Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Belle Haven Rd., 1609-Joseph Bolognesi and estate of Wallace S. Harb to Susan Dickerson, $600,000.

Cavalier Dr., 6520-Wesley Pendergist to Ryan Elliot Toomey, $530,000.

Golf Course Sq., 6300-Jeffrey A. and John W. Blount to Tucker Taylor, $638,000.

Quander Rd., 6912-Mija Romer to Michael Donald and Darcey L. Reilly, $659,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 713-Walter F. and Julia H. Morrison to Monica A. Charmok, $214,000.


Windsor Rd., 2200-Brandon W. and Shazalynn R. Cavin Winfrey to Steven and Jill T. Mote, $1.29 million.



Ambassador Way, 5917-Mitchell Miner to Sachiko Janet Kamei, $485,000.

Ballycastle Cir., 5261-Thomas C. and Joy Marie Disy to David J. and Tracy L. Irwin, $580,000.

Brookview Dr., 5801-Bonnie L. Terry to Jonathan David Butler, $439,000.

Cinnamon Ct., 6154-Steven Lim and Kuna Therdsteerasukdi to Eunkyung and Myoyoung Lee, $565,000.

Craft Rd., 6016-Anita L. Heinrich and Gregory F. Martin to Justin Russell Kincaid and Crystal Pena, $485,000.

Dunwich Way, 6631-Robert E. and Rachel M. Kinicki to Yue Cao, $651,000.

Embry Spring Lane, 5933-Kevin R. and Amanda N. Kunz to Rutendo Wendy and Sandra Anesu Karamba, $875,000.


Gene St., 7413-Anh Kim and Patrick Edward Chau to Minjin Enkhtuvshin and Bujinlkham Badam, $350,000.

Guilford Dr., 6208-Daniel E. and Melinda G. Graumann to Jeremiah and Heather Parker, $885,000.


Haynes Point Way, 7710, No. 10A-Lee Richardson Jr. to Justin P. and Christine John, $336,500.

Jesmond St., 5313-Thavone and Kira Nicole Sayarath to Yubin Li and Yun Zeng, $605,000.

Kelsey Point Cir., 6612-Manuel Blanco and Jessica Parker Mchie to Kristopher Martin Wisda and Jillian O. Callaghan, $460,000.

Langton Dr., 5902-Gregory Lee and Katherine Virginia Chesterson to Thien Minh Do and Van Anh Thi Nguyen, $465,000.

Marjoram Ct., 4328-Daniel J. and Kari A. Buttera to Bradley T. and Hannah L. Nicolais, $468,500.


Morning Ride Cir., 6700-Monica Skraastad to Paul Daniel and Vanessa C. Fuery, $629,000.

Old Brentford Ct., 6120-Joseph V. and Maria N. Rebello to Dustin Ray and Erin Nicole League, $475,000.

Old Stratford Ct., 6003-Matthew T. and Kathleen M. Phillips to Brian Flannigan, $400,000.

Park Terr., 6205-Finance of America Structured Securities and Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Emmanuel F. Blackwell, $420,000.


Roundhill Rd., 4403-Douglas C. and Kay T. Shelton to Meredyth and Mehdi El Amine, $480,000.

Summit Point Ct., 6238-Jordan J. and Mary Beth Guaspari to Daniel J. and Bebe J. Minger, $627,500.

Upland Dr., 4624-Jack G. and Greta W. Bolton to Kristen E. Barnes and Carly W. Lynch, $665,000.


Walter Dr., 6520-Israel H. and Wendy K. Clavijo to Angela B. Vick and Dorothy Ganiear, $610,000.

Yadkin Ct., 6578-Adam Sloper and Dawn Diederich to Karim B. Khan and Azmeena Bhimani, $425,000.


Americana Dr., 4939, No. G-Jean M. Haymes to Suraj Ghimire and Sarita Regmi, $189,000.

Backlick Rd., 4704-Barbara J. Oliver to Mary Daniela Ovando Jiminez, $505,000.

Brenda Lane, 3904-Kenneth L. Carter and Meagan Nicole Kurtz to Christopher Conway and Nicole D. Krueger, $525,000.

Casimir St., 4927-Ho Sun Um to Mi Sun Yoon, $424,860.


Downing St., 4215-Vannak and Phalla Lim to Nuru M. Afrie and Almaz Sisay Atsku, $580,000.

Fleming Dr., 5013-Margo Livesay to Krassimira Petrova and James Shepherd, $485,000.


Georgian Way, 8411-Brigitta Feinberg and estate of Eugene B. Feinberg to Troy and Jung Cho, $620,000.

Holyoke Dr., 6409-Ruth N. Rivero to Manyahilishal Madebo Dado and Amanuel Otoro Jibo, $440,000.

Killebrew Dr., 4912-Jimmy Cong and Nuong Minh Ho to Khoa Do, $560,000.

Lafayette Forest Dr., 7717, No. 98-Donna S. Callison to Davy Y. Lam, $286,500.

Mangalore Dr., 4108, No. 303-Chang Hoon and Robert Sangwon Choi to Ismael J. Barrios, $205,000.

Mullen Lane, 4506-Ryan and Cynthia Bateman to Angela Jones and Jefferson Allen Evans, $712,742.

Paul Revere Ct., 8500-Eric Hotard to Chris S. Lee and Karen M. Dixon, $782,000.

Rodes Ct., 3722-Annie L. Hallman to Robert McAllister, $515,000.


Statecrest Dr., 7205-James L. Bean to Nini and Marc Forino, $650,000.

Whitman Rd., 3816-Richard F. and Caroline F. Warren to Ben and Camee Beyers, $760,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3364, No. T2-Chuong B. Nguyen to Kenneth R. Logwood, $224,990.


Boston Dr., 5904-Joellen Marie Flamish Childs to Shahid Mahmood and Muhammad Suleman, $525,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1614S-Elizabeth Phelan Collins and Carla Mineo Lalka to Mohamed M. Eltaher, $242,000.

