Fairfax County

These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration in August were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Doris Dr., 5816-Eugene J. and Alicia H. Arnold to Meron Assefa, $589,999.


Mary Baldwin Dr., 2244-Mark Anthony and Jessica Blair Hampton to David R. and Hunter Garrett Parces, $372,500.

Wakefield Dr., 6621, No. 220-Jennifer Jones Medley to Deborah Dilldine, $170,000.

Wakefield Dr., 6641, No. 820-Rene G. and Sandra M. Lopez to Adon Lee Neria, $143,000.


Alforth Ave., 6267-Kimberly A. Ayala Thomas to Abu Lehaz Abbasi, $350,000.

Berkshire Dr., 6407-June Deprice Thomas to Kara Eve Kopp and Krishaon Octavious Ewing, $440,000.

Crocus Ct., 6007-Imad and Ariana Hussain to Daniel Haugh, $490,500.

Curtier Dr., 6004-F-Theresa Luong to Christina Marie Rodriguez, $325,000.

Ericka Ave., 6823-Michael and Ashley Burch to Dwyene Allen Hanebutt, $490,000.

Goldenrod Ct., 6017-Angel F. Gonzalez to Gerald and Patricia Fitzgerald, $450,000.

Heatherwood Dr., 6068-Sandra E. Connelly Smalley to Tawny and Ryan Gardner, $517,500.

Justis Pl., 5607-Adam R. and Alexandra M. Hales to Stephen G. Sandoval, $595,000.

Marilyn Dr., 5992-Michael Philip and Diane Detman Tinkleman to Trista Baxter and Thomas David Kogut, $800,000.

Netties Lane, 6609, No. 1507-Luke Owens and Kelsea Shanley to Lindsay Boulden Cronin, $375,000.

Ridge View Dr., 5629-James Joseph Buscaglio Jr. and Anuja R. Mathai to Mariela Rosales Conde, $477,000.

Sutcliffe Dr., 6486-Brandon and Liza Michele Taube to Brandon and Anastasia Bodnar, $645,000.

Wigmore Lane, 6103-C-James and Ann McElhatton to Nancy Gorman, $325,000.


Americana Dr., 4903-D-Thai A. Tran and Lily B. Nguyen to Martir Alvarez Villatoro and Elvira Alvarez, $199,000.

Aspen Hill Ct., 4640-Christina Scheppelmann and Beth A. Krynicki to James Graham Leonard IV and Denise Heuze Castanares, $700,000.

Braeburn Dr., 8917-Philip D. Shutler and estate of Margaret W. Shutler to Ruthann Eileen Long and Alfredo E. Gonzalez Farias, $655,000.

Chase Park Ct., 4415-Kareem Bacho to Samantha Raye and Hieu Trung Nguyen, $462,000.

Heritage Dr., 7851-Won J. Chang and Yu Mei Nan to Delmy C. Reyes Chavez and Florentino Reyes, $560,000.

Kalorama Rd., 7709-Andrew T. and Rosa M. Weatherby to Donato Chizuco Magnani, $365,000.

Medford Dr., 4605-Carolyn E. Cowherd to Cu Van and Kevin Le, $520,000.

Ossian Hall Lane, 4409-Kinney C. and Laura Marshall Schepis to Jon K. Whalen Mukri and Samantha M. Batko, $715,000.

Queen Elizabeth Blvd., 8801-Christopher J. Sale to James Alexander Bronson and Kathryn Busardo, $699,000.

The Midway, 8333-Roberta Margaret Hanks to Karim G. and Edinson M. Valle, $605,000.


Beachway Dr., 6146-Constance H. Frogale and estate of Lucy Mary Wade to Robert H. and Lucy E. Donahue, $579,674.

George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 1518S-Travis E. and Jennifer L. Sheffler to George and Leila N. Matta, $200,000.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 2013S-Vida Rajabi and Henry Reza Fakhari to Logan Keator, $226,000.

Seminary Rd., 5565, No. 306-William T. White Jr. to Brian McKenzie, $300,000.


Birch Leaf Ct., 6407-Michael H. Doherty and estate of Theresa Simone Malambri to Denny N. Lai, $320,000.

