $595,000.


Arrington Dr., 6096-Mark and Theresa Sheehan to Justin L. and Christine M. Carwile, $715,000.

Clipper Dr., 10510-Thomas S. and Laura A. Channon to Thomas J. and Cora W. Tracy, $719,000.

Karmich St., 6311-Brian D. and Pamela L. Riffe to Matthew and Elizabeth Smith, $760,000.

Oakshire Lane, 7904-Edward M. and Athena P. Reilly to Leonidas and Kate Fthenos, $1.9 million.

Robert Stephens Dr., 11480-John W. and Nadia Duchelle to John F. and Katharine J. Gundlach, $889,000.

Viewcrest Dr., 9794-Darrell and Maki Grob to Matthew T. and Kelli L. Schlarmann, $839,500.

Youngs Branch Dr., 6321-Ryan L. and Tracy H. Cogdill to Ryan Jeremiah and Betsy A. Novotny, $730,000.


Beechwood Lane, 2994-Sleepy Hollow JV Corp. to Myong Hui Choi and Phillip Chilyong Kwak, $1.28 million.

Carol Lane, 7431-Alejandro C. Bonino to Ruklanthi and Kosala Tantula, $489,000.

Custis Pkwy., 6931-Jennifer L. Rankin to Nathan A. and Laura Bryan, $620,000.

Harper Valley Lane, 8120-Lana O. Ghandour to Steven E. Devine and Caylen R. Beight, $440,000.

Lee Hwy., 7611, No. 103-Gretchen M. Ehle to Mingcong Zhang and Anita Alkhimovich, $200,000.

Marc Dr., 7407-Eric and Bianca M. Blake to Sueher and Ahmad Wattad, $525,000.

New Providence Ct., 2837-Markyves J. Valentin to Neil B. and Andrea L. Pence, $436,000.

Poplar Dr., 1027-James P. and Ingrid F. Racine to Joshua and Terresa Shaw, $760,000.

Sycamore Dr., 7902-Kerin L. and Christopher J. Eaton to James Gray and Kim East, $600,000.

Upside Ct., 3434-Abby J. Pearson and estate of Lewis M. Pearson to Tuyet Trinh and Joey Tien Nguyen, $500,000.


Gilson St., 1746-Faik Sen to Katherine L. Ngov and Jessica Thavy Young, $650,000.

Idylwood Rd., 7131-Kunthea Keo and David A. Neal to Mondana Nicksolat, $763,000.

Mayfair Mclean Ct., 2029-Francis Carpentier to Francine and Mei Lian Fan, $1 million.

Orland St., 6447-David Dowies to Charles D. and Jacqueline M. Mays, $1.08 million.

Reddfield Dr., 2212-Benjamin Jay and Joanna Goins Myers to Daniel E. and Ashley N. Meyerson, $826,000.

Trevino Lane, 7715-Trung T. Ngo to Divyadeep Goel, $515,000.


Inlet Cove Dr., 6905-Julio A. and Catherine M. Garcia to Dennis H. and Won Y. Kim, $599,900.


Apple Hill Rd., 2309-John Black and Susan Ann Whitton to Christopher Thomas and Katherine Hinkle Leighton, $605,000.

Camden St., 8401-Christine E. Bingman to Jeremy and Alicia Porter, $575,000.

Conover Pl., 8620-James E. and Susan K. McConville to Johannes Smith, $677,500.

Crown Court Rd., 8238-Margaret T.H. Robinson to Benjamin L. and Monica Kane, $737,000.

Greylock St., 9007-Jack K. Berlien to Gregg D. and Maureen K. Renkes, $639,399.

Pilgrim Ct., 8603-Anna K. Connell to Joel Andrew and Julie Laun Miller, $719,500.

Stacey Rd., 8222-David T. and Lindsay C. Nobles to Sean and Mary Ellis Finnerty, $734,900.


Ad Hoc Rd., 660-Marjorie L. Fox to Ricardo Alvarez Elena and Alessandra Chiarello, $1.25 million.

Cantle Lane, 903-Linda J. Crittenden to Carole Witte, $801,000.

Good Spring Ave., 10619-Alvaro and Christine Tarrago to George Adam and Tejal A. Winder, $1.15 million.