George Mason Dr. S., 3713, No. 1616-John E. and Kyong H. Sides to Jose O. and Lilia Acha, $257,000.

Lakeside View Dr., 3391-Whitney Marie Sauer Meshay to Mark Steven Tauber, $370,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6139, No. 508-Robert J. Barthelmes to Elliot R. and Madeline S. Golding, $190,000.


Nevius St., 3325-Shawn E. Jones to Anteneh Kebede and Meaza A. Sisay, $643,000.


Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 702S-Venkatesh Madakasira and Sumathi Ramakrishnan to William Howard Putnam, $259,300.

Seminary Rd., 5565, No. 105-Mark Revell and Michelle Zaccagnino to Nina Andrea Villela Peji, $308,000.


Ballast Ct., 7001-Jeffrey D. and Laura Wallington to Seol Won Yang and Min Jung Oh, $511,000.

Burnside Landing Dr., 6060-Kathy Sue Chivington and Marshall F. Hogan to Mamadou Diouf Seck and Fatou Diouf, $660,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5819, No. 102-Carleen D. Webb to Andrew Robert and Rachel Ann Henricks, $288,000.

Huber Ct., 9120-Carlos A. and Zoila Victoria Villatoro to Daniel Madison and Zoe Hawkins, $575,000.


Legendgate Pl., 6500-Richard and Teresa Kowalczyk to Jonathan E. and Patricia C. Howerton, $686,000.

Nordeen Oak Ct., 5731-Nama and Kate Chandee to Ghada Botros, $360,000.


Oak Thrush Ct., 10685-Mary Anne J. and Raymond H. Carlson Jr. to Patrick Chan, $355,000.

Pine Meadows Lane, 9580-Brendan G. and Avaka Murphy to Yindong Yu and Hui Bao, $775,000.

Sand Creek Ct., 9236-Priscilla Goldner and estate of Cynthia A. Higgens to Melody Cristal Quiroga Aranibar and Francisco Hernandez Nunez, $415,000.

Simpson Lane, 10191-Augustine D. and Lisa S. Tantillo to Christian D. and Jennifer S. Whitaker, $1.05 million.

Tinker Ct., 9509-Stacee and Allen Smith to John M. and Laura G. Lewis, $690,000.

Tunwell Ct., 5695-Joseph H. and Maureen C. Simpson to Jordan and Mary Beth Guaspari, $1.03 million.

Weetman St., 5304-Sean Paul and Corinne Lee Monogue to Jennifer Nicole and Brian Lee McCarthy, $800,000.

Wye Oak Commons Ct., 5855-Jason Revell to Ajiny Han and Anwar Garde, $440,000.



Barren Springs Ct., 13677-Ryan and Krystal Monaco to Christian R. Koyongian and Shinta Mariana, $390,000.

Bolton Rd., 14809-Karen L. Hannon to Eric J. and Erika M. Danish, $325,000.

Compton Valley Ct., 6900-Adam M. and Laurence C. Bray to Fayez M. Kotet and Naama M. Amgad, $407,000.

Connor Dr., 13386-M-Christopher M. and Linda R. Lee to Kwangsuk Seo, $325,000.

Cub Run Ct., 6709-Daljeet K. Saini to Alejandra Laura Stuart, $369,900.

Eddy Ct., 14552-Justin D. and Karen N. Wolf to Charles Clyde and Jessica Marie Ocheltree, $433,000.

Flomation Ct., 14309-Matthew E. and Shayna O’Donohue Kirk to Rahmatullah Kawsar and Fnu Gull Dana, $420,000.

Gray Valley Ct., 13461-Harish H. Rao to Arun Katpally and Vineela Aleti, $940,000.

Grumble Jones Ct., 14015B-Tamim Kakar to Seung Sik and Chong Ye Choe, $330,000.

Hoskins Hollow Cir., 6101A-Talieh Abidi to Dev N. Lama, $352,450.

Lord Sudley Dr., 16753-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Raja Gudepu and Durga Gandi, $1.29 million.

Meeting Camp Rd., 14519-Nhon Andrew Ta to Anh Thuy Do and Thu Thi Anh Ho, $599,888.

Palisades Dr., 6515-Gonzalo I. Borrero to Kyujin Lee and Eunhee Han, $430,000.

Rabbit Hill Ct., 6011-Bridget C. Harrison to Nouman Arif, $315,000.

Red River Dr., 14095-Raymond A. and Rosina N. Thompson to Kelli Shobe, $330,000.

Rosalie Ridge Dr., 5203-Jason L. and Rebecca J. Dickey to Jennifer R. and William H. Zientek, $1.09 million.

Sapphire Sky Lane, 5075-Michelle Tsai to Hui Jey and Stella M. Tsai, $550,000.

Shreve St., 13630-Complete Builders Suppliers Inc. to Harbir Singh and Navneet Kaur, $1.3 million.

Stillfield Pl., 15051-Jason T. and Suanne O. Collinsworth to Theodore Michal and Samita Kelly, $715,000.

Strasburg Dr., 6161-Stacen and Amber Marie Gant to Reda and Alfons Massoud, $245,000.

Walter Bowie Lane, 14003-B-Kathy J. Greathouse to Amir Hossein Zamani Aghaee, $342,000.

William Colin Ct., 5172-A-Maryam Elmotassadeq to Sin Ho and Han Kyoung Lee, $211,000.


Bellerose Dr., 13640-Robert and Jeana Brown to Senthilnathan Subramanian, $561,200.

Brookfield Dr., 13417-Young and Soon Shin to Ozlem Arslan, $510,000.

Edge Rock Ct., 13491-Salvador and Rosa G. Suau to James Juwon Lee and Da Wa Chung, $720,000.

Gumwood Ct., 3996-Marcy L. Johnson to Melissa Garcia Young, $597,000.

Meadowland Ct., 4112-Fengming Li to Hipolito A. Dominguez and Nicholas B. Acord, $205,500.

Rembrandt Way, 13856-Megan Xuan Vu to Satish and Pratima Narra, $765,000.

