Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in July were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Bouffant Blvd., 5523-Matthew P. Lenuzza to Vinita Chawla, $625,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1303, No. B2-Joseph W. and Patricia A. Heineman to Andrew Stebbins, $245,000.

Foresthill Rd., 2205-Michael T. and Burgess B. Bradshaw to Alexander M. and Kendall D. Pessala, $1.23 million.

Marthas Rd., 2208-Cornelia C. Jordan to David Sokolow and Sabrina Correll, $628,000.

Rollins Dr., 1703-Robert C. and Rebecca Austin Kusnir to Sabrina and Jacqueline Woods, $691,600.

Wakefield Dr. W., 6705, No. A2-Lloyd F.K. Swift and Joanna Ruth Swift Culligan to Vivian C. Leven, $245,000.


Berkshire Dr., 6600-Jackson James and Michelle Marie Stasny to Dean E. and Tilde M. Hoff, $506,000.

Bond Ct., 5900-Gregory Allen and Jackie Sansing to John and Eileen Esainko, $635,000.

Cheatham Ct., 4403-Narender K. and Sushma Gupta to Julie Ann Essley, $420,000.

Curtier Dr., 6006, No. F-Ammie Khamvongsa and Travis Chen Cho to Mario Georges Younis, $344,500.

Elmwood Dr., 4415-Sean C. and Erica Pane to Ben Gibson R. and Cassandra E. Dizon, $555,000.

Founders Hill Dr., 5916, No. 103-Elizabeth A. Drabant to Ana Maria Iddings, $340,000.

Gatton Sq., 7062-SSNS Realty Inc. to Samira Gill, $470,000.

Glenshire Row, 6205-Wallace B. and Katherine E. Mallory to Ann T. Nguyen, $530,000.

Haynes Point Way, 7708-D-Dale A. Riedel to Adam D. and Stephanie Dumey, $311,000.

Hillary Ct., 6366-Danielle N. and Shawn T. Timbrook to Richard M. Taylor, $380,000.

Joust Lane, 6035-John M. Cole III to Richard Charles and Megan Kate Hoben, $495,000.

Kiernan Ct., 6584-Allen W. Hausman and Sandra M. Eizenman to Etta Tadesse, $620,000.

Langleigh Way, 6522-Nana Kwabena Adu Ofori Ansah to Jennifer Lynn Tate, $399,999.

Manorview Way, 5960-John D. Cuaderes and Leigh Ann Brown to Ricky Rivera and Gabrielle S. Broberg, $763,000.

Mersey Oaks Way, 6001, No. A-Dorothy Robey to Sonia Marie Ashby, $250,000.

Netties Lane, 6601, No. 1805-Vinodh Kumar Viswanathan to Jose O. Melendez, $373,000.

Old Carriage Lane, 6562-John M. Hendrixson to Emily Elizabeth Marquart, $391,111.

Ridge View Dr., 5658-Lynda C. Mullins to Jarod M. Sutton, $475,000.

Roundhill Rd., 4432-Mark H. and Victoria W. Fields to Daniel W. Baughman, $450,000.

Salford Ct., 7413-Adam William Paffenroth and Marissa Jean Rodriguez to Dina N. Taylor, $525,000.

Snug Harbor Ct., 7102-Tracey Coates to Chelsea and Gregory Van Horne, $519,900.

Victoria Dr., 6918-C-Jack Ryan Anglo and Lheiren Mae Anglo Caroc to Mohamed Ahmed, $268,000.

Wellington Commons Dr., 6114-Spenser Lee and Matthew Dale Dodson to Mikhail Tsibulevskiy, $480,000.

Windham Hill Run, 6229-Ronald Paul and Donna Ann Alberto to Neville B.D. Cunha, $589,000.


Americana Dr., 4955, No. 11-Robert L. Cunningham Jr. to Teresa Isabel Phillips, $200,000.

Backlick Rd., 4511-Edwin Argueta Aguirre to Adalberto Yalil Mejia, $500,000.

Briar Creek Dr., 8205-Aaron P. and Shonali D. Jackson to Steven Lloyd and Kathryn Ann Roessler, $725,000.

Chapelwood Ct., 8446-Arnold Robert Weiss to Christopher Funches and Corinna Y. Chan, $731,000.

Exeter St., 4705-Lance C. Pyle to Erica N. Piscitelli and Stephen D. Klingner, $570,000.

Gaylord Dr., 7606-Don V. Tran and Tuyet T. Do to Jose Alejandro Hernandez Rodriguez and Maria Isabel Montesinos Barrera, $520,000.

Heritage Dr., 7726-Maria J. and Erasmo Almonte to Salam Jaddoa and Haider Adhoob, $515,000.

King Edward Ct., 4515-G. Steven and George S. Holt to Estanislao Lopez, $434,000.

Larchmont Dr., 3606-Michael D. and Robert E. McNamara to Michael Arthur and Carmelita Cruz Daniels, $533,700.

Merlin Way, 3721-Peter J. and Nancy R. Donaldson to Robert James Spengler and Laura Elizabeth Lockhart, $725,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 4149-Vincent and Janelle Buggio to Thomas and Mary Joann Agee, $640,000.

Royston St., 7652-Mayro and Sandra Patricia Najarro to Thomas and Lauren Oravec, $409,000.

Stark Rd., 8844-Andrew Michael Phalan to Elyse and Mark Szymanski, $680,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3356, No. 22-Cynthia L. Kelly to Sandra A. Hilton, $231,000.