Burnside Landing Dr., 5974-Christopher R. and Traci Rex Via to Michael and Katherine Garcia, $653,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5908, No. 301-John S. Rushton to Duksoon Kim, $290,000.

Fenestra Ct., 6348-Jong Su Kim and Hye J. Kim Hwang to Dung Ngoc Vo, $337,000.

Freds Oak Rd., 5929-Richard J. and Barbara J. Sparaco to Derek and Amanda Hoyt, $655,000.

Kite St., 9305-Albert E. Ortega and estate of Joann O. Shepherd to Zahra Amouei, $350,000.

Mccarthy Woods Ct., 9356-Jay H. and Danielle Miyoung Cha to Eric Schoenauer, $489,000.

Oak Green Way, 5709-Mark Babik to Meredith Arnest and Susan Deloach Caldwell, $539,999.

Pulham Rd., 9804-Nelson and Amal Nauls to Anne Marie and Bradley Evans, $680,000.

Shipwright Dr., 9522-Anna W. Colpitts to John W. and Jenne L. Brown, $605,000.


Autumn Cir., 14191-Faraz Alam to Nelson Jose Coronado Perez and Kristine D. Coronado, $355,000.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14062-Edward S. and Elizabeth Kim to Lauren A. Stanley, $405,000.

Centreville Farms Rd., 4990-Danny Daniels to Christopher John Sparks, $480,000.

Cochran Pl., 4751-Jian and Qiao Zhang to Eun Ju Han, $815,000.

Creek Branch Ct., 14571-Kyle Jeffrey and Alisha A. Davidson to Choudhury M. Abu Sufian and Nargis Sultana, $410,000.

Eagle Tavern Lane, 15545-Daniel A. and Janet K. Dueweke to Peter J. and Melissa A. Watson, $670,000.

Glen Meadow Dr., 5266-Philip S. and Margaret L. Piantone to Reza Zandinejad, $434,000.

Hidden Canyon Rd., 6176-James J. and Betty L. Garrity to Tommy Luu and Kim Phui Tran, $620,000.

Muskett Way, 6870-Barbara Miller to Ram K. and Urmila A. Mishra, $586,500.

Pelhams Trce., 6607-Robert J. and Cathie M. Lane to Roderick E. Wetsel Jr., $762,000.

Rabbit Hill Ct., 6015-Jeffrey E. Montee to Brian V. Geoffrion, $295,000.

Sequoia Farms Dr., 5554-Cole C. and Pamela Doupe to Sonny and Ekaterina A. Chirkova Phu, $525,000.

Travis Edward Way, 5123-I-Rajendra Singh and Harmeet Kaur Chopra to Dong Il and Seung W. Kim, $209,000.

Wood Creek Lane, 5733-Carroll L. and Mildred G. Carter to Van Pham and Thi Tuyet Nhu Huynh, $376,000.

Wyndham Rose Cv., 5103-Alvin and Kimberly Tat to Ivert Mauricio Cuellar Valverde and Adriana Lopez, $330,000.


Edge Rock Dr., 4921-John M. and Penni A. Skiba to John J. and Jin Young Kim, $750,000.

Kincaid Ct., 4226-Steven W. and Lourinda K. Zies to Khien C. Ung and Lang Tang, $487,000.

Waverly Crossing Lane, 4502-James J. and Lynne H. Stiefvater to Balagangadhara Pulipati, $650,000.


Clifton Forest Dr., 7003-Michael A. and Michelle R. Ward to Jessica Star Muskey and Michael Craig Carey, $911,000.

Henderson Rd., 12329-Arthur J. and Nola D. Luna to Duane and Yashika R. Cook, $955,000.

Springs Dr. S., 13596-Mark Shaffer to Chung Soon and Hong Ki Kim, $1.12 million.


Altura Ct., 4433-Jehan and Andrew Leeds Kerr to Robyn Marie Lankford, $485,000.

Barcellona Ct., 9503-Eric A. and Andrea E. Salzman to Henry Radzikowski II and Dana Bukenova, $494,800.

Burke Chase Ct., 10202-Melissa Danielle Boyle and Kevin Lee Bowling to Daniel T. and Rebekah Hinders, $715,000.