Sovereign Pl., 15243-Dale E. Cross Jr. to Steven Kent and Deborah Kay Reynolds, $517,250.


Archlaw Dr., 7243-Thomas Marshall and Stephanie Eubanks to Corbin A. Angus, $537,000.

Gray Bill Ct., 13522-Nathan A. and Gina M. Sarfaty to Young Joo, Ryung H. and Daniel D. Kim, $420,000.

Marblestone Dr., 13918-Thomas Brian and Melanie Jean Champ to Montree Thepvongsa and Erin McSherry, $697,000.

Shalestone Dr., 13969-Drew E. and Tracey R. Conard to Danielle Whalen, $796,000.

Tiffany Ct., 7718-Jenness Bergeron Simler and Gary Warren Schuerfeld to Tiffany Bryant and Wade Chandler Birdwell, $815,000.


Acosta Rd., 3822-John D. and Marsha W. Butterfield to George Christopher and Jennifer Carol Greanias, $851,500.

Aristotle Dr., 11347, No. 6-109-Jeffrey Mun and Hae Sun Lee to Karan Bhalla, $360,000.

Ashleigh Rd., 5531-Simintaj Asgharnejad to Kiranjyot S. Gadh and Jinal D. Shah, $770,000.

Beacon Grove Cir., 4453A-Robin Bettarel and Gary Altman to Xu Liu and Daqiang Li, $362,000.

Bosworth Ct., 3821-Nancy C. Kertscher and estate of Robert C. Kertscher to Sameer D. Bhatt and Dilasha Katwal, $875,000.

Brices Ford Ct., 3708-Xiaolu Liu and Qing He to Fen Wang and Wenqiang Chen, $672,000.

Cannon Ridge Ct., 4310-T-Todd L. and Lisa M. Roti to Scott Michael and Jill Andrea Harmon, $415,000.

Cavalier Landing Ct., 11638-Daniel and Selina R. Zodda to Woong Cho and Han Mi Lee, $355,000.

Commonwealth Blvd., 9606-Florian Hauswiesner and estate of Sigrid Frieda Gray to Alex Hoskins, $470,000.

Dogwood Lane, 8638-Steven J. Gaffney to Anthony Michael and Stacy Jane David, $1.08 million.

Elsmore St., 2818-Glen and Lara Goold to Christina M. and Dylan D. Volk, $685,000.

Fair Valley Dr., 4576-Ryan and Susan Rathje to Abhishek Agarwal and Nikita More, $611,000.

Forest Hill Dr., 4427-Eliot M. and Jill R. Rosen to Brenda R. and Charles D. Clinton, $880,000.

Franklin Manor Ct., 3402-Aaron D. and Michele G. Ritchie Moore to Kevin J. Sleight and Elizabeth Ugbomah, $1 million.

Glasgow Woods Ct., 5572-Kiem N. Cao and Khoa D. Truong to Kim Khanh Pham and Lien Thi Kim Nguyen, $421,000.

Great Laurel Lane, 3608-Molly C. Schoenauer to Nagesh Vaddi and Bala T. Susarla, $725,000.

Harvester Farm Lane, 4352-Kevin D. King and Kelley J. Krokos to Daniel S. and Angela M. Turner, $675,000.

Holden St., 5205-Pamela P. Christensen and Dennis M. Ouellette to James Charlton and Erin Whitworth Dyal, $641,300.

Jasper Rd., 13203-Tariq Mahmood to Chinbat Damdindorj, $559,000.

Kearny Lane, 4270-Winding Rock Corp. to Harry Agyeibi and Fadzai Marcia Mudzimba, $615,000.

Kingsbridge Dr., 9700, No. 201-Goma Devi and Ram Prasad Neupane to Neil Shringeri, $245,000.

Lake Normandy Ct., 5357-Anthony George and Harolynn Okita Wiley to Carolyn and Todd Herrmann, $890,000.

Leeway Ct., 5421-Andrew M. and Jenna D. Campbell to Asaf Even and Gili Even Paz, $446,250.

Lower Park Dr., 4221-Patricia A. Sitnik to Jennie M. Park and Jason C. Kim, $625,000.

Meadow Estates Dr., 5282-Sun Hee Kang to Wayne Allen Chin Andwynn Koko, $1.1 million.

Mission Square Dr., 3013-John Yee Ru Tong to Thomas A. Barnes, $494,000.

Morning Spring Lane, 13144-Steven Pihonak to Nathan M. and Joan E. Marshall, $585,000.

Nash Dr., 4810-Janet Kim and Anh Tuan Tran to Anju Das and Mahesh Shrestha, $425,000.

Olive Mae Cir., 8884-Troy and Jung Eun Cho to Amy Gandhi, $879,000.

Paynes Church Dr., 10685-Philip C. and Dana M. Hirsch to Marius L. and Tamara Pop, $685,000.

Penny Lane, 2954-Mai Anh Hoang and Jaime Frias to Ryan and Nourhan Pittman, $770,000.

Pommeroy Dr., 5304-Jacquelin L. Agnew to Sterling and Victoria McDougald, $625,000.

Powell Rd., 4818-Michael O. Feinstein and Veronica Novik to Steve Sokchin and Bok Hee Yoon, $690,000.

Richardson Dr., 5311-Robert V. and Suellen Kayner Honeychuck to Aaron P. Shuler, $599,500.

Rothbury Sq., 11449-Marjorie C. Harper to Benjamin T. and Chandra L. Harris, $535,000.

Sasher Lane, 5408-Zulay Huma and Sidra Arshad to Jason Cha Ma and Hey Young Lee, $435,000.

Sleepy Lake Dr., 4221-Kevin and Barbara Eskandary to Hae Jung Joo, $510,000.

Stevens Battle Lane, 4309-Kristy Lajauna Brown to Kyu Sik Moon, $494,990.

Swanee Lane, 2897-James D. Clark to Jae Hoon Moon and Dhawool Chung, $900,000.

Thornbury Dr., 4777-John H. Shelonko and Deanna M. Wilcox to Serif and Derya Soydan, $580,000.