River Bend Rd., 413-Theresa Thomas D. Alessandro and estate of Jerene E. Thomas to Christopher S. Roche and Nguyen H. Park, $700,000.

Seneca Rd., 815-Glen L. and Margaret A. Sjoblom to Faik and Durdane A. Sen, $880,000.

Thunderhill Ct., 9807-Fran P. and Fredric Zimmerman to Brian and Erin Tarpley, $840,000.


Alton Sq., 12913, No. 219-United Bank to Deep Chandra Kholia and Nivedita Joshi, $253,000.

Apgar Pl., 13328-Christopher Radford and Kathleen O. Dwyer Radford to Lining Gao and Aiqiong Dai, $331,000.

Ashnut Lane, 13170-Brian G. Vargish to Phaneendra Muppalla, $510,000.

Boulder Crest Ct., 1306-Michael Allen Wagner to Joseph H. and Gabriele W. O’Bryan, $485,000.

Bruce Ct., 712-Anne D. Kearney to Quynh Nhu Thuy Nu Ton, $439,500.

Centre Park Cir., 12913, No. 405-Anthony Bardia Kouchak to Padma Priya Manargudi and Lakshmi Narayana Chintalapati, $225,000.

Copper Cove Way, 13225-Richard Chu Tak Tseng and Chi Fan Lee to Mark Robert Bruff and Chelsea Lynn Carbo, $461,000.

Devon St., 1112-Trang Hoang and Bich M. Dinh to Wilmer R. Ramirez Portillo and Liban Mohamed Aden, $435,000.

Enright Pl., 2102-El Mostafa El Gadoumi to Natalia Y. Polyakova, $270,000.

Fieldcreek Dr., 2411-Karen S. Kim to Nagarjuna and Ameena Chimata, $485,000.

Floris St., 13517-Kevin L. and Debra Ellen Winstead to Ksenia Yemelianova and Jason Verdon, $652,900.

Franklin Farm Rd., 12721-John M. and Sylvia E. Robinson to John and Mary C. Williams, $734,000.

Gingell Pl., 2205-Stephanie O. Pullman to Andrew Joseph Houghton, $260,000.

Harrison Hollow Lane, 3100-Donald B. and Satomi Y. Dumler to Michael J. and Graciete M. Disalvo, $690,000.

John Glenn St., 3160, No. 409-Edward and Lori Ann Mangiero to Mustafa M. Majeed and Rana K. Alalawi, $420,000.

Logan Wood Dr., 2582-Karen T. and Brian Keyser to Selvabharathi Ekambaram and Abirami Selvabharathi, $386,000.

Malvern Hill Pl., 1533-Cezar L. Alupoaei and Zhoaxian Chen to Richard Wallen, $550,000.

Merlins Lane, 522-Richard E. Wurtz to Herbert Rose, $469,000.

Oak Shadow Dr., 2927-Claire T. and John C. Gazlay to Jaswinder Singh and Sandeep Kaur, $989,000.

Pinecrest Rd., 12625-Mark D. and Gretchen E. Hazlin to Alec Gregory Wyhs, $498,000.

Reign St., 2820-Brandon L. and Kimberly D. Stahl to Mahesh Babu and Bindu Madhavi Vadaganatham, $587,500.

Stone Heather Dr., 13271-Russel Paul Stevens to Albert W. and Elizabeth A. Gonzales, $641,500.

Thornapple Pl., 13138-Charles A. and Linda M. James to Feng Xu and Tianjue Wang, $655,000.

Viking Dr., 2708-Betty Friberg Kachel to Michael Eric and Emily Margaret Holbrook, $575,000.

Winterberry Ct., 1455-Rosina C. Kern to Shaun McEnhimer and Jenna M. Terzulli, $601,000.


Fairhaven Ave., 2707-Richard T. Authier to Colton Levi Keene and Hannah L. Bays, $456,500.

Huntington Park Dr., 2411-Zachary D. and Stephanie A. Goodwin to Paul B. and Amy J. Irwin, $602,500.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1613-Courtney Alexander to Magnus Dane Blaise Perkins, $287,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 1502-Robert Livernash and Susan Richmond to Casey Hartman, $280,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 1008-John Michael Pulju and estate of Patricia Jane Pulju to Stephen and Catherine Markardt, $515,000.