Castlecary Lane, 4151, No. 115-Neel Tilak to Heather L. McPherson, $365,000.

Colchester Rd., 5965-Neil Hasmukh and Neeti Malhotra Ardeshna to Hasnain M. Shinwari and Abida Hasnain, $1.15 million.

Crewshore Dr., 4572-George Luis and Shari Kay Dropik Hernandez to Bilguun Ariunbold and Munguntsetseg Erdenebat, $534,900.

Eakin Park Ct., 3132-Earl J. Zimmerman and Leila Gupta to Kevin Michael and Mika Dewitz Cryan, $565,000.

English Holly Dr., 4526-Christy Linn Germroth and Christy Linn Teufel to Yong Sun and Gina Choi, $598,500.

Fountainside Lane, 4067-Weisheke Chin and Nien Cher King to Wenbo Zhang, $492,000.

Gainsborough Dr., 5334-Claudia F. Newton and Albert J. Banks Jr. to Patrick Bryan and Katherine Minor Riley, $760,000.

Greenway Ct., 12116, No. 249-Kimberly Maisel to Matthew A. and Rachel M. Stvan, $325,000.

Indigo Lane, 10507-Steve Sokchin and Bok Hee Yoon to Brian W. Baker, $570,000.

Kingsbridge Dr., 9700, No. 202-Yuanfang Chen and Yanzhong Niu to Josiah and Christine Case, $282,000.

Laura Belle Lane, 5385-Scott Wuhrer to George L. and Holly M. Kipouros, $495,000.

Leeway Ct., 5403-Reg Investments Corp. to Richard L. and Chelsea T. Neal, $462,800.

Mainstone Dr., 3022-Michael A. and Rosellen Del Principe to Nina T. Bui and Kahn Q. Le, $850,000.

Market Commons Dr., 4480, No. 209-Richard W. Kollmar to David Evans, $450,000.

Memory Lane, 13230-Karl Eric and Diane R. Rosenberger to Jonathan William and Yumi Uchida Lawless, $555,000.

Moonstone Dr., 9158-John T. Vicari and Kellie Kim to Robert S. and Terry G. Stenerson, $950,000.

Pelfrey Lane, 13127-William T. and Alice G. Brown to Shahram Negahdari and Moujan Negahdari Shad, $559,000.

Penderview Terr., 12159, No. 924-Andrew D. Bashuk to Raquel Robinson, $230,000.

Point Hollow Lane, 4146-Courtney E. Scott to Doyle E. Brown and Margarita Benavides, $514,670.

Prosperity Ave., 3316-Robert D. and Yvette P. Hellyer to Rahul K. and Alka Mahajan, $825,000.

Saint Marks Pl., 9125-Ira and Wendy Kitmacher to Glynis Laborde and Basil Alqudwa, $835,000.

Sayre Rd., 2924-Kenneth M. Emery to Gursharan, Ravinder and Dilpreek K. Sidhu, $475,000.

Sundrops Ct., 3113-James A. and Brandy D. Giddings to Huy Khoa Nguyen and Pamela Ngoc Phuong Bui, $805,000.

Thornaby Way, 4510-Xuhui Zhao and Hunter Bentz to Ruoyun Li, $545,000.

Upper Park Dr., 4234-William Lee and Susanna E. Dunn to Ali Abdelmagid and Isra Elrayah, $680,000.

Wheeled Caisson Sq., 4289-Diana Eyer Bohn to Amy Hon Lean Chang, $442,000.


Bexleywood Ct., 9220-Kenneth Henry Reinshuttle to Lori M. and William T. Wittrock, $740,000.

Foxhall Terr., 8732-Osama Jaradeh and Ghadeer Alawi to Yemiserach A. Girma and Amanuel A. Assefa, $750,000.

Lilting Lane, 11415-Mark S. and Nicole Y. Ciarrocca to Michael H. and Christy L. Shields, $825,000.


Annandale Rd., 2840, No. 309-James Lee to Dung Phan, $162,000.

Chanute Pl., 8003, No. 10-Max Amini to Prajwal Raj Joshi and Srijana Kharel, $247,500.