Wren Hollow Lane, 13119-Danielle Leona Doucette to Lam Hoang and Anh Ngoc Le, $466,000.


Brimstone Lane, 6813-Peter G. and Eugenia F. Rothschild to Joshua P. and Elizabeth Lauren Bahr, $999,000.

Cross Chase Ct., 8620-Jeffrey A. and Susan P. Wagonhurst to Lee Michael and Adrienne Leigh Perryman, $900,000.

Lakewood Lane, 11727-Kenneth J. and Suzanne S. Hintz to Michael George and Natalya M. Dunphy, $860,000.

One Penny Dr., 5933-Ether D.G. Smith to Justin C. and Natalie M. Mackey, $580,000.

Silverthorn Rd., 8306-James N. and Roger L. McGuffey to David H. and Kimberly Malech, $821,000.

Willowbrook Rd., 7500-William G. and Angela M. Ganey to David and Elizabeth Cabiness, $750,000.


Brook Dr., 2905-Michael Anthony and Megan Ghislane Crew to Tracee Plowell, $690,000.

Chanute Pl., 8003, No. 15-Wayne Chen and Victoria Zhao to Karla D. and Manuel A. Ramos, $265,000.

Gatehouse Rd., 8051-Javier A. Pinto to Andrea Aileen Morgan Zein and Lena Ezzat Zein, $507,000.

Harrison Rd., 2915-Holmes Homes Inc. to Joseph A. and Elissa Kruse, $700,000.

Jefferson Ave., 6818-Charles William and Ariel Blessed to Andrew and Jenna Mitchell, $740,000.

Lee Oaks Ct., 2811, No. 304-Jessica Peters to Fawn Else, $349,500.

Marshall St., 2855-Jessica W. and Edward N. Morris to Nicholas Robert and Courtney Lynn Eilerman, $610,000.

New Providence Dr., 7752, No. 30-Mohammad Nasir Khan and Mateen Qureshi to Teresa Purvis Barry, $375,500.

Oak Knoll Dr., 2901-Jennifer Chowning Owen to Matthew M. Hausman and Hillary C. Nebhut, $534,000.

Roosevelt Ave., 7214-Mark Elliott and Annette Roy Benbow to Murtaza Bahrami, $450,000.

Ted Dr., 7001-William A. Morris and Thomas J. Cornacchia to Kevin John and Abigail Korina Healy, $655,500.

Wayne Rd., 3238-Skyler H. and Kimberly F. Pearson to Hassan and Zain Tariq, $450,000.

Willow Point Dr., 7612-Augusta L. Meacham and Donald G. Niday Jr. to Maryam Parvaneh, $300,000.


Barbour Rd., 2310-Upeksha S. Swick to George S. McBride, $653,000.

Freedom Lane, 2045-Elizabeth Kristin and Stephen R. Burch to William Simpson and Claira Elise Ford, $937,000.

Idylwood Station Lane, 2275-Scott T. and Amy L. Walker to Rexford Anson and Cynthia Kornegay Waters, $600,000.

Mayfair McLean Ct., 2032-Edmund L. Walton Jr. to Lynn L. Sha and John Yu, $1.15 million.

Orland St., 6543-Focal Point Homes Corp. to Tara Ann and Barrett James Tripp, $1.62 million.

Royal Lodge Dr., 2133-Hwa Young Hanna Chung and David L. Holman to Anupriyo Chakravarti, $1.14 million.

Trevino Lane, 7741-Robert and Sarith Kossowsky to Meghan Dunmire, $515,000.


Point Replete Dr., 9197-Paul E. Sankey to Bruce B. and Jodi M. Lavell, $530,000.


Ashwood Dr., 8401-Monte Cohen to Steven Michael and Ganeane M. Piacente, $659,000.

Camden St., 8702-Christopher Kiernan to Zachary T. Hawkins and Maris Anna Demosthenes Hawkins, $772,000.

Cotswold Ct., 8607-Eleni McMillin and Maria Spanos to Jarrod Matthew and Abigail Marie Hills, $630,000.

Culpeper Rd., 2507-Eric Randal and Susanne Marie Young to Daniel J. and Stephanie K.S. Rasgus, $750,000.

Londonderry Rd., 2603-Barry R. and Rosanne S. McDonough to Barbara M. Cupisti and Matteo Mecacci, $685,000.

Potomac Lane, 1007-Marilyn K. Geiger and Victoria K. Morgan to Michael H. Downie, $800,000.

Stirrup Lane, 2602-Jason T. Quimby and Cheryl L. Becker to Blane Neufeld and Monique C. Graham, $899,900.


Challedon Rd., 1123-Gulick Group Inc. to Rima and Kevin Cousin, $2.23 million.

Donmore Dr., 217-Melvin and Joyce Thompson to Stuart D. Tyner and Mikal Lee Stoner, $1 million.

Hanchel Terr., 1052-Gulick Group Inc. to Anup and Smita Sabharwal, $1.5 million.

Myra Dr., 9315-Robert and Mey Marcovici to Gedan Si, $911,000.

Rolling Meadow Dr., 11615-Russell M. and Ruth A. Richman to Hanh and James Lerner, $1.54 million.

Sherlin Lane, 816-Lujiang Xiao and Cheng Zheng to Walter Campos Gandra De Paula and Caroline Goncalves Furtunato, $1.22 million.

Walker Rd., 515-Scott L. and Dana Pugh Fredericksen to Nam Van Bui and Quen X. Nguyen, $1.18 million.


Alton Sq., 12915, No. 303-Suman Sampath to Yogesh R. Bhole and Neeta Shetty, $267,000.

April Way, 1303-Lap V. Truong and Kim C. Nguyen to Trang Hoang Dinh and Dario Ramos Lopez, $439,990.

Bankfoot Ct., 13014-Kathleen H. Vollbrecht to Mark Andrew and Ruixue Hanna, $855,000.

Bradley Farm Dr., 13102-Michael G. and Linda C. Musgrave to Alex Andrusyszyn and Jacqueline Amber Scherer, $665,000.