Dawn Dr., 2707-Goran and Jadranka Belajic to Carlos A. Sarmiento, $720,000.

Groveton St., 3409-Colin R. Arms and Sarah E. Nadotti Arms to Priyanka Hazel and Kenneth Aaron Leonard, $540,000.

Range Rd., 7418-Christopher and Holly Turner to Alexandra Rae Sullivan and Joshua Nathaniel Price, $873,275.

Spring Dr., 3207-Edward A. and Deborah A. Humphreys to Jose M. Vega and Jasmin E. Nino, $480,000.


Bloomfield Dr., 5614, No. 204-Adgroup Corp. to Kien Lien and Tracy Chen, $170,000.

Cheyenne Knoll Pl., 5427-Ivonne G. Rodriguez Cervoni to Fang Yuan and Zhenyi Liu, $565,000.

Fairway Downs Ct., 4522-Vallapaporn Kertgate to Mohamad Almustafa and Umnia M. Elkordi, $827,000.

Indian Run Pkwy., 6306-Michael J. Murray to Juan C. Sanchez Torrico and Silveria Obando, $425,000.

Melvern Pl., 3908-Gertrude M. Goodson to Robert Ahern Reinheimer and Lara Santana Brito, $469,000.

Seventh St., 6305-Vijayalakshmi Vellayan and Arvind Nair to David D. Pemberton, $560,000.

Split Creek Lane, 6261-Priscilla A. Berry to Adam C. Snow, $690,000.


Athey Rd., 9727-Robert Passmore to Kungisha and Suriya Keovilay, $655,000.

Catbird Cir., 8222, No. 201-Dawn Gurganious to Daryl Coffman and Janice O. Lear, $245,000.

Denali Way, 9220-Nathan Trey Sanders and Raquel Abigail Diaz to Valerio Gabriel Lopez Cancho, $665,000.

Golden Ridge Ct., 8519-J. Adrian Carlo H. Lazaro and Clarissa M. Lazaro to Michael Robertson, $350,000.

Horseshoe Cottage Cir., 8021-Linda L. Williams to Tamrat S. Akalu and Yetnayet Y. Beyene, $491,000.

Lee Masey Dr., 9222-Kadijah Skeiky and Kadgatu Kamara to John R. Guirguis, $560,000.

Power House Rd., 9106-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to Adam D. Aichele, $669,990.

Singleleaf Cir., 8902-Angela D. McCloskey to Pamela Lynn Butler, $505,000.

Treasure Oak Ct., 9222-Assefa Tesfaye and Senayet Kifle to Mir Zarif Waez, $675,000.


Birnam Wood Dr., 7907-Virgil Jay Markwood to Michael Carl Hindley and Ann Marie Dupree Hindley, $1.02 million.

Churchill Rd., 6719-Chan K. Lang to Paul Errol McAleer, $650,000.

Countryside Ct., 903-Alexander Dix and Carline Keating Soutter to Kyle J. and Caroline Kettler Crosby, $2.44 million.

Daleview Dr., 1143-Robert B. and Barbara D. Long to William and Julie Duncan, $1.49 million.

Earnestine St., 1303-Erico Oliveira and Alvani Oliveira Silva to Randolph B. and Melissa T. Witt, $825,000.

Fleetwood Rd., 6800, No. 317-Donna Jean Sanders Vick to Hamim Magdon and Fathima Magdon Ismail, $340,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 202-Manouchehr Zaheri Khamene and estate of Parvin Tavakoli to Homayoun and Elahe Hajebi, $285,000.

Hallcrest Dr., 7438-Catherine Grealy Cohen and Rosemary Crossfield to Daniel Keith and Katherine Jane Baeder, $718,000.

Holyrood Dr., 7011-Brent Cameron and Chelsea Ross Pratt to Brigham Quayle and Alexandra Smith Cannon, $4.01 million.

Jill Ct., 6611-Adam D. and Jennifer L. Anthony to Fabio D. Avila Melo and Marianella Fortoul, $1.43 million.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 404-SPK1 Inc. to Christine Marie Dorney, $248,000.

Mary Ellen Ct., 1603-Ann S. Smith to Ki Ok and Jung Hun Byun, $875,000.