Irvington Rd., 2917-Vicki Hutchison and estate of Margaret B. Pinkerton to Kelsey Ann Kerr and Jerrod Alenxander Laber, $555,000.

Lee Hwy., 7356, No. 104-Li Fung Wei and Ting Ying Chen to Selva S. Cespedes, $174,000.

Marshall St., 2923-Brendon E. and Wendy L. Raymond to Alice Joe, $545,000.

Nicosh Cir., 3009, No. 4209-Maria G. Binetti to Shiouh M. Lin and Jan Zieleman, $323,000.

Strathmeade St., 3015-Zachary R. and Elizabeth B. Baumgart to Lenora Stiles, $585,000.

Westcott Rd., 6733-Anthony M. and Kelly Sweitzer to Dimple Gupta, $769,970.


Machodoc Ct., 6507-Thomas A. Francis to Kwan Ho Chung and Jin Young Sim, $1.78 million.

Rockford Dr., 7306-Matthew Reed to Elyse Catherine and Colin Doran, $635,000.


Baltimore Rd., 1705-Vincent James Fusaro III to Elnar David Manki, $520,000.

Carlyle Pl., 8105-Daniel Parra and John C. Gober to Elizabeth Ann Frederick, $475,000.

Falster Ct., 1215-Lisette and Steven Edgar Owens to Daniel and Lindsey Schourek, $689,000.

Revere Dr., 1600-James Joyner Jr. and Sue I. Webb to Amber McLaughlin and Sean M. Martin, $525,000.


Challedon Rd., 1124-Gulick Group Inc. to Stuart T. and Lisa K. Wise, $2.43 million.

Rolling Meadow Dr., 11612-Steven and Sally A. Tomkins to Wayne William and Caroline Reindeau Chopus, $1.73 million.

Woodleaf Lane, 10895-Anita Cathleen West and Jason W. Rhodes to Miguel and Malissa Durand, $890,000.


Anthem Ave., 118-Andrew P. Reel to Anna S. Horvath and Jason Dupuy, $562,000.

Bitter Sweet Ct., 3331-Richard B. and Susan M. Liebl to Maria and Clinton Irby, $675,000.

Butter Churn Dr., 1386-Summer Blais and Michael Kammer to Blake C. Miller and Jillian M. Willis, $547,500.

Cedar Glen Lane, 12901-Satyanarayana and Madhavi Vallabhaneni to Chengama Naidu Narisetty, $685,000.

Crayton Ct., 11900-Daniel Joseph and Deborah Davis Ackerman to Michelle Willingham Leonard and Frank Mallary Willingham Jr., $1.13 million.

Dakota Dr., 504-Mahendra and Rajani Subedi to Michael Ray and Nicole Marie Hernandez Rhodes, $385,000.

Dublin Pl., 1179-Jorge A. Morales and Elizabeth Flores to Gregory Hall, $315,000.

Fantasia Dr., 12836-Heather C. and Stephen T. Kapushoc to Katia K. Goforth, $505,000.

Forty Oaks Dr., 1322-Baskaran R. Vengesanam and Seetha A. Jagadeesaraja to Keegan and Amy McCoy, $544,500.

Grant St., 1368-Jeffrey P. and Susan A. Coulter to Ashley M. and Christopher J. Lates, $719,900.

Kinross Cir., 3259-Hernan and Jamie Rodas to Rajendra Prasad and Satya Devi Subedi, $576,000.

Manderley Way, 12501-Richard P. and Mary E. King to Katherine M. and Michael J. Campanelli, $986,100.

Permit Ct., 1609-Damian O’Leary to Mark A. and Yumi S. Klionsky, $555,000.

Reneau Way, 384-Henri S. Minion to John and Thomas Regnell, $330,000.

Rock Ridge Rd., 12586-David M. Hudson to John Spencer Dixon Jr. and Mary Claire Wines, $610,000.

Spring St., 624-Lantie E. Jorandby Quinones to Meghan O. Gwin and Gerardo Rios Gallardo, $875,000.

Tewksbury Dr., 12828-John R.H. and Cathleen Callaway to Kristopher Evan and Jessica Kennedy, $658,000.