Builders Ct., 1703-Ann Marie and Robert S. Clements to Karl Anthony and Maria Schmeizer Rueca, $467,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12937, No. 308-Robyn Jael Behar to Nina Fariba Cyrus, $257,000.

Cliff Edge Dr., 12511-Darryl E. and Terri L. Haskell to Devon Johnson, $560,000.

Copper Hill Rd., 2600-Kim Andrew and Karen Sue Woodworth to Timothy B. Moorstein, $765,000.

Dominion Ridge Lane, 1376-William B. and Sabrina Coen to Maryam Nasri, $650,000.

Exbury St., 12314-Quynh S. Bui to Thomas and Ashley Anderson, $549,000.

Flagship Ave., 12825-Amy K. and Leland F. Parde to Desiree and Gregory Webdale, $455,000.

Fort Lee St., 2952-George E. and Joann S. Glady to Brandon Kappus and Ashley Kelley, $715,000.

Franklin Farm Rd., 12731-Christine L. and Thomas Y. Pixley to Brett Stephen and Breana McLaren, $810,000.

Glenbrooke Woods Dr., 12512-Eugene K. and Linda L. Kulas to Samuel J. and Campbell J. Kraemer, $685,000.

Hillwood Ct., 353-Brent L. Cato to Qudsia Waheed, $462,000.

Kingstream Dr., 1476-Jeremy T. and Jennifer L. Kedziora to Lauren M. Andonian and Michael L. Canney, $515,000.

Madden Ct., 3050-Zamzam Ghoreishi and Poriya Moazzami to Rajesh Muddana and Manoj Narne, $320,000.

Mansway Dr., 2778-Padraig and Delphine Power to Abdul and Halima Wahid, $700,000.

Misty Water Dr., 12536-James David and Kathleen A. Beck to Evan Mason, $540,000.

Old Dorm Pl., 12603-William M. and Kathleen M. Briggs to Sarah Sleyman, $490,000.

Plotner Farm Rd., 13108-Jamal and Suzette Abbasi to Kunal and Shalini Bajaj, $425,000.

Reston Ave., 1211-Nadia Adly to Alexander Christian Vargas, $1.2 million.

Royal Elm Ct., 906-Mary Ellen and Christopher T. Lloyd to Susan Watt and David Richeson, $723,000.

Scotsmore Way, 13309-Goodwin Hunt and Gretchen Taylor to Dnyanesh C. and Priyanka K. Sarda, $855,000.

Southington Lane, 11555-Michael R. and Barbara R. Elwell to Tyler and Christine Brown, $755,111.

Summerfield Dr., 1227-Thao T. and Suong T. Lam to Beker Portillo Abrego and Maria T. Mejia Rodriguez, $445,000.

Thorngate Dr., 3325-Harry and Tonya Evans to Benjamin M. and Leigh Kane Muto, $680,500.

Whisonant Ct., 13503-Zourab Tsiskaridze to Angelita Lupetaliaami, $468,000.

Young Dairy Ct., 894-Anne P. and Bruce G. Curtis to Geoffrey V. and Stacy L. Lopez, $480,000.


Kings Hwy. N., 6026-Harold R. Denton to Jason C. and Stephaine Bortz, $435,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 618-Richard A. and Rachel D. Wyatt Swanson to Thomas E. and Cynthia K. Skiles, $520,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 405-Elizabeth Engelken Stevens and Jane Engelken to Burt Fealing and Kaye G. Husbands, $420,000.

Park Pl., 6021-MC Real Estate Investment Corp. to Julie and Richard James Haehn, $520,000.


Deer Run Dr., 6915-Jordan Rose and Karrin Michael to Matthew Antonio Sequeira, $529,900.

Kings Village Rd., 3012-Nikki Nguyen Tao and Lien Thi Huynh to Jon Claude Simms, $390,000.

Memorial St., 3411-Tyler and Sarah Kimbel to Carla Reta Palacios and Sheridan England, $648,250.

Rock Creek Rd., 4341-Brandon C. and Sara B. Winn to Shanna Marie Roberge, $514,000.

Vantage Dr., 6819-Elizabeth R. Tsui to Andrew Temme and Khoshe Saleem, $425,000.


Brookside Dr., 4616-Eric E. and Karen L. Berg to Woodthichai Tongrugs and Udom Jinavorn, $999,400.

Cozy Glen Lane, 5261-Keith Steinnerd to Colin Neal and Jamie Kay Brooks, $700,000.

First Statesman Lane, 5576-Tracy Vick to Carolyn Hart, $379,900.

Jupiter Hills Cir., 6605-E-Robert D. Herr to Jean Edy Lesperance, $305,000.

Patuxent Knoll Pl., 5456-Gaby Fujimoto Gomez to Juan M. Guillermety and Grace V. Romero, $554,000.

Shackelford Terr., 6264-Yi Lin to Alex Tessema, $554,000.

Woodridge Rd., 6471-Kenneth W. and Kay L. Deutsch to Irene G. Bernescut, $785,000.


Benham St., 8819-Kelly L. Diggs to Salvador Turcios Fuentes and Reina Del Carmen Arevalo De Turcios, $490,000.

Dutchman Dr., 9668-Maryann B. Mattey to Ashlie N. Tarpley, $424,900.

Golden Ridge Ct., 8556-Brian M. and Carly E. Murray to Barry and Diane Z. Rosenbluth, $338,000.

Horseshoe Cottage Cir., 8032-Ryan M. and Shauna L. Werling to Shazad Hussain and Anika Sultana, $484,900.

Lorraine Carol Way, 9786-Benjamin and Angela Selzer to Benjamin D. and Karis Meier, $620,000.

Purple Lilac Cir., 8923-Jeremy G. Consolvo to Angela Giselle and Andrew Mark Martin, $555,000.

Stonegarden Dr., 9123-Donald R. and Kathy D. Torrence to Kelly D. and Marque A. Salter, $605,000.

Weatherly Way, 9017-Jason C. and Rosemary M. Smith to Jesse Michael and Jessica Mink, $801,000.