Carey Park Lane, 6156-Cheryl L. Johnson to Scott Jerrel Koritz and Kristina V. Mago, $689,900.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 2106S-Solomon Belachew to Mariluz D. Argote, $300,000.

Leesburg Pike., 6133, No. 603-Brahim Touraif and Najoua Elmatloub to Yassine Benzaari, $145,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 317-Dawn M. Dowling to Farida I. Izrafilova, $190,000.

Seminary Rd., 5573, No. 403-Mark Lee and Jeannie Jo Ann Padgett to Liberty Alexandra P. Reposar, $232,000.


Annaberg Pl., 5932-Loren and Lashawnda Rufino to Robin Loung Shu, $365,000.

Belleair Rd., 6236-Belleair Properties Corp. to Ozair and Leena Qazi Q. Tukhi, $779,000.

Burke Rd., 9356-George William Sweeney Jr. and Monica Lynne Lawrence to Alan and Joseph Shoeb, $491,000.

Carters Oak Way, 10926-Joshua M. and Jacqueline L. Pieczonka to Jason A. and Lisa Sirian Stear, $665,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5833, No. 302-Leah Lavelle Harper Heath to Robert S. and Kathryn A. Schwartz, $235,000.

First Landing Way, 5800-John and Megan Dewire to Anthony Severio and Maria Jenny Ulrika Benincasa, $262,000.

Hemlock Woods Lane, 9929-Kenneth L. and Kathleen E. Pieper to Samuel I. Choe and Bokyung Kim, $510,000.

Mason Bluff Dr., 5718-Sebastian J. Carrado to Wei Cong Chi and Bei Yu Pan, $455,000.

Myrtle Oak Ct., 10663-Rupak Thapaliya to Thu Hong T. Tran, $355,000.

Oak Tanager Ct., 5652-Linda E. Lawrence to Izat Charkatli, $370,000.

Peter Roy Ct., 9355-Diane M. Rice and Gregory L. Verga to Aaron Odell and Candace Luann Suits, $470,000.

Renwick Ct., 5204-Jeffery and Wanda S. Brown to Siwei Chang and Xiao Yan Huang, $630,000.

Sassafras Woods Ct., 10208-Frank W. Paciolla to Daniel Lee and Randi Roberts Cassel, $405,000.

Steamboat Landing Lane, 10317-Michael D. Swearingen and Stephanie M. Uhlhorn to James and Deborah A. Craddock, $520,000.

Sutherland Ct., 5621-Jason M. and Allison Z. Balma to Jason Thomas and Stephanie Nicole Mason, $470,500.

Winnepeg Dr., 6101-Anthony P. Calorusso to Michael W. and Julie Larow, $595,000.

Wyeth Lane, 9207-Kelly A. and Jennifer K. Bell to Christopher P. and Zane Dufresne, $660,000.


Basingstoke Loop, 14780-Binh C. and Thai T. Truong to Yun Hee Kwon, $294,900.

Beddingfield Way, 14205-Jay Woo Lee and Julie Dong Yon Kang to Ahsan A. Rizvi and Mariya Abbas, $435,000.

Bolton Rd., 14860-Elias N. and Jennifer Y. Frigerio to Kumar Pandey and Usha Pandey Dangoli, $361,000.

Calvary Pl., 14707-Carl J. and Maria S. Roeser to Harold J. and Hea S. Moon, $522,500.

Climbing Rose Way, 14314, No. 303-Margaret Anne Duffy to Rachel B. Tuchrello, $184,000.

Connor Dr., 13386-G-Wahid M. Baqaie and Waldia S. Akbary to Myung Ho Kim and Eun Jung Lee, $290,000.

Fiery Dawn Dr., 13448-Sunita and Dinesh Molugu to Irudhayarajan Ram Muthu Thangapalam, $480,000.

Four Chimney Dr., 14413-Ilham Tarbouz to Daniel M. Brinckman, $365,000.

Green Park Way, 14753-Diane Marletto to Benjamin Westbrook Saunders, $330,000.

Joel Beach Lane, 13906-Mariam Hooks to Sung Kwon and Mi Young Kim, $765,000.

Kerrywood Cir., 6832-Chad D. Baker to Erika Webster Hill, $410,900.

Lavender Mist Lane, 13604-Sung K. and Mi Y. Kim to Chung Kil and Myung Ja Choi, $485,000.

Mist Flower Dr., 13520-Clementine E. Johnson to Soon Young and Myung Im Chang, $600,000.

Poplar Valley Ct., 5328-Howard L. and Juanita H. Kelly to Heeyoung Brandon and Soongil Shannen Park, $745,000.

Regents Park Rd., 6013-Sky Home Corp. to Leila S. Rodgers, $299,900.

Saint Timothys Lane, 6339-Angelica M. Puhk to Kathleen Lazo, $439,000.

Sherborne Knls., 5691-Wali Shaaker and Roya Aminyar to Jung Sik and Jihee Yoo, $420,000.

Stone Maple Terr., 6806-Yogesh Indrakumar and Gautami Yogesh Dave to Phaitoon and Somnuek Thongdee, $397,000.

Stream Pond Ct., 5814-Simon P. Yi to Meghan and David Andrew Norquist, $415,000.

Water Pond Ct., 13961-Christopher D. Butler to Sureeporn Harnpratak Srikasem, $400,000.

William Colin Ct., 5172-E-Jennifer and Aurelio Cabestrero to Jason Nguyen, $255,000.