Westwood Hills Dr., 12209-Celalettin H. Akyuz and Judy Singer to Sonia Yadav, $599,900.

Yeager Dr., 3208-Kevin Gabriel Budai to Hock Jin E. and Jacob R. Schaeffer, $500,000.


Burgundy Rd., 3118-Jennifer Renner to Nicholas and Kendall Swenson Garifo, $485,000.

Farrington Ave., 2301, No. 3-201-Christopher B. Carlozzi to William and Julia Luckey, $145,000.

Huntington Station Ct., 2309-Daniel O. and Patricia Ann Jobe to Jay Kim, $600,000.

Williamsburg Rd., 5919-Martha Herring Allen and Toni Rae Sanford to Brandon Denali and Laya Andrea Hess Skinner, $485,000.


Brick Hearth Ct., 6465-Karli Varnado to Zachary Thompson, $410,000.

Deer Run Dr., 6934-Raymond Fortuna to Jason Haurie and Christina Hamm, $480,000.

Flagstone Terr., 3900-James Bryant and Melissa A. Hendrix to Reed and Leigh Livergood, $547,000.

Lamp Post Lane, 7010-Marie P. Carreon to Paul A. Thomas and Elisa Iuri, $591,000.

Schooley Dr., 2701-Briannis Group Corp. to Mark A. Hampton, $657,000.

Windbreak Dr., 2433-Tanya R. Rodman and Amy L. Glibert to Aaron A. and Shereen Turner, $415,000.


Cheyenne Dr., 6480, No. 201-Steven S. and Anne Me Young Kelly to Stephany Ma, $320,000.

Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 420-Wandella Lynn to Patrick Kim, $280,000.

Irvin Pl., 6617-Mohammad Nazmul Hasan to Brian C. Mendoza, $515,000.

Navaho Dr., 5233-Neal Ostler to Patricia E. Iler and Andrew T. Budin, $559,999.

Summit Pl., 4116-Heather D. and Stephen H.C. Huckstep to Sandra Marie Smiroldo, $518,000.


Barrow Furnace Lane, 8530-Joseph P. Hagen and William Wiles to Hilda Nelly and Luis Antonio Figueroa, $680,000.

Crosspointe Glen Way, 8888-Thomas E. Hawley to Elizabeth Anne Blair and Daniel James Puhek, $770,000.

Greencastle Lane, 9505-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tilahun A. Tolcha and Tsehay D. Yerega, $415,000.

Hagel Cir., 9784-Fode and Fatoumata Traore to Diana Rodriguez, $315,000.

Jandell Rd., 8905-Clinton and Teena Propst to Charles C. and Jessica E. Sullivan, $460,000.

Landerfield Ct., 8954-Doreatha Jessie Burns to Muhammad Qaiser Mughal and Salma Qamar, $635,000.

Periwinkle Blue Ct., 8925-Joseph Anthony Walsh to Robert J. and Rebecca J. Leach, $621,000.

Royal Tern Way, 8316-Patricia Ann Haskin to Lucia Cafa, $309,000.

Susquehanna St., 8784-Vina Phomsopha and Eric Sidara to Virginia Eller, $335,000.


Cola Dr., 1427-Buddy Pompie Robert Stephen Silverman and to Jian and Qiao Zhang, $820,000.

Dominion Hill Ct., 1557-Philip O. Nolan IV to Sonya Yun and Thomas Leon Banks Jr., $1.38 million.

Fielding Lewis Way, 1618-Richard Yin Wei to Tri H. Nhan and Ling Ren Huang, $1.6 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8360, No. 404-Anita Uyehara and estate of Leonor Uyehara to Golnaz Feiz, $300,000.

Ingleside Ave., 1404-Mark W. Menezes to Mark and Rhonda H. Scher, $1.17 million.

Lincoln Way, 1540, No. 304B-Phannarith Saim to Lili Liu, $255,000.

Old Falls Rd., 8002-Stuart A. Licht and Jeanne T. Chiang to Sudhir P. Viswarajan and Bindu Muthu, $1.24 million.