Alvermar Ridge Dr., 878-Shahram and Forough Parvizian Yazdani to Constantine Gregory Gramenopoulos and Maya Brajovic, $3.27 million.

Briar Hill Ct., 6607-Jeng Eng and Shu Ping H. Lin to Somasundar Viswapathy and Geetha Somasundar, $1.16 million.

Claymore Ct., 6626-Thomas J. Kelly and Penny Lee Peters to Nathan Cowles, $1.2 million.

Darnall Dr., 1321-John D. and Krista M. Zele to Terrence W. and Meredith W. Lapier, $1.77 million.

Eastern Red Cedar Lane, 7006-Lyle D. and Mary E. Albaugh to Aqeel Habib Adenwala and Supriya Sudhir Gupte, $1.02 million.

Fleetwood Rd., 6800, No. 909-Elite International Corp. to Gillian and Robert Rowan, $249,900.

Georgetown Ct., 7413-Darleen Wegener Cors to Gregory Scot and Diah P. Eaton, $1.4 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8350, No. 907-Synergy Real Estate Solutions Corp. to Amir Bahman Sadr and Lara Ruth La Rocque, $475,000.

Helga Pl., 915-Richard and Caryl Raport to Xiaoyang Du and Dao Vo, $1.5 million.

Ingleside Ave., 1111-Caroline R. Wilson and estate of Elyette Brochot Conein to Michael Phillips and Elizabeth Purcell, $1.35 million.

Lemon Rd., 6822-Ella L. Rich to Hee Sun Kim and Changgyun Koh, $875,000.

Lincoln Way, 1538, No. 303A-Yi Zhang and Xindong Wang to Kelly Burcher, $249,900.

Maxwell Ct., 1712-Steve D. and Diane Shnitzler to Joseph Kyungmoon and Sandy H. Ahn, $952,500.

Oakview Dr., 1443-Patricia L. Kleysteuber to Richard and Marjorie Barclay, $1.85 million.

Ranleigh Rd., 1311-Charles W. Goings to Patrick Michael Moriarity and Shamim Khani Tafti, $825,000.

Southridge Dr., 6933-John M. and Elisabeth Arnoult Roberts to Tianqu Liu and Xinyi Zhu, $906,000.

Strine Dr., 1643-Gilbert and Debra J. Perez to Wenming Sun and Ningjie Yao, $815,000.

Tremayne Pl., 7721, No. 109-Linda D. Flickinger and Donna Wilson Dishner to Rolando A. and Anne Marie Aguilera, $325,000.

Waggaman Cir., 1431-W. McKay and Lori B. Henderson to Evelyn Cubberly and Aaron Matthew Harison, $1.19 million.

Woodacre Dr., 1438-Lisa B. and Steven P. Martin to Shimshon Czertok and Susan Kartiko, $1.05 million.


Brockham Dr., 8313-Mary C. Robinson to Muhammad Faheem and Muhammad Ifraheem Younas, $340,000.

Central Park Cir., 7914-Brent Zimmerman to Philip C. and Jennifer A. Miller, $375,000.

Chickawane Ct., 9110-Daniel Michael Robinson to John W. Stafford, $659,000.

Craig Ave., 9300-Steven Jon Polson and estate of Harold Alfred Polson to Shantel S. and Ivan W. Honer, $640,000.

Falkstone Lane, 8722-Clara M. Morton to Anh K. Ban and Ana Garcia Perez, $505,000.

Hunter Murphy Cir., 8303-Noble and Amanda C. Ackerson to Jeffry M. Edwards, $424,000.

McNair Dr., 9015-Jose M. and Maili M. Barela to Edward J. and Nicole Cancilla, $605,000.

Orville St., 8317-Cynthia Z. and Cesar A. Odvina to Megan Rupe, $496,000.

San Leandro Pl., 7926-Billie J. Gadson to Carlos and Thelma Medrano, $186,000.

Sunny View Dr., 3417-Mark A. and Sonia J. Holman to Michael James and Gretchen Christeen Zinno, $897,500.

Wagon Wheel Rd., 8512-Charles and Georgina Kwening to Jacob J. and Alyssa Rose Jones, $563,200.

Wyngate Manor Ct., 8594-Zandra Smith to Augustine and Dorcas Asante Akowuah, $455,000.


Dublin Ave., 5302-Elizabeth Demarchis and Cynthia Clement to Mariam Mostafa and Richard Sather, $382,500.

Independence Ave., 6600-Hala Abu Chakra and Hala Abilmona to Juan O. Umanzor Alvarez and Marta Isabel Machado Castellon, $470,000.

Larrlyn Dr., 7021-June E. Straub to Pamela R. McLaughlin, $550,000.

Montgomery St., 5404-Jason and Shannon Tiezzi to Anh Tuan D. Nguyen and Duyen K. Cao, $454,000.

Weymouth Dr., 5303-David B. and Rebecca L. Pyle to Samuel G. and Kellie L. Tinsley, $529,000.


Ashbrooke Ct., 10194D-Chanda L. Durnford to Soheila Bakhtiary, $300,000.

Bushman Dr., 10216, No. 224-Craig and Anyarat Verebely to Huma Haque, $275,000.

Geneva Hill Ct., 2607-Claudia M. and Dane B. Jaques to Paula D. and Alexander B. Currall, $1.5 million.

History Dr., 3238-Michael W. and Devon H. Brinn to Syed and Ameena Hussain, $902,000.

Mare Lane, 2401-Martin J. Conlon and Christine M. Marx to Curtis M. Melvin, $1.15 million.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10103-Jung Sook Kirkpatrick to Jennifer C. Lee, $325,000.

Saddle Crescent Cir., 11701-A. R. and Sylvia A. Westergard to Michael D. and Taryn S. Wheatley, $1.18 million.

Sweetmeadow Ct., 3201-Jonathan R. and Carmen C. Chireix to Jennifer and Joshua Fowkes, $1.29 million.