Noble Dr., 6414-Daniel P. Leaf and Amy E. Alving to Ariana Fazel and John Grady Green, $1.44 million.

Randolph Rd., 1119-Joan K. and G. Doyle Dodge to Adam T. and Diane Adams Strickland, $779,000.

Strata St., 6900-William M. and Marie M. Ringle to Jennifer Simpson, $595,000.

Tremayne Pl., 7651, No. 311-Mehtab Haleem and Erin Claire Norton Haleem to George Henry and Kerry Ann Fergus, $352,500.

Tyndale St., 7014-Mohammad Yunus Sikder to Judah Hwang and Monica Luu Quach Hwang, $1.48 million.

Wimbledon Dr., 1176-Donna M. Xander to Ismail and Melis Sener, $830,000.


Ashton St., 8013-Migdalia Adair and Nicolas Wart to Irma G. Salgado Rodriguez and Juan M. Sanchez, $460,000.

Cedarlake Ct., 4335-Daniel A. and Elizabeth A. Nelson to Sharon Hawa, $375,000.

Cherry Valley Lane, 8426-Paul Flemon Magnant and Pauline Chris Fotos to Robert James and Sarah Lee Yates, $625,000.

Cooper St., 8300-Brian S. and Ashleigh M. Jenkins to Ismael A. Mejia Rivera and Emma B. Alvarez Solis, $479,900.

Eureka Ct., 8410-MTGLQ Investors LP to Oscar Abraham Loayza Rodriguez and Susan M. Loayza, $195,000.

Heather Glen Dr., 9316-Patrick M. and Kathryn R. Boone to Steven S. and Susan G. Downie, $775,000.

Little Hunting Creek Dr., 3463-Kevin J. Meagher to Bethany E. Erb, $435,000.

Mariposa Pl., 3902-Fauzia Abbasi to Cesar Antonio Jurado Rivera and Xiomara E. Jurado, $177,500.

Orville St., 8205-Jeremy M. Porter and Alicia S. Edwards to Michael C. and Sharon M. Mulvey, $538,000.

Sacramento Dr., 8641-C-Maritza Mullervy and Patricia Laborda to Anastas Vrechkov and Plamena Vrechkova, $162,000.

Village Square Dr., 8688-Lovie H. Leach to Samuel S. Lee, $169,000.

Wyngate Manor Ct., 8587-Hany Aly to Mohammad W. Rana and Mansoor Mehfooz, $465,000.


Donnelly Ct., 5419-Lorianne Hardee and Walter Johnson to William Morgan and Reina Sierra Smyth, $452,502.

Hopewell Ave., 6727-Cindy and Bryan Woodcock to Adam and Cassandra Bernards, $537,000.

Landgrave Lane, 5228-Joy E. Rogan to Eliu Abisai Napky Velasquez and Carmela Napky, $475,000.

Montgomery St., 5214-Claude M. and Janet L. Buel to Sunkwan and Eunkyung Kim, $441,000.

Ravensworth Rd., 5215-Choong Woong and Seon Soon Cheong to Shalin Nohria, $563,000.


Apple Brook Lane, 3004-Douglas Scott Burdin and Dianna Lynn Gonzales Burdin to Julie M. and David Bettinger, $1.68 million.

Bushman Dr., 10200, No. 124-Blake Elizabeth and Gary R. Roth to Sunny Yuen, $225,000.

Flemish Mill Ct., 11717-Steven R. Draper to Jonathan M. Blancha and Angel Y. Tao, $939,900.

Hannah Farm Rd., 10604-Ahmad N. and Linda F. Kangarloo to Dennis Robert and Quimby June Kaizer, $1.43 million.

Madison Meadows Lane, 2793-Robin G. Mathis to Brock D. and Michele Z. Magnino, $1.25 million.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10076-Hee Chool and Mi Kyoung Song to Tayson and Junga Haw, $304,000.

Rose Creek Ct., 3013-Kenneth J. and Alice A. Evola to Chih Wei Lai and Chen Hui Tsai, $1.6 million.

Summit Square Dr., 3176, No. 4-D3-Eric R. and Lauren Thornton to Eunice Sujin Lee, $226,000.