Potomac River Rd., 665-William L. Thomas and Melanie J. Buttross to Goodwin Hunt and Patricia A. Taylor, $1.2 million.

Spring Gate Dr., 1530, No. 9121-Key S. and Hyun C. Ryang to Jacklyn Kim, $460,000.

Towlston Rd., 1031-John David Doppelheuer and Kirsten Hanson to Shakil M. Rahman and Huma Shakil, $2.1 million.


Bedford Terr., 5386-A-Mudassar Ahmad Nasir to Stacey Y. Clayton, $186,000.

Brambly Lane, 9407-Bryan K. Cohoon and Tara Scardino to Timothy and Lauren McCarthy, $1 million.

El Camino Pl., 3889-Rafael Velazquez Morales to Dwayne C. Sarden, $201,000.

Hanrahan Pl., 4725-Joseph M. and Karen Morreall Rocca to Candy Lynn Briffa, $422,000.

Maryland St., 3809-John A. Mullett to Nicholas R. and Alessandra V. Spence, $626,000.


Kepler Lane, 5226-Shadi Faouzi Mokarem to Michael Scott and Khatoon Melick, $845,000.

Montgomery St., 5314-Renae Dezorzi and Renae D. O’Leary to Daniel and Darlene Crabtree, $455,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10303, No. 9-206-James M. and Carla J. Dallas to Cody Justin Collins, $291,000.

Heinz Ct., 11685-J. Carlos and Meredith H. Zamora to Robert P. Bois II, $1.2 million.

Paddock Wood Ct., 2943-Trenten R. Healy to Dae Kim, $463,000.

Vale Rd., 11607-Bryan S. White and Jolene A. Wolfanger to Robert Carl and Jessica Lorraine Lamb, $645,000.


Barton Hill Ct., 11011-Isabel Maria Santa and Jack Timothy Causa to Heather Marie Ashby, $440,000.

Cartwright Pl., 2126-Michael Leroy Ulderich and Alyssa Louise Schardong to Daniel Paul Vennell and Lauren Emily Reimer, $320,000.

Chimney House Rd., 1650-John and Jane Meredith Pearce to Mary L. Mass, $240,000.

Cocquina Dr., 2244-Mariela C. Alvarez to Cynara Andrea Releford, $389,900.

Coppersmith Sq., 2202-Terrence V. Schenck to Connor Cadima, $335,000.

Fieldthorn Dr., 1657-Rishi Arora and Yogita Malik to Thomas L. Clarke, $374,990.

Glade Bank Way, 2318-Nathan and Alexandra Stocks to Brittany Nicole Powell, $384,000.

Ivy Bush Ct., 11531-Richard E. and Sheryl L. Rhodes to Ana and Elix Hernandez, $355,000.

Links Dr., 11559-Shalom Bayit 1 Corp. to Tuan Tran and Ernest Radaker, $533,000.

Market St., 11990, No. 2002-George E. Barlow to James C. and Ladonna J. Reagan, $1.4 million.

Millennium Lane, 2343-Kimberly L. Baker to Alice Wang and Yu Li, $425,000.

Northgate Sq., 1552, No. 32B-Melissa Gullo Freeman to Jennifer A. Buller, $230,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1658, No. 200-Amanda E. Meyer to Benjamin L. Blanton, $230,000.

Rolling Green Ct., 11560, No. 100D-Lesley A. Perkins to Tara Marie Gallagher, $300,000.

Springhouse Pl., 11634-Julia Leavy to Craig L. and Meeryung P. Hall, $760,000.

Stratford House Pl., 11776, No. 502-Frank and Patricia Dickey to Maha Khedr, $690,000.

Vantage Hill Rd., 11604, No. 2A-Leslie A. Wilson to Nathan D. Chatham, $185,000.

Washington Plaza W., 11400, No. 804-Julia K. Scoville and Erin Albanese to Richard Knopman, $200,000.

Whisper Way, 2157-Dante D. Egidio to Celalettin Haluk Akyuz, $340,000.

Windleaf Dr., 1307-D-David C. and Sandra A. Metzler to Amanda E. Meyer and Deborah Cortez, $417,000.


Crosswoods Dr., 6331-Christopher J. and Sabrina W. Pabilonia to Kristine Davidson, $860,000.