Wheatland Farms Dr., 3191-Sheila K. and Douglas E. Stabile to Harry E. and Christine G. Paul, $1.38 million.


Ascot Way, 1725, No. K-Mark Langham to Joseph D. Franke, $285,000.

Barton Hill Rd., 1954-David E. and Michele R. Saba to Jeffrey Martin and Margaret Hannah Emerick Vernon, $789,000.

Black Fir Ct., 2618-Graham S. and Donna L. Fulghum to Helen P. Gharabaghi and Farzin Mansouri Ghalesefidi, $810,000.

Breton Ct., 11823, No. 2B-Max Couchman to Adam J. Tate, $223,000.

Castle Rock Sq., 2204, No. 22C-Aiman M. Tarsin to Eduardo Lazo and Maria E. Amaya Ramirez, $204,000.

Chadds Ford Dr., 2009-Lynne J. Ganz to Benjamin D. Casey and Jennifer L. Gilbert, $799,900.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11256, No. 343-Victoria R. Gills to Brooke Prigg, $215,000.

Cobblestone Lane, 2093-John F. Brouwer to Brian and Heather Rowe, $625,000.

Dosinia Ct., 2287-James and Diane Alpigini to Dominic A. and Esra Lucas, $574,900.

Freetown Ct., 2300, No. 2B-Peter P. Alexander to Alvaro E. Castillo Donado and Cassis Castillo, $195,000.

Glencourse Lane, 2105-Eduardo C. and Michelle M. Bocock to Dana Boyce, $402,500.

Grey Squirrel Lane, 11957-Sheila Marie Herridge to Brian G. and Heather C. Vargish, $865,000.

Headlands Cir., 2048-Matthew D. Rinella to Ryan A. and Heather M. Gocong, $471,000.

Ivystone Ct., 11618, No. 4-Tarryn L. Lemmer to Juan A. Toro Silva, $275,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1712, No. 23-Gwenn S. Afton to Sohela Haghdan, $299,900.

Market St., 12000, No. 316-Alysha Akbar to Brandon Taylor Galbraith, $360,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 441-James A. Polkowske and Tracy Lynn Abdo to Vasilios Rajendra, $480,000.

Myrtle Lane, 11310-Jeffrey Scott and Shirley Jeanette Thomas to Gabriel X. and Rebecca L. Hollies, $580,000.

North Shore Dr., 11769-Bruce Bailey and Christine Miller Biggs to Jose I. Corbella and Eileen K. Mignoni, $510,000.

Olde English Dr., 11707, No. A-Efstratios Oktay to Chadwick W. Leschefsky, $288,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1662, No. 2A/300-Paul A. Gentille to Michael V. Pertoso, $225,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 1584-Arthur Pelham Webb to Jared W. Sronce, $369,500.

Roland Clarke Pl., 1977-Reston Valley Corp. to Thomas Warren Sanderson, $840,000.

Sawbridge Way, 1308-David B. and Andrea S. Bliss to Rajan Mathews and Mary Thomas, $812,000.

Southgate Sq., 2357-Kathleen J. Wu to Francis Edward Bowen IV, $340,000.

Sundance Ct., 12101-John F. and Karen S. Katilie to Michelle M. Marrone and Edwin Martinez, $399,900.

Sunrise Square Pl., 11691-Reston Valley Corp. to James B. and Anne M. Vargason, $857,260.

Tigers Eye Ct., 12304-Deska L. Adams and Edward Hall to Michelle Siller and Jesse Roush, $350,000.

Trumbull Way, 12077-Jenifer Lindsey to Nicole Irving, $464,900.

Villaridge Dr., 1981-B-Mercury Capital Corp. to Martin Perez Cespedes, $310,000.

Waterfront Rd., 1466-Arthur J. Redmond to Christopher Stern and Patrice Lacroix, $1.35 million.

Wedgewood Manor Way, 1252-Christine Van Dyke to Penelope Ann Brooks, $566,000.

Windleaf Ct., 11406, No. 13-Robert W. Renstrom to Danielle Muhammad, $385,000.


Celadon Lane, 3125-Joseph L. and Elizabeth Tracy Pankey to Robert Paul Berra Jr., $621,000.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 440-Josephine A. and James V. Phillips to Trinidad Ayque, $169,000.

Sleepy Hollow Rd., 3440-Carmen F. Valdivieso Lindsay to Willy R. Ramirez and Teresa L. Ustares, $540,000.


Bethelen Woods Lane, 8017-Abebe Demeke and Bethlehem Teshome to Darby Ann Schlaht, $440,000.

Burning Forest Ct., 8215-Daniel Joseph and Virginia D. Kochis to Gavin S. and Sarah Smith, $375,000.

Channing Rd., 5800-Yaksha and Mana Maya Dahal to Nadia B. Hussain and Muhammad Ehsan, $440,000.

Crestmont Cir., 8302-Cristina E. and Alexander E. Blough to Joshua Forget and Jennifer Mess, $335,540.

Eagle Rock Lane, 8876-Janis R. Pierce to Mesaye G. Bersoma and Berhan H. Gebremichael, $476,000.

Godolphin Dr., 7863-Tres and Lisa Smith to Tristan Lynn and Brittany Atkinson Leavitt, $554,900.

Greenleaf St., 6425-Tony Hieu Pham to Lucin Foronda Zenteno and Norma Magaly Lujan, $535,000.

Kyles Landing., 7210-Michael Doherty and estate of Dung Jennifer Huynh to Robert T. and Jennifer L. Skutinsky, $650,000.

New London Dr., 7809-Charles A. and Frances J. Metcalf to Melinda G. and Martin E. Ferrell, $546,000.

Orange Plank Rd., 8047-Tadios Tefera to Lydia S. Asefa, $395,000.

Pohick Rd., 8020-Tesfaye A. Hailemariam to Alyssa Marie Bucholz and Russell Lane Neely Jr., $790,000.

Reservation Dr., 7215-Jason K. and Lissette Nobles to Curtis Lee and Judith Grant Morgan, $631,501.