Wood Rock Way, 14202-Scott T. and Allison May to Olitiana Andriamamenosoa, $490,000.


Cub Run Rd., 4420-Michael J. Mason to William Irving and Marie Antoinnette Vaughan, $495,000.

Lightfoot St., 3810, No. 401-Rodger D. Isom III to Soojin Hong, $235,000.

Paoli Ct., 3637-Helmand Investment Corp. to Jason Smith and Jamie Miskar, $530,000.

Waverly Crossing Lane, 4522-Rajitha Nemerugomulla to Maryann R. and Daniel W. Greenfield, $600,000.


Clifton Rd., 6289-Laurence H. and Carol L. Gary to Milena Ciotoli Heslep, $969,000.

Compton Rd., 13216-Selena E. Leary to Byron A. Morales and Melissa Y. Morales Contreras, $770,000.

Moss Glen Rd., 13523-Rex Douglas and Jane E. Garrell to Jun Ki and Linda Y. Choi, $680,000.

Rose Hall Dr., 12001-Fernando A. and Sheila D. Callo to Andrew Charles and Tina Wei Ling Cooper, $1.12 million.

Stonehaven Ct., 6419-Gregory J. and Marjorie A. Bozek to Charles M. and Marlys M. Loyer, $702,000.


Argonne Dr., 4307-Jonathan W. and Grace E. Rose to Gregory Dane and Giovanna V. Bush, $599,000.

Aristotle Dr., 11373, No. 9-305-Michelle D. Blancas to Borhan Zareey and Hedyeh Jamalreza, $314,900.

Bleeker St., 2907, No. 3-101-Wilmer Albert Sweetser to Myriam Esther and Terence J. Skelly, $555,000.

Briar Patch Lane, 4705-Andrew D. and Wendy T. Schoka to Cynthia A. and Clarence Eugene Carpenter, $815,000.

Cavalier Landing Ct., 11623, No. 302-Pawan and Retma Mehera to David W. Wong, and Regina L. Lau, $362,500.

Crewshore Dr., 4570-Tony J.B. Park to Ragnar and Jennifer Berndsen, $555,000.

Dogwood Hills Lane, 12701-Jahangeer Shaik and Dudipala J. Reddy to Wali Shaaker and Roya Aminyar, $540,000.

Ellenwood Dr., 3158-Dina Del C. Moraga to Luis Mauricio Arango and Francesca Michele Sarris, $433,000.

Fair Stone Dr., 4435, No. 101-Ik Sung and Ik Won Cho to Danielle M. Poole, $215,000.

Flower Box Ct., 4112-Kerri J. Han to Meghan R. Breslin Jewer, $500,000.

Fountainside Lane, 4137, No. 104-Juan M. and Patricia R. Santa Coloma to Julia Zhuying Lee, $326,000.

Green Ledge Ct., 12104, No. 21-William J. Radosevich to Hagan Matthew Pratt and Hyojeong Lee, $323,800.

Grover Glen Ct., 4128-Michael Nadim and Mary Kathryn Haddad to Wenjie L. Li, $499,000.

Helmsford Lane, 4400, No. 101-Medhat George Asfour to Si Hwa and Min Tak Kim, $285,000.

Hunt Manor Dr., 3812-Donald K. and Rebecca J. Watrud to James M. and Susan J. Kim, $1.01 million.

Lake Glen Rd., 4045-Mark D. and Kathleen A. Winslow to David Kah Yong Kuan, $540,000.

Linda Maria Ct., 9000-Linda M. and Andrew J. Beattie to Nataly Gabra Mariam and Grum Teklemariam, $814,900.

Luxberry Dr., 4651-Kelly Ogden Leboeuf to Jean Marie Mahan, $565,500.

Market Commons Dr., 4480, No. 206-Jeffrey C. Williams to Kang Hyun and Zachary Hyun Koh, $311,000.

Mazewood Lane, 3719-Theodore and Barbara Kristek to Sudip Thapa and Mamta Karki, $425,000.

Middleton Lane, 12809-Julie A. Isaacs to Troy and Angela Hively, $495,000.

Mount Royal Lane, 12916-Thomas Lawrence and Deborah Thomson Delare to Remona G. Charles, $575,000.

Octagon Ct., 11408-Thomas T. and Roberta Kay Brodin to Saira and Kai J. Thompson, $730,479.

Overbridge Lane, 12043-Navin Dhas to Megan E. Thomas Ruotolo, $539,000.

Penderview Dr., 3910, No. 602-Christi Fragale Desisto to Timothy Brian and Maryellen Coppage, $185,000.

Persimmon Cir., 3676-Huan Hu and Jianying Chen to Hung Ngoc Tran and Man Thi Nguyen, $316,000.

Popes Head Rd., 11821-Samuel S. and Rosanna Hwu Yun to Michail Spiliopoulos, $780,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 123-Quan Q. and Trang Vu to Katherleena Kan, $315,000.

Red Spruce Rd., 10167-Peling A. and Emily C. Shaw to Thanongdeth Tito Chinyavong and Kyuwoon Jung, $750,000.

Ridge Knoll Ct., 3805, No. 103B-Scott E. and Kathleen A. Ziegler to Kathleen Wilk Vanorden, $294,100.

Rockcrest Dr., 4422-Patricia A. Driscoll to Jordan F. and Andrew C. Harding, $600,000.

Rosemoor Lane, 3017-Robert M. and Jodi L. Lingan to Sarah Lynch Stewart and Scott Andrew Beerbower, $849,999.