Manchester St. S., 3100, No. 927-Derek D. Murphy to Maria Teresa Dorotan Young, $206,500.


Blue Jasmine Ct., 7802-Surinder and Sarvan Rapaval to Jeremey Adam Rud, $550,000.

Cherry Orchard Ct., 7805-Richard C. and Kateri J. Ambrow to Farahnaaz Khakoo and Justin Thomas Mausel, $630,000.

Deansgate Ct., 7376-Henry R. and Yong S. Stevenson to Zeeshan S. Gill, $580,000.

Falmouth St., 7305-Brian Diltz and Erika Eden to Maniram Tiwari, $470,000.

Hackberry St., 6518-Wayne L. and Dixie C. Wright to Aaron and Tyerra Townsend, $565,000.

Layton Dr., 7111-Mary L. Sanborn to Abdul Kader, $490,000.

Middle Valley Dr., 7736-Rosalinda Francisco Esguerra to Mark Huntington Snyder and Jacqueline Marie Ely, $625,000.

Reservoir Rd., 7105-Victor H. Kahng and Ho Kwun Kang to Rileigh Maxine McCarthy and Mike Antony Hercules, $390,000.

Scarborough St., 7300-Ramirez Associates Corp. to Ricky L. and Martina W. Archer, $640,000.

Southern Oak Dr., 7604-Jeffrey M. Topp to Salim Allawzi, $400,000.

Willowfield Way, 6287-Seteroman B. Solomon and Mussie Ghirmai to Shruti Gupta, $750,000.


Bucknell Dr., 8306-Candace Moffett Berde and estate of William Turner Moffett to Arda V. and Jean S. Andonian, $678,500.

Dellwood Dr., 9019-Scott Jason and Amy Beth Krevit to Nathan August and Kelly L. Nyquist, $610,000.

Hunt Valley Dr., 8421-Andy Nguyen to Geneve Eliza Menscher, $750,000.

Lupine Den Dr., 9012-Jill M. Norton to Qian Yang and Sha Qiao, $1.21 million.

Newkirk Ct., 1317-Michael G. and Sarah R. Bruce to Andrew D. and Wendy T. Schoka, $1.27 million.

Pine Valley Dr., 1724-Hugh and Maria Dowsett to Fuming Yi and Jiyuan Zhu, $756,000.

Spring St. SE, 511-James R. and Daphne R. Hendricks to Vandana H. and Hemang K. Patel, $1.35 million.

Wesleyan St., 8328-Frank Cheng and Bonnie Ting to Janet Kim Tran and Phuc Trong Nguyen, $685,000.


Ainsworth Ave., 8113-Kenneth R. and Suzanne R. Sparks to Mark M. Supko, $795,000.

Huntsman Blvd., 6800-Deborah Jean Collier McCaslin and estate of Jean Ann Collier to Carlos Paredes, $474,900.

Loudoun Lane, 6908-Allen Scott and Tiffany L. Fleming to Michael Christopher Mariner, $600,000.

Solomon Seal Dr., 7707-Alison A. Basse to Andrea and Devon Snoddy, $499,000.

Taunton Pl., 8255-Kathleen A. Zadareky to Cynthia Anne Hogue, $619,900.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Brookwood Dr., 3512-Robert and Maya Bonello to Ashley E. Bertoni and Benjamin R. Kaufman, $669,900.

Fern St., 4106-Patricia C. Castro Daza to Briggs Brandenburg and Jordan Perry, $450,000.

Orchard St., 10928-Paresh and Lajwanthi Wadhwa to Navkiran Ruprai, $481,000.

Warwick Ave., 10804-James L. and Janet D. Rowlands to Amanda J. and Tassos McCarthy, $375,000.

Falls Church

Among homes sold in Falls Church.

Broad St. E., 720-Susan and Darren Robertson to Joseph P. and Motrya O. Manalac, $799,900.

Rees Pl., 158-Mohamed Tanamly to Nicole Andrea and Robert J. Dougherty III, $865,000.

Washington St. S., 1278-Daniel F. Cronin to Jon J. Lutsi, $699,000.