Wayland St., 12114-Christopher E. Kichinko to Braden W. and Summer E. Bowman, $700,000.


Aldenham Lane, 1448-Michael C. and Lauren Michelle Falotico to Jacob W. and Pratima Enfield, $590,000.

Barrel Cooper Ct., 11970-Gregory Gustafson to Yushika Meyer, $345,000.

Bennington Woods Rd., 11677-James L. Ondo and Patricia R. Kentz Ondo to Michael C. Axton and Alexia G. Echalar, $620,000.

Breton Ct., 11817, No. 1C-Marie A. Reilly to Keith David Williams, $189,990.

Cedar Hollow Way, 1670-Rebecca M. Blackman and Matthew M. Gravett to Nathan and Julia E. Slovin, $620,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11200-Carolyn Aldridge to Benjamin Albert Fritzke, $224,507.

Clubhouse Ct., 11601-Bryan Ichikawa to James E. Fitzgerald and Elizabeth M. Roberts, $636,000.

Deer Point Way, 1536-Geraldine S. Mendez to Thomas J. Paulsen Jr., $591,000.

Fountain Dr., 1830, No. 706-Susan Yuson to Richard and Antoinette Patterson, $500,000.

Gate Hill Pl., 11404-Q-Jonathan J. Krull to John J. Kennedy, $385,000.

Grey Squirrel Lane, 11951-C. Felton and Susan E. Jones to Fawad Siraj, $970,000.

Harbor Ct., 11226-Deborah A. Bair to Nancy B. Jennings, $410,000.

Heritage Commons Ct., 1218-Fernando and Virginia Pons to Anna Yudkovsky, $485,500.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1705, No. 11-Lani Roy to Michelle R. Thornburgh, $335,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 265-Yuk Ming Lau to Cristiane Vila Verde, $245,000.

Moorings Dr., 1586, No. 2B-1B-Thomas J. and Kathleen A. Wright to Jody A. McCullough, $225,000.

North Shore Dr., 11767-Sandor F. Nyerges and Judith S. Hervay to Jacobus Johannes Olivier Bouwer, $546,000.

Old Brookville Ct., 11637-Alexander C. Vargas to Ib Terry III and Jennifer Jean Wyer Terry, $733,000.

Park Garden Lane, 1325-Lisa P. Nguyen to Frank Douglass and Patricia Alexander Dickey, $650,000.

Red Lion Ct., 1930-Daniel and Karalee Ellsworth to Alison Reinheimer, $463,000.

Royal Fern Ct., 2031, No. 50-David J. and Haeshin C. Dohanic to Mansour Rezaei and Shahla Ahmedova, $220,000.

Southgate Sq., 2238-Nikoo Faghih to Kyle Marble, $330,000.

Summerchase Cir., 11735-C-Daniel J. Peterson to Kimberly Aquino, $256,000.

Sundial Dr., 1332-Tracy Denise Norris and Tracy D. Pittack to David A. and Karen P. Coronel, $571,500.

Thunder Chase Dr., 12707-Michael D. and Alison A. Balen to Jennifer Marfino and Phillip Norrod, $675,000.

Triple Crown Rd., 11903-Stephen K. and Elizabeth Frederick Young to Wayne F. and Jennifer G. McGurk, $1.09 million.

Villaridge Ct., 11035-B-Harold Lester Ellis IV to Kristin M. Bagby, $305,000.

Water Pointe Lane, 1109-U.S. Bank and Residential Asset Securities Corp. to Asit Narendra Bhatt, $747,495.

Weatherstone Ct., 1283-Susan A. Watt and David Richeson to Rohit Eranki, $560,000.

Wild Hawthorn Way, 1274-Matthew Charles and Mary Joan Tarrant to Charnele Renae Bazemore, $575,000.


Arlington Blvd., 6001, No. 513-John P. and Carol A. Welcher to Ayushjav Usukhbayar and Bayarmaa Batsaikhan, $165,000.

Kelsey Ct., 6011-Ronald R. and Ronald A. Aument to Timothy and Kimberly Disbrow, $675,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 3047, No. 102-Han Dinh and Truc Tran to Marvin T. Reyes Mazariegos, $164,900.

Worthington Cir., 3119-Belva J. Brennan to Lesley L. and Lisa A. Hubbard, $720,000.