Saintsbury Plaza, 2907, No. 303-James L. Renne to Barbara Jean Petruncio, $359,900.

Shadow Oak Lane, 12809-Laurence Hannafin to Seung Yeol Kim and Sun Joo Kang, $1.04 million.

Sperrin Cir., 11506, No. 70-Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Son Phi Truong and Thu Hong Thi Duong, $89,306.

Wheeled Caisson Sq., 4242-Stephen Chang Won Yoon to Kevin S. Say, $451,000.

Yellow Rail Ct., 5516-Yvonne D. Barnes to Mark A. and Anissa S. Tyler, $630,000.


Englefield Ct., 9417-Anoput and Stephanie A. Phimmasone to Phillip R. and Erin R. Hernandez, $875,000.

Jeremiah Ct., 6808-Paul D. and Mary J. O’Keefe to Alison Gonzalez and Ryan Oliver Gold, $748,000.

Oak Brook Lane, 8607-James E. and Pamela C. Griffith to William Rutledge and Teresa Park Ryerson, $750,000.

Ox Croft Ct., 10717-Nalin G. and Vandana N. Patel to Imran and Marriam Ahmad, $1.2 million.

Wolf Run Shoals Rd., 6900-Donald S. and Laurell A. Mauro to Cristin Louise O’Brien and Girish Kumar Narayandas, $777,000.


Barrett Rd., 6710-Meredith A. Minix and Robert L. Graveline to Douglas E. and Alexandra J. Larios, $460,000.

Casemont Dr., 2236-Kevin Jeffrey and Julie Mihie Rivest to Christopher Earl and Megan Hughes Hemmerlein, $1.21 million.

Crane Dr., 3001-Michael M. Oglesby and Elizabeth O. Sheldon to Dustin Leeson and Sarah Jean Foley, $679,900.

Executive Ave., 3433-Giao Pham to David Thomas Lodge, $511,000.

Kenney Dr., 3228-David O. and Dawn Carleen Boulter to Andrew W. and Adrianne T. Bracy, $560,000.

Monroe St., 2831-Michael E. Christian to John Evans, $500,000.

Oak Knoll Dr., 2857-Sandra L. Rodriguez to Allison H. Deland, $534,900.

Quincy Ave., 7133-Deborah Litman and Julie Fetter to Leslie Sharfman, $595,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 2810-Bichlan N. Decaro to Abigail Desjardins, $547,000.


Cartbridge Rd., 2278-Peter G. and M. R. Tahirih Fusscas to Suzanne Nichols, $520,000.

Crofton Pl., 2010-Steven A. and Melissa G. Fredley to Robert Scott and Colleen Gordon, $1.23 million.

Falls Reach Dr., 7000, No. 408-Lathda Soulatha to Umit Sahkul, $325,000.

Haycock Rd., 6719-Bernal and Jill B. Rodriguez to Lindsay B. and Scott Shannon Allen, $855,000.

Hyde Rd., 7216-Jose Y. and Gloria V. Esguerra to Boris Michael and Laura Christine Gershman, $915,000.

Mayfair McLean Ct., 2020-Cheryl Joel Van Over to Lanxin Chen and Peng Fu, $1.12 million.

Toronto St., 2212-Christopher and Megan Hemmerlein to Jeremy G. Mucha and Jan Magee, $893,000.


Arcturus Lane, 1117-Arcturus Development Corp. to Sami S. Elkabir, $940,000.

Bradgate Rd., 8706-Catrina M. and Kevin Lydon to John C. Merwin, $669,900.

Eden Ct., 823-Julie Ann McLaughlin to Jennifer J. and Donald S. Cunningham, $838,000.

Karl Rd., 7920-Jason J. and Kristen S. Cockrum to Timothy Lloyd and Lauren Urtel Russer, $700,000.

Pilgrim Ct., 8607-Seth G. and Suzanne M. Jones to Ann D. and Michael D. Saperstein, $808,000.

Rampart Dr., 2004-Mark L. and Sheila A. Stevens to Anthony D. Damiani and Jessica M. Taylor, $530,000.

Waynewood Blvd., 900-Patrick J. and Roberta M. Sheridan to Alexander R. and Deidra E. Schneider, $765,000.


Eclipse Lane, 10322-Jun Yuan and Haishuang Zhang to Richard P. and Jennifer I. Freesland, $770,000.

Golden Arrow St., 900-Eric Meyer Raudenbush and Leta Alane Principe to Sai N. Kham, $897,000.

Lunenburg Rd., 803-Chong Chung to Rachael Bralliar and Douglas Callabresi, $805,000.

Oxford Ct., 10608-Hongtao Zhang to Drew Robinson and Madison Hansen Hafer, $535,000.

Riva Ridge Dr., 1125-Erin B. and Christopher J. Wirtanen to Liliya V. Nenyuk, $740,000.

Walker Mill Rd., 1054-Walter Philip and Maria Berardi Lawrence to Tyler J. and Heather K. Carson, $845,000.


Anthem Ave., 123-Hseekai L. and Li Zhu Wang to Pamela L. Koski, $599,000.

Bexhill Ct., 12812-Michael P. and Peggy L. Foose to Kevin Lee and Melanie E. Witt, $561,500.

Capstone Cir., 2029-Pradeep Khanna to Jonathan Demarr and Danielle Parsons, $504,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12905, No. 306-William E. Degraw to Wanda El Antoine, $235,000.

Cobra Dr., 13565-Francisco and Elia R. Martinez to Robert Jenkins, $712,000.