Richfield Rd., 7923-William J. Conley and Genevieve MacAlalag to Chad E. and Jennifer N. Smith, $545,000.

Roundabout Way, 7832-Vivek and Sita R. Narula to Jonathan Andrew and Eleftheria Leslie Easley, $715,000.

Shadeway Pl., 8508-Per Axel and Stella Birgitta Kullstam to John A. and Amanda F. Vasquez, $689,990.

Springfield Hills Dr., 7589-Imron Sarwar to Zeeshan Sarwar, $470,000.

Topsails Lane, 6494-Topsails Lane Corp. to Monika K. and Mark A. Tiplin, $475,500.

Walnut Knoll Dr., 7319-Rick J. and Kathleen S. Boyt to Chau Minh Nguyen and Suong T. Ho, $730,000.

Zekan Lane, 6313-Randall C. and Catherine E. Lichtenfels to Ryan J. Gilfether, $580,000.


Arabian Ave., 9301-Zachary M. and Amber M. Condry to Nandini Saha Chowdhury, $700,000.

Brittenford Dr., 10209-Jeffrey Alan and Cynthia Lee Kee Smith to Robert Eickholt and Jennifer S. Arias, $1.05 million.

Carnegie Hall Ct., 8181, No. 406-Saleh Saad Almuhanna to Salwa Abdulhameed Al Khateeb, $425,000.

Clovermeadow Dr., 1786-Prime Realty Corp. to Devon and Melissa Martin, $990,000.

Dogwood St. SW, 112-Robert W. and Deborah L. Schroder to Patrick M. and McKaela B. Doherty, $1.5 million.

Elmar Dr. SE, 216-Michael B. Standiford and Ellen E. Miles to Adam James Searle and Morgan N. Perpall, $690,000.

Glyndon St. SE, 410-John E. Dorman and Agnes W. Leung to Robert W. and Deborah L. Shroder, $1.8 million.

Hunt Valley Dr., 8427-Paul W. and Linda R. Cope to David Richard Honeywell Jr. and Raha Nezami, $765,000.

Landon Hill Rd., 1720-Karen A. Kayes to Michael Allen and Laurice Michael Nassif, $1.18 million.

Locust St. SW, 105-Cadence On Center Corp. to John and Lydia Leeds, $963,850.

Meadowmere Dr., 9700-Spencer R. and Kathleen C. Stouffer to Donald and Maria O. Studebaker, $1.6 million.

Oak St. SW, 118-Oak View Homes Corp. and Brett Roman to Ronald and Karen Thomas, $675,000.

Sawtooth Oak Ct., 2321-Roger E. Erickson and Kathleen R. Westover to John C. Krenitsky and Anne Mary Violanti, $945,000.

Talisman Dr., 9426-Lisa Shuger Hublitz to Ronald E. NG and Alison M. Kim, $634,000.


Ashtonbirch Dr., 8114-Kelly D. and Mary D. Kruger to Daniel Philip and Rebecca Jean Roek, $800,000.

Burlington Pl., 6622-Judith G. and Curtis L. Morgan to Hannah M. and Michael M. Risley, $360,000.

Dabney Ave., 8111-Barbara May to Edward and Sanglin Lee Chang, $510,999.

Forrester Blvd., 8329-Kevin R. and Erin L. Sehulster to Sara J. Nicolas, $430,000.

Huntsman Blvd., 6802-Maura G. and Robert Betts to Danielle Grobmyer and Brian J. Thomas, $601,000.

Langbrook Rd., 8004-Scott A. and Laura M. Petersen to Richard P. and Jessica A. Milloy, $677,450.

Noblestown Rd., 5905, No. I-Alicia Cherry to Cecilia West, $235,000.

Red Fox Estates Ct., 6299-Joseph R. and Cheryl D. Buckley to Elham Barani and Christopher Miller, $915,000.

Rolling Woods Ct., 7871, No. 1302-Sue Hoffman Benson to Mary Margaret Trerotola, $330,000.

Side Saddle Rd., 8905-Michael A. and Karrie Elizabeth Metrick to Ryan and Ashley Flaherty, $594,000.

Torington Dr., 5807-Dario A. and Maria D. Romero Mauro to Karen M. Jeannette, $319,000.

Waterbury Ct., 6009-John W. and Michele Anderegg to Tyler J. and Julia C. Fabian, $411,750.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Barristers Keepe Cir., 3470-Jean K. and Paul R. Schwartz to Trang N. Salzberg, $795,000.

Darby St., 10401-David J. and Erin L. Meyer to Heidi H. Ren, $459,000.

Farmington Dr., 10117-Myriad Corp. to John William and Valerie Lynn Sinden, $650,000.

Maple St., 10723-Sarita Jane Hammer to Giovonna Mona Sharon Perry Ruffner, $245,000.

Old Post Rd., 3609-Tanya Lea Coutray and John J. Ullrich to Enas Fayez Qutob, $475,000.

Regent Park Ct., 10618-Cornell D. and Laura M. Hills to Ramesh S. and Anu R. Iyer, $887,000.

Saint Andrews Dr., 9733-Yogendra P. and Kusum Singh to Jonathan William Regan and Andrea Louise Selecman, $491,000.

Warwick Ave., 10806-Selman and Esra Gumruk to Hector M. Romero, $425,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. E., 408-Charles A. and Ana A. Dod to Jason and Jaclyn Robertson, $1.22 million.

Buxton Rd., 208-Paul Terrence and Catherine A. O’Grady to Thomas P. and Anna S. Ross, $1.3 million.

Grace Lane, 102-Patrick D. and Wendy S. Turner to Antonio and Katherine Grau Zavaleta, $899,000.

Jefferson St. E., 206-Joseph and Martha Pugh to Derek Mason Mills and Kristin Linn Acuff, $1.8 million.

Park Ave., 417-Sydney S. Lee III and Erica D. Holder to William and Claudia Kale, $1.15 million.

West St. N., 706-Jason C. and Jaclyn L. Robertson to Adam Zerbinopoulos and Ruobing Guo, $845,000.