Bertito Lane, 7709-Nathan G. and Sheri Wadman to Christopher A. Jarrett, $635,000.

Brian Michael Ct., 6839-Brian S. Cobert to Samuel O. and Melanie F. Sangobowale, $430,000.

Cervantes Ct., 7615-Jeffry E. and Denise S. Gates to Benjamin and Dolly Livingston, $628,000.

Conservation Dr., 6971-Craig H. and Debra L. Arnold to Harold and Livia Jacob, $125,000.

Debra Lu Way, 6646-Daniel Lee and Stephanie Michelle Robey to Stephen P. Heller and Carolyn T. Doan, $510,000.

Eagle Rock Lane, 8848-David W. and Jessica V. Slowik to Kenneth and Bomin Collins, $510,000.

Giltinan Ct., 9014-Colleen and Alexander Peacher to Jason A. Hoff and Amanda Hursch, $430,000.

Grayson St., 6011-Tidewater Relocation Services Corp. to David Anthony and Lauren Anthon Stern, $500,000.

Healy Dr., 7102-John R. and Karen Ale to Arnel P. and Clarice Gellive Balinang, $459,000.

Kalmia St., 6420-Brian J. Kreidler to Tin Q. Dang and Judith G. Carbonell, $550,000.

Mulberry Bottom Lane, 7816-Ting Hei Mak and Chung Ying Yang to Vladimir Amaya and Celeste Jimenez, $481,000.

Northern Oaks Ct., 7676-Justin and Chantelle Storm to Ante Willie Afahame and Mastewal Dilnessa Ayalew, $418,000.

Pin Oak Dr., 8621-Vanessa Cuevas and Jonathan Mancilla to Randy and Chantel Oei, $440,000.

Red Tulip Ct., 7809-Thomas Charles Colby and Carolina Saavedra to Charles Smith and Duo Xu, $625,000.

Richfield Rd., 7922-Christiana and Nathan Hollingsworth to Thomas Joseph and Sarah Rose Darmofal, $525,000.

Rookings Ct., 9103-Leon W. and Patricia A. Klud to John M. and Katherine S. Winstead, $643,500.

Seabrook Lane, 7608-Anthony P. and Sara Popovich to Travis R. and Jacqueline T. Denardo, $836,612.

Southern Oak Dr., 7615-Brad A. and Denise R. Lincoln to Mekbib Belete, $401,000.

Terra Grande Ave., 8344-James R. and Melanie S. Sage to Justin and Chantelle Storm, $570,000.

Vogels Way, 7560-James R. and Susan A. Kennedy to Amjad Muhammad and Amra H. Amra, $689,000.

Zekan Lane, 6303-Justin and Ambrosia M. Patterson to Veronika V. and Monty B. Edwards, $630,000.


Amberwood Manor Ct., 1869-Joseph Stephen Springer and estate of Irma Springer Wedemeyer to Michael W. Miller and Donna L. Perillo, $980,000.

Bowling Green Dr., 2617-Matthew A. and Caitlin L. Herrington to Mauricio Monteiro Vieira and Maricy Machado Cavalca Vieira, $795,000.

Cabin Rd. SE, 312-Vienna Development Alliance Corp. to Joel S. and Lori A. Reed, $1.57 million.

Church St. NE, 316-Joan M. Hughson to John F. Osborne III and Linnea Camille Alba Osborne, $875,000.

Delancey Dr., 9401-Edward C. Besancon and Dolores M. Tierney to Lourdes Vanessa Cecilia Garcia Calderon and Brian Thomas Quinn, $875,000.

Elm St. SW, 110-Antonio R. and Becky M. Calzada to Olivia Calzada, $635,000.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 701-Jane Hahn to Ella Kim, $245,000.

Horseback Trail, 1849-Thomas S. Wickersham and Eva Y. Lipinski to William M. and Dawn G. Kuker, $816,000.

Lafora Ct., 2803-Kathryn and Lawrence Trundle to Kevin William Morgan and Christy Lee Butrus, $592,000.

Locust St. SE, 216, No. 132-Susan H. Lorand to Judith C. Martinez Rivera, $230,000.