Curie Ct., 2490-Christopher C. and Carole A. Worley to Rashid and Talat Ahmed, $382,000.

Florida Ave., 507, No. T2-Daniel J. Golembieski to Sukhdip Kalsi and Pallavi Shridhar, $205,000.

Harvest Glen Ct., 2934-Roya and Shahram Ghavami to Vanessa P. and Joshua W. Snider, $690,000.

Herndon Mill Cir., 138-Alex and Emilia Tulchinsky to Brian Scott Bayer, $585,000.

John Milton Dr., 2600-Ty A. and Enid E. Hensley to Noah Marc Epstein and Desiree Von Klis, $635,000.

Madison Ridge Lane, 118-Mark A. and Holly A. Aglio to Jeffrey C. and Jeneane C. Strobeck, $840,000.

Meeting House Station Sq., 205, No. 108-Charles E. and Angela M. Harris to Daniel B. Perla and Cynthia Thompson, $315,000.

Monaghan Dr., 2236-Ramon Campos to Francisco J. and Flor Alarcon Portillo, $335,000.

Oak Trail Ct., 1496-Charles and Tracy Donovan to Ramy A. Kandil, $543,900.

Old Hunt Way, 714-Michael George and Alessandra Via Daigneault to Michael Samuel and Alicia Ann Pasternak, $730,000.

Park Crescent Cir., 13135-Mayuri Desai to Gaurav Dixit and Madhavi Pathak, $487,500.

Quick St., 2490, No. 302-Ilan D. Eframian to Avinash Parvathaneni, $310,000.

Salk St., 13612-Paramount Investments Corp. to Calvin Vo and Quan Tieu, $420,000.

Sunnyvale Ct., 12806-Harry J. and Mary M. Eward to Joshua Dsilva and Collin Misquith, $943,000.

Topsfield Ct., 13216-Frank S. and Ella R. Kaulback to Daniel R. and Jacqulin S. Braner, $745,000.

Weathered Oak Ct., 13110-Michael A. and Mary Ellen K. Wolf to Mahmudul and Sunjida Alam, $779,000.

Third St., 628-Joseph A. and Mary D. Waldron to Jonathan and Danielle Harris, $585,000.


Burgundy Rd., 3800-Scott Matthew and Elizabeth Louise Werner Winslow to Edward R. and Andrea L. McNicholas, $1.65 million.

Evergreen Knoll Ct., 5700-Geoffrey S. and Sheeba San Antonio to Recardo A. Gibson and Carmen Orozco Acosta, $480,000.

Fifer Dr., 5815-Mary D. Rust to Michael J. Brown, $420,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 1009-Tawfiqul M. Islam to Jequetta Byrd, $352,500.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5901, No. 505-William J. McLaughlin to Carolyn B. and Melville P. Brown Jr., $350,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 1204-Barbara D. Miles and estate of Antoinette C. Demeres to Robert M. and Joanne F. Nedzbala, $450,000.


Bedrock Rd., 7041-Robin and Matthew Houlahan to Karl Hemmer and Elaha Soroori, $575,000.

Cobblestone Ct., 3803-Bernard E. and Carolyn R. Tabarini to Manuel S. Wong, $667,000.

Flintstone Rd., 4419-James L. and Patricia A. Guitard to Stuart D. Bennett, $535,000.

Grey Goose Way, 7605-Gilbert R. and Sheila B. Gamez to Miriam and Robyn Anna Kendall, $510,000.

Lamp Post Lane, 6823-Donald R. and Heather Ann Lermont Pape to Donald Birchler, $555,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7512, No. 144-Corine McGlown to Yvonne Thomas, $274,950.

Swain Dr., 7022-Johnathon M. and Alyssa H. Kupka to Aaron Michael and Katherine Maria Sobel, $736,000.


Arapaho Lane, 5310-Rowena Teresa Figueroa to Hai Hong Ho, $480,000.

Braddock Rd., 4100-Stephanie V. and Ryan J. Farley to Alexis Van Bevers and Silvia Albert, $480,000.

Harrington Falls Lane, 5631-Samer Al Hebri and Alaa Alratta to Silvia Mendes and Joao Figueiroa, $479,500.

King Duncan Rd., 4603-Arzu Durrani Bagci to Bonnie Lewis Gay, $540,000.

Tartan Vista Dr., 6555-Timothy Peter Amoroso to Jason E. and Alexandra G. Rogers, $495,000.


Annette Dr., 8035-Lydia N.T. Fahmy to Nila Zolfaghari Fridley, $640,000.

Bluebird Way, 8301, No. G-Kevin Patrick Neary and estate of Violet Gale Nea to Glendoria Major, $252,000.

Catbird Cir., 8244, No. 101-Sachin J. and Roshni Amat to Jessica Laurel and Douglass William Gaarde, $243,000.

Corder Lane, 6841-Bang V. Nguyen and Nguyet B. Pham to Angel Espinal and Mariya Y. Omelicheva, $771,000.

Dove Cottage Ct., 8114-Joshua S. and Cynthia S. Friedman to Michael J. and Rebecca C. Warden, $480,000.

Graceway Dr., 8312-Donald F. and Kathryn Bohlman Cheza to Kimberly Ann and Sean Patrick Tanner, $680,000.

Igoe St., 8921-George E. and Mary K. Fleming to McCarlas and Selena Ferguson, $770,000.

Kernon Ct., 8507-Mahmood Haider to Jobeth Johnson Hodges, $461,000.

Lorraine Carol Way, 9794-Joseph and Dominika Bui to Keisha Danielle and Kevin Sullivan, $615,000.

Potomac Rd., 11421-Ronald B. Erler and estate of Merrill J. Erler to Joy Y. Kitthanawong, $330,000.

Silassie Ct., 6825-Albert and Tammy L. Johnson to William K. Schwartz, $612,000.

Southern Oaks Ct., 8327-Jennifer and Robert Ozley to David R. and Megan Angle, $500,000.

William Augustus Ct., 7970-Christopher G. and Jennifer J. Kasker to Mitchel M. and Dominic A. Lachance, $710,000.


Bellview Rd., 919-Ashley O. Castillo and Nancy Hickcox to Rebecca Jane Burgess and David Paul Boos, $1.23 million.

Cedar Ave., 1513-Deborah K. Jones and Richard G. Olson Jr. to Mihai and Andreea Huzui, $820,000.

Daleview Dr., 1130-Soojung B. Kim to Heshmat and Fershteh Majlessi, $1.19 million.

Evans Mill Rd., 7219-Judith Carr Evans to Glen F. and Jewel T. Weien, $990,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8360, No. 204-Stephen J. Millnick to Richard Berman and Laura Jerley, $200,000.

Hampton Park Ct., 6651-Tracy Morris and Justin Bernard Li to Peggy Rahbani and Rami Makhoul, $1.35 million.

Holly Leaf Dr., 8441-Gerald A. and Elizabeth J. Schroeder to Paul and Emalie Coen, $1.14 million.

Layman St., 1441-Andrew C. and Angela H. Coats to Ryan Buck Legrand, $1.08 million.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 110-Sijia Wang to Li Lin and Yingqi Wu, $225,000.

Lynton Pl., 908-Lisa Grayson Legrow Roscoe to Lewis J. and Nicole J. Abramson, $1.45 million.

Mintwood Dr., 1500-Frank Justin Golding to Edouard Jean Marie Goutay and Maria Eugenia Pereyra Sosa, $920,000.

Old Meadow Rd., 1800, No. 414-Golnar Sheikholeslami to Alexander Boyd, $448,000.

Park Rd., 6230-Patricia F. Duryee and estate of William A. Duryee to Mark A. and Megan J. Provost, $1.18 million.

Potomac River Rd., 621-Scott V. Mazza to Alex Kiran and Sheeba Samuel George, $1.46 million.

Rockingham St., 1956-Alexandr and Tatyana A. Gubenko to Alejandro F. and Silvina I. Hopkins, $1.54 million.

Spring Gate Dr., 1530, No. 9221-Anu Mittal to Markos and Constance Valarie Douris, $470,000.

Strata St., 6842-Sang Oh and Alice Kim Park to Matthew and Huong Moldthan, $826,000.

Tremayne Pl., 7640, No. 102-Marissa Zapata to Ellen I. Avery, $320,000.

Wilson Lane, 1931, No. 102-Jason Suh and Norbu Dolma Gyari to Ericka Rojas and Brandon Newcomer, $264,700.


Adrienne Dr., 3804-Richard G. and Louise A. Priest to Andrew J. and Kristen M. Stotz, $542,500.

Benecia Ct., 8412-Karen Edith Beaty to Karib Rahman Samimy, $184,000.

Capistrano Pl., 8002-Victor Gurvich to Hector Mario Lopez Sanchez, $222,500.

El Soneta Pl., 3947-Houzzbuyer Corp. to Desi I. Beam, $200,000.

Little Creek Lane, 3120-Jonathan D. and Mary C. Knotts to Katelyn J. Hickey, $629,900.

Maybrook Ct., 9331-Marc Yves and Nadine Hamelin Touitou to Daniel J. and Maureen P. Allen, $825,000.

Picardy Ct., 3905-Christopher R. and Jane Eldridge Brewster to Michael J. and Nora J. Knox, $870,000.

Seven Woods Dr., 7950, No. 129J-YBM Construction Inc. to Frederic Koidou Yonli and Safietou Yonli Lompo, $177,000.


Eastbourne Dr.., 5628-Jill Schneibolk and Ward Burtnette to Timothy L. Irwin, $465,000.

Gosport Lane, 7918-Patricia Anne McGrath and John C. Schupp to Qaiss Nasseri, $500,000.

Hopewell Ave., 6726-Darius A. Sultan to Julie Snyder and Matthew Gminski, $499,900.

Kempsville St., 5407-Dong J. and Sungwon S. Kim to Alexander Cho and Karissa Herrador, $561,000.

Uxbridge Ct., 8306-Robert E. and Bettina Meine to Benjamin Sladek and Jennifer Menders Lam, $470,000.


Blake Lane, 10227-Thomas R. Niles II and =estate of Bartholomew James Steib to Byunghoon J. Choi, $475,000.

Center Ridge Dr., 2820-William F. and Annette M. Spitzer to Joshua E. and Lauren S. Rhoades, $750,000.

Green Moor Lane, 11416-Thomas H. McPherson to Lakshmi Narain Chandrasekaran and Ramya Viswanathan, $1.01 million.

Melanie Lane, 2908-Dennis A. and Patricia K. Holley to Marc and Sandra Simoncelli, $932,000.

Oakwood Chase Ct., 10151-Brian T. Quinn and Lourdes V. Garcia Calderon to Young Mok Han and Bo Young Kim, $600,000.