Meadow Springs Dr., 2006-Kyle C. and Allison L. Fleit to Mary Jo Hoeksema, $699,000.

Moorefield Creek Rd. SW, 926-Andrew and Michelle Burton to Chen Ma and Jie Sun, $674,000.

Park St. NE, 301-Adam L. Rice and estate of Diane B. Rice to Brendon William and Francesca Gentian Mast, $800,000.

Roberts Dr. NW, 607-Michael W. and Laura E. Victor to Graeme Crawford and Sarah E. Day, $675,000.

Stonewall Dr., 8311-Zarema Ermek and Glenn Derek Gunnels to Vinitra A. Chanthavong and Sean J. Williams, $828,284.

Ware St. SW, 907-James C. and Margaret R. Sanders to Dukki and Kazuhhiro Okochi, $590,000.


Armendown Dr., 9052-Cartus Financial Corp. to Paul and Haruna Northrup, $445,000.

Brisbane St., 6813-Steven J. and Christina L. Vetrano to John Philip Okulicz and Allison Marie Newcomer, $526,000.

Cardinal Brook Ct., 6207-John and Lisa M. Coronado to Efemena Richard Odhomi and Christine Hust, $860,000.

Dabney Ave., 8109-Jong Young Ha to Daniel F. Moya, $549,000.

Forrester Blvd., 8237-Linda Mulligan to Jeffrey M. and Molly P. Van Dyke, $440,000.

Hadlow Dr., 7220-Mai and Chan Phoung Q. Pham to Curtis J. and Agatha Williams, $606,000.

Landor Lane, 6811-Frederick S. and Claudia L. Sanborn to Alexei Vladimirovich Bouzykanov and Jordan Elizabeth Nikoloff, $600,000.

Millwood Cir., 6319-Jeffery J. Nadal to Debora Lynn Featherstone, $475,000.

Park View Ct., 6504-William R. Hayes to William Frederick and Karen Lynne Nordai, $650,000.

Rockledge Ct., 7740-Christine R. and Robert S. Wells to Gregory Todd Petrovic, $612,500.

Shootingstar Dr., 7717-Robert L. Tremont to Alexis G. and Zachary Y. Steacy, $530,000.

Torington Dr., 5800-F-Sarah E. Barry to Tysha Channing Butler, $260,000.

Wainfleet Ct., 6423-David M. and Catherine A. Abbott to Georgios Vergidis and Maria Stavrogianni, $510,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Autumn Ct., 4040-Peter B. and Elizabeth S. Fisher to Michael B. and Elizabeth L. Foster, $778,000.

Chancery Ct., 10506-Leslie E. Holen to Charles Henry Smith III and Fany Elizabeth Hagiwara, $650,000.

Dale Dr., 10250-Kevin E. and Amy M. Craig to Mia M. Pingul, $630,000.

Fairfax Blvd., 9495, No. 301-Justin Xin and Kathleen Wang to Enkuang Yang and Huailing Cathy Wu, $175,000.

Main St., 10570, No. 208-Matthew R. Torri to Kevin Charles and Julianna Foley, $175,500.

Old Post Rd., 3501-Mark E. and Bella Maipid Smith to Thomas C. Crossland, $575,000.

Ranger Rd., 10309-Brian C. and Leslie M. Steed to Robert A. and Barbara A. Hunt, $625,000.

Sager Ave., 10328, No. 318-Mary Ellen Brzonkala to Roy W. and Janet C. Case, $550,000.

University Dr., 3890-Janann V. Coffee to Lorie Goode Ward, $450,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. E., 201-Edward C. Gallick to Darren and Susan Robertson, $906,000.

Broad St. W., 513, No. 407-Nancy McSlarrow to Jeannine T. Schroeder, $670,000.

Fairfax St. N., 117-Wilma C. and Bruce E. Bowers to Megan M. and Eric C. Jeschke, $815,000.

Hillwood Ave., 902-Lee Properties Inc. to Sviatlana and Dale B. Eppler, $700,700.

Park Ave., 411-Matthew G. and Erin Sagransky Jeweler to Christopher Shen and Loraine E. Wu, $1.17 million.

Underwood St. N., 306-Michael A. and Carrie L. Hertzberg to Sara Silverstein and Jeremy C. Ferrara, $955,000.