V Lane, 3358-F. Michael and Cynthia P. Dell to Clayton and Haesuk Burton, $1.65 million.


Ascot Way, 1705, No. E-Meredith Kathleen Reidy and William R. Davis to Samir Raizada Vaid, $285,000.

Ascot Way, 1732, No. B-Robert F. and Joann Hallahan to David C. Henry, $249,900.

Beacon Heights Dr., 2034-James Eugene and Beth Anderson Long to Mario and Sandra Rebello, $1.03 million.

Belmont Ridge Ct., 1960-Patrick D. and Carly Nichole D. Aurora to Mark Peter and Margaret Ryan Albertson, $374,900.

Bridoon Lane, 12613-Andrew T. and Jean Hildreth to Alicia Epstein and Joseph Seifner IV, $675,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11208, No. 212-Benjamin and Camille C. Arneberg to Colin John Spence, $220,900.

Creekbend Dr., 12031-Walter R. and Adrienne H. Creighton to Paul A. and Melissa J. Poydence, $890,000.

Elk Point Dr., 1508-Sarkis E. and Norina N. Chahla to Viktoras and Lina Zikas, $840,000.

French Horn Lane, 11318-Joseph and Robert William Thomas to Jeffrey Scott and Shirley Jeanette Thomas, $550,000.

Glade Dr., 11112-Cristin Gubbins Farwell and estate of Michael J. Gubbins to Joseph C. Barletta, $530,000.

Green Watch Way, 2114, No. 10-Heather Frisson Keeton to Michael Andrew Cooper, $300,000.

Heathcote Ct., 11949-Susan Elizabeth Thompson and estate of Katherine K. Tho to Haizhi Wang, $458,000.

Hunters Run Dr., 2221-Teresa N. Konigsburg to Ian Hostetler, $230,000.

Lovedale Lane, 2229, No. 304B-Jessica M. Johnson to Jared P. Gallagher, $257,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 145-Jessica Robbins Waldron to Melissa A. Hoffman, $323,000.

Mountain Laurel Pl., 2612-Krishna R. and Viju Gullapalli to Geoffrey and Anne Hughes, $745,000.

Northgate Sq., 1400, No. 2A-Mark and Cheryl Carrier to Kristen McGeehan, $189,900.

Oak Spring Way, 1635-Lawrence Edward and Kelly Woodworth Defillipo to Vincent W. Chang and Emily J. Rogers, $505,000.

Orchard Lane, 11336-Stewart W. and Laura Leathwood to Alessandro and Gabriela Marquez Canale, $600,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1658, No. 2C/101-June S. Derr to Marcela Del Socorro Urbina, $225,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 1661-Sampath V. and Gouri Charya to Lesley M. and Michael J. Boscarino, $370,000.

Ridgehampton Ct., 2430-Ben Murphy to Lily Jiang, $330,000.

Sagewood Lane, 1951, No. 202-Barry K. Miles and estate of Mamie Miles Petty to Kyin May Tin, $154,000.

Southgate Sq., 2316-Patricia L. Huebner and Brooke E. Johnson to Sofia and Najmuddin Nasafi, $337,000.

Sundance Dr., 1709-Andrey Sergeyevich Kosarev and Hannah Megan Badawy to Ahmad Rana, $410,000.

Sunrise Valley Dr., 11760, No. 913-Rahul Sharma and Eva Malhotra to Katherine H. Mackey and Kate Slagle Hoskins, $354,500.

Trophy Lane, 2530-Satian Enterprises Inc. to Nathan R. and Cheryl L. Miller, $799,900.

Valencia Way, 1664-Brandon N. and Tina Roberts Ashby to Kathleen Elizabeth Kalinsky and Matthew Train Peters, $440,000.

Wainwright Dr., 1634-Talia and Casey Deccio to Sean Schrock, $524,000.

Winstead Lane, 11924-Mark C. and Laura B. Beecy to Brian J. and Sarah L. Brooker, $840,000.


Arlington Blvd., 6001, No. 812-Lew Sowle Messing to Alexander Robinson, $179,900.

Stoneybrae Dr., 3317-Melanie K. Hale to Cameron Johnson and Rosemary Margaret Lane, $700,000.


Bath St., 7413-Brent A. and Laurie Cotton to Leslie Ximena Torrez Perez and Ramiro Moya Flores, $465,000.

Canyon Oak Dr., 8499-Carlos J. Velarde to Kirkland Cole, $438,000.

Dayspring Ct., 8024-James A. and Christine M. Mitchell to Lisa McGee Chambers, $415,000.

Donna Dean Dr., 9123-Winston and Amy McMillan to Darren and Lauren Lasso, $593,000.

Falmouth St., 7308-Mary E. Wells to Byoung Gyu and Chun Rok Oh, $399,000.

Golden Aspen Ct., 8416-Edward S. and Kathleen C. Brown to Dennis Patrick McMorrow and Amanda Claire Pourciau, $635,000.

Groveland Heights Ct., 7714-Michael Christian and Kelsie Michelle Savoy to Shireen Sohailla Gerhold, $410,000.

Hibbling Ave., 6317-Darrell S. and Gabrielle Cross to Edwin Ferrufino Umana and Eufronia Y. Alba Arnez, $466,000.

Jenner Ct., 8513-Elizabeth Alejos and Yenny Cox to Diana L. Alejos, $275,000.

Lazy Creek Ct., 8486-Scott T. and Elizabeth A. McNamee to Umar Syed Ahmad, $325,500.

Michael Robert Dr., 6387-Stuart D. Baird and Kim Wilson to Rachel E. Viger, $405,000.

Northedge Dr., 9113-Michael K. and Julia G. Bayles to Nicholas Frank and Rita Brianne Conley, $679,999.

Orange Plank Rd., 8053-Roman J. and Dina C. Vad to Lauro O. and Lisa M. Domenech, $428,500.

Powderbrook Lane, 8070-Biruktawit Meselu and Thomas Tekle to Jeku Royce C. Arce and Paula Jabbour, $430,000.

Richfield Ct., 7789-Dane K. and Danielle T. Reves to Jennifer and Michael A. Nicholson, $555,000.

Saint George Ct., 7934-Samuel David and Jeniece M. Birchett to Abdul Rauf Khan, $600,000.

Steeple Chase Ct., 8013-Ryan G. and Sandra Mrowka to Ngoc Huynh, $395,000.

Wild Spruce Dr., 8514-Ryan D. and Susan D. Shaw to Jason and Cara Coleman, $815,000.


Audreys Ct. SE, 208-Michael D. Tencate to Mary Ellen Yacura, $1.5 million.

Carnegie Dr., 8311-Sytran and Kimberly Nguyen to Ryan and Kristen Hughes, $715,000.

Clovermeadow Dr., 1791-Gerald M. and Linda A. Laporte to Sangeeta and Colwin R. Jacob, $1.07 million.

Cottage St. SW, 1406-Scott Berman to Uthid and Claudia A. Nanthavong, $550,000.

East St. NE, 155-Anita Taylor Webster to John Negron and Sabrina Negron Pedreira, $674,900.

Fawncrest Ct., 1802-Houria Mrimi to Erzheng Dai and Yifei Huang, $765,000.

Glyndon St. SE, 410-John E. Dorman and Agnes W. Leung to Robert W. and Deborah L. Schroder, $1.8 million.

James Dr. SW, 100-Patrick and Mary S. Gaffney to Chaoqun Jia, $737,000.

Locust St. SE, 301-Stephen and Erin Moseley to Andrew C. and Rachel S. Beck, $1.33 million.

Nelson Dr. NE, 445-Morris R. and Catherine F. Stride to Ryan and Allison Franklin, $815,000.

Owaissa Rd. SE, 325-W. Ben and Laura E. Wood to John Foster and Erin Price Adams, $975,000.

Polly St. SE, 1006-John D. Walters and Carol A. Dezwarte to Julia Taylor and Lewis Prebble, $1.57 million.

Shenandoah St., 2448-Alexander Franz and Christine Roe to W. Ben and Laura Eversmeyer Wood, $685,000.

Trap Rd., 1427-Gordon D. and Jacqueline T. Foote to Biju Menon and Deepthi Murali, $1.08 million.

Ware St. SW, 1200-Bryce Enterprise Corp. to Mark Nagy and Nancy Roushdy Nakhla, $1.35 million.


Journet Dr., 2209-Chih Ping Tsai and Helen H. Sim to Jasmeet Sandhu, $790,000.

Sandburg Hill Ct., 8124-Sandburg Corp. to Atif Chaughtai, $1.23 million.


Asterella Ct., 7762-Mary Brienne and Patrick R. Tierney to Nicole Ann Davidson and Sidney Trevor Jackson, $500,000.

Carrleigh Pkwy., 8236-Robert J. Fraser and Aleida Domingo Gisbert to Evelyn Marie Hoffman, $316,100.

Garfield Ct., 8339-Christine M. Lueker to Miguel E. Guilarte and Escarlet Y. Silva, $480,000.

Kingsford Rd., 5901-D-Jason T. Domanico to Bryan J. and Emilie R. Mulholland, $281,000.

Reynard Dr., 6712-John James and Gail A. McGuiness to Nicole K. Anderson and Elizabeth J. Morgan, $631,700.

Surrey Hill Pl., 5898-Ellen Neukam to Tesfaye Dagne, $185,000.

Tanworth Dr., 7208-Marc Shein and Michele Valerie Rosen to Muhammad Kashif and Shafaq Khatib, $507,000.

Wild Rose Ct., 6807-Kenneth and Anne Mills to Christopher Belmonte and Simone Perez, $562,500.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Brookwood Dr., 3405-Walter Glenn Turner to Mark Thomas Wemette, $614,750.

Country Hill Dr., 3524-Richard A. Munch and Martha Ann Clark to Joseph Carleton IV and Emily Tilman, $560,000.

Farrcroft Dr., 3841-Robert P. Draim to Michael V. and Mary Beth Piccinino, $900,000.

Lyndhurst Dr., 3846, No. 203-Mark J. Salamone to Lisa and Elisabeth Hertzog Jones, $239,000.

Maple St., 4025-Toby L. and Elizabeth S. Schaeffer to Jason and Justina Lindner, $550,000.

Sager Ave., 10328, No. 122-Geraldine L. Johnson to Donald Frank and Erdine Lee Walter, $560,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. W., 513, No. 202-Raymond J. and Sheryl L. McGrath to Karen L. Peck, $694,900.

Lincoln Ave., 1105-Ariana Daniela and Leonardo Pareja to Phi Khanh A. and Kelley M. Wolfe, $1.3 million.

Sherrow Ave., 415-Kathleen M. O’Connell to Eric Johnson, $700,000.

Washington St. S., 1130, No. 104-Robert Liam McLaughlin to Lorenzo Gonzales and Juliette D. Brady, $325,000.